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Paradise Island Resort

Chapter 5


Mr Lloyd struggled a little as he tried to access his room. “Apparently being market leader in security systems does, in fact, not bestow the skill to use your own products upon you...” his wife remarked, “should I try?”

Reluctantly he handed the key orb over. “If anyone comes to know about this I am the laughing stock of my enterprise... I should never have sanctioned something this complicated.”

His wife pressed the sphere with her palm onto the sensor and traced the symbol she was shown by the receptionist just minutes ago by rolling it along the cushion. “I am recognized by the system, right?” she asked him with a grain of doubt. “Sure you are, even Beth is. I don’t know why it wo—[BING]—n’t open... see, you did it!” He replied.

“Haha, Dad, ‘even Beth’... way to keep your promise taking me for an adult this vacation.” his daughter piped up. “Aww, come on. My tongue slipped! You even got your own slave!” Beth’s father justified himself, although he knew she was just teasing him.

When the family entered the room they were quite pleased. The red marble floor and wooden furnishing met the romantic-eclectic tastes they all shared. The view was marvelous and the room was spacious. Kneeing to their right, just by the whirlpool, were two men and one woman waiting patiently. “Mine looks exactly like in the pictures!” the petite girl with long brown hair exclaimed. “Can I make him fuck me now, daddy?”

“We haven’t even unpacked yet...” Mr Lloyd tried to argue, but his wife was falling in his back. “Honey, let her! It’s the first time she got her own sex slave and the flight had been long. We should fuck a little and leave the work for later.” She argued. “Thank you mom!” Beth was relieved she wasn’t up against two.

“Oh, well. Go ahead, then.” He yielded to his horny wife and daughter. “Hey, Millia, that’s your name, right? Come over here and suck my cock for a while.” He now talked directly to the slave he booked. She had a nice face and pink hair. He never knew why, but for slaves he preferred pink hair and nipple piercings. “Yes, master!” the girl got up and walked towards him. He enjoyed the little iron bars swinging with the ample breasts they were positioned on. He also loved large tits, and in this regard his taste was not limited to sex slaves. His wife was picked accordingly and his daughter designed with the same standards in mind.

While he discarded his pants and took a seat on the bed his daughter called for her slave. “Fex, over here! I want to examine you a little closer.”

“Yes, mistress!” the blue haired boy answered. As she had instructed he wore a collar and a leather loincloth not even close to covering his erect cock. From his profile she knew, that he was modified to never loose his erection, which made him rather perfect for all purposes she had intended. “Give me a kiss!” she demanded and soon his soft lips were pressed on hers. Her tongue broke the barrier and advanced in his mouth. “My saliva is the most cherished thing to you!” She ordered as she knew, he was easy to condition and her father taught her some tricks in slavekeeping. The young man suddenly realized as he almost swallowed the remains of her spittle. “Such a waste.” his remodeling brain told him.

Her tender fingers now grabbed his hard cock, moving along it’s hard shaft and measuring every nook. “This will feel so nice in my pussy. You should want to put it in my snatch. Reeaaaally bad! But you will never be brave enough to do it on your own. You need to be ordered, do you understand?”

“For her young age, she sure is pretty darn good at this...” her father thought while Millia went down on him.

“I don’t want to wait any longer...” Beth said while she removed her panty, now only wearing her short black miniskirt and a matching tank-top. Lying down on her back she lifted the skirt to reveal her young pussy to everyone present. “Go to work!”

Not soon after she was getting rammed by her slave. The strong man was shaking her body around forcefully, eager to please his mistresses’ desire. The motion alone made her top lose its grip and part of Beth’s naturally large chest was set free, now bouncing around to entertain her slave and her father alike.

“How am I doing, daddy?” she asked the man who had now positioned his slave right next to her. “You are a natural! You’ll be a very skilled CEO one day, I can tell.” he replied while ramming his cock into the pink squishy pussy the hotel had supplied for him. “Though, she doesn’t look much different to the bimbo you are screwing right now. Maybe we have gone to far when modeling our daughter’s body...” her mother joked, slowly discarding her own blouse. “Mum! Stop saying such nonsense! I love my bouncy, large tits!” Beth grabbed them for emphasis. “Instead, put your slave to good use and make him screw you.”

“See, that’s no slave attitude!” Mr Lloyd believed devoutly in his heir and daughter. He than pulled out and climbed on Millia’s stomach to put his cock between her breasts. “And now its time for a titfuck. You can drink what you milk, slave girl.” He reminded the pink haired girl and instantly she began to work her melons on his tasty dick, making a rather avaricious face.

“Dad? While you are up there, do you mind kneading my tits a little? They are so lonely and I need this guy screwing my snatch.” Beth’ words were not really a question. She knew her father and how to guide him.


