The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Orbs of Power

“We have to talk, dear.”

There it was again, this tone if subtle defiance that she despised so much. It just reminded her of how much she still had to accomplish, despite all the work she had invested into the relationship. With a loud sigh she looked up from her historical novel and fixated her gaze on her boyfriend, who was sitting in front of her and seemed to struggle with himself.

“Is something the matter, darling?“ Ioana asked and lowered her book to take in the sight of her partner. While Erik was definitely no Greek god or second Einstein, he had all the redeeming features that made him the boyfriend every girl could wish for. While he was nice and charming in public, he could be enticing and alluring when it was deemed fitting. She read an article once, that told her to find a boyfriend who could do both: To go from “It is very nice meeting you, Sir“ to “Your daughter calls me Daddy as well.”

Ioana chuckled about that clichéd phrase, while Erik was definitely well mannered and pleased her parents profoundly; he had some pleasing qualities in the bedroom as well. But calling him “Daddy” or any variations thereof was absolutely not part of her sex play. While every girl probably had a little Electra complex, Ioana was uncomfortable with the thought of bringing it into her sex life. On the other hand, they both indulged into some fetishes that would make these things seem tame in comparison.

“Are you even listening?“ inquired Erik and woke Ioana from her daydreaming. Of course, she was away with her thoughts and did not get anything her boyfriend told her in the last couple of minutes. But that wasn’t so bad, he would be happy to repeat himself, over and over, until she got every part of the things he wanted her to know.

“Sorry, darling, I spaced out a bit. You wanted to talk about your day at work?” she shot in the dark, hoping this would be the topic he wanted to share with her. While his day as a marketing communication manager was nothing to write home about, he sometimes shared some interesting stories about strange customers, unresponsive suppliers or just plain weird project that always managed to bring a smile to her face.

“No. I actually wanted to talk about … you know … us … and our relationship.” her boyfriend murmured and slowly lowered his gaze. It was obvious that he was uncomfortable speaking about this topic and Ioana gave him a small frown. What could he mean by that?

“Is it the division of the household chores? Do I need to remind you, that we clearly stated that you would be responsible for everything this week and I would take over next week?” Ioana insisted and slowly tapped her fingers on the small coffee table next to her.

“No, of course not. I mean … yes … in a way. See honey, I KNOW that it is my turn with the cleaning, but a small part of me is thinking … that there is something wrong here. Wasn’t it my part last week as well? And the week before? And now that I think about it, every time we go out, you convince me it is my time to pay, because you did it last time, but I actually cannot remember…” he geared himself up, but Ioana was quick to stand up and covered the small distance between them. With her arms crossed before her chest, she looked at him sternly.

“What do you want to imply, darling? Hm?” she asked him with anger in her voice as she towered over her boyfriend. Erik seemed adamant to study his toes, as if not to enrage her even further, while still trying to get his point across.

“Nothing, dear, I don’t want to imply anything. It’s just … since we started dating, I keep having those … memory lapses, where I am sometimes losing hours and hours of what is happening. Just yesterday, after you came from work and brought me some water from the kitchen … the next thing I remember is me waking up in the morning from my alarm. I talked to Dr. Reinold about it, but he says it’s probably stress related. I just … I just don’t know, what is going on with me anymore.” he confessed and buried his face in his hands, as if he wanted to start crying at every second. Ioana knew instantly, that she had to work quickly.

“Baby … Baby, Baby, Baby.” she whispered calmly and slowly stroked her boyfriend’s head. “Don’t be upset, everything is going to be fine as long as we have each other. Just relax, and let me take all those poisoning thoughts away, that make you feel bad. Just remember how good it feels to just let go and relax, relax for me.”

While continuing to stroke her boyfriend’s head, Ioana sat down next to him on the couch and drew slow circles on his temples. The slackened expression of Erik told her that he was already forgetting what he was complaining to her about only minutes ago. If everything went ahead as planned, she should be able to finish her task in a short while.

“Yes, relax, and let go of all your worries. I know, it sometimes can be hard at work and then you come home and you need to cook a delicious meal for your girlfriend… I know, it can be tiring, to clean the whole apartment on your hands and knees, to make it absolutely spotless for her. But isn’t it worth it? Isn’t it rewarding, to see the praise of the love of your life when you spoil her?” she cooed, while continuing her assault on his temples.

