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Title: Muscle Bimbo

Tags: f/f, mc, fd

Description: The nerdy, plain, shy Alex asks goth girl Winter out on a date, only to be told she’s not her type. But after that, Alex finds herself changing

Disclaimer: If you are under age wherever you happen to be accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. Please note that all characters depicted in this story are of legal age, and that the use of ‘girl’ in the story does not indicate otherwise. This story is a work of fantasy: in real life, hypnosis and sex without consent are deeply unethical and examples of such in this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. This work is copyright of Kallie © 2018, do not repost without explicit permission

* * *

Chapter Ten

“Alex, I… well, there really are no words to describe how appalled I am,” Professor Sinclair declared, rounding off the small, disjointed, scornful lecture she’d been delivering as she paced around her office.

Lexi just stared at her dumbly from her seat on the far side of Professor Sinclair’s desk, in the classroom she’d dragged her to. Her body was still covered in obscene writing and dripping with her own fluids, but Professor Sinclair had given her an oversized jacket and insisted she wrap herself up in it, for modesty’s sake. Professor Sinclair, by contrast, was the perfect picture of a middle-aged academic, with her suit jacket, pencil skirt, thick-rimmed glasses, and brunette hair drawn back into a severe ponytail. “Who’s Alex?”

Professor Sinclair’s hands tensed, and she looked like she was about to tear her own hair out. “You!”

“Oh.” Lexi giggled, remembering that she’d already asked that a couple of times. “That’s right! But everyone calls me Lexi.”

“No! They don’t! They- gah!” Professor Sinclair broke off with a frustrated grunt, before recomposing herself. “Your name is not the issue at hand. The issue at hand is the state I found you in, slumped over behind the lecture theater moaning like an animal and looking like… well, I don’t want to say it.”

Lexi let out a happy sigh, as she was warmed momentarily by the memory of what Cordelia and the rest of the sorority girls had done to her. It had been so good. Sure, she’d been confused at first, but in the end she’d cum so hard. She’d never been used like that before, but now she couldn’t wait for it to happen again. Her head was telling her it was a bad idea, but her pussy throbbed at the prospect, and Lexi always listened to her pussy over her head. It wasn’t like she was smart enough to ever really know what was best.

“I mean, for God’s sake,” Professor Sinclair continued, “When I first saw you, I thought anything might have happened! I was so worried, until you made it very clear that you were an enthusiastic participant in… whatever that was.”

Lexi giggled and nodded.

“And now,” Professor Sinclair said, touching her fingertips to her lined forehead in frustration, “I have to decide what to do with you. According to school policy, for an issue like this I should be contacting the dean, although I haven’t the faintest idea what I should tell him. You should know that I would be well within my rights to contact the police. Indecent exposure is a crime, Alex! But part of me thinks I ought to call your parents. I’m sure they’d be very disappointed in you, not to mention worried. I mean… what the hell has happened to you, Alex?”

Lexi giggled again, and twirled a lock of her blonde hair around her fingers. “What do you mean?”

“Well, your hair, for starters!” Professor Sinclair exclaimed.

Lexi frowned, momentarily confused. “Hasn’t my hair, like, always been like this?”

“No! Of course not!” For a moment, Lexi tried to figure out what Professor Sinclair meant, before she gave up and let her face relax into a dumb smile again. “Your hair, that makeup, those incredibly revealing clothes I found you with, all of that is completely out of character for you! And your body—well, maybe a bit of exercise has been good for you, but those muscles are quite the change. None of that is against school regulations, precisely, but I cannot imagine that it is unrelated to the other, more troubling aspects of your behavior. I mean, Alex, you used to be one of my favorite students! You were always right there in the front row, eagerly taking notes and raising your hand to answer questions. But then your attendance starting trailing off. You stopped answering my emails. You stopped handing in assignments. Do you even know that you’re on academic probation? Do you even care?”

Lexi stared at Professor Sinclair dumbly. “What’s, like, academic prob—… probab… probation?”

“Jesus Christ…” Professor Sinclair look at her in horror. “Alex, just tell me, what the hell happened? Why did you stop coming to class? Why did you stop handing in any work?”

“Um…” Lexi scratched her head. When she thought really hard, it was just about possible for her to remember some of the stuff Professor Sinclair was talking about. “It was just, like, so boring.”

