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Model Maker Part 6 — The Finale

Lea was interested in journalism and was disappointed when the only internship she could receive was with a fashion magazine associated with one of the large fashion houses. She went into the job with a low opinion of models and left it with a new outlook on life.


Carl came out of the shower and walked naked into the room. The vibrations in his prostate and cock had not stoped, so he felt a constant state of arousal, but he could not realize something was different, something was wrong. Looking over at his wife and daughter, he felt a shot of desire. Watching them laying together naked on the bed seemed natural to him in his new reality. Nowhere in his head did alarms go off that something was different. As he dried off, Lea and Terri got up, teased him with quick glances, and headed for the shower.

Lea got in first, standing in the warm, steamy spray. She did not react nor turn as Terri got into the shower behind her. It was almost as if Lea was expecting her mother’s arms to wrap around her—and wrap they did nestling quickly on the young intern’s nipples. Shutting her eyes, Lea languished in the sensations created by the warm spray and Terri’s warm fingertips caressing sensitive flesh. Lea suddenly felt like there was a direct connection between her sensitive nipples and her pussy, now growing wet, but not from the shower. She could only lean back into Terri and moan.

Terri heard her daughter’s moan and took it as a signal her caresses were having the intended effect. She slowly turned her daughter allowing her hands to wander freely over Lea’s hardened nipples and between her thighs. Lea did what came naturally now and spread her legs allowing Terri unfettered access to her most sensitive regions. Terri sensed the change and lowered herself to the shower floor. Kneeling in the spray, she slowly inserted her talented tongue between the folds of sensitive flesh. Terri loved the taste of her daughter and could not seem to get enough. When her tongue rode up over Lea’s clit, even Carl could hear the moans and immediately knew what was going on. Lea lost control of her body and reacted out of pure animal instinct and lust riding Terri’s lips until she exploded in orgasm causing the mother to smile. It was going to be a good day.

When the family of three finally met Abby in the lobby, they were quickly escorted up to Monica’s office. They had no idea that their activities had been monitored and in many cases filmed. Sitting in the office was Dr James, but she was not introduced. Monica was professional and polite asking Carl how his visit was going and then asked if he had reconsidered allowing Terri to stay for awhile to finish some photo shoots. Carl naturally nodded his head bringing a smile to Dr James face. The entire family was being changed and manipulated without their knowing it. They now had a totally false reality.

“Good,” Monica stated, “a very good decision and one that will aid in Lea’s career. After all, you have a very talented daughter with special gifts, very special gifts.”

“I could not agree more,” Carl answered, “she has many talents and gets better every day. She continually surprises both her mother and myself with her abilities.”

“Well today, Terri and Lea have a mother/daughter shoot that you may observe if you desire.” Carl nodded his head as Terri and Lea went off to get ready.

As they waited for the shoot to begin, Abby brought Carl a drink. Of course it was again laced with Cialis and Dr James’ potent mix of chemicals which all hoped would prepare Carl for later activities. In their dressing rooms, Terri and Lea were each given Mimosas again laced with a Dr James formula. As the drugs flowed into their system, those in attendance knew this would be a successful shoot.

Carl sipped his drink slowly finally finishing it. Abby took note of the time and then walked over to him handing him a refill. At that moment, the two models appeared on the set and the shoot began. Carl’s attention was immediately riveted on his wife and daughter.

Today was again a lingerie and swimsuit shoot and the fashions and set left little to the imagination. As Terri and Lea were moved around by the photographer, Abby stood close to Carl continually commenting how sensual and hot the mother—daughter pair looked. “Lea must have your genes because she looks downright sexy out there.” Carl felt his cock stir. What he did not know is that Dr James and Monica were again observing and Dr James had already moved the remote to a medium—low setting. Carl could feel his cock jump as both it and his prostate came to life.

Before long, the shoot got much more intimate as Lea and Terri were kissing and pressing into one another in various brands and styles of lingerie. Each look was hotter then the last and from the hardness in Lea’s nipples, any observer could see there was chemistry and arousal on the set. The mother—daughter intimate touches aroused not only Lea and Terri, but those observing to include Carl.

When the cameraman called for a short break, Abby whispered into his ear, “I think you need to relax.” Carl, open to suggestions, readily agreed. Taking him by the arm, she lead him down the hall away from the shoot and into a candle lit massage room. “Why don’t you undress, have another drink and relax on the table face down, I will have an attendant come in soon and give you a massage while Terri and Lea continue to work.” Carl saw his drink already poured and picked it up. Abby smiled, “enjoy yourself.”