Walking through the corridors made Rebecca a little at peace with the money she just spent. She was still enraged, though, by the attempted brainwashing she had to endure and the more than successful mental reconstruction performed on Sophie and probably her earlier companions. But, she now saw the pristine interior, spacious halls and large range of possible past times. “This has to cost a lot...” she figured “... and that doesn’t even include whatever they do to create those docile sex slaves. This is ridiculous! First of all they have to stage our disappearance; Fool our parents, fool our nation...” Rebecca’s thoughts ran wild. “I should get more information before I leave next week...” was her first intuition, though she quickly dismissed it “I am in no position to be careless! I have to keep a low profile, hope they don’t find me, and take the regular flight back...” Despite all the danger she was in, planning kept her calm.

Sophie, with her ridiculous uniform, was leading the way. Her long red hair was almost reaching her ass, which was barely covered by a latex miniskirt. And with barely Rebecca actually meant not at all. “We are almost at your room, mistress!” the girl noted with bliss. It was apparent, even talking to her new mistress filled her with joy. Rebecca, at first, felt rather uncomfortable to have a slave around. She had doubts; Sophie could spy on her, also she did not want to get reminded at her proposed destiny. And last, but not least, keeping a slave was against everything her ethics stood for. But now, seeing personal slaves on their masters hands every few steps, she was more than happy to not have declined the offer. “I need to take a low profile!” she admonished herself.

Just now she realized, to really avoid attracting attention, she will have to make use of Sophie. Slowly her mind questioned, why she had not asked for a boy; A thought Rebecca was uncomfortable with. She was here to flee! And she was not the person who could arrange with herself to enjoy a place like this, never mind the circumstances, not even a few days!


“I am on my way to work! I am on my way to work!” she thought over and over again. Each time those words crossed her mind she failed to feel anything but anticipation and joy.

She just came from the tattoo parlor, where a small and bald man graced her right tit with her name. “Why haven’t I done this earlier?” she questioned. “It’s so convenient!” Vila imagined walking along the beach, naturally bare breasted, as a stranger calls her out: “Hey, Vila, come over here, I want to suck on your tits and fuck your sweet pussy!”

“This was possible now!” she told herself. “If everybody knows my name, everybody can use my naughty body!” As she was helplessly aroused her breasts started lactating. While the stream from her right nipple ran carelessly down her body, Vila heaved her left boob and sucked with rapture. “I am so delicious!” she thought “People will remember me! ‘That’s Vila with the huge tasty tits!’ they will say!” Her feet paused, as she was in no condition to walk while processing those incredible thoughts. “They might also remember how nice it is to fuck me... ‘I could fuck any girl on the island, but I always fuck Vila. Her pussy is the greatest!’ or ‘I have never seen a girl who is so edacious for cum as Vila. It’s such a joy to feed her with my cock.’”

The girl was totally wasted. The seaside alameda she was standing on was filled with guests and she figured, if she sat down and masturbated sooner or later someone would pick her up. The benches were especially comfortable and the view was arousing. Between the palm trees and surf boards were at least three, no, four couples making out and several cocks and tits passed without even caring for the girl who spread her legs wide open rubbed her wet and hungry pussy to them.

More sooner than later a young man appeared with a girl slave gently stroking his cock. Vila had not even a general idea how the two looked like, as all she could see was the hard pulsating dick in her close proximity. “You’re from the milk bar, right, Vila?” he asked. She was really happy to answer his question. “Yes, but I am not on shift, so I can make my own prices. How about all-you-can-drink for one hard fuck?” Not for one second she had stopped working on her body. “Hmm, nice. Let’s say I fuck you twice and my little slave here will drink your tit juice while we are at it? A girl going crazy about tits is like the best thing you can see while ramming your cock into a wet cunt.” Vila conceived this was a win-win scenario for her with quite an ease and agreed. “Fuck me twice, sir” she said while removing her hand from her hairless oozing pussy.

“There is one thing you love as much as my cum. And it is this girls milk directly from her hard nipple” the man whispered in his slaves ear. And Clarice understood it was the utter truce. While pretty indifferent about the dairy girl just minutes ago she longed for her milk now. She had to suck and drink. “Suck and drink...” her petite lips muttered.

The first time a real cock entered her modified pussy was awesome. It shook her body and shook her mind. But when the girl started to suck her, she just plain came. Clarice tongue played with her nipple while stream after stream gushed in the longing mouth. Vila’s breast felt wonderful, but her pussy, like an outright different entity, spread satisfaction through her whole body. The little motor function Vila kept during her taking she used to sqeeze milk from her left tit onto her stud and his slave girl. It was like getting fucked twice and masturbating at the same time. “This body is awesome” were the last sentence she was able to form during this session. It was followed by a good hour of “suckkk....”, “cockk...” and “ohh yessss” which she might have screamed.


