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Title: Muscle Bimbo

Tags: f/f, mc, fd

Description: The nerdy, plain, shy Alex asks goth girl Winter out on a date, only to be told she’s not her type. But after that, Alex finds herself changing

Disclaimer: If you are under age wherever you happen to be accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. Please note that all characters depicted in this story are of legal age, and that the use of ‘girl’ in the story does not indicate otherwise. This story is a work of fantasy: in real life, hypnosis and sex without consent are deeply unethical and examples of such in this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. This work is copyright of Kallie © 2018, do not repost without explicit permission

* * *

Chapter Seven

Ashe sighed as she checked her phone for what felt like the hundredth time that day. Nothing. And that was exactly what she was doing—nothing. She looked around despondently. What was she doing with her life? Sitting on a bench outside a near-deserted mall on a weekday mid-morning. She felt so silly. She was tempted to go home—her apartment was just a short walk away—but she knew from experience that she’d only end up doing nothing at home as well. She badly needed a hobby. A real hobby, not sitting around outside a mall waiting for a girl who was probably never going to show up.

The day she’d ran into Alex was a day she was going to remember for a long time. Ashe had just happened to be in the mall that day, and had been unable not to take notice of the strange girl. She exuded such an odd vibe—a curious mix of confident and dorky, sexually outgoing and inhibited. There had been something mesmerizing about watching the girl go from store to store, changing from drab clothes to a bright pink, surprisingly revealing outfit and from old sneakers to daring heels. Alex’s body language had shifted too, becoming more and more confident and flirtatious while retaining a certain amount of shy bashfulness. That weird mixture of things had caught Alex’s eye, and watching her transformation had been nothing short of incredible. The best part was she’d been so sure Alex was checking her out, subtly encouraging her staring with the way she was walking and with with the looks she threw in her direction. Ashe’s gaydar was rarely wrong, and she knew when she was being flirted with. But when she’d made her move, it had all gone wrong. Whatever confidence and sexuality Alex had been projecting had utterly evaporated, and she’d scampered off like a terrified fawn. It had actually been cute, in a way, but it had left Ashe completely high and dry.

Despite that, Ashe had been hoping Alex might call. When she didn’t, after about a week Ashe had decided to put the strange girl out of her mind. But she found she was simply unable to. There had just been something about Alex that had left Ashe totally infatuated. It didn’t help that she didn’t know many other queer girls in the local area. Embarrassingly, after a few more days of pining over her, Ashe had found herself straying over to the mall whenever she left the apartment as if hoping to run into her again purely by chance. Before she knew it, she was doing it almost every day, and then actually every day. She felt foolish doing it but she couldn’t quite bring herself to stop, and she didn’t really have a reason to. She wasn’t busy, she reasoned, and it helped her stop cooping herself up in her apartment all week long. If she happened to meet that cute girl again, well, that was just a silver-lining. Ashe knew she was just kidding herself by thinking about it that way, but it was better than admitting she’d developed a ridiculous crush on a random girl based on just one encounter.

Ashe was just about to give up and head home for the day, when she saw something. A glint of bright pink in her peripheral vision. Her head whipped round as her heart filled with hope, but once she got a good look at the girl who seemed to be jogging in her direction, she wasn’t sure it was Alex. Was it? She was about the right height, and the pink clothes were distinctly reminiscent, but Ashe was sure Alex hadn’t had blonde hair before. Eventually though, she decided it was her. It was Alex. Once she reached that conclusion, Ashe was assailed with a complex mix of emotions. She was overjoyed, but also instantly anxious, especially as she realized that in none of her fantasies had she really tried to imagine in detail what she might say to Alex. She’d always imagined it would be easy, but what if it wasn’t? Would Alex remember her? If she did, would she think she was just a random creep? Ashe was hit with the urge to just bow her head, hide her face and let Alex pass by without saying anything to her. But no, she couldn’t. As Alex got closer, her resolve grew stronger. This was the miracle of a lifetime and she couldn’t let it go to waste.

