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Paradise Island Resort

Chapter 4

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Vila & Ail

“So there are only the two of us again?” Ail asked Vila who was still clinging to her bedsheets. “Are you even awake?”

“Nnnngnnnnnn” her roommate made an effort to sound asleep in which she ultimately failed. “I’ll take that as a yes. Come on, be a little more communicative, I need to talk!”

“Ail, shut up, I feel like I need another like, twenty tons of sleep in my veins right now!”

Vila did not want to put much effort into talking, since it might leave her awakened.

“No, please! Put your self together! I have to talk with you! Right now!” when Vila heard her friend plead so desperately she finally rose from her bed. Her sleepy eyes where tracing the room and her giant tits hung free from her slender body. “Oh, yeah. We are here.” she managed to descry.

“Yes we are. Do you know where we were yesterday?” she advanced the dialogue. “Sure, at the beach. Partying!” the response came at impressive speed. “That was no party, Vila! That was no less than an orgy! And I was little more than a sex toy in it!”

“Sounds like you had a lot of fun than. Why are you complaining?” Vila talked while she rubbed her eyes, sending waves through her ample chest. “It was so unnatural! I sure came here to meet boys and fuck but yesterday went completely wrong! I don’t even know how many cocks have taken me last night. I don’t even remember their faces! It’s just cocks and I enjoyed being their fucksleeve!” Ail complained. “They have changed us somehow and I just got clear enough to notice. But it gets hard again. Because right now I am looking at your boobies andItotallyneedtosuckonthem!”

Suddenly Vila was puzzled. Ails behavior had changed and her eyes got awfully lost. “Go ahead, I am practically designed for getting my tits sucked.” The girl was happy to help her friend and likewise eager to feel this numbing pleasure again. The pleasure of lips on her breasts and a tongue on her nipples. Her hard and inviting nipples felt anticipation rushing through their veins but when Ail almost reached Vila’s juicy melons she suddenly turned around and shouted. “YOU ARE NOT HELPING! What have I become?” “Someone I can make happy with my tits?” the pale girl guessed. “What have you become? Just think about yourself! That is not who you were two days ago! You don’t even know how you got back to the hut, do you?”

“Well, we went here. I suppose...” talking to a back rather than a face felt quite strange. “Are you sure?” Ail asked again, still not facing her room mate. “No, I am not. Maybe you are right and they have done things to us that made us change...”

Ail was happy “I have finally reached you. We can do this, we just have to get away from this island!” Vila, now eager herself, joined the planning “I still know where the airport was. The small boats have to be somewhere as well, if we could...”


Vile interrupted herself and lowered her voice not to sound suspicious: “There is someone at the door, let me answer it.” When she opened it, the still naked girl saw Bernhard standing before her. Quickly he raised his arm and twisted Vila’s still erect and longing nipple. At that moment a part of her died. The part that cared about her friends escape plans was gone, replaced by a part that only cared about her masters cock and how she could get it inside her pussy again.

Not letting the horny girls nipple go he spoke in a friendly tone “I brought your clothes. They were all covered in cum, so I took the liberty to wash them.”

Ail suddenly was afraid. That man’s presence was menacing. Turning around was not an option.

“But most important, I found a job opportunity for Vila and would love to at least show it to her. Do you want to come with me?” he asked the now totally heated girl. Vila had no choice, her body demanded to follow this man. “Wait here, I will see what he is talking about.” her words, despite their nature, sounded incredibly horny.

“Nice,” Bernhard said “put your cloth on. Ail, I am leaving your’s at the doorstep. Please don’t worry, your time will come soon.


Sleeping on stone and moss was nothing Rebecca ever had to endure. But if she wanted to avoid getting spotted right away it was essential. Putting on that unknown girls suit bothered her quite a bit; She was a horrible liar and had no acting experience. Before setting herself in motion she gave her phone a last chance to access the net. “Futile.” she realized.

Swallowing her fear she started moving, out of the bushes and towards the huge building she had seen at occasions. The path was found quickly and her natural talent for directions guided her quite a bit. Soon she even recognized places from her arrival, and before she knew it the little market lie before her. Suddenly a door opened and a young man, almost a boy, left the beach wear fashion store.

At the very first sound she heard, Rebecca took cover behind a corner, afraid it could have been someone searching for her. Or even that horrible man who brought them to this island. Relieved she observed the guy, now walking around aimlessly. He was dressed in nothing but a black speedo had bright blue hair and a lightish skin. In his hand he was carrying the same bag Rebecca had for discarded cloth, in which he now frantically searched.

