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New Boss

Inspired by paperbag’s forum post and Downing Street’s New Girl

* * *

“Who’s the girl in the pants?” Sonja asked, sipping on her coffee.

“Oh, that’s the new head of department. She started yesterday while you were away. Annette, I think her name is.”

Sonja glanced over at the new boss. She was a young black woman with short, well-maintained hair. Dressed in a trim grey suit with a white button-up shirt underneath, she had a stern look on her face. She hadn’t even noticed Sonja, but somehow the young professional felt like she had already been disapproved of.

“She’s dressed pretty straight.”

“Yeah. The job you want, all that jazz. Still—I wish I had her tits.”

Sonja threw her friend a glance. Ruby had a few problems in her life—she looked far more tired than usual, for one—but a lack of boobage certainly wasn’t an issue for her.

“What are you talking about? She looks completely flat-chested.”

“Yeah,” Ruby sighed, glancing down at her prominent cleavage. “Wouldn’t that be nice?”

Wrinkling her nose in confusion, Sonja looked down at her own chest. She wasn’t quite as big as Ruby, but she knew that she came pretty close. As a young girl, she’d looked at her mother’s bosom and prayed for her own one day.

Her wish had been granted. In spades. And—potential back problems aside—she liked having big tits. Always had. It made her feel sexy, womanly.

The fact that no guy had ever overlooked her was a bonus.

Sonja had always thought that Ruby felt the same way. Like her, Ruby had never been afraid to show some cleavage (while still dressing professionally, of course), and Sonja knew for a fact that she’d seen her workmate use them to her advantage in the past.

Flirting with a boss was one way to help close the wage gap.

Their friend Harriet approached, and saw them looking at the new girl.

“Checking out our new overlord, hey?” she said with a laugh, and Sonja buried a smile. “Those tits, hey?”

Now Sonja was really confused. Harriet looked completely serious. Unless this was some kind of elaborate in-joke that she wasn’t a part of, she had no idea what her workmates were talking about. Harriet and Ruby were two of the bustiest women in the office—they, more than anyone, knew the advantages of having a lot to offer in the chest department.

So why were they practically drooling over Annette’s total lack of titties?

“I don’t see it,” Sonja said, after the silence had stretched on for a few minutes.

Harriet sighed.

“Small tits can have their advantages is all,” she said softly. “Annette was telling us about it the other day.”

“You were talking to our new boss…about tits?”

“With a rack like that, how can you not?”

Now convinced that her workmates had gone mad, Sonja changed the subject, and the three happily talked about football until Annette glanced their way, and they realized that they should at least look like they were doing work.

* * *

“So,” Annette concluded with a smile that looked genuinely friendly, “as you can see, I’m not looking to change things, or to be the big new scary boss. I just want things to keep on working like they always have.”

“Great,” Sonja said with a laugh. “That gets an a-plus from me!”

As soon as the words had come out of her mouth, Sonja’s eyes widened and she couldn’t help but glance down at her boss’s almost totally flat chest.

A. A. Why did she have to say A?

“Great,” Annette repeated back, and Sonja noticed her throw her shoulders back slightly. It was a move that most people wouldn’t notice, but Sonja was a woman of great bosom, and so she knew the maneuver well.

Annette was showing off.

But why? She had nothing to show off. It made no sense.

Before Sonja could stop herself, the words were tumbling out of her mouth.

“Do you find it’s a problem?”

“What?” Annette said, and her smile had somehow, slyly shifted.

“Not having…y’know.”

To Sonja’s mortification, she found herself gesturing at her new boss’s chest. She wished that could pull off her bra and choke herself with it. What the hell was she doing?

“Oh, quite the contrary,” Annette said, without a trace of awkwardness in her tone. “It’s always been very useful.”


“Oh, yes. Not being slowed down by…”

Now it was Annette’s turn to gesture at the other woman’s bosoms.

“Yes, I imagine that huge tits like that would slow one down. Don’t you find it exhausting, dragging their weight with you anywhere? I know that some people like the look of them, but it’s not for me. No offense.”

