The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

My new salon

mc: mind control
mf: male/female sex
fd: female dominant

Madeleine is convinced by her roommate to try several new things.

Chapter four: A weird surprise

“Go sit at the sink, Madie.”

Sue helped her as she sat down in a red chair near the sink. June then switched on the water before dropping a a towel around her neck and looked at her seemingly thinking hard as she played with her hair.

At one stage June said to Sue that I would love she to have a try at applying shampoo and conditioner on me and she handed her the bottles and showed her what to do.

“You really don’t need to do this Sue,” I said. “It looks like you aren´t finishing with your hairdo. You are still in curlers.”

“Oh don’t be silly,” said Sue as on went the water and she began to washed my hair. “I’ve been looking forward to helping you since we first met and I’m sure you’ll be much more comfortable with a friend shampooing your hair.”

Then June asked Sue if would it be all right if she took some video shots during the shampoo.

Sue agreed. She said “Of course, it will be a lovely record of my intimate friend’s transformation ! ”

So, whilst she was working on my hair June took some video shots of me and her doing this for me and remarked that she thought I would make a good shampoo girl!

I must admit I enjoyed the experience and got quite a thrill out of Sue shampooing and conditioning my hair.

I was strangely pleased. As Sue began shampooned my hair I found myself getting even more excited in a sexual way, and for some strange reason seemed to regret the rinse of bleach, as if I wanted to keep my hair that way! Full of strong blue bleach. I was surprised at my feelings, and thought for a moment that I should not be enjoying such feelings over what was being done to me. However Sue’s total dedication to me and the pleasant feelings I was experiencing soon overcame my doubt and I let myself flow with the feelings to enjoy what was becoming a very pleasant experience.

“Oh Maddie!” said June touching my heart through my smock. “I’m so

glad my dear Sue met you and you are so close friends with their same interests. I´m sure you are inseparables. I love the joy on her face when Sue talk about you while she was here in process to look fabulous.”

“Oh Yes” said Sue “Just talking through our things we did made us both feel so warm inside. “Especially about our love to look like a certain type of woman.”

“Knowing you I think I know the answer,” smiled June. “But let me hear it from your lips just to be sure about Maddie.”

“Well,” smiled Sue. “Extremely feminine women. A woman impeccable dressed and coiffed. That’s seemingly what we wanted and what we striving for.”

“Yes I know the type... well especially being one,” giggled Jume as

she was shaping his hair. “I not see you admiring dark beauties like Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren or maybe Ava Garner, Maddie? Am I right?”

“I´m not sure...” I tried to said. I did´nt understand about what they was talking.

“Really, Maddie do have another favorites,” joked Sue. “Gentlemen do prefer blondes they say?”

“Why thank you,” teased back June patting her hair.

“You’re welcome,” laughed Sue. “Like me Maddie is really more of a Jayne Mansfield or Marilyn Monroe fan though. Oh what I would give to....”

“Ok, I got it. Definitely Maddie is your lost soulmate,” giggled June with satisfaction. “You two really do have the same taste!”

“I like my natural hair color. I do not want to look like an actress”, I said, weakly. I could barely keep my eyes open.

“Well Maddie truthfully you’re the one that must be exhausted, right? You worked such a long week. said Sue rinsing the bleach and rubbing in the conditioner.

Yes, she was right. I was very very tired.

“True and I do still feel quite tipsy,” I said feeling the water splash off my head.

“Good then you relax and let us do the rest,” said Sue working it through and then rinsing me fully.

It was strange enough being a old beauty parlor and even odder still sitting in the sink with a friend in curlers shampooning me. Just her long nails sliding through my scalp were so hot.

“You will look great as blonde Maddie” said Sue appling the conditioner and thank taking her fingers pushing closed my eye lids.

“Maybe you can nap off a bit while the conditioner works its magic.”

I was exhausted as I didn’t fight much closing my eyes as I felt the soft conditioner being worked through my hair.

Wither her fingers massaging my scalp I couldn’t have felt more relaxed. With every twist of her fingers I could feel the tension slowly fading from my body as I struggled just not to pass out.

I peeked open my eyes for a moment as Sue smiled down on me before leaning down kissing my forehead softly. I felt so wonderful being attended to like never before fighting my heavy eye lids as she massaged at my scalp and then it was impossible to fight my strange fatigue anymore feeling the softest rubs as out like a light I went.

I closed my eyes but I still could see myself in my mind receiving a good shampoo from Sue. Oh wow I thought this is wonderful I can see it all over again!

Remembering how Sue shampooned my hair, I was feeling the same excitement build as I experienced the same joy I had earlier at this process. When I saw in my mind Sue saturating my hair with a conditioner I felt a special thrill, knowing this lotion had cared her hair. Soon I felt herself being lifted to a very high level of excitement. I felt to be on the brink of orgasm, and yet I was not getting any closer just feeling that wonderful glow. Then Sue rousing me from the trance I had fallen into imagind myrself while she did it’s work shampooned and conditioned me.