A vein bulged in Professor Sinclair’s forehead. “What?”

“Just, like, yknow. Sitting in class, all that reading, all that writing. It’s just, like, soooo dull. So uncool. Why would I wanna, like, read a book, when I could be working on my body instead? And having a cute body means that, like, all kinds of girls are into me. Girls are, like, way more fun than books.” Lexi trailed off into a fit of giggles. She felt so silly for explaining all that to Professor Sinclair. The professor was smart, sure, but she was so uptight.

“So,” Professor Sinclair began slowly, after a long pause. “You are telling me, Alex, that you completely threw away your promising academic record, just because you wanted to have fun?”

Lexi nodded happily. Maybe Professor Sinclair did understand.

“Are you out of your fucking mind?” Professor Sinclair snapped.

Lexi blinked, taken aback. She wasn’t sure she’d ever heard a professor swear like that before.

“I cannot believe—I refuse to believe—that the Alex I knew would even be so frivolous or stupid! You had goals, Alex. Priorities. How could you just abandon all that? This is the kind of behavior I’d expect from a cheerleader on a sports scholarship, not a bright girl like you.”

Lexi squirmed in the uncomfortable chair, withering under the weight of Professor Sinclair’s scorn. She felt ashamed and humiliated for reasons she couldn’t quite remember, but at the same time, her body was starting to grow hot. She was reminded of the way that Cordelia and her friends has insulted and degraded her as they fucked her. It had been amazing, and their insults had been part of it. They’d made her feel so hot and weak and sensitive, and had driven her pleasure to new heights.

“For god’s sake, right now you look like a total… a total slut! Like a regular blonde bimbo!” Lexi squirmed even more. “It’s disgraceful. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” Professor Sinclair sighed. “Why am I even bothering? If you don’t care about your academic status here, there’s no reason I should either. I’m reporting you to the dean, along with my recommendation that you be suspended. Perhaps even expelled.”

“Expelled…” Lexi echoed. Despite everything, hearing that word was a shock to her system. Dropping out of school was one of her greatest fears. She remembered that now. She couldn’t let that happen. Not after all the work she’d put in to get there. She’d worked so hard. Had she worked hard? Lexi wasn’t sure. It was so hard to remember. Everything was so foggy. But she knew one thing for sure: she couldn’t let herself get expelled. “No, please! Professor Sinclair, I’ll do, like, whatever you want, I swear.”

“You mean, you actually care about staying? Maybe there’s still a little hope for you.” The professor seemed surprised, but not displeased. Her lips pursed into a tight expression. “Very well. I just need to see a little effort. Perhaps we can sweep this… unfortunate experience under the rug, and with a little extra credit you can catch up in your classes. We just need to figure out where you left of and what you need to catch up on. Where in the course did you get to before you… got sidetracked?”

“Uh…” Lexi tried as hard as she could to think back, but it was futile. “I, like, don’t know.”

“Oh. Well, take a look at this textbook.” Professor Sinclair picked up a thick book from her desk and handed it to Lexi. “What’s the last thing you remember?”

“Um…” Lexi looked at the contents page and then flicked through some of the chapters, but none of it was familiar. There were so many pages full of long, complicated words that seemed to blur into each other endlessly. Trying to read it was giving her a headache. “I’m not sure…”

“You’re not sure?” Professor Sinclair asked sharply. “How can you not be sure?”

“I’m sorry,” Lexi replied, letting out a few nervous giggles.

“Let’s try something even simpler.” Professor Sinclair was sounding increasingly frustrated. “Alex, look at the words on the blackboard. Do you know what they mean?”

Lexi looked. Just more jargon. It was all meaningless to her. “No…”

Professor Sinclair rubbed her temples with her fingertips. “Alex, those are lecture notes from a 101 class! You covered that material months ago! You aced the class! How can you just have forgotten all that? Are you really that much of an airhead?”

“I… I…” Lexi didn’t know what to say. Without realizing it, she started rubbing her legs together. Her body was starting to feel warm again.

“I’d never imagined that I would end up using the word ‘stupid’ to describe you, of all people,” Professor Sinclair continued angrily. “And yet, here we are. You are stupid. Somehow, you, formerly an exemplary student, have become a stupid, dumb, brainless slut. I can’t believe this. How can you stand yourself? You’re pathetic. Depraved. Does getting fucked really make up for it? Is the sex that good? Huh? Answer me.”

