The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Model Maker Part 2


Lea was interested in journalism and was disappointed when the only internship she could receive was with a fashion magazine associated with one of the large fashion houses. She went into the job with a low opinion of models and left it with a new outlook on life.

The two models and Lea headed into town on the “girls night club tour.” Sitting in the back of the cab, Lea could not help but feel exposed when she sat down. Her dress rode up over her thighs and the angle of the seat made it easy for anyone looking in to see right up to her bare thighs. Ariel and Fran read her mind, “don’t worry dear, we are models and after all, a quick glance adds to the allure.”

There was a line of hopefuls waiting to get into the first club. “Oh my god, look at the line,” Lea commented to her companions, “we will never get in.”

Both women laughed at the same time. Fran chuckled, “lines are for losers.” With that, they walked to the front of the line and almost as if they were expected, the three were let directly into the club. Lea whispered “wow.” Ariel touched her arm and whispered, “it is the little perks that make all the time in front of the camera worth it.”

As Lea walked into the club, her senses were assaulted: the music was loud with a deep base, so deep it almost caused her body to vibrate; her eyes strained to adjust to the strobe lights, while her sense of smell picked up the distinct odor of pot. It was clear someone was having a good time. The women walked over to a table with a reserved sign on it and were immediately met by a waitress wearing a skintight and sheer bodysuit. After ordering drinks, Lea commented, “the waitresses outfit leaves little to the imagination.” Fran laughed, “if you model, nothing surprises you, besides she loves all of the attention and the eyes on her.” Ariel laughed, “I’ll bet she is turned on right now, I saw her eyes on Lea.” All Lea could do was blush.

After about 30 min, Lea searched her purse. “What do you need?” Ariel looked at her with a questioning smile.

“The music must have been too loud and I feel a headache coming on, I was looking for some aspirin.” Lea then added, “it must be in my other purse.”

Ariel reached down into her purse and handed Lea two pills. “Here, I have some, take these, they will help.” Fran looked over and smiled, “they sure will.” Lea took the pills quickly swallowing them with the last of her drink.

What Lea did not know is the pills were “E,” or ecstasy. Fran noticed the pills and smiled at Ariel. She looked to Lea commenting, “Ariel is a walking pharmacy. Your headache will be gone in about 20 minutes.” Lea did not understand the meaning, but just nodded.

As the music and swirl of activity around them continued, both women kept their eyes on Lea. Within 20 minutes, they noticed a change. Her body seemed to move to the music in a very sensuous way. Her eyes took on a different look and she wanted to dance. On the dance floor, she was the one pressing into Ariel and Fran and could not seem to get close enough. Her senses were heightened and she seemed more alive. As the crowd pressed closer, Fran ran her hands under the club dress and found the young intern extremely wet. She whispered in her ears, “I feel you are ready for some fun tonight.” Lea shouted, “let’s party.”

The rest of the night was a blur and Lea seemed to have a new persona. The E did its magic and she felt sexy and sensual. Every touch on her body caused a shiver of excitement. When she danced, Lea moved her body with abandonment. Ariel and Fran just smiled, “she is feeling it now.” Amid the crowded dance floor, both women let their hands run over the young intern, who by now seemed helpless to resist in any way. Lea felt her nipples harden and her pussy grow wetter. She felt someone stroke under her dress and as she turned her head to see who it was, Fran kissed her full on the lips, holding the kiss while her body was penetrated by talented fingers. The kiss did not break off until her clit was circled and she moaned as an orgasm swept over her.....Lea came on the middle of the dance floor as Ariel and Fran teased her body.

