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One Mans Rubbish

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This story contains gay themes, transformation, clothes fetish, and a whole host of weirdness. If you don’t like these things then tough, don’t read it.

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My apologies if it’s a bit long, I got carried away. Please bear with me as it does get interesting, honest!!

Part One.

David was always what you would call frugal.

His job at the bank had shown him the effects of overspending with all the people coming in to see him in his capacity as a bank manager begging for loans, or just trying to put off payment dates pleading huge bills or start of school terms etc.

His job, which he thoroughly enjoyed, was to tell them to pay up or to call in the debt. Several people lost their homes because of him, but his philosophy was that they shouldn’t have been so profligate in their spending habits should they?

In David’s private life he enjoyed a comfortable, if minimalist life. Not for him the clutter of ornaments and decorations, he lived in a stylishly stark apartment in a nice area with the minimum of clutter. On the walls were a few art prints to counteract the starkness of the white walls, a large television and DVD were in the corner and next to the black leather sofa was a large glass coffee table holding a china vase full of dried flowers.

The bedroom was the only extravagance in his life. Two walls were covered with mirror fronted wardrobes and the bed was a king sized posturepoedic so that he didn’t twist his spine whilst sleeping. After all, when you look as good as David you want to stay in shape.

At the age of twenty five he’d never looked better. All those months at the gym (during off peak hours of course) had given him a very large chest and arms, six pack, and thick strong legs. At 6′2 it showed as he walked that he had a good body. All the girls stared and whispered, and even some of the guys had a major hard-on as he walked past. His wavy blonde Hugh Grant hair style and blue eyes were straight out of a TV commercial and everyone said that with his strong jaw line and perfect teeth he should have been an actor not a bank manager.

As perfect as he was, he did have one slight flaw in his character. He loved to wear other people’s clothes. Not steal them, just to know someone else had worn them before him. He used to haunt jumble sales and second hand clothes store as a child, and many times had tried on the sports gear after practice wanking himself silly with the smell of other guys sweat in his nostrils.

So there he was, sitting in front of the computer in the office, when the e-mail chime went.

“Damned junk mail.” He thought, as he opened it. As he went to delete it he noticed it was from a yahoo group he was a member of, second hand clothes group. A bunch of people used the place to discuss the best places to get gear, and occasionally to swap items. Seems a new member was trying to clear some space in his closets and wanted to know if anyone could take it off their hands.

Clicking yahoo he noticed the new member was still online.

“Hello” He typed.

“Hello back”

“You still trying to get rid of the stuff?”

“Yeah, but I need to get rid of it all in one go. All or nothing I’m afraid”

“I’ll take it all”

He had nothing to lose really, if it fit, great, if not he’d just wank a few times and bin it.

“How do I get it to you? Most people are understandably nervous of giving out personal details.”

David had had similar reservations himself, but a simple solution was available.

“No probs. E-mail the group founder and give him your details as well as my screen I.D. and he will do the rest”.

The group founder ran a second hand clothes shop somewhere in Surrey and liked people to use his shop, so for a small fee and the postage would anonymously pass items between members. It worked very well, and only he had members’ details.

“Great” came the reply “I’ll get right on it.”

David logged off and looked at the time. No more appointments today so as a treat he decided to go to the gym and get pumped.

Part Two.

A week went by, and David forgot about the conversation on the net. He had accumulated several weeks holiday, and had decided to take it. A few days relaxing at home, maybe look for some cheap breaks on, and generally slumming around.

Suddenly the door bell went and he was surprised to see a UPS delivery man with a large parcel waiting to be signed for. It was only when he saw the return address he remembered the internet conversation and the old clothes.

Ripping off the packaging he saw there was a note inside from the group moderator.

“Couple more to come mate; this was the first one to arrive so I sent it on to you. Have fun, and you know where I am if you need anything else. The guy asked me to pass a message on to you, something about the clothes maketh the man. Sounded like gibberish to me.” Pinned to the note was one of the fliers for his shop.

Prising open the large box, it seemed to be full of work gear. Putting the box onto the table he started to pull the clothes out. As he lifted the first item out, which appeared to be a hi-viz waistcoat he noticed a very pungent odour rising from the box. Someone hadn’t washed the clothes before packing them obviously.

All in all, there were three pairs of old jeans, three t-shirts, three padded check shirts, several pairs of smelly socks, two jock straps, one pair of old style underpants, a pair of braces and a pair of calf length battered rigger boots with steel toecaps. As he moved the box off the table, he noticed that a baseball cap had slipped under the seam so he pulled that out too.

To say he was aroused was an understatement. His cock was so hard that he felt like it was about to explode. Taking the baseball cap in his hand he took a good sniff of the sweat round the band and again noticed the faint but pungent odour he had smelled when opening the box. Scraping his hair back, he put the baseball cap on his head tucking the stray hair underneath and tightening the strap at the back. Whoever had owned it before had a bigger head than David, and he didn’t want it slipping off until he had finished. Glancing up he could see the brim in his eye line and adjusted it slightly so it sat further back on his head.

