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New Neighbors

M/F, M/M, F/F, f/MF, m/MF, MC, Humiliation

This is written by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, however not if it is reproduced on a internet pay site, without compensation for me—the writer.

This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. Children under the age of 18, please leave. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidence.

This story involves a man & wife (and later their daughter) being used by a set of new neighbors. It includes hypnotism, male/female sex, male/male sex, and female/female sex. Comments are always appreciated, but please limit those to ideas & not to just give grief. At this moment, the story has a few parts and is not complete, so asking how it will end—well, we will just have to wait & see.

And now—on with the story. I hope you will enjoy.

Chapter 3

Susan had not been given any drugs in her drink. She had not been hypnotized into any beliefs. She had not been altered at all. Everything she was about to do was because of what she saw happen to her husband. She stood naked in front of us all.

“Pet wait over there in the corner while I enjoy your wife.” Bob commanded. I obeyed. “Let’s go to the bedroom” and off they went.

I had to stay in the corner of the family room, but I could hear things that they were saying every so often. Sue was still reluctant, but was doing what Bob wanted. She was complaining a bit about being dry, that his manhood would be way too big, she would be torn apart. I could hear Ann telling Sue what to to position her body to better accept his cock.

10 to 15 minutes went by before Ann came back into the family room and ordered me to follow her. “Pet, stay on your knees and follow me to the bedroom.” I did as instructed.

The first thing I saw when I got past the doorway was Susan on the bed, her legs spread and sticking up in the air. Her breasts hanging down on each side of her chest, and they were being manhandled by Bob as he pulled on them forward and to the side. I could see his naked ass, yet not his cock since he was facing Susan. I was led over to the bed and when I got to the side of Bob & Sue, I could see that Bob just had the head of his cock inside her pussy.

“It is too big” I heard Sue describe.

“Nonsense, little woman, it is just right. Sure ... as soon as you get to like it a little bit and get nice and juicy for me, it will feel a whole hell of a lot better, but for now, it is just right” Bob consoled her.

Heck it looked like he was inserting a baseball bat into her pussy.

Ann looked at me and told me to get beside the bed and watch real close. She wanted me to see what he was doing to her. She wanted me to enjoy it. I didn’t enjoy it. I had to watch and yet not protect my innocent wife. Sure it was all my fault for screwing around behind Sue’s back. If I hadn’t been so turned on last night, perhaps she would be in bed with me instead of our new overgrown neighbor.

Bob would take the head of his cock and stroke it back and forth against her waiting pussy lips... the constant teasing began to get her a little bit wet. Oh, Sue was being raped. There wasn’t any question about that. I knew she was trying to deny him any pleasure. She was doing what he wanted by keeping her legs up and drawn back toward her head, exposing her trimmed pussy to his raging hard on. But she was not enjoying it. His fierce thrusts continued yet even when Ann would tell her to relax and enjoy it, she would just lay there, knowing she couldn’t stop them but rather would only be able to appease them.

While Ann stood beside me she look pleased to be part of this exercise in neighborly initiation. As my eyes wandered down her body, I realized that she had stripped down to what appeared to be a teddy, and a set of stockings that were being held up by a garter set. The black undergarments did make an impressive site against her deep dark tanned skin.

Ann moved my chin to focus my attention back on my wife and Bob and away from her. “Watch them Pet” She instructed me.

If it were not bad enough that these people had come into our home and set out to use us both for their amusement Ann began to narrate what Bob was doing to Susan. She was using all the key words that I had learned were instrumental in subjugating me to their will. “Look Pet. See his massive cock. You love that cock. You wish you had one. Your little wiener is puny compared to his strapping hard on.”

She continued her verbal assault, and it started to have an effect on Sue as well as me. Sue started get a bit wetter. His cock was easing inside of her inch by inch and was being engulfed by the walls of her pussy. Her nerve endings were getting excited no matter if she wanted this to happen or not. Sue let out a small grunt as his cock passed 5 inches inside her.

“That is about as far as your cock goes into her.” Ann said to me. Then holding up her hand, she stopped Bob from thrusting any further into the small woman’s pussy. He paused his momentum and waited for what Ann had up her sleeve.

“Sue dear, how does Bob’s cock feel inside your cunt?” Ann started teasing Sue. “He has about five inches inside you right now. I am sure that no matter HOW much little Joe here has tried to be a man with you—this is all he could muster. But Sue, tell me, it doesn’t feel like just five inches does it?”

