The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Peter and Wendy

Chapter 11

Next morning Peter was first up and into the shower, he then dressed in his latex three piece suite ready to meet and programme Wendy. Sam was up next and while she was standing on the landing waiting for Peter to finish, Latex walked out of her room and said, “What did you do to me last night, I have been trying to establish any changes or differences and I cannot find any”. Sam replied, “Apart from making you my “Latex Slave”, I did nothing”. Latex said, “Have you got any clothes I can wear”. Sam gave her a pair of latex knickers a latex bra and a latex dress. Latex took them back into the bedroom she had slept in to get dressed. Peter emerged from the bathroom and Sam took his place.

When Peter went down stairs he checked Pauline’s suitcase to confirm there was enough Agent 1C for use on Wendy. He put the coffee on and started making breakfast. Sam was soon down and said, “I have persuaded Pauline to come to Church with me this morning. What are you going to do with Latex”? Peter replied, “She is your charge, you should take her to church with you”. Sam concluded, “Good idea I will, are you going to be ok on your own with Wendy”. Peter said, “I had planned to have either you or Pauline to help me, but I suppose I could use Joanna”. Sam said, “I will go and ask her”.

Sam returned several minutes later and said, “Joanna would like to come with us to Church but Mary said she would help you”. Peter said, “Very well I’ll take Mary, you four enjoy yourselves”. After they had all had breakfast the four girls set off to church. Peter and Mary discussed what they were going to do and Peter got the impression that Mary did not go along with most of his ideas. As they walked over to the guard room at a quarter to eleven, Peter thought, I still owe Mary some discipline from the other day. In the guard room Peter asked if they knew how Wendy was travelling and was told that she was coming in an ambulance and would be bound in either a straight jacket or hand cuffs. Peter asked them to bring her along to his office in whatever constraints, she was wearing.

In Peter’s office Peter gave Mary her trance key and then used a little of the Agent 1C to lower her trance, because of the number of times she had been given the MC agents, she went very deep, much deeper that she had ever gone before and it took Peter a minute or two to realise. He decided to have a bit if fun with her so he programmed her with one of Sinclair’s double routines which protected the instructions he was about to give her”.

Peter continues, “Mary from now on the only clothing you feel comfortable in is rubber or rubberised mackintoshes with hoods, and nothing else except shoes. While you are in your Green house you are a multifaceted professional who gets on with her assigned workload without worrying about what happen before work started or what might happen when work finishes.

At all other times you will be susceptible to the following triggers.

Whenever you hear the words, “Please Mary” spoken by anyone in our group, you will for ten minutes, forget how to say no. You will not be able to formulate any negative responses during that time period. Anything you agree to do during this period will become a rule for life;

Whenever you hear the words, “sexual fetish” spoken by a member of our group, you will for adopt as your own any fetish being discussed”.

Peter then woke Mary up and said, “What ever you see in the office today, I would like you to Please Mary keep it to yourself, you must not discuss what has happened or is about to happen here in this room, with anyone”. Mary replied, “Of cause Peter, you know I will always keep your secrets”. Peter asked how the botany process was doing”. Mary told him it was going well another two or three growing seasons and she could start cloning a new pair of master plants which when their chemicals were harvested, would give her all the components for Agent 1A and 1C”.

They discussed the process of making hybrid plants and what she expected to arrive until quarter past eleven. Peter decided to phone the guard room and see if they knew what the delay was.

The guard who answered the phone told Peter that, Wendy had become violent when she found out she was being moved back to the Institute and had to be restrained before that ambulance crew would carry her, and they are now expected at eleven thirty. Peter said, “OK I will wait here bring her here as soon as she arrives, you will need to leave her restraints in place” While Peter waited he said “Mary do you think that wearing your rubberised mackintosh is a sexual fetish or is it because I want you to”. Mary replied, “I thought it was because you wanted me to, but I think it may be because I have a strong fetish for wearing it”. Peter replied, “So if it is a sexual fetish you won’t be able to cum or make anyone else cum if you are not wearing it”. Mary said, “Yes I suppose that is true, I just hadn’t realised it was just like that”.

Peter was very please that his instructions were working in a good manner; he had planned to do something similar with Wendy.

Peter told Mary she could go home, he would manage alright on his own. Mary left his office and the building and as she walked back to the house, she notices a private ambulance parked outside the guard room but there was no one about. She made it home and decided to put the kettle on.

