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Part Four

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The next day, Matthew awoke alone in his bed. Was it all a dream? was his first thought for the day. He rubbed his eyes to wake them up, and then after his senses gathered themselves, he heard sizzling in the kitchen. He got up off the bed and walked into the kitchen.

“Good morning Matthew!” came Lyn’s voice. He jumped. She must’ve heard him when he was getting out of bed. Well, who wouldn’t? It was quite the noise maker.

“Good morning Lyn. You’re, um, making breakfast?” he said to her as he looked into the frying pan. It was bacon that was sizzling. He was extremely hungry this morning. It was pretty obvious why.

“Yup, is that alright?.” she looked at him and smiled. He almost melted.

“That’s perfectly fine, Lyn. I was just kind of suprised that this is all real.”

She laughed a little at his last comment. “Your plate is almost done, I just have to finish this bacon—do you like it crispy?”

“The crispier, the better.” he smiled. He looked at his plate and saw two eggs and some toast with his favorite jelly on it, and a glass of Sunny D on the side. He normally didn’t like that kind of breakfast, but that was probably because he made it. He was a horrible cook. Lyn, on the other hand, was excellent at cooking. Or at least, she made it look like she was good at it. Matthew would have to wait to find out.

“OK, it’s done Matthew.” Lyn handed him the plate which now looked complete with the bacon. Matthew walked over to the kitchen table to sit down and eat.

“How do you like it?” she asked after he had a few bites.

“These are the best eggs I’ve ever had, Lyn! Same with the bacon!” he said without looking up. And he wasn’t lying. Lyn nearly jumped with glee at the compliment. “Are you going to want more?”

“Nah, that’s alright.” he replied. He had a small stomach.

After he was done, he put his plate in the sink and wiped his mouth off with a napkin. Lyn set down the spatula and pulled Matthew close. Matthew leaned in to kiss her. Lyn turned the kiss into a deep french kiss. Matthew was getting almost painfully hard at this, so he stopped the kiss.

“I’ve got to take a shower, Lyn. Are you going to stay here, or what?”

“Yeah, I’ll be here, if you don’t mind. Or if you want, we could go over to my place later. It’s a bit less cramped.” she said half-jokingly. Anything was a bit less cramped.

“Sure, I’ll check it out after I’m done.” He said. He walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. He got undressed and started rinsing himself off in the tub. He tried to relax himself and think about what was going on. The past 24 hours were the most amazing of his life. He took out about 8 fully trained weightlifters, all at once one minute, and then the girl of his dreams came in his apartment and announced she loved him—and she followed it by having sex with him the next minute! It seemed like the fastest day of his life. And for good reason. Suddenly, he felt a tap on his shoulder. He spun around quickly (almost too quickly) to see Lyn in the shower with him, stark naked and as sexy as ever.

“I needed a shower too. Hope you don’t mind.” she said.

“I didn’t notice you needed a...” he said, but he trailed off. Looking at her standing, you could admire her full beauty. Her long, sleek hair was already completely wet. He could also admire her breasts fully now that she was standing up. They were perfectly round, and about the size of baseballs. Her nipples were rock solid. He could also now admire her long tanned legs and her shaved pussy. Her legs were quite muscular. He wasn’t sure if she worked out, but she certainly looked like she did. Her stomach was rippled a bit because of her muscles as well. He really wasn’t sure whether he or Lyn was stronger. She was completely hairless, except for the hair on her head. Matthew was automatically hard.

Lyn was also looking at Matthew. She saw his hard-on, and decided to help Matthew a bit. She pulled him closer, and meshed his chest into hers. He was even harder now. She grabbed his penis and thrust it into her vagina. They both immediately felt a rush of pleasure. Lyn moaned loudly. If Matthew was as hard as rock before, he was harder than steel now. He looked down, and saw that with just his head buried in her pussy, he was at least 8 inches. He _had_ to be growing somehow! This turned him on immensely. He pushed her against the wall of the shower and started ramming in and out of her as hard as he could. After only about 30 seconds, she already had two huge orgasms. Her pleasure was his pleasure. She was soaking wet now, not just from the water, but from orgasming so many times. It was mostly because of Matthew’s recent growth, but some of it was probably her pure lust for him. He pounded her again and again and again. It was about 15 minutes before he finally came, but during those 15 minutes, she was screaming at the top of her lungs in her orgasmic heat. Matthew also noticed he was lasting longer, even though he had only lost his virginity yesterday, and this was only his second time. As soon as he was about to come, he rammed deep inside her and shot his seed. He came in bucketloads. After that, he felt the most spent he ever had in his life, and he was sure Lyn was feeling almost the same. He was sure she had just as much pleasure as last time, but she hadn’t passed out this time. It was probably the water keeping her awake. As soon as he slid his (still half-hard) cock out of her, she slid down and sat on the floor of the tub. After a few seconds, she looked up at Matthew.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Lyn.”

