The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Pet Teachers

by J. F. Gargiulo

The minivan cruised down the highway toward the retreat. The farther away from the city that it traveled, the more the highway became surrounded by trees. It was the first day of summer vacation, and the sun shone during the lazy afternoon.

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this,” Victoria said from the back of the car.

She rode with four of her coworkers, who were all high-school teachers.

“Well, I thought that this’d be good for us,” said Mildred, who drove.

“But for the whole summer?”

“Do you have anything else better to do?” Donna replied, who sat in the middle seat on the passenger’s side.

Victoria didn’t answer. For some reason, she still held on to the retreat’s brochure, which she now skimmed for the umpteenth time. It was one big nondescript building sitting on many acres out in the boonies, and it was supposed to get you centered with the universe or something.

One Madame Melanie ran The Transformation Retreat. Her bio was short on details, only saying that she was “a master of techniques guaranteed to free and transform your mind, body, heart, and soul.”

Oh, please, Victoria thought, shaking her head. She used to be our school’s guidance counselor …

“You okay back there?” Susan, who rode up front with Mildred, asked.

“Hmm? Yeah, I’m fine.”

Molly, who sat next to Donna, turned to face Victoria. “It’ll be okay, Vicky. We’re all here for each other.”

Victoria managed a weak smile. “I know.”

She was grateful for that, at least.

After another half hour on the road, the women finally reached their destination. After parking, they unpacked their carry-ons and walked toward the building. While doing so, Victoria couldn’t help but notice that theirs was the only car in the lot …

They entered the lobby, which was just as barebones as the exterior. Behind a desk typing at a computer was a woman in her late fifties. She stood up and came around to greet each guest in turn.

She was partially nude. The only clothing she wore were two hair elastics, which gave her pigtails.

“Welcome to The Transformation Retreat,” she said, in a low, husky voice. “I’m Elaine, the receptionist.”

The women stared at her birthday suit. Elaine was physically fit from head to toe. Her dark gray hair reached to her shoulders, and she had a round face and high cheekbones. Wrinkles, especially around her mouth, showed when she smiled, but Victoria felt that that only enhanced her beauty—that and her penetrating eyes.

“Uh, yeah—hi, Elaine,” Mildred said, “we’re happy to be here.”

Victoria couldn’t help but notice that Elaine’s eyes were glassy … The teacher asked, “Uh, so where are the other guests?”

“Oh, you’re the only ones, dear,” Elaine said.

Before anyone could respond, a voice from behind them said, “Ladies! It’s been forever!”

The group spun around to see Madame Melanie standing before them. She was middle-aged with long, curly brown hair and green eyes. She had a big smile and a big rack and was dressed in a loose, flowing white dress. She was also barefoot.

“Ooh, let me take a look at all of you!” she said before greeting everyone in turn with a hug and a kiss on each cheek.

Mildred was an English teacher. She stood 5 feet tall with blonde hair and wore dark clothes. She was skinny with a small rack. On her feet were black, open-toed, chunky-wedged flats, and her toenails were painted black.

Donna was also an English teacher. At 5-foot-5, she was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, pert woman. Curvy with a full chest, she always tended to have a smile on her face. Wearing a purple dress, she wore flip-flops and had French tips on her toes.

Susan, an American-history teacher, was a plump woman with big tits. Her hair was brown, short, and curly. She wore a green pantsuit with heels. Her toenails and lips were the same raspberry color.

Molly, the last English teacher in the group, also stood 5 feet. She wore a white dress and her brown hair in a ponytail. She was skinny and had a small chest, and she wore sandals on her feet. Her toenails were painted brown.

And then there was Victoria. A little over 5 feet tall, the world-history teacher had brown eyes and straight black hair with bangs over her forehead. She wore a shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

“Well, I can’t wait for us to catch up!” Melanie said. “Elaine will show you all to your rooms, and then we’ll have dinner—she’s such a wonderful cook!” She looked at Victoria. “I’ll explain everything then.”

Victoria nodded. “Sure …”

Elaine brought them to their rooms on the second floor. They were each furnished with a bed, a chair, a garbage can, and a lamp table. The bathroom was also very modest, with only a tub, sink, and toilet. The women were told that, once they were settled, dinner would be served at 7 in the dining room on the first floor.

“From this point forward, The Transformation Retreat requires you to wear your hair in pigtails and to be naked at all times,” Elaine said before leaving them. “You will find your hair elastics on your beds.”

