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Author’s Note: This is a “commission” from a DeviantArt poster, GorgeousGwen. Hopefully you enjoy it. If you want to think about a commission, you can see more of my work along with how to submit a commission on my DeviantArt profile by the same moniker as here.

* * *

Gwenevieve, who went by Vi, was sitting in the cafe chewing on her pen as she gazed out of the window thoughtfully. People watching was a favorite pastime, but today it had grown rather dull. People passed by, but there weren’t any true oddities, no public arguments, or public displays of affection, nothing.

The pretty Korean-American was 21, a Senior in College, studying Quantum Mechanics as part of a specialized Physics degree. She was top of her class and everyone knew that her star was rising. It was taken for granted that she would be a celebrity scientist some day. She had the poise, the looks, and the uncommon ability to bring a topic down to someone’s level of understanding.

It wasn’t the boring people she was mad at, however. Vi had been driven out of the apartment she shared with her boyfriend. It felt like they were fighting more and more lately, and she wasn’t sure how much longer it would last. Jack was a handsome, blond, American boy. Six feet tall, with a weight right around 200lbs, most of it rock hard muscle. Even as she sat there, her thighs clenched thinking about his body... his cock. Vi shook her head. He’d been nice when she’d met him, they’d both taken a business elective course. For Vi it was just another way to get credits toward graduating, but Jack had changed his major after that. And they’d both fallen for each other.

Vi never believed in love at first sight, still didn’t really, but if such a thing was real, what she and Jack had felt was as close as she had ever come to it. He was pleasant; able to handle a deep discussion, whether it was about something as inane as food, or as deep as existentialism; he had a smile that could light up the skies; and Jack was generous. That fact had been what had drawn her so close to him in the first place.

Yet, lately, Jack had become more aggressive, less talkative. He wanted sex and he wanted obedience. All of the things that had drawn her to him seem to have disappeared. Just thinking about it made Vi angry all over again. God, why were all of the good guys such jerks? Yet, even as anger filled her, Vi couldn’t help but get aroused. As demanding and chauvinistic as Jack had become, he’d never been better in bed. Sometimes it felt like he could fuck her stupid.

The pen was ruined by her worrying, Vi looked down at it and frowned, replacing it beside her notebook. Now she was mad AND aroused, it was difficult to concentrate.

“Hey, Babe.” A familiar voice greeted her from behind.

“Oh, Jack. Hey.” Vi looked over her shoulder to see her boyfriend approach. He wore a button-down shirt and khaki cargo pants, but the muscles of his torso bulged against the material, and the pants seemed to cling to thick legs, with a somewhat prominent bulge at the front, as though his cock was saying it was too good to hide behind loose clothing. Vi chewed on her lower lip now that her pen was back on the table, it was definitely good.

However, the dominant question pressing on Vi’s thoughts was ‘why is he here?’ this wasn’t a date. He never came to this cafe, it was HER spot, and yet, here he was, just as her thoughts had turned to him, and sat himself across from her. Eventually a server walked over and asked if he wanted anything.

“Coffee for me, tea for her. I’ll take mine black, put a little cream and two spoonfuls of sugar in hers.” Jack flashed the female server a brilliant smile.

Great. Now he was ordering for her? And pulling out the charm for other women? It was almost as if Jack had showed up not in spite of what she was thinking, but because of it. It was as if he were rubbing it in her face. He could show up where he wanted, whenever he wanted, and take control.

Vi clenched her fist, but it was beneath the table. She wasn’t going to show Jack that he was getting to her. She should have just broken up with the jerk here and now, but something, some feeling was stopping her. As she gazed at Jack, looking into his deep, brown eyes, she felt her anger soften. She tried to muster it up again, but her boyfriend smiled and she was immediately reminded of all the reasons she’d fallen for him in the first place.

When the drinks arrived, it was a different server who brought them.

“Tea?” The server asked and Jack lifted his hand. The coffee was placed in front of Vi before she could process what had happened.

By the time the server was walking away, Jack had already begun swapping the cups, offering a sheepish apology. The goofy grin was endearing, and Vi barely noticed as he tucked something into his pocket. But even that only held her attention for a minute.

“Going to have your tea?” Jack asked, bringing her focus back to the beverage. Without thinking she brought it to her lips and took a sip. It tasted a little funny, but she put it to the extra sweetness from the two spoonfuls of sugar.