After that dance it was on to another club where more dancing, drinks and E were shared. Lea was getting the total club experience. When some male friends of Ariel and Fran joined them, it was not long before Lea was again on the dance floor grinding her pelvis into the groin of Fran’s friend. As Fran danced closer, her hands slowly pulled up the hem of Lea’s dress until her friend could see the intern’s naked and smooth pussy. He grinned like a Cheshire Cat. Fran nodded towards Lea and he knew what to do. Moving up behind her, he wrapped his arms around her waist, and as the music pulsed louder, he pressed his hips forward against her exposed body. Pressed close by the crowd, he lowered his zipper, freeing his cock and when he pressed forward again, he easily slipped into Lea’s waiting pussy. Lea’s eyes registered surprise but then passion and the couple stayed locked inside of one another as the club came alive with energy. As the DJ increased the tempo even more, Lea felt herself being fucked deeper. Suddenly she was on top of an orgasmic wave cresting and then exploding in a sea of lights and pulses. As she came, her partner did too firing cum deep into her body. Separating, the hem of her skirt fell down covering her sex. Lea could feel new juices on her thighs, a combination of cum and lubrication. She had never felt so hot in her life. She had been fucked in public in front of a gyrating crowd and no one cared.

Still soaring, Lea again sat down sandwiched between Ariel and Fran. “That was one hell of a dance set,” Fran announced. Looking directly at Lea, Ariel announced, “and Lea here seemed to get into the spirit of the night. I have never seen such moves before while impaled.” Both women laughed a little while Lea blushed. “Don’t worry about it Lea, one day I will tell you what sweet Ariel did on this very floor,” Fran laughed. Ariel joined in, “we all have secrets, now you have one, but I have to ask, was it good?”

Lea only nodded and whispered, “it was the hottest thing that I have done in my life, and even now, it turns me on just thinking about it.” Both ladies stood up and pulled her back onto the floor, “let’s not waste an opportunity to get her out here in a turned on state,” shouted Ariel as the trio went back into the crowd. Again, Lea was sandwiched; however, this time the touching and groping was more frequent and deliberate. Lea just rode the waves of excitement and orgasm along with the music. By the time the club was ready to close, the three women were done for the night.

Lea awoke in the morning, not even aware of how she had gotten home last night. She had slept naked, her dress crumpled in a heap at the end of the bed. As she stepped under the warm spray of the shower, memories of last night flooded back. Had she really allowed herself to have sex on a crowded dance floor? What else had happened and who kept touching her all night? Instead of being alarmed about what happened, Lea felt excitement. Of course, Monica and her team were already aware of the night’s adventures. Abby and Dr James smiled as Monica gave them a report. “It seems as if our young intern is transforming before our eyes,” laughed Dr. James.

By the time Lea had dressed, she had calmed down, the last thing she did was spritz some of the “transformed” perfume on her body before heading out into the sunlight. As usual, it made her light headed. When she arrived at work, Monica asked her to join her in a Image Viewing room. Monica intended to expose Lea to an evaluation of lingerie. As music played and models in various forms of lingerie flashed on the screen, Lea was to evaluate the clothing on a scale of 1-10. Monica whispered “relax” into Lea’s ear and the young intern did. Anyone watching might have seen her eyes glaze over. Monica whispered some instructions and and then brought Lea back to the present before leaving the room.

Lea sat there watching the images and evaluating them as instructed. The images got more and more risqué as did the material. It was now either sheer, or made of a latex and/or leather. As Lea watched, she saw herself modeling these outfits, on display before leering eyes and cameras. Leaning back and shutting her eyes for a minute, Lea let her hands drift down to her thighs, one thing led to another and Lea was quickly playing with her increasingly wet pussy as the images flashed, without even thinking, she pulled off her panties and deeply fingered herself. When she circled her clit, she moaned and then came in a rush. Quickly composing herself, she finished and left the room. Monica entered immediately after she left along with Dr James. “The scent of her sex is wonderful, don’t you think.” Dr James nodded her head and smiled, “her inhibitions are down now.” She added,“she is very vulnerable to our suggestions.

Back in her office, Lea was a mess. She had cum, but was still aroused. The images kept flashing in front of her eyes as if she were there. When Abby stopped in to see how she was doing, she noticed the change. Abby also noted the scent of sex in the office. It was clear that Lea was aroused. Abby told her that she was to participate in a fashion shoot this afternoon on a new designer lingerie line from Italy. Lea reminded her that she was Monica’s assistant, not a model. Abby nodded, but just added, “Monica wants this.” Lea nodded her head, unsure of what would be required in a lingerie shoot. However, she could not deny the increasing wetness in her pussy; she could not control her arousal. It was going to be a long afternoon.

To Be Continued