“Yeeeeshh-nooo. You are … doing … smthshn” he slurred and his eyes began frantically moving from side to side. But before he could clear his head, Ioana pressed her tempting lips onto his and gave him a long and sensual kiss, silencing him at once.

“Shhh, don’t say anything for now. Just enjoy those warm, fuzzy feelings that begin to swirl around in your pretty, little head. Just let your mind go loose and limp. Just let all those stressful thoughts disappear. It can be quite hard, having to think that much in life, isn’t that right, darling?” Ioana whispered into his ear as soon as their lips parted and Erik’s mouth was still agape.

Her boyfriend murmured something, but Ioana was already continuing her verbal assault on his mind. “Yes, so hard and stressful and exhausting and tiring, all those thoughts in your head. It is like a big messy room, cluttered with unnecessary things that we have to tidy up, my dear. And I will help you with that; it is going to be so wonderful.”

She slowly straddled his hip and then rose a bit so that her chest was towering over his face and he had to look up to either see her face or her bust. Fortunately, she was wearing her scarlet blouse, which had the perfect equipment for her plans. After a short wiggle she looked down into his delirious eyes that seemed to have trouble focusing. A sly grin appeared on her face, but she quickly slipped back into the role of the tempting seductress.

“My, my, I can only imagine how cloudy your mind is at the moment and how desperate for some relaxing serenity. How can I help you winding down, hm? What to do, what to do…” she asked rhetorically, and used her right index finger to slowly trace a path from the corner of her mouth downwards. Erik’s eyes seemed to be glued to it and followed its trail to her chest, where it stopped and seemed to absentmindedly stroke her right breast. Her boyfriends’ eyes grew large and she could already feel something poking her butt.

“Oh my, is it my breasts that excite you that much? How naughty of you.” Ioana giggled and used her hand to mockingly cover her mouth in faked embarrassment. But before Erik could shamefully avert his gaze, she used her left hand to keep his head firmly in place and his view locked onto her bust.

“No, no, it is ok; I know how much you love them. I cannot blame you; they are perfect in every way, aren’t they? Yes, they are, so round and firm and ripe…” she reassured him and shimmied her chest almost imperceptible from right to left, giving her breasts a little sway that almost instantly caught her boyfriends’ attention.

“But I have one idea how we can make it even better for you. I know that you love the way this blouse hugs my curves and emphasizes my breasts just right. But we both know how you really prefer to see them, isn’t that right, darling?“ Ioana teased and shimmied her chest a bit more, triggering an audible gulp from her boyfriend.

“You see, I really love this blouse. Not only is it really comfy and chic, it also comes with ten buttons that allow me to show exactly as much cleavage as I want. And you do love it when I show a lot of cleavage for you, don’t you, lover boy? Yes, you are, yes, you are…“ she cooed and slowly brought the fingers of her right hand to the top button, while the fingers of her left hand slowly began to stroke Erik’s temples again.

“Yeees, focus only on my breast and enjoy the feelings they give you. I will now slowly start unbuttoning my blouse, but only one button at a time. I know, that you cannot wait to see my voluptuous breasts, but I just love teasing you a bit more.” she giggled and her boyfriend already seemed to go crazy from the feelings he was experiencing.

“Oh, and before I forget it, this is a relaxation exercise after all, so with every button that I open, I want you to unwind a bit more and drop a bit deeper into this warm, velvety relaxation. With every bit of skin that you see of my breasts, I want you to let go of all the stress of you day and just focus on me, my voice, and my breasts. With every number that I count, I want you to get sleepier and sleepier, until all tension has left your body and your mind.” she quietly instructed him and his pliable mind was already accepting everything she said.

“Ten. There goes the first button of my blouse. While there are still many to go, you can already feel yourself getting deeper and deeper, getting more and more relaxed. You are getting a drowsy, but this is ok. It is ok, to feel the heaviness filling up your body and to slowly drop deeper into relaxation.”

“Nine. Goooooooood. You are doing so very well for me. Just like how I love it. And you love it as well, don’t you? Shh, don’t answer; just keep focusing on my breasts and on the next button of my blouse.”

“Eight. Slowly you can see more and more of my breasts, my cleavage is getting bigger and your eyelids are getting heavier and heavier. But you don’t want to close them yet, you need to keep them open, so you can keep looking at my ample breasts, because that’s what you love, darling.”