“None taken,” Sonja mumbled, her brain spinning at her new boss’s words.

“Was there anything else?”

“Thank you,” Sonja said, getting up from her seat. Now that her attention had been drawn to it, she couldn’t help but be aware of the extra effort that it took to lift her torso. She was wearing a sports-bra, as she almost always did to work—Sonja was an E-cup, and though she’d never weighed them, she guessed that her breasts probably weighed around three pounds.


That was a lot of extra lifting.

* * *

The next day at work, Sonja noticed herself yawning a lot more than usual. It didn’t make sense—she’d practically fallen into bed last night, totally drained, and gotten a full ten hours of sleep.

But for some reason, she was far more tired than usual. She tried to shake it off, but the movement made her breasts shift from side to side, and she couldn’t help but notice how much effort her body had to put into stopping their movement.

“You doing okay?” Harriet asked, stopping by her cubicle. Sonja noticed that her friend’s hair and makeup was a mess—strange, considering how well-maintained the older woman normally was.

“I’m fine,” Sonja started to say, but before she could even get through the second word, a yawn overtook her—one that Harriet immediately echoed.

“Sorry,” the two said simultaneously, and smiled at each other. Sonja would have laughed at the odd moment, but just the idea of it seemed too draining.

Across the room, they heard Annette enthusiastically giving Ruby a pep talk. As they watched, Annette’s hand brushed against her underling’s breast. Ruby didn’t seem to notice.

“I wish I had her energy,” Harriet mumbled, and Sonja just smiled in response. Putting a sentence together was suddenly a lot of work. The two stood there in silence, watching Sonja’s screensaver, until Harriet eventually dragged herself back to her own desk.

Sonja watched as she did. Every step looked like a lot of effort.

* * *

“Burning the midnight oil?” Annette joked, stopping by Sonja’s cubicle on the way out. It was already 6:30pm, but Sonja felt like she still had so much work to do. She’d barely managed to get anything done all day—she’d had three meetings (three!) and just getting to-and-from the meeting rooms had sapped most of her energy.

If she was being honest with herself, she still wasn’t accomplishing much. Sitting at her computer and clicking at folders wasn’t really getting her anywhere…but the prospect of walking home was just so exhausting.

“You live a few blocks over, don’t you?” Annette asked, and Sonja realized that she’d never answered her boss’s previous question.

“That’s right,” Sonja said, managing to muster up the energy for a response.

“I’m driving past there—let me give you a lift.”

Sonja’s eyes lit up at the prospect. It didn’t make sense—she was in fairly good shape, and she was only twenty-one. She’d walked to work every day for almost a year now…but after arriving that morning, it had taken her twenty minutes before she even felt able to turn on her computer.

“Thanks,” she said, and Annette laughed.

“Don’t mention it. I’m not a slave-driver. Not yet, anyway.”

Annette winked, and while Sonja would have loved to have laughed at her boss’s weird joke, she only managed to smile in response.

Ten minutes later, they were seated next to each other in the car, Annette talking at a million miles a minute.

Sonja glanced enviously at her boss’s chest. No wonder she was able to get so much done, able to get promoted in such a short amount of time. When that was all you were carrying around…—

Her train of thought was broken when she realized that her boss was waiting for an answer, and all she was doing was staring at the black girl’s tits through her shirt.

“Hmm?” she said, and Annette repeated herself, sounding slightly peeved that she had to do so.

“I said, it must take time to work out what to wear each day.”

“What do you mean?” Sonja said, wondering how much she’d missed.

“Well,” Annette said casually. “I mean, when you have these…”

Her hand reached out and brushed against Sonja’s breasts as she spoke.

“You must spend most of your morning building your wardrobe around them. After all, it’s not like you can just do what I do and pick anything.

“Hell,” she said with a laugh, “I’m surprised you have time to take care of the rest of your appearance!”

Sonja just smiled. Despite being driven, she was still wiped from the day of lugging around her huge chest—she didn’t have time to contemplate her boss’s odd theories on personal maintenance.