“Yes!” Lexi moaned. She was rubbing her legs together faster and faster, and she could feel her thighs growing slick again. She knew it was wrong, but she couldn’t help it. Professor Sinclair’s scorn-laden insults felt so good. They made her head feel so bubbly and light. “S-so good.”

Professor Sinclair’s face twisted into a mask of utter disgust. “Oh my god,” she exclaimed. “You’re getting off on this, aren’t you?”

Lexi giggled, and moaned again. It was all she could do not to touch herself. The look of disgust in Professor Sinclair’s eyes felt incredible. Lexi felt so ashamed, and it felt so good to embrace that shame, instead of hiding from it as she always had.

“This… this is obscene,” Professor Sinclair said, obviously flustered. “I will not indulge this any longer, Alex. Stop… that. I will call the dean immediately. Maybe I’ll even have campus security escort you back to your dorm.”

Lexi realized she’d fucked up again. She was going to be expelled. As turned on and dumb as she was, she was still afraid of that prospect. She had to do something. Maybe she could do as Professor Sinclair had asked, and prove that she was smart enough and committed enough to continue as a student. Lexi stared at the blackboard again, trying to make sense of what was written on it. The long words and confusing diagrams swirled around in her head like a whirlpool, making her dizzy. Quickly, she sighed and gave up. There was no use. She was simply too dumb. That thought made her giggle, despite the seriousness of her situation. Dumb little Lexi, only good for one thing: sex. That gave her an idea. Lexi looked at Professor Sinclair carefully, a cunning smile on her face. Despite what she had said, Professor Sinclair wasn’t calling the dean. Instead, she was simply staring at Lexi, as if mesmerized by the rhythmic movement of her thighs. Lexi understood that she was just a bimbo, but if there was one thing she knew about, it was when people were horny. Professor Sinclair wasn’t horny, not yet, but there was a hint of blush in her cheeks, and a look in her eyes that Lexi knew well. A spark of temptation and desire. Lexi could work with that.

“I’m sorry, professor,” Lexi moaned, injecting extra sensuality into her arousal-filled voice. “I can’t stop. I just can’t help myself.” Lexi stopped rubbing her thighs together and allowed her legs to fall apart, reaching down with her hand to grind Professor Sinclair’s jacket against her needy slit. The whole time she moaned loudly, putting on a perfect performance of being a wanton whore and making sure Professor Sinclair saw every bit of it. Professor Sinclair’s eyes went wide with shock and she was clearly aghast at Lexi’s shameless display, but she didn’t look away.

“Stop that!” Professor Sinclair insisted, after a long pause that undermined the certainty in her voice.

Lexi started to draw back the hem of the jacket, exposing her thighs, still covered with degrading messages. She started stroking the insides of her thighs with her fingertips, noting the way Professor Sinclair’s eyes followed. “But professor, I’m just an airhead. A slut. A silly little bimbo.” Lexi giggled. “You can’t expect me to control myself, can you? I only listen to my pussy.”

Professor Sinclair’s left eye twitched at the word ‘pussy’. She seemed on the verge of both running away and running towards Lexi simultaneously.

“I need it so much,” Lexi breathed. She knew that she had Professor Sinclair on the hook. She just needed to keep pushing her, bit by bit. She arched her back and used her other hand to grope her at breast, as her other hand raised the hem of the jacket higher and higher, exposing more and more of her bare skin. She let out an entirely authentic giggle, as the endorphin rush she got from the exhibitionist display she was putting on hit her brain. When she’d woken up that morning, she’d had no idea today was going to be so fun.

“I… you… t-this is outrageous,” Professor Sinclair spluttered, her face turning increasingly red.

“I’m just such a naughty bimbo,” Lexi moaned, pushing the lust and neediness in her voice to become even more pornographic. “Professor, don’t you want to, like, teach me a lesson?”

Professor Sinclair was equal parts appalled and transfixed. Lexi could tell she couldn’t look away. Slowly, dumbly, the professor nodded. Lexi slipped a couple of her fingers up underneath her jacket and shivered with pleasure as she started gently stroking her pussy. Professor Sinclair let out a light gasp.

