The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

XXXecil’s ‘Nymph(a)maniacs’

by: XXXecil

Finale: The Male Animal

It was a soft, fuzzy feeling when I awakened. Waves of feathery delight flowed into and over me. Like my entire body was being gently massaged with happiness. I opened my eyes slowly to survey my surroundings. It felt like a silk & velvet four-post bed in a room scattered with throw pillows and round cushions obscuring the floor. The walls were covered in soft, rich-red curtains that muted light from the windows.

I did not recognize this place.

And I was naked.

“It’s a new Hive we’ve set up.” Came Pacifica’s voice as she rose from the end of the bed near my feet. My chocolate Barbie was seeminlgy dressed in a gauzy negligee ensemble that draped over her torso, yet was sheer enough to reveal the toned perfection of her curves. By concealing, she called yet more visual attention to her barely obscured boobs.

“A new hive, for you Cecil.” That was Jessie’s voice. She was at my right hand side, as usual.

“Whhh....J-Jessie...’re....working for them.... makes no sense...”

“No silly, I am them. Always have been.” She wore an indecent crochet bikini-top that failed to fully conceal her aureolas.

Though I still felt a muted sense of partial numbness from the drug, I tried my best to leap out of my own skin.

“Wh -no....” My eyes widened into dinnerplates.

“You never wanted to see the truth, with your feelings for me. It’s kinda cute, in a way.” She smiled mischievously

“But no... you... we....fought them together....I...we....found ways to make... poisons... targeting only them...”

“The signs were always there. Remember how I used to cover myself in all those extra layers for your first few missions?” I had mentioned that to her, yesterday. “Heh... it’s because early on, I hadn’t yet figured out a chemical antidote to your BT toxin.” that meant.......

“But now....”

“Yeah, In my lab, I was able to brew up a salve that slows the effect of your toxin long enough for me to safely shower it away.

“Of course, I don’t really have a ‘chemistry background’ or any formal schooling. " she made quotation marks with ther fingers. “But on the whole, we’re smarter than humanity.”

From the left side of my bed, Paradise appeared, with her ice-white cascade of hair. “We copy or borrow whatever mental or physical traits would help us. We can copy the brainpower of the smartest scientists; the strongest athletes... the most gorgeous pornstars.”

“Human sex is random, unreliable.” Pacifica said. “You can come up with inferior indivduals sometimes. We just copy the best human traits we have for ourselves, or our young.”

My lip quivered.

“But I... I’ve poisoned, sterilized or killed hundreds, maybe thousands of your kind over the past year. Why would you help me Jessie? Why fight your own race?”

My dark-haired beauty just threw back her head and laughed. “Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! As if humans don’t kill their own kind? My reason is the same:

“Politics. Not all Nympha agree on how to approach Earth. Some of us want to lie low, work out a balance between our needs and maintaining the human population.

“They tend to gather in very large harems to make the most use of any given man they’ve made into their stud. They keep their existence secret, we all want to—but their goal is to feed on human male virility only as much as they need to, and minimize their impact otherwise.”

My mind grappled with what I was hearing.

“And you...“I was almost afraid to ask.

“Me, and a lot of Nympha think their goal is pointless; humans will probably discover us and wage war. To prevent that, we want to spread as far as we can, seduce everything in sight, until humans just can’t act as a unified front, because we’ve controlled or seduced too many power-bases.”

“You did a lot of good, for Jessie’s side.” Paradise informed me. I swallowed painfully.

“But we just made a deal with Jessie.” Pacifica said. “We won’t tell you that she’s a Nympha as long as she promises us priority access to you after her side wins.”

“Wins... then...”

Jessie laughed again, her face beaming. “Yeah, you know it turns out that you underestimated us, but we underestimated you. Your BT toxin stockpile was smashed, so you couldn’t use it against the Waverly harem, but it poisoned them anyway! Trace amounts still got them, it just took longer! You’ve won, Cecil! Now my side is strong enough to clean up what’s left.”

“You....used me... directed my quest.... to wipe-out an ideological competitor?” The implications hit me like a ton of bricks. “’ve been controlling me?”

“Not really, no. Just enough of my fragrance to make you believe that all the sex we’ve been having were dreams. I mean, a girl’s gotta eat! But when we control someone, they get stupid, less useful.