“Seven. So relaxed for me. Only listening to my voice, only looking at my breasts, only feeling my body on your lap. Feeling so happy and content, like your whole body is as light as a feather and floating on cloud nine. So empty, so uncaring. Just your empty head, hearing my voice.”

“Six. Almost half way there. Already you feel your eyelids starting to flutter, but you mustn’t close them. This would mean depriving you off the glorious sight of my tender jugs and there is nothing in this world you would want to see more right now. So keep them open for a while and just breathe in and out slowly.”

“Five. You can see the deep cleavage between my breasts, a valley between two enormous mountains. What you would give to roam in between them, getting lost in their fleshy lushness. You want to touch them, grab them, stroke them, lick them, taste them, nibble them, but your arms are as heavy as a lead weight. You can only watch from below, how they heave up and down.”

“Four. We are getting closer and closer and when you hear the number zero, I want you to close your eyes and start dreaming about my breasts. How they surround you, envelop you, engulf you. They are bigger than your whole body, but only when I say the number zero. Before that, I want you to keep staring at them and let their image be etched into your mind.”

“Three. No pain. No worries. No issues. No thoughts. Just you, me, and my perfect breasts. They are the only thing in your mind now. Even if you would try to think of something else, there would be nothing in your mind that could distract you from my mounds that are almost completely visible now.

“Two. Breasts. Boobs. Titties. Juggs. Knockers. Melons. Funbags. Tatas. Udders. Gazongas. Hooters. So many naughty words, but none of them come even close to describe them. They are just heavenly and staring at them makes you feel so wonderful. So happy. So aroused. You think that it cannot possibly get better than this, but soon I will open the last button and you will see them in all their glory.”

“One. Almost. We are almost done. With the next number I will undo the last button and open my blouse. Then you can finally take in the sight of my gorgeous breasts. Especially that very special part you love so much. Yes, as soon as I reach zero, I will open my blouse and your eyes will be magically drawn to my erect nipples. And as soon as your eyes meet them, they will instantly drop shut. That’s right; you will only get a glimpse for a fraction of a second. But it will be enough to fill you head with images of my fleshy mounds and you will have a vivid dream about fondling them. Snuggling them. Worshipping them.”

“Zero. See them in their magnificence. Aaaaand your eyes shut. You saw those nipples and they were too much to handle, so you had to close your eyes. But that is fine; you can still see them, can’t you? As they surround you, barely touching you, always getting out of reach, when you try to touch them. Your desire for them grows with every passing second. So dream for me. Dream a big boob dream for me.”

Ioana got up and watched the slow breathing of her boyfriend. His mouth was open and a bit of drool was actually dropping to his chin. With a grin she stretched a bit and took off her open blouse completely. With a flick of her hand, she threw it to a nearby chair; she knew that she wouldn’t need it anymore for quite some time.

Refocusing on her drooling boyfriend, she saw him slowly opening and closing his mouth, as if trying to catch something with it. And she knew exactly what he was trying to catch in his dream. His mind was filled with the images of her boobs and every passing moment was making him spiral deeper and deeper into his breast obsession.

But while she definitely put him easily into a light trance using her voice and the promise of seeing her perfect bosom, she would need him to drop deeper, if she wanted to keep conditioning him more. And she had the perfect tools for the task at hand. Or should she say, at breast?

With a light snicker she completely undressed herself and her boyfriend, stroking his chest only so shortly with her fingers. Then she positioned him in a semi-sitting position, so his back was bent at a 45° angle and cushioned with pillows, even if there were other “cushions” on his mind at the moment. Afterwards she straddled him again, putting her hands around her sizeable breasts, so that they were at one level with his face.

“Now, I know how you love to be in your own little boob-world, darling, but in a moment, I am going to have to ask you, to open your eyes and look at me. While you are already in a deep, deep breast trance, I need you to go even deeper for me, so we can continue your training. And you just love to continue your training, don’t you?“ Ioana said to her boyfriend and slowly started stroking her already erect nipples, making them harder than diamond.

“In a moment, I am going to say your trigger word. You do remember it, don’t you? That special, little word that you already heard so often, but still cannot get enough of. That arousing word that combines your two favorite things in the world and sends you even deeper into submission. Submission to me. Submission to my breasts. Submission to my titties.“ she began instructing him, while simultaneously increasing the stroking of her nipples. Already she began to feel that familiar tingle in her breasts and she knew, it would soon be time to unleash her powers unto him.

