The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Title: My Neighbor, Soon to Be Lover

Chapter: 5

Synopsis: A teen reprograms her older neighbour to become the lover she imagined him to be

* * *

My mother was still squirming from her orgasm and Jacob was standing now, slowly stroking himself.

I watched his hand slide over his cock—up, down, up, down—as his meat hardened underneath his palm.


It was calling me.

I could feel my body shaking as I watched him stroke himself.

I couldn’t believe I was finally seeing it again. It was in full view. After so many years of dreaming. So many years of wishing. So many years of pleasuring myself to the memory of his gorgeous dick and wishing it were mine.

It was right in front of me. In full view.

I licked my lips as I clutched my center. My moisture was dripping unto my fingers and I raised them to my lips and slipped them into my mouth.

The familiar salty taste of myself spread over my tongue and I resisted the urge to moan. Instead, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the taste.

When I reopened them, my eyes went back to Jacob’s hand on his cock.

Removing my fingers from my mouth, I stuck them down my jeans again and slipped them into myself.

My breathing shallow, I started moving them in tune with Jacob’s movements.

Instead of my fingers, it was his thick cock moving in and out of me.

Suddenly, the closet was way too hot. The heat was overbearing. Beads of sweat formed on my skin, as my temperature increased.

I felt feverish.

I was so close to him.

So close to it.

It should be me out there; not my mother.

I shook my head to remove the thought of her from my mind.

If I thought about her, it would ruin my fantasy. I couldn’t think about her right now. At least, I couldn’t think about her like that right now.

Just then, my mother’s ass lifted up into the air from the divan.

She was on all fours. I couldn’t see her head, arms, or her legs. All I could see was her naked ass and her uncovered pussy.

She was open for him.



She was totally offering herself to him.

All Jacob had to do was climb on the bed and fuck her as hard or as soft as he wanted.

Her pussy was his.

A pang of jealousy hit me.


Not anger. Not hatred. Not disgust.


Forget about all the other things, I wanted to be the one on the bed offering myself to Jacob.

I wanted to be the one whose pussy was going to be blessed by his thick, pulsing cock.

Why the hell did she have to be so lucky and not me?

Surely, I deserved it for all these years of wanting, wishing, and dreaming of it.

“Maria,” Jacob’s voice reached my ears, “you’re so fucking beautiful.”

Jacob licked his lips as he slipped a condom over himself.

He was right.

Even I had to admit.

My mother’s cunt looked soft and peachy like the inside an oyster. And she was dripping wet.

It almost looked like my own cunt after I’ve played with myself for a while. It was amazing in just how many ways I resembled her.

It made me wonder what else we had in common.

Her pussy looked moist and inviting as if it was well sated after Jacob had made her climax. But her clit was already engorging again in anticipation for what was about to come next.

“Oh baby,” Jacob murmured.

“Yes, daddy?” My mother answered.

“Are you ready for Daddy to make you feel good?”

My mother moaned.

“Yes, daddy.” She swayed her ass from side to side and received a deep groan from Jacob.

“Daddy’s about to fill you up.” He climbed unto the bed and positioned himself behind her.

Suddenly, I couldn’t breathe.

My heart hammered in my chest and all my blood seemed to drain and pool into one spot—the tip of my clit.

It was about to happen. One of my fantasies.

A fantasy that had tormented me for years.

I was going to see Jacob’s cock slide into a pussy. I was going to witness it.

Not imagine it. Not dream of it. Not pretend the countless cocks I’ve seen on Pornhub was his.

I was here, in the action, about to see every detail.

It wasn’t my pussy he was going to enter but, in that moment, I didn’t care. All I wanted was to see him sink inside.

My clit was pulsing so hard, begging me for release, I didn’t know how long I was going to be able to take it.

It helped that I couldn’t see my mother properly from the position she was in. Just her pussy being offered was enough.

I could imagine it was mine, all wet and glistening and ready to be taken.

“Have you been a good girl, baby?” Jacob murmured as he grabbed my mother’s ass.

“Yes,” I mouthed.

“Yes, daddy.” My mother moaned.

“Are you lying to me baby?”

I shook my head.

My mother whimpered.

“I did something naughty, daddy,” she said.

My pussy throbbed. Their sex talk was turning me on.

Jacob squeezed her ass harder.

“What did you do, baby?” He asked.

“I didn’t wear panties to work daddy.”

Jacob growled.

My mouth fell open.

My mother?

Was this really my mother?

My mother was a conservative, break-no-rules sort of gal. I couldn’t imagine her doing such a thing. But then again, I wouldn’t have imagined her fucking the man of my dreams either.

“Oh, you naughty naughty girl,” Jacob said.

He squeezed her cheeks again, and then, raising his left hand high, he brought it down in one rapid movement to connect with her skin..

