The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

My new salon

mc: mind control
mf: male/female sex
fd: female dominant

Madeleine is convinced by her roommate to try several new things.

Chapter two: New wishes

I was both tipsy and exhausted as I didn’t fight much closing my eyes as I felt the soft conditioner being worked through my hair.

Wither her fingers massaging my scalp I couldn’t have felt more relaxed as June massaged my hair. With every twist of her fingers I could feel the tension slowly fading from my body as I struggled just not to pass out.

“Well, Madie what do I have to do for you?”

I peeked open my eyes for a moment as she smiled down on me before leaning down kissing my forehead softly. I felt so wonderful being attended to like never before fighting my heavy eye lids as she massaged at my scalp and then it was impossible to fight my strange fatigue anymore feeling the softest rubs near my face and neck.

“I was talking with Sue; you really need to have a new color in your hair.” said June.

“New color!?” I couldn’t understand why that was necessary and it definitely made me a bit uneasy.

“Yes. We thought you’d look good as blonde,” said June.

My heart pounded as he looked at Sue. “Sue told us you’d like to be a blonde, too,” said June. “We think it’s a great idea.”

“Hold on. Wait a minute. I think Sue looks good as a blonde, but....”

“You think you’re the only gal who secretly wants to be a blonde?” asked June.

“But I like my look and I don’t want to change it” I dully said.

Then June whispered in my ear “Yes you do. You’ve always wanted to do it but you were just not sure. Now you’re sure, aren’t you?”

Then Sue told me that it would be very special to me to change my “boring brown” and I would be a great bleached blonde.

In my heart, I knew something was wrong, but I seemed bound to accept what they were saying to me without question.

I was so tired and confused. “I still don’t want my hair color changed,” I persisted.

“Besides, it isn’t a big deal. If you don´t like We’ll just re-dye your hair back to your natural, boring brown color if you like. But who knows, maybe you’ll like being a platinum blonde”

“Platinum blonde!? “ I don’t want my hair Platinum,” I responded.

“Believe me, you really will love it. You’re just afraid to say so”.

My heart was racing. I could´nt think clearly. I never before I was thinking about that but for some strange reason June´s words seemed to have a powerfull effect on me.

Sue and June chorused " Awww you’ll be alright”.

I was very nervous and my mouth was dry. I was a sticky sensation on her tongue and throat. I needed a drink of water.

I asked them for a glass of water

“Of course We bet you’re thirsty!” Soon June brought a glass a ice tea to me and in a comforting manner said “It is my special tea with mint and several another herbs. Drink it and you’ll feel better. Its very relaxing!

Wwoww. Really I was thirsty. After the ice tea was gone I began to relax. It had been a long day. I hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before and I had only been able to catch little fitful catnaps during my guard.

I had sat down to drink ice tea. Sue took the empty glass to my hand and June took my wet head in her palms and slowly lowered her into the rinsing sink. The warm water from the waterfall began to flow over my hair again. I just felt herself relax even more.

Again June massaged my hair with the warm water. Then, she reached over and pumped some solution into her hands and began to massage that into my scalp.

“You will feel a slight tingle at first but it will help you to relax.”

She was right. Soon I was fully relaxed and almost asleep.

“You have lovely hair, Madeleine. I can see that. You are a beautiful woman.”

“Thank you June”. I said with sleepy eyes.

“Yes amazing,” June whispered as she continued to massage my head. “I bet we can do some things here today that will help. Would you like that?”


“We can make you look irresistible and feel incredible. I bet your boyfriend will pay more attention to you then, don’t you think?”


“Tell me, Madie, what would you like I to do for you?”

I felt tense up slightly. June took more special conditioner in one hand and began to lightly rub it just at my hairline on my forehead while with her other hand, she reached down and began to massage my shoulder. I relaxed.

“What is it that you like, Madie?” Jume whispered into my ear. “To be a striking blonde bombshell, right?”

June’s right hand slid up to my left breast and she glanced across my nipple. It hardened beneath the silk robe. She began to rub my nipple.

“Mmm. Very good Madie,” June whispered. “you tell me what do you want to be?”

“I suppose I want to be blonde”, I said confused.

“Platinum blonde” whispered Sue “with a nice perm”

“My roommate likes me as a blonde…I’m actually thinking about a perm too”

I felt warm and happy to say that.

“Of course, Madie. I will. So please relax and make yourself comfortable…you are going look really great as a blonde.”

Other than the outward visuals of clothing, hair, makeup, and so on, I didn’t know what “being a striking blonde bombshell” would mean, but I also supposed June would provide all the instruction, correction, and guidance I needed. I’m going to be a blonde bombshell, I smugly thought to myself, I. Who would have thought?!

I was lost in my thoughts and absently mindedly I looked at Sue and realized she had the same relaxed, happy expressions as I must have had.

