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Part Two

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Matthew was sitting in the only class he had left to complete. Unfortunately, this class had two more months, and there was no way for him to get it finished quickly like he had with his other classes. Even if none of it was new to him.

So, naturally, he wasn’t paying attention to the teacher. He would ace the final exam whether or not he studied, and he knew it. But he what he was paying attention to was the woman of his dreams. Her name was Lyndys (pronounced Lin-Diss), but it sounded “weird” (to quote a few of her friends) so everyone called her Lyn. Lyn was one of the most beautiful girls Matthew had ever seen, and he thought he was in love with her. Of course, he denied the fact (even to himself). He tried not to think about her, but it was to no avail. Not only was she gorgeous, she was also smart, stong, and loyal. Matthew hated being in love with her though, because he thought he wasn’t her type and he didn’t have a chance with her. She rarely talked to him, but when she did, she was also nice. She didn’t judge him by what she assumed about him. She judged him by what she knew about him—very little. Matthew didn’t like remembering his past, or talking about it, so no one ever found out much.

He stared at her almost the whole class, but no one noticed, since he sat in the back row (he was the only one in that row), and the teacher didn’t care. He just wished that she would like him as much as he liked her. He wanted to talk to her about it, but he didn’t have any courage for this sort of thing. None whatsoever. He wished that she would talk to him, say something, to give him any indication about how she felt about him.

Not only was he in love with Lyn, Matthew was also in lust with her. She was the hottest girl he’d ever seen. She was thin (but not anorexic thin) and she was relatively muscular (but still very feminine). She had a bit above average sized breasts and ass. She had long dark brown hair and gently tanned white skin. She had perfectly smooth shaven long legs, and the most beautiful face you could imagine, complimented by her soft pink lips and her bright eyes that alone would get most men’s attention. Today she was wearing a short-sleeve small t-shirt and shorts. If she raised her hands up in the air, you’d be able to see the bottom part of her perfect chest and her belly button. She currently had her hair in a ponytail—not something Matthew really liked, but he obviously wasn’t going to complain about it.

She wasn’t the only hot girl in this class. There were about 6 other girls in this class alone that could easily catch stares from any straight guy—that is, if more of those guys weren’t paying attention and taking notes. More than a few of them needed to pass this exam or they’d have to take extra classes or repeat this year. Matthew was just about to doze off into a daydream about Lyn when suddenly the bell rang, signalling that everyone change classes, or if you were Matthew, start walking home.

Matthew took a few second to snap out of it. Fortunately, no one saw him staring. He stood up and collected his books, and then walked out into the hallway. He was the last one to leave.

“Hi Matthew” said a familiar voice. Matthew didn’t like being called “Matt”—he’d had enough people walk over him to last a lifetime. He didn’t want to be known by a name that was basically the same as ‘doormat’. Most people respected him enough to call him what he wanted to be known as, if they were going to call him by his name at all.

Matthew turned to look at who it was, and his heart stopped. There she was, Lyn—talking to him! After a second, Matthew asked..

“Uh, were you talking to me?”


“Oh, Hi. Um, what do you need?” he said, puzzled. His heart started beating faster.

“Nothing. Just saying hi.” Lyn smiled. Perfectly white straight teeth. Matthew started questioning whether or not a woman as close to perfect as her could exist.

“Oh, um, hi.” he stammered.

After a few seconds, Matthew realized he was staring at her face doing nothing. What are you doing Matthew?! Now you probably look dumb, he thought. “Well, uh, I have to get home. Bye.”

“See ya later!”

Matthew turned and walked out the door. As soon as he knew she couldn’t see him, he almost ran. What was that? She just talked to him to say hi? What does that mean? Thoughts like those raced through his head on his walk (after he stopped speedwalking) home. He had no idea why she did that. He was even more puzzled. Does she like me or something? No, it couldn’t be—she’s probably just being nice since she has to stay after or something like that., he guessed.

