The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Mommy Milk™

by Autumn Oldaker

Added 12 September 2020

Updated 06 August 2022

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A brand of milk gives women who drink it huge boobs and tremendous charisma. Girls who drink it begin to eagerly spread its effects to every adult woman they can, and it rapidly grows out of control.

Chapter Length Added
Chapter One: Silliness 2027 words 12 Sep 2020
Chapter Two: Yummy 2563 words 26 Sep 2020
Chapter Three: Taking Charge 3039 words 19 Dec 2020
Chapter Four: Showing 3105 words 17 Apr 2021
Chapter Five: Dizzy 2345 words 08 May 2021
Chapter Six: Enticing 3166 words 06 Aug 2022