Sue made eye contact with my sleepy eyes as she gave me shoulder a comforting pat and asked, “Are you ready to be a classsic beautiful platinum blonde with a nice perm?” Without answering her, I looked at June. Without hesitation, June said I was beyond ready for her. With smiles on everyone’s face, June slipped her left hand into a latex glove, and moved the stand close to the right side of me. She then used the tip of the brush handle to lift a small section of my hair on the back of her head.

“OK, HERE WE GO! ,” June said as she gently placed the hair on the outstretched fingers of her gloved left hand and began brushing on the bleach. My heartbeat quickened as I watched June brush the pasty white bleach on to the first small section of my hair. She then began carefully lifting each small section of hair with the handle of the brush and then applying the bleach as she worked her way from top to bottom, back to front. With the smell of the bleach filling the room, I thought to myself, “No turning back now, I´m finally Going All The Way”.

The next two hours were unlike any I had ever experienced. I had no idea how the process was very sensual. For some reason I was in such a anxious state of mind and I could´nt think about almost nothing. Maybe June and Sue was right and it was because I had wanted this to happen for so long. Whatever the reason, I was almost instantly bewitched while June covered my hair with bleach.

June was making the initial application only down to about 1/2 inch off my scalp, leaving her roots untouched. She explained the natural body heat of the scalp would cause the bleach to work faster there, and that the roots would be bleached later. After finishing the last section, she dabbed on the remaining bleach and worked the mixture into the hair with her fingers and the brush.

I was transfixed as she worked her way through the bottom sections to the sides and then to the top. Each new brush stroke added to the excitement.

After she finished the first coating she went back and brushed the potion onto my roots. By this time I was completely focused on the blue formula. It didn’t seem to be changing my hair color as I thought it would but I did notice that the blue being applied to the roots was a bit darker than the blue that had already been applied. Was my hair actually bleaching out?

When June completed the roots she added half a dozen broad strokes thick with bleach then swirled everything into a loose ball on top of my head and pinned it up with a single rod. Then June deftly placed a bouffant plastic cap over my head to confine the chemical reaction.

As I walked to the dryers Sue appeared at my side, her luscious hair also in a cloud of rollers. She pecked me on the cheek and we took dryers side by side.

I backed in and bent to sit down in the empty seat, as June guided my bumpy head under the chrome helmet and then lowered the amber visor. I will say that the first time I was placed under the dryer I have never felt more strange. June gave me a magazine to read and snapping off her gloves she said “No turning back now. All we have to do is wait.” She said as she looked into my eyes and I saw her completely glaze over again.

She then proceeded to walk over to a drawer and take out a pack of cigarettes and light one up. “Would you like one?” She offered to me.

“No thank you, I don’t smoke.” I said blushing.

“That’s too bad. I’m sure you would love it if you tried it. It tastes wonderful and it looks so sexy! Most me love to look at a beautiful woman smoking a cigarette. ”

“You think I would look sexy smoking a cigarette?” I asked June while visions of myself smoking and drawing stares from men started to make me wet in the crouch. What did I happen with me? I was a strange to myself since the first shampoo there.

“Oh certainly, and I think you really should try it, you will just love it.”

I could feel the aphrodisiac was starting to kick in inside me. I found it impossible to fight the urge to refuse any longer and said her:

“Well ok, but I’ll probably cough my head off.”

Reluctantly I reached for the offered cigarette.

“For you it will be nothing but pure pleasure. Just do what I do.” June said as she lit the cigarette for me.

I followed June’s instructions and drew hard on the cigarette and watched as the end glowed brightly. My mouth was filled with the most delightful taste and as I inhaled the thick cloud of smoke I felt as if I had breathed in the most wonderful thing I had ever experienced. As I exhaled smoke slowly overhead I said, “Wow! You were right! I love it!” as she proceeded to take another long drag and inhale deeply.

“I told you that you would.” said as I smoke my first cigarette. I was amazed at how powerful her suggestions were on me.

Sue placed her hand on my shoulder and whispered, “It’s all in your mind, Maddie. Just obey June and you’ll be happy like me. Some of the drugs in the shampoo help your body adjust to the nicotine but it is your own mind that suppresed the gag reflex and made the cigarette taste so good to you”.

“Very sexy.” June said in a condescending tone. “Now let’s do it again.”

I repeated the process a second and third time before I complained of feeling sleeply and dizzy.

June purposely ignored my complaints and required me to continue a couple of times more.

“That’s enough for now.” June said with satisfaction taking my cigarette out of my hand. “Soon I guarantee you’ll be asking me for another one.”

I smiled at him and then I had a long yawn. I could barely keep my eyes open. In the opposite direction to what I thought, smoking had been not only a pleasant experience but also very relaxing. June turned on the giant machine and I saw that her lips were still moving, but I could no longer hear a thing as the motor revved up to speed.

It was warm under the hood.

“I think i’m going to faint” I muttered

“Just close your eyes Madie and take a nap” said me a strange voice inside the dryer.

After that everything went dark.