“This is me,” she said, desperate to avoid being dropped off at the end of the street. “Just pull right into the driveway. Thanks.”

“Not at all,” Annette said, beaming back at her subordinate. “Any time!”

Sonja really hoped she meant that, because if she did…she was definitely going to hold her to it.

* * *

“My name’s Donna,” the stranger (Donna, presumably) announced. “I was told to report to this section?”

“I’m Sonja,” the frazzled-looking young woman said in response.

That morning, while getting dressed, she’d found herself unable to stop thinking about her new boss’s words. She did have to build her wardrobe around her enormous bust—after all, if she just took it for granted, she could end up wearing something that showed too much cleavage, or not enough.

By the time she’d finally settled on a top, Sonja had realized that it was time to leave. If she was going to avoid being late, she’d have to run—her enormous tits would bounce up and down with every step, and by the time she arrived at work she’d be even more fatigued than she had been the day before.

The young professional had thrown on whatever she could to get in on time. She hadn’t had a chance to do her hair and makeup, and she’d only realized when she sat down that her socks didn’t match, and she was wearing them with sandals.

Oh well. That was just a part of life as a busty woman.

Donna was holding her possessions patiently, waiting for a response. As Sonja built up the energy to direct her, she noticed that Donna’s tits were almost as large as her own. Somehow, she still seemed to have the time to do her hair and makeup of a morning.

Lucky woman. Or maybe her bra was just padded?

Very, very padded.

“You should probably go talk to Annette,” Sonja said, gesturing at the immaculately-presented woman on the other side of the room. She was pointing at Harriet’s computer screen, but Harriet looked totally baffled by what she was being told.

“I wish her had her tits,” she was unable to stop herself from adding, as Donna began marching towards her new boss.

“Really?” Donna said, her eyes flicking down to Sonja’s chest. Before the young woman could explain, Donna had resumed her journey, and so instead she just stood and watched as Annette gave up on trying to explain the spreadsheet to Harriet, and gave the new transfer a friendly hug.

Sonja sat down, and ran a hand through her hair. That had been exhausting.

* * *

“And I suppose the other advantage,” Annette said, her hands firmly on the wheel, “is the increased mental capacity.”

Sonja wrinkled her nose.

“Advantage of what?”

Annette smiled softly at her employee, and Sonja couldn’t help but feel she was being patronized to.

“This is exactly what I’m talking about,” she said simply, and Sonja took a moment to run through the conversation so far. She’d been paying quite close attention, but the change of topic had been a total non-sequitur.


Annette sighed, and a hard edge came into her voice.

“As I was saying, the science is pretty sound on this. Big tits like yours…” she said, reaching out and giving Sonja’s left breast a gentle squeeze “…require more blood than nice petite breasts like mine.”

“I don’t know…”

“And so,” the black woman continued, ignoring the interruption, “that blood has to come from somewhere. So the studies that I was talking about showed that it comes from the brain. That’s why you have so much trouble focusing, remembering things, or even understanding basic concepts. Don’t make me repeat that again—I know how quickly you busty gals forget things!”

Sonja paused. Something about this definitely didn’t seem right.

“Wouldn’t the body just have, like, more blood?” she asked, and Annette quietly laughed in response.

“Sure thing, honey,” she said, and stopped the car.

Sonja stared at her expectantly.

“This is your house,” Annette prompted, and Sonja looked at the building they were parked outside.

“Is it?” she asked, and then after almost a minute had passed, added, “It is!”

* * *

“My name’s Rita,” the busty woman said, and Sonja looked up in panic, relieved to learn that she wasn’t talking to her. She was speaking to Donna, the woman that Sonja had met yesterday.

Sonja was so proud that she could remember all of that. She’d been at work for almost an hour, trying to log into her computer. She knew that her password had…numbers. Or was it letters? Maybe both.

No luck so far, but she knew that she’d get there before the day was over.

Or maybe tomorrow.

“New to the department?” Donna asked. While Sonja considered her answer to that question, Rita replied.

