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Title: Muscle Bimbo

Tags: f/f, mc, fd

Description: The nerdy, plain, shy Alex asks goth girl Winter out on a date, only to be told she’s not her type. But after that, Alex finds herself changing

Disclaimer: If you are under age wherever you happen to be accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. Please note that all characters depicted in this story are of legal age, and that the use of ‘girl’ in the story does not indicate otherwise. This story is a work of fantasy: in real life, hypnosis and sex without consent are deeply unethical and examples of such in this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. This work is copyright of Kallie © 2018, do not repost without explicit permission

* * *

Chapter Nine

Lexi slipped her earbuds out of her ears, the sound of the up-beat dance-pop she’d been listening to disappearing. She peered around. Was this really the place? It didn’t look like it. She pulled out her phone to double-check the directions she’d been given. She’d kept needing to double-check things recently. Her head was always so fuzzy, it was so easy for her to forget things or make mistakes. Lexi giggled. She was so dumb. This time, though, it seemed like she’d done everything right. She was in the right place: the empty, unused pathway behind the secondary lecture theater on campus. Lexi had been having a normal morning of leisurely exercise and frantic masturbation when she’d received a message from Sierra, telling her to come meet her there for a workout at once. It seemed like a strange place for Sierra to want to meet her at. Lexi giggled again. She used to go to that lecture theater all the time, when she’d been all boring and studious. Before she’d got her priorities straight. She’d been so silly. Back then, her phone had been loaded up with classical music and indie rock, but when she’d tried to give it a listen the previous week, she’d found it so slow and boring. She’d ended up deleting it all, and replacing it with some pop music Winter had suggested for her. Winter was such a great friend!

What had those boring old lectures been about anyway? Lexi scrunched up her face for a moment, trying to remember, but she quickly gave up. All she could remember were a bunch of long, boring, complicated words that she knew she’d never be able to get right. Not that she’d want to. Working out and getting fucked were so much more fun, so much more rewarding, and so much easier. There was such a simple, visceral joy to wearing herself out at the gym and seeing her body grow slimmer, more shapely, and more muscular as a reward. And of course, nothing was as much fun as getting fucked. Lexi couldn’t believe it had taken her so long to figure it out but now, her body had become so needy that she could barely go one day without hooking up with someone. Fortunately, with her glamorous blonde hair and toned body, that wasn’t difficult. What was even better was all the ways she could combine her two passions, like wearing vibrators and stuffing herself with dildos before a workout. In fact, she’d gotten so used to it that her holes were feeling so desperate and empty without them. Sierra had told her to leave them behind for once, though, and Lexi loved doing whatever Sierra told her. She was, however, curious to see what Sierra had planned.

“Hey, do you think that’s her?”

Lexi turned to see a group of four girls walking towards her from the other end of the building. Lexi blinked, surprised. None of the girls were Sierra, but as she stared, she realized she did recognize them. All four of them were from Chi Gamma Theta, the most prestigious, most popular, and most exclusive sorority on campus. All of their members were well-known as queen bitches. Lexi had always used to avoid them like the plague. Why would four of them be here with her, behind a lecture theater?

The pack of them approached her and stopped, looking her up and down. Lexi became suddenly conscious of the fact that she was showing a lot of skin—all she was wearing was a tank top and miniskirt. Unsure what was going on, Lexi giggled nervously and said: “Hi.”

One of the sorority girls, a blonde with luscious, straight, carefully maintained hair and wearing jeans and a striped tank top, sniffed and turned to address her friends, totally ignoring Lexi. “Oh yeah. She’s definitely the one Sierra sent.”

“Sierra?” Lexi’s ears pricked up. What did Sierra have to do with these girls? “You, like, know Sierra?”

“Cordelia, are you sure?” asked another of them, a black girl with a pink top and frizzy, stylish natural hair. “This bimbo? She doesn’t even know what’s going on.”

“Oh that’s right, I forgot this is your first time, Yasmin,” Cordelia replied. “That’s just how it is sometimes. This is definitely the girl.”

“B-but if she doesn’t know, then how do we…” said the nervous-looking girl bringing up the rear of the group. A brunette with curls, she looked somewhat mousy and almost out of place amongst the other, more fashionable-looking girls, but her dress and jewelry looked distinctly expensive and classy. She spoke like a rich girl too, and carried a messenger bag at her side.

