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No Secrets

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The family that masturbates together ...

Mom and I were sitting at the kitchen table, eating the last couple pieces of week-old birthday cake and talking about boys and stuff.

“Sweetheart,” she said, licking buttercream frosting from her fork, “there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you.”


“Do you like to masturbate?”

I burst out laughing. “Well, shit, Mom, I love it! Who doesn’t?”

In our family, we have no secrets. We like to have frank and honest conversations about everything, always have. We like putting everything out there in the open. It’s been nice, I think, even though some of my friends don’t always seem to understand it.

“Mom, I’m 18. I’ve been playing with my pussy for years.” I really did enjoy it, a lot. Especially for the last month or so, I think my frequency had really increased, as well as my enjoyment each time.

I put another forkful of cake in my mouth. She regarded me for a moment, watching my lips close around the bite. Then she smiled, her eyes half-lidded.

“I’d like to watch you do it, Kirsty,” she said.

Now, that did surprise me a little. I swallowed, and shrugged. “You can watch me whenever you like, Mom,” I said.

She put down her fork. “No time like the present.”

I raised my eyebrows as she calmly stood up.

“Let’s go to your room, dear,” she said. “That seems like the perfect place for you to put on a little masturbation show.”

I didn’t even stop to think about it. I was pretty much constantly horny, especially lately. I just got up and started walking, as instructed.

As soon as we were in my room, I took off all my clothes. My mother complimented my appearance warmly, and it made me feel so good. I was in good shape, I felt, and I’d filled out with some nice curves over the last year. I’d let my dark hair grow long and had started keeping my ‘secret garden’ trimmed short.

I knew I looked good, but still, the way Mom gazed at my nude form sent flutters through my tummy—and especially through my cunt.

That first masturbation show was simple enough. I just did what came naturally. I laid back on my big bed and spread my legs, playing with my slit until my juices were flowing. For a long time, I kept my eyes closed, or focused on the ceiling, since I didn’t know how to look at Mom and focus on what I was doing at the same time. I just pretended I was alone, and after a while, I was rocking from side to side, rolling around in the sheets, pinching my nipples and stroking my clit with soaking fingers. I clamped my thighs tight together, jammed two fingers inside my pussy and pounded my aching cunt as I punished my clit with the other hand, and then—just as I was getting close—I looked right at my mom.

She was smiling at me, so warmly and lovingly and ... hungrily ... and that made me feel so good, I went over the edge, thrashing around on my bed in a delicious orgasm. I licked my fingers, once I could catch my breath, and just smiled back at her.

After that day, I started playing with myself in front of my mother regularly. Gradually, she began to participate. She would lightly stroke my body with her fingertips, then she moved on to kissing my breasts and flicking her tongue over my swollen nipples, while I fingerbanged my sopping pussy. It added so much, and it was so much fun!

One day, right when I was in the middle of doing a masturbation show—my legs spread wide so she could really see the glistening juices dripping from my puss (she seemed to sit a little closer each time)—Mom asked if I’d mind having my father watch me play with myself sometime.

“I’ve told him all about what you’ve been doing,” she said, her eyes mesmerized by my fingers strumming on my hard clit, “and he’d really like to watch you perform.”

My pussy was just about to erupt. “I think I’d like that ... a lot Mom ...” I gasped out as my hips thrust again and again toward my fingers.

“I’ll be sure and tell him just that, dear,” she said, just like that—and my legs slammed shut around my wrist and my cunt exploded into what felt like a double orgasm that kept me squirming and moaning on the bed for some time.

So, yes. I started playing with myself in front of my father. That first time, Mom sat him down next to her, and they watched me together. They held hands for a bit, complimenting my form, my technique, in almost reverential tones. They ooh’d and aaah’d, and when I came, they laughed and clapped, like I was giving a third grade recital!