Carl undressed slowly. His cock was aching and he could not understand why. He did not know that Monica and Dr James were again monitoring him through a mirror. “Does it look like his cock has grown?” The Doctor laughed at Monica, “it is just increased blood flow, but I am sure he is still getting adjusted to the new sensations.” With that Andrea, one of the attendants walked in mentioning with a smile that she heard someone needed stress relief.. Carl nodded and was quickly on his stomach as Andrea began to oil his body.

The drugs in Carl’s veins opened him up to all of Andrea’s suggestions as she skillfully manipulated his flesh. When she suggested, it might be more relaxing if Carl wore a blindfold, he smiled and readily agreed plunging his world into darkness. As Andrea stroked his back and thighs, Carl’s mind drifted away.

Carl did not remember turning over nor allowing his wrists and ankles to be secured to the massage frame. All he could concentrate on was the growing ache in his cock. As his mind began to clear slightly, he felt hands on his cock and balls slowly rubbing them, but he also felt hands on his thighs and another set on his feet. As his mind was trying to process this, another pair joined the mix concentrating directly on his nipples. All Carl could do was moan as his senses were overloaded. Someone whispered in his ear, “good boy,” and his cock quivered.

Carl’s world was dark and he felt hands everywhere. Someone was playing with his ass now. Who was putting a tongue on his nipples? Someone whispered “open wide,” as his ass was filled and again vibrations started. He was losing control to the sensations his body was feeling. He felt a weight shift on the table and then warmth over his cock, god it was tight. Someone was fucking him slowly as other hands continued to roam his body. The pace picked up. Her heard moans...his....hers. Someone whispered “be a good boy and fill her.....fuck her.” He was going to explode and when the next whisper was “cum for me,” he did erupting as rope after rope for warm cum splashed into someone’s pussy. All of the hands stopped allowing Carl to regain his senses. He could sense people leaving the room, but his cock was still deep in a tight pussy. Then his blindfold was removed.....he looked up into his daughter’s face. “Daddy, you are so good to me.” Lea got off his cock and using her warm lips cleaned Carl’s cock. When finished, she untied him from the table and took him into another room where Terri was waiting.

Terri looked up with a smile on her face as she hugged her daughter. She noticed a spot of cum getting ready to drop onto the bare skin of her daughter’s thigh and touched it with her finger. Placing her finger to her lips she whispered, “now we don’t want to waste any do we?”

Behind her mirror, Monica witnessed it all with Abby and Dr James. “Something tells me that Lea will not be going back to school and will be staying with us.” As Abby nodded she asked, “what about Terri?”

Monica pondered the question, “Terri will split her time between here and her home with Carl. She will have a very productive career as a mature model. Of course, let’s have the medical staff line her up for some improvements and enhancements. I believe in making everyone better.”

Abby laughed as she asked “and what of Carl?”

Monica looked around, “Carl goes home totally satisfied with his daughter and wife and the decisions they have made. With the triggers we have implanted, we can control him anytime and anywhere we desire. We need to consider him part of our happy family.”

Abby nodded. By the way, has the creative team talked to you about their newest concept?

Monica shook her head, “they are on my schedule, but I have not been briefed yet.”

“Well,” Abby stated, “it is aimed at the millennials who are torn between work and becoming a mom. The idea would be to follow a model through her nine months in photo shoots. It would have wide appeal, especially in the fashion world as designers would have to deal with a changing shape.”

Monica nodded her head, “I like it, have we considered a model yet?”

Abby nodded, “what do you think of Lea, she’s beautiful, young, healthy and most of all controllable, plus we could work the mom into the shoots.”

Monica smiled, “you are always thinking ahead; however, Lea is not pregnant.”

“Not yet she isn’t, but given her activities, if we stopped her from taking birth control, it would not be long.” Abby continued, “of course, we could always make the father the father.”

Monica looked to Abby, “wow, now I never saw that thought coming from your head, you are maturing as an assistant.” She then chuckled, “maybe Terri would like to join her daughter in the experience.”

