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“Brian didn’t I tell you to go clean up your room,” Brian’s mother called out to him from the corridor where her bedroom and his adjoined.“I said I will do it,” Brian called out. Brian was busy playing with his PS3 in front of the t.v. His mom walked towards the lounge and stood between him and the t.v.

“Brian I will not tell you twice. Go do it now or I’ll ground you and give your video game console away,” his mother threatened him. “Yes mom,” Brian sighed.

Brian was an only child living all alone with his mother in an apartment block, on the fourth floor and last apartment to the right from the elevator. He was only 14 years old and same height as his 5 foot 8 mother. He had the same brown hair (hers was also short) , same brown eyes, same white-as-wall complexion, high cheekbones and round face like hers. Except that he was a guy and he was fat, while his mother was sexily slim and had 40D sized boobs. His mom’s name was Jennifer.

she was 30 and had him at the age of 15, with a guy she slept with, from school.

Brian turned off his video game and went to clean his bedroom. “We are having dinner in five minutes,” Jennifer called out to him as he walked to his bedroom, to tidy it up. After todying up his bedroom, he joined his mother for dinner at the dining table, by the corridor between the lounge, front door and small kitchen. He was having chicken legs and potatoes.

“You are getting to be really spoiled you know that. At least today you did as you were told without talking back to me,” Jennifer lectured him. Brian ate his food in silence. Those last few days, he started talking back to his mother and she even grounded him for that. And he hated it.

“After dinner, you are going straight to your room and study for your school. You understand me young man,” Jennifer told him. “No more video games. Those things are so addictive and you don’t study anymore.”

After dinner that evening, he went to his bedroom. He had a PC and went online, bluffing to his mom that he was doing online research. By the time it was 11PM, Briain was doing another type of research: MIND CONTROL

He smiled, learning everything he needed to know. And he was also looking up at porn sites with naked women on it too.

Tomorrow mom, he thought and smiled wickedly. Tomorrow. His mom was going to pay for always telling him what to do.


“So you are saying that you can hypnotise people and they can tell you who they were in their past lives. That sounds interesting,” Jennifer nodded, as she froned some spaghetti off her plate and gobbled it up. “So after dinner, wanna try it out?” Brian smiled. “Absolutely Brian,” his mom smiled. Brian smiled too. His mom was an agnotistic and she had a spiritual side, which he had just exploited.

After dinner was over, Brian offered to clean up. “Brian this is a new you. I like it that you are cleaning up after you eat,” Jennfier was still sat by the dining table. “You just relax mom. Why don’t you go sit down by the sofa and let me handle all this,” Brian suggested. “Ok Briam,” his mom got up and walked to the sofa by the lounge.

After Brian cleaned up the plates by the kitchen sink, he walked towards his bedroom and from his own desk, he picked up a pendulum. It was long. It was often used for hypnotising people to submission. Brian went to the living room, holding the pendulum. “So you are going to hypnotise me and I will see what my past life was?“Jennifer asked him. Brian nodded.

“Now mom, I want you to concentrate on the pendulum and whatever you do, don’t take your eyes off it,” he told her. Jennifer looked at the pendulum. Her brown eyes were keeping up with it. Brian knew that it was easy to hypnotise her now as she just ate and her brain was going to be easily tired and easily controlled.

“As you look at this pendulum, the only voice you hear is mine,” Brian was swinging the penduluim left to right in front of his mom’s face. She complied. “You will follow my voice as it tells you what to do,” Brian spoke in a serious voice. His mom continued to look right to left, as her eyes try following the pendulum’s swinging movement.

“Now you will close your eyes and think of nothing else but the sound of my voice,” Brian commanded her. His mom closed her eyes, and now her mind was opened up for total brainwashing.

“Your mind is totally empty. As your mind totally empties itself, you will open up your submissing and obedient side. I will count to ten. After I count ten, I will snap my figner and you will wake up. And when you wake up, you will obey the first person you see. You will obey with total submissing obedience. Understand?” Brian confirming. His mom nodded her head. “Good,” Brian smiled wickedly.

Brian started counting, “one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.”

He snapped his finger. His mom woke up. She was still sat down, looking up at him.

“What happened?” his mom looked confused and scared. “Do you know who I am?” Brian tested.

“Yes. You are someone I must obey at all times,” his mom nodded.

“Stand up slave,” Brian ordered his mom. Jennifer stood up. Her legs were straight and her arms were by her side. Like a human toy figure. Brian chuckled. His own mom was now his personal slave. Things were going to be different from now on. He was going to tell her what to do. And she will do it without talking back to her son.