Back in Peter’s office, he got out the Sinclair file and started to read it. He was about a third of the way through it, when there was a knock on the outer door. Peter shouted, “Come in”. Two very burley prison guards came in, man handling a struggling woman in a straight jacket and a pair of leg irons. Peter asked the guards to sir her down in visitors chair and asked them why she was struggling. One of the guards explained that she had only been told that morning that she was being moved and when she heard where she was being taken she became violent. Peter produced his syringe and said “Perhaps we had better give her something to clam her down”. Peter found a small piece of naked skin an injected her with a full dose of Agent 1C. When Wendy stopped fighting and relaxed, the guard asked if that would be all. Peter thanked them and told them they could go.

When Peter was alone with his sister, He removed her gag commenced his induction, he talked her down for thirty minutes and then made sure she was at the right level by asking her some questions.

He started off be asking her why she hated him as a child. Wendy told him about their Father and what he had done to Wendy when she was a girl and how it had made her hate men. She also told him of two other events in her young life where she was forced to have sex against her will. This all made her very twisted and she took all her anger and frustration out on Peter.

Peter went on to ask her about her latex fetish and why she was not wearing latex today. She told him of the therapy she had been receiving at the prison and how the Doctor had been able to unravel the subliminal programming Peter had been responsible for. Peter asked her if she enjoyed wearing latex and she told him she hated every minute of it and never wanted to wear it again. He asked how long she had been free of it and she told him only a week.

Peter then went on to say, “Wendy, you will continue to hate latex and everything associated with it, however you will be totally unable to wear anything else. If any other clothing material comes into contact with any part of your skin, it will feel like a very strong acid and that it is burning right through your skin. The only non latex fabric that you can sustain against you skin for more than a few seconds is a towel and only is it is being used to dry you after a bath or shower. This condition will commence when you step inside your new home”.

Peter then said, ”I am going to give you some rules that you will live by, and no therapist or doctor will be able to negate or change these rules:

1. You will live in the house I take you to when you leave this office, and you can have no other home unless I assign it to you; 2. You will keep your home clean and tidy at all times; 3. You will learn to cook and each evening, prepare a meal for up to seven people; 4. You will serve these guests in the dinning room and then have your own meal in the kitchen; 5. Each morning when you get up you will wash and then dress in five cat suits, the fist one has two built-in dildos to fill your bottom holes, then second one has attached gloves and socks, the third one has a built in corset which must be fastened as tight as you can get it. The fourth is a loose fitting catsuit with a tight cuff at the wrists and ankles. The last one is of thick rubber and has rubber boots attached and a stiff collar with a lock for the zipper when closed. All these cat suits must be in place each morning before seven thirty. When all five cat suits are on and the fifth one is locked, you are permitted to have breakfast; 6. After breakfast you must put on the high visibility clothing you will find in the hall closet, there is a pair of yellow over trousers and a long bright yellow coat. These must be on over your cat suits by eight fifteen and you must at you place of work by eight thirty carrying your lolly pop; 7. Your place of employment is outside the village school where you will be responsible for the safe crossing of all pupils, parents and teachers. You will smile and be pleasant to all the girls and boys and you are not allowed to frighten anyone. The times that you are to be in place, outside the school are from eight thirty to nine thirty, Twelve fifteen to one thirty and again at two forty-five until four fifteen Monday thro Friday. When you are not at your post you must be either cleaning your home, tending to your garden or shopping for provisions needed to make your evening meal. You are not allowed to unlock the outer catsuit or remove any of your latex clothing until after you have eaten your evening meal; 8. When you have finished your evening meal and cleaned up all the dirty cooking utensils and dirty dishes you are to unlock your outer cat suite and remove all the other cat suits. Your next task is to wash and clean the under cat suite and while you are doing this you must wear one of the other cat suits; 9. By nine thirty each night you must be wearing your night attire and be in bed; 10. At all times you will obey all instructions from Samantha, Joanna, Pauline or me; 11. At weekends when there are no school crossing duties you are still required to wear all your five cat suites between the hours of eight thirty in the morning and eight thirty at night; 12. Whenever you hear the words, “Please Wendy” spoken by me or any of your dinner guests, you will for ten minutes, forget how to say no. You will not be able to formulate any negative responses during that time period. Anything you agree to do during this period will become a rule for life; 13. Whenever you hear the words, “sexual fetish” spoken by the same group, you will for adopt as your own any fetish being discussed”. 14. You will at all time, conduct yourself as if all your actions throughout each day are of your choice and for your enjoyment; 15. You are not allowed to divulge to anyone what you suspect or know of any control or influence that you believe I have over you. When you attempt to discuss your controlled actions with anyone else you will only talk about the nice things in your life”. Peter looked at his sister and realised that even after her tale of justification, he still hated her and would continue to make her life hell. He then password protected all his instructions under two levels of tight security. He then started to awaken her and after thirty minutes she was a wake. As she open her eyes, she calmly said, “I was just getting over your hurtful mind control, that female Doctor was beginning to do wonders. What have you just done, I want to scream at you and I can’t”.

