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Mega Milk

Synopsis: Laura, with her petite figure, never had much luck with boys. But when her brother, Brendan, makes fun of her small breasts, she decides to find a way to make even her brother pay attention to her.

“Tiny Tits!” Brendan yelled to her, reaching his hands forward to roughly pinch and twist her nipples as Laura cried out in pain. “What’s wrong, Tiny Tits,” he grinned, beginning to pull her fleshy nubs away from her small mounds, “Don’t like your nipples played with?”

“Ow! Ow, Brendan, stop it!” Laura begged her brother, trying to pull herself away from his abusive hands. “It hurts! Please, stop!” Her older brother suddenly released her poor nipples as she pulled, causing her to tumble back onto her bottom. “What’s wrong with you!” she sobbed.

Brendan stood over her with his hands in his pockets and shook his head at his scrawny sister. “You’re such a baby, you know that, Tiny Tits?” He was always mean and picking on her, but today his target was her most sensitive area. Looking down at her small chest, looking at the mosquito bites she called nipples as they stood painfully hard against her T-shirt. “That’s as big as you’ll ever get,” Brendan said with a sigh, mocking her with false concern. “What a pathetic little girl you are, Tiny Tits.” Quickly, she jumped to her feet and ran up the stairs, crying into her hands as she slammed her door shut behind her.

“Stupid Brendan!” poor Laura cried into her pillow loudly, “How could he be so cruel!” she continued sobbing, beating her hands against her bed. “I’ll show him, somehow! Him and all those other guys! I’ll show them all!” Of course, she knew it was impossible to ‘show them all’. It wasn’t possible to fight genetics, and unless she looked into getting implants, she would be stuck as ‘Tiny Tits’ for the rest of her life. This fact lingered in her mind as she continued to sob into her pillow, leaving it wet with her tears.

Hours later, Laura had begun feeling a bit better. Still angry at Brendan for what he’s said, but feeling better nonetheless. She booted up her computer and decided she wanted to read some stories from the ‘Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive,’ particularly the ‘Growth and Development’ section. With her insignificant size, she’s become a little obsessed with breasts over the years, even going as far as fantasizing of her own breasts rapidly growing into ridiculous sizes. As she read one of her favorite stories, she sighed, envying the girl in the story. “Why couldn’t stuff like this really happen?” she lamented, keeping a firm reminder of the disclaimer on the site: “This site is for fantasy only. The situations described here are at best impossible or at worst highly immoral in real life. Anyone wishing to try this stuff for real should seek psychological help and/or get a life.” she repeated, having read that a lot for her own sanity.

A familiar chime sounded, and a small window from her e-mail inbox popped up in the corner. “One new e-mail from... DT?” she read aloud. She wasn’t familiar with anyone named DT in any of her instant messengers. Opening her inbox, she figured it was probably some kind of spammer. The new message was bolded and at the top. “” It was an author from the site, she remembered. She had messaged him once about his story ‘Cat Bites’, wondering why he hasn’t updated it in about a year. It was no wonder he knew her e-mail. ‘Sorry for the late reply’ was the subject, obviously referring to her e-mail. “Well, it’s nice he finally got to me,” she said, clicking the message to open it:

‘Hey there, Laura. I want to apologize for not replying to you sooner, but life is a constant factor as you know. :P My story isn’t dead, so if you’re still interested in it, I’m currently in the works of the next chapter. It’s good to know my stories have some kind of audience. xD. I’ll make this one special for you, what would you like to see more of? Reply to this whenever you feel, be it a few minutes or a year from now! LOL. -DT’

She smiled as she read the message and clicked Reply without hesitation:

‘Hi DT! Don’t worry about not replying sooner, yeah I know life’s a factor, I myself have trouble facing it. I’m glad to hear you’re working on your story still, it’s one of my favorites. But please, please include a bit more breast enlargement in this chapter. I’m not too big in that department, and I often wonder what it would be like to experience that feeling, so I can’t get enough. =P Thank you for replying, DT, it shows you care for your reader’s opinion. -Laura’