“Hey!” she called out to Alex as she approached, waving to her. It took Alex a moment to notice her, and another moment for her face to register anything other than bafflement. Now she’d gotten a little closer, Ashe could see that Alex was out jogging. Once Alex got closer still, Ashe had to fight the urge to stare. The previously shy, nervous girl had changed dramatically. She was wearing the same kind of pink clothes she’d seen her buy, but much more suited to a workout—pink leggings and a pink sports bra, and that was it. With her stomach exposed, Ashe could see that Alex was—or had become—a lot thinner and trimmer than she’d judged weeks before. Her arms and legs were distinctly muscular and there was barely any puppy fat left on her frame, and the way her sweat glistened off her burgeoning abs was bringing heat to Ashe’s cheeks. The most dramatic change of all, though, was her hair. Where before she’d been a mousy brunette, her hair was now a radiant blonde. All in all, it was quite the image change.

“Oh, hey, I remember you,” Alex said brightly as she pulled her headphones out of her ears. Ashe listened curiously to try and hear what kind of music she was listening to. She was expecting pop, maybe some R&B, but all she could hear were a bunch of weird, dulcet tones that were strangely entrancing.

“Hey,” Ashe said, and then cringed as she remembered she’d already said that. “Um… it’s wild running into you again like this.”

“Yeah.” Alex bent over and rested her hands on her knees, panting as her toned body heaved, slowly recovering from her exertion. Ashe realized her mouth was hanging open, and closed it.

“Well, um.” Ashe decided she needed to address the elephant in the room. “I’m sorry for cornering you last time, I completely misunderstood the kind of signs you were giving off. My bad. Hope it wasn’t too awkward for you.”

“O-oh, no, um, just forget about it.” Alex shivered and let out an oddly high-pitched giggle. Ashe stared at her, concerned. Was she straining herself too hard? But after a moment, Alex seemed to recover her composure. “I’m sorry too. I was also pretty awkward.”

“It’s totally OK,” Ashe said eagerly, more than happy to put past awkwardness behind them. After that, their nascent conversation hit a lull and Ashe had to rack her brain for a new topic of conversation. After a quick moment, she found one. “I love what you’ve done with your hair! What made you want to dye it blonde?”

Ashe was pleased when Alex straightened herself and smiled widely, one hand reaching up to absently fondle her hair. “Oh, you like it? I’ve actually always wanted it this way, I just never had the courage until recently. It’s just so glamorous and so… so sexy, yknow?”

“Yeah!” Ashe replied, surprised. Alex hadn’t really struck her as the type when they’d met before. She’d clearly changed a lot, but there was still a little of the awkward dork in the way she was flushed and faintly embarrassed at talking to Ashe while dressed as she was. It was cute.

“Well, um… oh! Are you a student at the college? How’s student life going?”

“Yeah, I am, I’m… ah!” Alex abruptly squealed and bent double again. Ashe peered at her, her concern doubling, but again, after a moment Alex managed to straighten herself and carry on talking, even though it was clearly taking her great effort. “I’m a student.” She giggled, and if anything her breathing was more laboured than before.

“How’s it going for you?” Ashe repeated.

“It’s, um, good, yeah,” Alex muttered, giggling.

“It must be coming up to midterms now, right?” Ashe pressed, oblivious to Alex’s embarrassment. “Studying hard?”

“I-I guess you could…” Alex let out a loud whimper and shivered again. This time, the spasms in her body didn’t subside for several seconds.

“Are you OK?” Ashe asked finally, her concern overcoming her desire for a nice, friendly conversation. “Maybe you should sit down.”

“No!” Alex insisted, and then giggled. “That would be… um… what was I? Oh! Um… studying is… I guess I haven’t been going to class so much lately.”

“Oh.” Ashe couldn’t think of anything better to say than that.

“It’s totally OK though.” Alex giggled again. “I’ve been, like, working out and hanging out with friends! That’s way more important. I can always just catch up whenever I need to, yknow?”

Ashe nodded, although at that point everything about Alex’s words and demeanor seemed decidedly weird. She was about to start telling Alex a little about herself, hoping to become less of a stranger, when once again Alex let out a whimper that was more of a moan, and shivered. This time she slipped off her balance for a moment and stumbled. Ashe took a step towards her, concerned she was going to pass out or collapse.