“Matthew, I’ve never felt such pleasure in my life, ever, and I doubt I’ll ever feel that way from anyone else. You bring me such mind-blowing orgasms, it’s unbelieveable.”

Matthew was (once again) in shock at what she was saying, though he had good reason to be in disbelief so often.

“Matthew, I’ll do anything for you. Anything. My heart, soul, mind, and body are yours to own. Forever.”

In about two seconds, Matthew was instantly hard again and fell down to his knees, orgasming at what she just said to him. There wasn’t a trace of insincerity in her voice. As soon as he calmed down, Lyn hugged him. She seemed happy about her decision. Matthew was almost in a state of panic.

“W-w-wait. What?” he managed to say.

“Matthew, I realized that pleasing you is the greatest feeling I get. Like when I made you breakfast and you said how great it was—that was one of the happiest moments of my life! And when I fell asleep in your arms last night, and right now, admitting all of this to you—it’s the best thing I’ve ever felt. Matthew, more than anything, I want to please you. I want to be your slave. I want you to be happy, because when you’re happy, I’m happy.”

Matthew was overwhelmed at what she said. He was starting to go blank. He passed out.

* * *

A while later, he woke up lying on his bed. He was fully clothed, and he could tell he had been cleaned. He turned over to see Lyn sleeping on the bed, right next to him. She was only wearing a pair of one of his boxers. He became hard again when he saw this. He got up out of the bed slowly to not wake her up, since she was probably exhausted from the sex they had in the shower. He looked at his watch to see it was only about 20 minutes after that. He wasn’t the least bit tired, which puzzled him. He went into the kitchen to clean up the dishes from breakfast, but they weren’t there. He looked in the cupboards, and he saw them—completely cleaned. As if they’d never been used. Lyn must’ve done it before she fell asleep on the bed. He was amazed at that girl! She did everything for him! He wondered what her apartment looked like... An apartment in heaven was the first thing that came to mind. Matthew chuckled quietly to himself at that, even though it didn’t seem too far off right about now. He decided to go back in his room and check his emails. He didn’t want to turn on the TV for fear of interrupting her sleep. If anyone deserved their rest, it was Lyn. He sat down on his chair and weeded through his spam. Other than spam, and a “check out this funny site” email from one of his online friends, there wasn’t anything. He didn’t want to look at the site for fear that it would make loud noises. He decided to go lay next to Lyn for a while and think. It seemed he might be able to have a few minutes of quietness for him to think about things—not that he had anything against the interruption of his thinking in the shower of course! He was quite happy about that.

He thought about his past a bit before thinking about the more recent events. A thought came to mind about one day at the orphanage when he threatened to commit suicide. It was a bad day. He’d been the victim of a “tray dump” that day—during lunch, one of the older kids dumped their whole tray of food on him. And then one of the adults there yelled at Matthew for “playing with his food”. They thought he was stupid, just because he didn’t talk. The whole week of that incident wasn’t much fun, either. He somehow climbed to the top of the building and threatened to jump two stories down and kill himself. While someone on the ground distracted him, another adult snuck up behind him on the roof and snatched him up right before he could jump. He was grounded for two weeks, and he wasn’t allowed lunch or breakfast at all during those two weeks. Of course, it didn’t really matter, since they were both just water and a sandwich. Perhaps that’s why he had such a small stomach. But that day taught him a lesson—there is no easy way out. Of course, he regretted it later, and now looking back on it now, he regretted it even more. He had no idea how lucky he’d be getting in the future (with Lyn!) when he made that threat. And when he thought about it now, he learned another lesson—life can be completely dreadful one second, and you can wake up in a dream the next. Every bad thing that had ever happened to him seemed to be worth it all now because of his best friend and lover, Lyn. Which brought him to his next train of thought. Unless he somehow misheard her, Lyn said that she _wanted_ to be his slave. Just thinking about it was extremely erotic. He dazed off in thought about Lyn being his willing slave.

