The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Title: Peter and Wendy

Synopsis: Wendy finds that Peter Pan is not at all like the character in the book by JM Barrie.

Peter Pandragon was a twenty-nine-year-old recluse; he was an exceptionally bright and handsome man but had no social skills at all, the reasons behind this were as follows.

Born in 1950 into a family of three girls was not of his choice, and growing up in this environment had created many dysfunctions. His mother was a very hard working woman and was very rarely there; His Father had been injured during the Second World War and had died as a consequence in 1954. He was looked after and nursed by his sisters. His eldest sister Wendy, who was fourteen when he was born, had an evil streak. She read some exotic literature written in the Victorian era about sexual fetishes and control. She also had a fervent dislike of men and therefore decided to make it her life’s work to ruin him. As a baby, he slept on a rubber sheet, and when he was out of nappies, she kept him in rubber panties. All his sisters had rubberised mackintoshes and he was often put to bed wearing one of these.

When his evil sister was sixteen, she started working for a local solicitor and did very well. Wendy travelled to and from her place of work on the bus. Very few people had a private car so the buses were always full. One day, when she was on her way home from work, there was a magazine lying on the seat, she chose to sit on. Wendy had never seen this publication before so she picked it up to read. The publication was entitled Exchange and Mart and it was full of consumer items that could be procured mail order. There were sections on every imaginable product group and towards the back there were pages of fashion. She was surprised to see and number of suppliers advertising rubber and latex clothing.

She took the magazine home and wrote to all of these suppliers requesting catalogues. Over then next few weeks, she had received eleven sales brochures and catalogues from different suppliers. She ordered some magazines from these publications and some latex clothing for a little girl. The magazines gave her an insight into a different world where she learned all about BSDM and a host of special suppliers. She set aside money from her wages each week and used this fund, to buy her instruments of torture.

Before Paul started school, he was always dressed in little girl clothes made of latex. He wore latex 24/7 and when he was five and he started school he was sent to there with girl’s latex underwear under his shirt and shorts. It did not take him long to discover that no one else was wearing latex so he kept himself very much to himself.

Not being interrupted by social consideration meant Peter buried himself in his studies. By the time he was eight he had the IQ of an eleven year old and pasts he eleven plus with flying colours. He was still wearing girls clothing at home and even though he knew this was not right, he did not complain. He liked the feel of latex and did not like it when he had to wear normal fabrics whenever proprietary demanded it.

The local education committee gave him a scholarship to a special boarding school and his Mother insisted he should go. Leaving all his beloved latex at home, he embarked on a seven-year educational bonanza. At fifteen, he left academia having obtained seven “A” levels at the highest grades. No one in this special school had ever achieved such high scores and he was spirited away into a Government research centre. Here he was not sharing his sleeping arrangements with anyone, he was given a small flat in the grounds of the complex, where he could renew his acquaintance with latex.

He worked on a number of top-secret projects that were related to the cold war and in 1971; he was called into a meeting with the Head of Research. In the meeting, he was told the intelligence service had uncovers details of a research programme behind the iron curtain that involved mind control. The Director asked Paul if he thought this was possible. Paul thought about it and said “Very probable there are drugs that can induce a suggestible state and there may be broadcast frequency’s that can inject thoughts. We know that subliminal suggestions can be delivered though the optic canal. The head of research knowing that Peter preferred to work alone, said he would provide facilities for Peter to test out all these possibilities with the aim of developing a foolproof mechanism for mind control.

For eight years, Peter slaved in his lonely laboratory testing out every conceivable method for injecting thoughts into the mind of a person. Peter had been working on his various scenarios for every working hour for two years when he had a slight breakdown. Unbeknown to him the Complex head had been concerned about Peter working all alone and had installed CCTV in his lab and a fulltime observer.

When Peter collapsed, his observer called the medics and he was whisked away to hospital almost before he hit the ground. In hospital, they diagnosed that it was due to stress and that he needed to rest and interact socially with his family and friends.

After spending two weeks in hospital, he was sent home to his family. His sister Wendy was now married with two children and his other two sisters were working in foreign parts. His Mother had retired due to a back problem and was almost house bound. When Peter arrived at home he was surprised to see his bedroom as it was when he left years earlier, it looked as though it had never been cleaned in that time also.