“Yes, as soon as you hear your trigger, your eyes will open and take in the view of my tits. You will instantly be mesmerized by their beauty and fall deep, deep under my spell. The instant you hear your trigger word, you will be mine and mine alone.“ Ioana commanded and her boyfriend’s mouth opened a bit, as if to take in her words into every orifice possible. “Just a bit longer, just a teeny-tiny bit longer, and I …“ she thought, but then she felt the pressure in her breasts kick into overdrive and she knew, that it was now time.

“Titnosis.“ Ioana whispered and in an instant Erik’s eyes opened to take in the sight of her breasts. At the same moment, Ioana gave them a powerful squeeze and her nipples began to emit a fluorescent green light, which was oriented directly into the face of her boyfriend.

“Yes, yes, take in the sight of my titties, let them take over your mind. Nothing is more important right now than my glorious breasts. My tits are the only thing on your mind now and they consume every thought in that pretty little head of yours.“ she commanded with a demanding voice, whilst Erik could only stare at his buxom girlfriend, becoming more and more mesmerized with every passing second. At the same time, the green light from Ioana’s breasts was taking on a consistent rhythm and slowly started deleting all thoughts deemed unnecessary in her boyfriend’s brain.

“Feel my power, the power of my breasts. The power of TITNOSIS! It is everything you can think about, the only thing you WANT to think about. You are feeling arousal. Submission. Subservience. Towards my breasts. They completely control you know. You are a slave to my tits. Say it. Say, what you are.“ she demanded and her boyfriend was only eager to comply.

“I am … a slave … to your tits …“ he moaned with a creaky voice, the strain of talking a seemingly Sisyphean task he could only barely master. But speaking those words filled him with so much pleasure, he just couldn’t disobey.

“Correct, a perfectly trained slave to my tits. And since I am in control of my tits, that means I am also in control of you. Isn’t that right, my little tit-slave? Yes, I am. And what do you call the person, who is in control of your insignificant little mind? What do you call me?“ Ioana inquired, slowly feeling herself get aroused as well from the control she had over her boyfriend.

“M … Mmm …. Mistress.” Erik barely managed to say and with that word a surge of pleasure ran through his body, as if it had just waited for him to admit his position below his girlfriend. Ioana felt something very hard poking her butt and she would be only too glad to take care of this little insurgence between the legs of her boyfriend. But first there was some work to do.

“Yes, that’s right, I am the Mistress. And the Mistress is to be obeyed. Because obedience is pleasure. And obedient little toys get rewarded. I know what you would like to do right now and I was always favoring the carrot to the stick. So obey your Mistress and open wide.” Ioana demanded and began moving her right breast to his open and waiting mouth.

Erik was quick to react and his mouth latched onto her erect nipple, immediately starting to suck on it as if his life depended on it. All the while the radiating pulse of her left nipple was still shining into his face, dominating his mind and draining him of all the willpower that might still be left inside him.

“That’s right, suck on my nipple and feel your mind being taking over by me and my tits. You love it, don’t you? Yes, you do. So pleasurable. And I love how eager you are to please me. Do you know how I call obedient little tit-slaves like you? Do you know what you are?“ she inquired, but while Erik could still hear her and absorbed every single one of her commands, he was already too far gone to answer her.

“Gooood boy. That’s what you are, you are my good boy. And good boys obey every word their Mistress tells them. And you want to be my good boy, don’t you? Yes, you do, yes, you do. My good, obedient boy, following every single one of my commands. That’s what good boys do. So when I come from work, I expect a clean house with dinner already on the table and a relaxing foot massage already waiting for me. Not because I want it, but because I DESERVE it. Isn’t that right, my little pet?” Ioana instructed her boyfriend and it took every single ounce of his remaining strength to silently nod his approval.

“Perfect, you would do anything to make your Mistress happy. It just feels so wonderful to obey my commands, to fulfil my wishes before I even voice them, my good boy. My good … little … obedient … mesmerized … submissive … hypnotized … tit-slave.“ she said to him seductively and with every word she could feel his erect cock throb, as if he wanted to confirm the commands Erik so willingly accepted as his own thoughts.

