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Originals and Outsiders: Assemble


The Warrior In The Fire

“Alright Nick,” Kyle said, “Ready for the breakdown?”

Nick nodded, “I’m nervous. But I’m ready. I’ve been training for this.”

They were standing in Kyle’s “war room”, a board room of sorts, simple, with multiple chairs and a holographic display interface serving as the centerpiece.

“And you’re ready.” Kyle agreed.

“Alright, going over the plan right?” Nick asked.

Kyle nodded, “Let’s see how much you’ve gathered.”

“Right. So first, we’ve got this layout that Moses has grabbed for us.”

Nick swiped at the interface, bringing up the layout of the complex they were about to deal with. A chemical plant had erupted in flames nearby. A gas leak apparently. Kyle had told him to be prepared for anything. It was a simple job. Rescue civilians. Put out the fire. The local fire department was overwhelmed. These fires had been appearing around the city in rapid succession. Suspecting foul play, Kyle had called upon the team to investigate a location as some of the teachers searched others. They were to rescue civilians, protect the plant if possible, and investigate possible causes. Once finished, they were to rendezvous with the group and report their findings. Nick pointed at probable trouble spots as he finished his rundown.

“Good.” Kyle nodded, “There were a few minor details you missed, like organizing a central location to bring injured civilians, but you’ve distributed the talents on your team effectively, mitigated danger and accounted for dangers, and came up with a cohesive plan of attack. You also remembered…I’d say 90% of relevant information I just gave everyone in that short briefing.”

“I’ll get better.” Nick said, determined.

Kyle shook his head, “You will. But that was very good Nick. Much better than I would’ve done my first go around. Your knowledge retention is quite impressive. You have a mind for strategy and tactics.”

Nick nodded sheepishly, “Well thanks.”

“Alright. Prep your team, we move in ten.” Kyle said, gripping his shoulder before leaving the war room, looking pleased.

“Roger that boss.” Nick acknowledged before rushing off to meet his teammates.

* * *

Jason’s hands were trembling. His body was shaking. He looked over at the others, many appeared to be in a similar state. This was their first mission as a team. They were all seated at the back of Kyle’s plane nervously looking at each other. Only Nick and Yukino looked calm. Nick’s face had something about it, he looked…determined.

“You alright Jason?” Anna asked him, putting a hand on his shoulder.

“Remember! Codenames!” Nick chastised them from across the plane.

“Sorry! Sorry!” Dream Girl flubbed, she asked him again, “Wunderkind. You alright?”

He shook his head, “I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m anxious, I’m deathly afraid.”

“I’m sorry. I’m sure it will be fine.” Dream Girl reassured, “It’s just a search and rescue mission right?”

Wunder shook his head, “Maybe. But all these fires popping up, can’t be a coincidence. Something’s going on underneath the surface here and thats way more than we signed up for than ‘search and rescue’. There are hundreds of possibilities. I think we’re probably missing the main point of these fires.”

“What do you mean?” Dream Girl asked.

“Think about it Dream. A bunch of fires around the city, random places, seemingly, but all very far apart. Requires all of our people and the cops and firefighters to split up, all at absolutely terrible places for a fire like a freaking boom boom explodey-splodey chemical plant. All for what?”

“A distraction.” Touchstone nodded, “I was thinking the same thing.”

“Oh.” Dream Girl frowned, “I didn’t know you were so smart Jason!”

“Codenames.” Touchstone growled.

“Right! Sorry.” Dream Girl shrunk into herself slightly, embarrassed that she had to be reminded a second time.

“With that in mind, Wunderkind is actually stupid brilliant if he wants to be. He just also happens to pair that intellect with the collective wisdom of a gopher.” Touchstone explained.

A small rasping sound could be heard from the back of the plane as the whole team turned to see Yukino chuckling to herself. When she realized the whole team was looking at her she just looked right back and shrugged,

“What? Shuryo has spoken truthfully and the truth is always the funniest.”

Wunderkind for his part, was a bit embarrassed at the compliment, from both his teammates. Touchstone didn’t talk much, so if he did…well it meant a lot.

“Anyway.” Touchstone said, bringing the group back, “Wunder’s right. This is almost certainly a diversion. Headmaster knows that. So do we. Doesn’t change our goal, we rescue civilians, find evidence, try to save the building. But most importantly, we don’t take stupid risks, no one tries to play hero ball, and we all come back, alive.”