“That’s right.”

“Me too,” Donna said with a sigh. “I don’t know why they’re moving so many of us over here—I heard there’s four more due in the next week alone.”

Sonja thought she knew why. She, Harriet, and Ruby hadn’t managed to get any work done all day. Sonja couldn’t log into her computer (she knew that her password had letters. Or numbers. Or maybe both.) and when she’d last seen the other two, they’d been gossiping in the kitchen, sipping on that white liquid.

The cow one. Cow juice. What was it called?

“And have you noticed,” Donna said, looking around conspiratorially, “they’re only moving women?”

The new transfer—Anita? Peta?—looked at Donna oddly, noticing the rings under her eyes and that she seemed to be swaying, worn out from the strain of standing and talking.

“You want to talk to Annette,” Donna said, and worked up the energy to gesture towards the black woman filling her bottle up at the water filter. “The one over there with the great tits.”

Rita laughed in response, but when Donna gave her a puzzled look, thanked her quietly and started moving towards her new boss.

“Milk!” Sonja said triumphantly, and carefully typed the word into her computer.

INCORRECT PASSWORD, the screen said, and Sonja frowned in confusion. She was sure she’d been trying to remember her password. Wasn’t it cow juice? She knew it had letters in it, anyway.

Or numbers. Maybe both?

* * *

“You looked drained,” Annette said as she stopped by Sonja’s desk.

Sonja was. She’d spent the entire day working hard on the password situation, and now she was exhausted. She’d used all of her mental strength trying to work out what it could be (among her guesses had been “password”, “sonja”, “tits”, and “password”) to no avail. Combined with the sheer effort of carrying two massive sacks on her chest, and the emotional strain of knowing that her hair was knotted and she only had one sock on, and she was absolutely spent.

“Are you keeping your fluids up?” Annette asked, concerned.

“What do you mean?”

Sonja hadn’t realized that her job involved holding up liquids.

“You’re what, a double-D? Sonja, you know what that means—you need milk, baby. If you don’t drink at least four or five pints of milk each day, your boobs are going to shrivel up.”

Sonja’s eyes widened in shock. That didn’t sound good!

“It’s okay honey,” Annette said soothingly, and her hand reached down to stroke the side of Sonja’s teat as she continued. “The company is here to look after you—that’s why we’ve stocked the fridge with as much milk as you like. I’m going to drive you home now, but tomorrow why don’t you come early and drink as much milk as those big awful boobs of yours need, okay?”

Sonja nodded gratefully. She was so glad that she had someone with small, sensible breasts to take care of her.

She shot a glance at Annette’s tiny tits. God, she would kill for boobs like that. So light, so easy to maintain, not taking any of your brain-blood to operate. So easy to dress in the morning.

No wonder Annette was so wonderful. Sonja shot a dirty look at her own boobs.

Why did they have to be so big?

* * *

Sonja was an hour late to work the next day. She’d been walking towards work when fatigue had suddenly hit her, and she’d realized that she had to get some milk. There was milk at work, but work was so far away. She’d started marching towards the nearest store when she’d suddenly realized that it was even further than work, and so she’d turned around again.

Her mind was so addled and milk-deprived, Sonja had almost been at work when the thought struck her: what if she’d walked so far towards the store that it was even closer than her work? Stepping back out of the lobby, she headed off towards the store once more, before realizing how stupid she was being.

This repeated itself several times before she finally staggered into work, her back sore from holding her enormous tits up, her head spinning and her hair plastered to her head with sweat.

She couldn’t even remember the last time she’d washed her hair. Had she ever washed her hair? It was hard to remember. She needed milk.

Fortunately, Annette was waiting for her at her cubicle. She had a warm smile, and a glass of milk in her hand—Sonja ignored the smile, and dove straight for the milk.

Gulping it down, she looked down at her desk. Donna was sitting there. Her hair was a mess, and it looked like she was wearing mismatched running shoes over stockings.

Her magnificent bust, however, was very well-displayed in a black v-neck top.