Slowly unbuttoning his crisp white shirt he looked at the t-shirts. He really wanted to rip of his clothes and wank himself stupid, especially with the bulge in his stiff new jeans threatening to burst the zip, but he loved the feeling of anticipation and wanted the moment to last as long as he could make it.

Finally he decided on a formerly white, now grey one with short sleeves. Baggy round the neck as though it had been stretched from wear, the sweat marks under the armpits were very prominent. As his hands picked it up, he could feel the roughness of the fabric. It was the roughness of something that had been washed too infrequently to remove all the grime and sweat and dead skin now embedded into the fabric. As he slowly slipped it over his head the smell made his head swim with desire and he could see hairs from the previous owner still stuck in the seams. His nipples tingled and swelled as the t-shirt fell into place, and David could tell that the shirt was previously worn by someone about the same chest size as him, but a lot bigger in the belly if the way it sagged was any indication.

Slowly pulling off his jeans, his cock now burst forth in its entire 10″ circumcised glory, standing ramrod stiff almost poking David in the belly. The smell had faded in his nostrils as he got used to it, but he was still feeling slightly light headed as he picked up the underpants. The jocks were way too small to hold his cock when hard, so taking a sniff of the crotch and arse area slowly pulled them up his legs. His cock was now leaking pre-cum like a tap, so he gently rubbed the head to lubricate it and take off some of the edge before reluctantly licking his fingers clean and pulling the waist band loosely over his hips, hiding his cock in the folds of fabric. Again the pants were for a man much bigger in the waist than he was, but he managed to fold them slightly so they didn’t fall down.

Next came a pair of thick woollen socks. As he pulled them up his legs he noticed that the soles felt slightly hard, as though they were filled with grit. They were tight on his feet and he had to stretch them to fit the heels properly into position. Settling them on his feet he went to the pile of jeans.

Looking through them, he finally decided on the least filthy pair. Ripped at the knees, again the dirt was ingrained and he knew that no amount of washing would ever get them clean. They were very faded, but badly stained with dirt. Hurrying now, he pulled them on and did them up round his hard cock. Looking down he saw that they were several inches too short in the leg, and several inches too big in the waist. Clipping the braces to the back, he pulled them over his shoulders and attached them to the front. As he did so the jeans slipped slightly so they were resting on his hips not round his waist.

Grabbing a grubby red checked padded shirt he noticed the arms were quite short so after rolling up the sleeves he pulled on the hi-viz waistcoat before sitting down to pull on the boots.

Looking at the rigger boots, David felt a pang of disappointment. These were only a size six, seven if he was lucky. His size ten feet would never fit into them. Still, not one to quit until he had to, he tucked his toes right under and pushed hard into the boot. After a moment of agony, he felt his foot slide into position and sit there very uncomfortable but pain free. “Oh well,” thought David “One down one to go. Hope I don’t get cramp.”

With both boots finally on, he tucked the short jeans inside and stood up. Walking was awkward with his feet squashed up as they were, but with a slight rolling gait he walked into the bedroom to see himself in the mirror.

“Oh my god” he thought as he saw the filthy workman stood looking back at him. With the boots over the jeans you couldn’t tell how short they actually were, and David was really impressed with how he had turned out. Finally giving in to the pressure, he released his cock from its prison and started stroking it slowly. As he wanked he started rolling his right nipple between his thumb and forefinger and an animal grunting came from his mouth.

Looking at his back in the other mirror he could see how baggy the jeans were round his arse but nothing could stop him now and with a deep roar his cock exploded thick ribbons of spunk which ran down the mirror in a stream. Scraping the spunk onto his hands he felt an overwhelming urge to lick every drop clean. This was the first time David had ever tasted spunk properly, and he gagged slightly at the acridness of it. Licking pre-cum off his fingers didn’t compare with the eroticism of eating his own cum. Finally sated, he fell back onto the bed and exhausted fell into a deep sleep.

Part Three.

David woke up slowly, feeling slightly groggy. Something wasn’t quite right but he couldn’t put his finger on what it was. Looking at the clock he realised that it was past five in the afternoon and he had slept for several hours. “Probably why I feel like shit” he thought.

“Fuck I’m hungry” was his next thought. David had never been this hungry before, and really wanted to eat something quickly. Climbing off the bed, he caught his reflection in the mirror. Still dressed in his new work gear, he felt his cock stir in his dirty sweaty pants.

“Down boy,” he commanded with good humour, “We can play after dinner.” And with that he walked up to the mirror to see his reflection better. Still groggy and dazed from his nap he looked at his reflection but didn’t really take it in. His eyes were puffy and looked deeper set due to a slight bag under each one. The shadow from the brim of the baseball cap made his eyebrows look thicker and darker and he thought he could do with a shave. His beard normally came in blonde and slow, but in the shadows it looked darker and thicker. More as if he hadn’t shaved for several days.

“Fuck it; I can’t be bothered to shave now. Looks good with the gear anyway” he thought. “First things first, food.”