“Oh relax, pledge Ellie,” Cordelia answered, emphasizing the ‘pledge’ as if to remind her of her place. “She just needs a little… warming up.”

“Um,” Lexi interrupted. She was confused, but that was a familiar feeling recently. “Do you know where Sierra is? I’m supposed to meet her.”

Cordelia snorted. “See? She’s a complete airhead. Definitely Sierra’s girl. Sabrina, why don’t you show the new girls how it’s done?”

The last girl of the four stepped up in front of Lexi. She was wearing a short cut leather jacket and dark glasses that hid her eyes, and she had very long, black hair. She stared at Lexi for a long moment and while she couldn’t see her eyes, Lexi got the impression of a cold, clinical, detached gaze. “Ummm,” Lexi began uncertainly. “Is there, like, something you—”

Without warning, Sabrina pressed her hand flat against Lexi’s chest and shoved her, hard. Lexi stumbled back and slumped against the wall behind her. Before she had any chance to recover, Sabrina was all over her. Lexi shivered as she felt Sabrina’s hand trace the chiseled lines of her abs, turning her thoughts to mush, and then moaned lightly when Sabrina used her other hand to roughly grope her tits at the same time, mauling her body with no regard or concern for her. Lexi clasped a hand over her mouth, stifling any further moans. She wanted to resist, but her body had become so sensitive that being touched that way turned her muscles jelly. She looked around to see if there any bystanders, but all she saw was Sabrina’s sorority sisters closing in around her, blocking off any avenues of escape. Lexi shivered. What the hell was going on? She’d been picked up by girls before, including on her jogs, but this felt different.

“Here’s how it is,” said Cordelia, coming into view behind Sabrina, who was still vigorously and wordlessly groping Lexi. The blonde girl glared at Lexi with scornful eyes that were clearly accustomed to perfect obedience, and put her hands on her hips. “We’re Sierra’s… friends. And Sierra promised us that you’d show us a good time. You don’t wanna disappoint Sierra, right?”

Lexi nodded. Physically speaking, she was catching up to Sierra despite being naturally much shorter and slighter, but that hadn’t changed the fact that Sierra utterly dominated her during every moment of their interactions, ranging from barking orders like a drill sergeant during her workouts to fiercely pounding her pussy in the showers afterwards. She’d threatened to ‘share’ Lexi before, but Lexi had figured it was just talk. Apparently not. But she really didn’t want to disappoint Sierra, and besides, it had been a while since she’d been fucked. From the way the sorority girls were circling her like a pack of wolves, it didn’t seem like she had much of an option to refuse.

“So you’ll be a good girl for us, won’t you?” Cordelia pressed, tapping her feet.

Lexi nodded again. She was too embarrassed to speak, knowing her voice would come out as a lustful moan from the way Sabrina was touching her. She had to bite down on her fingers for a moment to stifle a moan anyway, when Sabrina bent in and bit her exposed neck.

“I’m glad you understand your place.” Cordelia sighed, making a show of how frustrated she was with Lexi’s slowness. “God, you really are an air-headed slut, huh? Look at you, you’re a total mess from being shoved against a wall and touched up by a girl you don’t even know. Isn’t that pathetic?”

Lexi wanted to protest, but she couldn’t. Sabrina’s hands were incredibly skillful, and Cordelia’s scornful, degrading words sent pink bubbles of blissful happiness cascading through her head. Being humiliated turned her on so much.

“I bet you’re already completely soaked,” Cordelia continued. “In fact, why don’t we find out?”

She advanced menacingly towards Lexi, but paused when Yasmin called out: “Wait, be careful! She looks kinda strong.”

“Strong?” Cordelia scoffed. “Are you kidding? Just look at her, she’s putty in Sabrina’s hands. Just a weak slut. That body, those muscles? That’s just for us to enjoy.”

With Yasmin’s concerns silenced, Cordelia stepped up besides Sabrina and reached her hand up under Lexi’s tiny skirt. Lexi yelped as she felt the bitchy sorority girl’s fingers graze against her bare pussy, which was already dripping wet from how turned on she was.

“Oh my god.” Cordelia sounded disgusted, but Lexi didn’t miss the gleeful sadism in her smirk or the burning arousal in her eyes. “No panties? You aren’t wearing any panties? What are you, a whore?” For some reason, all the sorority girls laughed openly at that, even Sabrina. “Well, what do you have to say for yourself, slut? Why aren’t you wearing panties?”