“Ah, there it is.” he muttered and fished a phone from a pocket of his jeans. Quickly he expanded the screen and placed at a wall. As a result several pornographic videos were playing not far from Rebecca’s location. Unable to look away she mustered the boy who now fished for his penis and once found stroked it with his right hand while sitting down. Rebecca has seen this before, though she normally wasn’t at places where such behavior was common. Also last time it looked less... “good” she figured.

Soon another guy came from the shop, very athletic and wearing a high cut bathing trunk prominently showing the outlines of his penis. The Latin guy joined his comrade in masturbating to this obscene film the observer could not see herself. Suddenly the new guy bend sidewards to the first one and tried to suck his cock. It was a weird spectacle as he first resisted stalwartly but later accepted the inevitable. Rebecca got horny and her mind played tricks on her, it showed her joining the merry pair, discarding this blocking dress and having fun. But she managed to keep quite and hide somehow.

The door opened a third time and now a women left the shop. She had blond hair, blue sunglasses and a swimming suit Rebecca recognized from Bernard’s coworker. “She is the one in charge” she quietly recognized. At her hands were two identical boys, each dressed in bathing wear that must have been designed for girls, even up to the flower in their hair. Those too, like her friends, sported enormous erections with the difference that theirs were hidden behind a thin layer of pink cloth.

“Oh, Silvio, I did not know you were into this kind of stuff!” the women was exited. “Mbe nbither” a muffled voice was heard. She now guided her hand between her legs and with ease and a little moan retrieved a good amount of love juice. “A good thing at least these two are traditional pussy slaves for now...” she said while the twins licked on her hand like some kind of drug addicts.

“We should go now, though. I still have places to show you; We have to postpone the fucking for later.” she ordered and all young men responded accordingly.

Rebecca knew the next group was about to come, so she hurried to pass the plaza as soon as nobody was likely to see her.


Vila was clothed to a degree, at least the scandalous beach fashion she was assigned clung to her body. The one thing making this stroll perverse was Bernhard’s hand inside said piece of cloth cupping her right tit and groping it with each step. She was so close to his muscular body, her left tit overcast part of his chest and his smell made her even more docile.

“At this point you have probably noticed your body has changed. I hope it wasn’t an unpleasant experience.” Bernhard suddenly started to talk. “No, it felt really good.” Vila answered truthfully.

“That makes me pretty happy. You are probably talking about me taking you yesterday. But that’s only half the truth you know? The cloth we gave you are covered in a specific chemical raising your libido. Also the toy we left placed in your room was filled with a drug amplifying your sex drive while lowering your inhibitions. It was dosed for four people you know? Needless to say you two emptying it made us quite nervous.” Bernhard explained a whole lot and Vila listened intently while reliving her transformation into what she could only pin as a sex slave.

“The most important part of our treatment happened even before we reached this island. While still in the plane we knocked you out and hacked into your subconscious, digging for hidden desires and fetishes we could amplify and later fulfill. We are anxious to make this as joyful as possible for you guys and gals.” He continued. The story got so much better for Vila since Bernhard was now actively massaging her tit and nipple, so she smiled.

“And that is pretty much why we are going to the café right now. You might have a clue what is to come, but most likely you are still not aware of what we are able to do.” He ended his story while guiding the girl through a great door.

The whole area was covered in a red carped save the outdoor area. Wooden tables and comfortable chairs were the general choice of seating but several jacuzzi have been placed in between. Suddenly a man approached the pair. “Can I help you? Do you have an reserva... oh, I see, you are management. Please sit down wherever you please.” he spoke. From the tattoo on his chest Ail was able to see his name: “Ivan” and from the size of his dick and balls she could guess he was no ordinary man.

“Ah, still very interested in cock I see? I heard the female guests like to call him pitcher. I might order a shot of him later... but first. Its hot, we should get ice cream. This will be more interesting for you anyway.” the lifeguard, who apparently was part of management, said and guided her to a table. Vila now noticed two cushions on the wood and wondered about their use while Bernhard pressed a button and spoke into a little microphone: “One female please!”

Around one minute later one busty and beautiful girl came from the terrace, where most customers probably resided. She was completely naked save for a little garter around her tight holding a pen and a block. On one of her huge and firm breasts Vila could read “Akemi” which fitted to the cute Asian face and chin-length black hair.

“Akemi-chan? We would like to order fresh ice cream. Two portions. This girl will be the one milking you.” Bernhard ordered and Akemi smiled while listening. “I am happy to serve you!” she replied and fished for a dark blue bowl from below the table, placing it in front of Vila. Than she climbed on the table and kneed on the pillows Vila noticed earlier and said: “Please milk me, young miss.”