Sue just grunted a bit and tried to move her hips.

“Sue, tell me if you like how thick he feels within you?” Ann reached over and began rubbing Sue’s nipple between her thumb and forefinger. “Tell me Sue, do you have any dildos? Are they this large? Have you been the naughty housewife and gotten a cucumber stuck up inside you? The cucumber feels a bit dead and cold ... as does a dildo, but my man here is full of heat. I’ll bet you can even feel that massive log of a cock pulse in you. Can you feel the blood flow into his veins? I know I do when he fucks me. You have got to be smaller and tighter than me, so I am SURE that you can feel it.”

Sue just moaned “Mmmm”

“Pet look at your Master, see how much cock he has inside your wife.... He is not even half way inside.” Ann teased, “I’ll bet you wish he was fucking your sweet ol’ mouth instead of her pussy?” I was salivating to the point of drooling as I watched his cock waiting to drive further into Sue’s cunt. “I’ll bet your dick has never stretched her the way his is right now.”

Then back to Sue “Do you want to try a little more?”

My poor wife said “No, please not any more” She wanted to be strong. She didn’t want to be raped. She still had tears in her eyes.

Ann wasn’t buying into it. She knew better. She possessed his cock inside her own pussy. It was only a matter of time before Sue would be enjoying her predicament. Sue closed her eyes tight, trying to fight the feelings she was experiencing. Ann went back to massaging Sue’s nipples with one hand and fingering her clit with her other. “ohhhh, you seem to be a bit juicy. Guess my big man here DOES have an effect on you afterall.” She continued to stroke Sue’s pussy, while Bob held his pole still in her womb. “HE can really stretch you—can’t he?” she asked my poor wife.

“YES—IT HURTS!” Sue lightly cried.

“Pull it out” Ann told Bob. Bob reluctantly did as she instructed.

“Now, I know that you are still just a bit too dry to make it enjoyable, so I want you to keep your legs pulled back and your pussy wide open.” She instructed my wife.

Then to me, “Joe, my pretty little pet, I want you to suck your Master’s cock and keep him ready to service your wife.” She climbed onto the bed between my wife’s spread thighs, and lowered her face toward the exposed pussy. “Sue, I want you to NOT pay attention to what I am doing down here, I am just going to get you wet. I want you to watch ONLY BOB—AS HE SLIDES HIS COCK IN AND OUT OF PET’S MOUTH.” She stroked Sue’s slit, and then again made it clear what each of us was to be doing. “Pet, adore your Master’s cock, and Sue, YOU WATCH—don’t think about it being right or wrong, just WATCH what Bob does with his new PET” Then she lowered her mouth to my wife’s pussy, and began to lick.

I was still very much under the influence of the hypnotic training I had received the night before, and was almost eager to obey my Master, and Bob was now standing beside the bed so that Sue could watch what he was doing with his cock.

“Ok Pet, put your hands down by your sides, and just use your tongue” Bob commanded me.

I did as he instructed, and licked at the head of his cock.

“Watch how my pet kisses my rod” He looked at Sue who was indeed watching her formerly proud husband pay homage to an incredible dick. I was kissing like my life depended on it.

Bob guided me “Kiss the underside of my shaft Pet”

I tilted my head back and did as he directed. I was planting kisses on his cock while it started to stand out away from his hairy chest all by itself.

“PET, now lick where you are kissing” Bob pointed out to my foggy mind.

I obeyed. Of course, I had no choice in the matter. His huge tool was in my face, I couldn’t look anywhere else. Just like last night, it filled my senses. All of them!! I could taste my wife’s pussy on his skin, I could smell the deep musk of both his and her arousal, and I could only hear his commands to obey, and only see the object of my desire. A 10″ cock, and still growing.

“Ahhh, good boy. You are a natural aren’t you?” he goaded me.

In between slurping on his huge shaft, I answered him as I was taught the night before.

“Yes my <slurpMaster, <lick> I love to please <Lick> a real man’s cock.” <Long wet slurp>

“In a few minutes I am going to shove my cock into Sue’s cunt. It is going to feel so nice and tight when I start, and so WIDE OPEN and begging for more when I finish” He alluded to his eventual conquest. “Now, pet lick my balls”

I immediately focused my attention on his hairy ball sack and the walnut size balls that squirmed around inside it. I could feel his shaft on top of my head as I struggled to get lower and come up from underneath to do as my Master had ordered. I needed to Obey. I wanted to Obey. I wanted to please him. I was hooked, kneeling on the floor, paying homage to one hell of a cock, while my innocent wife watched.