“From now you will call me master. Got that,” Brian shouted at her. “Yes master,” Jennfier responded in a scared obedient tone. “And from now on, I will call you bitch. Got that,” Brian shotued at her. “Yes master,” Jennifer nodded.

He eyed his mom from head to toe. She was very good looking. As good looking as all those naked women he masutrbated to every single night. He dreamt of having them as sex slaves. He was going to have some kinky fun and besides, his mom had brought home different guys before to their apartment. No shame, he thought.

“Take off all your clothes except for your bra and panty bitch,” Brian commanded. “Yes master,” Jennifer responded. Jennfier took off her shoes, then pulled down her jeans, followed by unbuttoning her shirt and chunking all her clothes except for her bra and panty. She had black panty and black bra.

She is hot, Brian thought. No wonder different men wanted to hve sex with her.

“Now bitch, I want you turn on the television and put on my PS3 while I go sit down,” Brian said.

“Yes master,” Jennifer responded. She turned the t.v. on and put his PS3 console on as well.

Brian took the joystick from her hand and sat his ass on the lounge’s carpeted floor.

“Bitch, while I play Mortal Kombat v DC Universe, I want you to make me ice cream with banana split,” Brian commanded.

“Yes master,” Jennifer responded, walking away. After five minutes, he returned to the living room with his ice cream banana split. Brian was eating and playing video game at the same time. Jennifer stood by his side. As he stared at his sexy mother, he lost concentrtation and just realsied that he lost the game. Brian got angry. He got up and slapper his mother hard on the face, shouting, “you stupid whore. Look what you made me do.” His mother looked away from his, whispering in a scared tone, “I am sorry master.” He threw the joystick on the ground, telling her, “Turn off the PS3. I’ll be back,” Brian walked away.

Brian went to his bedroom. He knelt by his bed and peeked below his bed. He borrowed a lot of porn DVDs from his school friends. Excellent. He knew what would calm himw down. He got back to the lounge and ordered his mom to put on the porn DVD. Jennifer put the porn film on and went back to Brian’s side. She stood by, while he sat by the sofa.

The sex scenes from the porn were hot. Brian took out his pants and brief. he looked at his own mom, with hungry eyes.

“I want you to kneel before me bitch,” Briain ordered. “yes master,” Jennfier knelt in front of him. Brian puleld ehr by her hair and forced her face towards his cock. “Give me a blowjob bitch,” Brian ordered. “Yes master,” Jennfier started sucking his fat cock which he never cleaned up.

Brian was enjoying the blowjob his own mom gave him. The sex scenes made him cum a lot and his sperm was ejaculating like hell. But instead of his bed getting wet, it was all going down his mom’s throat.

“Ah yes bitch. Drink it all,” Brian shoving her head down.

After an hour of getting blowjob from his mom, he yanked at her hair, saying, “Enough.” Jennifer got up. Her mouth was covered with Brian’s juice. He loved the sight of her. In front of him was a small wooden table. “Bend over the table bitch,” Brian ordered. “Yes master,” Jennifer bending her wwhole upper body on top of the wooden table. her ass was presented to him. he pulled down her black panty and started shoving his cock up her ass, fucking her white pale ass.

Jennifer made sexual moaning sounds, which were more of pain than pleasure. He was enjoying this. As he humoed his cock, with his sperm going through her anally, and cumming down her pale legs, he pulled her bra off from the front, revealing her large pale breasts. Brian started squeezing on thsoe fleshy breasts, enjoying it. Jennifer screamed, as his squeezing was hurting her sensitive breasts.

After fucking her ass, he stopped. He ordered her to turn off the DVD and when she was done, to go the bathroom with him. After Jennfier turned the t.v. off, she went to the bathroom. Her bedroom bathroom in fact. Brian stood inside.

“Run us a bubble bath bitch,” Brian commanded. “Yes master,” Jennifer obeyed. She was turning on the hot water and the sight of her was now even more exciting now that she was totally naked.

After the water finished running, he got inside the bath water. “Come in here with me slave,” Brian commanded.

“Yes master,” Jennifer obeyed. She got in and she started cleaning him up. While she lovingly washed his fat body, he would pull on both her nipples. She would winch and her eyes would close in pain. That made him smile a lot.

He then puleld her breasst towards him and he was sucking very hard on her right nipple, while squeezing and twithcing ehr left nipple. Jennifer made a weak scream and he enjoyed sucking and licking her nipple, and abusing the other one.