Peter replied, “Your evil manipulation during my adolescence has had a major influence throughout my whole life and you want to scream at me because you have had a year of minor discomfort”. Wendy replied, “You are only a man, your discomfort is meaningless, I on the other hand am a woman and deserve to be protected and pampered”. Peter said, “If that is what you really believe, come with me and your education can start”. Wendy said, “Where are we going and can you please remove this hateful contraption”. Peter said, “You could not stay in prison and there is no suitable accommodation here in the institute so I have secured you a very nice cottage, I will help you out of your jacket when we get there”. Peter started walking to the door and Wendy said, “Take these leg irons off then, other wise I can’t walk very fast”. Peter said, “If you don’t keep up you will not see your new home”. Peter was half way down the corridor when Wendy appeared at the door and pleaded for him to wait. They walked out of the building together and made their way to the main gate. As they walked past the guard room two MOD policemen came out to watch their progress.

As they passed one of them said, “Is everything alright Professor, those prison guards said you was a tigress”. Peter said, “She has calmed down now but I will not remove her restrained until we get to the cottage, so I should be ok, thank you”. As they were walking do the road two cars overtook them and the drivers tooted and waved at they passed. Wendy said, “This is very embarrassing, how far have we got to go”. Peter replied, “Not far, and embarrassment can be a very pleasant feeling if it linked to your arousal”. Wendy said, “Well it obviously isn’t linked because this is not pleasant”. They reached to cottage and when Wendy saw which one she was being led too, she said, “This is a lovely big cottage, this can not be for me, and I will rattle around inside it. Peter replied, “Yes it is all for you, it was the best I could find. Before we go inside let me remove these instruments of bondage”. Peter first opened the leg cuffs and removed the leg iron and then unfastened the straps holding the straight jacket on. When Wendy was free from her restraints Peter could see what she was wearing, a cotton blouse, jeans and a cashmere sweater. Peter asked, “Where did you get these clothes, you did not have these when you were incarcerated. Wendy replied, “The doctor who helped my to overcome my latex craving bought them for me”. Peter continued, “That was nice of her, you must have developed quite a friendship”. Wendy continued, “Yes she and I became great friends, she said she would come down and see me as soon as I am settled”.

Knowing that it would be interpreted as a command, Peter continued, “That will be good, you will have to introduce her to me”. Wendy replied, “Oh, I will as soon as she gets in touch I will tell you”.

Peter handed Wendy a key to the front door and said, “You go in and look around while I just check something in the garden”. Peter walked around the back as Wendy fed the key into the lock. She opened the door and saw the sparkling interior and shouted to Peter is looks lovely, as she stepped over the threshold, she screamed and started tearing her clothes off. Hearing the scream Peter rushed in and closed the door behind him and said, “If you want to get undressed don’t do it in front of the street. By the way, why are you getting undressed”? Wendy replied, “There is something on my clothes which is burning my skin”. Peter said, “Well that does not surprise me. I pay the rent for this cottage and therefore I decide what you should or should not wear”.

Wendy replied, “How did you make these burn me and what am I to wear now”. Peter said, “There are five items of clothing on the master bed. Go upstairs and get dresses, I will be in the kitchen”.