“C’mon professor,” Lexi teased. “Don’t you want to, like, see a little closer?”

For a long moment, she didn’t move, and Lexi started to worry she’d pushed too hard. But then, slowly, Professor Sinclair took a step forward. She moved slowly, zombie-like, almost as if her body was outside of her own control. She was mesmerized by the sight of Lexi’s exposed, lewd body, and seemingly unaware of what she herself was doing. Lexi rewarded her by lifting the jacket further with each step Professor Sinclair took, showing off more and more of herself and enticing her professor closer and closer. Only once Professor Sinclair was right in front of her did Lexi unravel the belt holding the two sides of the jacket together around her body and let them fall apart, leaving her little better than naked, with her tits and her pussy completely revealed. Lexi was gratified to see Professor Sinclair’s eyes go perfectly round in awe.

“Oops! Lexi giggled. “Clumsy me.” She started masturbating in earnest now, eagerly thrusting her fingers inside of herself as she tugged on one of her nipples with her other hand. She’d been thoroughly used and fucked by the sorority girls not long ago, but her pussy was insatiable. Her experience seemed to have only left her more sensitive and eager for more. The pleasure filled her head with blissful pink fog, but she was still attentive enough to notice Professor Sinclair’s eyes darting all over her body, reading all the obscene things the sorority girls had written on her. Each one broke her composure a little more. Lexi enjoyed the effect her writhing, undeniably sexy body was having on the middle-aged woman who had been lecturing and insulting her just moments ago. It made her feel powerful. She’d never felt powerful like that before, back when she’d been the good, mousy-haired, boring student Professor Sinclair had been droning on about. She knew she was just a bimbo, but Lexi figured she understood at least one thing Professor Sinclair didn’t: being sexy was so much better than being smart.

“How… can you just…” Professor Sinclair mumbled.

“It’s, like, easy!” Lexi answered. “I’m just a dumb, slutty little fucktoy!” Professor Sinclair’s nostrils flared. Lexi giggled and let her tongue loll out of her mouth for a moment, and she bent forward and used a hand to press her tits together. “Don’t you wanna play with me?”

Professor Sinclair didn’t answer, but the look in her eyes made it plain exactly what she wanted. Lexi had never seen her professor with such a fire of raw hunger in her eyes. Professor Sinclair was obsessed with her, obsessed with what had happened to her, and that obsession, along with her disgust, was fueling her arousal. She couldn’t look away. She couldn’t stop herself moving closer. Lexi would exploit that as much as she could.

“Closer,” Lexi moaned softly, enticingly. “Don’t you want to, like, see what you can do to me?”

Professor Sinclair sank to her knees, bit by bit, until her head was level with Lexi’s waist. Lexi spread her legs wider, making sure that she could see everything she wanted to see, and then she returned to pleasuring herself in earnest. One hand rubbed earnestly around the lips of her sopping cunt, whilst with the other she vigorously fucked herself with three fingers as her thumb stimulated her clit. She made sure that Professor Sinclair could see it all. Lexi felt like a stripper putting on a show, and it was turning her on so much. Her moaning and her giggling blended together, making her sound like every bit the brainless whore she knew she was. In Professor Sinclair’s face, she could see every little reaction to every little thing she did with her body—every moan, every gyration and roll of her hips, each time she pleasured herself with her tits or buried her hand to the hilt in her pussy. From the way Professor Sinclair was shifting her body, Lexi could tell she was incredibly aroused. Lexi badly wanted to bury her face between the professor’s legs, just to see how completely she could corrupt the stuffy, middle-aged academic.

“Touch me,” Lexi begged, once she judged the moment was right. “Please, Professor Sinclair, I need you to touch me. I need you to fuck me.”

Slowly, the professor lifted one of her hands, gradually outstretching it towards Lexi. It was as if she was at war with herself, her willpower fighting against her last remaining vestiges of decency and professionalism. Lexi knew it was a losing battle. Professor Sinclair was out of her depth. Lexi was almost certain she’d never been so turned on, and she was probably telling herself she had already gone too far for it to be worth turning back. Lexi couldn’t wait to show her how much further she had to go. It would be so easy to lead her. The complicated words written on the blackboard of the classroom no longer made any sense to her, but she’d become an expert at temptation and sex. All she had to do was keep touching herself as Professor Sinclair’s fingers inched closer to her flushed skin.