“Come with me,” Annette said, and Sonja was too confused to argue.

“Why is my desk…”

“It’s just a temporary measure,” Annette said soothingly, reaching up Sonja’s top and roughly tweaking her bra-covered nipples.

Sonja knew better than to argue with her boss. Especially when her boss was a smart, small-breasted woman like Annette. “While we sort out your new desk, why don’t you sit in the kitchen? Then you can drink all the milk you like…”

Sonja’s eyes lit up at the idea, and for most of the day she sat in the kitchen, smiling blankly at the women who came in. She didn’t recognize a few of them—they may have been new, or maybe she had just forgotten them.

They weren’t as smart as Annette, that was for sure.

None of their titties were small enough.

* * *

About an hour before quitting time, Sonja reached the conclusion that she really couldn’t drink any more milk. She’d done well, and her boobies would surely thank her for it, but there is a limit to how much milk any one person can drink—even if it was as addictively delicious as the milk that Annette had supplied.

She tried not to think about the fact that she’d managed to spill almost a full pint of milk down her front. Her shirt was soaked, but that was okay. Wasn’t it? Probably.

Without her tit’s burning desire for milk briefly quenched, Sonja’s attention quickly drifted, and she found herself wandering around the building, poking her head into offices that she couldn’t remember seeing before.

Some of the women might have been new, or maybe Sonja had just forgotten them. None of them were as smart as Annette, of that she was sure.

Their boobs were too big.

One door was locked, a concept that confused her. How could she know what was inside if it was locked? She couldn’t open it. It was locked. How could she know what was inside?

Sonja spent a few minutes struggling with this problem (how could she know what was inside the door if it was locked?) when she noticed that the door had a window. She could look inside the window!

And then she could reward herself with some milk for being so clever. It had been so long since she’d had some, and her boobs were crying out for more. She didn’t want them to shrivel up! Did she? Maybe then she’d be smarter.

That was a tough one, and Sonja decided that if she could solve it, she’d reward herself with some milk for being so clever. She hadn’t had some in so long, and her boobs were hungry for more.

Through the door she saw two women. Women that she did recognize! It was her workmates Harriet and Ruby; they were naked, on all fours, crawling around the room.

“That’s weird,” she said out loud, and jumped when a smooth, silky voice replied.

“Is it?”

Sonja turned to find Annette standing there, watching her with a smile.

“Why are they crawling around like that?” she asked.

“Why do you think?” Annette asked without hesitation, slipping forward and grabbing Sonja’s huge tits in her hands.

Sonja wished that she could think that fast. She definitely couldn’t, not when her boobs were so big. And in need of constant nourishment. She needed some milk for them, pronto. Pronto? Was that the Lone Ranger’s horse?

Sonja puzzled on this for a a while, before proudly answering Annette’s question.


“What?” the black woman replied, seeming genuinely confused. Her deft hands had unbuckled Sonja’s bra, and Sonja could feel her boss’s small hands on her big boobs.

“Hi ho, Silver!”

“I don’t know what I expected…” Annette mumbled to herself, and then spoke slowly and loudly.

“Why do you think they’re crawling around on the floor?”

“Ummmm…maybe they dropped some papers?”

“Look again,” Annette said, and Sonja glanced inside the window. Her workmates Harriet and Ruby were naked and on all fours, crawling around the room.

“That’s weird,” she said to herself.

Annette sighed.

“Why do you think they’re crawling like that?”

“I dunno,” Sonja said after a few minutes of thinking. “Maybe they dropped some papers?”

“Oh Jesus Christ,” Annette said, lightly slapping Sonja’s tits in frustration. “I fucking hate this stage.”

There was a pause, and Sonja got bored. She glanced through the window, and saw that her two workmates were naked on the floor, crawling around on all fours.

“That’s weird,” she said, and Annette affixed a fake-looking smile to her face as she began tugging roughly on Sonja’s huge nipples.

“Do you know why…let me tell you why they’re doing that,” Sonja’s new boss said. “They have such big boobs, don’t they?”