“Woah there! Are you—” Alex managed to right herself in time, and Ashe froze in her tracks. When she did, she could hear something. There was a sound coming from Alex, a sound she hadn’t really noticed before because it had been too quiet and she’d been slightly too far away. But now she was closer and her ears were attuned to it, she couldn’t fail keep track of it. It was a low, constant buzzing, a little like a phone vibrating, but stronger, more insistent. Alex seemed to sense that Ashe had registered the noise and simply stared at her, mortified. The awkward silence continued for a long moment until Ashe said: “Is that your phone?”

“N-uh, yes, yeah I guess so.” Alex’s eyes shifted and she blushed deeper.

Ashe wasn’t buying it for a moment. “Aren’t you gonna get that, then?”

“It’s…” Even though she’d stopped exercising to speak to Ashe, Alex was starting to sweat bullets. “Uh, well, that’s.” She giggled shrilly. “I-it’s just an alarm.”

“Uh huh.” Ashe’s eyes narrowed as she inspected Alex. The noise was coming from her body, and seemed to be coming from a few places. She didn’t have any visible pockets, though. Alex noticed her looking and covered herself, embarrassed, but not before Ashe was able to make out the impressions of various shapes running underneath her clothes. Long, thin shapes running up her leg and across her breasts, to larger bulges on her nipples and between her thighs. Wires. Once Ashe made that connection, it was easy enough to realize what the sound was. She fixed Alex with a look of absolute shock. “Alex, are those… vibrators?”

Ashe expected denial, however unconvincing. What she didn’t expect was for Alex to moan loudly and then, giggling, to use one hand to pull up her sports bra and the other to pull down her yoga pants. Sure enough, just as Ashe had figured out, she had three bullet vibrators connected to her body, each one held in place with a small piece of tape. Two were taped directly against her engorged nipples whilst the other was pressing against the dripping slit between her legs, and all of them were vibrating loudly. Wires, also held with tape, led around and down her body to the controls for the vibrators. Alex just waited like that, squirming in a way that made it clear she was incredibly turned on and in incredible pleasure, while Ashe stared aghast at her exposed body. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. It was like something out of porn. She couldn’t imagine anyone doing it for real, outside of maybe some kind of sorority hazing ritual, and she certainly couldn’t imagine why someone like Alex would do it. Despite the urge she felt to make Alex cover herself up, for a long time she couldn’t bring herself to actually say anything. There was something almost hypnotic about the sweaty, scantily-clad blonde girl in front of her, lifting her clothes and squirming erotically as if exposing herself for inspection. Ashe felt her own breathing quicken, but before long, reality reasserted itself.

“What the hell are you doing?” she cried out. “Are you crazy? Stop that!”

Mercifully, Alex hurriedly set her clothes back in position, covering herself. Immediately after, she stumbled forward to the bench Ashe had been sitting on and slumped onto it, her face a mask of uncontrollable, irresistible arousal. Utterly confused, Ashe sat down next to her and leaned in so they could talk quietly, doing her best to ignore the whine of the vibrators.

“Alex… what are you doing? What is this?”

“I’m just jogging,” Alex whimpered. Clearly she’d been trying to suppress any obvious signs of arousal or pleasure, and however bad of a job she’d been doing, now that she’d given up trying her state of mind was so much more obvious. She sounded like she’d been fucked out of her wits. Her voice was indisputably sexual and her every utterance was punctuated by drunk-sounding, high-pitched giggling. To Ashe, it was like she was talking to a porn star bimbo stereotype come to life, and she was struggling to reconcile that with the impression of Alex she’d formed before.

“No you’re not,” Ashe replied flatly.

“I am!” Alex insisted.

“Nobody puts on a bunch of… those just to go for a job. Is this some kind of kink thing?”

“It’s not!” That reply was hard to believe when moaned in such a pleasure-filled voice, but Alex seemed oddly sincere. “It’s just… it’s just common sense to wear vibrators when you go jogging!”

Alex words hung in the air for a long time. Ashe was totally at a loss. How did she respond to that? She didn’t know whether to laugh or get mad. It was beyond absurd, but what truly elevated it to the next level of strangeness was that Ashe could detect no hint of mockery or dishonestly behind Alex’s words. She genuinely seemed to believe what she was saying.

“It’s… I…” she spluttered eventually. “Why would you ever think that?”

Alex looked down, embarrassed, and giggled. “It’s just common sense.”