As he walked into the kitchen he noticed his feet felt comfortable, as if the boots had stretched to fit him. His toes were no longer bent under, and he could feel the ends of the steel toecaps pressing pleasantly against the thick socks. The smell of the t-shirt and padded shirt was pleasant, and brought to mind thoughts of hot sweaty men, working hard and exuding a musky odour impregnating the clothes they wore.

David reached for the fridge handle and missed. That was strange, surely it wasn’t this high earlier. He opened the fridge and swore. Nothing but rabbit food in tubs. He wanted something a bit more filling. As he stomped into the lounge he vaguely thought that something wasn’t quite right. Everything seemed to look bigger.

Putting it down to the buzzing in his head and dismissing the thought entirely he thumbed through the directory by the phone until he found a pizza place that delivered. Ordering an extra large deep pan with everything, he felt his mouth watering at the thought of the hot greasy toppings and cheese running down his chin.

“We are having a special today sir” said the girl on the other end of the phone. “If you order the extra large and a bottle of cola we will throw in an extra pizza free. Would you like to take advantage of the offer Sir?”

“Fuck yeah” said David. “I can always save it for later”.

“OK Sir, it’ll be with you in about half an hour.” And with that David hung up.

“Just time for a quick wank” he thought as he unbuttoned his flies and pulled his cock out of its holder.

David gasped with pleasure as his fat throbbing cock filled with blood, and began to moan as he started to rub it rhythmically up and down. Pushing the grubby t-shirt up, he started rubbing his belly, playing with the fine trail of hair leading from his pubes up to his nipples. Not particularly hairy, David had a nice trail which accentuated his large muscular torso. As his cock started to shoot he rubbed the gooey mess into his belly and up to his chest and nipples. The sensation of his slimy hands rubbing across his nipples was finally too much for him and he collapsed back into the chair gasping as the final orgasmic pulses subsided.

David pulled down the t-shirt and let it stick to his body as he voraciously sucked his fingers clean. Funny, even they seemed to be shorter and fatter. Suddenly, his attention was drawn to the door and he quickly rearranged himself before opening the door to the pizza boy.

Bringing the pizzas and large bottle of cola inside, he sat down thumbing the TV remote for something to watch as he ate. Apart from kids’ programmes and soaps, there wasn’t much on. Finally he settled for a football game that was being repeated from the day before. David wasn’t interested in football but it was something to watch while he ate.

Taking the first slice of pizza from the box, David fell to eating like an animal. As fast as he finished a slice he had another one ready. Between bites he took a slug of cola straight out of the bottle and was surprised to realise how much he was enjoying the football. Strange he hadn’t paid attention before, but the rules were quite simple and the players very skilled. Also, some of them were very horny and he got a kick when the good looking ones scored.

When the match finished, David was amazed to realise that he had eaten both pizzas, and drunk all the cola. Looking at his stomach, he felt bloated and could see his abdomen was stretched so much it was bulging. Normally David would have felt disgusted with a stomach bulge, considering how much effort he had put into getting it wash board flat, but there was something about the way it pushed the filthy jeans down and stretched the t-shirt out that looked right.

Now that the football was over, David began to feel restless. Normally he kept his dressing up as a private thing, but for some reason he wanted to go out dressed as a labourer just to see how it felt to be in a social situation completely different to his normal circles. He decided to go for a walk and see what it felt like to be out dressed as he was. Pulling off the baseball cap and running his fingers roughly through his hair, he failed to notice the strands falling to the floor behind him in a soft shower of blonde. Normally he would have washed shaved and dressed properly before even thinking of leaving the house, but this time was different. Replacing the baseball cap and tucking the loose hair back, he realise how tight it was so he loosened the strap at the rear until it fit without pinching. When he felt comfortable, he picked up his keys and let himself out of the front door.

Part Four.

Heart beating frantically, David walked down the street. At first his bloated stomach felt uncomfortable, but he quickly got the trick of leaning back slightly until it didn’t feel awkward. At least a walk would burn off some of the calories he had just consumed.

To begin with people stared at his outfit, but slowly as he got a few blocks from home he began to see other men dressed like he was, probably finished work and on their way home. One thing he noticed was that a lot of people seemed taller than him. It was strange really, as he was a very tall man himself. Dismissing it as his over active imagination he spotted a small pub tucked in a corner and decided to go inside for a drink. Normally a light drinker, David only ever had a couple of halves to be sociable as his fondness for alcohol in general and beer in particular was limited.

Inside, the pub was slightly dingy and very old fashioned. This was no family fun pub with cocktails for the ladies and a play area for the kids, this was a working mans pub for men who liked their beer and no frills. A pool table was off to the side and a couple of old men sat in the corner under a wall light playing dominoes with the intensity of high stakes gamblers at a roulette table.

Walking up to the high bar, David managed to attract the attention of the bored looking barmaid. Young and plump, she cast a vacuous eye down on David and took his order. Looking around, David could see the few men here at this time all had pints, so against his better judgement he ordered a pint of lager.