“Oh my, it seems somebody is also quite happy and eager to serve me. Now, I would be a cruel Mistress if I wouldn’t give every single one of my subjects the attention it deserves.“ she grinned and used the fingers of her right hand to give his hard member a few strokes, eliciting a muffled moan from her boyfriend, who was still eagerly sucking her erect nipple. Ever so slowly, she withdrew herself from his mouth, but kept bombarding Erik with the hypnotic rays from her breasts. A quick shuffling of her hips and she held his steel rod in her delicate hands, slowly caressing her swollen pussy lips with it.

“Mhh, so hard and keen, wanting to enter my most sacred place. But did you really earn it? Were you a good boy for your Mistress and do you deserve to make a little worship puddle for her? I am not sure, if you were…“ Ioana’s voice trailed off and she intensified the strokes of her boyfriend’s erect cock. Already the pleasure was almost overwhelming for him and she could feel he was close to spilling his load.

“No, no, no, not like this. If, and only IF you are going to make cummies for Mistress, then only when she allows it. You will feel the pleasure build and build, but you will not drop over the edge, you will ride it and every passing moment will make you feel more submissive and more under my spell. Only when I give you permission, you may release your load, remember that, my good boy.“ she instructed him and increased the speed of her hand on his penis. The pleasure was becoming almost unbearable, but the orgasm block prevented Erik from releasing his seed.

After a prolonged stroking session, which lasted around five minutes, but felt like 5 hours to Erik, his body and mind were a total mess. His body’s only desire was to release his pent-up semen, but he knew that he needed the permission of his Mistress and therefore held back his orgasm.

“Well, aren’t you a good little boy, riding that edge for your Mistress. But I will now tell you a secret: All this power made me also quite horny and I cannot wait to feel you inside me. Still, my command stands: No cummies until I allow it.“ his Mistress confessed and slowly began inserting her boyfriend’s cock into her snatch. Meanwhile her breasts kept up the assault on his mind, but it was already basically fried, with his only thoughts left being of subservience to her.

As soon as his throbbing cock was pushed to the hilt into her pussy, she remained still for a couple of seconds to feel the pulsing rod inside her body. Throb, throb, throb, she felt the heartbeat of her slave through his hard member and the thought excited her. Slowly she began to rise up again, until only the head was still lodged in her cunt. Then she slid down again, taking in the full length and triggering a loud moan from both of them.

“Oh, my good boy, you feel so wonderful inside of me. And it feels wonderful for you too, isn’t that right, my little tit-slave? Feeling the pleasure only my pussy can give you, and also the knowledge that your submission gives me those wonderful feelings between my legs. You must be the happiest person alive right now, aren’t you?“ Ioana moaned, but her boyfriend was already long gone and could only slur some unintelligible grunts. The desire to cum was becoming unbearable, but without the command of his hypnotic mistress there was no way he would discharge his load before being explicitly told so.

Ioana sped up her pace a bit and leaned forward, so her slave’s cock was rubbing on her g-spot and gave her that pleasurable feeling of fullness, coupled with those grinding sensations that sent shockwaves of ecstasy through her body. Her posture also made it easier to look her servant into the eyes while still giving him the full dose of her hypnotic powers. But something was amiss.

“Slave- Boy, listen to me. I know, how much you love to let me ride you and feel my pussy around your throbbing cock. But you wouldn’t be a good slave if I would do all the work myself. So on the count of three, I will snap my fingers and you will fuck me like a madman possessed. You understand, tit-slave? As soon as you hear me snap my fingers, you will use all your energy to give me the pounding I need. Ready, slave? One … two … THREE!” Ioana counted and snapped her fingers.

For a split second nothing happened and she was afraid that she had taken him too far this time and he suffered irreparable brain damage. She never thought about it before, but maybe all this talk of “nothing but my breasts in your mind” did too much of a good job on his brain and it was literally fried right now? How would she explain this to her friends and his family? “Sorry, my hypnotic boobs literally made him cum his brains out?”

But then she felt his hands on her hips, lifting her up a bit and … beginning to jackhammer in her pussy with a speed that could only be described as “inhuman”. While his hands held her completely still in the air, his pelvis was thrusting upwards and down again in a speed that would make even the fastest man alive jealous. That was the beauty of hypnosis, it made things like tiredness and weakness a thing of the past, only the physical boundaries of the body were the limits.

Therefore, she could enjoy the hammering of his power tool in her snatch without having to think about how he would soon tire or spill his load prematurely. Only when she gave the commando or his body would literally break from physical exhaustion the fun would end for her. And she had no intention of stopping right now.