“They sure do,” Sonja said. She wasn’t sure who her boss was talking about—maybe the Lone Ranger?—but it seemed important, and her boss was so smart. She decided that it was best to agree.

“Those big boobs weigh you down after a while. They’re so big, so heavy. So big that it’s easier not to walk—you don’t want to have to carry such big, heavy boobs. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just take off all your clothes and let them go free? Wouldn’t life be so much better if you could just crawl, move around on all fours instead of having to carry those awful huge tits around all day?”

Sonja just nodded. She was tired, confused, and in desperate need of some milk to stop her tits from shriveling up. She didn’t really understand what her boss was talking about, but Sonja figured if she agreed, she could get the conversation over sooner rather than later.

“Smart girl,” Annette said, and Sonja beamed. She was smart! A lady with small tits had said it, so it must be true.

It wasn’t until she was back in the kitchen, hungrily gulping down some more milk that she realized something was wrong.

Sonja couldn’t be smart: She had such huge tits.

She must have misunderstood.

* * *

When Sonja rolled out of bed the next morning, she didn’t feel like putting any clothes on. Life was just so much better when her big tits could dangle free. She didn’t even want to stand up—not when she could crawl.

She made it to the fridge in her kitchen (she hadn’t had milk for hours) before she realized she wasn’t alone.

“Hi,” Annette said, and Sonja looked up with a dopey smile.

“Hi,” she replied, and Annette started walking out the back door.

“Follow me,” the black lady commanded, and Sonja obeyed without question.

Annette helped her employee into the back of her car, and it wasn’t until they’d been driving for a few minutes before Sonja thought to ask where they were going.

“Your work!” Annette said brightly, one hand reaching behind her to play with Sonja’s freely dangling tits.


It took Sonja a few minutes to work out how to phrase the question. She didn’t want to sound like Annette could possibly be wrong about anything—with breasts as tiny and pure as hers, that simply wasn’t possible.

“Don’t you need, um…clothes at work?”

“Nope!” Annette said simply, obviously not wanting to confuse the naked, large-breasted woman in the back seat of her car.


There was another long pause.

“Will there be milk?”

* * *


Rita looked confused at the woman’s presence.


“Uh, hi. My name’s Imogen—I’m meant to start today?”

“Oh! You want to talk to Annette. She’s soooooo smart.”

Rita leaned over.

“She has tiiiiiny tits,” she attempted to whisper, although it came out loud enough to reach Sonja’s ears. Sonja smiled. Annette did have tiny titties. What a clever lady.

Sonja was being smuggled through the office by Annette. Fortunately Annette was very smart and good at hiding her—if she was by herself, she would almost certainly have been caught. As she crawled, her tits dragged across the carpet—it didn’t feel as nice as Annette’s firm hands had, but Sonja wasn’t about to rock the boat.

“Stay here,” Annette hissed, and Sonja stayed as still as she could, only moving enough to make her nipples swing back and forth against the rough carpet.

“Hi!” the woman said. “I’m Imogen—I’ve been transferred to this department?”

“Great,” Annette said warmly. “My name’s Annette—I’m just working on something at the moment, but I’ll have a meeting with you shortly. Just choose a desk—we’re in the middle of a big restructuring at the moment, so any desk is fine.”

“Thanks,” Imogen said, a strange tone in her voice.

“What’s up?” Annette said impatiently.

“It’s just…that woman said something about your…”

“Oh yes. Don’t worry about it—we’ll discuss that later.”

“Okay,” Imogen said, her voice still tinted with reluctance.

* * *

Sonja felt much better as soon as her tits were dragging across the floor of her special new office. The floor was coated in a warm viscous liquid, and every time she moved it sent a tingle all through her body.

It felt great.

To her surprise, Harriet and Ruby weren’t crawling around any more. They were sitting in the corner of the room, huge smiles on their faces as they played with themselves, softly rubbing themselves, stopping only to occasionally shake with orgasm.

Sonja had greeted them when she entered, but she’d been ignored—fine by her. She’d rather crawl around coating her nipples in strange goo than make small-talk any day.

