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Part Six

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As Matthew slowly ascended the huge mountain in the tiny elevator, he checked his surroundings. The elevator was rather plain—there was only a door, a chair, a sign on the wall, and a panel containing the controls. Matthew had sat down on the chair after having read the sign: “It’s a long way to the top.". He assumed it was referencing the mountain, but that phrase was also a saying (about being successful) that had been significant to him at one point in his life, so he wasn’t quite sure. The mind is an odd creation, and can be very mysterious at times. It has often been said that the human brain has the capacity to understand everything and anything, except for itself.

As Matthew started to let his thoughts wonder to his own sanity, the elevator suddenly came to a crashing halt, sending Matthew flying off of the chair and almost hitting the ceiling of the box. He landed with a thud right in front of the doors, which opened as soon as he hit. He slowly got up, brushed himself off, and looked into the room which had been revealed to him...

In the center of the room was a glowing green orb with some kind of liquid flowing out of the top, similar to a fountain. The liquid was completely transparent, save for the parts that gleamed in the (very dim) light of the room, and some kind of substance in it that looked like glitter. The room’s walls, floors, and ceiling were completely black, and there were no windows or doors that light was coming in through—the green orb seemed to be providing the illumination. All of the liquid that was slowly flowing out of the orb seemed to be forming small puddles near the edges of the room. Like the man in black had predicted, Matthew knew what he had to do. He had to fix the leak, and for some reason, he knew exactly how.

Matthew slowly walked to the center of the room, until he was standing before the orb. He lifted his hand to the orb, and the moved it over the area the liquid was escaping, and willed it to close.

It slowly began to seal shut, and Matthew didn’t move a muscle as it continued, for fear that he might break the process. After what seemed like years, the hole was nearly shut. Just as it closed completely, the whole world spun around Matthew and he convulssed and lost control of his own body...

Everything went white, and slowly a face faded into his view, although the word ‘face’ is used loosely—had there been an uglier word in the English language I could describe it with, I would have. Only in the placement of the features did the face resemble that of a human. Everything on the thing was white, and it had no hair. In the place of a nose, there was a hole reminiscent of the nose hole found on a human skull. It had no color in its eyes besides white, and it had no lips, merely a slit where a mouth would be. It had no ears, only holes on the side of its head.

Unhuman words came from the slit on the face and slid through Matthew’s ears into his brain. He had heard those words before, but he couldn’t recall where. As each word passed, he felt a deeper and deeper sense of dread. As the last word was spoken, Matthew realized what was happening and soon all of the air in his lungs was gone as he screamed the most violent scream any human being could imagine.

And then he was gone.

* * *

Lyn was running for her life. She didn’t know where she was or how she got there or even anything that had happened before it. All she remembered was suddenly waking up in a dreamlike area, but it soon turned into a nightmare. A nightmare she had relived every day since it was created, and there were no exceptions, especially not today, for it was no longer a passive thing that she knew would end—it was now a completely lucid nightmare.

She raced, trying to find some place to hide, some place that was safe, but she knew she wouldn’t find any. She raced past houses, gravestones and other things in the dark landscape, not even knowing what horrible scene would reveal itself to her next. She was being chased, but she knew not to look back at what was chasing her, and she knew not to think about what it was—that alone was what would kill her.

She rounded another bend quickly and jumped through the open door of an abondoned garage, closing it behind her as fast as she could. Her heart was racing, attempting to catch up with her after her race for survival, but she knew that it wasn’t over. She looked around the dimly lit garage for something, anything that might save her from...

There was a loud crash at the door, hitting extremely hard and almost knocking Lyn away from it, but she was too strong and full of adrenalin to be moved with that attempt. At the other end of the garage she saw a window. She knew right after the next crash into the door, she would make a run for the window, attempting to fit through, attempting to jump high enough to make it, and uselessly attempting to escape the...

There was another loud crash at the door, and right after the hit, she ran as hard as she could towards the window and dove into it, shattering the glass with her fists, and barely making it through alive. But she didn’t have time to think about her own survival or think about the pain—she was still alive and could still escape. She got up and started running again, because she knew what would happen if she was caught by the...

Suddenly, the garage she had just escaped from shattered into pieces behind her. She could hear the thumping of footsteps on the wet ground following close behind her as she ran between a group of pine trees in a sad attempt to slow her follower. She made it through to the other side of the forest, reaching a clearing, but she didn’t stop for a second, because she knew she hadn’t won, and she knew she was still being followed. She suddenly heard the footsteps behind her again, except this time they were right behind her, closer than before. She didn’t dare look to see how close it was, because she didn’t want to face the...