Peter walked into the kitchen and put the kettle on just as he heard another scream coming from upstairs. Peter walked up stairs and found Wendy looking at the cat suites but she hadn’t picked up the first one as yet. “Peter said, “What seams to be the problem”. Wendy said, “You have to be joking, Amanda has just helped me to stop wearing latex”. Peter replied, “Then my timing is perfect, you will be wearing nothing but latex for a very long time”. Wendy stepped back away from the bed and said, “I would prefer to stay naked, rather than put those on”. Peter continued, “Please Wendy, we have a lot to do today, put them on and as you close each one you will get a strong feeling of bliss”.

Wendy intended to shout no, but she said, “Very well I will do it for you, but only for a little while”. She instinctively picked up the first one and started putting it on. Peter had already powdered it the previous day, so she slid into it easily and only stopped when she found the two protrusions, she open her move to speak and Peter said, Please Wendy no more tantrums, just push them in and finish putting it on.

Wendy pushed the two dildos home and pulled up the body of the suite before pushing her arms into the sleeves. When her hands were through the cuffs she straightened to suit and removed all the wrinkles then pulled up the zip and felt a strong sense of bliss. As she picked up the second one, Peter said, “Finish dressing and meet me down stairs, I was making a drink”.

Wendy put on the second one with its gloves and socks and again there was that overwhelming feeling of bliss as she closed the zip. The third one was the hardest with it’s built in corset but she fastened it as tight as she could before tying off the lasses. The fourth was pretty straight forward but getting her latex covered feet into the boots was almost impossible until she found the talcum power. As she closed the zip on the fifth she had to sit on the bed, the feeling of bliss was almost too much. When she recovered she walked down stairs to the kitchen. Peter was drinking a mug of coffee and there was another mug on the draining board. Wendy picked it up and said, “Thank you for the coffee. What did you do to me, everyone I put on the feeling of absolute ecstasy got stronger”?

Peter said, “So Amanda could not have removed your latex fetish at all, you are still controlled by your latex sexual fetish, and you will never want to wear anything other than multiple layers of latex during the day”. Wendy said, “Peter you are doing something have you set up curtain triggers that cause me to change”. Peter replied, “How could I do that you have been awake since you arrived. Anyway, I need to instruct you on your duties of each day, they start tomorrow. Wendy, replied, “What duties, I have just arrived; I haven’t decided what I want to do, yet”. Peter said, “In the hall closet is your uniform go and try it on”. Wendy continued, “What are you talking about, Uniform”? As she walked to the hall closet, when she opened the door, she turned to Peter and said, “You want me to be a lolly pop lady”. Peter said, “It was the vicar’s request that you be the Lolly pop lady, put it on and I will show you your crossing”. Wendy picked up the over trousers and unzipped the bottoms and pulled the legs over her boots. She pulled them up to her waist and then closed the zips; she then pulled on the big coat. Without thinking she closed all the fastenings and fastened the belt. The neck on the last cat suit was high so there was no contact from the coats collar and her skin. When it was on the only latex visible was the collar and the gloves. She looked at herself in the hall full length mirror and was please with the result. Peter said, “Come on I will show you the village”.

The walked together down through the village to the school and Peter showed her where she would be required to work. On there way back up the village to the cottage a number of people came out of their dwellings to talk to Wendy and express their gratitude for her taking on the role of village protector. When they got back to the cottage and Wendy had removed the coat and over trousers she said, “What are the times I have to be there and what am I expected to do at other times”.

Peter said, “The times that you are to be at your crossing, outside the school are from eight thirty to nine thirty, Twelve fifteen to one thirty and again at two forty-five until four fifteen Monday thro Friday. When you are not at your post you must be either cleaning your home, tending to your garden or shopping for provisions needed to make your evening meal. You are not allowed to unlock the outer catsuit or remove any of your latex clothing until after you have eaten your evening meal and cleaned up afterwards. You are also responsible for feeding me and my team each night. There will be up to seven of us and we require a two course meal at seven thirty. You will serve our dinner in the dining room and please Mary, you will never try to poison or sabotage the food, if the food is not your very best, you will be severely punished. You will eat after you serve us, in the kitchen”.

Wendy said, “You really hate me don’t you”. Peter replied, “From the first time you made me go to bed in latex knickers and a girl’s rubber raincoat, I think I was four, I have thirty two years of hate and revenge to exorcise, so you will be doing as I say from now on”. Wendy said, “Amanda will rescue me I’m sure”.

Peter said nothing in reply but began to prepare a scheme for enslaving Amanda”.

