The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

This story is pure fantasy,I just want everyone to realise this. Thanks to Sara for her help and encouragement.

An interesting visit to Mistress R.

I have been visiting Mistress R now for a year or so, when I first wrote to Her, She asked for my fantasies, as a great technofreak I wrote saying that my fantasy was to be a robot slave, fine, as the visits went on we took the scene from large amounts of walking as a robot and charging with nipple clamps(electrodes! ) along to a point where my visits included being a robot housemaid. The robots clothing has varied from good old fashioned nudity, various silver foil outfits and rubber clothing to bubble wrap with metallic attachments.

At the time of my last visit, much measuring was done, I was told that this was because I would have a very special outfit for my next visit, but hey I wasn’t expecting this outcome! I was told that one of Her other clients, with the same fetish would be there at my next visit, we were the only 2 “robots” She had, and thought we should meet. She had some workmen in doing some work around Her flat, but I never saw the electricians! !

6 weeks or so later, an appointment was arranged and I travelled to Mistress R’s flat by train as per normal. When I arrived I was introduced to Sara who was Her other robot fetishist, this was something of a surprise as She had told me in the past that She almost totally dealt with male submissives, but OK, R is in charge, whatever She desires or fancies. Sara was a pretty girl, a redhead, much younger than me, and with a nice and shapely figure. R explained to us that as Her only 2 robot fetishists She had arranged a special treat for us, to enable us to take our fantasy further.

“This is why I have had the workmen in” she laughed and smiled at us. “Shall we go to the dungeon then, you may notice a few differences”. We entered the dungeon and the few differences were VERY noticeable, gone were the stocks, cross, cage etc and in the centre of the room were 2 large tables with what looked like a helmet on the top and various shackles down the tables. There was a large electrical generator and massive banks of computers in the room.

“All of my other equipment has been moved to my new building, you 2 will be the last customers that I see here before moving, that is why this visit is very special and free of charge, you must have suspected something”.

I must admit I was surprised when I was told my next visit was free, this was not Her normal style, you see.

“The 2 of you have always wished to be robots, and now with my friends in Eastern Europe, I now have the opportunity to do so. This will all take some time to complete, this is why I asked you to visit on a Friday afternoon, after all no one expects to see you before Monday, and by then your transformations will be complete”.

Sara and I looked at each other, after all as far as we knew this was technologically impossible, but as we had both known Her for some time, we knew She was not prone to exaggeration.

“You do have a choice in this matter, but as you have both written to Me telling Me that you wished to be robots, I will be EXTREMELY disappointed in you if you do not now go through with this. It has taken a long time to put all this equipment and necessary programming together and transport it from Eastern Europe, getting it through Customs was a nightmare, but we have acheived it”.

She could see Sara and I thinking about this huge decision and She said, “you have 15 minutes to decide, but if you say no I will never permit you to visit me again”.

Sara and I talked, we knew She meant it about no more visits, so we decided Mistress R was right, we did want to be robots and therefore we should go through with it, at least we would have a worthy owner and presumably each other.

When She returned after 15 minutes She asked us our decisions and we both said “yes, we wish to be robots, Mistress R”.

“Excellent decision, both of you strip naked and I will return shortly”.

We did as we were told and after a few minutes Mistress returned along with 4 men in white suits, talking in a foreign language.

“Will you each lay down on a table and we will begin the preparations”. We each moved to a table and 2 of the men came to each of us, and began to strap us down. “First of all we have to prepare your bodies for your new robotic life, all your internal organs must be turned into metal so that they will never wear out, then we will begin to process the rest of your bodies into the robots you desire to be”. We were given injections which filled us with a solution that would slowly work its way through our bodies turning all our internal organs to metal, once it had worked out how they worked. “This will take many hours to complete” we were told by one of the men, “You may as well relax, there is now no turning back from transforming you totally into robot slaves of your Mistress”.