But then, a sad thing happened. Lyn had made a mistake. She wasn’t thinking about where she was going. She was unable to think about anything. She didn’t see anything in the darkness. She didn’t see the dropoff. And before she could react, she was falling into more darkness, until she hit the surface of the water and fell through. Lyn didn’t have any time to think here either as she rose to the surface for air. But she couldn’t surface—something was pulling her back into the water, but it was too dark for her to see what it was, and she knew that even if she could see, she didn’t want to. She struggled against it, kicking it and attempting to pry it off with her free leg, but it kept pulling and pulling.... Until she finally broke free. She swam up as fast as she could to escape it, and just as it was beginning to wrap around her foot again, she kicked extra hard and surfaced.

She gasped for air, choking on the water that had filled her lungs. She threw up, purging the water from her system. And then she realized what had happened. She knew what was behind her. It was breathing on her. It was floating in the water right behind her. She didn’t dare move.

And then she felt contact on her neck, the cold touch of a dead body. She could no longer move, out of sheer terror. She knew she was going to die. She was going to die the same way that Matthew’s sister had. She was going to die in the same way that Matthew’s parents had died. She was going to die, just the same as every other person that Matthew had loved had. She exhaled, and accepted her fate.

The world around her was slowly fading to pitch black and her view was narrowing rapidly, until everything was gone, and it was total darkness. Lyn was gone.

But there was something in the distance... A light, it looked like. It was slowly getting closer and closer to her. She didn’t want it all to end like this. She wished she could see Matthew one last time, feel his touch one last time, and for one last time, tell him she loved him with all her heart. She opened her eyes, and looked at the light again.

And there he was.



Lyn ran to Matthew and they embraced each other in a hug, but she was unable to respond otherwise; she was simultaneously crying tears of joy for being reunited with Matthew, and tears of pain and fear, for the ordeal she had just went through. Matthew held her tight and combed his hands through her hair in an attempt to distract her from her fear, though he knew it was useless. They stood there for a long time, savoring the joy of togetherness and the relief of safety. Matthew closed his eyes and shed silent tears for Lyn after he absorbed what it was she had just went through.

As they did this, the darkness and the worlds of each of their minds faded around them, and everything went away until they were back in their car, still sharing the embrace. They never wanted to stop. They never wanted to re-open their eyes and risk losing each other ever again, but things weren’t that simple.

Lyn opened her eyes first, but didn’t break their hug. They were back in the real world, still in the car, still alive. They were still in the desert, although she didn’t know where the road was.


“Yes, my love?” he replied, finally breaking the hug and opening his eyes to take a look around as well, but Lyn didn’t respond. Matthew looked out the front window and saw that the car had crashed into a billboard by the side of the desert road, which was barely visible because sand had most of it covered. Matthew looked in the direction of the city, but he saw nothing. Nothing, that is, except for a massive crater in the ground. Lyn looked back to the city too, and gasped at the scene. She and Matthew looked at each other for a second, and then turned around, facing forward.

“Want to get going now?” Matthew asked, weakly.

“Yeah, let’s go...” Lyn replied quietly, as if she had just witnessed another person’s death, and then wiped her eyes and sniffed as the pain of a moment previous slowly faded away.

Lyn turned the key, hoping that the car would start. It revved a few times, then stopped. Lyn tried again. The motor coughed and sputtered a bit, but then finally started up. Lyn pulled away from the sign, and then drove down the sandy road, away from the crater that used to be a city. In a symbolic way, this action was an attempt to escape all of the fears that had plagued them both throughout the course of their lives.

* * *

Matthew pulled into the outskirts of the city of Trox. He and Lyn had switched places on the long drive there, which lasted nearly four hours, and it was the first sign of civilization they had seen that day. To be more precise, Lyn hadn’t seen it yet, as she was fast asleep in the passenger seat. Matthew drove slowly through the dimly lit nighttime streets of Trox, noting with relief when he saw a few children playing outside in the yard of one of the houses—jumping in a pile of leaves. He hadn’t seen any life before that point in the city, and a sign of life was a sign that this city was not about to be destroyed like the last one. Oddly, this city was not marked at all on the map, and there was no markings of cities anywhere near the area Trox was in, but it indeed was there, because Matthew had seen the sign—“Welcome to the city of Trox”, which marked all cities in the state Matthew was in. He had never heard of the city before, so he didn’t have a map of it, and he looked for someone on the sidewalks who might’ve known more about the city than he did, but since it was nearly 11:00PM, he didn’t see many. Eventually, he saw an elderly couple walking down the sidewalk, hand in hand and he slowed down and rolled his window down to ask them for information.

