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Originals and Outsiders: Assemble


The Walker in the Dream

The superhero known as Touchstone slid down the glass roof of the River City Museum, looking at his quarry down below. The beaten old truck he had been tracking this truck for awhile now, was now stopped at the corner side market. He had been waiting, patiently, for something to happen, for those inside to make their move, then he would execute their takedown in a quick, clean, efficient manner. His powers and his training would aid him in that.

He was only a student, but not just any student, he was a student at the Scarlett Van Hoffe School for the Gifted, a school that trained people like him, people with powers beyond the imagination.

For his part, Touchstone’s powers were simple. He could generate a “meta-shield” that would reflect any attack or harmful effect whatsoever, directly back at its origin. Whether bullets, fire, psychic attacks, magical or physical, Touchstone could reflect it all. He was also blessed with two other abilities, one that he was still getting a handle on. The first was his ability to read other people’s power levels with physical touch, able to identify their powers and power levels immediately. The second, was his ability to draw the “essence” out of someone and see them in their purest state. “Purest” being a relative term. He had seen his teammate, Lacie’s, in her “purest” state, a scared girl wanting to be rescued from a horrible villain named Rictus, unable to control her powers due to fear.

Other than this, his abilities were contingent on his skills with his shock weapons, batons which could be combined into a quarterstaff, and stun guns, a few useful gadgets such as his mask that allowed for enhanced night vision, provided by his teammate, the third Armor Man, and his wits. He had been trained well, both by James Frasier and the Headmaster of the school, Kyle Albinn, to lead a team of teenage supers like himself to protect River City from its ever constant villainy and crime. It was a tough task, but Touchstone relished that sort of opportunity. He was a gamer, both in the literal sense and the metaphorical, someone who loved the thrill of competition and tough odds. He was a fighter, a leader, and right now, a confused observer.

Zooming in on the truck, Touchstone finally noticed what he had been looking for.

Yuki. What are you doing here?

He spied the graceful ninja girl, hanging on the underside of the truck. Deftly slipping out from under the car, she began to trail a few of the truck workers transporting some covered art piece into the museum. Yukino Taya, his teammate also known by her alias, Mizugumo, had slipped out of the school late at night for some purpose. He wasn’t sure how or why, but she had done so every night for the past two weeks. He had spied her the first night and tracked her movements ever since. This, however was the first time he had been able to actually keep up with her.

Guess all that conditioning and training is paying off. Better follow suit and follow these guys inside before the door closes.

Rappelling down the building, quickly and silently, he slipped inside the closing doors of the museum just before they would close on him. Somehow, he had remained unnoticed.

Thank the gods for Mr. Frasier’s stealth training.

He rustled slightly, shaking off the brisk autumn weather outside, smoothing the creases of his windbreaker as he moved to follow the ninja girl and her quarry. Keeping his distance, he switched his mask to thermal vision, allowing him to track Yukino through the walls of the museum. As he tracked her down, he switched back to normal vision, noting the directions and maps on the walls. She was making her way to the Japanese Art section.

Using his grappling hook, he hoisted himself onto the catwalk just underneath the ceiling, moved stealthily through the rafters, and followed his teammate. As he entered the next room, he noted the two bodies of the truck drivers, dead on the ground with their bodies split in two from the head down.

Not Yukino’s style. Touchstone observed, If she has to kill she’s more for suffocation. Granted, in an average scenario, she wouldn’t kill anybody at all. Something is up here.

Moving into the next room, Touchstone could clearly see Yukino’s intended target, a black box of sorts with fancy calligraphy on the cover. Zooming in with the built in binoculars in his mask, he read the description,

Spirit Box. A box said to hold the souls of the dead. This piece in particular was passed down the ages by the Taya clan and said to hold the soul of their founder and patriarch, Kagowa Tayo.

Yukino kneeled on the floor, prostrating herself before the box, bowing before it. She whispered something, something that Touchstone could not hear, and before his very eyes a dark aura filled the room as the lights flickered, moving towards Yukino whose body was picked up by the dark force, as her body was consumed with this energy.

Making a split decision, Touchstone leaped from his perch, tackling Yukino out of the aura. Rolling on the ground with Yukino in his arms, she looked at him, bewildered, with wild eyes.

“Nick! Shuryo! What are you doing here? What—where am I?”

“You don’t remember?!” He said in a harsh whisper.

She shook her head, and then suddenly, her eyes grew wide with fear, he felt a powerful blow to the back of his head,

How did that get past my shield?

The pain in the back of his head intensified, and soon, he blacked out.

* * *

Anna Bratkowski came to her senses with Nick beside her. She was leaning on his shoulder, softly snoring. They were on the subway, her head hurt and she could barely remember how she’d gotten there. The gentle rocking of the subway car, the people around her made it hard to think. It was late, he was checking his phone and she caught a glimpse of the time. The brightness of the screen made her head hurt with a dull pain. Anna breathed softly as she relaxed against him. If she had been paying closer attention, she would’ve noticed the fuzzy quality of the atmosphere around her, but she failed to notice. Her head hurt and she could feel Nick’s strong chest against her shoulder blade, that was far more important.