But after that, Dad started asking to see me alone. It was different, when it was just the two of us. Masturbating in front of my father was even more exciting to me than doing it in front of my mom. It made me lose ALL control, and my body seemed to become extra sensitive. Just the feel of the bedspread against my naked skin would send sparks through me!

And my father was a lot more ... aggressive with me than mom. He became bolder almost immediately. As I performed for him, he would grope my entire body with his strong hands, sometimes roughly, sometimes gently. When he kissed me, he stuck his tongue in my mouth! Mom had never done that!

So, I was getting myself off daily, sometimes more than once in a day: sometimes for both together, sometimes private shows with just Mom, or just Daddy, and all that just made me feel so special. We didn’t always do it on my bed anymore, either. Sometimes I would masturbate on the couch in the living room—and why not?—and a couple times, feeling very special indeed, I orgasmed on their king-size bed!

Some weeks, I felt like I was playing with my pussy almost non-stop. But I didn’t really mind. I was constantly horny!

Even so, sometimes ... well, it felt like there was still something missing ... something I was chasing, that I needed but hadn’t found yet ... no matter how good the orgasms were ...

And they were, they were so good. Like, the first time my father licked my nipples, it felt so, so good. I just about lost my mind.

The second time he did it, I took my hand away from my crotch and sort of scootched my body around to point my cunt at him, humping my pussy at the air. I suddenly really wanted to know how it would feel for him to lick me there!!

“Your pussy looks like it’s probably very tasty,” he growled as I squirmed, his fingers and tongue making my nipples dance.

“Go ahead and find out for sure, Daddy,” I moaned. “Lick it. Please.”

In a flash, his mouth was on my pussy, and I thought I’d lose it for sure when he started lapping at it. A long groan dribbled out of my mouth, and my hands landed on the back of his head, pulling him into me, while my bare feet skittered frantically across the bed at all angles!

And when his tongue went up inside of me, flickering at my clit first and then probing deep, I started going off in a big way. He sucked on my clit, scraping it across his teeth, and I could actually feel a second orgasm crashing into the first, which hadn’t finished yet, and the orgasms flowed out of me and were ripped from me, all at once, and it felt like every molecule in my body was exploding with pleasure.

When it was all over, I just lay there, my body still trembling. “What a good girl,” he murmured, running his fingers over my taut, fluttering tummy.

“Thank you, Daddy,” I murmured sleepily, “I really enjoyed you ... what you did to me.”

“Maybe next time I’ll do something that you’ll enjoy even more, kitten.”

I giggled drunkenly. “You mean like screwing me?” I giggled more, unable to focus on his face. “Gonna put your thingy in me, Daddy?”

“I do mean that, angel. But for right now ... Why don’t you rest, and float, and let me tell you more about what you’re going to enjoy ...”

He touched me gently all over as I dozed, and he talked for a long time, I think, in a low murmur, but I didn’t really catch much of what he was saying ... He does that sometimes, talking and talking and I don’t have to pay attention to anything ... So I just drifted, lazily, learning what I was going to enjoy next ...

Mom, it turned out, was the first one to make a move. Again. She really seemed to be enjoying this family fun thing, and felt it was time to take it another step.

“Your father tells me that you want to ... go all the way with him,” she said to me one afternoon when we were alone.

I admitted it was true. “I mean, as long as you don’t mind,” I said.

“Oh I don’t mind at all,” she laughed. “In fact ... I’d like to watch. How would that sound to you?”

It sounded pretty damn exciting, and I said so. After all, in our family, we’re always open and honest about these things.

So it was all set! Daddy was going to screw me while Mom watched!

On the night it happened, Mom got things started. She took me to the master bedroom, and she helped me undress. After I’d taken all my clothes off—and I was feeling just a little shy, even after all those times, enough so that I almost wanted to cover myself with my hands—she had me stretch out sideways across their bed. Face down, with my face near the edge of one side of the bed, my feet off the other side. She even got me ready by spreading my legs just a little bit, and oiling my pussy, rubbing her lubed fingers along the outer lips and probing into its depths too. That was enough to get my juices flowing, though! I was ready for cock!

