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“Mind Worms”

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This one is for William Lee.

Mind Worms, part One

It was the midnight shift in the lab, and Tina’s shoes made soft noises as she strode down the corridor to the containment cells. Only a few weeks ago, the halls had been busy, even at midnight, but now this facility was being shut down, and Tina was the only one in the building. The fluorescent lights buzzed softly overhead.

The battle against the alien infestation was considered won, now, and although Kendrick county in eastern Oregon would be a strict quarantine zone for years to come, the research facilities were being moved off of the front lines, and to more secure locations in Nevada.

The public had never been told the full story, but it had been necessary that they understand enough to be able to realize the need for the quarantine, and the amount of manpower that had been called in to fight the invasion made it impossible to completely conceal the truth anyways.

Although definitely of terrestrial biology now, the worms were fairly obviously of extra-terrestrial origin. They had been found in mammals as small as raccoons, and as large as moose. Cows had been particularly prone to infestation, and the tapes Tina had seen of several infected cows “corralling” a non-infected one, while an infected cow backed up to the trapped animal’s rear so that the worms could emerge and infect it, were chilling. The infected animals stopped short of true intelligence, but definitely displayed thinking significantly ahead of their prior abilities.

The authorities, upon discovering the worms, were quick to act, imposing an iron-clad quarantine, and destroying all infected animals, and the worms. The military was called in to help. Then, by fortunate accident, they made the terrible discovery that the worms had jumped to one more species: humans.

Tina had been studying in Eugene, working on her post-doctoral paper on tapeworms, when they government came and whisked her away to help analyze the worms. She had heard about the animal quarantine by then, of course, and was especially concerned as she had lived in Kendrick county one summer while on sabbatical, working on a paper. She knew many of the inhabitants, and worried about them and their livelihoods.

When they told her that they had dicovered that some of the inhabitants were also infected, she was shocked. Mixed in with her shock, though, was a strong thrill—parasites were her field, and these sounded like the ultimate parasites. When they told her to pack up her things and move to the military lab, she was only too happy to do so. She was terribly grateful to have this chance to study the creatures.

Study them she did, with hundreds of other scientists. Although only a handful of humans turned out to have been infected, cows by the thousands had been, as well as wild animals, and she had specimens galore. She and her colleagues dissected, experimented, observed—and were both horrified and fascinated by what they found.

Physically, the worms ranged from immature specimens a few inches long to mature ones of almost two feet. They were built like earthworms, though flatter, and at maturity developed a smooth bulb on one side of the head end. They moved like worms as well, expanding and contracting, and using the ridges of their segments to provide anchorage.

The worms reproduced using their host’s reproductive system. They hijacked developing zygotes with their own, alien, DNA (itself incredibly different from terrestrial DNA), and developed each zygote into dozens of new, young worms. For this reason, the worms preferred female hosts, although males had also been seen to be infected.

Their control over their hosts didn’t stop there, of course. The worms, once in a host’s body, were able to extend thousands of nerve-like filaments into the host. These filaments would follow the host’s own nerves back to the spinal column. Then, somehow, they would entwine themselves, and begin to send messages to the host’s brain. One worm, full-grown, could control a raccoon, or cause behavioral changes in a cow. A half-dozen had complete control over a moose.

The infested humans discovered each were infected with over ten mature worms, each fully rooted into the person’s nervous system.

* * *

Tina passed the dissection labs, and the now-empty room where hundreds of worms had been contained in plastic canisters. Those specimens had all been shipped to Nevada. Her breath sounded loud in her helmet. All the staff at the labs had to wear full facial protection, and special hard-to-remove (and not very comfortable) undergarments to prevent accidental infection. The worms were fully capable of moving on their own, and Tina recalled screaming when one that she thought was sedated leapt from her hand and writhed against her plastic helmet.

She swiped her access card through the reader at the containment room door. The light flickered green, and Tina pushed open the door, and flipped on the lights. The twenty or so cells were empty, now, the infected humans who had been held in them gone to Nevada. Although the worms had been surgically removed from each of them, the changes to their minds had not been undone, and they were all to be held in captivity indefinitely. These cells were empty. That is, except one—a woman brought in late last week, after the rest of the victims had been moved.

Tina stopped in front of the woman sitting naked in the remaining inhabited cell. Like all the captives, she had been totally uncommunicative with the scientists. Despite behaving perfectly normally outside, none of the infected people had spoken word one after their capture. They still used cutlery normally, they used the restroom facilities, they just had nothing to say to the researchers.

The woman looked up at Tina. She had been captured only last week, having been living in town unremarked, save that she had not had the full cavity search, and not shown up for one when she was instructed to. She was caught attempting to escape the quarantine through the woods.