After the bubble bath, she was spread eagled on her own bed. Her wrists and ankles were tied to the four bed posts. Her mouth had been covered with cloth and her eyes had been blindfolded. She looked like a rape victim.

She looks tasty, Brian thought. He climbed on top of her. he thrusted his cock up her pussy and started fucking it, while squeezing both her breasts. Jennfier was helpless. Her body squirmed in pain and she could only moan in pain.

“I love you mommy. I love you mommy,” Brian continuing to fuck her. He was doing it to her for nearly two hours.

He collapsed and got tired. He lied next to her by the bed. He could see his cum still fresh on her pussy. It was totally abused. “That was fun slave. Tomorrow I got more plans for you,” Brian laughed evilly.


Brian was sat down by the head of the dining table. Jennifer was walking around naked. She was bringing her master breakfast. Fried eggs, bacon, beans, sausages and toasted bread. While he ate breakfast, she knelt between his legs and was having “her breakfast” ie sperm.

When he finished his breakfast, she was ordered to clean up the plates and also clean up his bedroom.

“Bitch I want you to sit your ass on the sofa and spread your legs for me,” Brian commanded her.

“Yes master,” Jennfier walking towards the sofa, sitting down naked, leaned her back against the sofa and spread her legs.

“Now I want you to finger yourself,” Brian commanded. Jennifer started putting her fingers into her pussy and started fingering herself. making sexually moaning sounds too.

The sight of his own mom degrading herself obediently like this made his cock sitffen and making him more excited.

Every time she cummed, she was made to lick herself, by staining her fingers with her own cum and sucking and licking at it.

“Ok slave. Stop. We are gonna play a new game now,” Brian said. “Follow me to the bedroom.”

“Yes master,” Jennifer getting up from the sofa, following Brian to her own bedroom.

Once she was insied her own bedroom, he ordered her, “Lie face down on the bed.”

Jennifer climbed up her own bed and lied face down. Brian had her arms and legs spread. This time he was playing a new game with her. He tied her spread-eagledly. And he covered her mouth her own ball gag, from one of her drawers. he also blindfolded her too.

His mom looked completely helpless. Her ass looked vulnerable for another fucking. He went to his own bedroom and from his drawer, he took out stick. It was a stick he took from the apartment garden downstairs. He went back to his mom’s bedroom, climed on top of it and with one sadistic thrust, he thrusted the stick up her ass. Jennfier’s body shook helplssly. She was hurtling like hell. Her ass was moving left-and-right, with the stick moving along, as if she was a human dog. Brian laughed. It all looked so funny. He slowly pulled it out of her, and then throwing it on the floor.

He knew now that after hurting her ass with a stick inside, would now make her ass far more sensitive and more vulnerable. He thrust his cock on top of her without warning, pumping and she screaming and agitating at the same time. He could hear her moan in pain.

After fucking her while she was faced down, Brian untied her. And took her ball gag and blidnfold off. He could see in her eyes that she was screaming rape but had no power to do anything about it. After all, she was his slave and slaves had no rights.

He pulled Jennifer closer to him and kissed her by force on the lips. “You can rest now. We are gonna have some more fun later,” Brian giving her a sincere loving smile. “Thank you master,” Jennifer was grateful that he was going to stop hurting her for a while.


It was only 2Pm. Brian played video games while Jennifer slept naked in her bedroom. By 3 PM, he stopped playing video game, went to his mom’s bedroom and spanked her pale ass very hard, “Wake up slave. I wanna fuck your ass now.” “Yes master,” his own mom woke up half tired, becoming full alert at the sound of his demanding voice. Jennifer got up from her bed. “Come with me to the bathroom,” he ordered. Jennifer walked into the bathroom. He positioed her right in front of the bathroom washing basin mirror. He came up from behind her, thrusting his cok up her ass. She made grunting sounds.

Right in front of the mirror, he saw himself fucking his own mom, from behind. Her face was in sexual agony and she amde screaming sounds,as he started groping both her breasts really hard.

“You like that bitch don’t you,” he chuckled. Jennifer only replied, “Yes master.”

He pulled out his cock, ordering her, “Turn around bitch.” “Yes master,” Jennifer turned around to face her son/master. He then thrusted his cock up her cunt and started fucking it too, while kisisng, licking and biting at the nape of her neck,and one arm squeezing her right breast.

He then took his cock out of her pussy, leaving fresh semen dripping down from her pussy to the bathroom tiled floor.