“Awwwww... don’t look so sad, Cecil. It’s pretty much a happy ending. I mean, you’re gonna get the girl!” Jessie teased as she climbed over me, straddling me with a smile.

“Every man on Earth is going to get the girl!” Pacifica twittered, her blond locks falling towards my lips as she kneeled over me.

“All the girls you could ever want...” purred Paradise. Jessie began kissing my bare torso while wiggling her ass in the air.

“The perennial, primal dream of the male animal;” Paradise reminded me. “The right to constantly inseminate young, willing fertile females without limit or labor!”

“It’s wrong... an abomination... I’ll find... a way... to fight you...” But my penis didn’t want to fight; it was responding nicely to Jessie’s luscious body.

She sighed. “Your quest is over now, Cecil. You’ve done enough; I know you’re upset about your brother.” She rolled her eyes. “The whole thing got started just because your brother ruined his wedding for his fiancee, left her hanging at the altar.

“He was the one who wanted to have the Bachelor’s Party! Turns out the stipper that showed up was just ten-times more seductive than the woman he was supposed to marry!” Jessie shrugged. My face reddened.

“He disgraced the whole family! Humiliated her! ”

“So you figured out what happened, then broke all ties with your past; cashed in your inheritance for this quest of yours? Why don’t you consider how happy your brother is now? That stripper was so appealing he spent the entire night of his party fucking her; and the day of his wedding! He couldn’t stop blasting his seed into her long enough even to go get married! Think what that must have felt like for him! The rapture he was in! And once she got the semen she needed from him, that Stripper gave him a vast harem in the city! his wife would have just given him ungrateful children, nagging, and divorce papers.”

“For the sake... of humanity...”

“Ahh, fuck humanity! Literally. Nothing a man ever does will equal the pleasure of a Nympha harem!”

“Like you did to me? And... my cock?”

“Yeah, I wasn’t even trying, though. Usually, when we spread our legs for a man, we give him a dose of our Essence; what you’ve been calling virility venom. I didn’t mean to do that to you; I wanted you able to walk and run. Can’t help it though, A guy sticks it in my pussy, and his dick gets bigger. I also think you’re just more virile than most.”

“Sooo Virile... " Pacifica cooed.

“All this time...” Jessie continued as she rubbed my bare chest. “You’ve been struggling for saintly restraint against seduction; holding out hope of victory for the sake of your perfect, ideal woman. Me. You’ve been fighting for me, all this time. And I’ve always been a Nympha! Now’s the time to savor your triumph!”

She spread her sumptuous body across mine, her lips opening wide to accept my mouth. Before my sluggish wits could prevent it, I was inside her pussy. Her inner folds caressed me gloriously, and I felt the seductive stirrings that also aroused me from within my own body; any intercourse with a Nympha became like two fucks in one. And Jessie had not been my first, I too had shamefully indulged before I understood what was at stake. But I pulled myself back from the brink, where my brother could not.

“Jessie...” Came Pacifica’s warning.

“But I promised these two priority access to your dick.” She was off my member with a wet slurp.

“Yes, and you have done a lot of damage to our species,” Pacifica noted as she licked my forehead.

“Who better than you to REPLENISH our species!” Paradise said, gently cupping my balls to express her intent.

“It can’t beeee!!”

But when I kicked away from the bed, and my demon lovers; a part of me wanted to escape, and the rest of me wanted to keep Jessie from leaving!

“You just don’t understand, Cecil.” Jessie said as she grabbed my legs.”

“We’ve talked about this, giving you your first real taste of the pleasure your brother has.” Pacifica grabbed my arms. Even though I weighed a little more than both girls combined; their alien super-strength was able to hold me fast.

Paradise crawled over me, then turned around, her creamy-colored buttocks in my face. I was powerless to escape.

I tried to hold my breath, and indeed it was easy to forget to breathe when confronted with that slim figure which made the slopes of her ass more pronounced. She waved and wobbled her curves obscenely, for my benefit. The muted light wavered and danced across the ripe smoothness of her devilishly tempting derriere’ . Just breathe... that was all I had to do. All I dared not do. Beneath her ass, I could see her sex, I could see her pussy juicing for me.

I coughed then, and had no choice but breathe deep. Jasmine and sweat and tangy flavor, and raw, sharp musk. And a buttery scent, languid and delicious. A flame shot from my spine to my groin, and I knew I was lost.

