The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Title: My Neighbor, Soon to Be Lover

Chapter: 8

Synopsis: A teen reprograms her older neighbour to become the lover she imagined him to be

* * *

I spent the rest of that day in my books. Like really in my books. I tried to read as much as I could about this hypnosis thing.

I still could not believe what had happened between me and Jacob earlier. Or rather, what had happened between me and his cock.

My tongue moved over my lips as if I could still taste him there.

His taste was long gone. I’d licked my lips so many times. But the memory was still there. And God, he’d tasted so good.

A little giggle erupted in my chest as I remembered placing my mouth over him.

I still couldn’t believe I’d done that.

What if I’d been caught? How would I have explained it?

That’s why my head had been in my books. I’d been watching YouTube videos and reading everything I could since Jacob had left.

I needed to understand just how I could control this new power.

If I could have Jacob Fimmel at my mercy then all my dreams, all my desires, I could have everything I’ve ever wanted.

Flipping on my laptop, I plopped myself in my bed as I waited for it to boot up.

A series of weird computer language flashed across the screen. Yawning, I waited for it to skip past that sequence and start up.

It always did that, for as long as I could remember. But it was reliable and fast, even after all these years.

Smiling as the computer finished it’s booting sequence, I logged into my college’s library portal and borrowed as many online resources as I could that covered hypnosis and mind control.

As I began reading, nothing really touched on what I really wanted to find out.

What I wanted to know is how Jacob seemed to follow my orders and not seem to remember any of it.

And, most of all, I wanted to know if I could get him to be like that when he was ‘awake.’

I sighed as skimmed through pages, reading as fast as I could.

My heart was beating so hard in my chest. This was definitely, definitely the naughtiest thing I have ever done in my life.

Not to mention, Jacob is three times my age basically. Somehow it didn’t seem like such a bad thing if I was researching how to control a guy my age.

It seemed so much dirtier with Jacob.

He could be my dad.

But God, he was hot. Just thinking about the fact that he was so much older than me made me wet.

I wanted his fat cock in my young pussy.

God, I’d wanted it for so long.

I wanted him to make me a woman.

And now, there was a chance that this was actually possible.

A shiver of excitement ran down my spine.

Damn, I was so so close to actually getting what I wanted.

That alone was making my clit engorge in anticipation.

Pushing my hand down in my panties to press against my clit, I tried to quell the feeling rising in my core.

I needed to focus.

I needed to do this right.

I was still scanning through the documents I’d downloaded when a particular line caught my attention.

For the person being hypnotized to carry out any actions they would not normally do when not in a trance, they must first have the inclination to do so before being hypnotized.

Wait what?

I reread the line, a frown forming on my face.

My gaze wandered from the screen as my eyes widened.

Based on what this was saying, Jacob had to have wanted to touch himself, at least to some extent?

I brush it off.

Maybe it was the fact that he was being sexual with my mother. I mean, I look A LOT like her. I even sound like her.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I continued reading and tried not to overthink things.

For all I know, when I hypnotized Jacob he’d thought it was my mother speaking to him.

He wouldn’t have hesitated to touch himself around her. But he definitely would have if he was fully aware that it had been me and not my mother speaking to him.

I continued reading, surprised at how quickly I was digesting the information.

Whenever I tried to study, it would take me days to go through three chapters and here I was flying through them as if they were nothing.

I smiled.

Maybe all I’d needed was a taste of Jacob Fimmel’s cock to push my mind into gear.

I’d originally started studying psychology because of my nightmares and the fact that my father’s death had left me so mentally distressed.

Who would have thought that it would turn out to be the thing to literally make my wildest dreams come to reality.

Another section of the document caught my attention. It was something about using subliminal messages to support hypnosis.

But we hadn’t covered that topic in class yet.

I shrugged, pulled up the chapter and began reading.

And, as I read, a little plan began hatching in my mind.

I felt absolutely devious.

I knew exactly how I was going to do it.

I needed a few materials first though.

Glancing at the clock, I huffed.

I’d have to get them tomorrow.

* * *

I was up early at the crack of dawn, literally, and I wasn’t an early riser.

That meant I had to wait four agonizing hours before hopping on the bus downtown.

But at least I got what I wanted.

Emptying the contents of the bag on my bed,the familiar thump of my heart against my chest made me shudder.

I was really going to do this.

Taking the USB Drive and microphone that I’d bought from the packaging, I connected them to my laptop.