“Pardon me, but would either of you know where I might be able to find a hotel to rest in for the night?” he said.

The man walked up closer to the vehicle, and replied to Matthew in a raspy voice, “Yeah, you just continue down this road,” pointing the direction Matthew’s car was facing as he said this, “until you see Birch Street—then turn right onto it.”


“Anytime, kid.”

Matthew pulled away, continuing in the same direction as he was headed before, looking for Birch Street. When he saw the sign, he pulled into it, and into the heart of the city, where lights for different restaraunts and stores provided more illumination than the street lamps did. Many cars with dark interiors were driving along this road as well, the various signs being reflected off of their chrome. Matthew looked around for the hotel, until he found it, and pulled in. It was very large, very tall, and L-shaped. Matthew guessed it had 15 floors, at least. He parked the car and turned it off, then sat for a few seconds before turning to look at Lyn, who was still resting her head against the door, sleeping. She looked so peaceful to him—he didn’t want to disturb her, but he didn’t want her to spend the night out in the cold, either, so he had to wake her up. He reached over and shook her shoulder gently, and called her name.

“Lyn...” he said, quietly. Her eyes slowly opened, and she turned her head to look at Matthew with those perfect eyes, and smiled at him. Matthew smiled back. Lyn reached over and pulled Matthew closer, into a kiss.

After they were done, Lyn spoke up.. “Matthew, ever since...” she trailed off, and started over. “For a long time, I’ve had these horrible nightmares every time I’ve went to sleep. But this time I didn’t, and I think you had something to do with it.”

“How do you mean?”

“After you came into my mind, I’ve had more of a feeling of an inner calm, instead of an inner fear, like I had before.”

Matthew didn’t know how to respond.

Lyn kissed Matthew on the lips again and then she slowly fell asleep for the second time that day. She looked like an angel. And she was.

Matthew got out of the car and went to the other side to carry Lyn into the hotel. When he picked her up, he went too fast, because she was oddly lighter than he expected. Like when you pick up the wrong glass at the pub and it’s an empty one instead of the full one you expected it to be.

Matthew slowly carried her across the damp blacktop of the parking lot into the hotel.

After renting a room, they were soon sleeping soundly for the night...

* * *

Matthew was (rudely) awoken by the sound of gunshots in the hotel. It was still pitch black. Matthew jumped out of bed and ran to put his shoes on. As soon as he got halfway to the door, it flew off its hinges towards him. He jumped back to dodge it and then looked up, and his forehead was touching the end of a gun barrel. Holding the gun was what looked like a normal person, only insane. The man’s eyes were bloodshot and not blinking, and he was shaking slightly. He was trying to catch his breath to say something.

Finally, he spoke—with a fierce anger in his voice—“Matthew, you’ve avoided us once, but now your time...” he paused and turned his head to look behind him, and as soon as he saw what stood there, three bullets had escaped through the other side of his skull and he was dead. He fell to the ground.

The man now standing in front of Matthew had a look on his face of.... The man standing in front of Matthew looked like nothing had happened, and though he was fully awake, he didn’t look like he would have a hard time falling asleep if he had to. Matthew has visibly shaking.

“Matthew, sorry about that... Is everyone alright in there?” he spoke with a British accent.

Matthew stared at him, unable to move after being so close to death.

“Hello?” the man waved his hand in front of Matthew’s face, and Matthew snapped out of it.

“What—Who are—What the hell was all that?” Matthew said, still recovering.

“Oh, don’t worry about that, it won’t be happening again any time soon. But if I were you, I’d be thanking the guy standing in front of me for saving my life. But that’s just me.” said the man while setting the unhinged door back in place.

“Who are you?” Matthew asked.

“Fine, don’t thank me...”

“Oh. Thanks. But who are you?”

“I’m Mark. Mind if I sleep with you?”


“Oh don’t worry, I’ve got my own sleeping bag. I just don’t have a room to sleep in, and in a few seconds, things are going to look a bit odd to the staff around here when they see a guy with a machine gun on his back and a pistol in his hand standing over a dead body.”