When Professor Sinclair finally touched her, grazing her fingertips across her toned thigh, Lexi let out a loud gasp. It wasn’t fake. As good as her own fingers felt, the touch of another was always better. Masturbation wasn’t enough to sate her. She needed to be fucked. A touch—any touch—was enough to send her arousal into overdrive. Professor Sinclair almost drew back at Lexi’s wanton reaction, but she stilled herself. Clearly the touch was just as intoxicating to her as it had been to Lexi. The woman started stroking along her thigh, exploring her. She was tentative at first, but her confidence, or perhaps her need, was swiftly growing. Lexi made sure to encourage her with her moans as Professor Sinclair’s touch inched higher, towards her pussy. She noticed, though, that most of all, the professor seemed enthralled by the lines of powerful musculature that covered her form, the results of so many hours dedicated training at the gym.

“Oh you like that, professor? You like your little muscle slut?” Lexi giggled. “This is, like, what I was doing all those hours I was missing your classes. Working on my body. It was, like, so much more fun.”

“Slut…” Professor Sinclair whispered.

“That’s right!” Lexi agreed happily. “Being strong and hot like this is, like, way more important to me than being smart! Classes were lame. But now, I look like this, and everyone wants to fuck me.” Lexi giggled again. “Even you.”

“You… God!” Professor Sinclair’s voice was shaky and unsteady.

“Do you like muscular girls, professor?” Lexi reached out to lightly stroke Professor Sinclair’s hair with a couple of her fingers. The professor didn’t shrink away from her touch. “Do you wanna, like, see what I can do with this body?” She giggled. “Or what you can do with it?”

Professor Sinclair nodded.

“Or maybe,” Lexi continued, “you wanna, like, punish me? Punish the naughty student.” Lexi giggled. “If you’re, like, strong enough, anyway.”

“Shut. Up.” Professor Sinclair spoke through gritted teeth. Lexi’s taunts were enraging her as well as turning her on.

“You should, like, make me,” Lexi teased. She stopped touching herself so vigorously, and instead used her hands to spread the lips of her pussy, offering herself to the desperately turned on professor.

Professor Sinclair didn’t disappoint her. Spurred on past the point of reason, she moved her hands quickly up Lexi’s thighs, stroking her muscles as she did, before arriving at her needy, throbbing cunt. Without hesitating, she thrust three of her fingers into Lexi. Lexi’s back arched sharply as she let out a loud moan that was almost a scream. Professor Sinclair’s fingers in her pussy felt even better than she’d imagined. She was unskilled, but the sheer taboo thrill of having one of her own professors finger-fucking her was unbelievably intoxicating. Knowing she’d been able to inspire such powerful, overriding lust was making her skin bristle with energy and warmth. Lexi was feeding on it, growing more and more confident even as her thoughts were pushed aside by bliss.

“M-more,” she moaned. She wasn’t performing anymore, not even a little bit. She needed more pleasure. Lexi always needed more. She was addicted to it, and to anyone who could give it to her.

Her professor obliged, thrusting harder and falling to a quick rhythm, driving her fingers in and out of Lexi, sending pleasurable waves through her that constantly crashed over and into each other, leaving her shivering and squirming constantly. Professor Sinclair was clearly inexperienced, but she was learning quickly. She seemed to be studying Lexi’s reactions to each different way her fingers turned and thrusted, and making use of what she noticed to drive Lexi to even greater heights of ecstasy. Her other hand strayed up Lexi’s body, lingering at her stomach to feel and trace the lines of each one of Lexi’s muscular abs as the blonde bimbo twisted and turned in the chair, before reaching her tits. Professor Sinclair explored them just as thoroughly as she was Lexi’s cunt. Lexi felt the sense of power she’d experienced earlier slipping away as Professor Sinclair figured out exactly how to turn her into a helpless, mewling fuckdoll. That didn’t bother Lexi one bit. Control was fun, but being a submissive toy was just so much better.

“Harder, harder!” Lexi begged, through insane giggling. “P-please!”

“Yes!” Professor Sinclair answered, her voice almost equally thick with pleasure and sex. She started thrusting harder and faster, bringing forth louder moans from Lexi’s full lips, but it still wasn’t enough.