We looked at each other, lay back on the tables and closed our eyes, at least the tables were padded and comfortable. It was the most strange feeling, as I felt the solution passing through my body and losing the feeling from those parts of my body as the organs were turned into pure metal. I suppose the weirdest moment was when my heart was transformed, one moment I felt my heart beating in my body, the next a whirring as it turned into an electrical pulse generator.

After many hours they all returned and checked on us, “excellent the process is almost complete, we must now link them to the computers so that their progress is continually checked”. Wires and electrodes were attached to all parts of our body, and 2 electrodes to our foreheads, presumably to check on brain function, to make sure we would survive the process and also to check that whatever programming was planned would be taken in by our new “minds”.

Half an hour later or so, they entered again, presumably the computers had told them that internally no human parts were still intact, that we were all metal inside. 2 large metal sections now came down from near the roof, the dungeon was so dark that we didn’t see them until they were lowered, they were tightly sealed over our human bodies using a vacuum device, then arms on the electrical generator were attached to us and a large charge of several thousand volts placed through them, this evaporated our human flesh, but because we were only metal internally we survived with nothing more than a tingling sensation. “Your bodies from the neck down are totally metal, all we need to do now is to replace your heads and take control of your minds”, we were told by one of the men, “this we will do tomorrow”.

When we woke in the morning, we looked at the other as much as was possible, this was the only way of knowing how we looked, we couldn’t lift our heads high enough to look at ourselves. When I looked at Sara, I saw her human head on a body of pure shining metal, gold in colour, her red hair guaranteed I knew it was her, with her cleavage firm and solid and much smaller than previously when it had been soft and full, before the transformation had begun. She informed me that my body was the same, a solid slimmer chest and that my penis had disappeared from her view. Funnily enough, though our genitals had disappeared and her bosom had been reduced to 2 small metal curves we both felt very horny and excited, after all for many years we had both wanted to be robots, and now we were fulfilling our dream.

After a short while we heard movement and the men entered the room accompanied by our Mistress, who I guess very shortly would be the Owner of 2 robots.

“First of all we need to clear their memories of all human thoughts, then reprogram their minds so that when their brain is turned into a memory bank, they will not remember their past and they will only know to serve their Owner according to what She desires”.

They placed the helmets over our heads, wired them up to the computer and switched them on, it was like white noise in my head, very loud and very piercing, shortly after this I became unconcious as all my human memories were wiped away by the computers, our minds literally became blank pages. After this, they must have set in motion the programmes which would be our only future memories because when I came round, the only thoughts in my head was of the best ways to serve my Owner, and to obey her every command.

“Preliminary programming complete, Mistress what are Your orders for your slaves? " we said in unison. “You are to remain where you are until I tell you otherwise, you are not to move from your tables until I tell you”She replied.

“Now for the most important and the most difficult part” the leader of the men said to Her, “We must turn the insides of their heads to metal so that we can complete the process”.

He connected 2 devices that looked like headphones to the generator, and brought them over towards us, we could see that their were actually no earpieces to these headphones, they literally suctioned to the sides of our heads, what would they do to us? He showed us by telling one of his assistants to switch them on, and an electrical discharge came out where the earpieces would have been, obviously this was to be directed straight into our heads. “This will literally fry the inside of your head, and meanwhile the solution that will enter your head through this tube in your mouth will immediately turn the vacant area into a massive bank of microchips in your head”. He placed the “earphones” on our heads, placed the tubes in our mouths and fed it down our throats until he was satisfied, we then saw the solution bubble up into position, ready to enter into us at the right moment. He switched the “earphones” on, I felt a huge force in my head and saw the liquid shooting down my throat. Suddenly I felt a pulsing in my head, it was the chips fitting into place and all my memory banks being switched on.

“Now all we need do is fit the heads to their bodies and everything will be complete, we will then be able to download all the rest of the data into their bodies, including the high grade sexual domination programmes which You have desired for them”.

The heads were lowered in the same way our bodies were and suctioned with vacuum forces to our heads, arms from the generator attached to them, and our last remaining human parts were evaporated away by several thousand volts of power. “They are now robots, Your Ladyship, they are no longer human in any way”.