Peter showed Wendy all the provisions that had been provided and told her to prepare a menu for the week so she could check she had everything and then told her that he would be back shortly after seven with his team and told her she would meet everyone then.

When Peter left Wendy sat at the kitchen table and started to cry. She had been fighting Peter’s evil addiction to latex that he gave her using subliminal messages. Amanda had found all his programming and had removed it; Wendy had been wearing normal clothes for two weeks and was falling in love with Amanda. She looked around the house for a phone and found one in a small study. She picked it up and dialled. The tone did not seam right and a woman answered, “Number please”. Wendy asked she was speaking too and the woman replied, “This is the institute switch board, how can I help you”. Wendy said, “I would like to speak to Dr Amanda Belmont on 0124nnnnn.

The operator said, “Ok I will get the connection and call you back”. Wendy did a survey of ever room in the house and found it clean and dustless but aver bedroom had latex bedding and a latex dressing gown behind each bed room door. In the hall closet in addition to her uniform was three more out door coats. In the dinning room she found a cabinet with all the tableware and in one of the drawers were the entire dinner service cutlery and in another drawer she found a number of tablecloths but they were all pretty but made of latex. She walked into the large sitting room which looked exceedingly comfortable and she was about to try a chair when the phone rang. She rushed back into the small study and picked it up saying, “Hello Amanda”. The operator said, “I will put you through now madam”,

The were some clicks on the line and then her friend said, “Hi Wendy how are things”, Wendy knew exactly what she was going to say and when she opened her mouth she said, “I am missing you already Amanda, you would like this cottage, Peter has arranged for me to live in. It has four bed rooms and a lovely garden and everything sparkles as if it has just had a spring clean”. Amanda replied, “That is lovely so you fears were unfounded and everything is alright, but the way, you will have to keep it clean, you never did any cleaning her, you will have to relearn how to keep house”.

Wendy continued, “He had also got me a job in the village helping the children at school”. Amanda replied, “It that a good idea Wendy you have a not of unresolved issues with small boys”. “Wendy asked, “Perhaps you could come down for the weekend and continue your therapy”. Amanda said, “That would be very nice, I do believe we were making good progress but I am very busy here. How about the first weekend of next month”? Wendy replied, “If you could come sooner, that would be better, you could meet Peter as well, I am going to prepare a meal for him this evening and he has agreed to come around”. Amanda said, “I am please you are able to come to terms with your Peter phobia, although I am a little surprised, are you sure you are alright”? Wendy said, “I am fine, every thing here is perfect but I need to start preparing the meal for this evening so I’ll say good bye”. Amanda replied “Good bye Wendy, take care and I will see you in four weeks”.

Wendy put the phone back in its cradle and screamed. She recognised that Peter had complete control over her and would probable make her life a lot worse if she did not do what he wanted. She went into the kitchen and started preparing the menu. There were enough provisions to make five dinners and six starters. She began preparing that evening’s meal and while things were cooking she laid the table in the dining room for seven places. The smell emanating from the kitchen was making her feel vey hungry she hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast but all the moving about in the multiple layers of latex kept reminding her that she was stuck in this hateful material.

When Peter left the cottage he walked to the Guard room and made arrangements for all telephone conversations to and from the cottage to be recorded. He also looked in on Sinclair who was very angry and said, “I heard my wife’s voice where is she”. Peter said, “Your case will be reviewed tomorrow, Just be patient and you may be able to see her”. After leaving the guardroom, he returned to the house and to his beloved family, he was still feeling angry after spending time with his sister and didn’t think he would be good company. All his women had been back from church a long time and had cleaned the house and settled Latex in.

When Peter entered Sam met him in the hall and caressed him and asked how he got on. Peter said, “I think it went ok, we will have to see what the meal is like this evening, I still feel a bit on edge, I can’t see her without getting angry”. Sam said, “We will have to help you to calm down. Perhaps you should go upstairs and I will send Latex up”. Peter agreed and walked up the stairs to his bedroom. Minutes later Latex appeared and said, “I am here for your enjoyment, what can I do for you”. Peter said, “You are very beautiful and in your rubber clothing you look divine, take my trouser off and we will get better acquainted”. By the time Peter had brought her to four orgasms he felt much more relaxed. As he rolled off Latex and lay on his side, he felt another body move in close behind him. He relaxed as he was sandwiched between two warm bodies and closed his eyes.