“What? Are your kidding?” Victoria protested.

“Of course not,” Elaine said. “You must understand that this is Madame Melanie’s proven way of shedding the outside world and embracing your inner self.”

And with that, she left.

The guests looked at each other uncomfortably, but complied. After all, it was summer and the place was comfortable enough …

When it was time, they walked downstairs to the dining room, where Elaine sat them down and fed them a multi-course meal. Drinks consisted of water and wine. Melanie sat at the head of the table with Elaine, Victoria, and Mildred on one side and Susan, Molly, and Donna on the other.

“I can’t remember the last time I ate this well,” Mildred said.

“If there’s one thing I don’t miss about teaching, it’s the salary,” Melanie said, to which all but Elaine and Victoria agreed.

“So, what have you been doing since you left?” Victoria asked their hostess.

“Well, helping students inspired me to want to help everyone I can,” said Melanie. “So, I went back to school and, once I graduated, I opened up this retreat.”

“Right, right,” Victoria said. “And why are we the only ones here?”

“Because I want feedback. I want to get the last few kinks out before opening it up to everyone—”

“So you’re using us as guinea pigs?”

“Who better than some of my closest friends?”

“Right …”

Molly cleared her throat. “So why pigtails?”

“They symbolize our return to innocence and playfulness.” Melanie sipped her drink. “So, what’s going on with all of you?”

“Well, not to bring everyone down,” Mildred said, “but I thought coming here might help us cope.”

“With what?”

“Vicky and I recently got divorced, and our exes had custody over our kids. And Susan recently lost her husband.”

“I’m sorry to hear that … And Molly and Donna?”

“We’re just here for support,” Donna said.

“That’s very admirable … Well, why don’t we call it a night? I’ll prepare our itinerary for tomorrow so we can hit the ground running. Elaine will be down the hall from you if you need anything.”

The teachers agreed. As they returned to their rooms, Victoria said, “Okay, does all of this seem weird to any of you?”

“Yeah, I’m not feeling walking around naked,” Susan said.

“And she was very general when she answered my questions, wasn’t she?”

“True … So what are you getting at?” Mildred asked.

“We should leave.”

The others looked at each other. Then Molly asked, “Maybe give it one more day?”

Victoria sighed. “Yeah … Okay …”

So the next day, after breakfast, Melanie led the teachers in a session of yoga and meditation. Then, after lunch, she met with each guest privately in her office on the first floor, after which they spent time in the common room. All of them, even Victoria, felt better … though they couldn’t remember anything—

“Dinner is served,” Elaine said.

While they ate, the conversation centered on the glowing praise everyone had for the retreat. Even Victoria acknowledged that she was feeling better … but couldn’t help notice that everyone’s eyes seemed glassy …

That night, Melanie told her guests that a relaxation tape would be playing over the speakers in their rooms while they slept. She wanted then to give their opinions of it the following morning. While Victoria slept, she wore pigtails and walked into a room wearing skin-tight leather. Her four friends were stretched out over a bed on their backs, their legs raised. They all begged for mercy, but Victoria tied their two big toes together, and then worshipped and tickled their feet …

And then she bit their feet … and gave them bastinado … and poured hot candle wax on their feet …

They screamed and begged for mercy—

And Victoria woke up with a start. She turned on the lamp and found that she was wet between her legs. She wiped herself off and went back to sleep, though it took a while … In the meantime, she went through her dream, trying to understand it … and she liked it …

The next morning, everyone gave glowing reviews about the tapes. Mildred and Susan, in particular, said that they forgot what they were sad about … Victoria agreed, but didn’t say anything about her dream. And again, she noted that their eyes were glassy …

And so it went for the next week. Victoria never dreamed that she’d celebrate Groundhog Day in the summer …

Then one day after lunch, Melanie broke the routine.

“All right, ladies,” Melanie said, “into the common room for a new exercise.”

They sat on their yoga mats in a semicircle, with Victoria in the center. Mildred and Susan were to her left, and Molly and Donna were to her right.

Melanie sat facing them. “Now, let’s all take some time to look into ourselves. How many of you have ever been hypnotized?”

No one said anything or raised a hand.