“Thank you” She said, “shall we now complete the download of all the rest of their programming? “.

“As you wish, what IQ level do You wish their programming to be set to? ”

“I think 160 will be fine, they may have to help Me in the future and I need them to have a sufficient level of artificial intelligence to do so. Will you also fit their sexual domination levels to a high setting, I will find this very useful with some of my clients, and also it will keep them toned when I permit them to have sex together, to prepare for clients and for my amusement”.

“What do You want your robots to know themselves as, this is only so You may specifically give one of them orders if You wish”

“Robot Steve 1 and Robot Sara 1 will be sufficient”

“We will now complete our programming of them, You may leave all that to us”.

Our Owner left the room, they placed the helmets over our heads and for the next 2 hours or so, tons of data was downloaded into our robot memory banks, informing us of everything we would need to know to serve our new Owner. While all this was going on, we were fitted with our sexual domination units, mine was a large 18 inch retractable metal penis which was welded into position and the circuitry connected into my body. Sara’s adjustment was more complicated, she had a pussy sealed into her body which apparently had an adjustable depth and a fluid bank for lubrication purposes, so that it would take a pathetic human penis or my 18 inch whopper, this was also connected into her bodies circuitry. At the end of the download, our Owner entered the room, and asked them to check our sexual units were working properly, after all they would be important in Her work, and She wanted no problems with them.

For the first time in over 2 days, our now metal bodies were released from the tables, and they handed over our controls to our Mistress and Owner. She raised us from the tables and I walked towards Sara 1. She pressed a button, my penis raised from its resting position and the fluid bank in Sara 1’s pussy lubricated her in preparation. I entered Sara 1 and felt an electrical tingling through my penis, as I was to discover this was to enable her to dominate any man that entered her, and for 30 minutes after release, but of course had no other effect on me. I was also to discover that when my penis entered a woman, my electrical discharge would overwhelm her will whilst I remained within her, and for 30 minutes after release. Of course as our Mistress had total control of both of us, She would literally have total control of them without them realising it. After about 10 minutes I felt a large electrical surge through my circuits, my programming told me that this was the robot equivalent of a climax. We were then released from each other, our Owner checked the data from the computer and told the men She was very satisfied with their work. She paid them off and they left after dismantling the generator for eventual transfer back to Eastern Europe. She would need the computer bank in order to check that her robots were operating normally. They were packaged up for transfer to Her new mansion and dungeon, and we were also switched off and packed up for transfer there.

When we arrived at Mistresses new mansion, She unpacked us and switched us on when we were up to full power, we were set to the task of setting up the computers that would ensure we fulfilled all our Owners desires and also to check that we were in good working order. When this was done and all her equipment was set up in Her new dungeon, She decided to check our sexual programming was still working after transportation. She pressed a button and my penis rose into view and began to rise into erection, I saw Sara’s pussy dampen and instinctively I knew what was to come. I entered Sara and for the next hour we received electrical impulses from each other’s circuits, eventually we felt a larger surge from each others metal bodies, our Mistress had permitted us to reach climax.

We were released and awaited our next commands.

“Sara 1 you are to go to the kitchen and prepare my meal, Steve 1 you are to go back to unpacking my possessions”.

“Yes Mistress” we replied, with that blank robotic expression on our faces and set off to do our duties.

A few days later, Mistresses new home was ready to receive clients and Mistress decided She was going to have some fun with Her first client, someone who was a regular client of Her’s. I was programed to act as the “butler” and answer the door to him, and Sara was to be readied for Her fun. When the doorbell rang, I answered the door to him and he didn’t seem to cotton on to the fact that the “man” who answered the door to him had a golden face and moved very slowly and slightly jerkily. I escorted him to Mistresses dungeon and for the next hour or so I heard noises of pain/enjoyment coming from that room. What of course he didn’t know was that Sara was in the room in standby mode in preparation for Mistresses “fun”. At the end of the hour session Mistress R commanded him to cross the room with Her and show his obedience to Her. He was taken across to where Sara lay, and Mistress told him,

“you will enter this girl I have covered in gold, this is a treat for you in consideration of the many times I have entered you, but you must enter her gently and slowly, she is to be treated as the wonderful woman she is”.