Ann was grinding her mouth against Sue’s pussy, getting her wet from both the saliva drenched tongue pressed against the clammy lips, and the erotic scene playing out before Sue’s eyes succeeding to tantalize her mind.

Ann decided that Sue had gotten enough attention, and called Bob over to resume his attack on her pussy.

“Stay here Pet, and watch how a real man uses a woman” Bob advised me.

A moment later and Bob’s cock was just a shove away from entering the tiny woman’s womanhood. One full thrust and 4 inches slid in. Bob pulled back and thrust again. This time maybe 5 inches went in. He pulled almost all the way out and pushed again, and Sue let out a gasp as nearly 8 inches had been buried inside her sweet hole. Bob pumped his hips, and pulled out a bit before trying to get a few more inches into her. It didn’t work, He filled her up and there still seemed to be 3 or so inches left to go.

Each time he pressed into Sue, she let out a gasp, or a groan.

After 3 minutes of constant pressure back and forth, Bob had succeeded in filling her almost all the way. But now, my wife was beginning to mew like a little kitten on the out-take, and suck in her breath on the in-take as that massive log plowed into her tiny pussy.

I got the chance to glance at Ann, who was standing just a foot away from me, and I saw that she was getting herself off while watching her “Boyfriend” Bob rape the neighbor. She was thrusting two or three fingers in her own snatch, and smiling a “I told you so” kind of look. I wanted to help, but I hadn’t been allowed to move.

Sue was getting into it. It no longer appeared as a rape. She was wet, and she was ready, and maybe for the first time in her life, she was going to cum from a cock instead of my tongue.

“She’s still way too tight, but I think she likes it” Bob enlighten us.

Sue spoke for the first time since Bob had pulled out of her 15 minutes earlier. “Oh—MY—GOD—I can’t believe—Uh” she grunted as he speared her again “I—Oh, I—Think I’m” another grunt as he again was pushing back into her accommodating opening—“I’m—Yes, oh, that is it—More—Uh” she stammered on. “I’m—so close—Please keep—uh—going” Sue took in a deep breath and little by little exhaled with each word “YES, oh YES,—That is it. Please—I can’t believe—this is—happening. I am going—uh oh—to CUM” then just let out a long and hard groan “AAAAAhhhhhhhhh—yyyyeeeesSSSSSSSSSSSSSS”

Bob kept up his pumping the whole time. “Damn, she is squeezing me almost as hard as you do” he said to Ann.

“Now, how does it feel baby? Does it feel good when Daddy makes you cum? Now that you have had this tool, I guess you won’t be needing Pet’s little winner.” He remarked as he thrust deeper inside her. This time she was plenty wet, and he was shoving all eleven inches inside her.

For another 5 minutes he continued his assault, while Ann stood by and watched and I kneeled at the foot of the bed seeing her enjoy him more than she had ever done for me. Pretty soon Bob couldn’t contain himself and I saw from the side that his buttocks clenched tight and his toes curled and his head jerked back toward the ceiling. This was his turn to cum. He filled her up. Squirt after squirt.

Bob pulled his dick out and was about to offer it to me when Ann stopped him. “No, I want to lick it all clean.” She eagerly pushed forward to get at his dripping, slimy tool. “Pet, I want you to clean up his mess in Sue’s cunt.” And then as she was about to lick his cock clean, said “Pet, just take a good look at her pussy. See how wide open it is? I’ll bet if you tried to have sloppy seconds, she wouldn’t even feel your prick—he stretched her to a new level” Then she swallowed up Bob’s organ and I let the comments drill me down a little deeper in my current shame.

She was right, I stared into a caves that had smaller openings than what was left for me after Master’s tool had done its work. I got my face buried into her snatch and started licking the gooey white jism out.

“That is what he is good for—a cock sucking, pussy licking clean up slave” Bob taunted.

I didn’t hear them leave the room, because Sue had closed her thighs around my ears as I was lapping the mess that Bob had left. I heard them come back into the room and offer Sue something to drink

“Here, my dear, I am so glad you liked that—I just wanted to share him with you at least ONCE. You must be so thirsty, why don’t you have some of this tea. It is good for you.” I heard Ann say as she offered the hypnotic tea to my wife.

End of Chapter 3