“All right, well, hypnosis is a powerful tool that will help you all relax and come to grips with whatever is ailing you. Now, let’s begin. Deep breath in, hold it … exhale … Good. Again … Good. Now, close your eyes, relax, and listen to my voice …”

When Victoria woke up, she was sitting in a chair, unable to move, even though she wasn’t strapped down. Before her were her friends, staring blankly into space, sitting with their feet flat on the floor and hands in their laps.

A puff of smoke accompanied a bang and sparks from the middle of the room. As the smoke cleared, Melanie stepped forth. She was dressed in black high heels, fishnet stockings, a white shirt, a black vest, and a black top hat. At her feet was a bag of props, and in one hand she held a thin black wand with a white tip.

“Melanie?” Victoria asked, confused.

“No, my pet teacher, that’s Madam Melanie, Mistress of Mesmerism.”


“I am your mistress, your owner, your goddess. You will worship me and serve me and obey me.”

“Like hell!”

“Your friends seem to disagree.”

Melanie then made mindless puppets out of the four teachers. They all saw funny and sad movies with their eyes closed and reacted accordingly. They fanned themselves to keep cool in the ninety-degree room, but then huddled for warmth when the temperature dropped to ten below zero. Mildred forgot her name while Donna couldn’t figure out how, despite having five fingers on each hand, she counted eleven in total. Molly flexed their muscles in a bodybuilding competition, while Susan found herself glued to her chair. Supermodels Mildred and Donna strutted up and down the runway. Then they showed off their best belly-dancing moves.

“Enough!” Victoria yelled. “What the hell’s all this supposed to be? You auditioning for a Vegas act of something?”

“No, of course not,” Melanie replied. “I’m doing this because I want to, because I want all of you. Ever since I first met all of you you’ve gotten me so horny. You won’t believe how much I’ve squirted at the thought of all of you worshipping me. Well, I had to think of a way to get you all here. And given my penchant for helping people, and my natural powers of persuasion, this whole ruse seemed like the best way possible.”

“You’re crazy!”

“No, I’m horny and patient. I’m going to live off of all of you. I’ve already drained all of you dry, and closed all necessary accounts and destroyed all of your cellphones and belongings. And the minivan’s been sold. All of you have even submitted the necessary paperwork to resign from your jobs.”

“That’s a lie!”

“Is it?”

Victoria tried to think … but she couldn’t be sure. Everything since she got here was such a blur …

“I’m going to keep you all here as my pet teachers. Observe.”

Melanie walked behind her volunteers. She tapped Susan on her head with the wand, and the teacher immediately got on all fours and started purring and meowing. She crawled around a bit before sitting on her haunches and licking the back on her hand.

“Why, what a good kitty you are!” Melanie said sweetly as she stroked Susan’s hair.

The history teacher purred and rubbed her face against Melanie’s leg.

“Susan, stop!” Victoria cried.

Susan reared back and hissed.

“No, Susan, bad kitty! Be nice to Vicky!”

Melanie took out of her bag a catnip ball attached to a stick by a string.

“Kitty wants this, hmm, don’t you? C’mon, get it!”

Melanie swung it back and forth and bobbed it up and down. Susan’s eyes widened as she twitched her nose, rubbed her face, and meowed happily. She pawed at the ball, which was always just out of her reach. Melanie walked around the chairs; Susan climbed on to her chair.

“Susan, look here,” ordered Melanie.

The tip of the wand encompassed all that Susan knew of the world. With a tap on the nose, Melanie said, “Sleep.”

Susan collapsed onto the chair and fell off of it to the floor, dead to the world.

Melanie then tapped Mildred on her head with the wand. The English teacher got on all fours and sniffed around the two empty chairs, barking and growling intermittently. When Melanie came to her, Mildred kneeled before her mistress and nuzzled her. Melanie, in return, petted her.

“What a sweet little pup!” Melanie said. She reached into the bag and took out a rawhide bone.

When Mildred saw the bone being shaken before her eyes, she whipped herself up into a frenzy, barking loudly and turning around a few times.

Melanie whistled, shook the bone, feigned throwing it, and said, “You want it? You want it?” She threw the bone, which landed a few feet away, and said, “Go get it, girl! Go get it!”

Mildred raced to her prize, grabbed it with her mouth and took it back to her mistress. Melanie took the bone as her subject stared at her with adoring, glassy eyes. She kneeled, hands up to her chest and shaking her tight ass.