Just as she hit the Send button, she realized what she had written. ‘Message sent to’ appeared on-screen, making her red with embarrassment. “Oh well, I shouldn’t worry,” she thought aloud, “I’m sure a writter like him as a vivid imagination as well as a grasp on reality.” She opened her other tab with her story and continued to read about the ‘poor’ girl’s ‘predicament’ of her ‘rapidly swelling breasts, spilling out of her top.’ Laura closed her eyes and imagined that happening to her ‘tiny tits,’ allowing them to explode from her top and showing Brendan for calling her tiny all throughout her life. The thought of her breasts growing was making her wet as she absently rubbed herself over her shorts. Suddenly, a chime came again and interrupted her daydream; it was another e-mail from DT. “Well, that was fast.”

‘You know, what if I told you there was a cheap and easy way to make that fantasy a reality? I know what they said on the archives, but I mean it. My ex-girlfriend needed some enhancing, and she found a nice product called Mega Milk online. After a few days of taking it, she’d literally jumped from a B cup to a D! It’s a little pricy, but I’ll assure you, it’s well worth it. -DT’

Laura raised her eyebrow reading that message. How was that possible? Going up two sizes in a few days? It didn’t even seem plausible. As she scrolled down to reply, she saw a bolded link just under his signature. ‘’ or something like that. She wasn’t too sure, but it looked legit. And if it wasn’t, she just renewed her anti-virus; if something would go wrong, she’s prepared. Clicking the link, it brought her to a shopping site, selling a product called, as DT said, Mega Milk. “The revolutionary breast enhancer from Japan,” she read, “Add the directed amount of Mega Milk powder to any milk product and drink your way to the breasts you’ve always wanted.” This seemed too easy to Laura. She figured there has to be some sort of catch, or how many hundreds of dollars would this cost? Scrolling down, the smallest container was only $5.95, and shipping on the first purchase was free. “Hmm,” she thought, looking closer to the screen, “how much is the biggest?” To her great surprise, it was only $19.95! Still, it seemed too easy. A quick check of the shipping location and options, testimonials, nutritional facts and possible side-effects, and her suspicions all disappeared. Nothing seemed to be amiss about this Mega Milk. Without much more hesitation, she clicked ‘Buy Now!’, put in the necessary credit card and address info, and completed her purchase, smiling as she put a rush order on it.

‘I was a little sceptical about that Mega Milk stuff, but it’s definitely worth a try, isn’t it? =D I can’t believe I told you about my little problem, but I’m glad I did now. Thank you, DT, for the suggestion. -Laura’

Hitting Send, she giggled a bit, thinking about this Mega Milk and how much bigger she can get. “Finally,” she whispered, looking down at her small breasts in her T-shirt, “I’ll have a pair of killer knockers in no time...” It was getting late and all the excitement of her new discovery had gotten her tired out. With a yawn, she powered down her computer and climbed into bed, stripping off her shorts, leaving only her dampened panties. With a soft moan, she began rubbing herself through the cloth, thinking of the story she read, the upcoming Cat Bites chapter, and the Mega Milk she ordered. “I’m gonna have some monster titties after I get the Mega Milk,” she gasped, grazing her finger against her clit, “I’ll be so big, they’ll have to pay attention to me!” As she dreamed of walking down the halls, her massive breasts swaying and jiggling with each step, and the boys all staring at her, evident hard-ons in their pants, she continued to rub and play with herself, growing much wetter as her breathing picked up. The thought of her breasts growing in sensitivity, her classmates pawing and clawing at her, drove her mad as more of her fluids spilled from her slit, matting her panties against her. She moaned more, finally working her hand into her underwear and pinching her swelling clit between her fingers as she reached her soaking sex. Laura continued to dream, someone hiking her skirt up, roughly pushing her panties aside as he drove his stiff rod straight into her lips with a loud squish of their juices. Spreading her legs wide, she jammed her fingers into her, mimicking the sounds of her dreams, her slick fluids gushing out in spurts against her fingers. As she was thrust into in her dreamland, another set of hands grabbed and groped at her incredible breasts, making her moan loudly and desperately pressing herself against the hand and grind her hips against the intruding member, where in reality, her fingers continued to pump in and out deeper and harder into her drooling sex. Arching back against her bed, her body shook with orgasm, but her fingers didn’t care and continued to work themselves into her roughly. She moaned again, knowing this was going to be one long night...