She began to rinse the conditioner. I opened my eyes and I said to Sue

“Are you sure we can’t leave it set for a little while longer?”

“Maddie you little devil” Said June, “I know what you are up to. You get a tremendous buzz while your hair is conditioning, and you are just trying to get away with staying there on the brink as long as you can. I need to touch up your makeup so you will get to feel and see the conditioner a little while longer.”

June swiftly apply me some base around the hair line and replaced the lipstick she had chewed off during my earlier orgasm.

I soon returned to workstation with my damp hair wrapped in a towel. June removed the towel and placed me on the chair.

When I saw myself in the mirror, I was uncomfortable, to say the least.

“Wow!” My eyes just bugged straight out of my head. As June removed the towel I was confronted by a large mirror and in the mirror, well, I just had to stop and stare... there was a lot to look at. It was me, staring back at me... eyes wide, my big fuchsia mouth shaped in an “O”. I had to focus on my head. Yes, that is my head, it is mimicking my every move. My head is a bright reddish-orange wet ball with ears. Wow! I was uncomfortable, to say the least.

“Orange?” My hair is Orange? Oh My! June? Oh My!”

I was shocked to see the color of my hair…REDDISH- ORANGE!

I was paralyzed. I could barely breathe.

“You don´t worry, Maddie. You act like you’ve never bleached your hair before. Now when we get you all combed out, you mark my words, you’ll be just the sweetest little thing.”

“That’s, that’s, NO, NO, not my hair! NO! Please NO, Not my hair! I bawled like a baby.

“What’s all this blubbering? What’s all this about?” Sue had suddenly shown up at my station.

“I don’t know, She’s been like this for a while now.”

“Listen to me, Maddie. You snap out of it right now. Are you listening to me?”

“Wha... sniff... What? Sniff, sob... sniff... yes, sob, sniff, I’m, sniff... listening.”

“Listen to me,” Sue soothed, “,listen to me…listen to me…” her tone changed to authoritarian, “I’m going to place the cigarette to your lips and you will take a deep drag and you will feel very relaxed.”

I felt the cigarette touch my lips and I inhaled. As I did, a number of feelings washed over me. Feminine. Submissive. Relaxed. Actually, extremely relaxed. Drowsy. Wanting to hear and obey more. Wanting to do more for Sue, my lovely friend. More. More. More. More.

Then I spoke, “…more…”

“You want more?” Sue asked.


She put the cigarette to my mouth again and I took another drag. And as I did, June spoke, “That’s right, taking a deep, deep drag on the cigarette…letting the smoke fill your mind with drowsiness…with submissiveness…”

I could feel it all happening. I do love a ciggy so relaxing and makes me feel so feminine.

I had never felt so alive in being semi-asleep before. As I exhaled the smoke, I could feel myself sinking deeper into the chair.

June handled the situation perfectly as she explained that each application of bleach only actively worked for about 40-45 minutes, and also that the dark color that she had on my hair was making the process go more slowly than normal through the first stages of color change.

While June was mixing the bleach I kept looking at Sue wondering if we were doing the right thing. " Don’t worry " Sue said, noticing my apprehension, “You are going to look absolutely gorgeous in a few hours’ time! ”

Then Sue pulled the cigarette out of my mouth and put it in an ashtray.

“That’s enough for now.” She said with satisfaction. “If you behave like an obedient lady, maybe I’ll give you another to smoke under the dryer.”

Soon June had already mixed a second, fresh bowl of bleach and while they talked she began the application as before, again leaving the roots untouched.

She applied the bleach to the hair with a small brush, section by section, until almost my entire orange hair had been thickly covered by the blue paste, except for about a quarter inch closest to the scalp. " The roots develop quicker than the rest of the hair as it’s warmer there " she said. " We’ll do those later ”

While June had been applying the bleach Sue had been taking numerous video shots of the process, taking close-ups of my head from all angles as well as shots of June herself whilst she was working. June looked really delightful with her trim figure dressed in the tight little white mini -dress and her very shapely legs and thighs encased in sheer black nylon!

At one stage Sue said to June that she would love to have a try at applying the bleach on me and she handed her the brush.

Whilst Sue was brushing the bleach in along a whole section of hair June took some video shots of her doing this and remarked that she thought Sue would make a good hairdresser!

Sue loved the experience and me too.

“Soon you will be as blonde as me” whispered in my ear Sue with a big smile.

“ Now that you know what to do " June remarked “You will be able to do her root touch- ups in future ! " June said she would show her how to do this a little later but first the rest of the hair would have to develop and this would take some time

By now my hair had a thick coating of bleach all over again. June covered my hair with a plastic hood and placed my under the dryer to develop.

“Another little dryer time for you, Maddie”. Said June with a big smile.