The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Title Mpulsive

Author Mpulsive

George went to meet M and she smiled thinking how much fun it will be to have a new mindless slave whose only thoughts are to please and serve her

When he walked in the room, she motioned him to sit across from her and said “I just want to talk about a few things before we get started,if that is ok?”

She could see he was nervous but also his eyes were wondering over her amazing body. She wore glasses, tight black skirt, black thigh high nylons and a black V-necked scooped blouse, 6 inch open toed heels and one of her amazing necklaces. She could see George’s eye roaming over every curve, staring at her perfectly pedicured toes, moving up her body and stopping at her amazing cleavage. He was unable to speak just stare

George’s attention was immediately drawn to M’s hands as she made graceful gestures. She ran them across her breasts watching his eyes obediantly follow

She smiled and said “you seem to like my long, perfectly manicured nails...well I DO take great pride in them, George”. She held them closer to George and then moved her fingers as if she were playing the piano or typing. Her nails were long and done in a shiny silver polish that seemed to reflect the room light into George’s eyes as M moved them about.

George’s gaze was captured by their movement. She was moving each of her long and shiny silver nails slowly now, so that the light reflected off their smooth , shining, surface. M had utilized her nails to capture the attention of others before, so this was a practiced movement , designed to fill George’s field of vision with her nails, as she slowly moved her hands closer.

“Yes, George ... its ok to look at my nails and see why so many others think they are one of my BEST features... many find their attention is drawn to them ... many think they are beautiful ... even sensuous ... they have a power to hold the attention ... long .. shining ... silver nails ... hold the attention ... as long as you look .... look .....look at my nails as they move .. reflecting the light .... look....”

George DID look as the siren moved her nails ever so slowly. Seconds went by ... then minutes ... as he continued to stare at M’s nails now moving... so slowly ... so seductively.

“As you continue to look at my shining nails I want you to listen to me ... listen to My voice ... and look at my nails ... so long .. so silver .. so compelling .. almost irresistible ... you can’t look away from them ... irresistible ... you don’t WANT top look away from them.....keep looking and relax dear ... relax ... relax .... are falling into my hypnotic power ... you will become a slave to my will ... your will to resist my commands is slipping away ... relax and obey ... relax and obey... obey....”

George felt his mind drifting on the soft cloud of M’s voice and nails ...floating ... relaxed ... for a moment he thought he should look away but then, once again he was captured by the sparkling movement of M’s graceful hands before him and her soft, sensuous and soothing voice . As the goddess continued to speak, he found himself sinking deeper and deeper into the soft cushions of the sofa, he felt heavier and heavier. Everything around him was disappearing . Everything except for M’s silver fingernails, and the soft soothing voice assaulting his consciousness. M’s voice almost sounded as if it were INSIDE his head now , and he felt as if he were spinning as he continued to stare at the sparkling, silver nails.

The almost glowing silver nails held his total attention. He couldn’t think about anything else. He felt that if he didn’t look away SOMETHING would happen but he just didn’t know what, and soon , in spite of his concern, he became so relaxed that he was unable to even force himself to look away, anyway, so he just sat .. and looked ... and listened as M’s soothing voice droned on and on and on.

She watched George’s expression as she proceeded to take the fascinated man further under her hypnotic control . As he watched M’s nails , George was losing awareness of everything else in the room. The only things that held any importance to him were M’s beautiful fingernails and her sexy, soothing voice.

“I’d like you to obey me George. And you WOULD like to do everything I say. Just continue to relax and watch the slow , sensuous movement of my nails ... feel their pull ... their power ... their almost magnetic attraction ... taking you down ... down ... deep under my spell... and continue to listen to my compelling voice .. so soft .. so sexy ... so compelling .... JUST like my nails ... too powerful to resist ... you want to be under my power now ... you want to be under my hypnotic spell... you want to obey me now ... obey .... obey .... obey .....”