School was as uneventful as staring at the blank screen of a TV. All that went through Laura’s mind were last nights dreams, and when her Mega Milk will get delivered. Needless to say, this excited fidgeting was getting her very wet between her legs, so to the fact that she actually had to fight off the intense urge to rub herself in public. Right as the final bell rang, Laura practically leapt out of her seat and charged down the halls to the exit of the building. She hoped her package would be sitting out there waiting for her to take in and use it as soon as possible. Giggling, she picked up the pace as she neared her street.

Running up to the porch, she looked down beside the door to see nothing and sighed in disheartenment. “I guess I’ll have to wait for tomorrow,” she sighed as she unlocked the door and walked into the living room, hearing the obnoxious sound of her brother’s laugh. “What’s that loser laughing at?” she asked herself and followed the rowdy sounds into the kitchen where he sat at the table, face red and eyes watered from such wild laughing. “What’s so funny, Brendan?” she demanded.

Brendan wiped his eyes, managing a few more chuckles before looking to his sister. “You, Tiny Tits,” he answered, moving a largish, white container, the words ‘Mega Milk’ printed on the label in large blue letters. Laura’s face turned bright red, eyes widening as she saw the label. “‘The revolutionary breast enhancer from Japan!’,” he read aloud, breaking into laughter in the middle. “A breast enhancer, Tiny Tits? You trying to use some Japanese product to quadruple the size of your tatas?” he asked, laughing even harder. “Don’t you know 4 x 0 is still 0?”

His laughing was hurting her ears, and tears began to spill down her cheeks. “S-shut up, Brendan!” she choked out. “A friend of mine says this helped his girlfriend, for your information!”

Brendan stood up, leaning against the table tiredly as another harsh laugh left his mouth. “A friend from the internet? Don’t tell me you’re taking the word of some weirdo that lives in a fantasy world of growing boobs,” he said, laughing even more, finally taking in a deep breath. “Face it, Tiny Tits,” he said, straightening up, a cruel smirk on his face, “you’re always gonna have tiny little titties for the rest of your pathetic little life. No Japanese ‘Mega Milk’ is gonna change it.” Beginning his laughing fit again, he pushed by Laura and left the kitchen, going upstairs into his room.

Laura sat down at the table, face buried in her hands and her shoulders shaking as she cried out. “Stupid Brendan! Stupid boys! Stupid everything!” she sobbed angrily, clenching her hands into fists as she looked up to the ‘Mega Milk’ container. “I’ll show him! I’m gonna have the biggest tits ever!” Ripping open the container, she looked to the back for the instructions. For the quickest results, it said to pour two full spoonfuls from the included scooper into one measured cup of milk and stir until completely emersed. Looking into the container, she found the scooper. “It’s not big at all!” she snapped as she looked over the small thing. “We have spoons bigger than this!” She got up and got a large glass from the cabinet and a gallon of milk from the fridge, pouring the milk into the glass up to the rim. “I want faster results, now!”

Without any heed or regard of the instructions or warnings, she poured the Mega Milk powder directly into the milk glass, the milk beginning to push out over the table, mixing with the stray powder. Laura stopped pouring when she saw a thick residue of the powder at the bottom of the glass, took a spoon and began to stir the concoction vigorously, more milk spilling out over the rim in the process. After a minute of stirring, the milk had become a thick, almost shake-like drink. “That’s more like it!” She picked it up with both hands and chugged the entire thing quickly, practically forcing it down her throat. “That’s not enough!” Laura yelled out and continued the process until the milk and the powder was gone, even going as far as sucking up the milk and powder off the table and spooning the rest of the powder into her mouth. “Ugh... maybe that wasn’t such a good idea,” she groaned, holding her full stomach. “I gotta go lie down,” she said with a light belch. Leaving the mess for her older brother, she got up and made her way up the stairs and into her room.