“Lagers off love,” said the barmaid, “Want something else?”

Looking at the bewildering array of pumps, David picked the closest to him which said Guinness. Smiling, the barmaid put a pint glass under the tap and started to pour the thick creamy liquid into a glass. As it settled, David could see the thick black liquid at the bottom with the light pale brown foam settling on the top.

“Ah Sally, you always could pour the Guinness properly” came a voice behind David.

Startled, he turned to see a rough looking man dressed similarly to himself move up to the bar by his elbow. Looking at him, David had to stretch his neck slightly to look him in the eye. He wore a tattered baseball cap on his head, and David could see his tanned scalp underneath. Down his back was a long thin plait of hair with a couple of beads holding it closed.

In his ears were several thick gold rings and in his left eyebrow was a smaller gold ring. He had a thick goatee beard and looked like he hadn’t shaved the sides for a couple of days as there was thick stubble on both cheeks. He was well built, and a bulging beer belly stuck out as he leaned forward, balanced by his large arse which tightly filled his dirty ripped jeans.

“Alright mate, I’m Bill.”


“Pleased to meet you Dave, let me just get a beer I’m gasping.”

As Bill turned to pick up the Guinness Sally had poured him whilst he was talking, David noticed the swallows tattooed on Bills neck. This was what he had always wanted, to go out dressed as someone else and be treated completely differently to normal. David wasn’t overtly gay, but there was something about the musky sweat smell coming from Bill that was turning him on very badly. Even being called Dave, which he normally hated seemed to be appropriate considering the circumstances. To break the tenseness he was feeling, he turned to his beer. After the first sip, he realised how tasty it was. How come he had missed this for so long? Surely someone could have told him how good it tasted; it would have saved all those wasted halves he had so carefully disposed of over the years.

As Dave and Bill finished their beers, they began chatting like old friends. Bill bought another round and Dave found out that Bill worked as a foreman for a local construction company. Dave hedged slightly when asked what he did, just replying that he did whatever he could get. Bill misunderstood completely and assumed that Dave had just lost his job and was drowning his sorrows, so he insisted on paying for the beers over Dave’s objections.

“You gotta save your money mate; the fucking social will take forever to sort out your claim.”

“I know, but it still feels wrong” protested Dave.

“Fuck em. You need a job, you let me know. I’ll take you on tomorrow.”

Dave felt a warm glow inside as Bill talked. Too much beer and friendly conversation was getting to him, and he realised he was very drunk, but pleasantly so.

When the barmaid called last orders Bill stood up and swaying slightly, offered his tattooed bear-like hand to Dave.

“You want to come back for a night cap man?” he offered.

“Fuck it” said Dave “Nothing to get up for tomorrow”

“That’s the spirit.” And with his heavy arm round Dave’s’ shoulder in a friendly manner they left for Bills place.

Part Five.

Bills apartment was quite small and basic. Pictures of rock bands were pinned to the walls, and ashtrays were sitting unemptied on the arms of the threadbare chairs. Dave sat down, and Bill fetched some tins out of the fridge in the kitchen. Lighting up a cigarette as he opened a can, Bill offered the pack to Dave.

“No thanks” said Dave. All night he had watched Bill smoke one after another and had found it a big turn on. The fragrant smoke tickled the back of his throat and made him wonder what smoking would be like. Normally Dave would have gasped and choked and made a big thing about how disgusting it was, but tonight it had seemed right somehow.

“You given up mate?” enquired Bill “you seem to stare whenever I smoke one.”

“Never really started” replied Dave turning red with embarrassment. He hadn’t realised how blatant he had been.

“Well no time like the present,” grinned Bill. “Here, take this one and give it a good suck.”

Dave took the newly lit cigarette in his hand and raised it to his lips. Following Bills instructions, he slowly took the smoke into his lungs and gently blew it out. At first it made his head swim and his throat tickled until he wanted to cough, but as he smoked it down it seemed to be quite natural and he started to enjoy it. He made a conscious effort to hold the cigarette like Bill did, and after a couple more he felt really comfortable.

Bill relaxed a little and took off his cap. Dave was shocked to see the tribal tattoos on the sides. The whole head was shaved except for a wide strip at the back which had been plaited and beaded and the revealed skin was deeply tanned. Bill rubbed his hands over his face and Dave wished he could touch it too. Something in Dave’s face must have revealed his thought because Bill stood up and sat next to Dave.

“Want to touch it, don’t you?” he said gruffly. In a drunken daze Dave lifted his hand and stroked the naked scalp as if it was the most amazing thing he had ever seen. Bill pulled Dave’s cap off and looked quizzically at the hair underneath.

“Man, you need to do with something with this mess.” He said rubbing his hands through the tangled locks. “Looks like a rat nested in it. You never heard of combs?”

Dave focussed on Bills face and said “Make it look great” and fell into a deep sleep.

Part Six.

Dave woke up feeling groggy. Still half drunk, he could feel something happening behind his head and as he put his hand up to feel, Bills’ voice said “Hold your horses, nearly done.”