“Oh, well—”

“Come on, man, I saved your life.”

“Yeah. Come in.” Matthew replied, then got up and moved out of the way.

“Thanks, Matthew. Here, help me get this dead body out of the way. You don’t want to trip on that in the morning.” Mark said, smiling.

“Yeah...” Matthew said, perplexed at Mark’s sense of humor. Mark grabbed the feet of the body and Matthew took that as a cue to grab under the body’s armpits and lift.

“Where do you want it us to put it?” Mark asked.

“Over in the corner so it’s less noticable. I’ll cover it up with something later.”

They moved it to the corner of the room, and then Matthew looked at the spot where it was before.

“Mark, what are we going to do about the blood?”

“I haven’t got any tissue. If anybody asks, we’ll tell them that Lyn was having her period and couldn’t get a tampon because a dead body was blocking the door and bleeding all over the place.”

“How do you know her name?” Matthew looked over to Lyn, who was slowly waking up after hearing someone referencing her.

“I knew your name too, but you didn’t ask me about that, Matthew.”

“Uh, yeah, but really, how do you know our names?”

“I know a lot more than just your name, Matthew, but don’t worry about it—just go get some rest, I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

Lyn spoke up, rubbing her eyes. “Matthew, who is this?”

“Lyn, this is Mark... How could you sleep through the gunshots?”

“Gunshots?” Lyn asked.

“Oh, yeah, Matthew, she won’t know. Nobody will know, actually. You and I are the only living people in the building that know it happened.” Mark said, already unrolling his sleeping bag on the floor.


“Well, if you had to kill someone, would you want everyone to know?”


“OK, fine, the guy I killed stopped time. Of course, you and I are immune to the effects because we’re not normal people. We’re psychics.” Mark said with a bit of sarcasm in the last word.

“Well, why would he—”

“Come on, Matthew—you’re tired, I’m tired, Lyn’s tired... But we’re all awake! Why are we awake? We should be sleeping!” Mark pointed out, waving his hands in the air in front of him to emphasize.

“Oh, sorry...”

“No problem, man, just need my beauty sleep. I’ll be able to tell you more tomorrow. G’night.”

“Good night..” Matthew said, still confused, and still puzzled at Mark’s humor.

Mark walked into the other room of their living quarters where he had set up his sleeping bag, and Matthew walked to his bed, where Lyn was waiting patiently. She looked confused, but she said nothing because she knew all of the questions would be answered tomorrow.

Soon all three of them were asleep, Mark on the floor in his sleeping bag and Matthew and Lyn sleeping together on the bed.

* * *

Matthew was startled awake by a loud thud. He jumped up and looked at the door, seeing it had been knocked over again, right on Mark’s head.

“Agh, fuck, stupid fucking door...” Mark said, lifting it off of his head. He slid out from under it and rubbed his forehead where the door had hit him, but there didn’t appear to be any injuries from it.

“You’re not hurt? Is that psychic too?”

“Shhh! You don’t have to let the whole fucking building know! But no, that’s not it, I just have a very thick skull.” Mark replied to Matthew’s question.

Matthew looked to the window of the hotel room to see the sun shining brightly through the curtains. He looked down to see Lyn still sleeping. It was then that he realized she slept like a rock, had rocks been alive and able to sleep, that is. I’d imagine rocks would sleep a lot and not be very easy to wake up, considering they can’t move and so doing nothing all the time would get awfully boring. If I couldn’t do anything, I’d just sleep all day too. But alas, I can do things, and not only can I, but I am also obligated to. Although when faced with the choice, I’d rather stay myself instead of becoming a rock, and I’m sure most people would agree. And to those who don’t, I feel sorry for you that you are envious of the life of a rock.

“Psychics?” said a voice from the door, and Matthew turned to look who it was. It was a hotel worker who wasn’t minding their own business during the conversation.

“Can you tell me my future?” the hotel worker asked cluelessly.

Mark quickly replied with “Yes. You’ll forget all about this in five seconds.”

“Forget all about what?”


The hotel worker looked towards Matthew with a confused face, and after realizing he wouldn’t get an answer, turned around and continued on his rounds doing whatever he was supposed to be doing, which, most likely, did not including eavesdropping on guests.

“To answer the unasked question, Matthew, yes, it was me who made him forget. I need a smoke. I’ll be in the bathroom or outside of the hotel or something. Be back in five minutes.” Mark said without turning to look at Matthew as he got up and streched out.