Mistress and mutt played fetch a couple more times before Melanie patted the puppy on the head and scratched her belly. Mildred panted ever so happily, leg twitching in the air. Melanie told her bitch to eat the bone, and the more that she did, then the more she’d feel sleepy and fall into a trance.

Mildred obeyed, licking and gnawing it happily … then slowly … then more slowly … then falling asleep.

Next, Melanie came to Donna. Melanie tapped Donna’s head with her wand, and the teacher hopped up onto her chair and scratched her head and armpits, chattering and howling like a monkey. She walked across the empty chairs on her knuckles and toes, and then jumped into Melanie’s arms.

Donna wrapped her arms around Melanie’s neck and her legs around her waist. She puckered her lips and gave Melanie a wet kiss on the cheek.

“My, you’re a nice little monkey, aren’t you? Now, c’mon, let’s get down.”

Donna blew a raspberry and hopped onto a chair.

“Tell me, monkey-girl, is Vicky’s hair dirty?” Melanie asked.

Donna ambled to her frozen friend and climbed into her lap. Donna grabbed hold of Victoria’s head and groomed her, miming eating bugs.

“Stop! Make her stop!” Victoria screeched.

“Okay, Donna, that’s enough,” Melanie said. “Come.”

Donna ambled back.

“Are you still hungry?”

Donna nodded.

Melanie reached into her bag and took out a banana.

Donna chattered and screamed with excitement.

“Okay, my monkey-girl, you can have it, but you have to peel it as a monkey would. Understand?”

Donna nodded furiously. Melanie handed her the banana, which Donna snatched quickly. She sat on the floor and held the fruit as tight as she could with the toes of her left foot. She peeled it with the toes of her right foot. She messily ate her snack.

“Good girl, but it’s time to take a nap.”

She tapped Donna with her wand and the English teacher collapsed into a trance, fast asleep.

Melanie then turned to Molly. She tapped Molly on the head and the teacher stood up. Back and knees bent, she scratched the floor with her bare toes. Fists tucked into her armpits, she flapped her arms and clucked as she walked the floor aimlessly.

Melanie said, “All right, chick, come back here … Stand next to me … Good. Now, push.” She snapped her fingers.

Immediately, Molly squatted down and spread her legs, trying to lay an imaginary egg. She clucked and flapped furiously, anguish written on her face, hopping up and down. Melanie made a popping sound with her mouth.

“Good job, chick! You’ve just laid an egg!” After giving Molly a few seconds to catch her breath, Melanie snapped her fingers again and said, “Push.”

This time the fake egg was a cube, and Molly hopped up and down trying to get it out. Her eyes bulged, and she stretched her neck and let out a high-pitched caw before Melanie ended her torment.

“You’re such sturdy hen! But you obviously need your rest.” She presented the tip of the wand before Molly’s eyes and shook it. “C’mon, get the worm …”

Molly pecked at the stick. Once she did, her eyes rolled back in her head and she collapsed to the floor, deep asleep.

Melanie then walked over to Victoria and bowed.

“What the fuck was that?” Victoria asked.

“A demonstration of my power,” Melanie replied. “I’m going to spend the rest of the summer stripping them of their humanity and turning them into my pets.”

“And me? Why tell me all of this? What if I escape?”

“You won’t. You’ve been resistant to my private hypnosis sessions—I mean, you’ve still gone under, but you haven’t taken to obeying me as your friends have. So, I’m going to have to up my game.” She snapped her fingers and said, “Sleep.”

Victoria obeyed.

When Victoria woke up, she was in a dimly lit room. She struggled to get up, but couldn’t. This time, however, her arms, legs, ankles, neck, and forehead were strapped down. A blank movie screen was in front of her … and between them was—


“Welcome to my control room.”

“You crazy bitch! Let me go!” Victoria screamed.

“Now, now, that’s no way to speak to your mistress.” Melanie snapped her fingers and Elaine walked up to Victoria from the left. The receptionist forced the teacher’s eyelids open with metal prongs. She administered drops of water into Victoria’s eyes and stood behind the chair. Melanie walked toward the control panel for the entire room, which was just to the right.

“Melanie! Take this shit out of my eyes!” Victoria screamed.

“Victoria,” Melanie said sternly, “watch and learn.”

The room went completely black and the screen lit up. Victoria gasped as she was bombarded by images and videos of girl-on-girl humiliation, servitude, foot worship and tickling, and women acting like bimbos for their mistresses … And there were subliminal messages of Valley Speak expressions thrown in for good measure.

