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New Neighbors

M/F, M/M, F/F, f/MF, m/MF, MC, Humiliation

This is written by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, however not if it is reproduced on a internet pay site, without compensation for me—the writer.

This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. Children under the age of 18, please leave. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidence.

This story involves a man & wife (and later their daughter) being used by a set of new neighbors. It includes hypnotism, male/female sex, male/male sex, and female/female sex. Comments are always appreciated, but please limit those to ideas & not to just give grief. At this moment, the story has a few parts and is not complete, so asking how it will end—well, we will just have to wait & see.

And now—on with the story. I hope you will enjoy.

Chapter 4

I was taken out of the bedroom by Ann and told to wait on my knees in the middle of the family room. For the next 2 hours, one or both of them would come out to check up on me, and make sure I was still obeying their simple command.

I just knew deep inside that they were using my wife, and training her to be their other pet.

Then Bob came into the family room and sat in a chair, his legs spread wide and his flaccid dick lying on his leg like a small snake. Ann and Sue stepped into the room and Ann told Bob to get me to make some room.

Bob commanded “Pet, clear the coffee table over to the wall there” pointing to the sidewall. When I moved it, he told me to move a few other pieces of furniture out of the way. When there was a big open area in our family room, Bob called me over to his side. “Pet, kneel in front of me. I want you to start stroking my cock, and gently kissing the head of my dick while Ann shows Sue a few things about disobeying her.”

I obeyed my new Master and caressed his manhood. Ann and Sue were naked and from what I could gather they were about to do battle. Yes, they are about to have a catfight or a female wresting match, and I was unable to stand up and stop it.

Ann called out to Sue “This is what will happen if you EVER disobey me.” Then Ann slapped Sue across the face, and landed a punch to her unprotected tits. “I am much bigger than you—and a lot better shape, and I am going to show you just how come you have every right to be envious of taller, bigger women.” Then she landed a glancing shot off Sue’s arm and landed another to her exposed mid section.

While Sue was still on her feet, I glanced from my kneeling position to see the huge difference between the two women. It was like an amazon and a small child the way the two of them stacked up against each other. Ann of course was much taller, by at least a foot, and had a 75-pound weight advantage over the diminutive Sue. Sue’s breasts looked to be the same size as Ann’s but since they were on her small frame, they looked so much larger. Her long blonde hair was hiding one of them as she twisted and turned to block Ann’s punches and slaps.

My mind was still operating. I wanted to get up and stop Ann from knocking my wife around the room, but I was unable to get off my knees. I couldn’t stop stroking Bob’s thick shaft. I wasn’t watching it—my eyes were glued to the catfight just out of my reach.

Ann hauled my wife’s body up to her own, and squeezed. She had Sue in a tight bear hug, and all Sue could do was thrash around. She couldn’t move her arms, and her feet were kicking while Ann held her tight against her body but nearly 4 inches off the floor. All the sudden Ann let my wife drop. I doubt seriously if Sue was ready to be let down, because she didn’t even have a chance to get her feet under her body. She just crashed to the ground, and Ann pounced on her immediately.

Sue got a good push in against Ann, and knocked her off of her legs. But before Sue could crawl away, Ann had gotten her legs around Sue’s midsection. “Thought you could get away from me, Huh?” Ann gloated over her captured prey. Sue only managed to fall over on her side, with one of Ann’s powerful legs under her and the other quickly locking with the first—trapping Sue in the middle.

“Oooofffff” was all that Sue could manage to say as the vise of Ann’s strength kicked in.

“Resist me and I will make you pay my little pretty. I am so much stronger than you are. I work out all the time. Your physique is like a weak little child compared to my muscle. Can you feel the power? Do you know I can lay here for a long time, and you will just get weaker and weaker as you fight back.” Ann toyed with her prey, driving her comments into the very soul of Sue’s foggy brain.