The group nodded, their teachers had drilled it into their heads about relying on each other and avoiding “hero ball” tactics.

“One person fighting for good can make the difference, but a team fighting for good is as good as you can get. Especially these days.” Ms. Lauren had told them.

“No matter how strong you are, there is a villain out there who is stronger, smarter, and faster than you. And there are definitely people out there whose depravity exceeds your virtue. Your teammates are your lifeline. Cherish them.” The Headmaster had said.

The words echoed in the teams’ minds.

“Get ready for the drop kiddos.” Hack’s voice crackled over their radio network.

Touchstone stood, dawning his face mask once again and pulling up his windbreaker and hood as he made his way to the back of the plane, ready to jump out into the open air. The others followed suit, lining up in pairs, Kid Omega with Touchstone, Armor Man with Wunderkind, and Dream Girl with Yukino, who was going by the name Mizugumo. Each flight-capable person grabbed their jump mate, Stone and Kid Omega leading, Wunder and Armor Man in the back. Leaping out of the plane, the rush of the wind plastering his face, Wunderkind and Armor Man plummeted downward for a few precious seconds before Armor Man’s rocket boosters kicked in and they descended towards the chemical plant.

“Avoid the fumes.” Stones’s voice came over the radio, “Gotta be toxic.”

Before Wunder’s feet even touched the ground, he could feel the intense heat emanating from the chemical plant. He could feel his skin crack under the heat of the flames as he looked around.

God, Neuroweave was not a good choice, gonna chafe for days! He thought. Curse my sensitive skin!

Touchstone barked out orders and they formed a search party, walking in sync in a spread out line, searching for civilians and all of the sort. It wasn’t long before they stumbled upon a few civilians who, after being carried to safety, one managed to cough out that there was someone deeper in the plant.

“Omega, Armor, on me. Dream, Wunder, Mizu, tend to these wounded. Don’t want you getting hurt by the flames.”

Wunderkind nodded as he turned his attention to the injured man before him, recalling the first aid he had learned, and bandaged his wounds as best he could.

This guy needs oxygen more than anything else! He thought.

Looking how his teammates were fairing, he was impressed to see Dream Girl creating a vacuum of sorts that was drawing out all the smoke from her civilian’s lungs.

“Nice going Dream Girl.” Wunder said, “That’s amazing honestly.”

An explosion rocked the area, and the three teens whipped around to see the plant in smithereens, the ceiling having exploded and a large plume of smoke overhead. For a second, their hearts all stopped, but then they saw movement, as three figures stood, carrying three more civilians on their shoulders.

The woman who had the smoke in her lungs removed looked at their small team in awe.

“Who are you kids?”

“We’re the Originals ma’am.” Touchstone said as he walked up, “And we’re here keep this city safe.”

“Glad to be of service.” Armor Man bowed, giving way to his Aussie accent despite his voice modulator.

The woman, for her part, simply said nothing, her silence evidence of her shock and awe.

“Good work team.” Touchstone said. “We rescued as much as we could, now to rendezvous with the rest. Me and Omega will stay and ensure these civilians receive medical care, you four go ahead and rendezvous with the rest of the heroes.”

“Will you be alright?” Dream Girl asked, worry evident in her voice.

“Medical teams should be here in five minutes or less. Don’t worry. Just rendezvous with the main group.”

“Roger that captain!” Wunderkind jovially said with a salute. The four of them took off to the skies as Touchstone and Kid Omega stayed behind.

“Are we actually waiting for the medical teams?” Omega asked.

Stone shook his head, “No. I noticed something further in. Come on. Let’s investigate.”

“I thought you said we’re not supposed to play hero ball.”

“Yeah, but we need to report in and they’ll bring help if it really is something dangerous. Something is going on here, below the surface, and I intend to find out what.”

Omega smiled at him, “Let’s go then.”

They waded back into the burning chemical plant, Kid Omega led the way, blasting away debris and lifting heavy obstacles to clear a path as needed. Nick couldn’t help but feel a bit…weak having Lacie help him so much, but he was nowhere near as strong as her, she could crush him like a gnat or a toothpick. As Lacie cleared some debris from their path, part of the ceiling began to collapse and they made a run for it, Nick leading the way this time.

“What are we looking for!?” Lacie called out over the sound of ceiling chunks smashing against the ground.

“I sensed a power spike of some sort. There’s a super here! Or at least there was!”