And as Victoria screamed for all of it to stop, Elaine calmly continued to drop water into the world-history teacher’s eyes. To condition her victim, Melanie spoke to Victoria, telling her that everything that she was watching was beautiful and how she should behave. Exciting the teacher’s tits and clit also helped, as well as kissing her cheeks and feet.

When the session was over, Victoria was released and thrown into her room by Elaine. The door was locked from the outside. Victoria quickly searched for a way out, but found none.

But then she remembered the pad of paper and pen that brought with her, and which she hid under her pillow. She didn’t want to fear the worst, but nonetheless wrote on it and put it everything under her pillow …

Her dinner was served to her as the prisoner she was, and it was … well, the offspring of airline and hospital food … That night, she slept fitfully, dreaming the same dream, hearing the same subliminal messages …

The next day was more, as Melanie called them, “home movies.” At lunchtime, Victoria was forced onto all fours and made to lick breakfast and lunch off of Melanie’s bare feet. She refused, but the collar around her neck shocked her into submission …

Victoria’s next lesson was one of endurance. How long could she last before begging for mercy? That is, how long could she last being tickled numb? How long could she last until the bastinado started peeling the skin off of her purple soles?

She was then sent to her room with no dinner—just because. Victoria soon lost all track of time. The home movies seemed to go on forever, but once you’ve seen one whore get candle wax dripped onto her feet, then you’ve seen them all …

Her tortures also became varied. Some days her head was held under water, some days it was encased in a plastic bag. Some days Elaine sat on her face or chest, some days Melanie stuck pins into her soles, some days Victoria’s bare soles were propped before a space heater. In any event, Victoria realized that the less she spoke out, the more her torture wouldn’t last long and the more her meals got better—when she actually got them.

After some time, Melanie told Victoria, “I am very pleased with your progress.”

Victoria was strapped down this time to a table in the control room. She wanted desperately to go to sleep, but for the past few nights, every time she tried to, loud noises or music would keep her up …

“Please, Melanie … I’m so tired. Let me sleep.”

“In due time, Vicky.”

“Please …”

Melanie slowly walked backward into the shadows.

A door opened and closed. Meowing …

Victoria screamed as Susan jumped onto the table. The teacher’s eyes were glassy, and she crawled across Victoria’s body. The table lowered to floor level and kitty litter fell onto Victoria’s body from the ceiling.

“Melanie, please, no!”

Susan mewed and crawled on top of Victoria. She licked herself and gave herself a bath.

“Get her off—I can’t breathe!”

“Kitty, do your business,” Melanie said.

And she did, pissing and shitting all over Victoria, who screamed for her to stop and snap out of it … but Susan didn’t listen. When the hypnotized teacher was done, Elaine hosed Victoria clean with a powerful blast.

Victoria coughed and spat out water as Melanie said, “Expect to be treated like shit until you learn your place under my feet.”

Susan was dismissed. A door opened and closed. Barking …

Mildred sniffed Victoria all over her body and licked her. She took particular interest in her coworker’s bare feet. She lied down next to them and ritually licked her toes and soles.

Melanie raised the table till it was diagonal to the floor. Mildred crawled back, but then jumped onto Victoria’s leg and humped her till she pissed all over. The table was lowered to the floor again, and Mildred crouched over Victoria’s stomach and took a dump.

When the hypnotized teacher was done, Elaine hosed Victoria off again.

Victoria coughed and spat out water as Melanie said, “Expect to be treated like shit until you learn your place under my feet.”

Mildred was dismissed. A door opened and closed. Chattering …

Donna lumbered in, holding a bunch of bananas. She sat next to Victoria and peeled a banana with her toes, and then force-fed Victoria. Then Donna fed herself till all of the bananas were gone.

Again Melanie raised the table till it was diagonal to the floor. Donna crouched in front of Victoria, and her stomach gurgled. She howled, put her hand under her butthole, and shat in it. Then she threw her shit at Victoria, who closed her eyes, nose, and mouth as tightly as she could.

When the hypnotized teacher was done, Elaine hosed Victoria off again.

Victoria coughed and spat out water as Melanie said, “Expect to be treated like shit until you learn your place under my feet.”