“You know I only take one spoon,” Vi offered, her thoughts turning once more to why Jack was here to begin with. “Don’t you have class?”

Jack’s grin with infectious, “Normally, yup. But the prof cancelled last second, so here I am. And I forgot, babe. So sorry.”

Something was off, but Vi couldn’t put her finger on it. Which was a more infuriating fact than the realization that something was off. She took another sip, a much longer sip, of her tea, taking a moment to try and gather her scattered thoughts. However, if anything, the fog pressing on her forehead seemed to get worse.

“Something wrong, babe?” Jack asked.

Vi hated being called babe, she’d told him, even though, at the moment, it had only occurred to her now. Why was he tossing it out so much? Her thoughts immediately turned once more to her theories on why he was here, to rub it in her face, to be frustrating, aggravating. She should break up with him... no, wait, she’d already thought of that and dismissed it, right?

“No... I—” Vi began, but she lost her place, the words seemed to have disappeared from her memory. “What were we talking about?”

Jack reached out and stroked her chin. Something bothered her, that wasn’t right either? It felt condescending, but, at the same time, she was acting pretty dumb. How ridiculous did she look right now to Jack? His all-star intelligent girlfriend was fumbling over her words like a nerd at a school dance.

“You were going to tell me what’s wrong,” Jack said, with apparent patience. His dark eyes rested on hers, showing... concern? Sympathy?

Vi sighed, “I- I’m not sure. I just feel... funny.” she wrinkled her brow, wondering if that came out the right way.

“Sick?” Jack asked, he was stroking her chin again, his palm resting on her cheek.

“N- no. Just... me feel funny... " It took Vi a moment to realize what she’d just said, she blushed furiously, “I mean- I feel funny. I.”

Things were spiralling out of control, and it had all started with Jack showing up. Vi needed to get out of here... she moved to stand up, though even that seemed to take a significant effort. She pressed against the table, then stood.

Only to have Jack say, “sit back down.”

No please, it wasn’t a request. It was a demand. More than that, it was a command, and she obeyed. All at once Vi felt repulsed, aroused, horrified, and excited. The conflicting reactions made her feel dizzy, or was it something else. Vi was having significant trouble marshalling her thoughts together.

“I- I... I don’t understand... what’s h-happening?” Vi managed, though it took significant effort to remember to use the word ‘I’ instead of ‘me’ and to remember what ‘understand’ and ‘happening’ meant.

“I suppose I should take some time to explain while you can still understand it. Because I want you to always remember, deep down, that I did this to you, even though no one will ever believe you if you try to tell them.” Jack’s smirk wasn’t the handsome one Vi remembered when he would say something sarcastic and witty. It was downright sinister.

Even as she struggled to keep her thoughts afloat and in order, the sense of wrongness in the situation was terrifying. She was drowning in a sea of non-consequential thoughts, and the only rescue she had was pulling his hand back as he grinned at her. She was sitting across from him, but as she lost herself in the sensation, it was as though he was standing above her.

“I put a little something extra in your drink,” Jack continued, “nothing much. Just a chemical that burns away at your brain. More than that, it reshapes thoughts. So you can become the Asian whore that I’ve always known you could be.

“Of course, Asian whores aren’t really known for their intelligence... so that has to go. I’m sure you’ll understand. They’re cuter when they don’t speak English well, and... they’re always horny to service White cock.”

“Jack... please...” Vi wasn’t sure what she was asking for. Part of her wanted him to stop it, to let her go, but another part of her wanted him to finish it, to turn her into the slut that she was deep down inside.

“Come with me,” Jack began to stand up, his hand reached for hers, yanking Vi to her feet. “As much fun as it would be to do this to you in public, it would raise too many questions.”

Vi was no longer drowning, but her head was still swimming. She couldn’t even offer a paltry resistance to Jack’s will. He pulled her up and she followed. His hand never left her wrist, but she knew deep down that it wasn’t necessary, that she would have followed him regardless. She wasn’t sure what else she would do at this point. She’d lost so much, she wasn’t even sure she remembered who she was anymore.

As they left the shop, the fresh, crisp autumn air seemed to jolt her back to reality for a moment. She was... in school. But Vi couldn’t recall even one class. The more she thought on it, the more impossible the idea seemed. She was Jack’s dumb slut, how could she have ever gone to college.