Dave remembered falling asleep and in a thick voice said “How long was I asleep?”

“About an hour and a half. Gave me chance to do a couple of things I thought you would like.” And with a flick across Dave’s shoulders he stood up.

“Finished. What do you think?”

Dave turned to look at himself in the mirror. There was a stranger looking back at him. His head had been shaved the same way as Bills, and turning to the side he could see a dark beaded plait going about four inches down his back. The rough beard had been trimmed into a goatee and Dave was amazed at how dark it looked, almost black and very coarse. Both ears had been pierced with thick gold hoops and at the top of his left ear was a small gold stud. Dave couldn’t believe how much older he looked, and how much fatter and rounder his face had become.

Bill grinned at the stunned look in the mirror, and put his arms round Dave pressing his hard cock into his back. “Couldn’t do much with the male pattern baldness so pronounced, so gave you a cut like mine. If you like it, we can see about getting the side hair removed so it’s permanent. That way you don’t have to shave it every day.” He paused “Also, it makes you look much hornier now.”

Turning, Dave pressed his body up against Bill’s and lifted his face. Bill leaned down and kissed him lightly on the lips, then thrust his tongue harshly into Dave’s mouth. Dave felt their teeth pressing together and the barbell in Bills tongue rubbing round his mouth as he rubbed his hard cock against Bills belly.

Bill started to tear Dave’s clothes off, and soon all he had on were the socks and rigger boots. Bill pushed Dave onto his knees and pulled out a thick pierced uncircumcised cock from the depths of his dirty work jeans. Dave swooned at the smell from the foreskin and sucked it eagerly into his mouth, the ring resting comfortably in his throat. Bill started pumping back and forth, and Dave began beating his cock in time to the thrust from his oral raping. Never before had Dave had such a cock in his mouth. The few times he had been with a man he had limited himself to mutual masturbation with professional men like himself. This was different. It was animal and rough. The more brutal Bill was in his mouth the more he loved it. Suddenly Bill gave a heave and holding Dave’s head he started to come down Dave’s throat. Dave chokingly swallowed the hot juice as he felt his own cock burst into action and splatter thick globules onto the bathroom floor. Bill released Dave from his grasp and Dave fell to the floor. He felt like puking but managed to hold it back. Bill dropped down concerned, and held Dave in a comfortable hug.

“I am such a fucking prick. I never thought after all that beer how you’d feel.” He picked Dave up off the floor and started to walk him to the bedroom. “Come on, you’ll feel better after a nights sleep.”

Sitting Dave down on the bed, Bill pulled the rigger boots and socks off and smiled. “You have dainty feet. I like that in a man.”

“Big feet, “thought Dave. “How can you say I have dainty feet?” and with that thought he fell into a deep sleep, Bill wrapped round him like a big protective bear.

Part Seven.

David woke up with a thick head and a fuzzy taste in his mouth. He had had some funny dreams in his time but this was a doozy. Lifting his hands to his head he gasped with shock as he felt the baldness on the sides and top plus the plait down his back as he realised it wasn’t a dream.

Looking round the room, he saw he was still in Bills bed, and a note was pinned to the clock.

“Had to go to work love, sorry about last night, didn’t mean to be so rough. Left some things in the front room for you, feel free to use the shower before you go. Just pull the door to when you leave, and if you want to see me again, I’ll be in the pub tonight after seven. Hope you will be there as I really like you. Love Bill.”

Dave smiled through his hangover. He really liked Bill as well, but it wouldn’t work out. Bill was a rough labourer and he was a bank manager. Mind you, with the hair and earrings he looked anything but. Still, it was nice to play for a while and after his holiday he could return to work with a slightly radical haircut and no one the wiser.

Stumbling out of the bedroom, Dave noticed his belly was a bit rounder than before. He had to lean forward slightly to see his dick, and the defined six pack was just a faint line. “Should go to the gym” he thought idly, but with no great sense of urgency.

In the front room he saw his clothes piled up on a chair and the boots to the side. Picking them up, he smelt the rankness of his body odour. Normally he wouldn’t wear the same clothes two days running, but this time he had no choice. At least a shower first would help.

Stepping into the bathroom he pushed the button to start the shower. While he waited for the water to warm up, he looked at himself in the mirror. Something seemed different somehow, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. The slightly saggy breasts leading down to the protruding gut were as they should be, surely? The prominent nipples stuck out at least half an inch from the nest of dense fur covering his chest and his hairy shoulders sagged slightly under the weight of his short thick arms. He thought that he should have been more muscular, but he had always looked like this, hadn’t he? At least the hair looked better. Dave could see the black line of the shaved sides and the clean unblemished scalp where his baldness was accentuated by the pale skin below. The earrings looked horny too. He thought he might keep them until he had to go back to work. Looking down he saw his small cock sitting above a pair of large heavy balls. Okay it was small, only four inches when hard, but it was as thick as a baby’s wrist.

