The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“The Odyssey”

by ThatSquickGuy ()

Chapter 3

Part 3: A Slimy Awakening

“Chloe… Chloe. Chloe!”

Chloe slowly opened her eyes as she was lightly shaken awake by Evie. “What is it?” She said groggily.

“Chloe, they’re going back to the planet!”

“I thought we were going back there anyways.” She moaned and turned over slightly to look at the clock. “What time is it?”

Evie’s words quickly tumbled out. “You slept through the whole thing? We picked up Marybeth and the team. Marybeth had had an accident. And now they want to go back to the planet. The slime they brought back is all crazy and now there’s no one to help me. When I found out, I called the Captain and I told her I needed to look at Marybeth again before she went back, but…”

“Marybeth had an accident?” Chloe was now awake and trying to process everything Evie was saying.

“Yes, she fell into some of the slime without her helmet on. I said I needed more time to see if there were any lasting problems from the exposure to the slime, but the Captain insisted that Marybeth lead the team again. I don’t understand why. And now David’s gone with her again and Meg’s off her shift and now no one’s helping me look at the slime.” She paused as she got her breath back and looked at Chloe expectantly. “Please? I need help.”

“What do you need me to do?”

“I need your help to prove to the Captain we don’t need to bring more of that slime on board. I think it’s dangerous. Please! We need to hurry. They left the ship almost ten minutes ago. Grab your clothes and let’s go. I’ll explain on the way.” Evie was already getting a few things out her compartment.

It took until now for Chloe to realize that she’d just dropped all her clothes off and fell into bed naked. Chloe quickly covered herself in embarrassment. She hastily threw on her slightly wrinkled uniform and took off after Evie.

Evie explained to her all about the away team’s findings and Marybeth’s accident. She then said that she’d seen them taking some of the empty cargo containers to the shuttle bay and the Captain wanted to have them filled with slime. The slime, she told Chloe, couldn’t be analyzed by their scanners and so she had no way of knowing what it could do to someone. Those containers could each hold over 1000 liters, so there could be a lot of it brought back.

“I’m worried about what might happen if that stuff got loose on the ship.”

“Was there anything wrong with Marybeth?”

“Not really. Other than a slightly swollen throat I thought she was perfectly fine. But then I looked at the blood sample I took. Here. Look.” Evie handed her the data pad she’d been carrying.

“What am I looking at?”

“Her erythrocyte count is very low.”

“What?” Chloe had never quite gotten the hang of Evie’s doctor lingo.

“She doesn’t have as many red blood cells as she should. It’s like she’s anemic or she lost a lot of blood. But her checkup two weeks ago showed that everything was normal. And with the vitamin enriched food we get she couldn’t have any problem there.”

“So, you think that the slime caused this?”

“What else could it be? Dr. Floyd’s and David’s blood checked out fine and I was just about to look at Frank’s when the Captain called them all down to the shuttle bay. So, I had to find out what was going on.”

They finally reached sick bay and Chloe saw an environmental suit laying on one of the beds.

“What, exactly, do you want me to do?” She said, with a hint of worry in her voice.

“I need you to go into the lab and be around the slime for a bit. I’ll be in here with a suit to check you out after a few minutes.” Evie smiled innocently as if this was the world’s most reasonable request.

“You want me to be a guinea pig?!”

“It’ll be fine.” Evie reassured her. “We can vent the atmosphere from the lab if something goes wrong.”

“You said this stuff could kill all my blood!”

“Not all of it.” Evie smiled slightly. Hoping Chloe would relent.

“Isn’t there some kind of Oath you have to take saying you won’t do this kind of thing to people?”

“That’s not really in the Hippocratic Oath.”

Chloe glared at her for a second. “This isn’t going to end well for me, is it?” She said, shaking her head.

“It’ll be fine.” Evie repeated as she tried her best to convince her.

“Oh yeah? How come every time I try to help you it ends up hurting me?”

“What are you talking about?” She said, innocently.

“I try to help or you drag me into something and it always goes wrong. Remember those exobiology tests you wanted help with?” Evie looked away, slightly embarrassed. Chloe continued, “It took a week to get those stains out! You should really just stick to being a doctor. Your crazy experiments always blow up in my face. Sometimes literally!”

“Okay, they do sometimes get out of hand, but this will be different. Don’t worry.”