Mom turned off the bedside lamp, leaving the room in darkness except the light coming from the hallway. Then she sat down in an easy chair by the wall in front of me. She was looking directly into my eyes, smiling at me.

When I heard someone coming into the room, I didn’t turn around, but of course I knew it was my father. I started getting just a little nervous, and my hands gripped tightly at the edge of the bed when I heard him fumbling with his clothes.

“Are you ready, Kirsty?” he said.

I sure was. “Yes I am Daddy hurry!” I blurted out.

How bizarre. While Mom sat there watching, my own father climbed onto the bed, straddling my legs, and mounted me from behind. He inserted his daddy dick between my thighs, and it slid straight into my wet pussy. His cock seemed really big! And as it filled me, I started humping up and down, and babbling out nonsense. My palms and my fists slapped repeatedly at the bed. I was being a little fool, probably, but I couldn’t help it. That dick just felt wonderful!

As Daddy began stroking away at me, I saw that my mother was really enjoying the show. Her eyes were glowing, and she was smiling at me.

“You really like it, don’t you Kirsty?”

“I sure do Mom. I want to do it all night!”

By that time Daddy was pounding at me hard and I was wriggling around under him, my tongue drooping out of my mouth. And then suddenly I was orgasming—orgasming in a way that knocked me senseless.

“I’m—my pussy’s—I’m cumming!!” I yelled.

That’s when Daddy exploded with a roar, cumming in my cunny, his hot juices filling the inside of my puss! And mom just say there, calmly watching the whole thing!

That night was just the beginning of my relationship with my father. I became his lover, and I became almost addicted to feeling his huge cock inside me. I never got tired of feeling his cum inside me, and I learned to get on my knees and suck his cock to hardness, begging with my eyes for him to fuck me. I never knew quite why, but Mom usually liked to be in the room when he did me. Though Dad would sometimes come to me by himself, sometimes late at night, slipping into my bed beside me, or sitting in a chair while I studied and giving me a command that I would hurry to obey ... Mom was very often right there with us, watching with a blissful smile as her husband fucked her daughter ...

And of course I continued to put on masturbation shows for my mother, and these became increasingly intimate. Eventually, she started licking my pussy as a regular thing! Her delicate tongue always knew just how to tease my folds to exquisite pleasure.

Last night, my father murmured that it might soon be time for me to return the favor. As I drifted hazily after a daddy-cock orgasm ... my skin alive, but my muscles exhausted, and my mind open, “pliable and suggestible” as Daddy liked to say ... he told me how much I loved the taste of pussy, even though I didn’t know it yet.

“Imagine my cock sliding gently in and out of your hungry, insatiable pussy,” he intoned as he stroked my dozing body, “as your mother spreads her legs before your tongue. Imagine how heavenly she’ll taste, as you give pleasure to both your parents at once like a good little girl ...”

“Mmmm ... heav’nly ...” I murmured, barely comprehending.

“And imagine how eager your insatiable pussy will be for the cocks of my friends,” he continued, his fingers tracing light patterns in my skin. “Good men, who have given your mother such pleasure over the years, and been rewarded with pleasure ... and who have waited so patiently for you ...”

“Pleazzzhhsure ...”

“And you know you can trust me on that, angel. Their cocks will feel amazing in your mouth, and pussy. And you will be so happy, and so eager to please ... and you know that’s true, too. Because in our family, we believe in openness and honesty, don’t we ...”

“No secretsss...”

“Exactly, no secrets. You can trust your dear old Dad, in everything. We can be frank and honest in our family. And I’ll always tell you ... just what to believe ...”

“What to believe,” my mother murmured, from somewhere nearby.

“Good girl,” said Dad.

“Gooood girrlll...” my mother and I intoned together.

* * *