Her room was splendid, though Rebecca expected no less. “Are you satisfied?” Sophie asked, discarding her uniform and going on her knees at a spot, which most likely was designated to the personal slave present. When her mistress looked puzzled the red head explained patiently. “My uniform indicates, I am to serve everybody. When I passed the groundsill I was no longer authorized to wear it, as my whole body and mind will only belong to you for your stay. You can outfit me to your desires if you want me to wear something.” Still kneeing she pressed a switch. Suddenly the wall behind her vanished into the floor and a large closed filled with various things appeared behind her. With a lot of imagination some of those objects could qualify as clothing, but most would be, while wearable, rather denominated as sex toys.

Rebecca was horny. There was little she could do about it. The things she had seen, especially the two boys sucking each other, had taken their toll. And this girl wanted to be used badly, as one could tell from her longing eyes. Rebecca at the other hand was still afraid of submitting to this system of fornication; At the one side or the other. She was still convinced she had to attract as little attention as possible though, and that meant blending in with the inhuman “guests” this spa was handling.

“Please choose garment according to your own preference, while I freshen up in the bathroom.” Rebecca muttered and fled without waiting for reply to the separate room. She was not interested in really freshening up and was not eager to visit the toiled. As sex was imminent she had to hide the swimming suit she still wore underneath her lent suit. “She might notice this is something made for an aspiring sex slave... she might have worn something like that prior to her transformation.” Rebecca had figured. Quickly she discarded everything she had on her body and hid the drenched and suspicious swimwear inside her trousers leg, than she put “her” top on again, breathed heavily and returned to the main room.

Sophie was kneeing on her place, waiting eagerly for her mistress to return. She had not chosen any garment, but had covered her voluptuous body with oil instead. Rebecca, once again in shock, looked at her slave. Her angelic and cute face framed by straight dark red hair, her deep eyes and her aura of dignity suggested Rebecca this girl was of high status. Or rather had been. The noble beauty though was defiled by those gigantic tits and longing hungry eyes, focusing Rebecca’s uncovered privates.

Sitting down she finally spoke the words Sophie had longed to hear since their kiss in the lobby: “Show me how well your tongue can satisfy me, slave girl.” It was not very erotic, Rebecca had to admit, but she was new at this and didn’t really care for her ability in that domain anyway.

Filled with rapture Sophie crawled towards her mistress, her hard nipples were almost touching the floor with each “step” she took and her loose tongue made her pristine face look so wrong. As she felt this obscene and longing tongue on her wet pussy two oily, pillowy boobs were pressed against her legs. Sophie was a master at pleasuring women Rebecca learned. When the tip of her tongue played with Rebecca’s clitoris she felt like her whole body was getting numb as it fainted within the rapture emanating from her sex. But Sophie varied her treatment on a regular basis. Several times she used the rough part of her tongue to lick the oozing vagina in its entity. Later she penetrated her mistresses pleasure hole while twisting her tongue in all directions, just to retreat it suddenly and drill it back in at instant. She was probably as good with men, Rebecca figured, but who was she to judge? When the slave girl was not working on her inner sanctum, she teased her tights by licking them all up to the knee, slowly returning to Rebecca’s pleasure point while following her own spit trail again. In between she made the cutest slurping voices imaginable while drinking her mistresses secretion, all while occasionally raising her head and watching Rebecca with a look that suggested “I love you!” and “I am your bitch!” at the same time. It was one of those moments that made Rebecca cum.


Dene grew to love the poolside. She was lying on a sunbed and enjoyed the fresh air and warm sun. Her intense need for cock has somewhat calmed down although she wouldn’t mind one or two inside her right now. It’s just, she did not frantically need them any more. The pink vibrating dildo in her pussy was somehow sufficient. She also came to understand what role in the community she had to fulfill. “I am a horny slut now.” she remembered “and I love it” a voice echoed through her mind. She adjusted the vibrator slowly emerging from her wet whole. “It’s what your character was all along” the doctor told her. “We just gave you the chance to break from your shell.” his voice was clear as fresh water in her mind.

The last day wasn’t all fucking, which disappointed her just hours ago, while she was briefed on the basics. Now, though, she was happy at least something made sense. Personal Slaves were conditioned to retrieve rapture from specific guests. They have become very docile in the process, and follow orders in sexual bliss. Even looking at their master would make them happy and hearing their voice could even make them orgasm, depending on how complete their transformation was. They were repurposeable and perfectly aware of it. Dene wondered if she would have preferred this, but she was in doubt. Dairy Slaves had heavily modified bodies. Although no girl was present, she was told those had milky giant breasts and needed milking regularly. Although this sounded like a hassle the instructor affirmed it was great pleasure to them. The men who were chosen for this job had ridiculously enlarged testicles and would ejaculate around four liters a day.

With fond memories Dene thought about Masos, the young men who was the sole representative of his caste present. And the smell his dripping giant cock was emitting. Covertly he tried to catch his cum and slurp it away; Less covertly Dene suddenly jumped towards him and sucked him off. She had never eaten so much cum before, but her horny mind made her swallow ounce after ounce. During the whole twenty minutes that presentation went she was drinking from his rod with little pause.