More... more of her rut-musk I inhaled unable to stop myself. The perfume from her womanhood bored into my brain like a laser, burning away restraint and reason. I could feel myself falling, falling into an animal abyss where action and desire are one.

And still, her pussy was juicing for me.

Soon, the Nympha were holding me down not to prevent my escape, but to prevent me from burying myself in Paradise’s ass. I snarled, pulled and fought, but the alien-women could bend steel, and so they could hold me. I thrashed like a prisoner in the electric chair, so sharp was the torture of smelling her cunt, and not touching it.

“I think he’s had enough...” Pacifica decided. They both released me, and I rocketed forward. My momentum carried us off the bed, and my face into Pacifica’s sweet ass. We tumbled onto the orgy-cushions on the floor, as I sucked in great gouts of her sex-scent.

Finally, I could take no more, and arose, that I might mount my slim lover from behind. I snarled savagely, as I took her like the bitch in heat she was; for surely I was a beast.

The pleasure was so mind-blowing that I wasn’t even sure what hole I was in. I simply penetrated. My foot of manmeat forced its way between her cheeks as I exulted in my rampant manhood.

Paradise released a keening wail, her eyes flashing green in the alien reaction to intense sexual delight.

The others gathered near me, releasing their own mating musks to drive me into an even greater frenzy.

The orgasm came on like a black hole that swallowed the entire world outside of my raging cock, and the vast flow of life-seed I sired into my mate with great, gushing bursts.

* * *

Time after that was measured in dark periods where the red haze of intoxication and ecstasy left no room for conscious awareness, and other times when my mind was aware enough to vocalize who I wanted to fuck.

Pacifica and Paradise rode me hard over the next indeterminate period when my brain could no longer register the normal passage of time.

I had a vague sense of unease from memories that failed to penetrate the red wall of lust. But the ecstasy was consuming. Some words poked through to my rational mind. Paradise stretchingly languidly on the floor, moaning that—“His Seed is inside me!”

Or Pacifica shouting out : “I’m cumming AGAIN!!”

The days.... what I thought was daytime was dominated by sex-games and hard fucking with my two former captives. But at night, when they had sucked their fill of my semen, Jessie would come embrace me under the sheets and slowly, passionetely take me inside herself, muttering soothing words. It was what I’d always wanted. My dick... so big... longer than my forearm. For the past.... errhh.... three times I’d passed out from lovely exhaustion, my penis had been intensely erect, and was still erect when I awakened.

But then one day, I really awakened; truly awakened. There was a brief moment of lucidity. Pacifica was passed out, covered in sweat, her legs held tight to contain my spurting gift. And I realized there might still be a chance to escape!

How long had it been? Daylight seemed to shine through the windows of the orgy room. I remembered myths about Lotus-Eaters that would spend hours, days in pleasurable stupors. It had been like this for my brother, I knew. He’d complained afterwards that he didn’t really know when or what time it was. The Stripper from his Bachelor’s Party, so seductive, intoxicating, and willing, he’d pumped her womb full of his seed for over 48-hours with no idea of time. And after all that, he was still hard for her!

He’d abandoned them all in the end, run off with that alien slut to avoid everyone he’d let down; just so the two of them could entwine naked as he ejaculated into her without end.

I tried to flee the orgy room, not certain there was any chance of resisting their charms. I was, of course full to bursting with spunk; it felt as though I’d been in a celibate monastery with a male chastity belt for ten years; but rationally I knew that I had already had sex to equal the exploits of most Middle-Eastern Sultans of Old! Worse, there was the sense that my sperm.... belonged to them.

As I stumbled out the door of the orgy-chamber, it seemed as though the seed in my balls was magnetically drawn towards sleeping Pacifica, an irrational impulse to ejaculate in her for its own sake!

My legs were wobbly, but I was making good progress...

“Cecil!” came Jessie’s voice from behind me in the hallway.


“Aren’t you forgetting something?”

I turned. She was nude of course, holding aloft her engorged, coconut-sized breasts from which steady trails of milk were dripping.

My guts wrenched as I abandoned reason. My feet turned and hustled towards the beckoning mammaries. My rational mind tried its best to rally a defense, but it was too little; too late. For all my bold words and strong will, the chemical shackles of her unearthly nectar had me more addicted than the most pathetic needle-junkie. Plus it was Jessie; and I’d get to touch her again.