Climbing into the shower, he soaped himself down and washed his grimy body down. Maybe he would see Bill for a little longer, perhaps even take him up on the offer of a couple of weeks work. He had loads of holiday left so he might as well enjoy his fetish for dressing up a little longer. This was the best he had felt for a long time and he wanted to take as much advantage of it as he could before he had to go back to reality and the daily grind.

Walking back into the living room he started to pull his clothes on. Next to the ashtray was a pack of cigarettes and a lighter with a post it note saying “Thought these would help.” Dave was impressed by Bills kindness. Strangely, the clothes fit a lot better than yesterday. The sleeves on the padded shirt now came down to his wrists and the jeans were snug on his hips. As he went to pull on the boots, he had a major shock. The jeans were the right length for his legs!! Surely only yesterday they were several inches too short? In a daze Dave pulled the socks and boots on and realised again that where he had struggled the day before, now they fit perfectly. Rushing into the bathroom he looked at himself in the full length mirror. Making a small mark where the top of his head was, he frantically searched until he found a tape measure and read the height. 5′6? He was 6′2 surely? And he had a full head of hair and gym toned body, not this overweight balding small dicked lump he could see in the mirror. In his panic, Dave started to breath more heavily and the smell from his clothes began to make him light headed. Slowly he calmed down, and wondered what the panic was. Sure he was a bit overweight but some exercise would clear it up. Nothing was different, why should he have felt they were? He walked back into the living room and lit a cigarette. Smoking it with obvious relish, he decided to go home and get some rest. His head was still thick from the night before and he wanted to be at his best when he met Bill that night.

Part Eight.

Dave arrived home to find a large package on his doorstep. With excitement he opened his front door and pulled the package inside. Thank god he had signed the waiver with UPS so that they left items on the doorstep. Ripping off the packaging he tore open the box in anticipation of the goodies within. The note inside was similar to the last one.

“Hope you enjoy this lot, apparently there is one more to come.” And the obligatory shop flyer pinned to the note.

Dave pulled out the clothes. This time they were clean. There were several cotton shirts, two denim shirts one faded blue one black, a worn denim jacket, a denim cut off, a battered leather motor bike jacket, four pairs of jeans in blue and black in various states of repair, several more pairs of socks and jocks, a thick studded belt and a plain leather one, a pair of black polished doctor martin boots, a pair of battered combat boots and another baseball cap. This one was white canvas, with a Nike badge on the front. In his excitement, Dave failed to pay too much attention to the smell coming from the clothes. Less acrid than the last batch, it was of musk and flowers with a hint of lemon. Very pleasant and not in the least obtrusive. Dave assumed it was the brand of conditioner used to wash them before packing.

Stripping off his dirty work gear, he started sorting through which clothes he was going to try on. A denim shirt was slowly pulled onto his torso and buttoned up to the chest. Next he pulled on a white cotton jock strap, the head of his engorged cock poking out like a lizard coming out of the sand. A pair of blue jeans followed, well worn in the crotch and between the legs, they fit like a second skin and he had to breath in to allow the button to be done up. He followed this with the studded belt and he left his cock sticking out while he pulled on the denim jacket. Onto his feet he pulled a pair of black knee length socks, and followed them with the high black D.M.s. On to his head he placed the baseball cap pulling his plait through the hole in the rear so it sat comfortably down his back.

Walking into the bedroom he was very excited at what he saw. The strange new smell was exciting him and making him feel detached, and he knew he had changed. He was now dressed like an overweight working class thug. For a start, he looked at least ten years older. The big gut hung over the belt, and the shaved head under the cap looked strangely compelling against the thick black goatee beard and day old stubble on his cheeks. He started to rub his cock vigorously as he looked at the changes in himself and found he loved the new look. The loss of height was unusual, but he couldn’t understand why he had freaked out so much earlier. He loved dressing as other people, so what was so wrong with becoming someone else? He knew he should still be freaked out by the whole thing but all he felt was excitement. Suddenly he reached orgasm and with a cry and gurgle he shot his hot load all over the mirror.

Part Nine.

The next couple of weeks passed quite eventfully for Dave. David no longer existed in his mind, and he thought of himself as Dave. Bill was very pleased at Dave’s decision to start working for him, and put him with a couple of guys who showed him the ropes over the first few days. The work was hard, but Dave found he enjoyed the mindless tedium of lifting and carrying, mixing and digging, and the general fetching and carrying required of unskilled manual workers. Each day Dave left with Bill tired but content, aware that eventually he would have to go back to his regular job and give up the manual work for the daily office grind. He was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, every night they would go to the pub and have six or seven beers, then home to Bills for extreme animal sex. Shaving the sides of his head became a regular daily event, and by the end of the first week it was as tanned as the rest of his body. He no longer questioned the changes that had been made to him, and still found them very exciting.