Like in trance Vila guided her slender hands to the breasts and sqeezed them which resulted in three things. First: Several streams of milk shot from Akemi’s nipples, second: Akemi moaned with lust and Third: Vila realized she enjoyed milking a tit like she did milking a cock. “Be a little rougher!” Bernhard advised. “She will love it!” And he was right. With stronger squeezes the girls moans got louder and eventually she had an orgasm. “Don’t stop now, we aren’t even half done! Grateful patrons play with their dairy girl’s nipple in between strokes. They love it.” The instructive Vila quickly followed her masters hint and reaped her reward. Akemi came and her face got even more lustridden. Her mouth was open and her tongue slipped out a little, while her eyes were partly rolled back. “You are a natural! Look how her pussy is leaking juices! It’s nice to get a decent amount of topping if you ask me.” Berhard encouraged his fosterling.

When the bowl was filled the Japanese girl started to recover slowly from her many orgasm and was about to bring her milk to the chef as a happy Vila stopped her: “Akemi? I think I love you! Can I please get two or three sips from the source?”

“Of course, miss!” she put the bowl down and lowered her tit for Vila to suck on. “You are so delicious!” was all she could reply in between sips of bliss.

“And?” Bernhard asked “You seem to enjoy this pretty much. Do you think this is something you could do?” A smile covered Vila’s face while she openly teased her own nipple. “You can do that? You can give me a body like that? I would be in your dept my whole life!”


Things looked less grim now. She sat on her bed wearing the green bikini she got yesterday and watched some shows. She even got a little horny while zapping through different pornographic channels. But although she felt nice right now she remembered being scared and freaked out earlier. She somehow desired to preserve this feeling but it was so dull and far away. “I could be masturbating or go find a free cock, but here I am... wanting to worry! Whats wrong with me?” she asked the empty room, which to little surprise did not respond.


“It was so freaking hot!” She heard herself mumbling, slowly venturing towards the large building towering behind the canopy. If it wont help her flee from this … madness … it would at least help her cool down a little. Which she was a goal she was just as eager to pursuit, taking into consideration it was around four hours past dawn and already unbearable. “If I could just revert back into my swimming suit.” she thought. “Damn, focus! Its maybe twenty or fifteen minutes before I am in air conditioning heaven...”

As she moved along the brick road she began to see more and more people swarming out of the hotel. It was a sight she expected from her past experiences on Paradise Island. The wayside was layered with couples making out, ranging from rather normal sex to absurd fetishism. A woman sitting naked on a bench hold in her right hand several leashes connected to collars of four man standing around her. They were masturbating and the occasional shower of semen made their mistress quite happy.

Once Rebecca passed that spectacle a man, maybe forty years of age maybe fifty, crossed her path. A girl he held with his right arm smiled faintly. She was naked save a small pink latex thong and a pair of tassels dangling from her otherwise exposed nipples. Each of her steps made her large breasts bounce, sending ripples through her perfect flesh. “Good morning!” the man greeted Rebecca who was taken aback. She had not thought ahead for a conversation. “Are you from my company? I haven’t seen you around.” He asked kindly.

“Good morning!” she answered “I believe I am not.” Her eyes switched between this guy and his companion who now clasped loving to his right arm, enveloping it with her breasts. “Oh, It seems your company’s outfitter has the same taste as mine then. May I ask where you belong?”

“Sure, I am from EEM, Edinburgh Electronic Manufacturing!” She replied, quickly remembering her phones brand. “So you are one of James’ girls! I thought he has already left...” the man was rather skeptical.

“Oh... I couldn’t come, so he postponed my flight until my project was done. I actually just arrived.” keeping the facade up wasn’t as easy as she had hoped. “Just like old James! He really cares for his employees! Say what, it was nice chatting with you, but I have to hit the beach now.” He said while slapping his girl on the behind which she apparently enjoyed quite a lot.

Rebecca was relieved her makeshift alibi actually worked. “I can do it!” she emboldened herself.

Entering the lobby itself was a relief. Finally her body had the chance to cool down and despite all the lewd stuff she had seen outside, here the resort seemed almost normal. Almost being the keyword here. Still, the receptionists looked like their native environment was a porn movie, but on a second thought Rebecca realized no one could blame them. Instead of paying them a visit immediately she walked towards a terminal booth.

There were two things she wanted to check, most important was weather she could reach the outside world from here.

Rebecca took the disappointment with dignity. She had figured that much. Secondly she wanted to book a room, for not making her scheme too obvious. “Nobody is booking a room on an isolated island past arrival...” she thought and got to work on the interface. Naturally it was not meant for booking, but rather to navigate horny guests to even hornier staff and advertising obscene events both groups could partake in.

