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Miracle Makeovers.

(This started as an attempt to revive a roleplay thread over at Argent Garden which, for whatever reason failed miserably. Trouble was I liked the idea for a storyline, so I’m going to ‘mess’ with Stephanie’s mind and body myself instead! Probably at least partly inspired by the BimboTech stories.)

It was only when she’d seen the advertising in the local paper for the new Mall just outside of town that Stephanie Bell had looked herself over in the mirror and realised...........that she wasnt looking so young anymore. So OK, she was fast approaching (too fast for her liking) fifty so she was entitled not to look like a supermodel anymore, but then again, neither in looks or figure had she ever done so. And despite being a bisexual singleton who would like to find love, she wasnt getting much joy with either sex.

But there among the ads for the shops at the Mall was one for a beauty salon called ‘Miracle Makeovers’ claiming they could genuinely make anyone feel, and more importantly look young again. She had to admit the claim that ‘We can make anyone look and feel twenty again’ seemed a bit OTT to her, but the fact that they offered 50% off if you werent satisfied with the new you seemed too good to turn her nose up at. And besides, if they only made her look and feel forty, with a sex drive to match she’d be more than happy! Twenty would just be amazing.

So anyway, the combination of a bonus for hard work added to her salary, plus a couple of days holiday that had to be used up tempted her to make the call. The girl who had answered the phone had sounded a ‘bit giggly’ for somewhere like this, but she’d managed to convince Stephanie just how wonderful the ‘therapists’ work was at the salon, and had told her they would soon have her looking and feeling younger, and with a giggle added, and feeling much sexier too, so Stephanie was convinced to book an appointment. She had jokingly said they’d need a set of appointments to make her look twenty again, but the girl, Cristi, she though she said her name was had told Stephanie they’d have no problem changing her image in just 1 visit.

And this was the day for it! Cristi hadnt told her which therapist she would be seeing, just for her to report to the reception desk just after 9, and expect to walk out a new woman at the end of the day. So OK, it was expensive, but a whole days pampering, and this kind of transformation wasnt going to be cheap!

She entered the Mount Carin Mall just as the doors slid open at 9, and headed for Miracle Makeovers wondering what the day would hold.

She found the salon and entered, slightly nervously...... even more so when she saw the receptionist and wondered what she had let herself in for. She looked about 20, if that old, platinum blonde hair (dyed presumably) and breasts so large it looked like someone had blown up two large balloons and pushed them inside her top! Alright, she looked very pretty, but that figure...!

“Those cant be natural!” she thought to herself, “She’s actually quite slim in figure, but those must be, well... E cups if not larger. If thats the image they want to show off to customers, then I’m in the wrong place!", and thought about making a quick escape, pretending she had entered the wrong unit somehow. But she’d never been the type to let people down, so with extreme nervousness she approached the desk where the girl was sat.

The girl stood up to greet her with a warm smile, and even Stephanie had to admit to herself that this girl had a sensational figure, a fantasticly rounded and shapely rear, and long, graceful legs a model would be proud of, if only those breasts didnt look SO unnatural! The receptionist noticed Stephanie eyeing up her figure, and grinned at her,

“Hi, I’m Cristi, and you must be Stephanie because you are our only appointment today.” she said, then added with a girlish giggle, “Unless the boss forgot to tell me about someone that is?”

Stephanie nodded and spoke, “Yes, I’m Stephanie, I’m just a little unsure as to whether I’m doing the right thing, or whether I should just grow old gracefully?”

Cristi giggled again, and said, “I can honestly say you are doing the right thing Stephanie, you only have to look at me to realise the wonders that Miracle Makeovers can work for a woman. I used to be a dull, plain looking woman with no love life at all until I let Miracle Makeovers work their magic on me, and look at me now! Now I have all the men I want chasing after me, and a few women as well. My sex life has never been so good, and my body is sooooooooo perfect for attracting lovers. I can have sex anytime I want it, and now I like it lots!”

Stephanie winced at the thought of looking like that, those boobs...she shook her head, where did that word come from, were just well...a ridiculous size. Maybe Cristi thought they looked amazing, but to her they just looked ridiculous. The thought of her looking like well...that, wasnt something she fancied. When Cristi offered her a coffee she accepted, but wondered whether she should make a dash for the door the moment she disappeared.