The instructor used her slip-up to explain, what the horny slut caste was all about. Basically they are walking public sex pots. They have no responsibilities as their mental state in prospect of sex gets so numb, they would neglect their duties anyways. “As you can see young Dene here was unable to restrain herself with this giant cock in the same room. She hadn’t even stopped masturbating once during the whole presentation, and that is cause all of you smell like sex one way or an other.” The girl did not know, why she even remembered those words, while a sweet cock was filling her mind pretty efficiently. Thing is, she did, and now she knew what she got turned into.

Suddenly she heard a man talk to his buddy. “I’ll take this one.” “Whoa, I didn’t know you are Asians!” His friend exclaimed. “Not in particular. It’s just, I love what her tattoo advertises: Perfect TIT FUCK slave” he read out aloud.

Dene knew getting this tattoo was the right thing to do. As she imagined a dick touching her skin she just had to touch her boobs and tease her nipples. While she played with her little piercings she opened her mouth, first mimicking to catch sperm, than to talk. “They are all warmed and oiled up for you. What are you waiting for? Make your mighty cock fuck them really good.”

As that happened, she knew, this WAS her perfect role.


It has gotten late already and Rebecca tried to get an uplink using the hotels network. She had asked Sophie weather it was possible and she kindly declined. It is the resorts comprehension, that a real vacation is only possible when the guests cannot be reached by their work place she told her. In any other situation Rebecca would agree, but here it was just fishy. Despite that, she tried to break the system. Locations stored locally could be accessed. Even a news feed, though filtered by the management she presumed, was retrievable. But after several hours she had to forfeit; Sending for immediate help was only her secondary plan after all. Her slave was kneeing quietly on her cushion. At first she was faltering to take the pillow, but when Rebecca insisted she would feel better knowing Sophie was sitting comfortable, she took it without hesitation. Looking up from her display she saw the slavegirl waiting patiently.

After Rebecca’s un-pent sexual need was licked away she tried her best to cloth Sophie in modest apparel. Without much success, as her undoubtedly augmented body made even relatively tame dresses look like fetishwear. In the end she made her wear a thin, black latex bra, mostly to disburden her from those heavy breasts. Rebecca’s chest was as small as it got without getting too noticeable, and even hers tend to hurt when unsupported for a long time.

The unworn bra looked like two connected salad bowls to her, outlandish, but still what she was looking for. Sophie’s dark red hair harmonized quite well with the shiny black cups on her breasts Rebecca noticed and was somewhat satisfied with her choice in garment. The result made the slavegirl’s body look even more voluptuous, as her tits grew rounder and her nipples seemed more accentuated.

It has been a while since they last communicated so Rebecca decided to occupy her a little. “I am going to take a bath now. Could you help me wash myself?” “I would love to, mistress!” the girl replied and Rebecca was not surprised in the slightest.

Quietly Sophie fetched a washcloth, several shampoos and liquid soap from a drawer beneath the whirlpool as Rebecca discarded her cloth and stepped into the bubbling water. A swiftly organized douche drenched her hair and Sophie soon after massaged a fruity smelling shampoo in. “You have such soft and strong hair” she said while her hands worked wonders at Rebecca’s scalp. Not sure if the girl standing behind her actually meant what she said, or if she was programmed to flatter her masters, she waited patiently for the canny procedure to finish.

After several seconds of nothing Rebecca felt two large soapy tits on her back. She could especially feel those erect nipples trailing along her skin, as Sophie transferred soap onto her. “Why wasn’t I expecting this?” the Scottish girl asked herself “She sees herself as a sex utensil and everything she does naturally has to do with sex...” Circling around her, Sophie covered every part of Rebecca’s body with soap in this way, even her legs ad feet. For the latter Rebecca had to sit down and extend her legs towards her slave, where they were quickly immersed in the fleshen melons the redhead spotted. As her mistress was already sitting she used this opportunity, right after applying new soap, also to press her ample chest into her mistresses’ face.

Rebecca newer had sex with a girl before and even condemned parents who raised their child bisexual, which was not an uncommon thing, even in her neighborhood. But now she had to accept the overall positive feeling to be drenched in a warm bosom. Earlier she had to realize how a girl’s lick could take her into states of lust she was never daring to reach. “Sophie?” she asked while a washing cloth removed remnants of soap from her body “Do you think your tongue would be a fitting instrument to clean my vagina?”

Naturally she answered “I am sure my tongue will be the best way to clean your pussy.”

Soon after Rebecca sat at the pools edge and spread her legs, while Sophie did, what she did best. This time Rebecca monitored the slaves every movement and especially her face. As she was emerged in the bubbling foamy water no part of her sexy, obscene body could be seen. It was only her noble face and hair that served the wet pussy. Oddly enough, although Rebecca just accepted tits as something erotic, she got so exited from this view.