I embraced her bosom, and began to suck hard. My conscience, my intellect was like a drowning man adrift in a raging ocean of boundless passion. The cottony-headed bliss overcame me as Jessie stroked my head, cooing soft words. Would I ever be free from the pleasures of her body?

Not for awhile; my joints turned to water, and happy thoughts of meaningless bliss settled in my mind as her milk took hold.

“Try this, instead.” Jessie guided my head between her legs; where her intoxicating pussy lay. My tongue reached out to savor her womanhood without conscious effort. And she pushed me further, deeper to suck from her slippery folds. Almost immediately I felt it; a jolting surge of raw raging power that burned through my bones, muscle and groin. New strength filled me and I hoisted the slender female against the wall as I roared with male aggression.

“Fuck... you alllll...: I grunted. I knew firsthand the reason why Nympha sometimes made a man eat out her cunt; the juices of her sex not only electrified libido, but restored my stamina. With these powers, what man could hope to escape?

Not me, certainly. My conscience and ideology forgotten, I speared my love against the wall, my rampant shaft seeming to replace my brain as guiding center of my body. I was Male! I must fuck! We worked up a bobbing rhythm as I took her hard and deep here standing against the wall.

I was somewhat angry that their alien biology made them stronger than me; so I felt I had to work harder to prove my masculinity.

Thrusting with all my might, I bottomed out my fourteen inches of tormented sex-meat within her wet folds.

“I... am... the MAAAAAN!” I snarled in a red haze of testosterone.

“Prove it,” Jessie growled between pants.

I pushed her on all fours as I mounted her from behind with my supernatural dick.

“Take it... Take it all!” I would not be stopped; not be swayed as I forced my way into her asshole. With the raging power of my thrusts, I would probably have torn asunder a human woman; but not the Nympha.

My semen jetted into her backdoor; amidst her squeals of delight, but as potent as I was now, my conscious mind could not remain in control for the entirety of so powerful an orgasm. I seemed to black out into a rutting haze; yet when I awakened I was still thrusting mightily between the cheeks of her ass, my body powered by raw, sexual instinct.

Paradise noticed, and crawled up to me, mewling with desire.

“You’ll.... get your turn...” I grunted; reaming Jessie’s warm, willing hole with a full-body thrust. But the white-haired Nympha couldn’t wait.

She slid herself against me and with a guttural grunt, began to hump. Her naked flesh slid and thrust against mine as I was rutting and thrusting against Jessie’s inviting ass. It was a strange interference, throwing my motion off balance while arousing me to yet greater heights!

Her wet cunt humped against the cheeks of my naked butt in a salacious display of her grunting desire. I moved my hand to try and grab the errant slut, but my fingers instead found a slippery, clenching hole that gobbled my fingers with a warm, insistent squeeze.

“Can’t you feeeel... how WET I am for you?” Paradise gurgled. “So unfair.... locking us up those months.... with all the pleasure I could have given you—teasing us with your cum! Meeeeee... make ME your personal whore.....” she wailed. She was jacking her own slit with my hand, as I pounded Jessie’s ass, while Jessie began frigging her own pussy desperately.

In my memory, it was the first, three-way simultaneous orgasm. The spurting fury of my dick was once again more than my conscious mind could handle.

* * *

“It was wrong of you to try and escape yesterday.” Jessie insisted as we lay curled in bed. That gave me a good frame of reference; Most of the sex I had was good enough to cause blackouts, and It was nearly impossible to tell the passage of time. The times that seemed to be night involved what almost might actually be termed love-making, rather than the enflamed ruttings of my day.

“You were afraid of us for so long; when all we wanted was to pleasure you, and bear your seed. You said YOU were the man; as you ravaged my body. But a real man doesn’t run away from the new and unfamiliar.

“Don’t flee, don’t whine about the fate of humanity; take charge! Show your confidence and virility to us! If you’re worried, take control! Be that Man who deserves to fuck us, who deserves to sow his seed in our fertile bodies!”

I groaned as my dick surged to life. If my Nympha were branching out from purely chemical seduction it was working.

“You want Virility?” I growled as I rolled on top of her. “I’m all the Man YOU need!” I entered her yet again.

I didn’t get much sleep that night.