“But…” Ashe had no idea how to even begin arguing. “But why the hell would that be common sense? Why would it be common sense to put vibrators on yourself while you’re jogging.”

“It’s just common sense,” Alex repeated stubbornly.

Ashe decided to try a slightly different approach. “OK but… why would you think that? Who told you that?”

“My friend, Winter,” Alex answered. Then, her brow furrowed as if she’d happened upon some kind of contradiction. “I mean… I always knew it, I guess. Everyone knows it. It’s common sense. But she just reminded me of it this morning. I’m so grateful, I was being so silly before by not doing.”

Ashe frowned, sensing something suspicious at work. “What about you showing me everything like that? Is that common sense? Did Winter tell you that too?”

“Mhm!” Alex flashed a lopsided, happy grin and giggled. “Yeah, she told me. Winter’s always right about those kinds of things. It’d just be rude not to show you, since you figured it out.”

Ashe couldn’t begin to fathom that logic. “Doesn’t… doesn’t it bother you, though? I mean, how could it be common sense? Wearing vibrators like that has got to make it way harder to jog. It doesn’t make any sense for that to be common sense.”

Alex’s brow furrowed again and she spoke slowly, like she was struggling to think through a thick fog. “I guess… since it makes it harder, it’s better exercise?”

“No it doesn’t,” Ashe replied flatly. She could tell that even Alex couldn’t quite believe that explanation.

Alex went silent for a while, and Ashe was starting to believe she’d gotten through to her when Alex’s consternation vanished and she let out another giggle. “Well, common sense doesn’t always make sense, you know? Sometimes we do things just to be polite, or because they’re weird habits or traditions, I guess.”

Ashe sighed in frustration. She wasn’t getting anywhere, and she wasn’t sure what to do. Part of her wanted to leave, but a much larger part of her was far too fascinated by Alex to even consider that. She’d been hoping for this meeting for so long, and while it wasn’t what she’d expected, she couldn’t quite bring herself to turn away from it. Besides, maybe she could help Alex. The poor girl clearly needed it. But how? Ashe had to admit she didn’t have the faintest idea. As all those thoughts were running through her head, she noticed Alex was looking at her strangely. Hungrily. The embarrassment that she’d seen in the girl’s eyes earlier was gone, replaced by an intensity of lust that made Ashe tremble.

“Hey,” Alex began slowly, and Ashe could hear the same hungry lust in her voice. “Last time, you said your place is right around here, right? Let’s go there. Right now.”

“You want… now?” Ashe was taken aback by the sudden, forceful request. She wasn’t opposed to casual hook-ups, of course. She had plenty of experience with them. But under the circumstances, it felt different. Something weird was going on with Alex, she couldn’t ignore that. Nor could she ignore how dramatic the difference was between the brunette girl who’d fled from her flirtatious suggestions last month and the blonde girl shamelessly propositioning her in public now, a blonde girl who was so turned on from the vibrators she wore while jogging that she seemed to be trying to subtly touch herself over her yoga pants. “I, er…”

“Please,” Alex moaned, her voice breathy with desperate need. And to Ashe’s embarrassment, that was all it took. She’d been infatuated with the memory of this girl for too long to say ‘no.’ Already, the wheels of justification were turning in her head. Alex was a grown woman, and she wanted her. Why did anything else need to matter? Above all, she simply couldn’t bring herself to refuse a cute girl pleading with her in such an erotic way. Ashe swallowed.

“Can you at least turn the vibrators off?”

Alex seemed vaguely unhappy with the request, but she nodded. “Whatever you want,” she said with lascivious inflection, and reached around her body switching off the small bullet vibrators attached to her most sensitive spots. Once they were all off, a complicated expression passed over the blonde girl’s face. On the one hand, she seemed relieved that her body was no longer being constantly assailed by debilitating pleasure. On the other hand, there was a glint in her eyes suggesting it was only making her more desperate. Whatever the case, she rose to her feet and beckoned for Ashe to do the same. “Come on!”