She imagined this girl not being a mere slave but a friend from high society. She imagined she wasn’t doing this because someone brainwashed her, but because she self-consistantly wanted to lick her pussy. Her sexual fantasy not only made her go over the edge several times but also made her quite curious. At some point she stopped the steady lick: “I am going do go into the pool now, would you please seat yourself between my legs? I want to lay my head on your shoulder and grope your tits from behind. I really want to repay you!”

And as soon as they started the slave came in loud moans. Rebecca was not ready touch a pussy herself, but she could go for some tit play. But now it was time to set her plan to motion:

“You know, what I’d really love to know? How have you become like this?” she asked, carefully playing with the slaves hard nipples, keeping her aroused all the time. “Mistress... I, I am not supposed to talk about business while with guests...” she hesitated. It was apparent it was really hard for her to object to a masters wish. “Pretty please! You know, it would really turn me on. And you want to pleasure me, do you?” Rebecca pleaded and hoped at the same time, what she said was a lie.


“It must be six month already. I was on my way to Paris with two good friends. We were hellbent on making our selfs known as artists, and wanted to exhibit at the Louvre Young Talent Expo. I than thought being an artist would make me happy. Had I known at that time that true happiness can only come from having huge tits and following orders, I would not have worked so hard for that goal.

On the flight though something went wrong. I must have slept for several hours as I awoke on some beach, strapped to an stretcher. Some guy was talking to me. We had to ditch he told me, it was an emergency. I quickly passed out again, and when I came to my senses I was in some kind of hospital. With me, oddly enough, my friends stayed in the same room.

We talked a lot, and became suspicious. Most of our belongings were removed and when we asked a passing nurse, he just told us we had to wait, as most survivors were not identified yet. It was pretty late that day when he returned and headed straight to Noel’s bed. He said her blood test results were weird and he had to administer a drug. Not waiting for long he injected a needle with green fluid into her arm and left. Before all of us went to sleep she reported feeling really odd, although now I know, what she really meant was, that she felt pretty good.

The next day she was really hazy. Her eyes were empty and she was sparing of words. Amy and me got really freaked out by the way she acted. But everything went even worse around 5 pm when she started masturbating without warning. We asked her to stop but she was befuddled, asking us why, if it felt so good. Later she even asked us to help as she realized she could not reach all her erogenous zones with just two hands.

At that time Amy and me tried to flee, but all windows and the door were closed shut.

Later, the same guy from before entered our room. “Noel, do you want another shot of Midara?” he asked, waving the syringe in front of her eyes. “Yes, please!” she responded.

“You have to work for it, but your task will be fitting. Go to one of your friends and pleasure her.” Suddenly she left her bed and staggered towards Amy. “I like this one best. She has huge tits. Bigger than mine.”

Amy was screaming. She tried to kick Noel, but she was resilient. I tried to help my friend, the one who was still how I knew her, but that nurse held me back. Ripping the thin hospital garment from Amy, Noel herself had discarded long ago, she started kneading the now revealed breasts.

“Stop” the man shouted. “I think this test is over. You have earned your price!” Quickly the girl—had I mentioned her hair was short and blue?—ran over to me, extending her arm towards the man. The shot was given and the guy left.

Noel was in orgasms. She retreated to her bed, as I tried to solace Amy. The knobs from her shirt were ripped away, so her breasts were almost revealed. She looked really tasty, even back then...

“I am sorry.” we heard Noel mutter, as she had come to her senses, or whatever that meant to us. “I did not meant to assault your beautiful body.” she said while still burrowing two fingers in her sweet fuck hole. “I wanted to” she said “but I have restrained myself all the time, because you are my friend.” It was the first time I realized there was something of old Noel left in this warped girl. “You should ask for those shots yourself. They feel so nice.”

The ice was kind of broken, and she seamed more human than before. “I just wish one of you had a cock. I would really love a fucking right now. Don’t know where, all holes crave cock.”

“NOEL!” I screamed. “Come to your senses. You have been drugged. In a bad way! Maybe you can turn back if you really want to. And then we flee! Together!” I was so naïve back then.

“Flee?” She asked “They are caring for us so kindly. Although they could fuck me some time. It just feels like it would help me—” It was helpless. I turned back to still shocked Amy and ignored the obscene things this girl said. I fell asleep to the squishy sound of a wet pussy being worked on with swift hands.

* * *

So far Rebecca was entirely shocked. This was horrible! Even worse than what has happened to her.

“Should I continue?” she asked “You seem distracted.” “No! I am not! I want to know everything about this. I want to know how you broke down into the sextoy you are today.” Rebecca had learned how to reach Sophie in the past hours and degrading her was definitely helping; So was groping her.

* * *

The next morning came. Amy and me were ignoring Noel as was humanly possible. We rather gathered around the windows and observed our surrounding. We might be able to learn when no one was around and when we could pass to reach the forest. Our plan was simple: The first step was knocking out the lone guy, when he came to corrupt Noel further, and than we were to run.