He slept until six thirty when he was awaked by Joanne. The two warm bodies were also stirring and latex said, “No one has ever made love to me before, before today I have just been fucked, Peter is in a class of his own, Sam said, “I told you that you would enjoy him, but I hope you haven’t worn him out”. Joanne said, “You haven’t got time, there are no quickies where Peter is concerned and we are due at the cottage at seven.

Peter had a shower and dressed in a latex shirt and his latex three piece suite. All five females were dressed in latex however Pauline and Mary were still in their rubberised mackintoshes.

At ten to seven they left the house and walked to the cottage in a group chatting excitedly. Peter had linked arms with Samantha and Pauline leaving Joanne to link her arms with Mary and Latex.

When they arrived at the cottage Peter opened the door with his key and they all trouped in. Wendy looked out of the kitchen and said, “Everything is almost ready. Please take your seats in the dining room. Peter was the first to sit down followed in quick succession by the others.

Wendy appeared shortly after carrying a tray with seven starters; she laid one in front of each person and then asked Peter if the seventh one was coming. Peter replied, “We forgot to invite Nancy, no there will be no more guests arriving tonight. Everyone this is Wendy my sister, Wendy this is my Wife to be Samantha, This is my mistress Joanna, This is my physiologist, Pauline and my botanist, Mary and the pretty lady at the end is our hypnotist Latex. Wendy greeted each of them as Peter introduced them and when he was finished, she said, “I see you have surrounded yourself with very attractive women and persuaded each of them to wear rubber”. Peter replied, “Wendy here is the person responsible for my latex fetish and is therefore responsible for all of yours. If any of you are unhappy with having to wear latex all the time, you are welcome to take it out on Wendy. Pauline said, “I see that you are wearing Latex Wendy, did you have your fetish before you forced your perversion on your younger brother”. Wendy replied, “I hate latex and I made Peter wear it because I hated him as well”. Latex said, “You have a very interesting mental disorder perhaps you will allow me to hypnotise you and find out what it is based on”. Wendy said, “I know what it is based on, the evil perversions of men, I don’t need you as one of Peter’s slaves to hypnotise me. I am in enough trouble with what ever Peter has already done”. Peter replied, “I agree that your current appearance is not fitting for serving food, I will have to think of some changes”. Wendy said, “If you would allow me to take these suites off after my last crossing I could dress appropriately for cooking and serving. By this time all the starters had been eaten and Wendy cleared away the plates.

Wendy carried the dirty plates and uneaten starter to the kitchen and returned a few minutes later with dished containing vegetables and casserole dish containing a Cumberland Tattie pot. There were serving spoons in the dishes and a ladle in the casserole so Wendy left them and returned to her plate of piping hot food in the kitchen. After Wendy had eaten hers slowly and had tided the kitchen she returned to the dinning room to see if the table needed cleaning. Mary put her knife and fork down as Wendy entered and Peter said, “Perfect timing, after you’ve cleared away the dinner dished would you please get the port glasses out and a bottle of port and we can all have a drink. Wendy said, “Of course but I need to take these off soon I am desperate for the toilet”. Wendy cleared the table and then fetched the glasses and a bottle of port. He turned to leave intending to make a start on cleaning the kitchen but Peter said, “Wendy sit down and have a glass of port with us”. Wendy turned and moved to one of the empty chairs and said, “Alright but don’t keep me too long I really need the loo. Peter said, “You are a big girl now Wendy and I am sure that you are in control of your bladder, I want no more talk of toilets”.

When the first bottle was empty Peter opened another and Wendy’s face was holding a strained expression. Peter was filling Wendy’s glass higher than anyone else and every time it was more than half way down, Peter filled it again. As the second bottle was reaching its end Sam put her hand over the glass and said, “No more for me please lover, I want you later and I don’t want to be too drunk”. Everyone else agreed that they had had enough. Peter passed the bottle to Wendy and said, “You will have to finish this off Wendy otherwise it will go to waste”. They all remained seating until Wendy finished the bottle and then she stood and staggered back to the kitchen.