Chloe looked her over. Evie was always enthusiastic. Often too much. Just like Marybeth. But if doing this meant that she could help both her friends she’d do it. No matter the risk. “You always say that right before things go wrong.” She paused. Evie just kept smiling at her. Chloe sighed. “All right… But you owe me one!”

“I’ll owe you ten! Now get in there! Hurry!” Evie was already getting into her suit.

Chloe walked in slowly there was a tube of the slime sitting on the table in the center of the lab. Just waiting for her. She jumped a little when Evie shut the door behind her. She went over and looked at the clear stuff in the tube. This is what Evie’s worried about? Just then, Evie activated the intercom.

“Now, just open the top and stand by it for a second.” She had almost everything on but her helmet.

“Fine.” Chloe said begrudgingly. She undid the top and looked into the tube, half expecting it to jump out at her in some elaborate prank. The slime looked even more boring when seen up close, like a melted piece of gelatin. It was clear and kind of runny and sort of splashed around a bit when Chloe set the tube down again and stood, waiting. As she waited, she looked around the lab. It looked like they’d cleared out in a hurry. The spartan room was just like most of the ship with bland grey walls and no windows. Another tube of the slime was sitting over on the counter to the right side of the room. Chloe was surprised that it was glowing. A very soft, almost unnoticeable blue. All the computer screens were still on. One of them showed a readout of things they’d tested the slime against.

They must have tried burning it. Man, it’s hot in here. Chloe thought.

Ultraviolet light was the only thing lit up as working to break down the slime. According to the screen, it looked like the slime on the surface was the same slime from down below. Could the planet naturally produce the slime from somewhere deep underground?

Like, near its core? It was almost as hot as a planet’s core in here, Chloe thought. It took a little effort but Chloe tore her eyes away from the computer over to the thermostat on the wall behind her. Twenty-five degrees Celsius? That couldn’t be right. It was way hotter than that.

A slight smell reached Chloe’s nose as her eyes wandered around the boring room finally fixing on the bright light built into the ceiling above her. Maybe that’s why I’m so warm. Chloe thought sluggishly. It’s almost bright enough to be another Sun. Chloe smiled. She rocked in place a little as more of the sweet scent got through to her. She turned and looked down at the slime. It was almost like it was calling to her. That nice smell was coming from the slime! It was amazing!

“Chloe? Are you okay?” Evie’s voice came over the intercom.

This snapped Chloe out of it and she turned around to face Evie again. She blinked and shook her head a little to clear it. “I’m fine, but it’s a little warm in here.”

As she turned, Evie gasped a little. Chloe’s nipples were clearly poking out against her tight uniform. Her face was a little flushed too.

“Chloe, what’s going on?”

“Nothing… But the slime smells great!” Chloe’s eyes were only half open and there was a dopey smile on her face. She turned back to the tube of slime and took another deep breath. “You should smell it too.”

“Chloe! The slime’s affecting you! Chloe!”

Chloe didn’t answer her this time she was just staring at the slime. Then, finally, her right hand twitched a little then moved and she started to rub left breast as her left hand slid down lower. Chloe let out a soft moan. She was so sensitive! Her clothes were just in the way. If it smelled that good, what could it taste like? She wondered.

“Chloe!” Evie got desperate. It had only been a minute. How did it work so fast?! She pounded on the window for a second then quickly turned around to put her helmet on. When she looked back, Chloe had managed to slide her pants down to her ankles and now she was sucking on her fingers. Evie screamed a little when she saw something clear dripping from Chloe’s chin and fingers. The tube was turned on its side. Chloe had eaten some of the slime!

Evie opened the door and charged in. She grabbed Chloe, who went limp into her arms, and quickly ran back into sick bay. Chloe never stopped licking her fingers as she was dragged from the room. Evie slammed the door close button and laid her friend on one of the beds.

“Please be okay! Please be okay! Oh Chloe, what have I gotten you into this time?” Evie ripped off her helmet and quickly grabbed her scanner to check out Chloe. “Chloe!”

Chloe looked up at her beautiful friend. Why was she so worried? Everything was perfect… Evie was so pretty… She was so horny right now… Impulsively, she reached up and pulled Evie down to her. Locking her in a kiss.

Chloe knew that she’d taken Evie completely off guard. Chloe had way more strength left than she thought. Evie pushed her away, but before she could she felt a sticky substance pass between their lips. Evie tried to spit it out, but she’d already swallowed some in her surprise.