To her luck she knew ways to make a remnant of ancient human interface technology appear, the address bar. What was mostly left there for bug fixing had now become a tool to her rescue. “If the booking page was stored on the same server as the terminal page it should be unaffected by domestic restrictions.” Why Rebecca always had to mumble while doing this kind of things she did not know. Slowly she turned her head to make sure nobody had noticed.

To Rebecca’s relief, she saw nothing suspect happening behind her. She had seen though, that fondling a receptionist over the thin counter while talking to her was very common in this hotel.

She began to fill in the forms, taking her sisters name and fathers credit number for payment. She gulped at the price, as she had sworn to herself not to rely too much on his wealth. This was a special occasion though and it required her to swallow a bit of her pride to keep the rest intact. “That was the easy part” the now frightened girl thought. “Now for the check-in....”

“Good morning! My name is Sophie, can I serve you?” the gentle and young woman asked her. Sophie had long, straight and dark red hair, braided at the sides to form some kind of natural hairband. Rebecca would have honestly believed one of the most beautiful girls of all time stood before her, if the remainder of her body wasn’t as obscene. Big breasts on petite girls were pretty much what Rebecca was used to at this point, but covering such melons with so little fabric was a new height. To denominate it as an actual uniform was even worse. Tiny blue triangles, not even fully covering her comparable small areola, were doing little more than outlining her thick and hard nipples in a blue hue. The more Rebecca thought about the receptionists cloth the more she wondered why her tits were still so firmly in place. It spiked her curiosity somehow and before she knew her right hand was at Sophie’s breast, feeling its texture and evoking a honest smile on Sophie’s face.

“My name is Beth McKellen. I have booked a room in the west wing for the next 5 days.” Rebecca said, trying to sound as professional as she could, while feeling another girls tit simultaneously. It was absurd how much she could move her hand without even coming into contact with Sophie’s “uniform”. “Ah, I found you, Miss McKellen. Your room is already prepared. A room in the west wing entitles you to one personal pleasure slave. Do you have any particular tastes? Are you more into girls or boys?” Sophie answered with a sweet smile and shining eyes.

Rebecca on the other hand was quite speechless. She wasn’t stupid and knew to an extend what was going on, but the first time she heard the word slave used openly knocked her for a loop. Also she was not prepared to make this kind of choice at all. “Oh, you want to see our lineup?” Sophie turned her display around, showing various pictures of young man and woman “or, if you are into girls, it’s fairly common to choose the receptionist. Do you want to make me yours completely for the next five days?” The red headed girl asked with longing eyes.

Rebecca had as little interest in owning a pleasure slave as she had turning into one, but for the lack of a better option she accepted. “I do like you, please accompany me!”

“I am happy to serve you!” Sophie answered and handed the key over. “I’ll just have to fall for you.” she answered and swallowed a pill with a glass of water. Few seconds later the receptionist left her counter and explained: “All I need now is a few droplets of your spit...” as she embraced Rebecca and gave her a tongue kiss. “... mistress”


The program was just too good. Despite good intentions Ails right hand was buried deep inside her cunt as she watched a girl getting pounded in both ass and pussy. “I need another one, right now!” she pleaded “In my mouth! Oh please, someone, facefuck me!” “She was lucky” Ail’s hazy thoughts put together, as an other man came and shoved his cock down her throat. Likewise Ail opened her’s and mimicked taking a cock as well.

The camera moved and Ail was in a slight state of shock as she saw Dene moving around the orgy, kneading her tits and begging several man to fuck her funbags. “Hey, girl. You can have my cock between your tits, if you let my friend take you from behind.” a man talked to her. “Oh Yesss!” She hissed and fished a big black vibrator from her pussy “There is always room for cock in my body.”

Without really noticing herself Ail began to knead her breasts like her friend was on the stream. “Why is there no real cock between them? Why are they so much smaller?” faint questions pestered her mind as a banner appeared on screen “This is a live stream from our public orgy chamber #2. You are free to join.”


“If my schedule is not deceiving me, you are here for a dairy girl transformation.” the man in the white coat asked. “Yes, I am.” Vila blushed a little. “Please remove your clothes, I need to take a look at your body before I know how to get the best results. Vila duteous discarded her swimming suit and stood now naked in the laboratory. While the doctor grabbed her breasts and examined them thoroughly. “Why do you want to turn into a dairy girl?”

Vila felt teased a little, both from his words and from his hands tweaking her permanently horny nipples. “I was at the cafe today. I saw the pleasure ridden face on the girl I milked... And I felt how much she enjoyed me drinking from her teat. I was jealous. And I always loved to get my tits sucked anyway...”