“More!” she moaned. “More, please, please… fuck, I need you to fuck me harder. P-please, professor, fuck me, fuck me!”

Her barely-coherent, lust-fueled begging was like a red rag to a bull. Incensed, Professor Sinclair increased her pace yet again. She was shifting closer and closer to Lexi, until she was so close Lexi could feel her warm breath on her sensitive skin. The sensation drove Lexi wild.

“Use,” she grunted, “your mouth. Please. Eat out my slutty cunt. Please, professor, please, give it to me!”

It was then that Professor Sinclair took her by surprise. In a single, quick, explosive moment, she surged upwards and forwards until she was looming over Lexi and leaning against her with her body. The whole time, her hand kept working over Lexi’s pussy. Lexi found herself looking up at the manic-eyed professor, and was momentarily stunned by the sudden reversal of positions that had taken place. Once again, Professor Sinclair’s face was full of anger and disgust, but she was flushed and panting hard with arousal.

“You think I’d use my mouth on you, you filthy slut?” Professor Sinclair no longer sounded mesmerized. She sounded aggressive. “You think you can tell me what to do?”

“N-n-no?” Lexi replied, her addled mind struggling to adjust to whatever had just happened.

“You. Are. A. Fucking. Student,” Professor Sinclair told her, punctuating each word by plunging her fingers deep into Lexi’s cunt, which was wetter and needier than ever. “I’m the professor. Do you understand? I’m in control here.”

“Yes,” Lexi agreed readily, but the professor slapped her sharply in the face with her free hand.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, professor!” Lexi could tell what Professor Sinclair wanted from her.

“That’s better.” Professor Sinclair licked her lips, and kept finger-fucking Lexi. “I was worried about you, you know? But it turns out you’ve turned into just another one of those brainless sluts who thinks they don’t need to bother with anything except getting their cunts filled. Pathetic. At least finally I can take out my frustration on one of you.”

“Mmmaahhh!” Lexi moaned. For some reason, the way Professor Sinclair had so suddenly taken control of her had made her insanely turned on. The raw disgust and hostility in the woman’s voice made her shiver deliciously all over. She felt so humiliated and small, and it was so good.

“You should apologize to me,” Professor Sinclair continued, her words dripping with contempt, “for ever making me waste my time and effort on you.”

“I’m… s-sorry!” Lexi obeyed. She was too far gone to question or resist.

“Apologize for being such a worthless, shameless whore.”

“I’m sorry!” Lexi repeated, but Professor Sinclair just slapped her again.

“For what?”

“I-I’m sorry for being…” Lexi giggled again, and was rewarded with yet another slap, which made her moan. “Such a w-worthless… shameless… whore!”

“Good.” Professor Sinclair looked down, and then sniffed. “Oh my god, look at you! You’re dripping all over my chair. Disgusting. I think you should apologize for that too.”

“I’m s-sorry,” Lexi whined, her voice distorted by her constant moaning. “I c-can’t help it!”

“I suppose you can’t,” Professor Sinclair commented, her face twisting into a cruel smile. “You really can’t, can you? I can’t believe I ever thought you were smart. You’re not better than an animal. You’re even marked like an animal. Look at all this… ‘pain toy’, ‘masochist slut’. It’s obscene. You need to be marked like this all the time, don’t you? To make sure no-one mistakes you for anything else.

Lexi nodded vigorously. She’d never imagined Professor Sinclair had it in her to be so cruel. Lexi was loving it.

“Now… what am I going to do with you?” Professor Sinclair pondered, still clearly enjoying the way she was making Lexi squirm.

“P-please…” Lexi managed. There was only one thing on her mind at this point.

“Oh?” Professor Sinclair asked, cruel delight in her eyes. “You want something?”

“Please… I need… to cum,” Lexi begged. Her whole body was longing for it.

“You want to cum?” Professor Sinclair sounded astonished. “And what on Earth makes you think I would care about helping you with that.

“P-please… I’ll do… anything. Just please… I need it.”

“Anything? Wow.” Professor Sinclair slapped Lexi again, and then slipped her hand down Lexi’s face and fastened it around her throat. “You really mean it, don’t you? You’d do anything right now, in exchange for an orgasm. Don’t you realize how utterly pathetic that is?”