After her Mega Milk binge, she laid herself down on the bed, rubbing her slightly swollen belly, moaning and groaning in discomfort. She felt like she was lactose intolerant, her stomach making unusual bubbly sounds, and feeling like she would lose her lunch. “God, kill me now,” she whimpered, rolling onto her side. Suddenly, her breathing picked up and her body kicked into a violent sweat as her skin felt cold and clammy. That didn’t last too long, as a strange warmth washed over her entire body, a strange arousal emanated from her crotch as her panties grew more damp with every second. “W-what’s happening,” she gasped, rolling onto her back and jumping to her feet groggily, making way for her mirror. Beads of sweat formed over every part of her body, her clothes literally clinging to her in their dampness. But when she looked down, she suddenly screamed aloud!

Her breasts, her tiny tits, visibly pulsed as her nipples grew hard against her tanktop. Little by little, the top became tighter and tighter as bits of her flesh began to surge from the neckline and out of the sides of her thin shirt. Her sweaty mounds pushed forward steadily, pulling more of her shirt up and exposing her stomach. “O-oh, w-wow!” she moaned, bringing her hands up to her expanding breasts, suffering a massive orgasm from the contact alone. Her light gray panties had instantly turned a dark, dark gray as thick cum leaked down her thighs. She had never cum so fast, or so much, in her entire life. The feeling radiating from her swelling flesh was just so incredible, she couldn’t not touch them. She mashed her hands roughly against them, causing more thick juices to drool from her pussy lips. “O-ooh! Ooooh!” her moans came more frequently, her breasts still rapidly growing beneath her top as audible rips could be heard. “Oh yessss, keep growing!”

As she continued to maul her breasts with her hands, they felt more rounded and heavy, faint sloshing sounds coming from them. Her nipples, as though jealous, began to grow larger and thicker as well, creating large tents on top of her chest. Dark wet patches forming at the tips and white droplets dribbling onto the floor. “M-milk?” Laura gasped, looking down. Ripping off her top, Laura noticed that not only were her nipples as large as her thumbs, but the areola had puffed up slightly and turned a dark brown, almost a faint purple color as milk poured down their freakish lengths, pulsing like a cock, making her gasp more loudly.

Her breasts pulsed and grew in spurts, obviously filling with more rich milk, but that wasn’t the only change taking place. The abused and wet panties stretched slightly at her hips, immediately bringing attention to it. They were pushing out away from her body horizontally, rounding out into thick, round, full womanly hips, her legs growing into them, lengthening some, making her taller, making her feel incredible. Her once flat bum bloomed pushed its way outward, instantly rounding out. The poor panties stretched and stretched, turning into a thong as it flossed its way into her crack, making her shiver in pleasure, like her entire body was growing in sensitivity along with size. “O-oh god, yes!” she moaned, absently smacking her plumping up backside and grabbing hold as it continued its growth. Not long after, the panties finally gave way, leaving her naked in front of her mirror as her body continued to change.

Moaning more, she pressed her fattening breasts against the mirror, spurts of milk gushing out, onto her body and floor, and air humping an imaginary member between her legs. She could feel more changes taking place as she rubbed herself up against her reflection. Her thighs swelled outward, encasing her lips in erotic heat, her waist grew a bit thicker, and her stomach quivered a bit, bulging out slightly into an attractive womanly pudge. Finally, the heat flooding her body diminished and her changing slowed to a halt, leaving Laura breathless... and horny...