When he questioned his mother, she told him that Wendy would never allow her to go in there and now she could not even if she wanted too. Peter moved into hi sister’s room living out of his suitcase. He still slept in a latex nightshirt and now he access to a whole host of female clothing. He stayed in his room for hours trying on clothes and while he was doing this, something in his brain shifted.

He took off all the female clothing and put it all away and that night he didn’t sleep in latex.

Next morning, he went shopping and bought several outfits; mostly smart casual clothing from one of the high street menswear shops. Taking his new purchases home, he got dresses in one of these outfits and then told his mother, he was going to visit Wendy. His Mother tried to talk him out of this but he was determined. Taking a taxi, he dropped in on Wendy unannounced and found her at home with her two young children.

When he rang the doorbell, she tried to not let him in, telling him it was not convenient and to come back in an hour. Peter thought he probably knew why, so pushed his way in. What he found shocked him to the core. His two little nephews where dressed as little girls with frilly latex dresses and their feet were forced into strange looking boots and their hands were secured behind their backs. Wendy tried to make light of this and get Peter’s endorsement. Peter grabbed Wendy and forced her to the ground, then using silk ties that the boys had been playing with, he bound her hands and feet into a hogtie. Using her telephone, he called the security chief at the complex where he worked. He explained the situation to the man on the other end and asked what he should do.

The man took his number a said he would call back. Twenty minutes later the head of research called and told him to stay there the collection team were on their way. While he waited, he searched the house and found in the boy’s bedroom nothing ’ but latex clothing the only item of clothing that could be worn out in public, were two woollen coats.

In the master bedroom, there were two single beds, one was made up normally and the other had a large latex bag laid over it. Peter had no idea what the bag was for so went back down stairs. He tried to release the boy’s hands but the manacles were locked so he played with them as best he could. The cavalry eventually arrived and two nurses took the boys away. Wendy was carried as she was out to a van and laid in the back. No one bothered to untie her. All the men were dressed in black military uniforms and the leader asked if Peter needed a ride. Peter accepted but asked if they could go via his Mother’s house, so he could collect his things.

When they got back to the research complex, Peter was taken into see the Director and they chatted for three hours. During that time, Peter told of his child hood and what Wendy, had forced upon him. They discussed how he felt now. Peter said “I think I still like latex but something has changed in my mind I don’t feel the need to hide anymore. At the end of the discussions, it was agreed that Peter would go back to work but this time he would have a team to support him. As he walked out of the door the Director told him that his nephews were in the hands of the social workers and that Wendy was in a holding cell on the site, as an aside the Director joked that Peter could use her as a guinea pig.

Peter went back to his apartment and started throwing out all the female under things and nightwear, he place them all in a large bag and planned to take it to the tip when he could. He also listened to Jazz music, which was played in the car on the way back and he determined that he liked it.

At school he had read thousands of books and many books of poetry. Up until now he reviewed all this literature as fiction, but now he could see that most were based on the real world. I recognised that he was a misfit because of Wendy and he would have to overcome it.

Next day when he returned to his lab he decided that if he was going to need a team to support him, he had better get some order into his research. He reviewed each topic and sorted all the volumes of information into a chronological ordered system.

While he was reviewing this structure he noticed same gaping holes in his research so he started creating lists of things to be done.

After five days, hard slog he had everything in order and a list of fifteen areas where more research was necessary. On the sixth day he looked at the first item on his list and followed that tangent until he was satisfied he had a conclusion. Assessing the whole research he realised that the inclusion of this missing knowledge had delivered a working hypothesis. He commenced building a device that would insert words onto the fringes of a television screen at frequencies of 100 MHz and a display signal to blank ratio of 82 to 1. He used a 625-line television and a Z80 microprocessor to feed the words onto the screen in a form the eye would not see.

When he got it all to work with the display ratio at 1-1, the words were visible, he moved the ratio back to 82-1 and the words were invisible. Now he needed to script that could be tested and a victim to try it on.

He decided to see if Wendy was still available and he could then choose a script that would suite her. He contacted the Director and told him exactly what he had achieved and what he needed. A test was set up, Wendy would be given a TV in her cell for two weeks and Peter could maintain the scripts remotely

The first script he used was “Wendy loves the feel of latex” and Wendy watched two days of programmes with that on”.