Ashe stood up and started walking at a brisk pace towards her apartment, just a short walk away. Alex trotted impatiently at her heels, clearly finding even the brief journey an agonizing delay. Ashe sensed her brighten as they reached the small apartment complex, and even more so once Ashe unlocked the door to her small, cluttered apartment and let them inside. Mercifully, they didn’t run into anyone else on the way. Before she could properly show her in, Alex located the bedroom and perched herself on the edge of the bed. Not really knowing what else to do, Ashe sat a little way along the bed from her. Awkward silence prevailed between them. They both knew exactly what was going to happen, but Ashe was too confused to make the first move and a little of Alex’s shyness had returned. Her need seemed to be slowly but surely getting the better of her, though. Ashe watched, enraptured, as Alex slowly shifted her position to lift one leg up onto the bed so she was half-kneeling, and then the blonde girl started slowly inching her legs open. It was so slow Ashe wasn’t sure if it was deliberate or not, but then she noticed Alex’s hand slowly snaking down towards her thighs. Alex started biting her lip. Ashe had never seen such a picture of lust.

“Can I…” Alex eventually whispered in a strained voice. “Turn them back on?”

Ashe didn’t know why Alex was asking her for permission, but the display of submissiveness gave her a distinct thrill. She nodded. Alex flashed a grateful smile and quickly turned the bullet vibrators on again. The room was filled with the humming sound of three tiny motors, which was quickly drowned out by Alex’s loud moans. She wasn’t holding back with her voice anymore. Her eyes fell shut and an expression of bliss formed on her face. Ashe could see her shift her position slightly and start to gyrate her hips, subtly but noticeably grinding herself on the edge of the bed. The arousal and the pleasure seemed to be quickly draining away what remained of her inhibitions, and before long she started playing with one her tits through her bra, and slipped a few fingers down the waistband of her yoga pants. Her moaning grew louder. At first, Ashe was too focused on Alex’s entrancingly pornographic performance to think about anything else, but before long the warmth building in her own body made her aware that she was becoming just as aroused as Alex seemed to be. Her clothes were starting to feel heavy and constraining and, without really being conscious of it, one of her hands had drifted down to gently massage herself between her legs, filling her body with warm, gentle waves of pleasure. When Ashe noticed what she was doing she froze, embarrassed, but Alex had noticed too and fixed her with a hungry, eager gaze.

“Can I touch you?” Alex asked, her voice full of naked lust.

Ashe nodded again, and before she knew what was happening, Alex was flying at her. She’d never seen girl move so fast. Ashe felt Alex’s weight impact against her body and then she was tumbling backwards and lying flat on her back. It took her a moment to get her bearings but Alex didn’t miss a beat, and was already impatiently unfastening her jeans and pulling them off so violently Ashe could practically hear the stitches straining not to rip. Alex soon got her jeans free and threw them aside, somehow managing to slip Ashe’s shoes and socks off too in the process, leaving her naked from the waist down except for her panties. Alex grinned at the sight of a small spot of damp slowly spreading across them, whilst Ashe blushed and turned her face to one side.

She whimpered when Alex peeled off her plain, black panties, completely exposing her to the cool air. For a moment she feared the nymphomaniacal girl would tease her, but apparently she didn’t have the patience. Alex plunged her face into Ashe’s pussy, nestling her head forcefully between Ashe’s thighs. Ashe couldn’t hold back a moan. Alex wasn’t exactly skilled or subtle, but her raw enthusiasm made up for it. She licked Ashe’s pussy like she was dying of thirst and it was the last water in the world. She wasn’t content to simply lap at her clit or pleasure her slit; she pressed her tongue deep inside Ashe, trying to penetrate as far inside her as she could. For Ashe, the sensation was intense. She threw her head back and used one hand to grip the bedsheets, her muscles instinctively tensing up and spasming as heat wracked her body. She wasn’t used to this kind of treatment. She was a top, and she was used to dealing with pillow princess femmes she could make scream all night long. Now, the boot was on the other foot. She felt strangely powerless as Alex went to town on her, like puppet being manipulating by strings of pure ecstasy.

Through it all, she couldn’t help but ask herself: why was Alex doing this? What was going on with her? This wasn’t the behavior of a dorky, shy college student. It was the behavior of a wanton slut. None of it made any sense. She thought wearing vibrators while jogging was common sense. It was so absurd it had to be the result of something suspicious. She’d said someone called ‘Winter’ had told her. Her friend. How had she made Alex believe that? How could she have? And why? Ashe’s attempts to get to grips with those questions were totally obliterated when Alex stretched up one hand and clumsily felt around for one of Ashe’s tits, mauling her over her shirt. It was rough in the best possible way, and with two sources of pleasure hitting her at once, there was no way Ashe could think about anything at all. Her mind went blank.