As they moved into the next room, the control room of the plant, they spied a girl clad in dark robes and hood with Japanese Kanji on her back. Quickly analyzing the script with his mask, Nick whispered to Lacie, “It’s a Taya clan symbol.”

The girl was monitoring a device of some sort on one of the plant machines. The device was engraved with a different symbol, a purple angel of sorts. Scanning The Headmaster’s database yielded a single result, Dementia. Or Doctor Dementia to be exact, a recent up and coming villain that they had very little information on. Before Nick could speak further, the ninja whipped around, throwing a spear materialized from thin air straight at them. Nick blocked the blow with his meta-shield, eliciting a grunt, the attack was much more powerful than he had expected. This girl had super strength of some sort.

Wordlessly, Nick whipped out his stun gun, firing an electric blast straight at the ninja, but quick as a cat, the girl whipped out a protective shield that absorbed the shock effortlessly. The shield was beautiful, a dark golden piece with the triangular rays of the sun etched into the outer rim forming a large rounded center. The girl drew a sword as well, equally beautiful with a similar design, her hood fell down revealing a dark haired girl with striking features and an intense gaze.

The three of them stood in stalemate, Nick with his gun sparking, Lacie with her hand empowered with energy, the girl with sword in hand.

“I don’t—I can’t—I don’t want to fight you.” The girl rasped, “I’m sorry. I can’t control—I can’t—”

The girl’s face showed signs of intense struggle, the words she got out, each one, a monumental effort, but suddenly, her face became placid and her eyes glazed over,

“I can’t let you leave.” She said, now in monotone.

Leaping forward, she made a stab at Nick who nimbly as he could, dodged to the side. Sticking out his leg, he tripped the sword-wielding girl as Lacie let her feel a blast of her Omega Beams as the girl fell to the ground.

God damn that hurt! Nick cursed silently, That’s a lot of power in those legs.

The girl manifested another spear, stabbing at them from afar as she held her shield up. She was nimble, her reflexes impressive, as she blocked or parried Lacie and Nick’s combined efforts. Nimbly, the girl switched out her spear for a whip of some kind, and before he could even try to dodge it, the whip was wrapped around his waist.

Is this some sort of lasso? He thought I…whoa. That’s a strong psychic…attack.

Lacie watched as Nick grew more passive with the whip wrapped around his waist. Quickly as she could, she grabbed the whip and attempted to simply break it in two, but she could feel a powerful energy about it and despite her immense strength, she couldn’t even make a scratch on the thing.

“Obey me.” The girl said, still monotone, in Nick’s direction.

“Uh yeah…I think…I shouldn’t do that.”

“Don’t listen to her Nick!” Lacie cried, she turned and fired an Omega Beam at the girl but this time, with deft hands, the girl reflected the Omega Beam straight back at her, quickly raising her shield like a mirror, and to Lacie’s surprise the Omega Beams hurt Lacie and sent her skidding across the floor.

“I’m Xiphos.” The girl said moving closer to Nick, she slipped out of her robes revealing a leather costume underneath, a one piece number that showed off long powerful legs, an ample chest and powerful arms, while covering just the lower to mid-chest portion of her torso. Nick couldn’t help but stare, the girl had a body to die for. She tossed ninja garb to the side, allowing it to burn away in the flame.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“I’m—Touchstone.” Nick replied, struggling to control his words.

“My name is Rena. Rena Shine. I am a hero like you. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.” Xiphos said with a smile, her eyes still glazed, “What is your real name Touchstone?”

Nick did his best to resist, but something incredibly strong was compelling him to tell her. He focused, desperately, his meta-shield protecting his identity,

“Oh? What is this? A resistor? Is that possible? Do you perhaps have divine blood?”

“No. It’s my powers.” Nick answered, gritting his teeth. He hadn’t wanted say that either, but his mouth was like a sieve for his thoughts, words just spilling out beyond his control.

“Powers you say? Interesting. No mortal has been able to resist my Lasso so far. Impressive. But do not fret, you shall succumb soon. Here! As a little test, let us have you make sure your friend over there is out of our fight.”

Despite his best efforts, Nick raised his gun pointing it straight at Lacie, who was struggling to pick herself up off the ground.

“Stone! Wait! Stop! Get a hold of yourself!”

“I’m sorry! I can’t-I can’t control—”

Nick could feel himself fire off his gun, narrowly missing Lacie’s side.

