The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Moulding a Model Student

by Flying Decadent

Added 21 October 2017

Updated 23 February 2019

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Ms Ishikawa has a problem student, the foul-mouthed, disrespectful, disobedient final-year high school student Annabelle Foster. Conventional teaching methods have failed, so Ms Ishikawa pulls out some hypnosis. But is Annabelle as rebellious as she seems?

Chapter Length Added
Chapter 1 2556 words 21 Oct 2017
Chapter 2: At Bottom 3249 words 25 Nov 2017
Chapter 3: Confiscated Libido 3482 words 16 Dec 2017
Chapter 4: Put a Little Air in that Egghead 4247 words 23 Feb 2019