Peter and Sam folded the tablecloth and put it a way and they all straightened their chairs. Latex popped into the kitchen and said, “Look Wendy, you are a very interesting subject I would love to hypnotise you”. Wendy replied, “I told you in there that I do not want to be hypnotised by you, I have my own therapist”. Peter was listening in the hall and after popping his head around the door, said, “I think that would be a good idea, when you have finished clearing up, come into the sitting room and we can all have a giggle at your expense”. Peter was keen to see Latex in action and this would be an excellent opportunity”. When Wendy had finished she rushed up the stairs and into the bedroom to remove her cat suits then she remembered she had left the keys to the outer one in the dinning room on the bureaux. She rushed back down stairs and into the sitting room and the keys were not where she left them; she looked around and saw Peter hold them up. Peter said, “Are you looking for these”? Wendy was about to say yes, but Peter continued, “You sit down next to Latex and I will hold on to these until she is finished”.

Wendy mumbled something under her breath and sat down. Latex started talking in a calm relaxed tone matching her words to Wendy’s breathing and very quickly had Wendy in a light trance. She continued her induction to deepen the trance and was soon happy that it was deep enough for her to start asking questions”. The first question to see if she was really in the trance was “What did you mumble for you sat down”, Wendy spoke in a monotone and said, “Peter you bugger, you are doing this to spite me”, Latex asked “Why so you hate your brother”. Wendy replied. “My father started rapping me when I was twelve and I finally killed him when I was eighteen, When Peter was born my Father told me that I had to treasure my brother because men are always better than women. I started poisoning Father soon after Peter was a month old which forced Mum out to work more and left me in charge of Peter. I read up on mental dysfunction and started to teach Peter to be a pussy, I dressed him as a girl and when I discovered latex I dressed him in that all the time so that he would not develop any friendships outside the home. I even made it so my other two sisters would not befriend him. He was totally isolated before he started school and throughout his junior school life. If he had not received a scholarship and got away from me, he would have been someone’s fag by now”. Latex said, “How did you kill your Farther”. Wendy replied, “He was injured at Dunkirk and was prescribed some very strong medication. When I was twelve he made me responsible for his medication and it took me two years before I read the leaflet that came with the tablets. It listed lots of side effects and highlighted the dangerous effects of an overdose. I decided to substitute different tablets for six days and then give him a week’s supply of his proper medication in his Sunday bear. I started this process just after Peter was born and his liver started failing when Peter was one and it finally killed him when Peter was four. During those three years he did not touch me and never wanted to see Peter, He gave me a free hand to develop Peter as a dysfunctional person with no interpersonal skills”.

Latex asked, “Now that Peter has grown up, what are your thoughts about him”. Wendy said, “After he escaped my clutches and he started to become a self reliant strong character I was frightened he would get me into trouble so I concentrated on my own family, my husband was a wimp and he gave me boy twins when I wanted a girl. As Peter grew and his brilliance became visible I knew my days were numbered and was not at all surprised when I was finally incarcerated. Up until that day I had never tried wearing Latex, I made my husband wear it and my two sissies but I did not like the feel of it on my skin, I would not even wear rubber gloves when I washed up”. Latex asked, “What made you start wearing it”. Wendy continued, “I thought I had gone mad, I woke up in my prison and felt an overwhelming need to wear latex and when they answered my plea I could not imagine not wearing it even thought I still did not like the feeling. When I was transferred to the MOD prison I was still wearing latex 24/7. It wasn’t until Dr Amanda Belmont became my therapist that I found the reason why”. Latex then said, “Do you like your therapist”. Wendy said, “I love my therapist and I think she loves me”. Latex interrogated Wendy about her relationship with Amanda had developed and leaned that Amanda had inserted the correct triggers to develop Wendy’s dependence on her. Latex removed all the triggers inserted by Amanda and dropped in some that would give her back the dependence on latex.

Peter said, “Ask her if she still wants the toilet”, Latex said, “I don’t need to, anyone who is hypnotised when their bladder is full will let it go when they relax into a deep trance”. Peter said, “Before you wake her, make her embarrassment reach extraordinary heights when she realises that she has urinated in her clothes and when asked she won’t be able to hide it”. Latex programmed Wendy as Peter had suggested adding that her embarrassment would double for each person in the room when knowledge about her status was shared”. Wendy was woken up and Peter handed her the keys saying “Do you still need these urgently”. Wendy felt the liquid in the confines of her clothes and after turning bright red said, “I think it’s too late I think my bladder is now empty”. Peter replied, “Well if that is how you treat the clothes I give you, I will need to punish you. You are not allowed to remove your cat suits until tomorrow morning and you must wash all contaminated surfaces before you put them back on. Come ladies we will leave this smelly baby to her penances”.