“Impressive!” Xiphos exclaimed, “A narrow miss, a powerful resistor! Touchstone, you are quite the impressive one. You have quite the willpower.”

She looked at him, “But no one can resist for long. No one can stop—”

From nowhere, Xiphos was smashed to the ground by a powerful energy blast.

“Oye! Get off my leader!” an Australian voice cried out from above.

Armor Man was floating above, holding Wunderkind, as Dream Girl and Yukino floated nearby.

Perfect timing guys. Thank God.

The Lasso dropped from Nick’s waist, unbinding him and he rushed over to Xiphos, set his gun to a max setting, and zapped her at full power.

That should have her down for the count, now to check on Lacie.

“Omega are you all right?” He asked turning around.

Before he could even get a glimpse of her, he was knocked clean off his feet by powerful blow that smashed up against his meta-shield, sending him reeling. A large gorilla had attacked him, the ape looking at its hand in confusion as the blow hadn’t connected.

As Nick’s teammates touched down around him, others he didn’t recognize did as well. Nick quickly helped Lacie to her feet, though she was definitely worse for wear. The group before them was six strong.

Each member was a girl, but they couldn’t have been more varied in appearance. The gorilla had transformed back into a surprisingly well dressed, elegant girl with red hair, pale skin, and freckles. She was inspecting her nails, frowning that she had chipped one.

The next was girl-like in form, but her body was comprised entirely of some sort of white crystal. Her expressions were impossible to discern as her head was faceless.

Another girl was floating slightly wreathed in red hot flames whose hair was pure fire and her eyes were ablaze with energy. She seemed to be Latin-American descent and was wearing form fitting, assumedly fire retardant suit laced with glowing wires.

The group was rounded off with three others, one girl, clearly asian in descent, looking locked in and ready for a fight. The next tanned skin with dark hair, who was vibrating so fast, she appeared to hop back and forth between two spots on the ground very close together. Finally there was a dark skinned woman with curly brown hair with a brick twirling and floating around her head.

They were all wearing similar outfits, black leather numbers that were formfitting and stylish, RCA clearly printed on various places of their uniforms. The girl who seconds before had been a gorilla, spoke first,

“What the hell are you doing to Xiphos?”

“She attacked us. She was doing something here with that device on the control unit.”

“What device?” the girl asked.

Nick glanced over, and to his surprise, the control panel was bare, the device was gone.

“I could explain it to you. But you lot don’t seem like you’re willing to listen to me.”

“You shot Xiphos.” The dark skinned girl said, “Now you expect us to listen to an attempted murderer?”

“Aye thats some dodgy logic there ya bogan! That there’s my gun, it’s a stun gun. It stuns, never kills. I mean you’d have to overpower the energy matrix like forty times over to get even close to a kill setting.”

“He’s telling the truth Murmur.” The fire-wreathed girl said, “That’s definitely a stun gun. Death was not the intention there.”

“Hmph. You still shot her.” The dark skinned girl replied, “Why should we even try and listen to you?”

“Because something bigger is going on here.” Nick said, “Bigger than all of us. I don’t know who you are, but if you care about your friend there, you’ll listen to me. She attacked us, but she wasn’t herself. She apologized for attacking us before having her personality change drastically.”

“You’re suggesting mind control? Fat chance. Xiphos is resistant to all sorts of mind tampering.” Murmur replied, “I made sure of it with my powers.”

“Who are you guys anyway?” Wunderkind asked.

“We’re the Outsiders. Part of Headmistress Johnson’s River City Academy. We’re here to make sure justice is carried out.” the fire girl said, “I’m Firewire, that’s Murmur, the gorilla girl is Kid Chimera, Crystal Shard is pretty obvious, Asian girl is Impressionist, and the twitchy one is Runaway.”

“Well I don’t like whoever you are. So now that you know our names, I’m going to make sure you remember them.” Murmur snarled, adopting a fighting pose.

“Whoa whoa, come on! This has to be a misunderstanding!” Wunder exclaimed.

“Oh I think I understand everything perfectly.” Murmur snapped back, “I saw you beating up Xiphos, no one does that on my watch and gets away with it.”

For a second all was still, but someone moved, and another reacted and soon they were in a wild melee of fists and powers. Nick leaped in front of a fiery blast from Firewire to protect Dream Girl as Lacie was tackled by a tiger-form Kid Chimera. Murmur leapt straight at Nick with an obvious grudge written on her face but bounced straight off his meta-shield, the force of her kick rebounding straight at her. Jason squared off with Impressionist, dodging a few kicks before trying to deliver a few of his own, Yukino ducked under a Runaway speed strike, while Moses defensively blasted away Crystal Shard’s attacks.