“I… forgot.” Lexi managed to say, blushing deeply. It was true. Somehow recently, she’d kept forgetting to put on panties in the morning. It just kept slipping her mind. It didn’t help that panties made it harder for her to touch herself when she needed to, which was all the time.

“You forgot?” Yasmin echoed, astonished, as the others laughed again. “Jesus, you really are a complete bimbo, huh?”

“I told you. She’s the girl.” As she spoke, Cordelia forcefully buried three of her fingers all the way into Lexi’s receptive cunt. This time, Lexi couldn’t stop herself moaning as raw pleasure thundered through her. Her whole body twitched and her legs gave out beneath her, and she slumped to the ground. The sorority girls closed in tighter, looming over her. Cordelia’s expression was one of delighted cruelty, Sabrina’s face was unreadable, and the other two girls still seemed shocked and uncertain, although both of their cheeks were slightly red with the tell-tale blush of arousal. Cordelia jammed her hand, dripping with Lexi’s juices, into the muscular girl’s face. “Lick,” she commanded.

Lexi felt half-drunk from how overwhelming it all was, but she nonetheless opened her mouth and presented her tongue obediently, sucking on Cordelia’s fingers and tasting the sweetness of her own horniness. She couldn’t help herself. When she got turned on, she got light-headed and giddy in a way that made submission feel so easy and natural. Once Cordelia’s hand was clean she withdrew it, and Lexi giggled. She couldn’t help that either. Her light-headedness and arousal combined to leave her feeling incredibly dumb and incredibly bubbly.

“Wow, she even enjoyed that,” Yasmin breathed. “Didn’t you?”

“Y-yes,” Lexi confessed, with another giggle. It was so embarrassing, and being embarrassed just made her even more horny and giggly.

“Slut,” Cordelia spat. Then she turned to Ellie, the mousy, rich-looking girl. “Hey pledge, you’ve been awfully quiet so far. There’s no fun to be had sitting on the sidelines, you know.”

“Yes Cordelia,” Ellie said nervously. And then, once she realized Cordelia was expecting more from her than that: “You’re right, she’s a complete slut. A filthy slut. Wow, she’s making such a mess of herself.”

Cordelia rolled her eyes slightly, but seemed satisfied for the moment. She glared down at Lexi. “So here’s what’s gonna happen. You’re gonna get us all off, as much as we want. That’s it.”

As Lexi listened and watched, stupefied, Cordelia and Sabrina started to undress. They loosened their pants and slipped them a little way down over their hips, and Lexi immediately noticed that neither of them were wearing any panties. When Cordelia noticed that Yasmin and Ellie weren’t following their lead and were instead simply shuffling anxiously. Cordelia made an irritated clicking sound with her tongue.

“Come on, girls! No point coming all this way if you’re gonna pussy out now.”

Both girls shrank a little as Cordelia scorned them, and then obeyed. Yasmin slipped her slacks down just as Cordelia and Sabrina had done. She was wearing panties underneath, and tentatively pulled them aside to expose her pussy. Ellie reached under her summer dress and pulled her panties all the way down, and stepped out of them. Following Cordelia’s lead, they all crowded around Lexi, who, still on her knees, found herself at the perfect height to service the four sorority girls.

“Yasmin, you take her mouth first,” Cordelia instructed. “You need to loosen up, and you can show the pledge how it’s done.”

Yasmin froze like a deer in headlights, clearly far too nervous to make the first move. Instead, after a moment, Sabrina reached out to grab a hold of Lexi’s hair and, as Lexi squealed with discomfort, shoved her face between Yasmin’s exposed thighs. Lexi immediately started going down on her. Not only was she determined not to let Sierra down, eating pussy had practically become a reflex for her. So many of the girls she’d hooked up with had trained her into a good pussylicking slut. Once the scent of Yasmin’s body entered Lexi’s nose, she was completely lost to arousal. She was so easy to turn on, and from experience there was no point fighting her own lust. She was just a slut. She couldn’t control herself. By contrast, Yasmin’s immediate response was to pull away, but Sabrina wouldn’t let her. Once Lexi’s skillful tongue was buried in her folds she started squirming, and after a moment she let out an involuntary, pleasurable moan. The sound only spurred Lexi on. She knew her place: in between a girl’s legs, making her feel good. The way she could sense Yasmin’s body starting to relax and lean into her as she gave in to the pleasure reinforced that perfectly.