Matthew forgot all about everything else while he was thinking about this. Soon, he realized he was standing at his apartment’s door staring at the carpet in the apartment complex. He didn’t even realize he had gotten home. He looked around to see if anyone had been looking, and then he unlocked his door and entered his apartment. It looked the same as it did when he went to class—just the way he left it. He set down his bag and went to the computer to check his emails and if anyone tried to contact him via IM or a chatroom he liked to visit while he was gone. No IM messages, no new (non-junk) email. Just the way he left it. Matthew decided to talk to the people in the chatroom for the rest of the day and maybe download a few songs.

He was awoken by a knocking sound—he’d fallen asleep sitting in the chair, he realized (It was very comfortable!). Matthew went to check his door if anyone was there. There wasn’t. Must’ve been one of the people in an apartment next to me, accidentally hitting the wall, he thought. He looked at his watch, and upon seeing that it was 10:02, he decided to go to bed for the night.

The next day, he woke up at 9:24, and decided to go out for breakfast to get something to eat. He picked McDonald’s—he hadn’t had that in a while, and it was cheap. Plus, he didn’t need to watch his calories or the like—he wasn’t overweight, and he had a great metabolism that digested most of the fat, as opposed to storing it all. He wasn’t large though, so he wasn’t buff either.

After taking a shower and putting on clean clothes, he walked out of his room. And tripped on a big heavy cardboard box on the floor. When did this get here? he pondered. He stared at it a few seconds before seeing his name on it and getting up. He picked it up and carried it into his apartment. It was extremely heavy, and weirder yet, there wasn’t any sign of who it was from. It was then that Matthew realized that the person delivering the package had probably been the knocking he’d heard last night. He tore open the tape, and looked inside. Aside from the plastic peanuts, there was a clear case with a weight at the bottom holding inside of it a necklace. The necklace was silver, except for the crimson orb at the bottom of it, which would hang down on his chest if he put it on. The sphere was about the size of a marble. It wasn’t transparent in the least. Matthew opened the clear container and put on the necklace. As soon as it touched his skin, it shocked him a bit and he dropped it. He figured it was static electricity. He picked it up again and put it around his neck. He didn’t want it to get stolen, so he put the orb part of it under his shirt. He barely noticed it was there afterwards, and neither did anyone who looked at him while he had it on.

After eating at McDonald’s, and a rather uneventful morning, he went to school. Lyn wasn’t there that day. The rest of his day was just as dull. He had a hard time falling asleep, since he hadn’t used hardly any energy the whole day. I need to find a hobby that involves physical activity was his last thought before he fell asleep for that day.

The next day, he didn’t have to worry about going to class, since it was Saturday. As soon as Matthew woke up, the first thought that came into his mind was to put on the necklace again. It looked really neat. And for some reason, it looked a little transparent today. Probably the lighting in this room he thought, and then went to do his morning chores—showering, putting on clean clothes, eating breakfast, brushing his teeth, etc. After that, he went to his computer to chat with his friends online. They were as bored as Matthew was. Matthew decided to watch stand-up comedy on TV for the day.

After a few hours, Matthew was starting to get hungry again. He looked at his watch to see ‘4:54PM’. He’d forgotten about lunch! I must not’ve been hungry then. Weird, since I didn’t have that big of a breakfast he thought. He fell asleep on his bed at around 11:50 that day with the TV still on.

Sunday began the same as Saturday, which began the same as most days of Matthew’s, except that he had the necklace. He really hadn’t thought much about the necklace since he got it, besides that it looked very nice. Today it seemed even more transparent than it did on Saturday. Perhaps it was some sort of mood stone that changed colors by heat. That’s what Matthew guessed about it. He was quite clueless about it. Matthew didn’t go to church on Sundays, since he never really thought much about religion—he thought about how the world began and how he thought it would end, but amazingly enough, he never made up his mind on what he thought about religion. And even if he did believe in some form of god, Matthew was sure that God didn’t care for him, judging by how his life had been so far. Sunday passed suprisingly quickly for such an uneventful day.

Monday was anything but uneventful.