The young woman totally lost track of time, but the building had gotten dark (there was no light in their small room) when Annette entered, looking flustered.

“Okay,” she barked. “Sonja—you have huge tits.”

Sonja nodded dumbly. Annette was right! Annette was so smart.

Her smart, small-titted boss squatted in front of her and slowly began batting her breasts back and forth.

“That’s an evolutionary trait to encourage breeding. You have big tits because you’re good at breeding. Other traits that encourage breeding are: constant horniness and obedience. No, wait, shit. That’s tomorrow. Just horniness. You have big tits, ergo you are constantly horny. Kapische?”

Sonja didn’t fully understand what her new boss was saying, but she tried to nod earnestly as if she had.

“Sonja, stop listening, keep crawling. Girls…”

Annette spent a few more minutes barking orders at Sonja’s two workmates, her hands carefully fondling their breasts as she did. Sonja resumed crawling around the room, dragging her tits on the floor. It felt so good that she barely registered that Annette had left the door open when she’d marched out.

* * *

Sonja woke up, her face mushed into the warm goo on the floor. She had no idea what it was, but it didn’t feel nearly as good against her face as it had on her nipples the previous day.

Before she could even wonder what it was, a huge wave of arousal spread over her body.

She was so turned on, so horny.

“Evolutionary trait,” she mumbled to herself, not sure what the words meant. Of course, that didn’t matter—all that mattered was getting off.

Moving one hand between her legs, Sonja quickly found her clit and started gently rubbing her thumb across it, over and over again. Within a few minutes, her whole body shook with orgasm, and she let out a soft moan.

The sound of her climax awoke the other two women in the room, and they sat and watched her in silence for the next few hours as she repeatedly came.

Around lunchtime (Sonja guessed—there was no clock in the room) the door opened, and the three women looked up to see what Annette had come to tell them.

But to their surprise, it wasn’t Annette.

“Jesus Christ,” the woman said, panting in exhaustion and Sonja immediately recognized her voice—it was Imogen, the woman who had started the day before. “What the fuck have they done to you?”

“Well,” Harriet and Ruby began, and simultaneously began talking over each other, explaining the events of the past week. Imogen held up her hand, and they immediately fell silent. Sonja moaned as another orgasm rippled through her body.

“Right,” she said. “We need to get you out of here. I don’t know why they’re doing this, but you can’t stay here!”

Leaning out the door, she looked left and right.

“Come with me,” she said, shutting her eyes in an attempt to regain some energy. “We have to move fast.”

Harriet and Ruby immediately began crawling towards the door as quickly as they could, and Imogen opened her eyes to find them at her feet, looking up at her expectantly.

Stand up,” she whispered insistently, and they reluctantly did so, hunching slightly at the weight of their boobs. Sonja had no idea how they did it—crawling was so much easier.

“You too,” Imogen said to Sonja, but in response she just shut her eyes. All of this chit-chat was distracting her from another juicy cum. “Your loss. Come on girls—we have to hurry.”

When Sonja opened her eyes again, she was alone. She smiled—now she could bring herself off all day without distraction.

She just wished she had some milk.

* * *

Sonja was shaken awake by Annette, her boss’s dark eyes flashing with anger.

“Where are they?” she hissed, and Sonja took a minute to work out what was happening. She must have passed out after a particularly intense cum.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake.” Annette firmly grasped Sonja’s thick nipples, and began milking her as she spoke. “You have big tits, I have tiny tits. I’m smarter, you’re inferior. You have to obey everything you’re told. You have to…”

Annette’s eyes widened, and she pulled a notebook out of her pocket.

“Oh, fuck! You have to obey me, because I have tiny tits. You only obey people with tiny tits. I forgot to say that yesterday. Fuck! Where are they??”

“Imogen took them…” Sonja said reluctantly. She wasn’t so sure about this obeying people with smaller tits thingo, but Annette seemed stressed and she’d been so nice to Sonja so far.

“Where did they go?”