Tina knew her.

Dr. Melissa Quartz. A psychiatrist. In fact, Tina’s psychiatrist. Like Tina, a professional woman in her early thirties—the two had bonded immediately. Tina’s sessions with Melissa had never failed to pick her up, and the two often went to Eugene together to shop or see a play.

Melissa was looking at Tina, now, without interest. She stared right through Tina, who shivered. Melissa’s breasts, heavy, hung slightly to either side of her chest. She had no pubic hair.

The scientists had commented on the other changes the worms had made to their hosts. They had increased muscle mass, as well as metabolism, making the hosts much more physically fit. Infected individuals were seen to display several times the strength they should have had. Early containment procedures and facilities had proved inadequate.

The parasites had also enhanced sexual characteristics, putting animals perpetually into heat. More reproduction meant more zygotes meant more worms. Ovulation cycles were sped up to incredible levels. In the infected humans, just like in other hosts, sexual attractiveness was in overdrive.

Tom Mercer had joked about it, when the first humans were brought into the cages. “It’s not fair,” he said, “the damn worms make ‘em really sexy. You’ll catch worse than the clap, though, if you fall for it!”

“Yeah,” Eddy Huang had replied, “safe sex with these girls means a ball gag and a butt plug!”

* * *

It had come out in her therapy sessions with Melissa that Tina had some very strange, “but perfectly healthy”, personality quirks. Now, her heart beating, Tina recalled what Melissa had said.

“Everyone has strange sexual fantasies. Some people’s revolve around dogs, some people’s around being pooped on. Yours happen to feature parasites. So what? More power to you.”

Or less power. Looking at the heavy-chested woman in the cage, Tina spoke.


The woman in the cage did not move, even to blink.

“Melissa, I know you can hear me. It’s me, Tina. I, uh, I want to help you. Talk to me.”

Melissa continued to stare at her, through her. Tina looked at her pussy, just visible as she sat indian-style on the concrete floor.

“Melissa, I... I want...” Tina looked up at the camera in the corner. Its red LED shone as it slowly pivoted. However, Tina had removed the tape from the security office upstairs. The camera was recording nothing.

“Melissa, I... I want you to hypnotize me. I can help you, help the worms. You remember how you said that I had a parasite fetish? It’s true. I want to help the worms. I can’t get you out of here, but I can get the worms out. I don’t know if I can do it without help, though. I don’t have the courage. It’s so.. wrong. So I want you to hypnotize me.”

“I’ll need a strobe light, or a watch.”

“Melissa?” Tina stared at her. The dark-haired girl in the cage had stated the request blandly, never looking away from Tina’s eyes. “Is that you?”

Melissa just looked at her.

“Melissa, I’ll get you a watch, but you have to talk to me.”

“I will talk to you. Get me a watch, so that I can hypnotize you.”

“Melissa, why didn’t you say anything to me before?”

“My masters had not instructed me to.”

“Your masters?”

Melissa gazed at her, blinked once.

“Do the worms talk to you?”

“They instruct me, and I obey. I am hostform.”

“How, how did they get you?”

“Get me a watch, so I can hypnotize you.”

“Um... Here’s my pendant.” Tina reached under the tight rubber seal of the helmet, and pulled loose her neck chain. An opal swung from it. She had bought it last summer, in Eugene. With Melissa. “Will this work?”

Melissa extended her arm through the cage. Tina had a momentary fear of Melissa grabbing her, pulling her close, but the brunette simply opened her hand and took the pendant. “This will work. Sit down in front of me.”

“First, answer my question. How did they get you?”

“Sally Arnulf, the fifteen year-old daughter of the man whose house I rent, came to me. She was hostform. I was sleeping, and she tied me to my bed. I awoke, but I was already tied, and she gagged me quickly. Then the masters which had grown within her emerged and entered my vagina and anus. I became hostform swiftly. Sit down, so I can hypnotize you.”

Tina sat down. Melissa began to swing the pendant, in a slow cadence. Her eyes bored into Tina’s.

Tina’s heart was hammering. She spoke. “Melissa, wait. We have to be smart about this. If you infect me now, we will simply both be caught. They know how many worms are inside you.”

Melissa remained motionless, save only her wrist, slowly swinging the pendant. “Yes. You have a plan to circumvent this?”

“I... do. I am the only person on the midnight to six AM shift, now. At the end of next week, they will shut down this lab, and remove the worms from you. The worms will be incinerated. I can take them to the incinerator, and infect myself instead of incinerating them. Then, I will be on vacation, and can leave the quarantine area. I’m afraid you will be taken to Nevada.”