Up to this point, Sue was losing the battle, but she was on her side—and that meant that Ann’s thick legs were pressing on each side of Sue’s waist. I am sure that her small frame didn’t enjoy her plight—but it was to her advantage to be in this position. Ann could only squeeze just so hard. The resistance was on Sue’s side (at least until a rib would be broken). However, since Sue wasn’t a tomboy, she didn’t know that Ann’s legs could do a lot more damage if Sue were to twist just 90 degrees, so that those muscular legs could crush her much weaker stomach. Sure enough, as fast as I could think it—it happened. Sue twisted her body with the attempt to escape Ann’s clutches and lost BIG TIME. Sue got her legs locked so that she could squash Sue’s abdomen with each breath she exhaled.

Ann’s taunting continued once again “Try to breathe my little pretty. Go ahead and take a deep breath. Where is it going to go? You are so small; I could just keep this up forever—maybe not forever because I am sure you would lose consciousness. Remember this feeling. Always remember this helpless sensation.”

To Ann’s shock, Sue had a little bit of fight left in her. True to the term ‘Catfight’ Sue was like a cat battling for its very life. After all, breathing is a very big part of life.

Sue scratched at Ann’s legs. She tried to pry them apart by pinching the skin. Although it didn’t entice Ann to release the pressure of her legs, it did spark a reaction. Ann reached up and grabbed Sue’s left nipple and pinched and twisted it very hard. Sue’s left hand released the grip she had on Ann’s leg and went toward her breast to do the very same thing to her. Ann was tough, and caught her arm at the wrist forcing it to the floor. She had stopped Sue from torturing her nipple. Ann still had a firm leg lock across Sue’s stomach, and a death grip on her nipple and the other arm captured ... it was just what she needed to prove her dominance.

“Submit to me, my little pretty.” Ann instructed. “Tell me I am stronger than you”

“You—<huff>—are stronger than me” Sue managed to speak as Ann constricted her belly.

“You feel weak and powerless to stop me don’t you my little pretty?” Ann waited a moment and when she didn’t hear any answer, she squeezed her captives’ nipple a little bit harder “Say it”

“I feel weak and powerless to stop you” Sue responded.

“This hurts doesn’t it my little pretty?” Ann asked her victim.

“Of course it hurts <Gasp> damn you.” Susan tried to resist

Ann twisted Sue’s nipple and flexed her legs making them even tighter around Sue’s waist.

“Uhhhh” Sue grunted. Lucky that Sue had already emptied her bladder because Ann constricting legs managed to push out just a little pee.

“Is that how you answer a more powerful female when she asks you a question?” Ann interrogated her captured tiny woman. “I think I deserve to be address with respect, with reverence, and with all the love you can muster for a better woman—call me Mistress”

“Yes Mistress” Sue answered.

“So, my little pretty—Can you feel how much it hurts? ”

<Gasp> Sue tried to take in enough air to answer " YES MISTRESS <Wheeze> It hurts. <Gasp> I can’t breathe”

“So do you submit to a stronger woman?” Ann questioned

“Yes Mistress, I submit to you—a <Wheeze> stronger woman” She managed to utter.

Ann released her death grip on Sue’s tit, and relaxed her legs so that Sue could catch her breath, then slid her leg out from under Susan’s lifeless body.

While Sue lay on the floor, completely out of breath and defeated, Ann sat on top of her chest, placing naked pussy just inches from her face. Sue had very little struggle left inside; since Ann’s crushing legs had left the poor woman out of breath and defeated.

But Ann wasn’t finished.

Ann leaned over to her left and guided Sue’s right arm in a position where Ann’s toned legs could subdue it. As her right arm was now trapped, so to did Ann lean the opposite way and steer Sue’s other arm into position to likewise be trapped. Sue was vulnerable to attack. They were just 3 feet away from me, with Ann’s spread legs, and exposed pussy facing Bob & I. Ann’s firm breasts loomed over my helpless wife. It seemed that Ann was indeed excited over the prospect of total domination of my lovely wife. Ann’s neatly trimmed pussy couldn’t conceal her wet pouting lips.

All this time we had been watching them struggle and fight, Bob in the chair, and me on my knees in front of him, obeying my Master and stroking his hard on. Throughout much of the struggle his dick was flaccid but still remained large. How silly of me—to even think it would grow smaller; no, certainly it was still immense. But I think the sight before both our eyes just gets the blood pumping in our system, because his dick was standing at attention, and I realized so was mine. Truth be told...there is just something quite erotic about a female wrestling match where the defeated one is pinned on her back, and the winner has her dripping wet pussy edging closer to the losers trapped head. Bob & I had been intently watching the action the two women presented, and now all that was heard in the room was the heavy breathing of my wife. Bob broke the silence “What do you want to do?”