“It tastes soooo amazing doesn’t it…” Chloe went back to rubbing her already wet nether regions with her slimy, wet hand and slid the other up under her top. “It feels great too… Sooo warm…” Chloe bit her lip and moaned a little at the amazing feeling of the slime on her skin.

Evie stumbled back. She’d only had the faintest taste, but it was already getting to her. Her nipples were poking into her suit and she wanted so badly to touch her pussy. She shook her head trying in vain to clear it. How was this possible? She’d barely had a taste! Everything was swimming as she made her way back to the wall to the lab. She had to get the slime’s airborne chemical out of the lab before it made its way into the ventilation system and the rest of the ship! She heard Chloe stand up behind her. Evie managed to push the ‘vent atmosphere’ button on the wall before Chloe turned her around and kissed her again. Pushing more of the slime into her mouth.

Chloe pulled back from the kiss and looked at her friend in front of her. She’d always loved Evie as a friend, but now they could be so much more. A thin trail of slime and drool connected the two before it snapped and fell across Chloe’s bare chest. Evie was so beautiful standing there with that vacant look on her face. Chloe knew it matched her own. That was soooo sexy… Chloe held up her fingers, still wet with slime and her own juices, “Here...”

Evie looked at Chloe’s outstretched hand. She knew she shouldn’t do...

Without thinking, she licked Chloe’s fingers and tasted more of that wonderful slime! Why had she been resisting? She wanted Chloe so badly! She had always loved Chloe! She leaned in and kissed her again as they both slid to the floor.

Chloe had never had sex with a woman before. Or a man for that matter. But now something was making her feel like all she had ever wanted was sex. This is how she was supposed to be all the time. Filled with lustful abandon. It was so freeing! She’d often imagined what her first time might be like, but never with another woman or anything like this at all. That didn’t matter now. The slime took away any inhibition she’d ever had. Chloe rolled on top of Evie and slowly slipped down to start clumsily undoing her suit’s pants. As soon as she unlocked them, Evie was pulling off the top of her suit. Chloe slid Evie’s pants off and looked at the beautiful exposed pussy before her. Pussy? Why did that sound so right? Chloe couldn’t help herself; she quickly went to licking the pretty pussy lips of her friend.

Evie stopped stripping for a second and moaned as she realized that Chloe was tenderly licking her now soaking pussy. Her suit top landed with a loud clunk as Evie threw it off. Evie ripped off her top and bra and started to slowly rub her hypersensitive nipples. Even with her inexperience, Chloe was amazing with the way she used her soft tongue.

Chloe looked up, her chin dripping with slime and Evie’s juices. She licked her lips and moaned a little. She couldn’t believe how good Evie tasted. The slime was making everything taste great. She smiled seeing Evie enjoy the pleasure that she was bringing her. Chloe pushed her long hair out of her face as she crawled up her friend and kissed her, tasting the slime once again. Then she moaned in ecstasy as Evie started to grind against her. Their flushed breasts rubbing together exquisitely. Their pussies kissing. Chloe never knew that sex could feel so good! This was amazing! All those times touching herself and fantasizing could never compare.

Her fantasies… Weren’t they of something else? Someone else? As those brief, troubling thoughts surfaced, Chloe looked down at Evie smiling and moaning beneath her. Then she remembered the taste of the slime and everything else around her vanished. The slime was making her a new person just as it would Evie. Chloe moaned, the slime was so good. Nothing else mattered.

Gone were her worries about the slime. Evie was drifting in a haze. She took Chloe’s beautiful pink breast into her mouth as they continued to rub together. Under her delicate ministrations, she felt her nipple rise even more. She whined at bit as Chloe briefly lifted herself up and turned around, but didn’t complain when she tasted Chloe’s pussy for the first time. Chloe squeaked and jerked a little when Evie’s tongue first touched her nether lips. It felt so good! Then it was Evie’s turn to squeal. Evie gasped and stopped licking for a second when Chloe started licking her own soaking wet mound again. But then she just as quickly started again. She loved the feeling of Chloe’s light pubic fur tickling her chin as she licked and sucked. Chloe’s light pink pussy lips were so pretty… Evie again buried her face in her lover’s dripping snatch. Eliciting another squeal from Chloe.

If the two lovers had been paying attention they would have noticed that the smell of the slime was gone. It had been replaced by a now overwhelming smell of sex. But stopping was the furthest thing from their minds. The two continued to 69 until they passed out in joy…