The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Neutral Territory

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright © 2014

Chapter 5 — Turning Up The Heat

Tammy woke up, her pussy wet for erotic dreams of being taken by the team. She rolled over and looked at the Scryn, it still had over two hours left on the clock. She stretched out and swung her legs over the side of the bed. Still feeling the need for satisfaction she decided to take a shower, as she walked by the table, she noticed the large dildo that was sitting there.

‘Oh, this will work much better than my fingers!’ she thought to herself. Grabbing it she went in to the bathroom and started the water.

Minutes later she was working it in and out of her pussy, the pleasure was overwhelming, more than she had ever felt before. As she orgasmed, Paulina emerged for the first time in over a week. She shifted back to her natural form and the Nerv-O-Tron came to life.

Minutes later, the warm water hitting her face brought her back to reality. The Dildo still in her pussy, Paulina slid it out and finished showering. Her mind accepted what had happened completely, Henry was still training her to maintain her persona, she had failed him. She would have to re-double her efforts to make sure it didn’t happen again.

In fact she felt wrong, Paulina was no longer her true self. Her true self was whatever Henry told her to be. She hurriedly dried herself and went to the Scryn to see who she really was, to hear Henry’s next command.

On the Scryn was an image of a buxom redhead, she was naked except for the high heels she worn. Shifting quickly she closed her eyes and waited to hear who she really was.

“Your name is Casey, you are a nudist and need to masterbate at least once an hour. You will hold this persona until further notice.”

Casey opened her eyes and looked at the Scryn, her image was still there, but instead of a clock her name appeared above it.

20 minutes later she was gently rubbing her clit, starting to masterbate when she remembered the dildo in the bathroom. After retrieving it she got to work earnestly on the task at hand.

* * *

Henry, sitting at the desk, watched Casey masterbate yet again. It had taken a dozen cycles for her to finally hold her form as she orgasmed, but now, a day later, she was in total control.

He queued up the next assignment and waited for her to notice the change on the Scryn.

* * *

Casey had just finished masterbating again and decided to clean up, the Scryn had changed as she walked to the bathroom. She immediately turned to study the new image before her. Above it was the name Silvia. She quickly shifted to the new image, it was of a Latin woman, her dark hair flowed down to her ass, her olive complexion almost appeared tanned. Her breasts, though not large had large nipples on them. Her ass was massive, it was round and stood out from her body in an almost unnatural fashion. She was wearing a simple white t-shirt and a small black vinyl skirt, her six inch heels pushed her ass out even farther.

“Your name is Silvia, you have a fetish for anal sex, you need to have it at least once an hour.”

Silvia’s ass felt empty, she reached around to press her finger against it and was rewarded with an immediate rush of pleasure. She continued to the bathroom, undressed and took a shower. Once finished bathing, she once more explored her anus with her finger, this time pushing one finger all the way in. At first she felt pain and discomfort, but a wave of pleasure pushed it away and she wiggled her finger in and out several times.

Her body responded on its own and built towards an orgasm. When she pulled her finger out and instead inserted two, the pain and orgasm combined broke her focus and Paulina started to break through.

Silvia panicked, she pushed her fingers in even harder and focused on the pleasure. Paulina retreated back and Silvia orgasmed again.

* * *

Henry watched Silvia using the dildo on the bed, she was reaming her anus hard and was clearly enjoying it. When her orgasm hit she screamed out in pleasure and collapsed on the bed. There was no signs of motion other than her soft breathing as she lay unconscious. There was no sign of Paulina either.

He engaged the final assignment and waited for her to come to.

* * *

Silvia awoke with the dildo still in her ass and a deep satisfaction from her orgasm. She slide the dildo out and proceeded to the bathroom to clean up. When she came back out the Scryn had changed.

The image reminded her of someone, if Pauline had still existed, she would have recognized her instantly. It was her natural form, though with several differences. The image before her stood no more than five feet tall, even in the heels she was wearing. The large, unnatural breasts, were almost as large as her head and each one had a thick hard nipple cresting it. Her face was dominated by large pouty lips and her hair cascaded down to her ass. And what an ass it was, large and round it stood out almost as far from her body as her breasts did.

Her dress was a tight fitting affair, it was strapless and just covered her nipples. It pinched in leaving her sides exposed and then ended just below her pussy.

Above the image was her name, Poly.

Unlike before, Henry’s voice did not come from everywhere, instead it came from the open door to her left.

“Your name is Poly, you are my creation. You are a polymorph I have created to take any form I desire. You exist to serve me. You have no will of your own, my pleasure is your pleasure.”

Poly orgasmed at the sight of him. His presence was everything to her, he was her whole world.

Henry walked over and kissed her deeply, she pushed her body against his and rubbed herself all over him.

He pushed her towards the bed and she flopped down on it, spreading her legs wide. She pulled down her dressed so he could see her hard nipples as well.

Henry pulled down his pants and Poly moaned when she saw his dick. She spread her wet pussy lips with one hand and pinched her nipple with the other.

Henry ran his head up and down her pussy lips several times, grabbing her free breast and squeezing it before entering her. Poly bucked her hips at him, moaned with pleasure as he took her for the first time.

Their bodies achieved a rhythm after a few minutes and Poly was lost in the waves of heat coming from her pussy.

“I promised you two things when you came to my door. I’m a man of my word and so I have kept both of them.”

He pushed hard in to her again as if making a point.

“The first is that I would not help you. If you were still with us, I think you would agree that I’ve only really helped myself, to you that is.”

He pulled back and slammed home again.

“The second, that holding your form would no longer be limited by time, I have delivered as well. Your only limit now is how long it is until I get bored with your current form.”

He pulled all the way out and Poly screamed at the vacancy in her pussy. It didn’t last long as he once again entered her. He pounded her pussy for several more minutes, keeping her on the edge of orgasm throughout.

He pushed hard one more time and came, Poly followed suit and arched her back as the most powerful orgasm of her life cemented her new role as Henry’s pet polymorph.