Our scheme got foiled when he arrived at noon, which he had never done before. “Mr Nurse! I think its time for another shot!” Noel joyfully exclaimed, extending her arm again towards him. “No, I am sorry, girl, but I believe your sickness has developed to far. We will need to give you a special treatment. This other girl though” he pointed at me “is showing early symptoms. I will need to inject her.”

My heart began to race. “Over my dead body! Keep that needle away from me, or I will kill you!” I screamed. “It’s ok, we want to help you. We are the good guys.” he explained while Noel quietly nodded to his every word. “I can see, what you have done to her! She was perfectly fine! Do you know, what I believe? This was a hijack! The plane did not even crash, you knocked us out with a gas or something!”—I thought I knew perfectly what was going on.

“Oh, poor girl. You are hallucinating already.” He told me. “It’s really essential to administer this drug.” But as I was far from caving in, he sighted and told Noel to grab me. “I am not sure. She really does not want to...” she argued and I started to draw hope. He pondered a little and told her “Sometimes you have to do, what is best for your friends, even though they don’t know yet. Also, if you do a good job, I might fuck you.”

This was everything it took to convince her, and suddenly the naked girl and the nurse were cornering me. I glanced over to Amy, hoping she would help me, but all she did was cowering behind her bedsheets. A little inattentiveness later and I was fixated by my former friend. As she was grabbing me from behind her generous breasts pushed into me and arced my back. Than it happened. The man had somehow taken control of my flailing arm and injected the drug into my bloodstream; All I could do was to spit into his face in retaliation. “You will feel much better soon.” He told me in a kind fatherly voice. “Noel, come with me, you have earned yourself a hard throbbing cock.” and the two of them left the room.

It took some minutes to fully understand what has happened to me. I tried to suck on the puncture, but nothing, not even blood was coming out. “I am so sorry. I wanted to help you so bad, but I could not. They were so scary.” Amy told me. I was furious at her “Yeah, and thanks to you I will be scary soon too!” but when she started crying my anger died and I had to comfort her again.

“I am sorry.” I told her. I could not fish for a lot more solacement in my mind. “Let’s stay friends. I don’t want to spend my last hours alone. And hey, maybe I am stronger than Noel and can resist the drug.” I told her, but I was already feeling weird. It was maybe two hours later, we were talking about what we had done together in the small time frame we knew each other... This was not the first exhibition we wanted to take part in and thus had traveled together already.

The first true reactions the drug set in. I felt my pussy flush with love juices and soon the wetness was impossible to ignore. Also I began to get painfully obvious of my nipples.

“Amy... I believe I am starting to change.” I told her without any intonation what so ever, as I was rather confused. I wanted to sound scared and angry but at the same time it was pretty cushy. With time I got more and more thirsty, as I lost a lot of liquid between my legs, and I was drinking ceaselessly from the sink. I had not noticed at first, but my replies and stories likewise got more spare. When I breathed my nipples moved along the hospital gown and it aroused me. I was in this state for two more hours. Still trying to mime the good friend while brilliant changes took place inside me. At one point Amy broke down. “It feels like I am loosing you! Stay with me! I don’t want to be alone! Please!”

I wanted to tell her how I was resisting with all my might. And that was my plan after all. But how could someone resist such enthralling feelings? Maybe I could still keep my mind, while enjoying the drugs effect to a certain extend? The best of both worlds?

I tried my best to stay focused. I could not. The itch in my pussy had become unbearable and I just had to insert something there. Especially a cock, but they were scarce right now. I believe Amy knew what was happening when I told her, I had to take a shower. Although I have not given report on my transformation in hours she had become very suspicious of me.

Right as the door closed behind me, I touched myself. Amy’s eyes helped me stay the way I was to a certain degree. But now, unobserved, my new self emerged, and at instant I was naked. The mirror’s reflection was so familiar. But I looked better, my face was so much more begging. The Sophie looking back at me was longing to get fucked and it suited her. It suited me. I touched my small breasts, pushing them together. I knew my quest for cock would require some sort of cleavage and I was already imagining sexy clothes to form one.

But my mind was not able to stay focused. Already I was searching for something I could put inside my pussy. It had become a basic instinct to keep myself filled. But there was nothing, as shampoo and soap dispensers were firmly attached to the wall. So my hand needed to take a dive. And it was brilliant. I stood there, naked, sweating, one hand in my pussy the other hand on the sink, to keep my balance for at least 30 minutes. A little satisfied I actually used the shower, still touching my body at all the new erogenous places that had emerged in the last hours. When I was done, I left my gown on the floor. I was positive there was no reason to wear it any more, I was beautiful unclothed.

Amy’s stare was devastating, when I walked back in, still tweaking my left nipple. I sat down on my bed, spread my legs and got to work an my tingly slit. “Where have we been...” I asked her, but with the only answer I got was: “I don’t want to talk to you anymore. You are gone.”