The second weekend, Bill decided that Dave needed a couple of tattoos. Bill was heavily tattooed, and Dave loved the way they looked on him but was unsure of the ones on his head, neck and hands. Bill had both hands tattooed and Dave thought they were a bit common. Bill had suggested jokingly that Dave might like to have similar ones done himself, and Dave had flown off the handle. Bill had punched him in anger, and they both walked off sulking, Dave nursing his bruised jaw and spitting out a couple of his teeth. Eventually Dave had apologised and Bill was fine afterwards. Dave found himself agreeing with Bill more and more, and took the subservient role whenever they were together. Dave now only wore his new/old clothes, and had semi forgotten that he had any others. Bill liked the leather bike jacket with the cut off so Dave tended to wear that more than anything else.

On the Saturday morning Bill and Dave walked into the tattooists. The fat bald guy with the needle was a friend of Bills’ and had agreed to do Dave for a special rate. Dave sat in the chair with a nervous grin. His protruding belly was shaking slightly and the tattooist had to lift the foot rests slightly as Dave’s’ feet didn’t quite touch the floor any more.

As he started up the machine, Dave felt the first prickling of the gun as it forced the ink beneath his skin. Slowly the outline of the design Bill had picked began to take shape. Bill had decided on an oriental dragon theme, and Dave could slowly make out the outline of the beast starting to take shape. Eventually the design was finished. It had taken about four hours in total and Dave was exhausted. Bill was delighted and kept telling Dave how proud he was of him.

The tattooist looked at Bill and said “Do you want to do the other stuff now?”

“What other stuff?” asked Dave suspiciously.

“I thought you might like your nipples and dick pierced like mine” Bill replied. Bill had both nipples pierced and Dave had had hours of fun chewing and biting on the rings.

“Might as well, if that’s what you want” grinned Dave.

Bill held onto Dave’s hand as the tattooist started the piercing. After a moment of sharp pain and a bit of fumbling, Dave looked down and saw the two small rings poking out of the dark rug of his chest hair. Dave wondered idly how he had ever thought a smooth chest was sexy, and not for the first time asked himself how this transformation could have happened and how it could be reversed. Not that he wanted to go back to the way he was, but he couldn’t stay with Bill for much longer and had to make a choice soon about how to break it off. He knew that it had only been a couple of weeks but already it was as if he had been like this forever. How was he going to explain to the bank how he had lost 8 inches in height and gained so much weight. Not to mention the fact that he looked so much older.

Abruptly his reverie was interrupted as he felt the needle passing through his piss slit and out from underneath. Looking down he saw the needle poking out and slowly feinted. When he came round he saw Bill look at him with a combination of worry and glee.

“What happened?” said Dave groggily.

“You feinted babe. Nothing to worry about.” Bill dropped his eyes, then looked up again. “I did get Fed here to do a couple of little things while you were out though.”

Picking up a mirror, Bill held it up to Dave’s face. Through his left eyebrow were two small rings at the corner, and through his right eyebrow was a silver barbell. Through the center of his nose was a larger thicker ring and in his lower lip was another ring.

“I wanted you to look a bit freakier.” Said Bill with a laugh. “Now the boys at work will have something to talk about.”

Dave shrieked in horror, and pushed past Bill with a sob. “The total bastard” he thought as he ran towards his home. “How the fuck will I explain this?”

Running into his apartment building, he saw that a box had been left on his doorstep. With excitement, he fumbled for the lock and dragged the box in.

Part Ten.

Pushing past the pile of unopened mail, Dave dragged the box into the front room. It was a lot bigger than the first two, and Dave wondered how long it had been sat there. He had been working with Bill for the best part of a fortnight and this was the first time he had been home since he had collected his other clothes which he now remembered were at Bills.

Touching the tender spots in his face, he grew angry again that Bill could have done something like this without his permission. “Damn him to hell!” he thought. As soon as he had opened the box and seen the contents he was going to have to take these bloody rings out.

Ripping the now familiar wrapping off the box he looked at the note attached.

“Hope you like this lot, apparently it’s the final package. The guy dropped it off this morning and said he hoped you would get the full benefit, whatever that means.”

Dave started to pull the clothes out of the box. There was an eclectic mix this time, leather trousers, bike boots, a harness, more jeans and work clothes, several styles of work boots and various belts, wristbands and a couple of collars. As he started to pull them out of the box, a large jewellery case slipped to the floor. Dave picked it up and shook it. There was a dull jangling chink from inside, and upon opening it Dave saw several pieces of gold jewellery. A bit garish and heavy for Dave’s taste, he nevertheless started to put them on. It was like a compulsion and he didn’t seem to be able to stop himself. First came a heavy gold belcher chain round his neck, then two more thinner but longer ones. Round his left wrist he found himself buckling a very thick gold bracelet made in a herring bone pattern. Round his right wrist he placed a thick identity bracelet which he noticed dazedly said Dave on it. On several of his fingers he now wore gold sovereign rings and he was surprised how comfortable it all felt on.

As he felt into the bottom of the box he noticed a crisp envelope which he pulled out and examined.

“Dave,” the letter began, “I suppose you are wondering what’s happened to you over the last few weeks. Let’s just say its revenge for your attitude. And for the way you put me out on the streets when you repossessed my home. But that’s neither here or there is it?