The next script was “Wendy is very sorry for what she did to Peter” Wendy was given this for two days.

The next script was the main test script that said, “Wendy will sneeze every time she hears her name”. This script was left on for a week. The warders reported that Wendy did sneeze whenever they called her by name. Peter then changed the TV so it would cycle through the first two scripts.

At the end of two weeks, the TV was taken out of Wendy’s cell and Peter went to see her. When he entered she was overwhelmed with remorse, she apologies profusely and could not stop while he was in the room, she also asked him if he had any latex clothing she could borrow.

Back in the lab, Peter concluded that the scripts had become too engrained and they did not need that much exposure. It was two days before he was ready to try again and he asked, for his TV to be returned. After a lengthy time delay, he again asked the maintenance staff where it was, and was told it had gone astray.

He expressed upon them the importance of this set and told them to find it.

While he waited, he moved onto the next item on his list and absorbed himself in the research. Two weeks later, he again asked where the television was and the maintenance staff said they were still looking.

Peter was not too worried it would only present a problem if the watcher’s name was Wendy. He decided that he should check that none of the Wendy’s on site had been given the TV. He acquired a list of seven Wendy’s resident on the complex and visited each one in turn verified that none had the TV. Feeling much more relaxed he went back to work.

Unfortunately, the TV had been placed in an empty apartment and no one had looked in there since. Peter went back to work, this time he was researching the chemical composition of the brain and research results on the plethora of test results for thousand of different chemical compounds. He had narrowed down the compounds of interest to 29 and he ordered samples of each of these.

Another week went by before he had received all the samples and he started playing with his very expensive chemistry set. He isolated all the raw components and then created different combinations of components onto labelled test tubes.

After three weeks of combining all the possible combinations, he had 841 test tubes. He was putting the last test tube in its holder when the Director walked in. Peter updated him on his progress and asked how he could undertake a trial. The Director said, “I have some good news we have found the first member of your team, her name is “Miss Potter” and she has been here for two weeks”.

Peter said, “When can she start, she could undertake the testing once I have defined a suitable test”. The Director said, “She can start on Monday and as it is Friday why not take some time off. Before the Director left Peter asked how Wendy was and the Director said, “She is no longer with us but I believe, she will only wear latex”. Peter said “those scripts were two strong, we need that TV back to we can find a more appropriate setting before I can publish any results. The Director said “It been nearly a month now perhaps you had better build another one”.

Peter agreed to do that once the chemical testing was underway, as the Director left the lab.

Peter finished up his notes locked everything in safe storage and then locked the lab.

He decided if he were going to have two days off, he would find somewhere nice to go. Back in his apartment, he made several phone calls and settled on a visit to the seaside. He ordered a taxi to take him to the station and packed a weekend case. Walking out of the apartment, he saw a very attractive woman going into the apartment at the end of the corridor. He had not seen her before and thought it would be nice to get to know her once he was back.

At the train station, he bought a ticket to Scarborough and had a tremendous weekend.

He arrived back in his apartment at 22:25 on Sunday evening and he was so tired he went to bed. He awoke at his normal time and was at his desk before 07:30. He was sitting at his desk writing various test scripts, for the chemical trials and settled on the following, “For the next sixty minutes, you will forget all the names of the days of the week”. That one was easy to deliver and easy to test and had now possible repercussions to a person’s safety”.

At 9:00 the Director appeared in the company of the woman Peter had seen on Friday. The Director introduced Miss Potter to Professor Pandragon and vice versa, and told Miss Potter that she was in very good hands, and then he left.

Peter started describing his research, and how far he had progressed then at ten o’clock, he asked her if she would like a drink and they both walked to the little kitchen. As Peter was pouring the tea from the pot into two teacups, he said, “Do I have to keep referring to you as Miss Potter. She replied, Not at all, you can call me Wendy”. Peter replied, “Welcome to my team Wendy, you can call me Peter”. As he said his Name her face dropped and she fell to her knees, apologising copiously”. Peter reached down and picked her up, telling her, everything was all right and not to be concerned. She could not be reconciled so Peter phoned the Director and told him he had found the TV and then explained the dilemma. The Director said I’ll get the TV to you and as soon as you can, you can put her right.

When the maintenance team came in with the television, Wendy was still crying on his shoulder.