That night I slept particularly well, dreaming lewd things, that made me want to return there once the new morning came. “Good morning!” I exclaimed, as I was feeling refreshed. I was thirsty though, so I drank quite a lot from the sink again, cupping my hands to catch the water. I wondered, if I was alone, as no answer came, but when I turned around I saw Amy standing at the window. with melancholy. So I started masturbating again.

Not much later we heard the door unlock. I was happy and Amy probably was afraid. Either I would get another dose of this drug, or Amy would be prepared for her treatment. What I saw, was not was I expected, though. Instead of the male nurse Noel entered the room, wearing what vaguely remembered me of a nurses uniform. It was a white triangle bra, most likely made of latex, with red outlines. On her head, and what gave her away, was a small white headpiece with a red cross on the front. This were not the only changes about her. I quickly noticed her enormous firm tits, surpassing by far what she spotted yesterday. Also the intense stench of cum was clinging on her body.

Remnants of my past wanted to be disgusted, but everything I felt was envy. With joy she exclaimed: “I am cured! So I got this job as a nurse. I will help you become like me!” My neurons fired. I really wanted to become like her, especially if it meant getting massive tits and bathing in semen. “That’s wonderful!” I answered “Do you have another shot for me?” I asked longing. Amy, at the other side said nothing.

“Yes, you are required to take another shot today. But first we will have to do some tests.” she freed her tits from the small latex triangles covering her nipples. “Please clean my boobs with your tongue. There is cum all over them.” “This I could do.” I thought until I realized that’s what I wanted to do from the very moment she entered the room.

My tongue licked the tasty film from her gorgeous tits, sucking on her large nipples for good measure. Each moan which escaped showed me I was doing great. And I loved doing great. “That’s really good. Now please drink the sperm from my snatch.”

I went on my knees, putting the latex string aside and caught every drop of the plenty that ran out of her pussy. While doing this my own honey pot was under steady assault of my hand and a puddle of juice was spreading below me. “Your convalescence is advancing well!” she said with a smile. “Where do you want your injection?”

Hungrily I stuck my tongue out and she injected the Midara in there. Later she left me alone with my rapture. This injection was even better than the first. And night fell before I knew it.

In the morning one could have heard two things. My wet pussy and Amy’s tears. I would have cared for her, if not for this particular image of hard cocks my mind had created. It distracted me too much to care. I had left the drug induced trance hours ago and was able to think. But I did not want to. I wanted it to stay the way it was and to fade back into bliss.

Before, I never masturbated much, but I knew you are eventually bound to get tired of it. I was not, because non pleasure seemed less desirable by a long shot.

The door unlocked and I was ready to go one step further. Do whatever was told me. Noel came in. In her hand she had a leash leading to an undressed blindfolded man, walking on all fours. “Why can’t I already be like her” I thought, looking at her obscene stature. “The doctors are very pleased with your recovery.” She said. “We can operate you today, if you pass this test.” Naturally I was very eager to comply. Living with a body like mine seemed so false to me at that point.

“This pretty boy is relentless” she pulled on his leash, making him stand up “he can shoot liters of delicious manjuice a day.” When he fell back into her arms he used her free hand to jerk his cock. Instantly cum flew through the room, landing on the floor. “Oh, I spilled something. Go lick it.”

And I did. As fast as my legs could carry me, my tongue licked the hot treat. “That’s fine. Now drink from the source. The cock’s obscene stench was mesmerizing. I never gave a blow job before, and I was hating myself for this fact, as it was gorgeous. My throat was filled with delicious cum over and over again. “It’s a real pleasure to see little Sophie being such a good girl. You have just the perfect cocksucking face. You made me so wet, please take a mouthful of mine too.” She removed her latex string and waves of thick female nectar gushed from her pussy. I swayed over to drink her girl juice. “Amy? Can you see her face? Does she look as at home as with a cock? I can’t really see her, my boobs are just to huge!” she asked the lone modest girl left. I do not know how she reacted exactly as I was to happy sucking on a perfect cunt.

“Go back to the cock now and take a huge load of cum. Keep it in your mouth. It will be essential to your next task.” Noel ordered and I complied.

“Go over and kiss Amy.” she told me as soon as a huge load filled my mouth. And I went there. I removed the blanked she was hiding under, fought my way through her rejecting arms, pressed my lips on hers, opened hers with my tongue and filled her mouth with the most tasty treat I could imagine.

With a honest smile Noel told me she was so happy I made it. “We will again be truly together soon! Follow me!” The three of us left the room and saw the man again, who visited us the first day. “Have I done everything right?” Noel asked him and he seemed really pleased. “You have earned a shot.” he said smiling and fetched a syringe from his pocket which he swiftly injected into her left breast. “Ohh yesss!” she moaned as the needle punctured her hard nipple.

“Can I get a shot as well?” I asked, my mouth still smeared with semen. “Sorry, I can’t do this. But believe me, there will be enough drugs entering your body today.”