Donna was dismissed. A door opened and closed. Clucking …

Molly pecked aimlessly at the air. Elaine pronged Victoria’s eyes open. She clipped Victoria’s nose with a clothespin, forcing the teacher to breathe through her mouth. The table was lowered to the floor again.

“This is probably as good a time as any to tell you that I’ve made use of Elaine’s training as a biochemist. I met her when I went back to school, and she became my first convert. She’s whipped up for me some very potent serums that gradually allow humans to adopt animal traits. It doesn’t turn them into animals, but it makes it easier for their bodies to adapt to animal behaviors. So, two of your friends will forever go on all fours, one will forever eat with her feet, and one will forever—well, you’ll see …”

She cleared her throat. “Molly, come and eat.” She spread seed over Victoria’s vagina and clit.

Molly obeyed, pecking at Victoria’s private parts. The teacher wanted to scream in outrage, but ended up screaming in pleasure.

“Good Molly! Look at the nice nest Mistress has made for you,” Melanie said, pointing to Victoria’s open mouth. “Now, lay your egg!”

“No!” Victoria cried.

“Yes!” Melanie said.

Molly strutted over to Victoria’s open mouth and squatted over it. Victoria could do nothing but stare at Molly’s small, pink, wrinkly butthole. Molly relaxed her clucking, bobbing her ass up and down. The teacher’s stomach gurgled, and her butthole started to widen into a black, gaping maw.

“Please … no more shit …” Victoria pleaded.

But there wasn’t any shit or piss. Instead, a round, white object began to appear … A ball?

“That’s right, chick,” Melanie soothed, lightly stroking Molly’s back, “lay your egg for your mistress and feed Victoria.”

Molly breathed heavily and started pushing an egg out of her tiny ass. The round, white thing crowning from her friend’s ass captivated Victoria. After a few pushes, it landed inside Victoria’s open mouth. Victoria’s eyes pooled with tears, which streamed down her face.

“Good girl,” Melanie said. “Now, crack it open for Vicky so she can eat her breakfast.”

Molly got up and turned around, kneeling over Victoria. She pecked at the egg with her nose and teeth, and when it finally cracked, Molly lifted her head up, clucking loudly and flapping wildly. The whites, yolk, and shell pieces filled Victoria’s mouth.

“Remember to chew and swallow,” Melanie said.

Victoria had no choice but to comply. Molly was dismissed.

When the torture was done, Elaine hosed Victoria down for no reason.

Victoria coughed and spat out water as Melanie said, “Expect to be treated like shit until you learn your place under my feet.”

Victoria was returned to her room. Before she went to sleep, she wondered how it was that the incident with Molly didn’t make her crack …

She wept when she realized the pun. Her only solace was that her ex and son didn’t see her like this …

The next day, Victoria was once again strapped down to the control chair, eyes pronged open. She was forced to watch her friends worship Melanie’s body, especially her feet … She was forced to watch Melanie self-worship her feet … She was forced to watch Melanie masturbate and squirt onto her …

“Will you benefit from your therapy and accept me, Vicky?” Melanie asked.

“No,” said a tired Victoria, her voice hoarse. “Fuck you.”

“Well, then you leave me no choice.”

Elaine removed the prongs and, sitting right in front of her captive, Melanie rubbed her bare feet all over Victoria’s face. She was forced to kiss each soft, long toe; lick each sole from the heel up; smell in between each toe …

And Melanie stuffed her foot into Victoria’s mouth, choking her with the other. She berated Victoria for not accepting her feet, and she drove the point home by smacking the teacher with her bare feet.

“Please, no more! I can’t take this anymore!” Victoria cried, tears flowing from her eyes. “Please, Melanie, I … I …”

“You’ll what, my pet teacher?”

Victoria cried more.

“All right, fine, then. Elaine! Hook her up!”

The history teacher was removed from her chair and strapped to a metal frame. Electrodes were taped to her soles, toes, temples, stomach, and clit.

“Please, Melanie—”

The torturer flipped a switch on the control panel and her temples and toes were shocked. Victoria screamed until the pain stopped.

Melanie said, in a tone that got across the message that this was what Victoria was supposed to say, “I am sorry, my mistress. I love and obey you.”

Victoria heaved and then said, “I’m—”

Shocks to her soles and stomach.

“Did I use a contraction?”

“No …”

“Then repeat.”

“I am sorry, my mistress. I love and obey you.”

“Good girl! Now say, ‘I slave for my mistress every day. I love her bare feet in every way.”