The thoughts began to settle in her mind, laying roots, growing, making it more and more difficult to think, more and more difficult to focus, making her more and more the dumb whore that Jack said she was. It wasn’t just higher learning that she was losing though, either.

How to cook, how to do basic handiwork, skills that she had prided herself on, slowly slipped through her fingers like sand. Asian whores didn’t need those skills. Vi was no trophy wife, no pretend homemaker. She was a trashy, dirty, slut. That’s all she was, all she would ever be.

Even as Vi was reconciling these thoughts, this identity... she and Jack continued to move. Or the city was moving around them. Either way, before long, they were back at the apartment. It was the last place in the city she’d wanted to be, but she couldn’t remember why. Vi looked around, everything here was familiar, and yet it was also unknown to her. Was this the place she’d been living with Jack? Vi couldn’t remember.

“Jack... where... we?” Vi sounded so stupid, she knew she’d said something wrong, but she wasn’t sure what was wrong.

“Home, dummy. Where did you think we were?” Jack’s smile was condescending.

Vi knew she was supposed to be upset at the smile, at being called a dummy. However, she didn’t know why. Jack’s eyes looked so loving, she felt a little silly. It was sort of difficult for her to think, to come up with reasons to be upset. Instead, she giggled.”

“I not know... " Vi bit down on her lip, screwing up her features, “...not... don’t... " she goes over each word, as though trying to piece them in the right order.

“Relax, sweetheart. If you think too much, your brain will explode.”

That stopped Vi in her tracks. “My brain explode?”

Vi’s ability to reason and deduce was plummeting quickly. Yet her imagination was still allowed to run wild, she tried to picture a brain exploding in her head. Would it crack the bone-thingy that was supposed to protect it? Or would it just explode in her head and turn to mush? Her brain was maybe already turning to mush, that made her giggle again.

“You know, I never liked your nickname,” Jack said, turning to look at her. He was so handsome, so inviting, her eyes seemed to draw her in, “but Gwenevieve is a bit tough for an idiot like you. Gweni is better, or maybe Vivi.”

“Me Vivi.” Vi nodded agreeably, grinning at Jack. He was so smart, and so handsome. Fuck, she was aroused, she needed him inside of her. “Me need fuck. You fuck Vivi?”

“Well, how much will it cost me?” Jack asked, but he was grinning too.

His question threw Vivi for a loop. She wanted him to fuck her, why would he have to pay her money? Why did anyone pay money for sex? Sex was amazing and everyone should be able to have it whenever they wanted, she “reasoned.”

“Vivi cost?” She asked, struggling to put even her dimmest thoughts into coherent English sentences. “Why Vivi cost?”

“Because you’re a whore.” Jack said simply, patiently, as if he were explaining to a child about how old they were. “Whores fuck for money.”

“Ooooooh.” Vivi giggled, she didn’t realize she was a whore, but that totally made sense. But she wanted Jack right now, not when he paid. “But Vivi fuck free when me want?”

Jack’s smirk would have repulsed the old Vi by its sheer smugness and the leer in his eyes, instead, Vivi took it as a sign that she was pleasing him, “well, I suppose I don’t have to pay since I’m your pimp.”

“What pimp?” Vivi asked, looking up at Jack in confusion.

“A pimp takes care of his whores. They give him the money they make so he can manage it for them. Whores like you are too stupid to not have a pimp.” Jack’s words dripped with condescension, but all Vivi heard was that Jack was going to help her.

Vivi squealed and clapped her hands, bouncing on her toes, “Yay! Vivi happy to have pimp. Fuck pimp when me wants?”

Jack’s smirk grew wider, “almost. I’ll fuck you whenever I want. If I don’t want to fuck you, then you’ll just have to wait... or find a customer.“

In accordance with his statement about Vivi’s lack of ability to manage her finances, her ability to calculate all but the most basic sums was flushed down the toilet. She watched in wide-eyed, dim-witted curiosity as she saw the remainder of her intelligence swirl down and down and down until it disappeared into the plumbing beneath the bowl.

Further, in the time it had taken them to walk back to the apartment, and for Jack to explain to Vivi what her place was in this world, she had undergone some significant body changes as well. To Vivi, these weren’t changes at all, they were all she knew, but Jack could see the differences.