Monica looked to Dr. James, “is this something we can embed in their psyche and seriously consider.” Dr. James stood up and walked over. “Look, the highest hurdle has been breached, Carl is having sex with his daughter and the entire family is enjoying it. What we are talking about now is implanting the desire to have a baby. Given it is almost natural for women to feel this need, it is not hard at all.”

Monica smiled, “tell the design team I want a full concept tomorrow to include estimated costs. Looking to Dr James, “is Carl up to the task, do we know?”

Dr James simply said, “I cannot be sure until I analyze a sperm sample, but another trip to the massage room should do the trick.”

Monica looked to Abby, “why don’t you personally handle this detail.”

Abby nodded her head surprised that she had the task.

In the morning as Monica received the design briefings, she nodded her head in agreement. “Are the designers ok with the concept as we have never done anything like this before.” All nodded their heads. “Ok,” Monica said, “all we need are two pregnant models.”

Within the week, Abby arranged for Carl to receive another massage as Lea and her mother started a new photo shoot. Monica had convinced Carl to stay an additional two weeks and he readily agreed. Having been to the massage room again, Carl saw his waiting drink and quickly sipped it as he got undressed and on the massage table. Unlike the last time, this table not only had an extension for his head and face, but a cutout between his thighs where his cock would hang free. Not thinking anything about it, he finished the drink and awaited the staff member.

Carl heard the door open and the attendant come in, by now, his mind was floating and he did not hear the door open a second time as Abby reentered. As warm oil was drizzled on the small of his back, Carl was transported into bliss. When Abby was sure that Carl was fully dosed, she walked up and went under the table where his cock hung growing more engorged as blood flow moved into the tip. Oiling her hands, she proceeded to stroke Carl’s cock, pulling on it gently almost as if she were milking a cow. She could hear a slight moan from Carl and sense his arousal.

Abby almost chuckled. I have an MBA and I am doing this? However, as she stroked the full length of Carl’s cock, Abby noticed she was getting aroused and wet. She resisted the urge to lean forward and kiss the erect flesh knowing she had a job to do. Within minutes, Carl’s cock began to throb and Abby sensing his pending orgasm, opened the collection container. With a grunt, he exploded, but Abby caught it all for analysis. When she was finished, she saw a large drop of cum form on the tip of his penis. Abby could not resist and leaned forward and licked it off. She then kissed Carl’s cock, got up and headed to the lab. Analysis quickly showed Carl was still a potent force. When Monica got the news, she turned to Dr James,,,,.“and now for the ladies.”

When Abby got back to Monica’s office, she was somewhat recovered from her collection effort. Monica laughed, “I was watching you the entire time, do you think I’d miss that show.” Looking to Abby, “now be a sweet Dear and tell me if that turned you on.”

“It did,” Abby admitted. “How could I not get wet doing that. I mean, I literally milked a man of his seed.”

“Yes you did and you did not waste a drop. I noticed your last move,” Monica laughed. “I must admit, it turned me on.” Walking forward, Monica stood in front of Abby and pulled her close. “Just remember who you belong too,” she whispered right before her tongue penetrated Abby’s lips. The two women hugged closely. When Monica’s hand traced up under Abby’s dress she found her assistant’s panties wet. “My god, you are so wet,” she commented. Abby nodded, “and I know you are too,” was her quick reply.

They were interrupted by Dr James. “Ladies, I have good news. Both women are in the same part of their cycle and fertile over the next few days. I have spent the last few hours with both of them deepening their trance and needs. I think both will be very receptive to receiving Carl’s gift.

Abby looked at Dr James commenting, “that was fast, remind me never to fall under your spell.”

Dr James laughed, “what makes you think that you are not already under it....seriously, how would you know?”

Abby got a concerned look on her face which caused Dr James to pile on more, " I mean you just sat under a massage table and milked an man’s cock finishing up by licking cum off the tip. Now is that something you would normally do, or did you do it for another reason.”

Abby blushed causing Monica to comment, “she is so cute when she blushes.”

“Abby, just think that all this time, I could have had you on your knees doing anything I desired, or had you fully meet any sexual urge Monica may have had, but I didn’t.” Dr James laughed, “now I wonder if that last statement was true or false?”

“Well,” Monica said, “she certainly has some things to think about and consider doesn’t she?” She continued laughing while looking at Abby, “Let’s just say if she is not pregnant by this time next month, we were just kidding, but if somehow Abby is pregnant, then she’ll know we were not joking. After all, Dr James could have you do anything....right?”