George felt himself slipping under M’s power and felt so very helpless as she continued to assault his weakening mind. His eyes remained open, and he continued to stare, spellbound at the lovely , silver nails as they moved in front of his eyes.

“Don’t resist ... don’t fight ... just sink deeper under my power ... deeper .... deeper ... wanting to surrender ... NEEDING to surrender to Godess Maria... you want to surrender totally to me ... no will to resist ... no desire to resist ... just wanting to obey me completely .... wanting to be mine ... wanting to obey ...wanting to be my slave ... not able to resist my power .. my beauty ... my will MUST obey me ... and you WILL obey me now George ... you will ... ”

George’s mind was spinning faster and faster now toward total surrender ... he could only see M’s nails and hear her commanding voice. And that voice was taking over George’s mind and controlling his every thought. he realized he was being hypnotized and that he soon would become a totally obedient slave to this gorgeous woman. A woman he had only met minutes ago. But he WANTED to obey her commands. All George’s independent thoughts were disappearing ... his conscious mind was becoming blank .. a totally complete , clean slate to be written on ONLY by M. He listened to M’s soothing voice dragging him deeper and deeper..... he knew he HAD to obey...obey....

She held her nails still now, near her own face, next to her eyes , as George stared , even more deeply entranced. “Obey me George... obey me completely ... you are mine now ... my mindless slave ... you will obey me now .. obey my will ... only MY will are mine .... mine ....”

George could no longer reisist...He belonged to M... he was M’s hypnotic slave. He was HERS.

He struggled to respond, “obey ... slave ... will obey ...”

George knew he was a slave to the beautiful siren before him. He had to obey. Everything M said to him was an irresistible command. He needed to obey the lovely woman, his new Mistress. He wanted to be totally submissive and completely under the Goddess’s sensual control. He felt powerless to resist his beautiful, new owner. And it felt SOOOO good to obey.

George’s face had become totally blank now, his eyes wide and glassy , with fixed stare, as he gazed , slack jawed into M’s eyes, as the sirens hands and nails were placed carefully beside them , now utilizing the hypnotic power of BOTH her nails AND deep, compelling eyes.

“You are hypnotized now, my pet ... hypnotized ... you are entranced by my power ... captured by my eyes and nails ... enslaved by your new mistress ...... entranced ... ... obey ... surrender...” A soft, helpless sigh escaped the George’s lips.

“Tell me you will obey me George... you will obey me because I OWN you .. your mind ... your body ... you desire me George ... and you KNOW the only way you can ever have me is to obey me completely ... to serve me totally... to obey ... TO OBEY...”

“obey ... obey ... obey ... obey ...” George chanted.

“Very good, George. Now would you please get up and remove your clothes for me?”

“Obey ... obey ...” George continued to mutter softly as he carefully removed all his clothes and stood naked in front of M. It felt good to follow M’s commands, to follow her erotic commands. He knew if he obeyed her completely he MIGHT be allowed to serve her sexually, and he DID desire her SO much. His mind could focus only on M and her irresistible commands.

“Your doing so well George especially for our first seems we will be having many more...”George tried to speak but as he did M lowered her hands to her own breasts and smiled as she saw George’s gaze follow the gesture, still captured by her lovely nails.

And as a reward for being a good slave she slid down her top and said “My breasts .. so beautiful ... so exciting ... come closer and kiss them ... obey me ... kiss them .... kiss them ......knowing that once you do you will be so powerless before me Slowly like a puppet drawn by invisible strings.” George moved closer and closer and then engulfed M’s left breast with his mouth. As he kissed and sucked on it any shred of willpower disappeared

M separated them momentarily and with a gesture commanded George to stand still. She then told George “Kneel before me, slave George. Kneel before your Queen.”

He looked down at her feet and could see her toes painted the same color he gasped with excitement. M said, “I may let you kiss my perfect feet but first you have to show you are worthy.”

Anything my goddess

And M smiled knowing he was hers to command and she would be having so much fun with her new toy

* * *