“Dream, we need your communications right now!” Nick bellowed.


Immediately, their team’s minds were joined onto one network, allowing for rapid communication at the speed of thought.

For now, ignore everyone but Crystal Shard and Runaway. We’ll focus on them and work our way down. Nick ordered.

What’s the plan there? Lacie asked.

Quick analysis, Crystal Shard and Runaway are the most dangerous/most troublesome. Super speed and those crystals cause problems for the most people. Take them out and we neutralize their primary offensive power. Most of us can handle fire from Firewire, but she’s definitely next.

A good analysis Shuryo Yukino replied.

So they did, with their minds synced, they protected each other’s backs. While several people kept the non-targets busy, Yukino managed to set herself up for a throw, tossing a rope dagger into a wall, forming a tripwire at feet level. Moses, with rocket powered boots, grabbed the rope and flew as fast as he could as Dream Girl ran away as best she could from the speedster. Timing it just right, Moses pulled the tripwire, tripping Runaway and sending her flying through the air. Nick finished her off with a quick stun blast.

“Shit!” Moses exclaimed as he flew, dodging rapid fire crystal attacks, one managing to clip his boots and sending him into a tailspin. Meanwhile Jason was losing steam as he dodged and tried to get in a few blows against Murmur. He was fairing alright, but Murmur was certainly more experienced than him. Nick ran forward, tackling Firewire in mid-air before she could fry Moses,

Anna! Take out Murmur to free up Jason!

Rodger dodger!

Nick zapped Firewire with his gun but the effect seemed minimal, even on a max setting.

“You’re just powering me up buddy.” Firewire said with a smirk, “Let’s get this fight truly started!”

Firewire went ablaze in white hot flame, causing Nick to grunt with the power of the flames slamming up against his shield.

“No more playing around buddy! Time to turn up the heat!”


An armored man touched down, sending a powerful shockwave sending most of the kids off their feet. Soon after, a woman, clad in black skin-tight leather corset number, appeared beside him. The Headmaster stood alongside the beautiful woman and both looked quite unhappy.

“Alright kids. Enough of this.” The woman said, “We don’t want you getting too injured now do we? Outsiders, back up, line up, on me.”

The Outsiders, heads bowed, began to line up, they knew they were in trouble. Kid Chimera scooped Xiphos off the ground and made sure she joined the line as well.

“Allison.” The Headmaster snarled, “Keep your kids away from mine.”

“Same to you…hero.” Allison replied with venom, she turned to her kids, “You kids are in some deep shit.”

“But that douche started it!” Murmur protested.

“Yeah, I don’t give a shit. From where I stood, you were getting your ass handed to you by a bunch of goody-two-shoes and their half-ass teachings.”

Murmur made a protest again, but she thought better of it, “Yes Headmistress.” She said with a sigh.

“I expect better out of you Murmur. You’re the second in command. Xiphos was down, but that doesn’t mean you just throw strategy out the window.” Allison frowned, “Get out of here.”

The Outsiders, with slumped shoulders, left the chemical plant as Allison and The Headmaster had a brief exchange. Nick could tell that it was less than pleasant. As their jet touched down just outside, Dream Girl spoke up,

“Headmaster. Who was that woman?”

“My ex-wife.” The Headmaster said with a grimace, “Allison Johnson nee Albinn. She’s incredibly powerful. Can absorb energy and turn it into raw strength or energy blasts. Makes her nigh invincible. We had a falling out a few years back.”

“What happened?” Anna continued. Nick gave her a glare, why was she prying into the Headmaster’s personal life? But Kyle shook his head,

“It’s ok Nick. With this, you all deserve to know what happened. Let’s get on the jet, and I’ll tell you the story. Do you know who the school is named for?”

None of them knew. They had attended the Scarlett Von Hoffe School for many weeks now, but no one knew. Not even Lacie, who had been there the longest.

“It’s after my daughter. Scarlett of course.” Kyle explained as they boarded the jet and Hack did a few checks before taking off.

“She was my daughter from an alternate future. I met her when I was just 23. She had lost her memory due to the dimension hopping. She was beautiful, smart, passionate. She called herself Airheart.”