“I am irrelevant. The masters are all that is important. Look at the pendant, and relax.”

Tina looked at the swinging opal, but then turned to look at Melissa again. “Do you think it will work?”

Melissa’s lips moved, seemingly detached from the rest of her slack face. “Your plan is sound in general. Once you are hypnotized, I can obtain the details from you without the interference of your conscious mind. Relax. Look at the pendant.”

Tina continued looking at Melissa’s face. “What... precisely are you going to do?”

“I am going to do what you wanted. I am going to program you with the correct attitude towards the masters and the tasks you will perform. Look at the pendant.”

The pendant flashed. Tina swallowed. “Melissa, I...”

“You will look at the pendant.”

Tina turned to face the glittering bauble, swinging in a slow arc. She tried to relax.

Then Melissa spoke, with a changed voice. “Hey, Teenster, it’s me, Melissa. I wouldn’t hurt you.”

Tina blinked in surprise. “Melissa?”

Melissa smiled, woodenly, but her voice was again the light conversational tone that Tina remembered from their times together. “It’s good to be hostform, Tina. It’s wonderful. You will love being one. I do. I love it more than anything. So relax.”

“Melissa, they... they change you.”

“It’s wonderful. I am so strong, and so sexy. I enjoy everything. I saw you looking at my knockers—impressive, huh? They have made me so much better. And they will do the same thing to you. They will make you what you’ve always wanted.”

“Will... will I really like it?”

“You will love being hostform. Anyways, Tina, use that logic you were always going on about. The masters will program you to love it, making it a tautology. Being hostform is loving being hostform. So it’s all good. Now, relax!”

“Melissa, I don’t know... it’s forever...”

The wooden smile stayed on the face of the blank-eyed girl. “Come on, Tina, please relax. I promise you’ll love being hostform. It’s what you’ve always wanted. It’s why you came down here. I remember your fetish. You can feel them inside you, you know. Moving around. It felt so weird when they started binding themselves into me. But so good. Relax, Tina. Relax. You want this.”

Tina glanced again at Melissa, without turning her head from the pendant. The brunette was as impassive as before. Tina’s eyes stole along the full curve of her breasts, down to her pussy. It was puffy, engorged. Changed.

“Okay, Melissa.” Tina looked at the pendant, swinging, and tried to relax.

“That’s it. Good girl. Relax. Calm. Feel calm.” Melissa began humming, and Tina slowly followed along. She realized that she was actually relaxing. After a while, her eyelids began to droop as she stared at the pendant.

“That’s it. So relaxed. So calm. Now, just drift off to sleep... you friend Melissa will take care of you. Relax, sleep. Sleeeeep.”

Tina was drawn, uncontrollably, down into trance. She could vaguely make out the words Melissa continued to say. It sounded like she had gone back into her flat monotone, but to tell for certain, Tina would have to wake up, and she didn’t want to. Melissa didn’t want her to.

Melissa just wanted her to relax...

* * *

“Awaken, Tina.”

Tina came to her senses with a jolt. Melissa was seated, naked, in the cage in front of her. Tina realized quickly that her protective helmet and undergarments were still in place.


“It is shortly before six, Tina. I have discovered much in your mind while you were in trance. It is good that you removed the security tape. You will now insert the copy of last week’s tape, as you had planned. Tomorrow, you will secure the facility as you did this evening, and return here for more programming.”

“Yes, Melissa.” Tina was a little startled at her own quick reponse.

“It will be swifter, tomorrow, for I have firmly embedded a code phrase in your mind to sink you immediately into trance.”

“Yes, Melissa.” Tina felt that she should be worried, but somehow was unable to decide that for certain.

Melissa remained quiet, so Tina stood up, stretched out, and headed for the door. Behind her, Melissa’s old voice spoke up.

“The masters are very pleased with you, Tina. Thank you. You are already well on your way to being hostform. They look forward to bonding with you.”

Tina felt a sexual thrill jolt her crotch. She managed a weak smile. “I’ll see you tomorrow night, Melissa.”

* * *

Over the succeeding week, Tina returned obediently to Melissa each night. The pendant was no longer necessary. Tina sat in front of the cage, and Melissa put her swiftly into trance.

She found very soon that she had no more compunctions about her plan. The masters which were removed from Melissa, the last in the facility, would leave the facility not as ash but secure within Tina. Melissa would remain a slave even after the masters were removed, and all of the security tapes had been replaced with duplicates of tapes from a week ago, showing nothing.