When traveling those corridors I solidified my expectation. “This is not a real hospital, is it?” I asked both Noel and this nurse. Noel was not really able to answer me, as the rough manhand groping her tit filled her whole drug ridden consciousness. “Why not? This place is here to make you better. Make you more like her.” he said. Noel was moaning and was sweaty. She was a set of giant boobs and a wet cunt. “One could also say this is a slut factory. She is the product and you are in the making. How do you feel about that?”

“Impatient” I answered. I already felt alien to my body. And I had doubts deep inside me, that bothered me. I wanted to be cleansed. He laughted.

When we reached our destination Noel was already gone. Some guy came along and asked the nurse if he could lend her for a fuck session. Once he agreed my friend went towards the closest couch, set down and spread her legs. Fucking started immediately and I got envious again.

The door I went through was silver and had a bio-hazard sign upon it. The scientist behind it was already waiting for us it seemed. “This girl’s name is Sophie. She wants to be a slut really bad.” the nurse characterized me. And he was spot on. “I figured that much.” the guy replied and than faced me “Any special wishes?” he asked and I began to mutter. “I want really large tits! And hard thick nipples! I don’t want to be able to wear something making me look modest. Because that would lessen the number of people who want to fuck me!” I was still envious of Noel getting a pick up fuck on the way.

“Has she received any Midara today?” The man asked my nurse in charge. “No. Only traces in sperm, not the real stuff.” “Ok...” a little pause later the science guy continued “Sophie, you can emerge yourself in this tank over there. Your transformation will start as soon as you are in there.”

Each limb of my body tingled as the liquid started to cover my body and soon several needles pierced my skin. I remember little of the procedure itself, but the end. A soft male voice commanded me to raise from the pool. The weight of my new breasts filled me with rapture, but keeping balance required some work. I checked my mind for any doubts left, but there were none. I was happy.

“You might be my best work to date.” The scientist complimented more himself then me. But that was fine, he earned it. I just knew it. “Can you talk?” he asked. “Yes.” I answered promptly. “Good good. I wasn’t keen on another subject loosing speech... grope your tits until you reach orgasm!” the order came out of nowhere and I followed it instantly. What surprised me was, how well it worked. The sensation my enlarged tits gave me were only partly responsible for my quick orgasm. Following his orders made me incredible horny, and finally realizing the slut body I had pushed me over the edge.

* * *

“That is pretty much how I came to be. He refused to fuck me, since I was still covered with the goo, but there were others at the shower I could serve.” she added, ending her story.

“This is really intense...” Rebecca realized, still eagerly playing with Sophie’s melons. It was worse than she thought. She knew about the kidnapping, drugging and brainwashing, but a full fledged body modification went even a step further. She had to get more out of her, as she would never get a chance for this kind of insider information again. “Are you still taking this drugs?” she asked softly, deliberate to caress her nipples as affectionately as she could.

“Less and less” she said a little gloomy “not unless a customer is asking for it specificity. Apparently taking it to much would ‘erode our mind’ as the doctor told us. Instead our clothes are drenched in a thinned out variant. I don’t get as high from them, but I keep being horny all the time, so its fine.” Rebecca was in shock. She had no doubt her bathing suit was prepared that way as well. That’s why it was so cold, that’s why she (and the others) had been so horny the whole time and that’s why she was openly enjoying groping another woman right now. She had been drugged and apparently her mind was already changing.

“Mistress?” Sophie asked “Could you order a shot of Midara for me? I haven’t gotten one for such a long time and you made me remember... You could see me degrade even further, I believe you would enjoy that—” her voice was inducing and sweet.

“Maybe...” Rebecca thought about securing evidence. Or at least she thought she was, but her brain, all secretly, imagined the oozing sexball her servant would become. If she could, she had hit herself for this, but she had no intent to justify herself.

“What happened to the other girl? Amy?” For some reason she had been her figure of identification during that brief story. She was at least the one who went away unscathed. Although Rebecca was more of a fighter than her.

“Oh, that’s an interesting story. At the end of the day Noel, Amy and me got placed in an apartment. I got along so well with Noel, now we both were sluts! We were licking our cunts in our spare time, and when men came to fuck us, we would press our tits together and kiss while getting rammed. Amy was always the quite one, hiding behind her sheet like she had done all the time in the hospital. Sometimes she was pleading, when there were just the three of us and Noel was making out with me, if we could not change back to the way we were. We always tried to explain her how we could never want something like that, but all she did was cry. Finally, it had been at least two weeks in our little shared flat, she yielded. She wanted to be with me and Noel again, being left out like that hurt her poor heart. We naturally reported her decision and received a syringe to turn her over.

She was crying when we injected her, but I am sure she was auricularly happy. We waited an hour or so, telling her we would come to her service, once she was ready. It has taken a while but at night she asked us to service her and we did so with great joy. Our lost friend was finally coming back. Two days later she went to the pod and emerged as something beautiful. We were separated once this branch opened. I believe she is stewardess now.