After a ravenous frenzy of wild masturbation, Laura calmed enough to get a better view of herself. The short, thin and mousy girl from before had swelled out into a voluptuous cow of a woman. Her breasts were fat and heavy with milk, topped with thick, chocolate brown nipples that sat proudly atop her soft pudgy stomach. Just below that were a pair of lusciously thick hips and thighs, with a soft, round booty jutting out nearly as far as her massive breasts, and long, sexy, smooth legs. During her masturbation rampage, she had also noticed that her clit and lips puffed up and grew more thick and pink, and her juices had taken on a thick, white consistency. Her fingers continued to work between her legs idly as she stared at her body. “That Mega Milk really worked,” she gasped, wriggling her hips against her busy hand. “I gotta show that dick head, Brendan,” Laura said with a dark grin on her face. But then an idea hit her. ‘Dick head.’ Her brother. He had something she wanted. Even though she had never once considered the idea of sleeping with her brother, her mind was too clouded with sex to care...

Brendan grumbled as he mopped up the floor and dried the table after Laura’s little ‘Mega Milk’ binge. “That stupid bitch, leaving me with this mess?” Sitting down after the work was down, he looked to the empty container of ‘Mega Milk,’ and curiously looked at the back of it with instructions. Reading them, Brendan idly thought his sister obviously wanted to get fast results. “Waste of time,” he muttered, shaking his head. Reading further, he came across the warnings:

Warning! Do not consume more than the directed amount! Doing so will cause drastic and permanent effects, most of which will be undesired. Overdose may cause rapid breast growth to uncontrolled sizes, excessive lactation, growth in other areas of the body, unstable hormonal changes, enhanced fertility and sudden, round the clock arousal.’

“Wow, those Japanese really really go all out for these joke products,” he laughed a bit and pushed the container away. “Wonder what’s for dinner,” Brendan wondered aloud, leaning against the table. He heard the sound of Laura heading down the stairs, as if on cue. “Hey, Tiny Tits, what’s for dinner?” he asked, looking to the door and expecting his petite sister. But what Brendan saw was definitely not what he expected...

Laura stood against the doorframe, her huge breasts squishing together, thick drops of milk trickling down from her descending nipples. “Ooooh, big brother,” she purred, draping her leg around the frame sexily, angling herself so that he can get a clear view of her plump backside. “You wanna know what’s for dinner, brother dear,” came her sultry voice. All Brendan could do to reply was a nod, his eyes never leaving her swollen breasts. With a rock of her hips, she approached him, a hungry look in her eyes. “Well, I’ll tell you...” Sitting at his lap, straddling the hard bulge in his jeans, leaving a thick, warm dampness against him, making him groan. “I’m what’s for dinner, big brother Brendan...”

“T-Tiny Tits?” he asked, breathing in her musky scent and looking into his now-voluptuous sister’s eyes.

She smirked at him and mashed her enormous mounds against his chest. “Do these tits look tiny to you?” Laura said, almost growling with lust. “You’ve called me that for years, big brother,” she whispered into his ear, pressing more of herself against him, her milk matting his shirt against his chest. “But now look at me now, Brendan... I’m fucking huge, and full of milk!”

“W-what happened to you!” he shouted, trying to fight the massive erection sitting in his pants as Laura rubbed her sopping wet pussy against him. “I-it couldn’t have been that Mega Milk shit!”

Laura growled at him lustfully again, pressing her nose to his. “There’s no other explanation. Mega Milk turned my tiny titties in mega milkers!” She grabbed his hands and rest them on her bulging backside, urging him to grab. “And not just that, brother dear,” she moaned, grinding harder against his erection. “I’m a mega woman now... Look how big my tits are, and how perfectly round my ass is... You can’t resist your sexy little sister anymore, can you...”

Brendan grunted, absently rubbing his hips against hers. He couldn’t resist such a curvy girl that was practically all over him, even if it was his sister who he’s tormented for years.

“Oh wow, that’s why you mocked my tits!” she suddenly called out, pumping her hips up and down against his bulge, making him groan loudly. “You’ve wanted to fuck me, didn’t you! Didn’t you!” They both moaned loudly as she humped him wildly against his pants. “You just couldn’t bring yourself to because I wasn’t big enough for you! Isn’t that right! Isn’t that right!” she growled at him, her eyes devoid of anything but insane lust.