Tina was sorry that Melissa would be held captive in Nevada. It was unlikely that she could be rescued and re-infected, at least not in any immediate timeframe. However, with cunning and time, the facility could possibly be subverted. That would have to wait for some time, but Melissa, hostform, could wait forever for her masters. And Tina had many things to do.

The following Thursday, Tina was present when they removed the worms from Melissa. The last remaining surgeon cut out each worm, handing the foot-long creature with its root-bulb prickly with severed tendrils to Tina, who placed it in a thick plastic cylinder. Melissa made no sounds. The worms writhed a bit within the cylinder.

The surgeon removed thirteen adult worms from Melissa, and removed a developing mass from her uterus that would have grown into dozens more in a few weeks. After they were finished, technicians entered the room, shackling Melissa before leading her out.

One of the technicians took a dolly and picked up the worm cylinder, which Tina had sealed. He made to leave with it.

“I’ll take that,” said Tina.

“I was just going to wheel it down to the incinerator.”

“That’s okay. I’ll do it. I want to see these fuckers fry.”

“Sure thing, doctor. Remember, cylinder and all.”

“Oh, yeah, I know the procedure. Thanks.”

Tina wheeled the canister down the hall to the elevator. She felt nothing in particular. She boarded the elevator, pushed the ‘down’ button, and waited. The worms writhed within the canister. Already she could see the bulbs where they had been attached to Melissa developing tiny new tendrils.

The elevator opened, and Tina rolled the canister to the incincerator room. It was warm inside. She closed the door behind her. There were no cameras.

Tina opened the metal grate of the incinerator, felt the heat wash over her. She looked at the cylinder.

Swiftly, she unbuckled her pants. She undid the many clasps holding her undershorts in place, and pulled them off with the rasp of velcro. She had not worn normal panties.

Crotch exposed, she quickly unlatched the top of the cylinder, popping off each of the dozen locking clasps. She swung open the lid. Inside, the worms danced, stretching almost to the top of the canister, then falling back.

Tina turned, and sat her bare ass on the canister, sliding it down inside as far as she could. Then she leaned forward.

The worms burrowed into her. Several fought for the opening of her anus, as she tried to relax it, allowing one to push through at a time. Several others slid much more easily into her vagina. It was exceedingly wet.

It took only two minutes before all thirteen worms were within Tina. Though one still hung out of her ass, looking like a writhing pink tail, she stood, and righted the cylinder. She looked back down behind herself, seeing the tail rapidly disappearing between her smooth ass cheeks, and came. Hard.

Tina managed to remain standing as she shook in orgasm. Juice trickled down her legs. Regretfully, she fought to stop the pleasure, and managed to regain control. Now was not the time for this.

Feeling incredibly full, she moved behind the dolly, and hobbled, pants around ankles, to the incinerator, where she pushed the canister in. She ran a hand under her shirt, rubbing her stomach. It was slightly distended.

Inside Tina she could feel the worms moving. The ones in her intestines were rapidly crawling higher. The ones in her vagina had pushed past her cervix, and had found places to push their root bulbs against her walls. She could feel odd tingles as their tendrils began to slowly burrow into her.

Tina quickly fastened on her undergarments. Within hours, she would think of herself as hostform. She smiled. Hopefully, she could get to the showers and wash off the scent of sex pouring off of her, without meeting anyone. She could feel her pussy juice soaking into the inside legs of her pants.

* * *

As she left the compound in her Taurus, the surgeon came running out after her. Her heart fluttered, but she stopped, and rolled down the window. The man leaned in on it.


“Tina—I, I just wanted to say goodbye. I heard you were not going to be in Nevada with us.”

Tina smiled. The heavy weight in her guts slid around a bit.

“Right. I’m going back to finish my paper. It looks like the worms are all taken care of, and I wanted to get back to normal life.”

“Well, it was nice working with you. Take care. You headed back to Eugene?”

“No,” Tina smiled, “I thought I’d take some vacation. Drive around the country a bit.”

“Sounds nice.” The surgeon stood up. “Have a good time.”


Tina drove out through the chain-link gate. She could feel tingles at her spine, now. Darn right she would have a good time. The best. First, she would hole up in her motel for a few hours while the masters finished her transformation into hostform. She would undoubtedly enjoy several shattering orgasms before her mind was wholly theirs. The dry pants she had put on after her shower were already damp at the crotch. It was nice of Melissa to have strengthened her fetish so greatly. Then, in a couple of hours, Tina would begin to fade out while the masters made their changes, and re-awaken as their creature. After that...

Well, then there was a big country to see. She had to see about getting knocked up, which should be remarkably easy, and then find some pretty girls to visit, why, all over the place.

She smiled, and headed for town.

* * *

END part One.