“Hey bimbo,” Cordelia called out, “there’s four of us, remember? Even a girl as dumb as you should be able to multi-task.”

Her face still held firmly between Yasmin’s legs, Lexi felt her wrist being grabbed and her hand being forced against Cordelia’s pussy. Once her lust-addled mind realized what was expected of her, Lexi started fumbling around, her fingers searching for the right places to touch. Her groping was clumsy since she couldn’t see what she was doing, and after a moment Cordelia reached down and gave her a slap as a reprimand. She didn’t have to say anything. Lexi redoubled her efforts, and before long she managed to get her fingers stroking along Cordelia’s slit as her thumb rubbed small circles around the bitchy blonde’s clit. Cordelia purred with gratification, and as mean as she had been to her, Lexi couldn’t help feeling good at the thought of pleasuring someone who was being so dominant over her.

“OK, jeez Yasmin, no need to be greedy,” Cordelia said after a minute or more of being pleasured by Lexi. “Let Sabrina take a turn.”

Lexi felt a hand in her hair, drawing her over to between Sabrina’s legs. She didn’t fight it. She just accepted it, and devoted herself to worshiping the new pussy that she was unceremoniously presented with. She heard Yasmin whine as the pleasure Lexi had been giving her faded away.

“Oh, you want more?” Sabrina mocked. “Then use her. She’s got another hand, you know.”

“Hey,” Yasmin said. It sounded like her mouth was dry. “Please use, um, your other—”

“You don’t have to be polite, for fuck’s sake,” Cordelia snarled, sounding slightly breathless from the way Lexi’s hand was at work between her legs. “She’s a slut, treat her like one.”

“Right.” Yasmin swallowed. “Hey… get your other hand in my cunt.”

Cordelia let out an excited moan as Lexi reached out with her left hand back over to Yasmin. “That’s more like it!”

Once she’d slipped her finger’s into Yasmin’s pussy, still wet from her tongue, Lexi quickly found herself overwhelmed from the way she was having to pleasure three girls at once. It was even harder to concentrate because of the way that Sabrina was riding her face with her pussy, grinding against her constantly and using her hand to keep Lexi there, preventing her from even taking a decent breath. Just as she was starting to settle into a comfortable rhythm, she found herself being yanked around yet again, as Cordelia grew impatient with Lexi’s fingers. Once her face was nestled between the blonde’s legs, Lexi reached out to use her now-free hand to pleasure Sabrina. She knew what was expected of her.

“Hey pledge,” Cordelia’s said after another minute, her authoritative voice increasingly thick with pleasure. “You’re not getting in on this?”

“Oh!” Ellie blurted out, startled. “I, um, well—”

“I didn’t bring you here just to be an observer,” Cordelia interrupted flatly. “You might have the background, but if you want to be a full-fledged sister, you gotta know how to have some fun.”

So saying, Cordelia roughly shoved Lexi towards Ellie, who had retreated a short distance away from the others. Ellie squealed as Lexi eagerly wrapped her hands around her legs and tucked her head up under her skirt, pressing her face desperately into the nervous girl’s cunt. To her surprise she found that despite the rich girl’s reluctance, she was soaking wet. Lexi started eating her out without hesitation. She was long since past having any inhibitions about what she was doing. Her brain was running on pure, pink lust now. All she wanted was to fuck. Ellie turned out to be far more vocal than the other girls in her appreciation of Lexi’s efforts. From practically the first moment Lexis’ tongue made contact with her needy pussy, Ellie started letting out full-throated moans so loud that, even through the haze of pleasure encircling her thoughts, Lexi started to worry someone might hear them. Cordelia, though, let out a delighted laugh even as she slapped Lexi again to remind her to use her hands on her and Yasmin.

Lexi spent a long time being passed around like that, pulled and shoved from girl to girl every few moments, eagerly licking the pussy of whoever was demanding service while she did her best to use her hands to service two of the others. She could sense that whichever girl wasn’t receiving attention from her quickly turned to fingering themselves as they waiting for her to come back around to them. Lexi wished she could touch herself too, but she knew that Cordelia wouldn’t tolerate it if she spent even a moment giving pleasure to herself instead of them. It was becoming increasingly hard to resist the temptation, though. Lexi’s face was drenched with the natural wetness of each of the girls, and the scents of their arousal were all mixing together in the air around them. All of Lexi’s senses were filled with pure, raw sex, and it was driving her into a frenzy. She could feel her own wetness seeping out between her legs under her tiny skirt as her pussy cried out for attention. Cordelia laughed sadistically at her when, at last, Lexi started dripping onto the ground beneath her.