“That is pretty much what I wanted to hear. Your body is also very appropriate for the transformation. Just to let you know, I will make changes to your mind. See it as a small price for the joy I am going to give you. Is this alright?” He asked.

“I don’t mind. At this point I would give away anything.” she stuttered. “Is this true?” she quietly asked herself. “It’s said now, so it doesn’t matter. Thinking is so hard when you are this horny...”

“In this case please lower yourself into the tank over there.” Vila was instructed.

When she put her bare feet into the white, warm and bubbling liquid it felt very soothing. She always enjoyed bubble baths! While sitting down, this calming and nostalgic feeling covered the rest of her body. She just wanted to engulf herself completely as the scientist intervened. “Hey, don’t do that! You need this mouthpiece to breath!” He quickly fished one from the many contraptions hanging down the ceiling.

Now, accordingly prepared, Vila lowered her head into the milky substance and her conversion began. She felt her holes stuffed with penis-like appliances and many tiny needles piercing her skin. For a short window of time her breasts hurt, as several syringes penetrated her skin and nipples, but thanks to the mysterious liquid the pain vanished in an instant and pleasure took over. She fell into a trance just as a sweet liquid was injected in her mouth.

“Vila, I suppose you can hear me. I will guide you through your transformation into a dairy girl now. We will do the body transformation first and later rearrange you mind, as you will be more likely to embrace your new life once you have the body of a milk slave. Right now we are turning most of your breast tissue into mammary glands. This, needless to say, will increase the capacity of your breasts immensely, but will also prevent them to sag even a little, making them look full and firm all the time. Also your muscles and spine will need reinforcements for carrying those heavy milk filled jugs around. But most importantly, we will tune your nipples. First, a large canal is constructed in the center, so a single thick stream of milk can be squirted out. Second, many new nerve endings will be created alongside this canal to make milking most pleasurable for you. Next we will remove all your body hair. A smooth skin will please most customers renting you as a diner plate, and will also make you easily washable. Your duty as a milk slave will also include serving those with a taste for pussy juice. I will make your little fuck whole gush at the mere thought of getting licked.”

Vila could barely understand what the voice in her head told her. She knew, though, she was consenting to everything. The fluid around her was numbing the pain, if there was any... she could feel her body change and she felt really good.

“We are done! Rejoice! Next we will give you the mind of a milk slave.” She was told, as the feint sensation of needles entering her forehead shimmered through her trance. “From now on, you will never grow tired of orgasms. Each one will just make you long for the next. I always love to demonstrate this modification!” Vila was shaken by many orgasms, and when they stopped she was indeed longing for more.

“Your meaning of life is getting milked now. There is nothing even close in importance. When for example your friend is in need of your help and a stranger is willing to suck on your nipples or squeeze your breasts you will never hesitate to hand him your jugs. Your friend’s distress does not even compare to the sensation of having your tits emptied. You are an utter slave to the need of your own tits.” Vila was indifferent at first but when suction cups started to milk her and she understood the joy she was experiencing, she folded to her desires.

“You will love your job. The thought of people drinking your milk alone will make you horny, the feeling of hands on your breasts will send you to heaven and the process of milking will turn you into little more, than a ball of lust. The thrill of being their dispenser will become an addiction. Some people will think of you as nothing else, even before you are milked. And you will love it.”

“While you are on shift, you will loose all interest in normal sex. Your body has to be clean of foreign juices. The exception will be giving head. Which fits perfectly, since starting now your favorite dishes will be cum, pussy juice and dairy girl milk. Feel free to suck on your own nipples, while you have no one to attend to. It will also be possible for customers to rent you. This will restore your need for cock in your pussy.” Vila understood. She always loved to drink cum, but now she actively desired it’s taste.

“You are docile. You wont ever question orders from higher ups in our community. Fulfilling wishes compatible with your position is a joy. Costumers are like masters. You love them. You will do anything for them.”

“Anything...” Vila’s mind came loose as this word drenched her.

“I think we are done here, I will return you to the real world now.” Just as the doctor said that Vila regained full consciousness, still feeling the sweet liquid running down her mouth. She slowly emerged from the tank, as all needles were being removed, and struggled to keep balance for a second.

“How do you feel?” the man asked interested.

“My tits are heavy... and huge...” Vila put together. Her voice sounded really pleasant.

“And how do you feel, if I tell you I will suck your tits in a second?” he asked further.

Vila’s expression changed into something undoubtedly horny and her nipples started lactating, making a thin stream of milk running down her proud and ample boobs. “I think I just came. I feel so happy, please drink from me. I can’t wait to feel your lips on my tits. I want to drown you in milk.”