He pulled his mom’s face to his, started giving her French kiss.

He then let go. He also had another idea. “Put your clothes on. We are going somewhere.”

Brian and Jennifer left the building by 3:30PM. They went to the nearest tanning salon. His mother was about to tan herself. For her master. He fucked her while she was pale. Now he was going to fuck her while she was as dark as an Afghan woman. And she was also going to get haired dyed too. Jet black. He always wanted to fuck a woman with Asian type hair.

After 1 hour in the tanning salon, he waited for hsi mom by the waiting seat. When she came out, she looked different. He watched her pay at the counter for their services. For making her as brown as olive and her hair as black as a raven’s.

They left and reached home by 5PM.

Brian was sat at the sofa while Jennfier knelt between his legs, giving him his blowjob.He was fondling with her black hair , thinking what is their next plan. He looked at the fish bowl next to the sofa. He had four gold fishes. And he only fed them yesterday afternoon. Before dinner. Before he hypnotised his mom.

He yanked his mom by the hair, saying, “You can stop blowing me now. I want you to run a lukewarm water like as if I am gonna have a bubble bath.” As jennfier stood up and started walking towards her bedroom’s abthroom, he also said, “One more order befroe you go. Take off all your clothes and I want to see you completely naked when I get to the bathroom.”

As Jennifer left him, he was contemplating some thoughts. Some nasty thoughts. He went to the kitchen and took out his fish-food tablet. he went to the bathroom, watching his naked slave mother running lukewarm water on the bathtub. He patted her ass, while placing the fish-food capsule by the washing basin. “I’ll be back. Don’t make it too high. Make it like you are making a small child,” Brian smiled. “Yes master,” Jennifer replied.

He walked away, heading to the lounge, picking up his fish bowl and went to the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom, he placed the bowl by the washing basin too.

His mother had stopped running the water. Brian opened the fish food capsule, handing it over to his mom, saying to her, “I want you to sprinkle some fish food on the otuer side of your pussy. Do you understand me bitch?” Brian sounding cocky. “Yes master,” Jennifer dug her fingers from the small tablet capsule and then spread some tiny fish food pieces on her pussy, rubbing them gently. “Excellent. Now go lie down in the water,” he commanded. Jennifer slowly climbed onto the bath water, lying her backside against he bathtub bottom.

As his mom lied down, looking and smiling lovingly at her own son, he cruelly poured the fish bowl water and the gold fishes onto the bath water.

Within moments, the 4 gold fishes were swimming inside the bath water, rushing straight for Jennifer’s pussy. The fishes were eating the food off her cunt. She squirmed and moaned sexually as the fishes were assaulting her pussy.

Jennifer closed her eyes, not able to stop the fishes from assaulting her pussy. She closed her eyes, screaming.

Brian laughed. he told her, “When they finish eating from your smelly pussy, give it five minutes. Then I want you to use the fish bowl which I am going to put next to you just by the floor and scoop them back in here. And I want you to get out of the water. But you are not to dry yourself. And you are to remain naked. And of coruse get rid of this water,” Brian walked away.

Brian was in the kitchen, cooking spaghetti. By the time it was 6PM, his mom walked around naked and wet, placing the fish bowl with all 4 gold fishes inside, back on the small table next to the sofa. Brian was finished cooking. he turned off the stove. he shotuer to her, “I want you to lie your back on the dining table.”

When Brian got out into the corridor where the dining table was, his wet mother lied naked on top of the table. Brian carried the frying pan. His hand was holding a large scooping spoon, scopping the spaghetti noodles and meat and sauce. The food was not so hot now and the next thing he did was pour all the spaghetti pieces on top of Jennfier’s boobs.

“Bon appetit,” Brian chuckled,Brian ate spaghetti from her boobns, whole also using his figners to feed his mom, so that she don’t die of starvation.

Brian enjoyed eating, licking and drooling over his mom’s spaghettinzed boobs. Her boobs tasted very nice now.

After dinner, he ordered her to go wash herself in her bathroom and then come back to the living room—naked.

When she came back, he ordered her to go wash the dishes and everything that was on the kitchen sink.


By 11PM, Brian took Jennifer out of the building. They walked three blocks away. They went to a street that had a night club on it. teenagers were lining up to get in. There was also a bouncer too.

Brian was dressed in black leather jacket and looked like a tough guy, with black sunglasses too. As for Jennifer, she was getting wolf whistles from guys they passed by on the street pavements. It was because what she wore. She had high heels, fishnet stockings, lingerie , short red mini-skirt, a red push-up bra and a small leather jacket. She had make up on and looked likesome kind of prostitute.