The laptop was doing that weird sequence thing it did with in the strange computer language and I huffed in frustration.

It didn’t usually bother me but I was so impatient to start my plan that my skin was tingling.

When it finally booted up, I got to work.

I’d taken the time to write a script the night before, a hypnosis script.

As I used the microphone to record the words, I tried to keep my voice steady and as innocent as could be.

I followed the exact wording I’d used when Jacob had been in my couch the two times, just so he didn’t get suspicious.

But there was one thing that was different.

I added a key phrase.

“Layla’s Lovely Petals.”

Of course, I was referring to my pussy lips and I felt absolutely devilish doing so.

I made a note to let him know that it was just a silly phrase but one that couldn’t be triggered randomly, just so he didn’t think it was weird.

That was the word I was going to use in case I needed to put him under quickly.

I was buzzing with excitement by the time I finished the recording.

Now, all I had to do was add the most important element.

The underlay.

This was a separate piece of instructions that I had to dictate.

Taking a deep breath, I lifted the second piece of paper and cleared my throat.

I’d gotten this set of instructions from the internet. I’d just been too chicken to write it myself.

Taking another deep breath, I was ready.

I blinked as I read the first words, and a blush colored my cheeks immediately.

Putting down the paper, I had a moment of weakness.

Could I really do this?

Could I really even read this.

Yes. Yes, you can Layla. You have been waiting for this for too long

Inner me was right.

This was my one shot. I could either take it or shy away and regret it for the rest of my life.

What was the worst that could happen?

I grabbed the paper between my fingers and took another breath. I began reading with as much confidence as I could

“I am your master.” My voice came out shaky from the start. This was much harder than doing the first recording.

I cleared my throat again, deleted what I’d said, and tried again.

This time, I made my voice as low and sultry as I could.

“I am your master.

You are my slave.”

Damn, wow. I had to pause the recording and stop. I sounded fucking good. I was making myself wet.

But, geez, thinking of Jacob as my slave...I’d never done that before.

A new wave of power made me bite my lips, my pussy getting wetter.

Oh man, this was going to either get me in a helluva lot of trouble or I was going walking into the most pleasure I have ever experienced in my life.

Taking a deep breath, I continued.

“You will obey me, for I am your queen.

You will live to serve me.

I am in control.

You are not.

I am in charge of your pleasure and you are here for mine.”

I paused the recording and took a deep breath.

The instructions said I should repeat that part, so I reread the lines and tried no to blush.

However, the more I read it, the easier it was to say the words.

The next part was another set of instructions where I had to put in the appropriate variables depending on the situation.

In my case, I was hypnotizing Jacob to please me but I also wanted to please him.

I so badly wanted to feel his cock in my mouth again, to hear him sigh with pleasure...a moan escaped my lips and my clit throbbed.

Yes, I definitely needed this to be two-way when I needed it to be.

Clearing my throat and readying my sultry voice, I began the second set of instructions.

“You will please my pussy, in however way I instruct you to.

You will give me your cock whenever I request it.

You are my slave.

I am your master.

You are my slave.

You will obey my call.’

Stopping the recording, I let out a breath.

Okay, I’d come this far, I might as well just finish it.

If it didn’t work, it didn’t work. But if it did…

It hit me then that I had no idea how to handle if this plan of mine actually worked.

Well, one thing at a time.

The next thing I had to do was mix the two recording, placing the second one, the underlay, under the main recording and adding some music to mask it.

This was going to be fun.

* * *

It took me five hours to get it right but I was pleased with the results.

Now, when I listened to the final product, it sounded like an innocent hypnosis recording.

You couldn’t actually hear the second recording that I’d heard, well, not unless you stripped away the layers and deconstructed the recording.

But Jacob wasn’t going to do that.

Only I knew it was there.

And his subconscious would hear it too.

Taking a deep breath, I unplugged the USB stick and gave it a kiss before slipping it into an envelope.

That kiss was for good luck because that little device meant so much to me.

Hopping down the stairs, I clutched the envelope to my chest, my heart beating hard.

When I walked out the front door to Jacob’s mailbox, I glanced towards his front door, biting my lips.

I can’t face him.

Not yet.

Not when I was carrying such a weapon and not while knowing exactly what I was up to.

Slipping the envelope in his mailbox, I watched it slide out of my view.


I’d done it.

There was no turning back now.

Not that I wanted to.

Everything I wanted was ahead of me.

And I was finally going to reach it.

* * *