I was in a hot-tub when next I awakened; Paradise and Pacifica on either side of me, kissing me awake. It was the middle of a girl-sandwich.

And I had the meat.

I didn’t ask where we were, feeling a cool breeze on my face and seeing plants in my peripheral vision. I knew that Nympha harems kept their men fully pampered with no need for me to worry about anything other than fucking them.

The nubile, naked forms on either side had me worked up to a fever pitch, and there was confusion as I tried to work out who to fuck first.

Soon, we ended up with me laying on my back, Pacifica hanging over me, suckling me with her addictive tits, while Paradise rode my cock. Strange, I was getting much less satisfaction, my dick was just so hard... so tight... swelling further..

“Ohhh. I feel you Cecil.... so virile... so potent.” The white-haired Nympha snarled as she ground her naked slit against my explosive shaft. “You... growing... even as I fuck you... I can feel you becoming more virile!” It was true; my shaft had been increasing; and the growth prompted by alien virility venom was causing me to expand even while inside Paradise’ pussy.

“Never seen, such a male...” Pacifica muttered.

“We do embellish truth, to seduce men.... but truly, I have never heard...of a man with such potencyyyyyyyyy...” Then Paradise grunted and shook, as my dick exploded within her. A white hot stream of liquid pleasure jetted into the slick folds of her welcoming womb; but this time—despite the sping-tingling rush of pleasure I was thwarted. It seemed as though my orgasm was short; as though I had barely released any sperm. But I knew the truth; I had more sperm than any man had a right too, and one climax was not enough.

Paradise’s pulsing groin sucked up ten seconds worth of blasting seed before she slipped off me in the throes of some paroxysm.

She collapsed off my cock and began clutching her belly, rubbing and moaning her taut abs; which soon became not quite so sleek and firm.

Bulging. It seemed as though someone has smuggled a grapefruit into her belly.

But I knew.

That small bulge soon expanded into a volleyball, and further—as her navel soon popped.”

“Last stage... entered my... pregnancy ... right now... thanks to.. your seed... your virile seed. ”

She was near her metamorphosis; entering the last phase of her time on Earth. The throbbing expansion of her womb slowed slightly, as she lay there rubbing her gravid bulk and moaning with fertility.

“Truly, you ARE the man!” Pacifica moaned. I grasped her breasts roughly, squeezing, fondling. She shuddered in delight.

“Man enough for a big-breasted alien whore like you!”

“Make me YOUR whore...”

As Paradise gurgled and thrashed with alien hyper-pregnancy, I layed Pacifica, my busty, golden, chocolate Barbie down flat on the tiled surface near the hot-tub.

“More than just... sex...” I snarled as I penetrated her. “Want you... all of you.... to bear my seed! Fill you... to bursting.... sow my sperm.... deep inside!” My blonde mate was open-mouthed with rapturous delight as she complemented my raging thrusts. Paradise, behind us made a series of girlish yelps as her fecund womb grew to nearly nine-months of pregnancy in as many minutes. She seemed momentarily stable there.

“Fertilize.... " Blond Pacifica moaned. “We Nympha are... incomplete... we have no male traits within us....On this world, your kind.. to grow... must have the male seed... and female egg... to be fertile, and live. Nympha are.... incomplete. Takes.... so much more.... to get us started... we need you...need men to fertilize our entire bodies.... to grow and live. Your kind.... does not live without male fertilization; we live... but will wither and die without that male seed.” In a moment of lucidity I realized that this might be important information. Earth critters need sperm to start growing; but their lifeform needs sperm to KEEP growing. And maybe the nutrients in it too.

“Don’t care.... what planet you’re from...what powers you have... I’m making you... MY whore... for my dick... and you’ll take my seeeeeeeed!” Her body was wide open and totally receptive to my demanding maleness.


* * *

Last night.... I think it was night.... I had an especially intense bout of ‘morning flag-pole’ sex with Jessie, and so my mind was somewhat less clouded with raging lust. So I played a game with Paradise.

“I know... I know you have a Pregnancy fetish, Master... I can smell the lust on you! Do not tease me so.... I know you hunger for me! Aahhhhhh...” She probably could have used her powers to force me to ejaculate; but having so much mind-blowing sex with a Nympha affected her state of mind. In this, the final phase of her Earth lifecycle, she was no longer predatory and desperate, but now had become feminine, and submissive.