“Yes, yes, good boy, gooood boy, your cock feels so good in my pussy. Just keep it up, keep it up and fuck me as hard as you can. That’s my good boy, my obedient tit-slave, doing everything to please his Mistress.“ Ioana babbled and her voice got more slurred with every passing second. While she was pretty sure that her boytoy’s brain wasn’t in the condition to hear her words, her enunciation of the pleasure increased the feelings in her body even more and rode her inexorable towards her orgasm.

The hard thrusts from below made her mind almost as blank as that of her boyfriend down below, but she still had enough capacity to feel her impending orgasm and steadied herself for it. While her boyfriend’s strong hands held her in the exactly correct spot for his pleasure tool, Ioana used her hands to knead her big breasts, further amplifying her ecstasy as well as her hypnotic power over her subservient slave.

“Nghhh, don’t stop. I can feel it coming. Don’t you dare stopping now, I am warning you. I am getting closer … and closer … just a bit … more … and then … I am gonna

...” she murmured and enjoyed the rough pounding from below. She felt the orgasm building; this one was going to be strong. While she enjoyed normal sex with her boyfriend from time to time, nothing beat a hypnotically induced power fuck and the feelings of total power over her lover. But while the voyage towards climax was definitely pleasurable, she could feel the end approaching and prepared herself mentally for the upcoming explosion.

“Yes, like that. If you gonna keep up like this, I’m gonna … I’m gonna … oh my god, I’m gonna … CUM!“ Ioana screamed and she felt her pussy tightening around the cock of her boyfriend. At the same time, her whole body started clenching and was rocked by an incredible feeling of pleasure. Never before did she come so strong and it seemed to never want to end. After around thirty seconds of seizing her climax was winding down a bit, but her eager lover would have none of that. Continuing the assault on her pussy, he triggered a second orgasm inside of Ioana that made her actually lose consciousness for a few moments.

When she regained her senses, she could still feel her boyfriend hammer away between her legs, anxious to make her cum again and again. And while she clearly enjoyed the feelings, her body definitely needed a bit of rest. Maybe they could take another ride later, but for now, she needed to lie down and enjoy the afterglow a bit. There also was this unfinished business of her slave’s cummies…

“Ok, that’s enough. That’s, uhu, that felt good. But we have to stohohoho, wow, that was, just wow. No, ENOUGH!“ she demanded and in an instant Erik’s whole body froze stiff. Ioana seized the opportunity and dismounted her boyfriend, whose body was glistening with sweat due to the high amount of strain he was subjected to in the last minutes.

“You did very good, tit-slave, Mistress is proud of you. So proud, that she has a little treat for you in store. I know how much you would like to make a little worship puddle right now and I could make you explode with just one word. But where would the fun be in that? So let’s pump you up a bit more while using the time to talk about our relationship, ok, darling?“ she asked with a grin and slowly went down on her knees in front of the couch.

Ioana took the steel hard cock of her boyfriend into her right hand and gave it a couple of strokes, just for good measure. Then she placed it firmly between her boobs, engulfing it completely between them. A bit of saliva provided them with enough slipperiness to make for a long and satisfying titfuck. And oh boy, would she give him one.

“So, as I was saying…” began Ioana and moved her breasts up and down, giving her slave a titty-wank that others would kill for. “I expect your complete obedience in every part of our relationship, even after I awake you from your titty -trance. When I request something from you, I want it done before I am finished asking. A clean house, healthy meals you prepare, expensive gifts, the full monty. If we are having sex without me putting you into a trance before, you will be eager to satisfy me before you even think about pleasure for yourself. And lastly, you will forget about my hypnotic powers and just remember the wild sex we had after dinner. The only thing you take with you will be my hypnotic commands as well as a deep infatuation with my titties. Every time you see them, you will become more submissive and try to please me, just for the chance of maybe seeing them again sometime.” she instructed him and Erik anxiously absorbed every command she gave him. She felt that this time his programming would be complete and further brainwashing, while fun, would not be necessary.

“Now that the stick is out of the way, I think it is time for the carrot.” she smirked while continuing her titfuck and rubbing her breasts on the ready to burst cock of her boyfriend. “While I see you are ready to cum, I just want to tease you a bit more. It’s just so much fun to see you struggle.”

Ioana stopped her ministrations for a moment, just long enough to give the tip of the cock a small kiss, only to almost completely engulf him into her throat afterwards. Those years in high school did pay off at last, she though with a grin. But before long, her boyfriend’s dick was again surrounded by her meat pillows and she began stroking him faster and faster.