His thick member throbbed hard against her as her lips attempted to swallow his bulge through his pants, the feeling almost mind blowing; Brendan felt the intense heat and wetness from his sister’s tight, virgin pussy. What was worse, his mind began tot mold into exactly what Laura wanted. Beads of sweat poured from his forehead as he looked into the lust driven, insane eyes of his formerly meek sister.

Laura’s hands swiftly moved down to the fly of his pants and quickly undid it, practically ripping them off his legs, boxers and all, as his huge, erected manhood, throbbing angrily as it turned a deep shade of red. “Oooh, brother,” she moaned, drool creeping down the side of her mouth, “You got all the big genes!” Gripping his member, she roughly worked her hand up and down the length, precum oozing down all over her hand, coating it in a sticky mess. “Oh, fuck! I need this thing inside me!”

Before Brendan could even react to anything else, Laura had impaled herself on his rod, a burst of pleasure washed all over the two, their moans joining into one as their bodies feverishly worked against each other. Brendan had lost himself in the hot wet folds of her sex and began to work his hips harder and deeper into her, their collective juices splattering out over their thighs. Laura threw her head back to moan, the ravenous pumping of her hips causing her massive mammaries to bounce wildly, her inch long nipples quivering as jets of milk shot out at her brother. “God, oh god yes!” he groaned, grabbing her juicy hips, pumping himself in and out of her desperately as he pulled her into each thrust.

“F-fuuuuuck! Fuck your sister!” she screamed, completely losing all decency in her tone as she succumbed to the incredible rush of pleasure from her brother’s thrusting. Arching back, she shoved her nipple into his mouth, urging him to suck her breast dry. “Suck my tit! Suck my titties, brother! Fuck my cunt!”

Immediately as her thick nipple touched his lips, he clamped down around the base of it, hungrily sucking her nipple and taking in her sweet-tasting milk. As he drank, his arousal only grew, and he too began to lose himself completely into the pleasure. He instinctively brought both hands up to her breast, squeezing hard to get a massive torrent of her sweet ‘mother’s milk’ down his throat, making him growl in animalistic pleasure.

“O-oh gaaawd!” she screamed aloud again, holding his head against her breast, crushing her hips against his lap painfully. She continued to yell incoherently as she rode his massive member, which seemed to be steadily growing within her. “Fuck your titty monster! Fuck your titty monster!” Both Laura and Brendan continued to work up a wild sweat as their juices pooled beneath the seat onto the kitchen floor. She could feel him throbbing hard, threatening to blow his load, when a sudden urge struck her. Wildly, she sped up her humping, leaning forward against him and tilting the seat back against the wall. Her hands gripped the sides of the chair as she moved at an inhuman rate. “Cum brother! Cum inside me! Make me biggger! You want me bigger, don’t you! Don’t you!! Make me bigger, goddammit!” she commanded. His eyes snapped open suddenly as a loud guttural growl leapt from his throat, jamming his member deeper into her, making her scream in more fury. “Fuck your cock into my womb! Fuck your babies into me! I want all of them! All of them!” They were possessed by their overpowering desire for each other. With a final drive into Laura, Brendan roared loudly as he pumped her full of his molten seed, her belly actually swelling to accommodate. As her womb was flooded with cum, Laura’s entire body shook with incredible orgasm, a thick mass of fluid gushing out all over Brendan’s lap.

Catching his breath, Brendan looked down to her swollen midsection, eyes growing wide. “W-what happened, Laura?” he choked out, amazed as the transformations she was going through.

She licked her lips as she rubbed her belly, moaning softly at the sensation. “You fucked me full of your cum, brother, and that’s not all that’s happening...” Throwing her head back, Laura pressed her hands against her bulging body, making a faint slosh sound as it was forced back into herself. Brendan’s attention shifted to her quivering breasts and swelling nipples, witnessing as they grew larger and larger. Milk gushed steadily from her darkened nipples, pouring down the massive swell of breast, down her body and down between her legs, which also had started a growth. Slowly her thighs throbbed and grew, her hips pushing out and her backside bulging up, as her legs grew slightly longer. “O-oooh! Brotheeer!” she moaned, “Your cum’s making me bigger!”