“Oh my god!” Cordelia’s voice easily cut through the pleasure-filled moans of the other girls. “She’s getting off on this! She’s actually getting off on this! What a freak!”

“Holy shit,” Yasmin exclaimed as she noticed too. “You were right. She really is just a slut.”

“She’s so fucking pathetic,” Ellie breathed. She was breathing harder and more flushed than the rest, and to Lexi it seemed like she’d already cum once, although she didn’t seem any less pleasure-hungry for more. A huge change had come over the pledge, and her eyes were alight with pleasure and glee.

“That’s it, girl!” Cordelia cheered.

“Oh fuck,” Sabrina interrupted with a grunt. “I’m cumming.” Lexi was currently between her legs, and sure enough she felt her thighs clamp down around her head and then relax, and then she was pulled away to service Yasmin instead.

“Fuck, she’s so good,” Yasmin moaned as Lexi started going down on her again. “You’ve had a lot of practice at this, huh?”

Lexi gave as much of a nod as she could without taking her head away from the black girl’s pussy, but it was Cordelia who answered: “Of course she has! Look at this lesbian slut, she’s so desperate and easy, she’d eat out anyone who looked at her.” Lexi wanted to make some protest, but she couldn’t.

“How many girls do you think she’s made cum with that tongue, huh?” Yasmin asked.

“Why don’t we keep track?” Ellie replied, grinding her wet pussy on Lexis’ fingers. She reached down into the messenger bag she’d been carrying and pulled out a pack of marker pens, all of different colors. She slipped a black marker out of the pack and bent at the waist, and drew two thick black lines on the inside Lexi’s thigh, right next to each other. “That’s one for me, and one for Sabrina.”

“Ooo, good idea! Maybe I was wrong about you, pledge,” Cordelia said. “Gimme one of those things, I already came once.” Ellie handed out markers to all the girls, and Cordelia added a third line next to the others. Meanwhile, Yasmin inspected her marker with a slightly concerned expression on her flushed face.

“Hey, guys? These are permanent markers.”

“So?” Sabrina replied.

“Yeah,” Ellie echoed. “A filthy slut like her doesn’t care anyway, right? Look at her, she’s getting even hornier.”

Lexi blushed shamefully. It was true. She was squirming and shaking at the prospect of her body being marked. She couldn’t help it. Being degraded like that felt so wonderful.

“Oh… well, in that case,” Yasmin said and, reaching down, wrote the word ‘slut’ in big letters on her chest, above her top. Lexi shivered and moaned as the pen touched her skin, eliciting cruel laughs from above her. Just a few seconds after that, Yasmin shuddered through an orgasm, and then added another mark to the growing tally on Lexi’s thigh. Not long after, Ellie crossed off the tally of five with her second orgasm.

After that, all the sorority girls descended on Lexi with their marker pens, writing terms of degradation and abuse all over her. Lexi was so utterly overwhelmed, she could barely tell what was happening to her. All her thoughts were consumed by the single, overriding impulse that had been ingrained into her: to provide pleasure. As the domineering sorority girls tossed her from side to side so they could write on her, or to force her to lick a different pussy, Lexi simply did whatever she could to lick pussy as well and as eagerly as she possibly could. It was her purpose. It was what she needed to do. She knew she stank of arousal, and the only thing she could taste was sex. Whenever she turned to eat out a different girl, she caught a glimpse of herself and saw that her skin was increasingly being covered in body writing. Words like ‘slut’, ‘whore,’ ‘cumdumpster’ and ‘fucktoy’ were scrawled all over her. At some point someone had pulled up her tank top to expose her tits and written ‘free use’ across them in huge writing, and Cordelia had put ‘worthless pussylicker’ all along one of her hips. Each word, each phrase, hit Lexi like a sledgehammer, burning their way into her mind. Lexi’s body was feverishly hot. She was a slut. A whore. A cumpdumpster. A fucktoy. A worthless pussylicker. She accepted each one of them as true. Her brain was too addled and confused and dumb to question it. The humiliation of it set her cheeks aflame and had her heart beating double. And it was all turning her on so much.

“I can’t believe she’s getting off so hard this,” Yasmin said, surprise and arousal both clear in her voice.