He sat up the TV and connected it to the message generator. He though how can I remove this obsession. He sat there for several minutes thinking of scripts but the longer she was cuddling him the harder it got and then he had a brainwave. He typed in a new message “Whenever Peter Pandragon addresses you by name and follows it up with a command you will obey this command as if it were your principal objective.

He removed the message calling for forgiveness leaving the latex one intact then turned on the television. He then turned Wendy around and told her to watch the TV and all will be all right. There was an aerial plugged in so the test card was being displayed, she stared at the TV until lunchtime crying softly all the time. Peter turned the TV off and said “Wendy, I forgive you so there is no longer any need to feel this remorse” She stopped crying and her face brightened up, she rushed over to Peter and wrapping her arms around him saying “Thank you”.

They went their separate ways over lunch and Peter felt a little guilty so he returned to the lab early and removed all the messages for the subliminal message generator.

Peter desperately wanted to test the other subliminal message, so when Wendy came back, he asked her to mix a compound in the isolation chamber. This chamber had two long rubber gloves attached to the front window. She pushed her hand and arms into the gloves and mixed the compound as Peter had described, when she had completed she just sat there. Peter was busy at the other side of the lab and he covertly watched Wendy. He knew she had finished but she did not remove her arms. He waited several minutes and then walked over to her and asked, “Are you alright you haven’t moved for sometime”. Wendy replied, “I don’t know what happened, I put my arms in these gloves and now I don’t want to pull them out”. Peter said “Ok stay there and I will fetch something that may help”. He ran back to his apartment and picked up the bag that contained all the female Latex wear that he had planned to through away but, had not got around to it.

Returning to Wendy, he said, “If you would like to remove your arms you could try some of these on”. Wendy looked into the bag and quickly pulling her arms out of the tank reached into the bag pulling out latex underwear and button through dresses in differed colours. Peter turned his back while she removed the clothes she was wearing and pulled on a complete outfit of latex. When she was dressed she said, “You can turn round now, and perhaps you could please explain”.

Peter said, “The explanation will take a long time if you would like to join me for dinner this evening I will make a start”. Wendy replied “Peter that is very kind of you but, I have a prior engagement this evening. My fiancé is coming to take me out”.

Peter said “Not a problem I can give you the explanation another night”. He felt very disappointed that she had someone else but he decided that a lovely woman like Wendy would have many suitors.

The continued working for the remainder of the day, Wendy was reading up, on the next research topic and Peter was working through testing scenarios for the chemical tests. At five o’clock he asked Wendy if she would like to finish as she had an appointment. Wendy replied, “Thank You. I will be off then, what were you going to do with all those clothes in the bag”. Peter said, “They were all for the bin, you can take them if you want”. Wendy left the lab carrying all the latex clothing and what she was wearing earlier in the bag.

After she had departed, Peter called the Director and told him was he had concluded, “I need 900 test subjects, can I use the military at Porton Down”. The Director said he would enquire and asked how he had got on with Miss Potter. Peter explained that he had resolved the compunction to apologise but forgot to remove the latex dependency. The Director said, “I don’t believe you forgot, but don’t worry I’m sure she will make you happy”.

Going back to his apartment he sat on his armchair thinking about what the director had said. She could, make him happy, but what would it mean for her. He was still deliberating his options when there was a knock on his door. He moved to answer it and found Wendy standing there dressed as she left the lab. He said, “Wendy, I thought you were going out, please come in.

After she had walked past him he closed the door and said “What can I do for you”. Wendy replied, “I cannot take these clothes off and I cannot see my fiancé dressed like this”. Peter said “I know how you feel; I was forced to wear latex from when I was born to age eight and I hid from the world”. Wendy pleaded, “I do not want to hide from the world, but my boyfriend will not understand”. Peter said, “You could wear latex underclothes and cover them with something normal, if you are only going out for a meal that would suffice”. She replied, “He has booked a room in a nearby hotel so I assume he will want me to go back with him after the meal”.

Peter said “I’m not sure I can help, unless you want a call during the meal that would require you to leave. You could tell him you are responsible for an experiment that is running in the lab and that you need to check it or I could call you at say ten o’clock and say you are needed back here”. Wendy thought and said “Could you call the restaurant at say 9:15 and demand my presence”. Peter said, “Do you know where he is taking you”. Wendy exclaimed, “No, he said it was to be a surprise”. Peter said, “You know, you could just tell him you have discovered you have a fetish for latex and see how he takes it. If it was me I would probably love you more”.