But middle aged logic came into play in Stephanie’s mind, maybe Cristi had wanted to look like that, so she’d got the results she wanted, though she couldnt see why. Her personal ideals for herself were far more limited and restrained, but if they could make that dramatic a change in Cristi, what could they do for her? Make her look a lot younger, and feel sexier she suspected which would do her no harm whatsoever. So she stayed, and awaited Cristi’s return.

A couple of minutes later Cristi returned carrying a cup of coffee for her accompanied by, to Stephanie’s relief at least, a professional looking gentleman in what can best be described as a white coat of the sort worn by lab technicians. He greeted Stephanie with a warm handshake, and most of Stephanie’s concerns melted away when she saw this trustworthy looking man. Especially as he looked well, quite attractive in her eyes.

“Good morning Ms Bell, Stephanie?” he asked her.

“Yes, Stephanie, and please call me that, I’m not one for formalities really.” She replied, getting to like him more with every moment. She had great faith ‘he’ wouldnt make her look like Cristi!

“Let me introduce myself, my name is Dr James Kelly, and will be in charge of your Miracle Makeover transformation carried out here today. I gather you’d like to look younger, feel sexier and generally be a man-magnet, is that right?”

Stephanie giggled and blushed like a schoolgirl at the thought of ever being a man-magnet but...,

“Well I’d settle for younger and slightly prettier,” she admitted to him, “Being a man-magnet...or even a girl-magnet would be nice I must admit, but I cant believe thats possible. I know you call yourselves Miracle Makeovers but surely that would be too much of a miracle/”

“Bisexual?” he asked, and Stephanie nodded, “Not a problem, I’m sure by the end of your day here men, and women will be queueing up to ask you for a date... and maybe more?” She just blushed again, this time an even brighter red as she hadnt had sex in...well, a ‘little while’, and the thought of being a pin up and sex symbol was rather nice, though she wasnt sure how she would cope with it!

He eyed her over, blue eyed blonde, seemingly natural, shy but with a nice smile. Good facial material to work on he thought, she certainly looked to have potential. Not pretty, but no serious flaws, not that they couldnt be remedied anyway! So OK, there was a bit of ‘middle age spread’ setting in, but that could easily be cured by the process, and her less than large boobs and butt could certainly get some rounding out when he got hold of her body. Nice long legs that wouldnt take much work finished off his first impression of her. He was looking forward to creating his next ‘work of art’ in his special salon.

“So Stephanie, have you any ideas of how you want to leave here today, other than looking younger and prettier?” he asked, hoping she wouldnt give him too many committed ideas and therby give him free rein to create the image he wanted to create, and not necessarily quite what she had planned for herself.

“Not really, Cristi did tell me that a day spent here and I’d leave looking more like 20 than 50...which I’m fast approaching, which would be wonderful, but I’m not really expecting that. To be honest if you make me look in my early to mid thirties I’d be thrilled. I guess if the ‘cracks’ could be enhanced, the tummy toned a little, and a sexy self confidence restored to my mind then I’d be thrilled at the work that had been carried out. But how you do that, I dont know, I’ll just take Cristi’s advice and leave that up to you.” she replied, then realising that she might end up with ‘something’ she didnt want added, “I wouldnt like to be quite as large ‘up top’ as Cristi if thats alright with you?”

At this point Cristi interrupted, slightly hurt by the comment, “Dont know why Stephanie, I love my really big boobies, and so do all the men. But if you dont want to be a sex kitten like me?”

Almost apologetically Stephanie turned to her and said, “Sorry Cristi, I didnt mean it to sound nasty, it wasnt, but at my age breasts that large might sag rather a lot, and that wouldnt be good.”

Dr Kelly laughed, “By the time we’ve finished today you will look like a twenty year old Stephanie, and have the perky boobs to match. They wont sag at all I promise you. But alright, I wont make you as large as Cristi, but I might enlarge them slightly if thats OK?”

She looked down at her very modest B cups barely filling that small bra and nodded, “That would be nice, even if it does mean shopping for a whole new set of bras! Apart from the question of what do I wear home tonight?”

This was Cristi’s turn to giggle, “Dont worry Stephanie, we have a nice supply of ‘larger cup’ bras here for moments like that, we will let you have one to go home in, until you can go out and buy some nice new, sexy big boob carriers!” and giggled again.

“Right Stephanie, when you’ve finished your coffee I’ll take you out into the beautifying room and we can get started. The ‘full works’ treatment you are paying for will take most of the day so we need to get started soon. So if you pay Cristi the advance deposit of 50% when you’ve finished your drink we will get started.” Dr Kelly said to her, “We dont expect full payment till the end of the day when we see if you are satisfied with the results.”