“She’s so filthy,” Ellie whispered, a strange, drunken smile on her face.

“Sierra’s girls are always crazy.” Cordelia added another tally mark to Lexi’s thighs as she spoke, already completing second block of five. “I’ve got no idea where she finds them, but they’re all totally depraved sluts, just like this airhead bimbo. All muscles, no brains.” Cordelia punctuated her comment by viciously slapping one of Lexi’s tits. The blow was hard enough to make Lexi yelp from the pain, but her yelp was tinged with lust and the heat in her body rose another notch. Cordelia took notice of that. “What, you even get off on being slapped around? Jesus.”

Ellie clearly took the way Lexi was squirming as confirmation. Since Lexi was busy pleasuring the other three, Ellie was free to reach down and pinch one of Lexi’s swollen nipples between her thumb and forefinger, while using her other hand to grab a handful of her hair and twist it cruelly. Lexi broke off from going down on Sabrina and screamed because the pain was so intense, and was rewarded with only a sharp kick from Cordelia as Ellie pushed her back into the other sorority girl’s cunt.

“She’s such a masochist… amazing,” Ellie moaned. Clearly something about what they were doing to Lexi had awoken something in the formerly-meek girl. She seemed utterly enthralled by the prospect of degrading and humiliating Lexi further and further. Confusingly, Lexi found she wanted her to. She didn’t know why the pain and humiliation felt so good. It was like she was so turned on that she couldn’t tell pain from pleasure, bad feelings from good. It all just passed through the foggy filter of her own horniness and turned into raw, pure ecstasy. When Ellie slapped her again at the same time that Yasmin bent down and started roughly fondling her tits, she felt almost like she was going to cum from the intensity of it alone.

“Tell me, bimbo,” Cordelia said as she passed Lexi from Sabrina to Yasmin and as Ellie added ‘pain toy’ and ‘masochist slut’ to the words that were by now covering almost her entire body, “how does it feel, getting off to being literally whored out?”

Lexi’s face must have showed confusion, because Cordelia laughed and continued: “Oh, you didn’t know? You really thought we were Sierra’s friends? Hardly. She didn’t lend you to us as a favor. We paid her. Even to Lexi, even in her present state, that was a shock. She didn’t know how to process it.

“Guess you really are a whore, huh?” Ellie asked, her voice laced with sadism.

Sabrina jerked Lexi’s head back, away from Yasmin’s soaked cunt. “Well, what do you say?”

“I… no…” Lexi babbled. A sudden rush of blood to her head had her giggling helplessly. “I, like, didn’t even know what—”

“Like that matters,” Cordelia snapped. She grabbed Lexi’s chin and slapped her face twice, once across each cheek. “You’re a whore, aren’t you?”

“Y-yes,” Lexi whimpered. The pain plunged her into such depths of submissive bliss that complete obedience and acceptance was instinctual.

“Say it,” ordered Ellie.

“I-I’m a whore,” Lexi moaned. The rush of humiliating pleasure that accompanied that admission was almost enough to make her cum.

All the sorority girls laughed. “Good whore,” Yasmin said. Cordelia pulled Lexi in to service her again, and Lexi could feel Ellie writing ‘whore’ on her body over and over again, while Sabrina added a fresh set of tally marks on her ass. She’d long since lost count of how many orgasms she’d caused. For a moment, Ellie pulled her back away from Cordelia so that she could write ‘whore’ in big, blocky writing all across Lexi’s face, with her mouth taking the place of the ‘o’. Then, it was back to eating out Cordelia, and then the next girl, and then the next, whilst she did her best to eagerly finger-fuck whichever of the other three girls were closest to her. Lexi completely lost track of time. Her whole world was pussy. For what felt like an eternity, she completely devoted herself to the task of pleasuring the four sorority girls, as they laughed cruelly at how pathetic she was and hurled insult after humiliating insult at her, each one bringing her more pleasure than the last. The only way she could mark progress was by the feeling of tally mark after tally mark being added to her body—to her thighs, her ass, her tits, everywhere. Strangely, after a while Lexi started to feel her body thrum with pleasure at each mark. It was a simple, gratifying indication that she was being a good whore.