Wendy concluded, “I think I need to hear your explanation as to why I have a fetish for latex”. Peter said, “I don’t understand, are you going out with your fiancé or not”. Wendy replied, “I am still trying to come to terms with the new me. I have changed since I came to work here and I do not know how or why, I think meeting my fiancé while I am like this could be a mistake, I don’t know what I might do”. Peter was beginning to realise that the longer he spent in close proximity to Wendy them more he was smitten. He said “Wendy, if you stay here with me, you will never want to see your fiancé again, and I would love for you to stay”. Wendy whispered, “What have you just done, I was looking forward so much to meeting Ethan, I have not seen him for two weeks and now I would rather stay here with you”.

Peter said “Wendy I am sorry, you are free to do what you would like tonight”. Wendy whispered, “Stop that I am all confused now, how are you going this”? Peter said “You will need the full explanation; I cannot justify my actions until you hear it all”. Wendy said “just tell me you do not need to justify your actions”. Peter replied “Yes I do, you have besotted me and I do not want to endanger a possible relationship”. Wendy retorted, “There is no relationship to endanger and there never will be, so tell me the extent of these changes so I can see my fiancé”. Peter’s face fell as she said that and he thought, “If I cannot have her, no one can”.

He was just about to say something final when a thought came into his mind, “What if I could affect her memory”, and then he said “Wendy, until I say otherwise, you will forget that you are under my control or that I have anything to do with your latex fetish and you will forget you heard this sentence”. Wendy said “Did you say something? I came here to ask your advice about these clothes, I do not want to take them off and I was looking forward to seeing my fiancé”. Peter replied, “Wendy, my advice would be for you to expose your love of latex, not hide it and see how your fiancé takes it. If he embraces you, he is your man, if he shirks from it, he is not your man and you should finish with him”.

Wendy said, “Thank you, you have helped me tremendously, I’ll go and get ready, I am already late”. Then she left the room. Peter stood there for many minutes and then decided to follow her to make sure she would be alright. He ordered a taxi and told the dispatcher he wanted to go to the best restaurant in the vicinity of the research complex.

Peter got there eight minutes after Wendy and when he went in he asked for a table out of sight of that couple pointing to Wendy and her man. Peter could see that Wendy had not changed her clothes and the man seemed agitated.

Peter was taken to a table on the other side of the restaurant and he ordered a meal. When the waiter came with his starter, Peter asked what the commotion had been about and the waiter said, “Just a lovers tiff, the young lady left him sitting there and we got her a taxi”. Peter had a very good meal, the food was exceptional and his heart was singing.

Back at his apartment he found a note pushed under the door which said, you were right he is not for me. If you would like a night cap just knock.

Peter considered his next move for several minutes and then decided to go; he walked down the corridor and knocked on her door. He was surprised when she opened it that she was still in the same clothes, she said, “Come in, I was just having a little cry”. Peter walked in a said, “Why are you crying, did you not say I was right”. Wendy said, “I have just ended the relationship with the man I love, we had been planning our wedding for ages and just cannot believe it was so easy”. Peter could see that the tears were genuine and his smiling heart took on a little frown. He said, “Wendy you will get over you breakup within next ten minutes and by the time I leave this room you will believe that you are in love with me, now forget what I have just said”. Wendy did not say anything but the tears stopped flowing; she smiled nervously and said “What would you like to drink”? Peter replied, “A cup of tea would be nice and a biscuit if you have one”. She made a pot of tea and put several biscuits on a plate. When the tea was mashed she added a little milk to the cups and poured out the tea.

She carried the cups and saucers and the plate of biscuits on a small tray from the tiny kitchen. She had dried her eyes and looked a lot happier as she lay down the tray on a small coffee table. Peter said “Thank you, if you only knew how much brighter this corridor is, now that you have moved in”. Wendy replied, “That is awfully nice of you to say so”. Peter asked, “Why are you still wearing the dress you had on this afternoon, did you not want to change to go out”? Wendy replied, “Do you remember when I put my hands into the gas chamber, I did not want to take them out, I feel the same with this dress”. Peter continued, “But you did get out of the gas chamber and into this dress, I gave you more than one there are some night clothes too”. Wendy said, “I’ve been thinking about that, I changed in the lab because you told me to”. Peter said, “That is silly, do you want me to tell you each time you need to get changed”. Wendy said, “Let us give it a try, and tell me to wear something else”.