“I’m not sure,” Sonja said, moving her hand back between her legs, and beginning to slowly pump two fingers in and out of her glistening snatch. “Do you have any milk?”

“Fuck!” Annette repeated, grabbing her hair with her hand. “I have two buyers coming for them today, and I can’t give them you. You’re not cooked yet. Fuck fuck fuck!”

Annette left, and as Sonja’s legs began to tremble with hunger and arousal, she noticed that this time, her new boss had been smart enough to lock the door behind her.

* * *

Sonja’s new boss returned to the small room where the twenty-one year old was slowly rubbing herself to orgasm for the umpteenth time that day. She sat on the floor, and put her head in her hands.

“It’s all gone wrong,” she muttered. “I told them that one person wasn’t enough. In Cincinnati we had a team of three. I’m meant to be driving Rita home right now, and I should have brought Donna in here this morning. I don’t know where the fuck she’s ended up—probably in a grocery store, guzzling down as much normal milk as she fucking can. Fuck!”

Sonja threw her boss a sympathetic smile, but Annette didn’t seem to notice. The black woman sighed.

“And now I have the modulation goo all over my pants. Great.”

She looked up at Sonja.

“Are you obedient yet? No, of course not—you haven’t slept.”

There was a silence, and the only sound that could be heard was the steady slicking noise of Sonja’s hand as it stimulated her cunt.

“I should have known Imogen would be trouble. I didn’t even manage to get through the whole stupid script—I started it, and she looked at me like I was a freak. God knows where she’s got to. With two products! Naked, obedient—damn it, they were ready to go.”

Sonja moaned slightly. She wasn’t far off orgasm, and she hoped that Annette would take her soft pants of pleasure as a hint. No such luck. And she was supposed to be the smart one!

“They’re going to hold me responsible, you know that? I told them—I fucking told them that one person wasn’t enough.”

Shifting slightly, Sonja shut her eyes in an attempt to focus.

“I’m fucked, that’s for sure. They’ll shut this whole area down, probably cancel all the sales. They can’t reprogram me, but they’ll probably send me to the middle of Colorado and have me working on custom jobs for business men again.

“But you…”

The tone in her voice caught Sonja’s attention, she reopened her eyes to find Annette staring at her strangely.

“You’ve got a chance, you know. What are you, the end of day seven? That’s the latest you can turn back.”

Sonja wrinkled her nose. She had no idea what her new boss was talking about, but she was so close to orgasm.

“You know what, Sonja? I’m going to help you. You’re the only fucking subject who’s been easy. Between those two twats escaping and the rest of them missing deadlines…you’re the only one who’s caused me no issues at all.

“I’m going to set you free.”

The tingling had started in Sonja’s toes. She knew it wasn’t long now. As her pussy began spasming around her fingers, Annette lunged forward, and stared her directly in the eyes. Her nimble fingers reached out, and began tracing intricate patterns on Sonja’s huge tits.

“Sonja,” she said firmly. “You have enormous tits. They’re heavy, and that’s made you stronger. It takes you time to build a wardrobe around them, and that means you always make sure to look amazing. They take blood away from your brain, which increases your circulation and reduces your chances of clotting. They require plenty of milk—take the extra time to have a balanced diet. You feel great when you’re naked, which gives you confidence in bed. You’ve evolved to be horny, which means you know how to get yourself off. You’re going to have a deeply rewarding sex life as a result. And they make you listen to people with smaller tits, which means that you’re deeply respectful of all opinions and a more considerate person for it.

“Do you understand?”

Sonja nodded, confused. Annette sat back, and breathed a deep sigh.

“Well,” she said, “I’ve got to get back to my bosses and explain why three of the products escaped, one’s missing, one’s in the kitchen guzzling down formulated milk at eight o’clock at night…”

She glanced at Sonja.

“…and one has somehow ended the program as a healthy, well-adjusted human. Have a good life, Sonja.”

“Thanks,” Sonja said hoarsely, still coming down from her orgasm. She wasn’t quite sure what she was thanking her boss for, but she knew that it was important.