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Memories of Indonesia

It’s been a year to the day since James Butler last saw her. It was hard for him to believe it has already been that long. James thought for a man at the age of 26, it’s a little embarrassing to be back with his parents with his tail between his legs. But it was all worth it to escape her, not that it was by his own strength that he managed it. The real strength came from the Immigration department, who cut her time with him short with the realisation that she had long since overstayed her visa. Truth be told, if it wasn’t for the fact she was stuck in Indonesia, with no possibility of her ever getting a new visa to come back to his country, then he would likely still be in her grasp.

Dewi certainly was a strong woman, and even with her stuck in Indonesia, James couldn’t be completely sure she won’t try and get him back. This is why, the arrival of a plain white package from an anonymous sender on the exact anniversary of her last departure, was setting off alarm bells in the back of his head. But he couldn’t see how exactly how she could harm him through a random package, not even Dewi could manage that. Not unless she put anthrax or something in there; he wouldn’t but it past her, but he didn’t think she wanted to kill him. In any case, he weighed up the options and decided to open it.

The small package turned out to contain only two envelopes, one was flat and seemed to contain a normal letter but the other bulged out as though something had been crammed into it, this envelope felt soft, like it was filled with cotton wool. James decided to open the letter first, it was handwritten, and he instantly recognised the handwriting of Dewi. The letter was addressed to Awan Berutu, a name that made him cringe, it was the Indonesian name that she had given him and always called him by. Looking at it at hindsight, it was a very odd thing for her to insist upon. The first of many odd things she forced upon him. The letter read:

Dear Awan,

I remember the first time we met. You were just a boy, so little knowledge of the world… I took you in and taught you so much. Do you remember when you first called me beautiful? You spoke of my eyes, my face and my body but you ignored the most important place of beauty in a woman. I taught you very quickly about the beauty of women’s feet… of my feet. You learned where your devotions belonged… where you belonged. How much time did you spend attending to my toes? Like the good little boy you are.

Yes, I said are. Do you really think you have escaped me? Do you really think you can ever forget what I taught you? Be a good little boy and look under that bench near your house. You know, that blue old one that once give people views of acres of fields but now only gives you views of endless houses. There you will find your next instructions. I know you can’t resist me Awan, stop pretending otherwise.

The other envelope contains the truth you know deep down. If you truly think you have escaped me, then go ahead and open it. What harm can it do?

I look forward to seeing you soon,

Mistress Dewi.

James threw the letter down and cursed: “I won’t do a thing that bitch tells me, not anymore”. He picked up the second envelope and felt it in his hand. What could be in there? He put it up to his face to carefully examine it. No more details could reasonable be gathered from looking at it more closely, but he did so anyway. He couldn’t deny his curiosity, and as he did he caught a sensation and images of a slender, shapely pair of brown feet fluttered into his mind. The image startled him, causing him to recoil for a moment.

He paused, considering what he saw… He knew it was wrong, but he also knew in that instant how much he wanted to see those feet again. James thought back to his struggle to stop liking feet after he had got away from Dewi. He had never liked them before he met her, but the passion didn’t leave him as he left her. He spent a long time forcing that fetish out of his mind but in this moment all that didn’t matter. He had to have more. He placed the envelope close to his face and breathed in its aroma, it was absolutely the smell that triggered the image of the feet, with those gorgeous toes appearing in his mind once more. He opened the envelope to reveal a pair of socks, clearly well worn. He trousers grew tight as he placed the socks… Dewi’s socks to his face, covering his mouth and nose. He breathed their aroma in deeply with clear images of Dewi’s perfect South-East Asian feet blossoming in his mind; images of him rubbing, kissing and sucking them. His member rubbed against the inside of his pants as he lustfully thrust his pelvis, his mind consumed by the aroma from the socks as he came.

* * *

Try as he might the next day, James couldn’t get Dewi’s letter out of his mind. He knew he mustn’t let himself fall further into her trap, but he couldn’t stop the aching need. Every moment without distraction was filled with images of Dewi’s feet. He tried to keep his mind clear by keeping himself busy but no task he set himself could hold his interest. Dewi’s letter would always make its way back to very centre of his attention. Soon he found himself increasingly thinking about the package she mentioned, he knew that he had to find it. He didn’t want to but the need growing inside him would just not stop unless he did.