“OK...” Matthew said, and Mark stepped over the door to leave the room...

Shortly after that event, Lyn awoke. She rubbed her eyes and turned to face Matthew.

“Good morning Lyn.”

“Good morning Matthew.”

“You’re looking... Nice, to say the least.” Matthew said with a smirk.

“I’m not the only one.” she replied. “Would you like to see how nice I’m looking?”

“Uh, I’d say yes, but the door is broke, and we have no privacy...”

Lyn glanced over to the door and then rolled her eyes. She got up out of bed.


Lyn walked over to Matthew and pulled him by the wrist out of bed. Matthew almost tripped out of bed, but he continued and Lyn pulled him out of the room, towards the hotel’s front desk, nearly too fast for him to keep up.

“Excuse me, where are the bathrooms?” she said to the clerk, and still holding onto Matthew’s wrist.

The clerk pointed and Lyn was off again, almost dragging Matthew behind. Matthew was red with embarassment. He looked around to see if anyone was watching, but hardly anyone was awake yet (or the hotel just lacked guests) and the clerk at the front desk was doing her paperwork.

Before he knew it, he was in the restroom with Lyn and the door locked behind them. Lyn licked her lips and took a step towards Matthew. She arched her back and her breasts jutted out towards Matthew, taking all the looseness out of her t-shirt and lifting it so her abs were visible.

“We have privacy now.” she said casually. And then Matthew was hard. Lyn walked closer to Matthew while still keeping her back arched until her chest was pressed up against his and his back was against the door. Her nipples were like little spikes pressing into his chest, and he could tell if her breasts were any bigger, her shirt would rip right off. She took Matthew’s hands and put them on her breasts, and he instinctively starting massaging them, to Lyn’s (almost orgasmic) delight. Lyn stepped back and knelt down on the ground where she started unzipping her pants and pulled them down her legs enough to reveal her shaved soaking wet cunt. She put her hand deep inside herself and quickly masturbated for Matthew. After a few seconds of this, she was lying down face up. Her back quickly arched further than it had ever went before and her shirt ripped right down the middle, revealing her huge erect breasts to Matthew. Each was about the size of a large grapefruit. She was lying on her back and the remains of her shirt now, back still completely arched, and her hand still in her pussy, but even more fast now, almost like a jackhammer. Her eyes were closed in sexual bliss, and her mouth was open, silently screaming in the pure pleasure she was showing off for Matthew. Matthew ran to her and kneeled down beside her to get a better view, but then he realized he should’ve been helping. His hands went straight to her nipples and squeezed. That was when Lyn’s silent scream stopped being silent. Her whole body arched off the floor in pure sexual energy and out of her throat came the loudest, most obviously orgasmic scream Matthew had ever heard. He looked over to make sure the door was still locked.

“Shit, Lyn, I think you woke everyone in the hotel up with that! I hope they think you’re a rooster or something...” he said as he continued to squeeze her nipples, but Lyn was too far into orgasm to hear him.

And then suddenly, “STOP!!!” she screamed loudly, and Matthew pulled his hands away. She was still involuntarily jackhammering herself, but he could visibly see her calm down from the heights she had been at before. After a while, he could tell she was back in the real world.

“Matthew,” she said between trying to catch her breath, “I almost... passed out... from that...”

Matthew waited patiently for her to completely catch her breath.

“I almost passed out... Where would the fun in that be?” she said with all she could manage of a smile after all the exercise.

“I suppose you’re right...” Matthew said.

“What do you think of anal sex?” Lyn asked while staring at Matthew.

“What?! Anal sex?”

“Yeah... Anal. Have you ever given anyone anal?”

“I’ve never been with anyone except you, Lyn.”

“Really? I’m completely ok with it if you have been with someone else. It’s alright to have a past.” she said, again struggling to smile at him.

“Really. I haven’t. I lost my virginity to you. And as far as I’m concerned, you’re the best way to lose it.” he said truthfully.

“I lost my virginity to you too, Matthew.” She said, still staring at him with adoring eyes.

“Then what was that about me giving you the best orgasms after that one time?”

“Well, I have masturbated before. You couldn’t tell just now?”


“Of course, I masturbated to your image in my mind.”

“...Oh.” Matthew said, not knowing how to respond.

“So what about anal?”

“Umm...” He replied, still not knowing how to respond to Lyn’s comments. “Have you ever tried it?”

“No, but there’s a first time for everything.”