The echo of the contact of his palm against her ripe ass bounced around in the closet and my mouth fell open wider as I watched him spank my mom.

I’d never imagined Jacob spanking me. But, oh fuck, it was hot and I wished I had thought of it before.

My fantasies had always surrounded him entering me, me riding his cock,or having him in my mouth. I’d never considered him humiliating me in this way and watching it happen before me now made my pussy drip over my fingers even more.

My panties were soaked and I was even soaking through the jeans now.


I wanted Jacob Fimmel to have me doggy style, my ass offered to him for his pleasure, and I wanted him to spank me till I cried out for him to make the pain go away with his cock.

With each spank, Jacob took the time to rub my mother’s cheeks, easing the sting his hand had produced.

My mother moaned loudly with each contact. Her voice rising after each interval till she was crying out to him.

Jacob’s cock jerked in the condom. It was positioned right between her legs and every time it jerked, it brushed against her clit.

Oh God, I wanted that for myself. I wanted it so bad.

“Please daddy,” my mother squealed.

Jacob grunted.

My clit throbbed.

I was gingerly fingering myself so hard that I knew I would cum at any moment .

But I needed to wait for the big finale.

I needed to see Jacob slide into her wetness.

With another grunt and one last squeeze of her ass, Jacob lifted his cock in one hand and used the other to play with her clit.

“Are you ready for me baby?” He asked, massaging himself.

“Yes, daddy. Please give me your hard cock,” my mother said between gasps.

Jacob groaned.

And then it happened.

Parting my mother’s lips, Jacob’s throbbing cock slid between her folds and deep within her in a single thrust.

The image was everything I imagined it would be.

Her lips parted for him as his thickness stretched her and made its way in.

He looked so hard and big and glorious.

All man.

A real man.

I heard my mother inhale deeply and saw a new wave of wetness drip down her pussy lips.

The feeling of jealousy intensified.

It intensified so much it was blinding.

My pussy begged for more. Suddenly, my fingers were not enough. They would never be enough.

I needed what I was seeing.

I needed Jacob Fimmel’s thick throbbing cock to slam into me with one thrust and make me drip for him.

My eyes rolled back in my head at the thought and my body started trembling.

As Jacob began to thrust, I bit my bottom lip.

I was so close to cumming, it was hard to keep focused, but I had to.

I had to last as long as possible.

I needed to last till the end.

Wet sounds punctuated the room with every one of Jacob’s thrusts and my mother was calling his name.

She no longer called him daddy. Now she was screaming his proper name.

“Jacob! Oh fuck fuck fuck fuck yes!”

Jacob slapped her ass again and groaned and he rubbed the area where his hand made contact.

Her skin was red there now and I wondered what it felt like.

Did it burn or did it intensify her pleasure?

From the sounds of it, it was the latter, as my mother screamed into the pillows and begged for more.

Jacob was pummeling her pussy now, burying his dick deep into her to pull it out and slide it deep again.

He fucked exactly like I imagined he would.

Hard, powerful thrusts that made your pussy feel like a pot of dripping honey.

“Oh yes daddy, fuck me,” my mother moaned and Jacob gritted his teeth.

He was close and so was I.

I bit my bottom lip hard as I placed pressure on my clit.

I couldn’t wait much longer.

I needed Jacob to cum now.

Jacob slapped my mother’s ass one more time and spoke through his gritted teeth, “I’m going to come baby.”

My mother whimpered in pleasure.

“You want daddy to come inside you?”

Yes, I answered in my head. I want you to cum deep inside me.

My mother whimpered again.

Jacob thrust into her one last time before tensing.

“I’m coming, baby,” he groaned. “I’m coming deep inside you.”

My mother moaned in response.

At the same time, it threw me over the edge and I let out a soft moan as the festival in my clit exploded.

My body shook as my climax took me over. I couldn’t control the convolutions that hit me.

My entire body was shivering as my vision went blurry for a few seconds.

This was by far the best climax I had ever experienced and my body wasn’t used to the sudden onslaught of pleasure that was coursing through every vein.

When I was finally able to return fully to the present, I closed my eyes briefly to settle myself.

Cumming had only made me hotter and I was really sweating now.

“Jacob, is everything alright?” I heard my mother say.

That caused me to look back toward the bed.

In my climax, I’d been so caught up in what I was feeling, I’d taken a moment to fully enjoy it.

When I glanced back at the scene in front of me, I froze and my heart rate increased again but, this time, for another reason.

There, still inside my mother, his erection slowly fading, was Jacob. But he was turned my way, his brows slightly furrowed as he stared at the closet.

“Jacob?” My mother called again.

Jacob Fimmel was staring at me right in the eyes.

At least, I was staring him right in the eyes.

I hoped with all my heart, a chill of fear running down my spine, that he was just staring at the closet door.

* * *