Soon James found himself walking to the bench she mentioned. He had never introduced Dewi to his parents, but he had shown her around where he grew up. Or more accurately she forced him to show her, so she could mark her territory, make what is his, hers. The bench was only a short walk from his house and was secluded, the small patch of green it currently stood on was once the start of miles of rolling hills, but just a Dewi said in the letter, it was now a small island among endless rows of houses. He reached under the bench and found the package taped underneath it. He tore it from the bench, it was wrapped in black bin bags to stop water damage. He ripped the plastic off, to find an envelope, alongside a box wrapped in brown paper. He opened the envelope first, it contained a letter from Dewi, once again addressed to Awan Berutu.

My dear Awan

I hope you enjoyed my first gift to you. It brings me no end of pleasure to remind you of the joys of a woman’s feet. While I did teach you to devote yourself to my toes I also taught you the obligations a man has to the rest of woman’s body. I remember the long days spent at the beach, you’d rub sunscreen into every part of my body, in extreme detail, showing love to every part of my body. Of course, a foot message here or there wasn’t unheard of, I even remember the time I made you kiss my feet on a crowded beach… You were so embarrassed! Of course, your devotion came long before any petty feelings of embarrassment. That devotion stems from your love of me, the love of your mistress. A love that never dies… my next gift shall rekindle that love for me.

You are such a good little boy Awan. I am happy that our reunion is getting closer and closer. At the nearby airport, on the far-east side car park, you will find a blue Toyota with a foreign number plate, for which you’ll find the key in the package included with this letter. The next step in your journey will be found in the glovebox of that car. Please bring your passport along as well, you’ll need it xxx.

Pleased to see you soon
Mistress Dewi

James opened the package to find inside the key as promised, lying on top of a pair of well-worn tan sandals. He recognised them immediately. They were Dewi’s, the pair she wore to the beach many times. James took one in his hand, he knew the weight well from the countless times he had gently pulled them from her feet. He saw a footprint worn into the material, it showed the shape of the heels and toes he knew so well. He could see every detail of her arches in his mind. He put the sandal up to his face and inhaled, picking up a faint trace of her. In doing so, he found himself transported back to those days of the beach. It was just like she said in the letter, he would start by taking her sandals off; adoring her feet before gently applying sunscreen. From the soles of her feet, to the very top of her neckline, James would carefully apply the sunscreen to her while massaging every part as he travelled up her perfect body. It wasn’t a chore to do this, it was just as Dewi said, it was devotion, it was love. James opened his tongue out wide and licked down the sandal, trying to remember what it was like to lick the real thing. He loved Dewi with all his heart, as his mistress, and nothing was going to change that. He was a fool to ever think otherwise. He didn’t care about his chances of being seen, as he messaged his cock with one hand while holding the sandals with his other, smelling and licking lustfully. He came powerfully, wanting even more to cum for the real thing.

* * *

James travelled to the airport first thing in the morning, carrying nothing with him except enough cash to get him there and his passport. Somehow, he knew he wouldn’t be needing anything else, as his mistress always provided for him. He found the car easily enough as it was exactly where she described. He used the key to open the car and looked inside the glovebox. There he found an envelope, alongside a package and a rucksack. Inside the envelope was another letter, alongside an aeroplane ticket and some foreign banknotes. The letter read:

My devoted Awan,

I hope you now recognise that name as your own. Such a beautiful name I chose for you, so fitting for my servant. After giving yourself up to my body, it was only right that I would remake your mind to better serve me. I never liked your country, and like so many I merely used it as tool to improve my life chances. I wanted you to be mine the moment I saw you but I resented your ethnicity and so I worked to make you one of my own. Your Indonesian name was only the start, next came your devoted learning of my language and culture. Under my leadership it didn’t take you long to begin to master Indonesian, to learn the customs and ways of my people. Your devotion to me was turned to be devotion to my country, soon you saw Indonesia as your true home. This is still true Awan, this is still your home. My next gift serves to remind you of that.