I ran my raging fifteen inches in slow circles across the great dome of her taut belly; reveling in the occasional pulses of her alien brood within. I had ordered her not grab me, as I masturbated myself along her silken skin, her ripening belly, and her hard-nippled breasts.

“Ohh... my Master... fuck me again...” I could get used to this treatment! It was getting hard to remember the past, even in my lucid moments, but I was starting to divide my life as the Now, and Pre-Harem. I was afraid to think hard on Pre-harem life; afraid that something might interfere with the bliss I was now immersed in. Speaking of immersion; Paradise’ mouth was panting open from her thwarted desire—and I plunged my rampant meat inside for her to suck.

Which she did excellently.

“Hmm.... wonder where.... Pacfica is...” I wondered.

“Nnnunnvissbull...” Paradise responded, pointing at the door. I couldn’t quite make it out, yet was unwilling to remove my cock from the liquid bliss of her mouth and tongue. I moaned and kept thrusting.

Though my lust was greater than my curiosity, I did not have to wait long to satisfy the latter. Two moist rifts appeared in midair out the door in the hallway, and in moments, a pair of platinum blonds with deep tans and moist flesh slid out onto the orgy-pillows.

“Uoohhhhh..... wh... hw...I...m-my name is Bunny!” exclaimed the tanned blonde to the right.

“Annnnd... my name is Kitty!” the identical blonde on the left realized as though this were a mystery of the ages.

Pacifica slid out of a cocoon hanging against the hallway ceiling.

“And both of you are total whores for men.” She instructed them.

“Ohhh.... I’m a better whore than SHE is....” Bunny said.

“I’ll show you!” Kitty replied angrily.

“Show all of us....” said a familiar voice, as Jessie slipped from her cocoon, next to Pacifica’s. “The First one to bring us back the sperm of ten men is the better whore.” Jessie decided, as she stalked back into the bedroom, flexing her Nympha butterfly wings.

I didn’t remember seeing them before, but Jessie was magnificent in her natural state. So much so, that I barely noticed as Bunny and Kitty scampered away without thought of clothing to offer up their naked bodies for the pleasure of strange men.

Jessie’s wings were as black as her shimmering, long hair, but with purple and green spots, with flowing tail-tips along the lower wing pair. No doubt, she had always been a Nympha. And yet.... strange... now Jessie sported a tattoo on her lower left hip! It looked like an oriental dragon twining around a rose.

Pacifica had changed too; she was slightly taller, and her face... her eyes and cheeks were distinctly Asian now, but with her same milk-chocolate skin color and blond hair. Both of them had pirated physical traits from their human prey and left the women mindless, but youthful bimbo-whores to gather sperm.

“That was... something about that... doing that... used to make me angry...I think.” But I didn’t really remember why I should be angry.

“No Master,” Pacifica said. “They were just angry, sex-hating human prudes wanting to interfere with your pleasure.”

“Now, they ARE the pleasure.” Jessie added, fluttering her gorgeous wings.

“Hnnnnngg... pleasure...” I withdrew from Paradise’s mouth—something was wrong... with my cock!

My fifteen-inch beefstick was thickened and tight... something was like I needed to cum but couldn’t...Like I needed to push....I stumbled onto the bed, my member swelling...swelling....


* * *

But having two cocks really did double the pleasure. Over the next day-like time periods, I experienced two-woman simultaneous fucks which seemed to overload my brain—having two Nympha slipping and slutting and grinding against my twins created a sensation not unlike a sharp, rollercoaster descent; a rush of sensation so fast and powerful that it overwhelms all else with stomach-churning urgency—and so it was with my twin cocks.

With a woman on only one cock, I could think semi-rationally; but with a wet, slick mouth or slicker pussy on my second cock and my mind took a holiday in a Double-D sex motel. My brain—hardwired for one cock since birth, just couldn’t take the extra information without an erotic shutdown. I was worried about this; but faint, purplish mists swept over me, and I realized that I preferred having two cocks.

In my increasingly fewer lucid moments, I remembered a movie I’d seen once, called ‘Miss March’ ; it contains a hip-hop video spoof where a character named Horsedick-dot-mpeg records a music video entitled: “Suck mah dick while ah fuck dat ass!” Surrounded by a bevy of beauties as I was; this song came to mind, even more so since I could now literally perform the activities described therein. And did so, with great relish.