“You want to try it?”

“If you want to.”

“I’ve heard it’s pretty painful. And I don’t mean for me...” Matthew confessed.

“Well, I’ve heard that getting your cherry popped is painful, and I can say otherwise.”


“I want to if you’re willing to try it.”

Matthew visualized it. He certainly didn’t mind the thought of Lyn’s ass. And (oddly) even less did he mind the thought of pumping into it. His erection was coming back to life at the thought. His main concern was Lyn, and making sure she wouldn’t feel pain from it.

“Lyn, I will, but if you feel ANYTHING you don’t like, tell me and I’ll stop.”

“Ok!” Lyn said with an almost enthusiastic voice, which is not what most people would have when experimenting, especially with their own body. But Lyn was not most people. That had been evidenced many times before, and would be evidenced many times to come.

Lyn got up off the floor on shaky legs, and Matthew held her so she wouldn’t fall over. She pulled her pants completely off, completely revealing to him her large tanned ass and long tanned legs. Each of her ass cheeks was perfectly round and because of their size, almost odd looking on a girl like Lyn. This was certainly not a bad thing.

Matthew unzipped and pulled off his pants. He had a hard time with his boxers because his huge erection almost prevented him from getting it off, but he eventually got it.

“Remember, Lyn, if you don’t like this, tell me.”

“Don’t worry so much, Matthew.” she said, still facing away from him.

He held his length out with his hand to help guide it in, but he didn’t move. He was staring intently at Lyn’s ass, with his penis head right before her cheeks, almost ready to push in, but he was reconsidering once again. Before long, Lyn lost her patience and backed into Matthew herself.



Matthew looked down to see he wasn’t even in her yet, he was only between her cheeks.

“Am I going to have to do this ALL myself?” Lyn asked, half-jokingly.

Matthew focused his thoughts to the task at hand, putting aside his constant questioning, and he started moving cautiously forward into her. As he touched the outside of her anus, he felt Lyn jump a little bit.

“Keep going,” she reassured him.

Slowly, he continued forward even more, as his penis head slowly spread open her tight hole. Lyn was obviously not having pleasurable feelings, but he knew she would say if she wanted him to stop. After what seemed like an eternity, his whole penis head was inside of her anus, but he pressed on. Lyn’s body was shaking slightly from the pain, but before long, his dick was halfway in.

“Halfway there...” he told her.

Slowly but surely, Lyn’s pains appeared to be weakening. And as his dick was 3/4 inside of her anus, the pains had become mostly unnoticable for Lyn. And with each millimeter he pushed in, a millimeter of pain was pushed out. Soon there was no pain, and this had become obvious for Matthew as well, but he was doing well and he didn’t want to ruin his progress. They were nearly joined at the hips when Matthew hit something inside of Lyn and the opposite of pain was sent running through her.

“Ooh!” Lyn cooed in pleasure. But it was a different sort of pleasure for her, an odd feeling, different than anything she had ever felt. And though at first the pleasure was a shock, as it continued she became more and more accustomed to it until the point came where she actually liked it. By the time Matthew had pushed completely in, Lyn had broken a sweat (which helped lubricate her ass), and her pussy was dripping.

“Oh, Matthew...” she said slowly.

“Are you alright, Lyn? I’m completely in now.”

“Ohhhhhh, yessssss....” she said as shivers went up her spine from the vibrations Matthew created just when he talked. It would be nearly impossible for Matthew to hide what they were doing if they were somehow discovered at that moment.

Then, suddenly Matthew had an idea. He took a step back with one foot and held onto Lyn with his hands. Slowly, he laid down, still in Lyn, on the clothes they had taken off.

“Lyn, masturbate. I want your orgasms to put you in a coma.”

Lyn, with her eyes still closed in the bliss from just moving to the ground, slowly moved her shaking arms into her pussy and reached deep. Matthew reached up onto her chest to grab her nipples. And all at once, Matthew pinched her breasts, Lyn started masturbating furiously, and Matthew thrust his dick. Had the orgasm been a nuclear explosion, it would’ve destroyed several galaxies.