You see that I have gifted you some Rupiah and a plane ticket with Garuda Airways to Jakarta. I know you so well, that you will notice the time of departure is only a few hours from when you will be reading this. Please don’t look inside the rucksack, take it onto the plane and open it up high. Your gift for now is the package.

You are so close now I can feel your warmth,
Mistress Dewi

The package contained a book; an Indonesian language translation of the quran used for study, not a real holy quran as she was always quick to point out. Dewi was no devout Muslim, but this beaten old copy, her name written on the title page, represented the many hours spent devoted to learning about Indonesia. Learning its language, its culture, customs and yes, its relationship with Islam. As he felt the book in his hands and flicked through the pages, he remembered how his mistress had carefully laid his education within his devotion to her. Making him learn at her feet or withholding herself until he learnt or remembered a certain fact. Its amazing how quickly he learnt the language, her instructions to him rapidly becoming Indonesian only. As he flicked through the pages, he realised he could read all of it. Sure, he may have been a little rusty but the time hadn’t pushed the knowledge from his brain. Alhamdulilah! (Thank God!) he thought to himself. Thank god he hadn’t forgotten the language of his mistress, of her culture, of his home. Tears fell down his face as he remembered the beauty of Indonesia and how it was better than his own country in every single way, he remembered how the mistress had saved him from his hell of a country and led him down the bright path to Indonesia.

* * *

James left the book and keys in the car and proceeded through security. Waiting to board, he noticed there were plenty of Indonesians ready to go home to Indonesia, alongside a few foreigners. The flight attendants were all young female Indonesians and beautiful, their elegant dresses exposing their long, beautiful legs. Their South-East Asian feet were probably gorgeous too, but sadly they were crammed into heels. James would have loved to be able to liberate and attend to them. The sight of all these Indonesian people excited him greatly, seeing them confirmed for him that he was truly going home, and to his mistress.

Just as instructed, James waited until he was safely on the plane and up high before opening the rucksack and looking inside. There he found another envelope, alongside a tablet device. Inside the envelope was a passport, alongside another letter. It read:

Hello Awan

Little do you know the significance of you reading this letter but more on that later. I am so glad that we have got to this point. I always knew that we would be back together, that your government could keep us separated for only so long. You may have not known it at the time, but I would never let us stay apart. It’s taken a year of planning to get you to this point, but the wait will be worth it, for both of us. That passport is an Indonesian one just for you, it has your true name (go ahead and forget you fake one now, you won’t be needing it) and will let you live with me forever. Please use your new one when you land and dispose of your old one, you won’t need it anymore.

The tablet is an e-book reader, it contains a lot of popular Indonesian literature. I imagine that your language skills have got a little rusty, please read and remember it all. As you remember Indonesian, I want you to finally take the necessary step to forget English. By the time you land, you must have forgotten every single word of English, You will not think with English, or read and write in English or listen and speak with English ever again. Its time you truly become Indonesian. You see Awan, this letter is significant because it is the last English you will ever read.

I’ll be waiting for you when you land,
Mistress Dewi.

Awan couldn’t help but smile. She was truly making him Indonesian, what a blessing. He would be able to live under her feet forever more, as a fellow Indonesian. He took the e-book reader and began to read. At first, he had to strain his memory to find words but quickly the Indonesian flowed out his mind quicker and easier. He read diligently, only stopping when the flight attendants asked about his meal. Having been reading for several hours at this point, he could barely understand the English the attendant said to him. He replied to the attendant in Indonesian, her face revealing a slightly surprised expression before breaking into a quick smile. From then on she spoke to him in Indonesian. As he continued to read his mind switched to thinking exclusively in Indonesian. It was after he finished his fourth book, that he finally lost the last of his English and as his feet touched the ground again at the airport, he could no longer understand a single word of English.

* * *

Dewi met Awan at the airport as promised. She wore shorts and a t-shirt, her brown feet exposed to world in her flip-flops. The moment he reached her, he bowed down and kissed her feet. She looked around at the bemused onlookers before kissing him on the head and leading to his new, true home. Where he can be with his mistress until the day he dies a happy man.

The End