She finished her coffee, handed Cristi her bank card and she took the agreed sum from the card. Stephanie then eagerly followed Dr Kelly through to the back to begin. Cristi picked up the phone and made a call,

“Yes honey, we will soon have another girl with huge tits to go out having fun with when Jimmy has finished treating her. And of course having sex with her as well, and then letting all the guys fuck all of us. She might be 48, but by the time he’s finished she will look and feel 20 again. And be SO horny, isnt that nice? Can you just arrange her new wardrobe according to Jimmy’s list please?” she grinned, and then she put down the phone.

Dr Kelly suspected Stephanie had no idea what was involved in a standard beautifying treatment, which would put him at a distinct advantage, and he was right. So when he suggested that she start by taking a bath in a special ‘toning tub’ she readily agreed, especially when he told her the solution was designed to remove wrinkles and other ‘little blemishes’ that made her look just that little bit older than she really needed to. There were one or two other ‘benefits’ he forgot to mention, but that was entirely deliberate.

“An hour or so just soaking there in the nice warm solution and you will start to look and feel like a new woman.” he told her, failing to tell her that she might think differently too! Stephanie was slightly surprised by this, she had been expecting lots of pampering sessions, but if this was what the Doctor wanted her to do, he must know what he was talking about.

She stripped off all her clothing and climbed into the tub of green solution, it was like getting into a large tub of slightly runny, very warm lime jelly, not that she had ever done this of course! She laid down, felt what she assumed was a tingle of excitement as it began to ooze all over her body, and placed her head on the side of the tub as instructed. She let out a little squeak of surprise as she felt his hands covering her face in the jel, and also shampooing it into her hair.

He laughed and said to her, “Well there is no point making the body look 20 if the face still looks 48 my dear so it needs full coverage. And it will do wonders for your hair as well, I promise you. I’ll just slip this mask over your face to keep it in place, put some headphones over your ears with some nice music and leave you to relax for an hour or so, then we can really get to work.”

Stephanie nodded dreamily, the warmth of the jel seemed to be not only running over her body, but inside her as well, she felt all nice and warm and safe, just like she was in a womb being nurtured. And in a way she was, as Jim Kelly would have put it if he’d dare say it to her, in will go the ugly duckling, and out will come the beautiful swan, though maybe not the swan Stephanie had in mind! Though she could only hear the music the subliminal messages loaded inside the tunes were already beginning to break down any resistance, and fill her mind with new ideas of how she should be.

It only took 15 minutes or so for Dr Kelly to see the changes start to happen, with her naturally small breasts beginning to swell quite quickly. Not that that was the only change, he could see her rear start to fill out and her hips begin to swell as well. At the same time her waist was shrinking from her previously ‘matronly’ 28 inches to a more shapely 24 inch waist, and her tummy tightening up to match. It was easy to guess what was ‘developing’ under the face mask, but he would have to wait to see the results of that. By the end of the hour the only thing that resembled the ‘old’ (in more senses than one!) Stephanie was her incredibly long and shapely legs, the rest was barely recognisable, the ‘new young’ Stephanie had two large DD-E cup breasts sat proudly on her chest, with nipples standing out proudly, and an hourglass figure to die for...and those legs of course which had barely been changed, the solution had decided there was no need to do so. And skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom! Every hair on her body not covered by the mask had been removed, and though she didnt know it, would never grow again.

“Now to see what facial changes have happened.” he thought to himself as he removed the headphones and began to remove the facemask, “Just hope I used the right shampoo on her, I know we can quickly ‘grow’ a new head of hair if we need to, but those natural blonde tresses were worth keeping, even if style and texture needed improving dramatically.”

He had. And the rest of the results were good as well. The face of a stunningly pretty 20 year old greeted him, big blue eyes, cute little button nose and a full lipped mouth so perfect for kissing and...well, other things! Lightly curled blonde hair that stretched down to her shoulders, or just beyond completed the image, the looks of an angel, the mind...certainly more controlled than before, but not yet perfect, but that would soon be put right. Then it would be the mind of an unrestrained sex kitten.

He gently roused her from her ‘slumbers’, “Stephanie, Stephanie, I think you got a little too relaxed there. Take a look at yourself and tell me what you think?”