Ashe couldn’t be sure how long Alex went down on her for. There was no way for her to have any sense of time when she was feeling so good. All she knew was that she was having orgasm after orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. She was in heaven. She felt like a goddess being worshiped by an angel, as Alex poured all of her energy into making Ashe feel as good as possible. Now that she’d had a chance to unleash some of her pent-up enthusiasm, she was starting to slow down and vary her technique more, knowing that as Ashe was crested the wave of multiple orgasms, doing so was only prolonging her bliss. Each kiss she planted on the sensitive insides of Ashe’s thighs was like a burning brand of pleasure onto her body. Each time her tongue strayed to Ashe’s clit, it was like a supernova. Ashe couldn’t stop cumming. She didn’t want to. She’d never felt so good. There was something dream-like about the whole situation, with how she’d met up with the girl she’d been dreaming about only to find she was an eager, exhibitionist, pussy-licking slut. It was like a fantasy come to life.

Eventually, though, Ashe became aware that her pleasure was subsiding. She lifted her head and looked down. Alex was looking back at her, eyes shining. The blonde girl was a mess. Her whole body was flushed and she was panting with need, and her face was drenched with Ashe’s juices. At some point she’d lifted herself to a kneeling position and was using her free hand to vigorously finger-fuck herself. Her toned, athletic ass was bobbing side to side in the air, betraying the fact that she was so desperate to be touched she couldn’t keep still.

“Please,” she whimpered in the most pathetic voice Ashe had ever heard.

Ashe’s blissed-out grin slowly morphed into a confident smirk. This was more like her usual territory. Once enough strength had returned to her orgasm-wracked body, she levered herself into a shitting position and reached over into her beside table, and pulled out a strap-on and a connecting harness. Ashe raised herself to her knees and started to fix the harness to her body.

“Strip for me,” she ordered in a slightly shaky voice as she adjusted the straps and fittings. “Give me a show.”

Alex didn’t even hesitate. She hopped off the bed and started rolling her hips in slow, seductive circles, dancing to music only she could hear. Her clothes were all askew from how she’d been touching herself, and she didn’t bother fixing them before she started peeling them off, taking her time to make Ashe savor every tantalizing moment of temptation as more and more of her body was revealed. The bullet vibrators were still humming, and sometimes they made her shiver from pleasure and break her rhythm, but to Ashe that only made Alex’s strip-tease even sexier. At the same time, she marveled appreciatively at how toned and well-formed the blonde girl’s body was. It really showed that she’d been spending a lot of time jogging and working out—as she rolled her hips back her abs were faintly visible on her stomach, and the curvature of her hips was so alluringly well-defined. The confidence and balance with which she moved her body was another sign that she’d been hitting the gym hard. Ashe had to wonder why, but she also had to appreciate the results.

Once Alex was naked and the strap-on was fixed on to Ashe’s body, Alex hopped back on the bed. She knelt facing away from Ashe, propping her ass invitingly in the air with her legs apart. As Ashe watched, a little droplet of wetness dripped from her pussy and fell onto the bed. Ashe grinned. For all her earlier misgivings, seeing Alex this desperate and this turned-on was making her more aroused than she’d ever been in her life.

“Please,” Alex begged again, sounding almost nervous. “What are you waiting for?”

Ashe approached her from behind and them roughly grabbed her between her legs, shoving several fingers inside her. Alex gasped and moaned and her whole body was wracked with spasms.

“You want to get fucked?” Ashe demanded. Being eaten out on her back like that was fun, but she loved being in control.

“Yes, please, please!” Alex whimpered.

“Beg for it.”

“Please fuck me, please fuck me!” Alex screamed. “Please I need it, please, fuck my tight pussy, god, I—”

“This?” Ashe twisted her fingers and grabbed hard, making Alex yelp and cutting off her delirious begging. “This is your wet, slutty cunt. Say it.”

“Yes,” Alex hissed. “Please, fuck my tight cunt. I’m so wet. I need it. My cunt needs to get fucked.”