“By now, you should have experienced a few changes in your life. I managed to make contact with a certain group who specialise in revenge. I won’t tell you what it cost me, but let’s just say it wasn’t money. To be honest, they were quite interested in the case due to the nature of the revenge I had planned. Normally, they just kidnapped and hypnotised the person into a new lifestyle far removed from their old life, but I wanted more for you than that. What’s the point in revenge if the subject has no memory of what they have lost? It took a while, but they finally managed to discover enough about you to get you hooked like a fish.

“Some of their methods are a bit unorthodox you might think, but through a combination of perception altering drugs and good old fashioned magic, we were able to remake you in our image. You are now thirty five years old. You not only look older, you are older. Don’t be fooled, the man we modelled you on is very different to the man you were. Your whole body alteration was magically induced, and there is no counter spell. The smells you were inhaling were various chemicals impregnated into the clothes to help you accept the changes without question, and to prevent you backing out before the process was complete.

“By now, you should have the jewellery on. It’s not for decoration, though I think you will like it all. The items are impregnated with special chemicals which should have been absorbed into your body right now, to make you more suggestible and to lower your intelligence level to about half what it was.

“Part of the process you have undergone was to make you attracted to the complete opposite of your previous sexual partners. As I don’t know whether you were gay or straight, I cannot tell who your new partner is. What I suspect, knowing what I do about your tastes and attitude is that you have hooked up with some real ugly fucker who totally dominates your life. Man or woman, you will probably give in to their wishes, and let them win the arguments by crawling back and apologising even if it’s your fault. Just in case though, I have a command for you to follow. Whatever they want for you is for the best. If they do something to you it’s obviously your fault and you deserve it. From now on, their desires and wishes are more important than your own.

“I hope you enjoy your new life Dave, you will always remember your old one but you will prefer the way things are now. You will always have a part of you deep down that wants your old life back, but from now on there is nothing you can do to go back.

“Wishing you all the worst in the world, an old ‘friend’".

As Dave read the letter he felt something inside himself crumble. He thought of Bill in the tattooists and wanted to cry as he remembered his behaviour. Of course Bill was right and he was wrong, he loved his new piercings. Bill was the clever one, he was only a thick labourer fit only to fetch and carry. If only there was some way to make it up to him and get things back to how they were. Suddenly an idea filtered through the dull fog in his head.

The new clothes lying forgotten on the floor, Dave ran for the door the discarded letter lying on the coffee table. As the front door closed, the paper started to discolour, gradually charring the edges and finally crumbling into a fine grey ash. With a gust of a breeze from the slightly open window the ash blew away and vanished.


Bill sat in his armchair smoking another cigarette, swigging from another can of beer. He was extremely upset, and regretted the events of that morning. If only he had read things better, this would never have happened. He loved Dave, and thought he had wanted to be more outrageous. Bill had just thought Dave needed a push to go all the way. He was beginning to get worried and didn’t even know where Dave lived. The address he had given the company for their records was Bill’s and now he didn’t even know if Dave would turn up for work on Monday.

Bill looked at the clock, and realised how late it was. Past eight o’clock, he thought he should go to the pub in case Dave turned up and he could apologise to the annoying little fucker before dragging his short fat hairy arse back home and fucking the shit out of him.

Suddenly, the doorbell went and as he opened it he saw Dave standing there with a big goofy grin on his face. Bill threw his arms round him and kissed him passionately on the lips. Dave pulled away slightly and said with a lisp, “Careful lover, I’m still sore”. Bill looked at him closely as Dave poked his tongue out to reveal the new bar bell sticking through it. Dragging him into the living room, Bill hugged him tightly, then noticed the bandages on Dave’s neck. His cock growing hard with anticipation, Bill slowly pulled the tape off to reveal the fresh tattoos underneath. On the left side was a bulldog bursting out of a union jack, on the other was a large lions head. Both were too big to ever be covered, and Bill could see that they would both show even if Dave wore a high shirt or polo neck sweater.

Dave grinned, and held out his hands. Attached were two more bandages, and after pulling them off revealed two matching tattoos on each hand. In the webbing was a large colourful swallow, and in the center covering most of the remaining skin was a scorpion in a tribal design which Bill remembered had been the cause of the argument the week before when Bill had suggested that they would look good on Dave’s hands.

Finally, Dave pulled off his cap. Quickly pulling off the remaining two bandages he revealed tribal tattoos identical to the ones on Bills head.

“Why?” asked Bill, though he had a good idea of what it meant.

“I love you, and I’m sorry. This was the only way I could think of to show you I mean it” replied Dave.

Bill slowly pulled Dave towards him, and said “Tomorrow we fetch your stuff and you move in permanently. You belong to me now and I’m not letting you go again.”

Dave melted into Bills arms with a contented sigh and a happy look on his face, but deep inside a part of him started screaming and wouldn’t stop as it realised that his fate was to be this mans toy forever.