The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

My new salon

mc: mind control
mf: male/female sex
fd: female dominant

Madeleine is convinced by her roommate to try several new things.

Chapter three: A long dream

I closed my eyes for a second and everything went dark. When I opened again, June was in front of me with a strange bag in her hands. She moved it between her fingers, studying it, shifting it, then lifts it to my head. She placed it above me, over me. It was a hat, a cap, a bonnet, it fastened with a strap beneath my chin. Soon it surrounded and tightly huged my entire head. June looked at me with a smile. I stare at her.

“What is it?” I asked.

She did’nt answer me. Just smiled. More.

It was a cap of some type. Yes. It was Pink. Is was metal? No. It must be a plastic.

I stare. I couldn’t see my hair under that hood. It covered everything. My head was warm though, I wonder what’s happening under there? I shouldn’t move. I think she wanted me to sit still. I’ll just sit here and look at myself. I wonder if it will be long. I wish she’d tell me what she’s doing. How long do I have to sit here?

then she took my hand, watching me. My eyes began to dull and flutter, blinking heavily.

“June? I’m sorry, I’m so strange so tired all of a sudden. I just… just…”

“Shh, it’s okay, Madie. You’re going to feel so wonderful soon. So relaxed and wonderful”.

The hood came down June turned on the giant machine and the hot air came on me. I saw that her lips were still moving, but I could no longer hear a thing as the motor revved up to speed.

Then she let me alone sat there. For a long, long time I was there feeling the hot air from the dryer on me. It was really warm under the hood.

I looked around at all the another dryers along the wall almost not believing I was seated amongst them as June handed me a magazine and walked away. To the left

in the adjoining dryer Sue slept soundly with a softly smile. She murmured something asleep but I could not hear what she said. The other places were empty. I was suddenly viewed myself as just another classic housewife who had headed under bonnet in the beauty parlor to soak away the dampness. Like my grandmother.

I made a effort to read my magazine but I couldn’t. I did not feel well. I was dizzy, confused without strength at all.

The bleach’s smell was the first thing that hits me under the dryer. Soon I toasted by this sickly sweet, pungent odor that seems to hang onto everything and burned my nostrils. My eyes began to sting. I could puke.

The acrid smell and the very noisy and awfully hot dryer became me in a semisleep state. I couldn’t keep open my eyes. I was very, very tired. I seemed serenely sitting under my gleaming dryer helmet, but the true was I increased my unease.

I couldn’t see much beneath my visor, but I could’nt stop to be smiling at me. What was going on to me under that dome?

Soon everything turned a hazy warm pink and I was floating into sleep, no pain, no cares about what I was happening. I roused again my eyes and found Sue sitting beside me under another dryer. She still was deeply sleep. She seemed to smile at me. She looked so sweet blonde in that classic hairstyle.

This being my first experience of having my hair bleach I was fascinated at how the bleach in my hair will change my appearance. I at first was apprehensive but as more and more time passed I began to think the blonde haircolor made me pretty. I was pleased and shamed by the thought of being pleased. I shouldn’t be liking this but could not seem to keep myself from enjoying the thought of being pretty as classic blonde.

Somehow a strange and very sweet voice inside dryer began to talk me. I was soon engrossed by that voice.

“The classic female style is a lovely sight you will be! Ask June to help you obtain this ideal style you wish” said that voice.

It was a familiar voice. I tried to identify it. It was not easy, I could not think clearly. More and more numb I was surprised to discover that it was my own voice

“Tell June you want to going platinum blond as soon as possible. You must ask her to do you a complete makeover if you are to obtain the ultimate in feminine beauty and pleasure.” continued said my voice.

“The whole process of changing your hair color or your retouch ups are definitely a turn-on for you. You would invariably became very excited every time you bleached your hair. The lighter, more and more aroused you.

You enjoy being bleached and sat under the very hot dryer.

“The crowning glory of the female is her lovely blonde hair, curled and styled properly it is a source of constant joy. It is so much fun to have your hair set, bleached and styled”.

“You love dye your hair. The smell of the chemicals in your hair drive you crazy. You became very turned on by the whole scenario and you always end up wanted sex”.

“When you have your hair set you will become very aroused, and receive orgasmic pleasure when your style is finished. To have the most beautiful hair you must have a permanent wave. The greatest joy for you will be to have”

“You love to do your hair bleached and permed at the salon in front of Sue. When your hair is bleached or permed you will have the greatest orgasm you have ever had. Ask June to have your hair set daily. Ask Sue to take you to the salon for a perm, you will be anxiously desiring for her to do so”.

“Ask Sue to have your hair bleached and permed at the salon together so she can share in this wonderful experience with you.”

I cried and sobbed throughout time under the dryer because I was happy and excited and embarrassed. I wanted the world to see my new me, platinum blonde and with permed hair. I wanted to have a new look more classic and glamorous. I wanted to fight and defeat my fears and shyness. I wanted to have to deal with the derision or people’s comments and overcome it. I cried not from pain, but from humiliation and the fact that I realized how much I enjoyed how much love the process of tranforming me in a bottle’s blonde and sitting under the dryer.