Eventually, the girls started to tire of her as they had their fill of orgasms. Yasmin tapped out first. She stepped back away from Lexi, fixed her clothes and then slumped against the wall, her legs weak from the many orgasms Lexi had given her. Sabrina was next, and then Cordelia. In turn, after Lexi made them cum one last time, each of them put a tally mark on Lexi’s body, stepped back, and pulled up their jeans. Both of them, along with Yasmin, seemed thoroughly worn out and wore happy, blissful expressions. With that, Lexi was left to focus entirely on Ellie, who kept riding her face with particular energy and dominance for some time even after the others had stopped. But eventually she too was satisfied, pushing Lexi away and pulling up her panties, seemingly heedless of the long trail of wetness dripping down her leg. Lexi found herself stunned and directionless without a cunt in front of her to bury her tongue in. She blinked a few times, giggled drunkenly, and then slumped back against the wall behind her, legs splayed. Eventually, as brainless and dumb as she was, Lexi realized there was now nothing stopping her touching herself. With a happy giggle, Lexi plunged her hand into her own pussy, which was completely exposed. She came almost instantly, but she didn’t stop. After what she’d just experienced, one orgasm wasn’t nearly enough.

“God,” Cordelia scoffed at the sight of Lexi fucking herself on the ground, still breathing hard. “What a mess. She really is just a bimbo slut. Just look at her.”

Lexi imagined what she must look like to them: a muscular, blonde girl with her slutty clothes pulled aside to completely expose her, pussy juice on her face and obscene writing all over her body, who was happily plunging four of her fingers in and out of her cunt as she giggled and moaned with intense pleasure. Lexi couldn’t imagine anything more degrading. She was too dumb and horny to question why that was making her cum so hard.

“W-wait,” Yamin muttered with a start, after staring at her for moment. “I can’t believe I only just… I know you!”

Lexi didn’t respond. She was much too concerned with her own pleasure. Ellie turned to Yasmin, astonished. “You know this slut?”

“Yeah.” Yasmin nodded. “It took me a while because she’s, well, look at her, but yeah. She’s in one of my classes. Or at least she used to be. I haven’t seen her there recently. No surprise, I guess. Her name is Alex.”

“Lexi,” Lexi giggled.

“Holy shit,” Cordelia exclaimed. “She always like this?”

“No way,” Yasmin replied. “She was, like, a meek little nerd. She was always there, right at the front of Professor Sinclair’s class. A regular teacher’s pet. She used to have brown hair, too. I can’t believe she turned into… this.”

Lexi just giggled again. She couldn’t believe she’d used to be so boring. She could barely remember it. All her memories were so fuzzy.

“Wow,” Yasmin. “What do you think happened to her?”

“No idea,” Cordelia admitted. “Sounds like she was a top student, right? Hey, uh, Lexi? How come you threw all that way to become… this.”

Lexi giggled. It was funny to her how they didn’t understand. It was so simple. “It’s fun!”

The sorority girls crowding around her wore their disdain and disgust openly on their faces. Lexi started fucking herself harder. The humiliation was so perfect.

“Come on, girls.” Cordelia said after a moment. “We got what we paid for. No need to spend any longer hanging around with this whore.”

The others nodded, and followed Cordelia as she lead them down the pathway away from Lexi, and eventually around the corner and out of sight. Lexi kept finger-fucking herself to orgasm after orgasm, barely even noticing that she was now alone. She felt completely insatiable. She wanted to go home so she could use her dildo, but she couldn’t wait that long. Maybe there was someone nearby who’d be willing to fuck her. Lexi giggled. She knew she was hot, and she knew she looked like a total slut. Why wouldn’t someone want to fuck her? That thought made her so happy. As long as people were willing to fuck her, she was happy. What more did she need? She couldn’t remember why she’d ever cared about anything else. Being there, on campus, had briefly stirred something within her—a kind of longing for the quiet, peaceful life she’d used to have. But that was gone, drowned by the storm of sex and arousal that was raging all through her mind and her body. Sex was all she needed. Lexi giggled again, and moaned. She really was just a bimbo slut.

“What the hell is… ah!” Lexi’s head shot round as she realized that someone else had come up on her, discovering her in the midst of her frenzied masturbation. She flushed an even deeper shade of red as she looked up at the middle-aged woman standing over her, who, after a moment, she realized she recognized.

“Oh my goodness,” the woman cried out, clearly shocked by Lexi’s appearance. “I… what are you… wait, Alex, is that you?”

Despite the incredible transformation of her appearance, Lexi found herself recognized for the second time in the space of just a few minutes, this time by her favorite lecturer, Professor Sinclair.

To be continued...

* * *