Lexi nodded and Professor Sinclair squeezed her neck, rendering her unable to speak.

“We don’t need to hear anything more out of you, do we? A brainless bimbo like you doesn’t have anything important to say. You just need to shut up and take your punishment. Cum? A reward is the last thing you deserve.” Despite her words, Professor Sinclair kept finger-fucking Lexi just as hard as before. Her grip on Lexi’s neck grew tighter and tighter by the moment, turning Lexi’s wild moans into strangled squeaks of pleasure.

“How does it feel?” Professor Sinclair scoffed. “Never mind. I can tell you’re enjoying it. Of course you are. You’d enjoy anything, wouldn’t you, slut? I suppose I’ll just have to try and enjoy debasing you even more.”

Lexi realized Professor Sinclair was gripping her throat so hard she couldn’t breathe. She brought up one of her own hands to clasp Professor Sinclair’s arm at the wrist, but the professor wouldn’t relent, and Lexi was just so weak. The overwhelming pleasure filling her body was making her twitch and shiver constantly, sapping her strength. Without air, her head was growing lighter and emptier by the moment. Even more than usual, she couldn’t focus. The corners of her vision were going dark.

“I’ve heard this feels extremely good,” Professor Sinclair commented, her almost-clinical tone contrasting with the crazed expression on her face. “Is this how you’re going to cum, slut? With me choking the breath out of you?”

Lexi was powerless to respond. She was powerless to do anything. She was drowning in pleasure. As she felt her consciousness slip away, it grew stronger and stronger. Not just in her cunt, in her whole body. Everything was so warm. She felt so faint. She was so close.

“Fine, then,” Professor Sinclair sneered. “Cum.”

At that same instant, she doubled the pace of her hand against Lexi’s slit. That was all it took to push her over the edge. The pleasure was incredible. Indescribable. It was like an explosion firing off in her brain. The fact that she was on the verge of blacking out made it so much better. There was no room in her mind for anything except bliss. She would have screamed, if she’d had any air left in her lungs with which to do so. Professor Sinclair kept fucking her mercilessly as she came, watching as Lexi slumped in the chair and turned this way and that, desperate for air helpless in the grasp of her own orgasm. She was still cumming when the professor finally released her throat, allowing her to breathe once more. Lexi took several long, grateful breaths, and let out a weak, high-pitched moan. When the oxygen hit her brain again, everything was thrown back into sharp relief, including the pleasure. Lexi’s eyes rolled back into her head. She’d never felt so good before.

For just a few seconds, Lexi did black out. Long since overwhelmed, her mind simply short-circuited. When she returned to her senses, Professor Sinclair was no longer attending to her pussy. Instead, the professor was on her feet again, backing away from Lexi and staring at her in horror.

“W-what,” Professor Sinclair spluttered. “What have I done? How could I have done that?”

Lexi giggled weakly. “Thanks for the good time, professor.

“You… you made me. You t-tempted me.”

“Nope!” Lexi declared brightly. “It was just like you said, remember? You were in control.”

“I…” Professor Sinclair swallowed awkwardly. “You… you’re a menace. I’ll see to it that you’re thrown out of here so fast it’ll make you’re head spin. You—”

“Oh, I don’t think so,” Lexi interrupted. It was all coming back to her now. It had all played out just like she’d planned. Lexi felt proud of herself. She could be pretty smart sometimes, for an airheaded bimbo. “Cause, like, professor, I don’t think you want anyone finding out about this, do ya?”

The blush in Professor Sinclair’s face faded, and she slowly turned white. “Alex, you wouldn’t…”

“The name’s Lexi.” Lexi giggled. “And yeah, like, I would. So… how about you keep giving me straight As, and we, like, keep this between us, ’kay?”

“I… that’s… you… my…” Professor Sinclair spluttered incoherently for a long time, before stumbling around to the other side of her desk and collapsing into her chair. Finally, she looked at Lexi, and nodded. “Fine.”

“Yay! I’m glad we could come to, like, a deal.” Lexi rose unsteadily to her feet and wrapped Professor Sinclair’s jacket around herself again. She couldn’t be bothered with her own clothes. She started heading for the door, but before she left, she turned back to the defeated-looking professor and said with a wink: “And if you ever want another fuck, just lemme know!”

To be continued...

* * *