Ashe didn’t have the willpower to hold herself back any longer. She placed a firm hand on Alex’s hip and used it to guide her back while thrusting her own hips forward at the same time, pushing the bullet vibrator aside and burying her strap-on to the hilt in Alex’s needy cunt in a single, smooth movement. Alex’s reaction was instant. She started flailing her arms madly as she totally lost control, threatening to slip out of Ashe’s grasp. Ashe wouldn’t let her, though. She lent forward and used her other hand to scoop up a handful of Alex’s platinum blonde hair and pulled back on it, using it to control her like a master horseman controlling the reins. Alex groaned in shock and pain as her head was yanked back, but from the way her body responded it was clear she was enjoying it too. Holding her like that, Ashe started fucking her, driving her strap-on cock in and out of Alex at a brutal, mechanically regular pace. If she was reading Alex right, she didn’t want to be teased or fucked slowly and gently. She wanted to be pounded so hard her eyes rolled back into her head, and Ashe was happy to oblige.

As Ashe ploughed into Alex’s sopping cunt over and over again, she was in a very different kind of heaven of her own. She didn’t receive much physical pleasure from fucking with a strap-on like this, although the way it rubbed against her sensitive, throbbing clit was certainly pleasurable. No, for her, most of it was mental. The rush she got from reducing a girl to a wet, mind-fucked mess was a reward all of its own. She didn’t need anything more than that. Alex’s every moan, her every whimper, her every incoherent plea was music to Ashe’s ears, and it was better than even the best orgasm. She loved being a top.

“Please!” Alex moaned. “So… hard… fuck, fuck, fuck so deep, oh god, you’re so fucking good.”

“You like that, slut?” Ashe took her hand off Ashe’s hip and spanked her viciously hard across one of her ass cheeks. The moan Alex made from that was her loudest yet. She half-collapsed onto the bed, Ashe’s strap-on and her hand in her hair the only things holding her up. Ashe felt her cunt tighten around her strap-on, and grinned. A masochist, too. She spanked Alex again. “Move, whore.”

“Y-yes.” Weakly, Alex forced her sweaty, flushed, pleasure-wracked body into motion, pushing herself forward and back to impale herself deeper on Ashe’s shaft. As a reward, Ashe simply spanked her again.


Ashe fucked Alex like that for a very long time, keeping a furious pace and pulling on Alex’s hair and spanking her to keep her moving too. She didn’t care how long it took, and she didn’t care how many orgasms Alex had. From the looks of it, Alex had long since lost count. Ashe kept fucking her until all her strength gave out and, exhausted, she slipped out of Alex’s swollen pussy and slumped sideways onto the bed. Alex did the same, apparently sated. Ashe couldn’t bring herself to say anything. She was totally out of breath, and couldn’t move a muscle if she tried. The beginnings of so many thoughts popped into her head, so many things she could or should say, but they all vanished before they could fully form. Ashe could feel herself starting to slip into a light sleep, and thought about pulling Alex in tight so they could cuddle for a while. That sounded nice. But she was roused from her reverie when she sensed Alex moving around near her. Ashe eventually managed to lift her head and saw Alex diligently picking up her clothes from the floor, re-dressing herself, and reattaching her bullet vibrators to her body as best she could.

“What are you doing?” Ashe asked in a weak voice. “Do you have to go?”

“Mhm!” Alex giggled. “I gotta finish my jog!”

With that, she switched on her vibrators, letting out a low, appreciative moan, and headed out the door. Before she could even say anything, Ashe heard the front door to her apartment open and close. That was it. She was gone. Almost immediately, Ashe found herself questioning if any of it had been real. It felt like something out of a porn movie. But no, it had really happened. Wow. Ashe realized she still didn’t have Alex’s number, and cursed herself. Hopefully Alex still had hers, and hopefully she’d now think to give her a call. Maybe she’d earned that with her performance. Ashe thought back to how they’d coincidentally met earlier, Alex jogging around with those vibrators attached to her body. She’d considered it common sense. That bizarre puzzle started preying on Ashe’s mind again, and soon, she made a resolution. She would see Alex again. Not only because she wanted to get closer, but also, because she was determined to get to the bottom of whatever had changed her so much.

To be continued...

* * *