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Nice Ass

(be,ex,ds,fd,ff,ft,gr,hm,ma,mc,md,mf,nc,partial animal transformation(not furry)

warning: what follows is as adult story dealing with erotic situations. if you are under age bugger off this work is not for you. anyone included in the story that seems to be linked with those people in the real world is purely coincidence, oh and if you are easily offended i restate my comment, bugger off.


It was the beginning of the summer holidays, Samantha was 16. She stood waiting for the bus to come and pick her up taking her to summer camp. She was so excited. She stood there expectantly shifting from one foot to another. She was 5′2″ tall and wore a simple short-sleeved white blouse and shorts. Her brown hair hung down to her shoulders and her glasses perched on her cute little button nose. Her looks could be described as mousy and her figure as petite, all this together gave her a very cute innocent look.

She checked her watch and realized it was only five minutes until the bus was due to come and pick her up. She was so excited; this was her fourth year at camp. Which also meant it would be her first year in the mysterious upper levels. These were shrouded in mystery. Although everyone knew about them no one knew much. All that was really known was that there was some kind of initiation and after that your not allowed to fraternize with the lower years, but rumor had it that it was definitely worth it. She could not wait to find out what the initiation involved.

The bus turned the corner at the end of the road and began its approach. Samantha’s heart began to race. Her hands got moist from a mixture of nervousness and excitement. The past three visits to the camp had some of the fondest memories of her life. Great friends and a good time was had. The place was like a heaven to her.

Lost in her thoughts and nerves she was startled by the bus pulling up beside her. Blushing as the driver looked down at her from his seat she loaded up her bags and got on board. As she walked up the isle she looked around for familiar faces. A few she recognized and said ‘hi’ to. Then she saw her best friend from last year. Smiling brightly she sat down next to her.

“Hey Jessica.” Sam said to her. Jessica smiled back as she watched her friend sit.

“Hey Sam. Ready for another great time? It’s our initiation this year.” Jessica replied excitedly. Jessica was also 16 and born of mixed race, half-Caucasian half far eastern. She had long soft shiny black hair down to her shoulder blades and a very sultry look about her. Her build was athletic and she was taller than Samantha. Her outfit was simple, being just a light blue summer dress.

All the way to the camp the bus buzzed with excitement. Songs were sung, jokes were told and a good time was had by all. The bus had to pick up a few more people but then finally started to make its journey to the camp that was situated quite a way away from any sort of population centre. In other words it was in the middle of nowhere.

As soon as the bus entered the gates across the only road on the grounds a hush spread over the bus. Excitement and wonder filled the atmosphere. The grounds were lush and verdant; trees overhung the road almost completely hiding it from view from above. Birds twittered and flew between the trees. The grounds were idyllic.

Then as it happened every year the huge domed structure of the camp, where all the indoor activities and main halls were, came into view through the trees. It was rumored however that the upper years did not stay in the dome however. The bus pulled up outside the front entrance and the driver spoke through the speaker system.

“1st, 2nd and 3rd years time to get off the bus. Please wait for your fun consultants with your luggage by your sides. Anything that is left behind will be disposed of. 4th year please remain seated.”

Most of the kids on the bus started to get up and file off the bus to retrieve their luggage from the hold. Samantha turned to Jessica taking hold of her hand. Jessica turned and looked at her friend.

“I’m scared Jess.” Sam said nervously.

“Don’t worry everything is gunna be fine. You’ll see. I bet the initiation thing is just something stupid.” Both girls giggled and the bus set off once again and drove around the dome. Jessica glanced around the bus. Their wasn’t many people left. Just 3 boys and 2 other girls. Both Jessica and Samantha knew them by site but didn’t know their names.

As the bus moved nervous faces glanced around at each other. The driver took the bus around to the rear of the dome and down a ramp that was usually off limits. Samantha stared out from the window as the bus moved down the slope and into the domes basement. She didn’t know why but she started to get this over riding feel off foreboding.

The bus parked up and the driver got up looking back at the kids.