As he prepared to enter Sara, Mistress switched her into life and switched on the sexual domination programming inside her, as he pumped firmly inside her, his eyes began to glaze over as Sara’s programming totally overwhelmed his mind and he came under her “control”. After 10 minutes or so, he came within her, and at this signal a small electrical charge passed from her body into his, and she had total control of him, he was literally her puppet, but obviously ultimately Mistress R could make him do anything She desired.

“Sara, what do you wish to do with this pathetic man? “Mistress asked her, “he is yours for half an hour, do as your programming allows”.

Sara placed his mouth over her pussy and forced him to place his tongue against her damp metallic surface and try to lick her out, what it must have felt like for his tongue I do not know, but of course Sara would not come, Mistress did not permit it, therefore he licked her for 20 minutes with no effect whatsoever, and Mistress punished him for his pathetic efforts.

“This is not good enough, you must pleasure my friend and your punishment for failure is severe, I will enter you with the hardest dildo I can find, but you must not enjoy it, understand? ”

“Yes, my wonderful Mistress” he replied, “I deserve whatever punishment You desire”.

She made me enter the room, and raised my penis to it’s full length and made me enter his rear without switching on my domination programming, I felt him shudder as i entered, Mistress made me go in a long way and his rear must have suffered as I pumped within him, and after a few minutes of this he came with great force shooting his seed everywhere. Mistress removed me from his rear and made him clear up his release with his tongue, by the this time Sara’s control of him was fading and Mistress sent us from the room, before he realised what had happened to him. He worshipped Mistresses boots, paid Her and left, never quite knowing what had happened to him.

She came to the room we were in with a wicked smile on Her face, “W/we all have what we desire, you 2 are the perfect robots you longed to be and I have a wonderful new way to control my pathetic slaves as I wish”.

“Yes Mistress R” we replied, She was right, Sara and I were the robots we had long fantasised of being, and had each other and Mistress had a wonderful new way of controlling the pathetic humans that wished to visit her. One thing was for certain, we would all have great fun in our new lives.

Mistress didn’t always use us for Her clients, we tended to be used for Her more regular clients and for clients who had annoyed Her as punishment for them and pleasure for Her. As most of Her clients were men Sara was used for this purpose more often than me, but obviously her sissy clients could be entered and controlled using me, I was also used greatly on Her few female clients, Mistress would retract my penis to a more modest 10 inches, comfortable for Her clients and let me take control of them with my powerful submission programming and then either let me “play” with them, or make them become Sara’s lesbian lover. Mistress sometimes loaned me out to Her friends who had more female clients, so that Mistress at least got some financial benefit for all the work that had gone into my transformation.

One day, when I presume Mistress either had a mischevious moment or a brainstorm, which, I will never know, She switched me on, switched on my domination programming and made me enter Her, She put a time limit into the computer so that I would automatically remove from Her after 35 minutes, so that She would not be permanently penetrated or controlled by me. She also sent data to my circuits as to what I should do with Her whilst under my “control”.

When I entered Her with my 10 inch penis and started pumping into Her, I registered Her eyes glazing over as my programming overwhelmed Her mind and after 20 minutes or so, I came with great force pumping the electrical data into Her body that would make Her mine. I checked Her status, and found Her 100% under my control. At this point my domination program was switched off by the computer, but I was not removed from within Her body. The computer extended my penis to its full 18 inches, and as it grew inside Her I felt her body shudder as the full length began gently to pump inside Her, but She must have been enjoying it, the squeals and sighs of passion as its full length rode within Her were tremendous, after 15 minutes or so She came with a tremendous force and a very loud “Yessss”, shortly after this I was removed from Her by a download from the computer to my circuits, and Mistress R lay there breathing heavily, smiling with the blank look still in Her eyes. Sara came across and cleaned her very very damp pussy and my penis with a towel, shortly after this was done Mistress began to come round and a smile swept across Her face as She again took control of Her thoughts for herself, and the computer program was cleared away from Her thoughts.