“Now wait here,” he ordered Jennifer to stand still. “Yes master,” she said, as he crossed the street, headed for the queue of teenagers lining up to get inside the night club.

Brian approached two tall and muscular Blond teenager who looked like surfer dudes.

“Hey do you guys want a good time?” Brian asked.

“Not with you,” 1 of the Blond guys joked. He spoke with a foreign accent.

The other guy looked over at the street, looking at jennfier, “I want to have a good time with her.”

Brian looked over to Jennifer and he looked at both tall Blond guys, “That is what I meant.”

the first Blond guy then smiled at Brian, “I didn’t know she was yours.”

“Yes she is,” Brian nodded.

The two guys looked at Jennifer, talking amongst themselves in a foreign accent.

The first guy then asked Brian, “How much do you charge?”

“Where are you guys from?” Brian was curious.

“We..we are from Norway. I must say that you have 1 hot woman,” the 2nd guy said.

“Thank you. I charge about $100 an hour. Per person,” Brian said.

The two guys discussaed amongsth themselves. Then the first guy said to Brian, “Deal.”

Brian led the 2 Norwegian guys to Jennifer, and he took them all to a nearby abandoned building. The 2 guys took turns havigngsex with Jennifer. She was taken, anally, orally and in front. Even doggy style.

By the time it was 2AM in the morning, they paid Brian his $200.

The street was quite. Brian met another customer. This time a Black guy. He paid $100 for Jennifer and had sex with her in the same abandoned building. Brian was excited to see the black guy fuck his mom int he ass doggy style and thrusting his cock up her cunt while her legs were wrapepd around his back.

By the time it was 3AM, Brian and Jennifer got home. Jennifer was made to take a shower, while Brian was sat by the dining table, coutning his $300 profit. Not bad, he thought.

After shower, he had her tied up in her bed, spread eagled like before. Her mouth had a ball gag and she was blindfolded.

he was fuckign her pussy really really hard, flooding her already-abused pussy with his sperm. He was squeezing and sucking and licking on her nipples. He sucked very hard on her left nipple, which caused her to squirm sexually and make helplessly agitated movements.

After fucking Jennifer, he just fell on the bed next to her. Falling alseep instantly from all the excitement.

He was having the best night of his life. At the expense of his mother’s freedom.


Brian as having breakfast—on his mother’s pussy. He was licking butter and jam off her pussy, on top of the dining table. He enjoyed it. He also had pubic hair shaved off too, since it would have gotten on the way of him licking her pussy.

Brian finally finisehd his breakfast and now to give his mother hers.

She went down on her knees, drinking her morning breakfast—Brian’s sperm.


Jennifer lied naked on the bath tub. Brian wanted to carry out a little experiemtn, which was why he had his jar of honey. He opened its cap and started pouring honey all over her breasts, and some on her pussy too.

He placed the emptied honey jar by the washing basin, sitting himself down by the toilet seat.

he wanted to see how many ants his house had.

Within 15 minutes, Brian saw an army of ants marching from outside the bathroom towards the bath tub. They climbed all the way to the top of the bath tub, invading downwards. The ant army was occupying and conquering Jennifer’s body. Especially her boobs and pussy. He saw her breasts and pussy surrounded by ants. hundreds of them.

Jennifer made a funny sound. She didn’t feel hurt. She felt like her breasts and pussy were being tickled, and so she started making some giggling sounds. Brian giggled too. He saw the ants moving all around her tits and pussy. It was a very excitable sight.

As Brian tired of seeing his mom being physically violated by the insect world, he dosed them all off with water hose.

He wanted to play with his PS3 for a while amd do something online. Mom was boring him right now.


Brian was watching some horror DVDs on the t.v. It was already 7PM. Tomorrow he had to go back to school.

And mom had to go back to work so that she can still support them both.

He was thinking. he had to make his mom normal again. He could only do so by hypnotising her again.

He was going to hypnotise her to be back to normal but have false memories of everythign that happened from Friday night till that Sunday evening.

And then he can trick her again next Friday night into letting him hypnotise her again.

Brian went to the bathroom. Jennifer lied naked on the bath tub. “Slave get up,” Brian commanded her.

“Yes master,” Jennfier got up from the bath tub. As she followed him to the living room, he was still sat down.

He was going to hypnotise her but before he did, he was going to fuck her one last time.

Before hypnotising her again next week Friday