Peter said, “There are some blue bloomer kickers at the bottom of the bag, take off the knickers you are wearing and put those on”. Wendy looked at Peter with a surprised expression and then lifted up her skirt and removed the kickers. She searched in the bag and pulled out the blue bloomers. Then she proceeded to but them on pulling the waist band as high as it would go. Wendy said, “As an experiment that worked but it was no what I expected”. Peter turned around and said, “Remove your dress and brassier and put on the blue baby doll night dress in the bag”. Peter could hear the rustle of latex and knew she was changing and when the sound stopped, be turned around. Wendy was wearing a very short baby doll night dress with matching bloomers and Peter thought she looked sublime. Sister Wendy had made him sleep in similar clothing from the time he was out of nappies until he went to boarding school.

He said, “You look lovely Wendy, I hope you like it”. Wendy blinked and said, “Of cause I like it, I’m just happy you like it”. Peter then said, “Now that I have accomplished the task you invited me here to perform, I am going to bed”. As he was heading for the door, Wendy said “I’ll see you in the lab, good night”. Peter said goodnight and wished her happy dreams. When he got back to his apartment, he threw off his clothes and put on his latex pyjamas.

He wasn’t sure is Wendy would dream about him but he certainly dreamed about her. In the morning he arose and showered, made a little breakfast and was at his desk before 07:30. He was still going over the drug samples, when he uncovered a means to reduce the sample size. When weighted each ingredient following the recoded effect and the added the weightings for each compound. A large number recorded a small number, 287 provided a sizable result and four had a maximum value. He calculated that to test this reduced sample size would mean he would need to be at Porton Down for no more than eight days if the sampling of each test case could be performed in less than fifteen minutes.

He was on the phone to the Director when Wendy walked in wearing a mackintosh and carrying a small suitcase.

When Peter put the phone down, Wendy was standing next to him and said, “There is something very fishy going on here, I tried for over an hour this morning to get changed and I couldn’t do it. So here I am still in my night wear waiting for an instruction form you so I can change into my day wear. Peter said, “You can not expect me to be around every time you need to change your dress. You need to fight this”. Wendy said, “How do I fight this, you have wormed your way into my heart, yesterday I was in love with a man I have known for three years and this morning I am in love with a man I have known for just over a day. You are researching mind control and I definitely feel that my mind has been controlled”. Peter replied, “Well young lady, if you are accusing me of this intrusion into your thoughts, you can sort your own dress problems out”. And with that he stood up and left the lab.

Wendy stood there and watched him go and she felt miserable, she did not know what to do, she had been warned that the Professor lacked social skills and now she could have pushed him away. She decided to fight her compulsion with these latex clothing, what she found was that she could not even remove the mackintosh, though she had put it on. She finally stamped her foot in frustration and follow Peter out of the lab in the hope of finding him.

She searched all over the complex starting at his apartment but there was no answer, as she was walking past the maintenance wing when one of the porters came out and when he saw her, he apologised and hoped it hadn’t caused any problems. When she quizzed him, he told her about the TV in her apartment that had been put there by mistake. He also explained that Professor Pan had been frantic to find it. When she asked him why he was called Professor Pan, the man told her that he had been awarded an honorary Professorship three years ago and they all considered his lab was Neverland. Wendy could see the logic so she told the man there was no harm done and continued her search.

She eventually went back to the lab to see if he had returned and she found the TV in pieces on the floor. While she was cleaning up the rubbish on the floor the outer door opened and the Director came in. Wendy asked, “Do you know where Peter is I have looked everywhere and when I came back this was on the floor and his notes on the next analysis have gone, they were on the table when I went out.

The director said “He phoned me about ten minutes ago saying he wanted nothing more to do with this research and handed in his notice, I just came down to try and talk him out of it”. We need to find him; you go and look in his apartment while I call the gate”. Wendy ran as fast as she could back to his apartment and banged on his door”.

To be continued.