“I slave for my mistress every day. I love her bare feet in every way.”

“Good! Now say, ‘My name is, has been, and always will be Vicky.’”

“My name is, has been, and always will be—Victoria,” the teacher said.

Her clit was shocked.

“My name is, has been, and always will be Vicky,” the teacher said.

And on it went. Victoria was shocked some more … until finally it came time for Melanie’s last stroke.

“Now, Vicky, my pet, my slave, my bimbo—show me your love! Forget your past life! Forget all of the hardships and heartaches and headaches! Embrace your new role under me! What do you say, my little shit? Tell me now, now and forever—what is your final decision?”

All of the electrodes were turned on, and Victoria screamed, but she then made her final decision …

And once Victoria made her final decision, something clicked inside her head. It was, surprisingly, an easy decision in the end, one that resulted in a wave of calmness and peace all over her body—her current torture notwithstanding.

All of the pain and sorrow in her life instantly dissolved, to her relief. She had thought about this moment for a while, and it scared her. She swore that she’d put up a wall to prevent Melissa from getting inside her mind.

Melanie turned off the electrodes. “What is your final decision?

Victoria’s eyes turned glassy, and her open mouth became a goofy smile … “I …”

“Yes?” Melanie asked.

Victoria screeched, “I, like, love you, my mistress, fer shur! Like, totally!”

Melanie smiled. “Go on, my pet,” she said, pleased.

“Being yer slave will be, like, so totally tre! Like, O. M. G. So trippendicular to the max! Yer, like, such a zlint betty, you know! Like, seriously!”

“Indeed. And you wish to be with me, as my slave, ruling over our pets? You’re sure you don’t want to go back—”

“Uh, as if! Totally grody to the max!”

Melanie smiled. “Like, seriously?”

“Uh, yuh! I’d rather you, like, so gag me with a spoon!”

“No way!”


“You’re sure?”

“I’m, like, so suuuuure! It’s so betchin’ to, like, be yer, you know, betch!”

Melanie lightly kissed Vicky’s forehead. She let Vicky go free, and led her into her bedroom, which was much more lavishly furnished than any other room in the retreat. A plush, queen-sized bed was centered on the far side of the room.

Melanie gave her new slave a collar, hanging from which was Vicky’s name in a heart pendant. She held up a mirror to Vicky’s face so her newest slave could see how beautiful she looked.

“What do you think?” Melanie asked.

“Like, so totally betchin’! Seriously!”

Melanie laid on her bed and breastfed her newest convert, who happily drank from both tits till she was full.

Stroking Vicky’s hair, Melanie said, “Thanks to you, my little shit, I now have a name for the conversion therapy that you’ve been through.”

Vicky wiped her mouth on her mistress’s hair. “An’, like, what would that betchin’ name be, Mistress? Like?”

“Self-Obliteration,” Melanie said, smiling.

Vicky stared blankly at Melanie. “O. M. G. … I, like, have no idea what that, like, ginormous word means!”


“Like, totally!”

That night, Melanie had Elaine give Vicky a pedicure, since her toenails all this time weren’t painted. Vicky chose to have her toes painted pink because, as she put it, “I’m, yuh know, like, a girl? What?”

After her toes were dry, Melanie walked Vicky around the retreat on all fours on her leash.

“Mistress, it, like, so hurts to walk like this! Totally grody!”

“To the max, my little shit?”

“Uh, yuh!”

“I know, Vicky, but tomorrow we’ll start your treatments, and then it won’t hurt walking on hands and knees.”

“O. M. G. Am I going to be, like, a dog, like, you know? Mildred? Or, uh, a pwecious widdle kitty-kat, like, you know, Susan?”

“No, I want you as you are, Vicky. I’ll give you a light dose and take it from there … Okay, do your business and then it’s time for bed!”

“Like, fer shur!”

When they returned to Melanie’s room, Vicky said, “O. M. G. This room is, like, so. Totally. Trippendicular. Betchin’! Sooooo much more zlint than, like, my room … Mistress, like, Mistress? Am I gonna, like, you know, live hare with you? … Like?”

“You’ll live with me, sweet thing!” Melanie said as she stripped naked and lied on the bed, her bare feet right on the edge. She snapped her fingers. “To my feet, Vicky. Worship them till I tell you to stop.”

“I, like, hare and I, like, you know, obey—fer shur!”