I glanced up at him and realized he was asking me that question. I stopped fondling his manhood, and spoke from the heart. “I want to save her”

Just as I said this, I couldn’t feel the spell over me...he hadn’t commanded me with anything. He hadn’t told me not to do anything either. So I pushed myself away from between his legs and started to make the quick trip over to where my wife was being restrained by the much larger, more powerful amazon. I stood up, and got as far as two feet away from Bob—thinking I could use my height to shove Ann’s shoulders and knock her from her erotic perch.

“PET!! Crawl back here on your knees” My Master ordered

I stopped in my tracks. I was torn between saving her and obeying him. I looked into my wife’s subdued eyes and saw nothing but defeat and humiliation. I immediately glanced to her conqueror—who’s eyes went from surprise that I was just a foot from them both—with intent to knock her off my wife; to a cruel look as I had been stopped by Bob’s voice. As I turned back toward Bob, all I could see was his huge erection waving in the air to me. I sank to my knees and crawled back between his legs.

Bob grasped his stiff cock and smacked me several times in the face with it.

“You want my cock—don’t you Pet?” Bob started punctuating all of his questions with slaps from his meat. “You wish you had a cock this big—don’t you Pet?” <whap> “You like to suck cocks—don’t you Pet?” <whap> “Pleasing me and this cock, is all you can think about.” <whap>

I moved to stop him from dick-slapping me, and also to stroke his manhood, When he said “Pet, put your hands down on your little wiener, and stroke it while you kiss, <Whap> lick, <Whap> and suck my huge man meat.”

I had answered yes to all of his questions, and within moments I had my hands stroking my 5″ child size dick while my mouth was eagerly paying homage to his monstrous flesh. From my vantage point I could see Ann’s evil grin spread across her face. Her eyes gave a hint of more cruelty to come. Looking down at her helpless prey she began to laugh.

“Just to be sure that you remember and understand what happens to you when I give the command SUFFUCATE MY LITTLE PRETTY” Ann stated very clearly as her own hands went up to Susan’s face. One palmed over Sue’s closed mouth, while two fingers from the other hand, closed the passage of Sue’s nose.

She had cut off Sue’s air. Ann held Susan’s very life in her hands.

Susan started to squirm a bit at first. Then she realized that she couldn’t free her arms without using all the force in her body. Sue started struggling harder. She tried desperately to pull her arms free, but they were trapped under the weight of Ann’s legs. She tried bucking her captor off of her chest, by pulling her legs under her body with the futile effort, Ann just slid her naked crotch up closer to her neck, which put even more pressure with her hands keeping Sue from gaining a breath of air.

Bob remarked that while Ann is suffocating Sue, her husband (his new pet) is busy giving him the best blowjob he has so far.

My mind was going ballistic—I wanted to save her, but I needed to please my Master’s cock. Ultimately my need to obey him outweighed my ability to stop Ann from hurting my wife.

Ann repeated “SUFFOCATE MY LITTLE PRETTY” and held on tightly as Sue’s small body tried to overcome this strong woman. “Remember always this feeling when I say the words—Suffocate my little pretty”

Sue struggled a bit more, before her legs slid back down on the ground.

Ann let go of Sue’s mouth and nose. She leaned way over to kiss my wife. I realized she wasn’t kissing her—she was blowing air into her system. Then Ann remarked “Breathe my little pretty—take a deep breath” and sure enough Sue sucked in the missing oxygen her body needed so badly.

Ann climbed off of her smaller rival, and stood beside me. I had never stopped giving Bob a blowjob. His huge rod choked me as I tried to take more than half of it in my mouth. My nostrils were filled with the aroma emanating from Ann’s wet pussy.

“Pet, go to Sue. 69 her. Lick her pussy as well as you can. See how fast you can make her cum.” Ann told me.

I dived into Sue’s pussy, and I licked for all it was worth. While I was doing this, Ann had climbed into Bob’s lap and slid his hard rod into her excited cunt. She was fucking him, and yet hadn’t lost sight of what I was doing with my wife.