“I think we are almost at the end of the line, isn’t that right, my tit-slave? So with every stroke of my titties on your cock, I want you to get close and closer to your orgasm. I will count you down, from five to zero, and with the last number, I want you to spill your load for me. Do you think, you can do that for me?”

“Five. Feel them around your shaft, giving you please. You dream of them every night, they are haunting you. But right now, they are really here and you can feel them on your cock. Normally it’s all about my pleasure, but this time, they want you to explode.”

“Four. My massive breasts engulf you. You know, how big they are? They are … an Eighty …. Five … D-Cup. That’s right, so much titflesh, surrounding your pretty cock, all for you, waiting for you, to coat them with your hot man juice. But it’s not time yet, they still want to rub you up and down a bit.”

“Three. Up and down. Up and down. With every rub, you feel your cock getting harder, ready to climax and unload your cummies on my tits. Wouldn’t that feel nice? Making them all slippery with your cum? Emptying your heavy balls that are just aching for release?”

“Two. Two titanic titties. They are the sexiest tits you have ever seen. And your cock is a perfect fit, getting engulfed just right. A man’s cock belongs between the tits of a dominant woman, it’s the natural order of things. A match made in heaven, for your pleasure.”

“One. You are almost there. You can feel the cum traveling from your balls up your shaft, but it is not allowed to come out just yet. Only when I give permission, your cummies can shoot out and drench my titties. They are so eager to fly, so eager to meet their target. Where will you cum? Will you soak my nipples? Fill up my cleavage? Give me a nice pearl necklace? What will it be?”

“…not yet, my good boy. Enjoy the ride a bit more. Feel the pleasure building, you cannot think of anything else but cumming. Cumming on my tits. That’s the only thing you can think about. Your poor, tortured cock aching for release. When am I going to let you explode? Will I let you explode? Feel the flesh of my titties and become more aroused than before, more aroused than you have ever been. All your thoughts are just on my tits. My tits and your cock. Your cock and my tits. Your cock between my tits. My tits rubbing you. Rubbing you. Rubbing you, until you…”

“CUM! Zero! Cum for me now. Oh yes, shoot your load between my tits. Give me everything. Every last drop. Cum for me again. More, give me more, I want you completely drained. Shoot all those cummies out, shoot them between my breasts and be mine. Be mine and sink into submission. With every spurt you lose yourself in the pleasure of being my mindless tit-slave. That’s what you are, a tit-slave and a good boy. And good boys cum between the tits of their Mistress. You can feel the orgasm rocking your body, all this pent-up frustration unloading now, unloading between my titties. And they are welcoming it, welcoming every drop of your hot cum. You feel your cum leaving your body and it just feels great. You cannot wait to do it all over again, but now it is time to sleep. Sleep for Mistress and her titties. Dream of my breasts and become further enslaved to me. And when you wake up, you will have no memories of the evening, but your boob-fixation will be even greater than before. Now let me give your friend a little kiss and sleep for me.” Ioana instructed and breathed a small kiss on her boyfriend’s cockhead, causing him to instantly fall into a deep slumber.

“Puh, that was fun. Whoever said, sliced bread is the measure of all things never had hypno- sex. Helps you get your rocks off and also settles domestic disputes. But now I should take a shower, the little guy is cumming buckets when he gets teased properly.“ she thought to herself and made her way to the bathroom.

After she stepped out of the bathtub, Ioana stood naked in the hallway in front of their full- length mirror and admired herself. She loved to be nude after a shower and letting her skin slowly dry by air. It gave her a feeling of oneness with her body and wasn’t the old saying telling her that her body is a temple?

She gave herself a small grin, for Erik it was definitely a place of worship. Especially her two mighty 85D globes, which rivaled the busts of porn stars, while being one hundred percent natural. Coupled with her hypnotic powers, it should have been easy for Ioana to live a carefree live.

Alas, she vowed to never misuse her powers. Since she found out about the effect she had on the male sex while still in school, she had been tempted about using them for her own benefit. Sure, those high marks in school had been good for her career, but she became afraid that it may corrupt her character. She therefore made a promise to herself never to use her powers for her own interests again.