She stood up and the jel slid off her body. She couldnt even see her feet for the 2 large breasts that sat proudly on her chest, of the size she had specifically said she didnt want to have, but she seemed to show no concern. She gave them a big squeeze, and moaned in delight as sensations of pleasure raced through her body. Dr Kelly led her to a full length mirror and she eagerly admired her new well rounded rear, and her new, stunning hourglass figure. And then she realised the stunning face looking back at her wasnt another woman...but her own, and she squealed with delight, possibly combined with shock. She shook her curly blonde tresses just to convince herself it was really her, but the evidence confirmed it. The fact that when she had got in the tub her hair had been dull and straight never seemed to occur to her.

“I look fantastic! Is it really me?” she beamed in delight, happily planting a large kiss on Dr Kelly’s lips, “I know you said it was a Miracle Makeover, but this is just well...unbelievable. But I thought you said it would take all day, I’ve only been here an hour, or just over and I look this good already!”

Dr Kelly laughed, “Stephanie, we’ve only started the changes in you. Yes, you look fantastic, but inside is still the same shy you, lacking in confidence and not quite sure what to do with your stunning new body, and we still need to change that to make you feel good about yourself as well. And of course ‘teach you’ how to put that new body through its paces.”

Stephanie giggled, “You mean sex education lessons for middle age ‘old maids’? That should be fun, not that I look much like an old maid anymore! And yes, I cant deny it will be wonderful to feel sexy again, mind this body helps with that!” and she squeezed her nice large globes once again releasing a purr of delight along with her words.

He smiled, " Yes, you look 20 again, but now we have to make you feel that age as well, by the time we’ve finished with you, you will need to change the age on your passport!” which caused her to giggle loudly, “What I have in mind is for you next to try the ‘Mental Makeover’ process, this will make you feel and think like a 20 year old would, and also I’ll design it to give you the sexual confidence to use your body as your new look deserves to be used.”

Luckily her mind was already malleable and controlled enough not to query just what this Mental Makeover involved, nor to allow her to think about the consequences of having her mind tinkered with in this way. If she had she might have realised that if they could make this much change to her body, then they could make just as many changes to her mind! All her thought processes were up to, was thinking what a nice idea it sounded to have a new mind to match her new body, and she readily agreed, though if she’d had the wisdom to ask herself why she needed a new mind she might have thought otherwise.

She needed hardly any persuading to sit in that ‘nice chair’ and let her ‘Mental makeover’ commence, though Jim Kelly did go through the ‘show’ of explaining to her that the electrodes would simply reactivate parts of her brain that had gone to ‘sleep’ through lack of activity over recent years, but failing to mention that it was going to put to sleep, or indeed erase, other unneeded parts of her memory for the new life that she would soon be readied for and the fact this would bring about somewhat of a drop in her IQ! He connected her up carefully to the device and placed the electrode cap over her head, Stephanie giggling as he did so, even more so when he took a grope of her new, big boobies, causing her to gush juices down her thighs with all the arousal.

He switched the unit on and allowed the electrode cap to activate, all Stephanie felt at this stage was a gentle throbbing in her skull. Eventually all data in, it registered her current IQ at 146, “quite impressive for a blonde,” he thought to himself, “mind I’ll soon correct that to a more suitable level for her new life” and input the data for the unit to lower it to a ‘much more comfortable’ level of 80, far more suitable for the blonde airhead she was about to become!

“Switching on my dear.” he said to her, and Stephanie felt the throbbing in her head growing more intense by the minute, but it didnt disturb her as the feeling was rather nice, or so she thought. Her mind wasnt so much madeover as recreated to suit her new bimbo image. She felt her thoughts being gently washed away, not realising they were literally being washed away forever. And her sex drive being raised almost in inverse proportion to the rate at which her IQ was being lowered. After 10 minutes or so of this treatment he slipped a powerful vibrator into her already soaking pussy, and another he forced into her rear. The two vibrating nipple clips he attached were simply a nice touch to take what was left of her mind away from ‘other matters’. It wasnt too long before the first of a stream of orgasms raced through her body, increasing her sex drive while the machine continued to diminish her mental capacities. After an hour or so the computer chimed that the work was completed so he removed the ‘toys’ and began to switch everything off. He smiled when he saw her new IQ level was far ore suitable for ‘Steffy’, the new IQ of 80 was just perfect for this little airhead. Mind her looks and body would ensure men didnt care how much of an airhead she was, but they would sure enjoy her new sex drive and knowledge of all things sexual.