“My little pretty—it feels so much better to obey me doesn’t it? Feel the tingle he gives you when his wet tongue meets your clit. This is much better than disobeying me isn’t it? From now on, you will remember the difference between obedience and disobedience. Obeying me brings you pleasure. Not just from me—but from those that I allow to use you. Disobedience traps you, and takes your breath away. Just as you were helpless to fight it—so too are you helpless to stop yourself from coming when I allow it.” Ann spoke as she rode Bob’s prick.

I lapped at my wife. I felt her start to squeeze my head between her soft white thighs. I knew she was near her orgasm. I couldn’t say for sure how many she had this day, since I was kept in the family room for a few hours after they had fucked her, but I knew from experience that this orgasm was close at hand.

I think Ann picked up on Sue’s body movements, and the way she closed her eyes, and tilted her head back towards them.

“Cum now, my little pretty. Cum for your Mistress” Ann grunted for she was about to do the same while riding her boyfriends massive cock. “Cum now... cum with me. Do it at the same time.”

Sue squeezed my head between her thighs a bit tighter, laid her hand upon the back of my neck as if to push me deeper into her wet canal, and then did as her new Mistress had ordered. She came.

When I finished slurping it all up, Sue eased off on my head, and I could hear Ann calling me.

“Pet, come here. I need you.”

I rolled off my wife, and not getting off my knees, went to Ann & Bob’s side.

“Pet, I have made such a mess, and I am afraid Bob did too. Be a good little boy and clean it up. Use your tongue to lick the inside of my legs as I ease off this wonderful man.”

I licked where she had instructed. I could taste the mixture of them both.

She inched her way off his meat, and when she came completely out—it made a pop sound. Bob’s massive size prick was softening and within moments it draped across his thigh.

Seeing his prick made my mouth water. I wanted to forget everything and go please it, but before I could react to my programmed desires Ann said “Be a dear and let me straddle your face. Lay down on the floor. Face up.”

She planted a foot on each side of my head, then squatted over my face. “Press your lovely mouth to me and just SUCK” She stabilized her body with her hands on the floor above my head, and then just sort of—let go.

Moments later as I sucked on her pussy, I got a full load of Bob’s cum in my mouth. Before I could react, it was down my throat and into my stomach.

When she seemed pleased that I had done my job, she instructed me to clean Bob off too.

I went back to my knees and stroked his cock while I licked it clean.

“Whoa there Pet, I don’t need to be made hard again...I just need to be cleaned up so we can go home”

Ann got dressed and Bob did likewise. I was told to make sure that Sue went to bed. I was told not to bother her. She needed rest, she had been through a lot today, and it was getting late. The only dinner I had eaten was both my Mistress & Master’s cum. My belly was empty, and being somewhat the typical male, my next instinct was needing some food.

Ann turned at the doorway and spoke to me. “Pet, when I call you on the phone next time—you will remember to obey me—won’t you?”

I answered “Yes Ma’am”

“Pet, you will NOT repeat anything that happened to Sue here today. If she asks,—oh and she WILL ask,—you are to tell her nothing except that you love your new neighbors.”

I acknowledged her order and said that I would obey

Then they both left our house.

I put Sue in bed, and she was out like a light. I began to think again as my mind was clearing—without a huge cock staring back at me. Perhaps she was asleep the whole time. After all, I didn’t remember Bob the night before. I didn’t remember what they had done to me. I still can’t remember. But what happened today was VERY clear to me. I saw how they manipulated Sue. I knew that all their commands to her held the same set of words ‘my little pretty’ and I knew that there was nothing I could do to stop her from sitting on my petite wife as long as that huge cock was in my view. <Brrrrr> I shuddered as a chill ran down my spine.

I knew there were going to be a lot of changes in this house from this point forward—but my mind could not foresee the results of those changes.

I then cleaned up the mess that had been made, returned the furniture to its original positions and went to bed beside my wife. As I drifted off to sleep, the flashbacks I had were not my wife, or my daughter, or anyone else I loved dearly. They were of a massive size, thick veined, circumcised cock that I had always wished for.

End of Chapter 4