And Vicky licked Melanie’s feet and sucked her toes. Melanie’s feet stank, and Vicky thought that she wouldn’t like it … but it actually made her hornier. She stuffed both feet in her mouth till she choked. Melanie smacked her wet feet against Vicky’s face. Vicky cummed on the floor.

Melanie sighed heavily and lied back down. “Ah, this is the life.”

“Like, fer shur, my betchin’ bae! You, like, so totally own me!”

That night, Vicky made love to her mistress and slept in her arms. The two women then fell into a contented sleep, one dreaming of dominating, the other dreaming of being dominated …

The next day, Melanie ordered Vicky to clean out her old room because, as she said, “everything in there is false and a reminder of what you were, not who and what you are and always will be.”

Not only that, but she had to clean the room before she could play with the animals—or, as she came to call them, “the, like, totally super-cute zlint aminals—like, fer shur!”

But Vicky didn’t find anything that … seemed familiar, but such things were totally distant memories now … Then she came across a note written in a handwriting that … looked familiar—of course, it was hers.

She read it:

I am Victoria, a high-school teacher. I am writing this message tomyself in case Melanie breaks me. You are I; I am you. You must saveyour friends—Mildred, Susan, Donna, and Molly—from Melanie. They’reyour coworkers—you’re all teachers. You have an ex-husband and a son!Melanie is your school’s former guidance counselor, and an evil torturerand hypnotist. Don’t fall for her tricks and lies! Stay strong, Victoria!Love yourself and your friends! Always remember who and what they are,and who and what you are! I love you!

Vicky skimmed it a couple more times … She stared at the letter. She cocked her head. And then it dawned on her …

“O. M. G. … This Victoria person, like, dotted the i’s with little tiny dots, instead of, like, yuh know, cute little hearts …” She wrinkled her face. “Grody to the max! Like, totally!”

She crumpled the note up and threw it in the trash.

As summer ended, Melanie announced that she would be moving herself, Vicky, Elaine, and their pets.

“Like, where are we gonna, yuh know, go and stuff?” Vicky asked.

“Far away from here,” Melanie said.

“Will I still, like, be able to suck milk from yer de-lish titties? Like?”

“Of course! I just want us all to be safe.”

Vicky gasped. “Yuh mean, like, people wanna hurt us and, like, stuff?”

“I don’t want to give them any reason to start, so that’s why we must leave.”


So a motor home was bought and the retreat was sold for a hefty sum. All necessary belongings, which weren’t much, were loaded onto their new home. Elaine was ordered to sit in the back to watch over the pets. Melanie sat up front in the driver’s seat while Vicky was ordered to sit next to her. Melanie, for the first time in a while, got dressed and ordered her slaves to dress up as well.

“Like, this is, like, so totally grody to the max!” she complained. “I like it hare! And I don’t wanna wear clothes!”

“Vicky, you will do as you’re told,” Melanie said.

She sneered. “Like, whatever!”

“Don’t you dare take that tone with me, you little bimbo-shit! I don’t want people snooping around or police called. You, Elaine, and the pets would be taken away from me. Would you want that?”

Vicky’s eyes widened with fear. “O. M. G., like, no, fer shur! I’m, like, so totally sorry fer not bein’, like, zlint ’n’ stuff, Mistress.”

“It’s all right,” Melanie said, stroking her slave’s hair. “You can’t expect to think deeply about anything, since you’re a bimbo, so you’ll just have to trust me on everything. Besides, we can always set up a new retreat somewhere else.”

“Like, totally trippendicular, Mistress! I, like, love you!”

“Same here, Vicky.”

And they left, never to return. Where they went, where they are now, only they know, and they’re not telling.

But, as Melanie drove, a thought lurked in the back of Vicky’s head as she slept. Something about boys … a man and boy … husband son … She dreamed of these people, these blurry outlines …

She woke up. She couldn’t make any sense of her dream, since she was a bimbo, but at the same time … she didn’t tell anyone she was so shaken by it. The images, the feelings of sadness, dread, and loss washed over her. She wanted to cry, but she didn’t want to make her mistress angry or upset.

So she went back to sleep and made herself think of fucking her mistress and licking her feet and playing with their pets …

But if the bad images and feelings came back, then … Well, for reasons that she couldn’t totally understand, she’d be fine with that. In fact, maybe she’d keep them to herself and try to figure them out on her own …

For sure.