The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Mistress Alice’s Hypnotic Feet

It was a late Thursday afternoon, the sun was low in the sky, the wind blowing gently. Jack was marking some papers while waiting for one of his pupils. Jack was an average 24-year-old, tall, black hair, and some trimmed stubble. Green eyes and tanned skin, on his fairly athletic body, an avid gym-goer. He wasn’t too adventurous nor was he big on dating so he usually dove himself in his work. There were a few reasons for this, one being attracted to the wrong kind of women. Strong, dominating, and kinky women, more mistresses than girlfriends but he couldn’t seem to leave their side. An eager puppy to them, trying his best to show affection while they push his limits and toy with his mind. The other reason is that he can be a bit clingy, any normal girl he manages to find doesn’t stay for long. But that was ok he told himself, being busy kept his mind off of it.

He had a few of the students come to him today, all seemed a little distressed, telling him that there was another student, apparently making them do things. They couldn’t remember the encounter but they knew something happened. Having no conclusive evidence he decided to get the student’s name. He was very shocked to hear that they all said Alice was the last person they saw. He said he’d talk to her, but couldn’t promise anything with such little evidence and detail. As he walked back to his office he kept running it through his head, why would Alice do that? He sat in his office for a bit, thinking of how to bring it up to one of his better students.

Alice was 5ft3, had brown hair around her shoulders, usually off to the left. Bright blue eyes with a gold streak in the left one, usually covered by sunglasses. Slightly tanned white skin, with few blemishes, C cup breasts usually covered by tight shirts and skirts. She had a slight bubble butt, thicker thighs, and small, delicate, and to some very cute, feet. She was a very accomplished student, typically trying her hardest and reaping the rewards for it. It didn’t fit for her to be taking boys and making them do the work or give her other things. Nevertheless, he was going to ask and hear her side of the story, hoping that’s all it was.

Alice was sitting in the library, sitting around with no one around for the time. She was wearing a black and white shirt and a short black skirt. With white socks and some black shoes, always enjoying the black and white style. From the top of her book comes some movement, looking up she sees one of her teachers. “Hey Mr. Jack, anything I can do for you? Or are you just here to get some books?” Jack had a bit of a concerned face as he sat in front of her, still unsure of what to say. “Well, Alice, I need to talk to you about something, something...strange.” Jack said, awkwardly and trying to avoid eye contact, feeling stupid for the whole situation.

“Well, what is it? Something you need my help with?”

“No, Alice, this is about you, a few students have been saying you have done things to them.”

“Well that’s stupid, maybe they just want to make rumors about me cause they’re jealous?”

“They also say you had them give you money and do your homework. I’m sorry but I think they’re telling the truth this time.”

He sits back and tries to look stern as Alice places her book down. She didn’t look happy, frustrated, and quite possibly vengeful. She merely gets up and starts to head away. He couldn’t keep her there, without any evidence but their word. So he lets her walk off and calm down while he figures out what to do next. Alice had other ideas, she’d relax but not in the way he thought.

Alice was sitting in the library, the other kids that had come to accuse her were there too. They were kneeling before her, fighting and pushing each other so they could lick at her feet. She was there thinking what to do about this teacher, he was peeking into things that weren’t his business. Looking down she laughs at her stupidity, it was so simple. Grinning she leans back and commands the slaves to cum. With a chorus of moans and spurts, she laughs and reminisces on her plan.

It was the next day, Jack had been kept up thinking about what to do. He saw one of the other students that were in the group. He decided to see if they remembered anything else, approaching them quickly. He is both confused and disappointed as the student answers.”Sorry, sir, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Something was up, Jack knew it and he was going to confront Alice again, he had to get to the bottom of this. He knew where she’d be, her little corner in the library, so he headed there first. Sure enough, he sees her, on her phone, probably playing a game before class. He’d been here many times before, he’d even sat there for a couple of hours when they talked once, but it seemed different. As he got closer, he knew something was off, but he couldn’t pin it. Alice looked up, cheery as usual, smiling at him. “Why hello Mr. Jack, I’m sorry about yesterday, I think I overreacted a bit.” She said blushing and looking down, looking at her feet. Jack seems to follow her gaze for a second, shaking his head and snapping back to reality.

He sat down with her, a little embarrassed as he came to fight and confront the girl who was yelling at him earlier. Now she’s this apologetic angel. He was quite unprepared on how to deal with this now.

“Well, Alice, I uhh came here to talk about something. I know your sorry bu—”

He was cut off by Alice nodding and frowning a little. “I know what happened, I’m sorry, but I didn’t mean for it to happen…” Jack was curious now, intrigued as he went silent and awaited her to continue. “Honestly I just put my feet up like this.” She said as she puts her feet on the desk, long white socks under her shiny black school shoes. So small and adorable. He looked at them for a bit, then back to her, but kept glancing back down. “When I did that he just sorta cam Rover and we’ll touch them, almost massaging them.” She added, barely audible, more of a whisper from the wind, only reaching his ears.

Despite all that he had been thinking, he blushed a little and started to touch and massage her feet. It was blissful, barely thinking about anything but touching her feet. As he did he looked up for a second “Like this?” He asked, Alice just nodded at him. “yeah just like that, then he took off my shoes and kissed and sucked my toes too.” Almost mindlessly, he looks down and takes off the shoes, leaning over and kissing each one and sucking on them a bit. A small voice in his head, being drowned out fast, kept screaming go stop and realize what he’s doing but it was too late. “Now those boys also said they wouldn’t tell a soul about this. Are you gonna tell anyone, Mr. Jack?” She asked, taking her perfect feet away. He’d been lost, he’d do anything for her feet, just like the others.

“No, no mistress! I won’t tell anyone!”

“Good boy, then enjoy your reward.” The last thing is mind hears before losing it to her power, dropping under until it needs to come back for appearances. Now He Was just sucking on the socked toes of this student. If anyone caught him his job was gone, but he didn’t care. As long as he had those delicious and perfect feet. His mind numb and slowing as drool drips out. Alice smirked and snapped her fingers. “Anytime you hear that sound you’ll drop back into mindless obedience to me. Now take off my socks and lick my soles, make sure they’re spotless and shining when you’re done.” He nods mindlessly, rolling her socks off and putting them aside after taking a quick sniff of her delicious aroma. Before picking up her feet and giving some long licks from the heels to her toes. “Don’t forget to get in between the toes for mistress.” He just nods and drones out his reply “Yes mistress..”

A few weeks have passed, the whole rumor thing had been quashed as just playful messing around. Now Jack was heading into a special side room, already is one of the students and his mistress, Alice. “Good boys, time to lick my feet. Whoever does a better job will get to take my socks home for the night haha.” And so they both took her feet and licked, sucked, and cleaned, obedient to the power of their mistress