The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

My new salon

mc: mind control
mf: male/female sex
fd: female dominant

Madeleine is convinced by her roommate to try several new things.

Chapter five: A long dream

I relaxed although. My now reddish orange hair had a thick coating of blue bleach all over again and covered with another plastic cap in front of a large mirror.

June placed me under the dryer to develop again.

“We pop you under the dryer for a spell. Ok, Hon?” she said me with a smile.

I nodded with apparent reservation. I was tired and confussed. I did not want to go through that again. I just wanted to leave there. After all who could blame me? I was in an unfamiliar salon, about to undergo the most dramatic change to my appearance I had ever experienced, by a stylist whom I had never met, that was found by Sue on a referral.

Sensing my apprehension, June assured me not to worry.

“I feel strange. I just want to go to my house”. I implored them trying to stay with my eyes open.

“Too late,” said Sue. “If June take you the bleach off now, you’ll be carrot red. Just relax, golden girl. Remember, my child pain is beauty…you are going look really great as a blonde in a few hours more”

“Come on darling. I promise you will enjoy so much this time under the dryer” said June.

Her words sounded to me like an order. I felt unable to do anything other than accept what he told me. Who did I to complain or tell her what to do? She’s the boss here, I’m pretty much just along for the ride now.

“O.K,” I groaned too confused to argue although I was filling me with dread. “I am a bit headache”, I said to Sue.

“I’ll get you a couple of headache tablets” Offered Sue and before I could answer she picked up two of her purse and handed it to me. I swallowed them with a glass of cold water. I glanced above me at a very bulbous hood hairdryer fixed to the wall that loomed large above my head. I inwardly groaned at the thought of being inside the hood again with heat blasting on my already troubled head.

I backed in my seat, as June Lou guided my covered head by a cap under the chrome helmet and then lowered the amber visor. My whole face was covered by it

For some reason I couldn’t fathom though, as June tightened the cape around my neck, I started to feel quite relaxed and almost sleepy which was a blessed release from the band banging drums behind my eyes.

“Sweet dreams darling. I’m sorry about the heat up here but is necessary for your transformation. You will enjoyed soon”.

I barely heard June but at this point I became aware of very warm air beginning to circulate around my feet. Sue had taken my shoes off as I sat down and I could feel warm air wafting around my bare toes and ankles. I glanced down and for the first time noticed a foot wide grate in the floor with angled vents which seemed to be blowing hot air over my feet and legs and straight up my skirt below the cape I was wearing down to her knees. I was very uncomfortable almost immediately but again for a reason I couldn’t put my finger on I simply sat in the heat and nodded calmly as small droplets of sweat started to run down my thighs and shins as the light cape inflated slightly with the hot air feeling it’s way up and around my bare legs until it reached my shorts.

For almost an hour I sat back in the chair having my hair cooked and teased almost blissfully aware that my knickers where by now almost soaked in sweat. I had noticed absently that the windows were steamed up looking out of the Salon. I knew I should be very uncomfortable and complaining because the heat in the small room above the main salon was ridiculous.

June continued to chat with Sue. With the combination of thick cotton wads taped over my ears, purportedly so they won’t burn and the roaring jet-engine rush of the old dryer motor being so loud, I couldn’t hear a single word they are saying. They did looked over at me often and I smiled back with all the sincerity that I can muster.

I started to see reflected in the amber viewer in front of my eyes some images. I watched it in fascination as

A feeling of regret swept over me, oh I liked this so much! I wish I could be fastened to this wonderful machine every day. The feelings of sexual excitement started again

June bleached my hair like a movie. I thought this is wonderful I can see it all over again like a I saw at the mirror! I watched raptly as June bleach my hair lock by lock, feeling the excitement build as I

experienced the same joy I had earlier at this process. When I saw myself with the bleach saturating my hair I felt a special thrill, knowing this blue paste will lighter my hair. When I saw June sitting me under the dryer I felt herself being lifted to a very high level of excitement.

I began to see Sue. I watched as she gracefully kept sat into her seat. June was removed her hairnet and began the process of removing the rollers. Sue’s long bouncing page was gone. Her light hair lay about her head in short gentle blond curls. She seemed genuinely happy, as she and June continued their conversation; good-natured laughter filled the room. I longed to be a part of it. everything was suddenly clear in my mind. I wanted to be like Sue. I wanted to have blonde hair like Sue. June worked quickly, lifting and urging the curls into a tight, yet subdued bouffant shape, rising perhaps three inches at her crown. Her curls seemed softer. The image was true artistry. It was breathtaking.

I felt to be on the brink of orgasm, and yet she was not getting any closer just feeling that wonderful glow. In unexpected moment June come back and turned off the dryer. Then she raised the bulky looking hood away from my head.