The train stopped for a moment, the last of the other stragglers on the train exiting the car. It was just them now, and they had several stops to go.

“Nick where are we?” Anna asked, looking up at Nick, shaking her head.

“On the train. On our way back.”

“How did we get here?” Anna’s memory was fuzzy. Wasn’t she just—?

“Don’t worry.” He said stroking her head, running his fingers through her hair affectionately, “Nothing’s the matter.”

His voice was soothing and calm. Something was off. She could tell. But for whatever reason, it didn’t bother her. Nick was paying attention to her and stroking her hair. This didn’t normally happen, Nick seemed far more interested in Lacie, the buxom beauty with near perfect features and an invincible body. Comparing herself to Lacie had given Anna a few restless nights alone. Lacie had the body of a goddess and a very well endowed one at that. Anna was slighter in frame, her blonde hair was less vibrant than Lacie’s golden hair when she was powered, and less silky when Lacie’s hair was a raven black in her normal form. Although Anna’s figure, especially her sizable C cup chest, was nothing to be ashamed of, she couldn’t help but feel inferior to Lacie. Anna had checked Lacie’s bra size the other day, she was a sizable DD cup and presumably still growing.

Nick had noticed Lacie, not that Anna could blame him, Lacie was perhaps the most beautiful person Anna had ever met and she was genuinely a good person, but right now it didn’t matter. Nick’s attentions were on her, and that was what mattered.

Is that what really matters? Anna thought, Is that—mmmm that feels so nice. Listen to your voice? Ok. I can do that Nick. I’m a very good listener. Mmmmmm.

“I’m a very good listener.” She heard herself say.

She had developed a bit of a crush on Nick after a few of their training sessions. Nick was quiet when not in his leadership role, but as their leader, he was fiery, decisive, strong, charismatic. She had fallen for that guy immediately. She had spent a night or two thinking about him and her thoughts were far from pure and innocent. She had imagined him stealing her away one night, kissing her, grabbing hold of her waist. Being so commanding like he was as their leader. Telling her to get on her knees. Telling her what to do. She listened. She followed. She always did. She was a good listener.

“That’s right Anna. You’ve always been a good listener. You listen to everyone. Your senses are so acute. Do you hear the train tracks outside? That constant rhythm?”

She did. Her hyper focused senses taking in the relaxing click-clack of the train. Her blue eyes reflected in the subway window. Her eyes were normally bright, vibrant with energy, but now they were becoming glazed and vacant. Not that she could tell.

“Don’t you feel the smooth sway of the train? It’s rocking you back and forth. You’re always listening, paying attention, alert to that sort of stuff. That sounds exhausting to me.”

Anna nodded. It was exhausting. Her initial training had focused primarily on the mental abilities she had gained from casting a spell on herself. Her ability to have everyone communicate psychically with one another was key to their success. Her mind was hyper-active all the time, training her mind to grow stronger and stronger. It was a lot of energy to keep that up. Before, she had always thought that this was a good thing. But now, her mind was muddled, considering that perhaps, perhaps there was a better alternative.

“Just let me guide you Anna. Just feel the train, feel me against you. I’m your leader right?”

Anna nodded in agreement.

“And when I tell you what to do. What do you do?”

“I do it.” Anna responded wistfully.

“Good girl Anna. That’s a good girl. And what does that make you? If you do as I say whenever I tell you?”

“A good girl?”

“Not just a good girl Anna. It makes you my slave. And as my slave I’ll order you around as much as I want.”

Something in the back of Anna’s head screamed out that this had to be wrong, that Nick was acting weird. That this whole situation was off. She couldn’t even remember how she had gotten here, but most of her brain was tired, and very much liked the idea of Nick ordering her around.

If he orders me around all the time, then…he’ll pay attention to me.

“Yeah. I’m your slave.” Anna agreed.

“Good slave. That makes me your master ok? Now when you wake up, you’re going to come to my room alright? And you’ll seduce me. Got it?”

“Yeah…seduce you…Master…”

“And when you seduce me, it’s going to be the best sex of your life.”

“Only sex of my life.” Anna mumbled, “Yes. Best sex with Master.”

“Good. You’re going to tell me it’s just because you want to be sex friends and that you want to have sex everyday. Ok?”

“Everyday sexfriends. Yes Master.” Anna agreed, frowning.

“It’s just a game that I like to play. Understand? You’re still my slave. But I like to pretend we’re sex friends. Ok?”

“Yes Master.”

“Ok good. Now wake up.”

Suddenly, Anna disappeared from the car, poofing away. The boy looked at where she had been and smiled, his face morphing into the face of an old grizzled Japanese man. The man had a wicked grin plastered on his face as he sat on the subway car.

“Good. Good. Sweet dreams little slave. Sweet dreams.”

And then, he too was gone.

* * *

Nick felt a pleasant sensation as he awoke. Pleasure filled his senses as he looked down,


She was mid-vacuum-suction of his dick, the head rubbing up against the back of her throat and he sat up, shuffling backwards like a startled crab.