Lyn immediately let out an even louder scream than before, erupting in a huge orgasm that kicked any thoughts far, far out of her head as nerves throughout her body lit up like fireworks with pleasure. She bucked wildly on top of Matthew, pumping him, and her ass muscles clenched tightly around his dick, causing him to release himself deep inside her. Her pussy muscles clenched around her hand, spraying her juices everywhere. Her nipples shot up like rockets, releasing plenty of milk all over Matthew’s hands. All three of these things kept pumping and pumping until Lyn reached her peak and her scream came to an end as she became unconscious. Matthew was still uncontrollably humping into her ass and releasing his seed. Copious amounts he didn’t even know he had were pouring straight into her, beyond his control or thought. He continued to ride this orgasm for what seemed like hours. Finally, he slowed down to a halt and all of the muscles in his body gave out. His whole body was completely numb, and his mind was barely even functioning.

Slowly, his consciousness returned to him. He looked up to see Lyn’s milk all over her chest and on his shirt, her pussy juice in a big puddle on the floor near them, with a lot of it on their pants. He felt his penis soaked from the sperm that had leaked out of her and back onto him, and he felt a small pull on the head of his (now mostly unerect) penis from Lyn’s ass cheeks still around it. He could do nothing, since he still lacked body control, but he wouldn’t have done anything anyway because he was the most tired he had ever been in his life...

Matthew wouldn’t let himself fall back asleep. Every so often, he would try again until it eventually worked. Matthew pulled himself out of Lyn, and got out from under her, letting her lay on the clothes they still had there. He stood up, and looked at the mess they’d made.


He looked at the door (still locked) and he thought about all the noise they’d made.


He looked at Lyn and saw her shirt ripped completely down the middle.


And then came a knock at the door. But Matthew had run out of words to say for occasions like these, and so his reply was simply “Just a minute!".

“Matthew, is that you?”


“What were you doing in there Matthew? Murdering Lyn?”

“...Uh, no...”

“You really shouldn’t murder people, you know.”

“I wasn’t murdering anyone. We were—”

“Having sex?”


“Don’t worry, no one will know. As soon as you open the door, every non-psychic outside of this bathroom will have forgotten the scream.”

“Oh, thanks.”

“No problem.”

“Oh, yeah, Lyn’s shirt is broke.”

“Matthew, you can just tell me if you were murdering her. I won’t care. It’s just better if you don’t go around killing people you love, that’s all.”

“I wasn’t murdering her, Mark.”

“Well, whatever. If you want to fix her shirt, you can use a psychic power to fix it.”


“It shouldn’t be that hard.. Judging by her screams, your psychic powers have grown even since last time you used them.”


“Or maybe your psychic powers haven’t, and something else has.”

“Ok, Mark, but how do I fix it? I can’t just will it to be fixed, can I?”

“Not until you’re really good at this. But you probably aren’t, so you’ll have to visualize it fixing itself.”

“That’s it?”

“With your eyes closed. If that doesn’t work, you’re fucked. But compared to what you and Lyn just did—”

“Can you just erase those memories from people’s minds now?”


Matthew heard Mark walk away from the door and then he looked at Lyn’s torn shirt. Short sleeves, not that big, white with pink stripes. Or pink with white stripes. The two seem interchangeable to me, but then again I’ve never graduated from fashion school. I’ve never even been in it. Nor do I know anyone who has. In fact, I don’t even know if such a school exists. For the time being, I’ll assume there isn’t such a school.

Matthew closed his eyes and visualized the torn shirt. He imagined each individual thread coming together in the middle of the shirt and fusing to its other half, from the top... To the middle... To the bottom of the shirt. And when he opened his eyes, it was done.

Matthew sighed at the rest of the mess and how tired he was. He began the work.

* * *

A few hours later, Matthew and Lyn lay asleep in their hotel bed, and Lyn began to stir, finally awakening from her orgasm-induced coma. She propped herself up against the backboard and looked at the back of Matthew’s head... And then he began to wake up too. Matthew turned his head to look at Lyn with sleepy eyes.

“Good morning Lyn.”

“Good morning Matthew.”

“Hopefully you remember what just happened.”

“Well, everything until I passed out...”

“I had to fix your shirt... It broke when you were at your peak.”

“Oh, thank you for fixing it! This is my favorite shirt!”

“Why? Is pink with white stripes your favorite color?”

“Well, actually, it’s white with pink stripes.”

“Same thing.”

“No, it isn’t. I went to fashion school.”


“No, but I knew someone who did.” Lyn said with a smile that made it hard to tell if she was joking, “And that’s not the only reason it’s my favorite...”

“What’s the other reason?”

“Because now it’ll always remind me of that great fucking we just had. Speaking of, I need a shower. Care to join me?”

“Why not?”