“Master?” Lyn said. Matthew came out of his trance, and saw she was looking at him, almost scared.

“Master, are you alright?!” she said again. It was a powerful feeling, being called ‘master’ by an extremely beautiful girl who you know is completely yours.

“I’m here, I’m fine. Why are you scared, Lyn?” Matthew finally replied. She was scared half to death, it was easy to see it in her beautiful eyes. She looked cute even when she was afraid.

“I kept calling you, but you didn’t answer! I thought something happened to you! I was so scared!” she said. She hugged him, still naked save for his boxers.

He put his arms around her. “Don’t worry, I was just in deep thought, that’s all. I’m really sorry I scared you, Lyn. And why are you calling me Master?”

She looked up at him. “Do you want me to call you by your real name?”

“Well, I’m just sort of shocked at how fast you’re taking this slave thing. And sort of shocked that you’re that devoted to me already. And I barely did anything. Not to mention, I’m kind of confused. But you can call me whatever you want when we’re alone, just call me Matthew when we’re in public. It’d be weird if someone heard you calling me... ‘master’. It’s not something I want to have to explain to people, y’know?”

“That’s fine, Master. I really take pride in the fact that you own me, but I’m not going to argue with you.” she said with a smile. Matthew felt guilty. And awkward.

“So, do you want to check out my place, Master?” Lyn offered after a few seconds.

“You’re sure you’re not tired from all of the, uh, exercise?”

“I’m fine. And even if I wasn’t fine, it wouldn’t matter. It’s about your happiness, not mine. Plus, knowing I’m giving up my own time for you helps make me feel complete.” she said honestly. Wow, Matthew thought.

“You’re amazing. But I wouldn’t want you driving when you’re tired.”

“I’m driving?”

“You don’t have to, but you can if you want.”

“Do you want to drive?”


“I’ll drive for you then.” she smiled. Matthew felt kind of odd knowing she was probably getting a warm and fuzzy feeling right now just because of that.

“Well, let’s go!” he said.

“Should I get dressed first, Master?”

“Oh. Yeah. That seems like a good idea.”

After she got her own clothes back on, they started walking down from the apartment complex, but as soon as they got outside of the building, Lyn remembered she didn’t bring her car. She had walked over.

“Matthew, I didn’t drive my car over. Do you want me to pay for a taxi, or should we walk over?”

Matthew couldn’t get over how much she wanted to give herself completely to him. “No, that’s really nice, but you don’t have to waste your money. How far is your place if we walk?”

“About ten minutes.” she replied.

“Yeah, let’s walk there.”

Lyn followed behind Matthew closely for ten minutes, telling him the way as they went. She was really submissive. Once they got to her house, Lyn unlocked the door and let Matthew in. It was easily much better than his apartment. Lyn showed him around the house. It was a bit larger than most houses in the city, but that’s probably because it wasn’t in the city. It actually seemed almost out in the countryside. And just ten minutes away from his apartment.

After showing him the house, Lyn asked Matthew about it. “So, do you like it?”

“Lyn, you never cease to impress me. It’s certainly a lot better than my place!”

“Thanks, Master! Do you want to move in?”

That question came as a slight shock to Matthew, but it was quite an easy decision to make.

“You wouldn’t mind if I moved in, right? It seems like you have enough room, but I need to make sure that you’re ok with it first.”

Matthew didn’t need an answer to see that Lyn was overjoyed that she had (once again) pleased him. “Of course I’m ok with it, Master! I love you!” she said in her happiest tone, and then she leaned over to hug and kiss him 20 times on his face.

After she was done, she looked over to a clock on the wall and then quickly looked back at Matthew. “Master, it’s almost time for our class!”

“Oh. Right. I almost forgot about that.”

“Do you need to pick up your books, Master?”

“No, I’m sure the teacher won’t care if I don’t bring them—even she knows I know all this stuff already. I wish they’d just let me finish without having to go to the classes any more.”

Lyn sighed in what was obviously agreement with Matthew. Matthew put his shoes back on and walked outside, with Lyn close behind. Matthew decided that he didn’t want to drive today, so Lyn drove, which only made her happier.