“Good morning!” She gave him a big smile.

“Uh yeah…what the hell are you doing!?” He cried.

She gave him a sexy smirk, and continued her ministrations, her platinum blonde ponytail flopping around behind her head. Nick groaned as his toes curled.

“Anna, I appreciate-ah-the attention but I don’t—”

Anna slipped her mouth off his cock with a pop and gave him a seductive smile, “Are you really questioning this right now? I’m sooooooo horny right now and you’re dick is sooooooo big!”

She bit her lip, putting her index on her cheek, “Don’t you think I’m attractive?”

Without waiting for a response, Anna gorged herself on his cock, swallowing it whole eliciting a deep moan from him.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” She said smiling as she stopped for just a moment.

“Anna I don’t—”

“Shut up Stone.” She rushed up to his mouth, kissing him deeply, her tongue invading his mouth. Her hand snaked down to his dick and continued jacking him off.

“Can’t you just take me?”

Anna slipped off her panties, a cutesier little number with a teddy bear chibi right in the center, but paused with the lips of her pussy at his head.

“This is my first time.” Anna bashfully whispered.

“Anna wait—”

But she didn’t wait. She rammed herself home on his dick and cried out in pleasure.

“Oh God! This is better than I imagined!”

“Anna I—” Nick began to protest.

But Anna was having none of it. She stripped off her top and bra in two fluid motions and grabbed his hands, placing them on her breasts.

“Shush.” She said, with her index to her lips, “Just enjoy the ride.”

Anna ground her ass into his thighs as she moaned wildly rocking her hips back and forth as she thrust up and down on Nick’s enraged member. He could barely think, the pleasure was too much, and it was building, he was almost at his climax. Anna’s nails dug into his chest as she, without warning, pressed herself against him forcing his dick as deep inside her as it would go. She was overcome with orgasm and she collapsed in a heap on top of him. Despite himself, Nick realized that he had cum as well.

“Mmmm, you’re a good sex friend.” Anna said with a sigh as she rested her head against his shoulder. She couldn’t help but feel a little deja vu at the moment, but it didn’t bother her. She was happy.

“Say what now!? Anna. You have to explain yourself to me.”

“We’re just sex friends right?” Anna asked clueless as to why he was so confused, “Ya know? Friends with benefits?”

“I know what that means Anna I just—”

“What? Was that not good? You can’t tell me you didn’t like that. My little pussy is all full, that’s proof that you liked it.”

“Well yeah, it was great but—”

“But you want more?”

“No! I—”

“Ok, yeah, that was a lot.” Anna just said, babbling onward, “I guess we’ll just have to do this again tomorrow. Anyway! I better get out of here! I gotta shower and get ready for the day!”

Anna quickly gathered her clothes with a wave of her hand and a “sehtolc rehtag!”, and the clothes magically zoomed into her hands.

She gave him a smile and blew him a kiss with a wink, before she chanted a quick “moor tropelet!” and she disappeared in a magical energy surge.

Nick lay back on the bed, exhausted,

“What the fuck?!”

* * *

“Do you hear me Yuki?” a wizened voice asked.

“Yes, sosen. You called me?” Yukino said as she meditated in her room.

“How has my vessel been progressing?” the voice asked.

“Quite well.” Yukino said with a nod, “Anna, your slave, seduced him this morning.”

“Good. Good. Indeed, I had a good dream with her.”

Sosen, if I might ask. Why did you choose…this method?” Yukino asked, opening her eyes.

A shadowy figure was before her, cross-legged in a meditative pose. He had no face or distinguishing features, merely a humanoid form like a wisp. Yukino could tell he was weak, not fully at his powers, but he was stronger than yesterday, that was for certain. Somehow, Anna seducing Nick had given her great ancestor strength. The shadowy figure was none other than Kagowa Taya, her great ancestor, and the progenitor of her entire clan. His soul had lived on for hundreds of years past his death. He had the ability to enter dreams and control people but in his current form he was too weak to possess a body of his own full time. He had made Nick his vessel, the one who he would gain power with and fully realize his body once again.

Yukino had to follow Kagowa, duty demanded it, but she knew at least pieces of his plan, and she hated it. Yet her duty to her blood was stronger than her moral convictions, she would die for her clan, but no one deserved to be forced against their will to do what Anna had done and Nick was just a victim.

Though, Anna was somewhat willing to go for Nick. She just needed a little…push. I saw the way she looked at him but…surely this is not the way she would have pictured her romance playing out. He has cheated on his love as well. No matter.

“That’s right Yukino. It is no matter. This is all to bring our clan to its rightful place, operating amongst societies elite. We shall rule all other ninja clans, and thus we shall control this world in the shadows.”

Yukino bristled, “Yes Sosen. I understand. My will is your will.”

“Good Yukino. Very good. Now you will take care of a problem for me. You and your teammates. A Doctor Dementia has been working behind Taya clan backs. We shall teach him a lesson.”

“Yes Sosen. I understand.”