The boiling sea of liquid pleasure my brain was being pickled in made specific events increasingly difficult to isolate; but I do remember that Pacifica caught up with Paradise; and there was a brief period where both my former captives were vastly pregnant, both sitting atop either penis, their gravid bellies meeting, as they kneaded and tweaked each other’s nipples while gyrating atop me. After I passed out the first time, I awakened with them in the same position, but now locking tongues with each other in a Sapphic embrace.

“It’s for you, Master.” Jessie whispered in my ear. “We can all smell your fetish for Lesbian Porn.”

But I was living it!

* * *

Double-Tittie fuck....simultaneously...

Double-Blow Jobs...

And many other lurid acts that escaped memory because my brain could not process both memories, and the explosive orgasms at once.

Both Paradise and Pacifica began their metamorphosis at close to the same time; exactly who was first my lust-pickled brain could not remember. But when Paradise left Earth as a being of pure energy, she left behind two, coffee-complexioned dark-haired dream hotties, perhaps Polynesian or Hawaiian, one of them with a streak of white in her hair.

Pacifica’s cocoon opened to release two hauntingly elegant nordic blondes with unusually sharp, wing-like eyebrows, and sleek, muscular builds; also within the cocoon there emerged a blue-eyed Asian girl, but with the plump, bubble-butt of a Rapper’s Girlfriend.

All five tackled me in their early sperm-mania, and my penises were ready to deliver! By now, my volume was probably a dozen times the output of a natural man’s, with a single orgasm, yet I had lost count of the number of orgasms possible for me in one day! Each new Nympha fell comatose after a good spew from either dick, slept for a few hours, and then needed another dose as strong as the first.

The white-striped Polynesian girl vowed that, she too could feel my left dick growing yet more virile even while it was inside of her. By the second fucking most could carry on rational sentences. But only after absorbing a second helping of manseed did their butterfly wings come in, only then did they come into their own as Nympha.

Strangely, through it all was Jessie. She fucked me much less than the others, surviving on a limited diet. She rarely pretended any clothing now, allowing her black, green, and purple wings to flow majestically behind her. It was as if she wanted to be near me as long as possible, or as if she were waiting for something.

When not fucking me, the girls cuddled and massaged me in bed; I rarely tried to stand anymore. Or found ways to feed and pamper me; all the while giving vocal assurances of my astounding virility. The Polynesian girls were strange in that they almost preferred stripper-style erotic dance to actual sex. They would often let Pacifica’s spawn ride and fuck me while they took on ‘Stripper Duty’; to thrust, gyrate and booty-bounce that I might never go limp.

* * *

“It’s time, Cecil. You’ve come full circle.” It was Jessie, and at last, she too was mountainously pregnant. Her hands partially supported the mass of her full womb as she spoke. Then she left the room for a moment, returning with a wheelbarrow containing several metal cannisters and spray nozzles.

“It will be hard for you to remember; but three months ago you raided a house on Yarborough street, and rescued a man with three cocks.”

She pointed at me.

“And now, effectively, you ARE that man.” Yes....I could feel three massive penises bobbing slowly, beckoning my harem with a creamy reward. I dimly remember my cocks splitting again... and being happy about it...mmmmmmm...

“It’s not too late; you could still go back.” Jessie said. “Most of your brain is intact; the pleasure-centers haven’t absorbed the parts that really matter, yet. In the wheelbarrow I have enough of your old BT toxin to kill the new cells, elimnate your new penises, and eventually leave you as the man you were...

“Do you understand Cecil? You can become the man you used to be, again. If you wanted....” she said the last with a purr. I grunted, my mind working slowly. Then I rose to a sitting position, not easy—other than three erect dicks nearly two feet long, my balls were like twin coconuts, and heavier to boot.

“If I.... went back.... wasn’t here... anymore... then you... might find... another give you the sperm.. .you need...rrrrrnnnnn....” I stood! Legs shaky, balls hanging, but I stood again.

“Can’t...have that... no one gets to fuck you... but me... only MY sperm...” I lunged at her, clumsily, but her pregnant bulk similarly impeded her. With my Central dick I rammed into her just one more time.

“My cock... while you’re on this Earth....”

“Ahhhh... if you would choose my pussy over the man that you used to be... then there will always be someone to fuck you....