As soon as they arrived at the school, a group of people walked up to the car. Matthew and Lyn recognized them, to their dread. It was a few members of the bully group that Matthew beat up a few days ago, except these ones weren’t with when the fight was going on, so they weren’t injured. They didn’t look at Matthew, though. Most of them were looking at the ground in what appeared to be shame. One of them was staring at Lyn, for reasons obvious to anyone who knew how she looked. Then one of them that was staring at the ground spoke up without looking up...

“Uhh, Matthew, Bill told us to apologize to you for the trouble we’ve caused to you. So, umm, we’re really sorry, and we’re supposed to say that for our whole group. So, they’re sorry too I guess.”

“Who’s Bill? Is he the leader of your group or something?” Matthew asked.

“Yeah, and you beat him up. And he’s sorry, I think.”

“Oh. Well, tell him I’m sorry too then.” Matthew replied.

“O-OK...” said the former bully, with a bit of a shake in his voice. He turned around and ran, and all of the other ex-bullies quickly followed. They were afraid of Matthew now. He felt bad, and he hoped no one else was afraid of him.

As soon as Matthew and Lyn walked into class, the teacher walked up to them both with a bit of what appeared to be concern in his eyes. Matthew knew that look.

“Matthew, I need to talk to you and Lyn after class.”

“Sure, Mr. Smith.”

“Thank you,” he turned his attention to the class. “Please be seated everyone!”

Matthew had a hard time focusing through the class, but then again, he didn’t need to focus. Soon, the class was over and Matthew and Lyn stayed sitting after everyone else had left.

“Lyn, first I have some information for Matthew, and I’m not sure if he would want you to hear it. Would you mind sitting in the hallway for a few minutes?”

“Not at all.” she replied, and closed the door behind her.

“Matthew, there is something I have to tell you about. Ever since you nearly killed those—”

“Mr. Smith, I didn’t mean to do that! I don’t know what came over me! But we’ve already—”

“Matthew, don’t worry. You’re not going to get in trouble for that. It was caught on tape, and they made the first strike. You were defending yourself. But that’s besides the real point here. What I need to tell you is of much more importance than mere fights at a school. First, I need to ask you something. Has your life recently taken a turn for the better?”

“Yes, ever since I got into the fight.”

“Has it been a sharp turn for the better?”

Matthew thought about Lyn. “Yes, very. Why?”

“I’m getting to that, Matthew. Before I do that, though, I’d like to tell you that you no longer have to waste your time with this class. You don’t even have to worry about taking a test. You’ve passed with flying colors. Same with Lyn. After you two leave this building today, you’re no longer required to take this class.”

“Thank you, sir.” Matthew had always respected Mr. Smith, and Mr. Smith had respected Matthew in return.

“And now to the really important news. Matthew, your luck has changed dramatically in the past few days, and the reason why is this: you’re beginning to develop your psychic powers, so to speak.”

Matthew felt like he’d been hit with a bomb. He was speechless. He didn’t know how to tell Mr. Smith to see a psychologist.

Mr. Smith chucked. “You’d be suprised how many people think the exact same thing when I tell them that. Now, before you completely close your mind to the idea, I’d like to prove it to you that you have the previously mentioned powers. You can either let me show you how you can control them consciously, or you can say ‘no’, and I’ll remove all memories of this conversation from your brain and you can go on through your life as you normally would have—blind to the truth of your existance.”

Matthew was beginning to sweat just from how intense Mr. Smith was acting. “Uh, show me.”

“Good choice, Matthew. But don’t worry; if you don’t like your abilities—which I doubt—I can still erase your memory afterwards.”


“Yes. Now Matthew, I want you to close your eyes and concentrate. Concentrate on seeing. Seeing without your eyes, Matthew.”

Matthew did just that—concentrated. He concentrated for at least a minute, and just as he was losing faith, an image of the room appeared in his head, but it was completely black, save for the neon colored outlines of the desks, Mr. Smith, the walls, and himself. It almost seemed like an x-ray image, except that nothing in it was transparent. But then, just as he thought about it, everything did become transparent and he could see two skeletons in the room instead of the previous image. Matthew jumped and lost his concentration. He was back in the room, back to normal, trying to catch his breath.

“Settle down, Matthew. What did you see?”

After he completely regained his breath, Matthew told him. “I saw the room in my mind, and it looked like an x-ray image, and as soon as I thought that, it became one! And it scared the hell out of me!”