“Now, let’s get a wash on you.”

Soon I was falling backward, a basin, my head was in a basin, and then water. I was in a dream now. Warm water was sprayed over my hair followed by June´s manicured fingers kneading their way through my scalp before she shampooed my head. The effect was so soothing, I thought he was going to drift off to sleep. Fingers worked deep into my scalp, rubbing and caressing my head.

Lost in bliss, I closed my eyes, practically asleep when another pair of hands worked on my scalp, pulling and pasting and doing who knows what. Gently hands. They add fluids to my head. Jellies, syrup, thick, the hands knead, massage, work to lather, foam, no, what is it? Insistent, they work the substance over and over into my skull.

“After two rounds of bleach we need to take care of your precious hair. We conditioning it deeply before continuing your road to the blond beauty” said me Sue before to kiss my forehead.

Whew! That felt good. My loved friend care of me and my hair. I was in heaven.

Soon someone else was rubbing my face gently. A warm mud was smoothed over my face, and I knew it was a gentle exfoliating mud mask.

“Full treatment for our new sexy girl” whispered Sue in my ear

“Mmmm…” I purred like a kitten. I hadn’t been treated like this before.

“Madie, I’m going to put a deep-cleansing, firming mud mask on you to work on your complexions while you going to blonde,” June explained. The mud on my face turned hard as cement in a matter of minutes, making conversation very difficult and giving me a feeling of

helplessness such as he had never before known. Once June made

sure that my mask had properly hardened, after a while June rinsed my head, she raised the chair again so I could see myself in the mirror.

I twirl a bit, trying to look at myself from all sides in the mirror. The dark mask over my face hit me at first and was the focal point of my sight at initial moments. After that I focused at my wet hair. I certainly look quite different. Sue and June were both beaming, smiling.

My hair look’s lighter, much lighter. it was still some orange, but now mostly yellow. What color is that? It’s not chestnut any more, that’s for sure.It’s like a light.., like the color of banana! My hair was never this color before! Yowl! This is so different!

I felled excited and frightened at the same time. Both kept looking at me. I looked ridiculous to my own eyes with my yellow with orange shades hair, but at the same time I was excited. Like if a dormant desire was coming true...

I was sitting there, feelingo rather helpless. Sue and June looking at me. They seemed to have a big pleasure in the situation.

Then June said that we’d to pick a color before she started the new bleaching . I started to feel more and more uncomfortable. Deep down I knew that I really wanted to but was scared to try it.

“Are we ready for some fun today?” Double your pleasure, double your fun. And aren’t blondes supposed to have more fun? And isn’t getting there half the fun?” Sue teased.

“We’ll see,” said June. “Dear, look at the toner choices and tell us what you think”. She handed me a book with swatches. “What do you like best?”

“I had no idea there were so many choices. I don’t think I’d have a clue,” I said.

June showed me various sample hair strands on a ring

“Oh, that’s just the toner line we use. Theoretically there are even more, but mostly we’re talking about name changes. What shade do you like?”

“That champagne beige is a pretty color, but I don’t sure.”

“Interesting choice”. Said June “We thought this pearl blonde would go best with Sue´s skin tones. We liked that color for her, just not for you,” said June as Sue giggled.

“Did I miss something?”

“Actually, Sue thought you’d look good with the extra light platinum, the lightest on the ring. And I agreed with her,” said June. “If you’re going to do it…do it all the way.”

My heart pounded as I looked at Sue.

“Hold on. Wait a minute. You wanted for me to go blonde, but....”

“When she came in last week, Sue told us you’d like to be a blonde, too,” said June. “We think it’s a great idea. “You think Sue the only gal who wants to be a blonde?” asked June. “Believe me, you really would also like to be platinum blonde. You’re just afraid to say so”.

“I don’t know. That extra light blonde is a pretty color, but I don’t know how it would look on me.”

“Sue, show her the picture,” said June. “What picture?” asked Maddie. “I had them scan one picture of you so I could see how you’d look as a blonde”.

Pulling the picture from the drawer in her stand she said, “See, you’ll look great.”

“I don’t know.” I was still hesitating, but I was weakening. It was something of a surprise initially seeing myself in the picture transformed into such a white blonde but I liked the colour and style right from the start and soon loved this sexy image of me.

“I knew you would look fabulous with platinium blonde hair Madie” said me Sue “My birthday will be in a week and it would be very special to me if you would have your hair platinum blonde for the occasion”.

Thought of going platinum blonde excited me, especially if that was so special for Sue.

Sue looked at me and take my hand. “I really want you go to platinum blonde, Madie. It’s very important for me my sweety.” she said. My stomach tightened.

Sue was very reassuring and did not push me to make a commitment. It sounded exciting and exactly what I had fantasized about.

So I acepted it.