Vi had never been a short girl. She wasn’t tall either, but she didn’t slip into that narrow Asian stereotype of being small. Yet, as Jack looked at her now, he’d be damned if she was taller than 4′11″, she was probably shorter than that.

The lost body mass didn’t completely disappear though. Vivi now sported a pair of EE tits that completely blew away her previous, modest, B cups. Vi had always been proud of her smallish chest. “At least they aren’t A cups” was her mantra. But the new and improved Vivi would have been devastated if her boobs were anything less than the EEs they were now. If anything, her mind raced with the possibility of making them even bigger.

A perfectly narrow waist, offset by round, voluptuous hips. Vivi was an hourglass beauty, a rarity for an Asian girl, an Asian bimbo specifically, if truth be told. Her black hair didn’t lighten blonde, not all bimbos are blonde after all, but it lengthened and fell until it pooled at her feet. Everything about her beauty was extreme. Her eyes were wide and round, surprised. Her lips were soft and plump. Vivi’s body was soft, curvy, with just the right amount of tone in the right places.

As far as Jack was concerned, she was perfect.

Sure, she’d never balance a budget again. Heck, Jack wasn’t certain he trusted Vivi to cook or do anything other than basic cleaning, being a trophy wife, and having sex. But none of that mattered, because he’d replaced his bitchy, cynical girlfriend with every man’s wet dream.

There wasn’t the faintest hint of respect in his eyes as he leered at Vivi, who had so adroitly bent over the couch to provide him access. She looked back at him, but her dark brown eyes were wide and vacant, they weren’t the eyes of the woman he once knew. Something possessive stirred inside of him, he had to claim her or it wasn’t finished.

Jack’s firm grip came to rest on either side of Vivi’s hips. Her clothes had morphed into an obscene halter top, which left everything beneath her breasts and her shoulders bare, with an equally ludicrous skirt that fell to Vivi’s knees with one quick tug. Her panties were gone entirely, and so her bare, wet sex was displayed for all to see. In the apartment anyways. The apartment’s audience was a crowd of one, but that one appreciated the view all-the-same.

Rock hard, Jack’s cock was dutiful as ever and ready to go. However, he took it slow, teasing his slut’s pussy with the head of his cock, moving up and down, side to side. Vivi whimpered with need. Not only had her pretty little head been drained of its intellect, the lust and arousal within her filled up what remained with fog. Until she could cum, she was no better than an animal in heat.

It didn’t take long for Jack’s primal urges to push him past the point as well. His head was as wet as it was going to be. There would be a little pain from ripping right into her, but the sensation of filling her, dominating her, mating her, it was instinct.

Jack’s hips lifted and fell as he moved in and out of the slut that was his girlfriend. Her pussy was greedy, once the initial pain of the sudden plunge had passed, the walls of her sex were contracting and expanding, eagerly sucking in his cock deeper and deeper, holding on tight so that she would never let go.

“Unh... unh... uuunnnhhhh....” Vivi could feel her first orgasm approaching, but something inside stopped her, held her on the brink. Jack was her pimp, her Master, she couldn’t cum until he did. “P-please...”

The luscious rear of his newly rebranded girlfriend made for the perfect hand holds as Jack positioned himself to piston into her, harder, faster. Her hair parted down the middle of her back, cascading to the floor from either side of her waist. Jack tensed up as he neared climax. His girlfriend’s pussy had never felt this good before. Of all the changes, he hadn’t expected the feel of her to get better. Possibly more blowjobs, a bit of anal play, fun things that they weren’t already doing, but even just the sensations coming from her pussy as it compressed against his cock was different and new.

“F-fuck.” Jack grunted, then he felt himself release, unloading into the slut’s womb. His orgasm last for several long seconds, he could feel copious amounts of his seed spill into her, so much that, when he pulled out, some of it began to dribble down her thigh.

Meanwhile, the tell-tale sounds of a bimbo in orgasm filled the apartment. She writhed and squealed, whimpering as the cock was taken from inside her. Jack watched in satisfaction and she turned her body around and sank to the floor, back against the couch. The brown eyes that stared up at him were so different, so needy, so... dim. It was perfect.

“M-master fuck me good.” Vivi finally managed, “good fuck. Fuck more?”

She’d become the perfect girlfriend.