“Well, at least it wasn’t anything serious. Matthew, that power is called your third eye. It might not seem useful to you right now, but you’ll need it soon. What it can do is show you what’s happening in a place you’re familiar with. Since you’re familiar with this classroom, you can see what’s going on in it without having to look around with your real eyes. And that works with any location you know, not just the location you’re currently in. So it’s a lot more helpful than you think.”

Matthew looked up at Mr. Smith. “Can I try it again?”

“I don’t see why not. Go right ahead.”

Matthew shut his eyes and concentrated. This time the image came back to him instantly, and it was normal instead of x-ray. He thought about the hall with Lyn in it, and suddenly he could see the hall and Lyn sitting down. She was looking out the doors to her right. Matthew thought about what was outside, and then he lost focus of the image.

“What happened? I was trying to visualize what was outside, but then the image faded away!”

“You’re probably running out of energy because this is the first time you’ve actually tapped into the power consciously.”


“Yes, if you have this kind of power, then it’s not just trapped in your conscious mind. Your subconscious mind also uses the power, except not in the same way, and since it’s your subconscious, you don’t usually notice it. For example, the luck you’ve been having recently. That’s because of your subconscious mind manipulating reality around. Generally, your subconscious mind is much stronger with this power than your conscious, so that’s why it’s already changing things around instead of just looking at things, like you’ve just done.”

“Wow. What other kinds of powers are there? Can I learn to read minds, too?”

“Yes, you can. There are almost an infininte number of powers that you can learn, but the chances are that you’ll never learn all of them. In fact, I can guarantee you won’t.”

“Life’s too short.”

“Not for psychics, Matthew. We can live for over 300 years, and that’s without using our magic to heal ourselves. A psychic that has mastered many healing and health spells could keep his or herself alive for over 1,000 years easily if they wanted to.”


Mr. Smith smiled, and the whole situation seemed to get less intense. Matthew was shocked at how easily he was willing to accept this as reality. But as with most things, he questioned them when he had time to question them. Right now, he wanted to get as much information on these ‘powers’ as he could, whether they were real or not.

“How do I regain my energy?”

“Right now, sleep. But eventually your conscious mind will develop the powers enough so that you won’t lose energy on trivial powers such as that, and you’ll regain energy merely by not using it for a period of time.”

“How do I develop my powers?”

“Like I said, you can’t really do anything right now—your mind is developing them on its own, but soon you’ll be able to try out new powers and if you use a certain power a lot, what you can do with it and how strong it is will quickly increase.”

“Like a muscle?”

“Kind of, but I really don’t like to use that analogy for it, because if you don’t use a certain muscle for a while, it becomes weak again. That doesn’t happen with the kind of power you have. And before you start asking more questions, I think we should finish up, because I’ve got another class coming in soon, and I need to talk to Lyn as well.”

“Does she have the same powers as I do?”

“No, she doesn’t have any powers like you do, which brings me to my final question for you: do you want Lyn to know you have them? ...The powers, I mean.”

“I’ll tell her about them later, probably.”

“Oh, okay. I won’t say a word to her about it then. Anyway, we’d better hurry up, we’ve only got about a minute before the next class arrives.”

“Right. Thanks for telling me about this, Mr. Smith!”

“No problem. Just send Lyn in when you walk out.”

“Okay, I will.” Matthew replied, and walked out of the room. Lyn looked up at him, and he told her to go in...

Lyn’s meeting was considerably quicker, because she came out about a minute after she went in, which was quite handy, since everyone was already switching classes. They walked out of the building together, into the unexpected rainy darkness of night. Looking back on that moment now, it almost reminds me of Matthew’s past, and possible future—walking together into the unexpected darkness of life. Matthew’s past was anything but ‘together’, and unfortunately I can’t say his future wouldn’t become the same thing. I, of course, have no powers of any sort to predict what may happen to Matthew in the future, but since my own life hasn’t been completely uncomparible to Matthew’s, I take caution when being optimistic, which sadly is something Matthew has failed to make a habit out of. This is not to say Matthew’s life would be horrible in the near future, or in the future at all, but it is saying you shouldn’t ever pretend that, even in fantasy stories, nothing can go wrong.

As Matthew and Lyn walked out into the cold, rainy night that seemed so familiar to both of them, Lyn leaned into Matthew, and they both once again felt completed by each other.