“Come on guy’s time to get off. You don’t wanna miss anything now do you?” the driver said. Their was much shaking of heads as the final seven kids got up and filed out of the bus to retrieve their bags. They walked out into the garage and the driver handed them their bags from the hold. Looking each of them over as they took the bags off of him. As his eyes glided over the tight young figures of the girls a subtle smile played across his face. “Now if you boys would like to go over there.” He pointed to a raised platform near the three doors set in the wall. “And you girls over there.” He pointed to another. “I’ll go get your party professors.” He grinned and left through the middle of the doors. The kids moved over to the indicated spots and began to talk amongst themselves.

About fifteen minutes later a group of seven adults filed in from the middle door including the bus driver. Six of them were wearing Dr’s coats and holding clipboards with what looked like the kids permanent records on. The two groups of teens looked confused as the adults started to lead their wards off through the doors. Boys on the left, girls on the right.

Sam and Jess with the other four girls were led through a couple of corridors. Each one of them looking the same as the last. They were soon all very lost. Finally after what felt like miles of walking their guards stopped them. One of them stepped forward; she was in her early twenties and looked like some model from a porn film.

“Hi guys. My names Candy.” She said in an un-naturally chirpy voice. “If you just put your luggage down my colleagues will take them to your rooms and then if you would like to follow me we will start with your initiation.” She smiles at them showing perfectly pearly white teeth.

Sam and Jess looked at each other then gave their bags to the people. They were then led off into a room that resembled a miniature cinema. Jessica moved a little close to Samantha for some semblance of comfort in this strange unnerving environment.

“Well if the initiation only involves a movie then I have to say I wasn’t expecting that.” Jessica said to Sam smiling a cheeky smile attempting to hide the nervousness she felt to her very core.

“You’re telling me. I thought this was supposed to be fun. I dunno about you but I’m getting bored.” Too busy talking to Jessica she didn’t see Candy stop and walked into her. Sam looked up embarrassed. “Sorry, didn’t see you there.” Candy looked at her and smiled.

“Don’t worry dear we haven’t even began the procedure of initiation yet. The fun will start soon I promise. Now if you would care to follow me.” She said leading the girls into the darkened room. It was full of chairs and had a video screen at the front. Candy motioned for them to sit down.

All four girls sat down and began to chat amongst themselves. Candy walked up to the front of the room and watched them for a few seconds with a smile on her face. Then she spoke.

“Now girls I have to say well done for making it this far. Many people don’t come here for the full four years, but you did. Now if you would like to just sit here and watch the film I will go and sort you all out with some refreshments,”

None of the other girls were really listening, Samantha was and she thought the little speech a little odd. Candy walked out the door at the back of the room and the screen flickered into life. There seemed to be a bit of distortion and rapidly flickering colours at the beginning of the film that drew the gaze of the girls to it.

Time ticked away. The girls sat there motionless staring at the screen. The film had stopped an hour ago and the randomly flashing colors had returned to the screen. Something strange was happening. With each flash of colour the girl’s brains were being over written. Commands programmed into the flashing colors were asserting themselves into their brains whilst they say there slack jawed and dribbling.

The flashing colours ceased, candy re-entered the room. All four girls were still in a catatonic state. Candy grinned and walked up to the first one. From the tray she was holding she picked up a syringe. She put the tray down and picked up a little bottle that she filled the syringe with. It contained a mixture of nutrients and a nasty cocktail of mind-altering drugs. She administered this to each girl and left the room.

The TV flashed back on, colours again flashed initiating the second part of the initiation. The second set of flashing colours set their brains to write mode, combined with the drugs that eroded their inhibitions they began to learn. Sexual imagery flashed upon the screen. Slowly the girls began to shift in their seats and move feeling heat flow through them spreading out through their crotch.

Samantha blinked and wiped the dribble from her chin. She looked around at the other girls wondering what had happened. Something was on the TV; she didn’t notice what it was. She looked to Jessica who was watching the screen intently. Samantha glanced back to the TV and the images drew her eyes like a moth to a flame. She didn’t know why but she wanted to watch it. She wanted to learn from it. Moreover, she yearned to experience it. In every way that was humanly possible.