“The Mistral Mistress.” Nick said, “Damn.”

“Yes. Her entire person was made up of air. In reality, she was a psychic being forming a body out of the ether. We were fighting a nemesis of mine, Rictus, and she sacrificed her mind and body to ensure a lot of people were safe. Rictus had a “thought bomb” composed of people’s fears, suspicious, prejudices…negative emotions mostly directed at other people. Scar sacrificed her mind to diffuse the bomb, because she was…so full of hope. It’s cliche or stupid perhaps to say, but hope, in that case, really was worth holding on to. Unfortunately, that was also the catalyst event for us supers becoming ostracized like we are today. The bomb was diffused, but millions of dollars of damage had been done to the city, and nearby Midas City had some serious problems with a rogue super villain going on a murder spree.”

Kyle sighed, “With society viewing heroes and villains in the same light, and with the death of my daughter whom Allison had grown to love very much…we began to view the world differently. Allison thought it best for us to achieve justice at any cost, that supers are a whole new race of mankind and that we are being discriminated against, and that humans don’t appreciate everything we’ve done. Some of that is true, but I thought personally, that we, as gifted heroes, have the responsibility to lead humanity forward, not be it’s antagonist.”

Kyle took off his helmet and fixed his hair, the wrinkles under his eyes more apparent than ever, “But we split after that, and she founded the RCA and the Outsiders and I took over this school.”

“How many kids did you have?” Anna asked, leaning her head on the Headmaster’s shoulder.

“Too many to count.” He chuckled, “With alternate dimensions and all. But with Allison? Just one, Lauren, before we separated. Lauren was so young then.”

Kyle sighed, “I’m not even that old right now, but all of those thoughts sure make me feel that way.”

“How old are you sir?” Jason asked.

“Oh 75 or so.” He said with a smirk as all the kids looked at him with bewilderment, “Time travel and dimension hopping does wonders for my complexion. Plus being the son of Odin helps a bit too.”

“And Allison?” Nick asked.

“Same about. She’s a year younger I think. We traveled time and space together for awhile but settled down when we had Lauren.”

“Well we’re with you sir.” Nick said, “I for one, don’t think I’m some sort of superior race.”

Kyle nodded, “Good. I didn’t expect to run in with Allison so soon. But the summer is close to halfway done, time has flown, I guess this sort of thing was inevitable.”

“Sir, about the reason this happened…”

“Not now Nick.” The Headmaster said with a solemn reply, “I need some space from all of this before I can think properly again.”

“Yes sir.” Nick replied.

The ride home was pretty silent after that.

* * *

A man wearing purple robes and cape chuckled as an elderly Japanese man clad in traditional garb entered the room. The man in purple was seated on a throne of sorts, surrounded by wild mechanisms akin to a mad scientist. The elder meanwhile wore simple, plain garb with a katana strapped to the sash of his robe.

“Shaytan.” The man said with a laugh that could only be characterized as evil, “How goes it? Your bid to take over the ninja clans and thus the world?”

“It is…progressing, Doctor Dementia.” Shaytan replied with a bow, “How fares your satellite launch?”

“We are also in progress.” Dementia replied with a grin, “But as for the reason I called you here. I would like to hire your mercenaries, Darkstalkers you called them right? I would like to hire them for two purposes.”

“You know our prices?”


“Then please. Let us proceed with our dealings.” Shaytan smiled.

“Need to kidnap two targets. I’ve got one covered, an Amazon girl, the second girl of Asgardian descent. Two schools, both supers. I’d like you to grab the Asgardian.”

“That should be attainable. I have a plant in the second school you speak of. Siren.”

Shaytan called out into the abyss of the room and a girl strut out from it wearing dark red and black clothing, face shrouded in shadow.

“You heard our discussions yes?”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m getting paid to listen so of course I listened. Asgardian huh? Got a picture? I’m sure she’s a scrumptious little morsel?”

“Indeed.” Dementia said with a reply, “She’s practically invincible, save for against a few special things, but easily susceptible to mind control.”

“Mmmmm…”Siren said audibly licking her lips, “Sounds absolutely divine. Been wanting a reason to flex my pipes and sing song some damsel around my finger.”

“And the second purpose you mentioned?”

“Well ya see, I’ve got this satellite launch coming up and I could use a few body guards.”

“You know our fees. We would be happy to provide you our services.” Shaytan bowed.

“Good.” Dementia said with a wicked grin, “Very good.”