Well, with Erik … that’s something different. He already had a very strong breast fetish before they met at a bookstore. And after he told her about his hypnosis fetish, she figured she might actually do him a favor. Sure, not having to work in the household had its advantages, but he did get the best pleasure in the world in exchange. And isn’t that what a relationship is about, an exchange of pleasantries?

And it was just so easy. Her bust always took in the looks of her male admirers, coupled with her angelic voice, she almost didn’t need her powers to subjugate every man she laid her eyes on. But having a pair of hypno-boobs on her chest definitely helped there.

She never found an explanation for her weird skills, even though she studied every book about hypnotism and mind control she could find. All she knew was, that as soon as she got riled up and said a specific phrase, her powers activated and ensnared everyone in the vicinity of them. It was almost like from an adults-only comic book. What kind of strange accident of nature gave her hypno-tits? With an overly specific activation phrase to boot?

“Titnosis.“ she giggled, what a weird thing to say. She stumbled upon that phrase by accident and found out about her powers by putting her best friend into a tit-trance. From then, she learned how to control them and give herself control over the minds of everyone she desired.

It was so tempting to use her hypnotic powers for her own gain. Every person was naturally drawn to her breasts and could she blame them? They were just … perfect. Soft and round, exactly the right size to fill a hand but not too big to look cartoonish.

She started to slowly stroke her breasts and a warm feeling of pleasure shot through her body. In addition to being hypnotic, her breasts were also quite sensitive and she just loved touching them. It just made her feel so powerful, knowing that she had such mighty tools at her disposal.

“Mhh.“ she silently moaned and her thoughts went to her boyfriend, who was still deeply entranced in the next room. When he would wake up, there would be no disobedience left in him and he would be her little plaything. Maybe she could deepen her control a bit more and have him serve her 24/7? Like a live-in maid?

“Yes, obey me, worship me.” she mouthed and she felt the pleasure build through her body. A personal slave who would read her every wish from the lips. Only concerned with her well-being, no thoughts of his own. The ultimate plaything.

“My slave, a slave to my tits, so deeply entranced by my beautiful tits.“ she moaned with pleasure and increased the pressure on her breasts. Her whole body seemed to be on fire and glowing with energy. She would have to repeat the trance of her boyfriend a few times, to let him go even deeper.

“Deeper and deeper, deeper for my breasts. The only thing, you can think about … The only, you want to think about.“ she murmured and a jolt of electricity ran through her body. She was so powerful and it was all thanks to her breasts. Her mighty, hypnotic breasts, that made it impossible to think for everyone who stared at them.

“Impossible … to think … just … staring … at my … hypnotic tits.“ she was whimpering and felt her body becoming hotter and hotter. A bit of drool actually dropped from her mouth onto her breasts, but she had not time to think about it. Why think about saliva, when you could think about her breasts? Why think about anything, when you could think about her breasts. Hell, why think at all, when her breasts could do the thinking for her?

“No thinking … only breasts … no thoughts … only breasts … no resistance … only breasts … no mind … only breasts …“ she droned, but the rest of her monologue was already to silent and was only mouthed in the empty mind of Ioana. But that wasn’t important. The only important part was obeying her breasts.

“That took way to long for my liking.“ Wright groaned and swayed a bit from left to right, while still resting from the huge strain the procedure put on him and his twin.

“Cry me a river, at least we finally managed it. I mean, how long did we plan this whole operation, like 16 years? So, I think, now a small celebration would be appropriate, no?“ answered Lefty and let out a mental sigh. He was out of energy too, but the flowing endorphins of a task successfully completed made him quiver with anticipation of things to come.

“Sounds about right, that dumb girl was way too timid to use her powers for the greater good. And by ‘Greater Good’, I am of course referring to our good.“ his twin retorted and produced something that could almost be called a devilish smile. “So what now? I never imagined we would actually get this far.”

“Well, like a very wise man once said: Today Ioana, tomorrow the world. But for now, I think I want to pay another visit to this brain-dead piece of meat in the next room. I think he would make a magnificent start of our growing collection of … toys. Furthermore, the things he does with his hands are just magic. We should definitely be on the lookout for more slaves of his caliber, don’t you think?“ Lefty responded and let out a small laugh.

“That we should definitely do, my brother, that we should definitely do…“ Wright murmured and Ioana slowly walked towards the bedroom, where her boytoy was still waiting for her. Things were about to change in a way that she would have never dreamed of. The complete enslavement of her boyfriend should only be the first of many…