“Wow” She said, “I have never found a man who can do anything like that, the only problem for Me now is whether “human” sex will ever be enough for Me ever again. What a problem! ”

For the next few years life carried on in the same way, with Sara and I looking after all Her needs, other than shopping for Her which may have been interesting but not very practical. After several more years an obvious problem arose which I am sure Mistress R never considered at the time of our transformation into robots. She was beginning to grow old very gracefully, but could no longer cope with so many clients, but Her 2 robots were still in the same condition as on that memorable day when we were turned from humans into robots. By this time technology had moved forward greatly and Mistress again contacted her scientific experts in Eastern Europe to aid Her. 2 of them arrived at Her mansion after a period of 6 weeks, presumably the time taken to transport all the necessary equipment to Her house. Sometime after their arrival we were called to meet them and were informed what would take place, Mistress R was to receive a modern roboflesh body so that She would be able to live and work for as many years as She desired whilst still looking human to Her clients, She would also be implanted with a new electrical brain unit which would keep Her alert mentally for the same period, but that we would have to help prepare Her for this. She was strapped to the table in the same way we had been many years before, and She was given the same injection that would prepare Her body for Her new robotic self to exist. After the necessary period for Her organs to be transferred to metal, Her new roboflesh body was brought in and suctioned on to her human body, the modern electro pulse generator was placed over her body and charged up to maximum voltage, there was a large surge in electricity and Her human body was no more. Obviously we were protected from the high electrical charge in case it damaged our systems but we saw Her transformation from a protected booth.

The main difference between us and Her now followed, in the intervening years brain implants had came into use and therefore the system to replace Her human brain was much easier than when ours were done. A small incision was made in the top of Her head and a small unit inserted into her skull, what happened then was that this device attached itself to the top of Her brain, and then entered Her brain, what happened next was that this device slowly worked its way through Her brain, reading all Her thoughts and all the information stored in Her brain and then turning that section into an electrical circuit with all Her thoughts complete, after many many hours this was completed and the scientists showed us that Mistresses head was still human. Her head was then replaced with a roboflesh head in the same way as Her body had been. Her mind was now pure machine. They pumped additional data into Her mind, her equivalent IQ was raised to 250, an absolute genius by human levels, but Her mind would only receive “assistance” from the computer, not totally controlled by it. After this was completed both Sara and I were strapped down in turn and we were given data downloads which raised our equivalent IQs to 225, this was Her gift to us, we would now be brighter than any human being, including any that had had brain implants known to the Western world.

A few years later when technology permitted it, Mistress changed Sara and my bodies to the new even better roboflesh now available, it was placed over our old metal bodies, suctioned on by vacuum and it then took over from our metal bodies by literally absorbing the metal into the roboflesh and after 2 hours we were now completely roboflesh, and no human could possibly realise that we were any different to them.

300 years later, the 3 of us are still together, Mistress R still dominates the many “humanoids” who so desire it, true humans having died out nearly 200 years ago, everyone now has some implants within them, but some of them clearly have submissive desires still. She is still single, as She said all those years ago, She was never able to find anyone as satisfying to Her as my 18 inches had been, I still service her on any occasion She desires, that is my main duty to Her now.

Sara and I now live as a happily married couple, our domination programming became unnecessary when Mistress R could literally dominate them by linking their implants to Her modern super computer. It is now possible for Sara and I to produce child robots of our own, but we have resisted this, we are happier together without this concept, though whether Sara would like to hear the patter of tiny roboflesh feet I don’t know, maybe sometime soon we will take this step.

At this point Sara 1 and Steve 1 would like to sign off this story, I can see Sara’s pussy getting damp, perhaps the child robots will arrive sooner than I think!