Candy watched the girls from the observation room. Sharon was the first to show signs that the brain washing was taking effect. Candy was impressed it had taken nearly 20 hours for the first to start braking. The others would soon follow. She smiled then sighed getting up to go and retrieve Sharon. By the time she got to the room Kitara had also broken. Beads of sweat were dribbling down Jessica’s face and her panties were very moist. She was close to breaking point.

Samantha looked at her. Saw the erect nipples making lumps in her dress. Her face red and flushed. She didn’t realize it had the same effect on her. Samantha moved closer to her friend reaching over. Just as their flesh was about to meet Candy turned off the TV and flicked on the lights. Samantha jerked her hand back quickly. Candy smiled at them all. All fours girls sitting there their faces flushed, nipples erect like they are trying to hide bullets in their bras and moist panties.

“Right then girls its time for you all to get some rest before tomorrow. Follow me I’ll show you all to your rooms.” Candy said in her forever-chirpy voice.

The girls walked in silence, clueless over what was going to happen to them. Totally unaware that the past three years had just been a screening process combined with subtle conditioning to help them accept what’s happening and not go insane. Candy opened a door and ushered Sharon in then locked the door behind her. She then turned and carried on walking with the confused girls leading each one to a different room.

Samantha wanted to complain when Candy ushered her into her room. It was more of a cell. The wardrobes and drawers were set into the wall. A single bed was set up under a small barred window. There was nothing else other than the door leading out which she now heard the click of the lock as Candy sealed her in. Music began to play from an unknown source.

Curious and horny she began to search the room. She found her luggage under the bed. But that wasn’t all. When she searched the drawers and wardrobes what she found didn’t exactly surprise her, she somehow expected it for some reason. Most of the storage space was taken up with clothes that a two-bit whore would say was too revealing. What else she found though reminded her of her moist panties. Row upon row of sex toys. Dildos, Vibrators, Butt Plugs, everything she could imagine. She licked her lips and carried on exploring, throwing a dildo onto the bed as she did. In one deep drawer she found a saddle, bit and bridle. Wondering what it was for she turned back to the bed unable to resist the temptation any longer.

Smirking to herself she quickly undressed. Unwittingly showing off her young pert little body to Candy. Her nipples were still stiff like little bullets. Seeing no need for nightclothes she decided to strip off her panties that had a large wet patch on. Sitting down on the edge of the bed she hooked her thumbs on the waistbands and started to slide them down her legs. The crotch clung to her moist pussy as she moved them. Exposing her aroused little pussy and small tuft of pubic hair to the various hidden cameras in her room.

She parted her thighs slowly. Her hands moving down, fingers gently gliding near her lips teasing herself slightly. Her mind flashed back to the film they had all watched together. Then she started thinking of Jessica and the other two. Her fingers glided closer to her pussy lips and over them arousing her more. She wanted sex so badly.

The music that was being pumped into the room changed subtly to include the moans of pleasure from the other girl’s rooms. The effect was not lost on Samantha as she lay back on her bed, fingers now exploring the folds of her flesh. Sliding over then massaging herself in her most intimate of places, causing her arousal to heighten even more. Juices were flowing, heart rate increasing. Her fingers slid up. She touched a little nub. It felt like electricity shot through her. She gasped. ‘What was that?’ she thought to herself as for the first time in her life she had discovered her clitoris.

Having found it now she wasn’t going to loose it. Her fingers started to tease her clit more. Causing her to let out soft little moans. Reaching over she grabbed the dildo sliding it down her body. She began to rub its bulbous head over her pussy getting her juices over it. She teased her pussy entrance with it as she used the tip of her fingers to lightly pinch her clit. She could feel the slow build up of pleasure inside of her. Breathing heavily now and sweating profusely she pinched her clit a little harder, sending her over the edge. An orgasm wreaked through her. Juices spilled forth rapidly from her pussy. Without even thinking she thrust the dildo deep into her. The pain of her hymen being ripped was overpowered by the pleasure of the orgasm. She began to thrust the false dick in and out of her eager snatch. Writhing on her bed breathing heavily the orgasm subsided and she laid there, the dildo still hanging from her tight pussy. With a smile on her face she curled up into a ball on her bed and went to sleep.

Candy laughed at what she saw on the screens, everything was going to plan. More changes to their minds would happen over night.