I was incredibly turned on by all of this. I desperately wanted to masturbate so I could get release and have these feelings go away. Under the dryer I was in a state of constant sexual arousal, and since I was sexually aroused by being bleaching, this in turn caused me to desire further bleaching and perm in order to continue to feed my sexual arousal.

I was trapped! And I didn’t care. I loved it! This was a virtuous circle. Just like my voice said me.

Beneath a dryer I was in a brief, secluded little world of my own. I couldn’t hear any conversation and laughter in the room. The time I spent there was all my own. A good change respect to my busy and active life as nurse. I enjoyed that time spent quietly under the warm shelter of a soothing dryer. To be alone with my own voice was a peaceful and liberating experience.

I was so deeply engrossed with my voice when the timer finally rang. I then stopped listening to my voice. Now everything was darkness and silence. I felt then the hair dryer turned off and someone raised the hood. I could’nt open my eyes.

Someone was touching me, gently was shaking my shoulder.

“Madie. Wake up, dear, wake up”

It was the firm voice of June.

I finally opened my eyes after much gentle shaking, thinking I had just dozed off.

But June had turned off the blower after touched a couple times my hair under cap. Now she was checking the display on the overly complex device she raised the bulky looking hood away from my head. “That should do for now”. I didn’t question why a hair dryer needed a computer attached to it

“Well you are back with us, good it is time to get up and go for a walk.” June said.

I blinked several times, attempting focus, as my gaze lifted to her face. I was so confused.

“A walk?” I asked her.

“Well my little sleepy head, you need to get up and get ready for a special shampoo. You will love it”

Sue said that. She was beside me with her hair in curlers. I looked over toward her. She was smiling at me. She looked so sweet. I loved her hair in curlers, compacted against her head beneath a tight hairnet, with those little cotton pads covering her ears. I dessired the same for me.

Sue leaned in my direction, as she started to get up and out of her seat under the dryer. I noticed she also rocked a bit back and foreword before she rose. The motion seemed so natural for her.

Then I understanded everything. I was in the salon for my bleaching and perm. I mistook my sleep as unconsciousness . I must have fallen asleep under the dryer and was startled as June nudged me awake saying it was time to wash it out. I forgot for a second just where I was. Realizing the situation I smiled and I sat up feeling refreshed.

I just knew I felt really good. Happy and content, this was the best I had felt in quite some time.

“Oh Madie, let’s just touch up your makeup a little bit before rinse your hair. Let’s put just a little color on your lovely face.” Where is your clutch Sue?”

June didn’t really wait for her answer. She was already in her clutch, fishing round for the lipstick and things.

“Open” She said me, and I obediently parted my lips as she unscrewed the cap, leaned in and rolled a generous coating of the fuchsia color around the entire opening of my mouth. She didn’t just dab my upper and lower lips; she completely outlined my mouth like a big bull’s eye.

Sue handed me a small mirror.

“Oh Madie you look awsome. When we get you done, you mark my words, you’ll be just the sweetest little thing.”

I giggled. My mouth looked so much bigger and pinker. Looking in the mirror, I was reminded of how I looked when, as a very little girl, I had sneaked into my mother’s room and first tried on her makeup.

Pleased June with her work on my mouth, she recapped the lipstick and put it back in Sue’s clutch. I wanted one.

She had something else in her palm... the earrings. She deftly threaded each of them open a bit and slipped them over my earlobes and screwed them tightly closed. The pearly half domes were an inch in diameter and completely covered my lobes. They were pinched so tight that they hurt some, and I could see that even my ears had already started to turn a little pink, just above where they fastened. They shook a little bit, as I turned my head, but they held tight. All in all, it was a nice complement to my new look.

“Oh, I just love it!” I cooed.

“Your hair should be cook now Madie, lets get back to the back basin for rinse the bleach.” said June.

I rocked back and forth in the seat a couple times.

Yeah, right... let’s do that. I don’t know if I can even get back up. I felt a litle sleephy yet. I put my hands on the arms of the chair, gave a little rock, then another and pulled myself out of the comfortable seat and onto my feet.

“Wow!” My eyes just bugged straight out of my head. As I turned from the seat, I was confronted by a large mirror and in the mirror, well, I just had to stop and stare... there was a lot to look at. It was me, staring back at me... eyes wide, my big fuchsia mouth shaped in an “O”. I had to focus on my head. Yes, that is my head, it is mimicking my every move. Wow! I dabbed my sweaty forehead looked at me. With a plastic cap on my head, a pink smock around my shoulders and bleach saturating my once dark hair, I seemed a very different person.

“You must try to get in touch with your light side,” said June. “Like your lovely close friend Sue”.

By that time it was hard for me to keep myself stand up.

June took me by the shoulder keeping me standing.

“I’m feeling a little light-headed,” I said. “I don’t understand. I’ve never felt like this after a nap” she said.

“You work too much, Madie” said Sue. “Maybe you should leave it”.

I agreed that I needed some help to go the back basins. June and Sue each took an arm and escorted me there. I smiled and dutifully followed them back to back basin. Oh, my cuny felt so gushy.

Once I was snuggled back down into the seat, June reclined me.

Sue came over and gave me a kiss on my forehead, just below the plastic cap.

“I have a surprise for you, Madie. Only I hope June agrees”.

I giggled.