This couldn’t be happening, it just wasn’t possible, Brendan’s mind continued to repeat. People don’t just swell up like this. Looking over her, the pudge at her stomach pushed forward a bit more, defying what his rational mind was saying. “How’re you doing this!”

Laura grinned at him, hefting her fat mounds up for Brendan to see. “Mega Milk, Brendan... I’m so glad you pissed me off, brother. I might not have overdone it with the powder if you didn’t.”

He couldn’t look away from her body. It was wrong for him to feel this way towards his sister, but with a body like hers, he didn’t care anymore. His member flicked and began to stand up again, beads of precum forming again. “I guess you owe me then, don’t you?” Brendan commented, wearing a grin. Laura looked at him with a mischievous grin. “Let’s make you bigger. Your tits are still so tiny, after all...”

Instantly, she leapt for Brendan’s member, stuffing it deep into her mouth and sucking for all she’s worth, her hand stroking whatever wasn’t in her mouth. He groaned loudly in surprise, pumping himself further into the back of her throat, forcing her to swallow his precum. Once again losing herself in the moment, her eyes rolled back as she sucked more hungrily and desperately as her free hand worked between her legs at her swollen lips and clit. “Brother, cum in my mouth!” she moaned whorishly, sucking much harder, her tongue swirling around the head.

Brendan groaned loudly, her expertly working mouth quickly bringing him closer to his peak, the head rapidly pulsing, spewing more and more precum down her throat into her awaiting stomach. “Laura, I’m about to—”

Do it!” she screamed, cramming even more of him in as he blew his load down her throat. The effect was instant this time as her breasts suddenly burst out, several sizes larger and producing twice as much delicious milk. Her hips and bum again surged out, adding to her already massive curvature. As she grew more, she was hit with another wild orgasm, jets of her fluids spraying all around behind her, screaming loudly, drooling madly. “O-oooh, Brendan...”

“Don’t get lazy, Laura,” he said, breathing heavily, “we still got one more hole to fill...” She squirmed desperately, turning away and presenting her backside to her brother, leaning down against the cold tiled floor as he stood up, his manhood standing straight and proud, ready for her...

The next morning, Laura awoke in her bedroom, her body still stressed from the changes and all the sex. She still couldn’t believe what had happened, staring at herself in the mirror. Her breasts had gone from nothing at all, to nearly the size of watermelons, topped with constantly leaking nipples. A puddle of milk settled beneath her, making her giggle. Her impossible mounds sat proudly atop her obscene belly, rivaling the size of a woman more than nine months pregnant with twins. Her hips had spread out almost a full four feet, and her backside pushed out about as far as her massive breasts. She was still so full of cum and was entirely content with herself, but in the back of her mind, she wanted more...

She waddled a bit on her way down the stairs and towards the kitchen, following the smell of Brendan cooking. “Good morning,” he greeted, trying not to look back at her in the doorway. She pressed herself against his back, a gently cooing sound in his ears. Shivering, he looked over his shoulder to face her and was quickly greeted with a hot kiss from his sister. “Something you want?” Without a word, Laura shut off the stove and reached down to rub at his crotch over his boxers, working him up to an erection, much to his pleasure. “Sausage, hm?...”

Laura turned him around, pulling his hardness out of his boxers and pressing it between her fleshy thighs. “Brendan,” she moaned, grinding desperately against him, “I want more... I wanna be bigger...”

With a deep growl, he forced his horny sister against the fridge, pushing into her deeply with a loud wet sound. She squealed and moaned, bumping her hips against him, bringing him in deeper.

This is just the beginning, she thought, trembling at the thought of growing bigger and bigger. Especially if it was to her brother’s liking. She didn’t need anyone else as long as she had him, and she didn’t want anyone else. Same could be said about Brendan; his sister had turned into the perfect woman for him, and she was only going to become more and more perfect. They both knew how wrong this was, but if it felt this good, the only thing wrong about it was not doing it. Laura and Brendan practically devoted themselves to their amazing and expansive sex. Laura was only going to get bigger...

And bigger...