Abby got this serious look on her face, “you both are kidding aren’t you?”

Both women laughed looking at her, “of course we are,” chuckled Monica, “right Dr James?” The Doctor just shrugged her shoulders causing another laugh.

Meanwhile Monica decided to let nature take its course with Terri and Lea. That evening as they went to bed, Terri started playing with Carl’s cock. Given the drugs he was on and the constant vibration, it was not long before he was hard and ready to go. Terri rolled on her back and simply encouraged him by saying “fill me.”

“God,” Carl commented, “you sound like a slut.”

“A slut for you, now fill me,” Terri replied.

She was as horny as she had been in years and so wet. She even remarked, “it is like I am a teenager again.” Of course Dr James was behind it all. When Carl rolled on top of her and began a slow penetration, nature just took its course. Within minutes, both had lost control and his hard cock was pressing deep against Terri’s cervix. She felt it and knew what she wanted. She squeezed her muscles pulling on his cock. With a grunt, Carl came firing rope after rope of potent sperm deep within Terri, a very fertile he came, she did too while whispering “take me, breed me, fill me....” He did.

The following evening, Carl went to bed aroused. Dr James had insured his drug dosage was increased and the vibrations constant throughout the day. He was also permitted to watch a swimsuit modeling/photo session that Lea participated in during the afternoon. As he was about to drift off to sleep, he felt a warmth between his legs and realized that Terri was sucking on his cock. Immediately, he was hard. In his twilight sleep, it was erotic, just laying there with lips keeping him hard. Then the lips were gone replaced by the tightness of a pussy. He moaned as it gripped his cock and then slid down its length. Slowly a rhythm built up until his cock impaled the rider as deep as possible. He trust with his hips taking it even deeper. Then, Terri whispered in his ears, “give it to her, Carl, give her what you gave me.” Carl was somewhat confused, but too far gone to argue. He thrust his hips up in the air causing the rider to squeal. “That’s is Carl, make her squeal,” Terri whispered. His hip movement and the rider’s thrusts increased to a lust filled frenzy. When Lea could take no more, she cried out, “please daddy fill me, I want to feel you fill me.”

Carl moaned, “Lea, I cannot help myself, I am going to explode.” Terri smiled and leaned into his ear as she watched her daughter ride, “fill her, fill her deep.” With those words, Carl exploded into the warm depths of Lea’s young pussy. His hot seed splashed against her cervix again and again as they rode their waves of passion. Terri whispered good boy and good girl to them both as Lea rolled over onto her back. Terri kissed her whispering, “daddy’s taken good care of you, now just relax and stay put for awhile.” Within minutes, all three were asleep nestled together in a mass of human flesh. Dr James watched it all knowing her work was almost over.

In the morning, Monica got word of the night’s activities and expressed high hopes that the full project would soon be underway. Carl left that weekend and modeling continued for both mother and daughter. Two weeks later, Dr James entered with a smile on her face and clearly told Monica that Terri and Lea were pregnant. Monica’s face lit up like a Christmas tree.“Do they know?” Dr James had not yet told the women.

Dr James then looked over to Abby.......well, I guess congratulations are in store for you too.” Abby questioned “what are you talking about?” Monica stared at Dr James smiling and said “I guess that I lost the bet.” Dr James only nodded.

“Abby, you too are pregnant. We just confirmed it this morning.”

Abby had a shocked look on her face: “who, how, why,".....all unanswered questions.

Monica looked at her, “you will be moving in with me now full time.” Abby stared straight ahead and could say nothing. Dr James chuckled, “and you thought we were kidding about control?” As Abby began to protest, Monica walked up behind her and whispered “sleep,” and Abby nodded off. “I guess it was a slight shock to her system.” Monica continued Jed, “she has been such a good assistant, but now it is time for her to move on to another phase of her life with me where she can be of more personal service.”

Terri, Lea and Carl were thrilled with the news as was the fashion design team. At a staff meeting the following Monday, Monica looked around and smiled, “and now work on this project begins and we need to start another.” She looked down at her new assistant LeAnn smiling and spoke, “can you give me the new intern files, we need to pick one.”

LeAnn nodded.

“By the way LeAnn,” Monica said with a smile, “please arrange to see Dr James this afternoon and become familiar with her work, I am sure you will find it interesting.” She smiled, “Dr James will be expecting you.”