He removed the electrode cap, raised the helmet and asked,“Well Steffy, how does that look and feel? Have we done what you wanted?”

Steffy giggled in a girlish fashion, looking at herself in the mirror he held in front of her, the archetypal image of a buxom blonde bimbo that she should have hated, or well the old Stephanie would have hated at least,

“Yup, thats wond—... err awes—..., err great, just how I wanted to look. I love my big new boobies and my pussy is just so waiting to be filled with a big cock...or two!” and she winked at him, “And I look a proper babe, all the men are going to love me.” and she french kissed the back of his throat in her eagerness to thank him. He could feel a bulge forming in his trousers, and it didnt take Steffy long to notice it either.

“Ooh big boy, is that for me? Oh yummy!” and she hastily began to remove his trousers and pants, his cock springing to attention as she did so, and very soon her full round lips had popped it into her mouth making a loud sucking sound as she did so. For a woman who had never given oral in her life, and indeed who hadnt had any type of ‘real sex’ for several years, she was good, Jim finding his pressure levels quickly building up as she expertly sucked him off. Luckily he was used to this happening and could restrain himself for a few minutes of this treatment, but how long for...?

“Steffy?” he said.

“Mmfff?” she replied as she continued the blow job.

“I think its time for your hungry pussy to get well and truly filled, so stop sucking please.”

She looked almost disappointed for a moment before her few remaining braincells realised that she was going to get fucked by this gorgeous guy and a smile crossed her face again, she was so wet she was more than ready for this moment. She lay on her back across the desk, her boobies bouncing in the air as he entered her sopping hole with force, moaning with pleasure as he did so.

“Oh goody, Steffy’s going to get a good fucking.” she squealed with delight as he began to pump inside her.

And she did. Eventually Dr Kelly could hold back no longer, and shot a long stream of his hot cum into her needy body. Just as he exploded she came in the strongest, most powerful orgasm she had ever known, wiping away any last resistance to the process there might have been. When she recovered she eagerly cleaned him up with her tongue, enjoying the taste of their combined juices.

“Mmm, that was so nice.” she said beaming, “Can Steffy have more of your nice cum sometime soon? Please?”

He laughed, “Dont worry Steffy, the new job we have in mind for you will ensure you have plenty of nice hot cum being pumped inside you.”

“Oh goody.” she grinned.

He rang Cristi, “Tell ‘our client’ we’ve found a new young girl to come and work at his parlour, and find her some suitable clothes to go there for her interview please. I’m sure both he and Steffy will enjoy that!", then added as an afterthought, “And if you want to arrange a girls night out for your new friend feel free to do so.”

Cristi squealed with delight at the news and did as requested.

The boss of the ‘Amour Massage Parlour’ was more than delighted with the new girl sent to him by the ‘employment agency’ he used, OK, their fees were high, but the girls were all buxom and well...very experienced in the line of work. And this new girl Steffy was no exception. The blowjob she had given him was superb, and her pussy was as slick as he could have hoped for, she was going to be very popular with the men he thought... and within a short period of time, she was!

And she was pretty popular with the girls too, Dr Kelly ensured all his clients were bisexual after their treatment sessions and Steffy was no exception to this. That night Cristi arranged a girls night out, and Steffy was there, dressed in her sexy leather mini skirt, a clingy top that left nothing to the imagination with her now enormous boobs and calf boots that had every man in the club drooling at the thought of fucking her that night. But they would have to come and see her at ‘work’ if they wanted that privilege. Tonight their target was...each other!

They all went back to Cristi’s luxury apartment, ‘loosened their clothing’ and got down to business. Soon all you could see around the apartment was a sapphic orgy as mouths attacked pussies, breasts and any other sensitive flesh they could find to attack. It wasnt too long before the musky smell of arousal was overwhelming, or indeed much longer before ‘girly juices’ were being spread over the rooms. Steffy and Cristi ended up in a 69 position on Crisit’s bed, and it wasnt long before the sheets were soaked in their juices as well as their faces. They exchanged a sticky kiss, tasting themselves as they did so, before Cristi planted a soft kiss on Steffy’s nose and said,

“I’m so glad you came in for a makeover today.”

Steffy smiled back, gave a girlish grin and replied, “So am I. I havent felt this good in years. Wish I’d done this years ago.”

Another satisfied customer for Miracle Makeovers, though how satisfied Stephanie would have been,...I’ll leave you to decide on that one!