On the way home Peter commended Latex or her technique and how very good it was, and asked how much deeper she could you have taken Wendy. Latex said, “She was pretty deep, you can tell she has been hypnotised lots of time before, I think she went down to the hypnosis bottom or pretty close to it. Peter knew his agent took her much deeper so felt reassured his techniques were still valid”.

After Peter and his lady friends had left, Wendy retired to bed crying, she was completely under Peter’s control and she knew he hated her probably with good cause. She would have to comply with Peter’s instructions for four weeks and then hopefully be rescued by Amanda. She cleaned her teeth and then went to bed sloshing about in her layers or latex. She did not sleep well but the morning came too quickly, at five thirty she stood in the bath with the keys and started taking off the layers of latex. The first three were almost dry on the inside just a little seepage around the neck the one with the gloves and socks was very wet on the inside and the last one was wet on both sides. She laid the dirty ones in the bath and showered herself and then the clothes. Peter had provided perfumed soap and very nice shampoo and she felt clean and invigorated after her shower. She then washed all the clothes that had been contaminated by her pee.

Went she stood up on the floor of the bathroom she started to feel strange, there was a growing feeling of loss and as she sat on the toilet, the feeling got worse. She found several tins of perfumed talcum powder and used this after she had removed all the water from the suit with towels. As soon as the first one was dry and dusted she put it on and her empty feeling dissipated. She was not sure if her remedy was the catsuit or its build in protrusions. She continued to dry and powder each catsuit and as soon as each was ready she put it on and her feeling of happiness and well being grew. By the time her booted suit was on and locked, she was feeling alive and invigorated. She cleaned the bathroom and put the keys to her suit in the bathroom cabinet. When her bedroom and bathroom were clean, she moved to the kitchen to have breakfast. The clock on the wall said six forty-five. Wendy prepared and ate her breakfast and then cleared away her breakfast things and cleaned the kitchen. She still had time so she vacuumed the down stairs and polished the furniture in the sitting room.

At eight o’clock she put away her cleaning materials and opened the hall closet. After pulling on the over trousers and High visibility coat, she felt ready. The weather outside was cold and raining so she lifted the hood up and fastened the Velcro chin strap. On a shelf in the closet she saw a box that she had not noticed the previous day and inside it she found a number of scarves and pairs of leather gloves. Removing the hood she placed a scarf around her neck and then lifted the hood again she then donned a pair of leather gloves. She stood in front of the hall mirror and could not see any rubber other then her boots. Picking up her Lollipop she locked the cottage and made her way to her crossing point arriving five minutes early. She smiles and greeted all the little girls and boys and soon got the hang of stopping the traffic safely. By Nine fifteen all the children were in school and all the mums and dads who had accompanied them to school had returned home. At nine thirty she started to walk home and she realised that from the time of her first traffic stop to that moment she had not thought about her layers of latex confinement in all the rain that had fallen, she had stayed warm and dry.

Back at the cottage she returned her high visibility clothing to the closet and returned to cleaning the house. She stopped for a coffee at ten thirty and the whole house was sparkling when she opened the hall closet again at twelve o’clock.

Her second stint at the crossing duty went better that her first, her timing for halting the traffic was much improved from when she had started in the morning and everyone that came and went crossed the road in safety. Just before one thirty the vicar showed up and asked her how she was doing. Wendy told him she had found the technique for stopping the traffic safely so was enjoying the job. They chatted for several minutes and Wendy walked back to the cottage at twenty to two. The rain had stopped and the roads had dried so Wendy thought she would try a bit of gardening. After removing her coat and over trousers she went out of the back door and looked into the garden shed. She found a pair of cotton overalls and a tin bath as well as the normal garden tool. She pulled on the cotton overalls over her five cat suits and thought Peter thinks of everything, what am I expected to do with the bath. Then is occurred to her that her boots would get very dirty doing gardening and she could not take them off at the door. She moved the bath to the outside tap and half filled it with water and placed it by the back door, she then put some old towels inside the door on the step.

The garden was mainly laid for grass surrounded by a number of shaped flower boarders. She picked up a hoe from the shed and started to weed the flower boarders. Her boots got very muddy and she was pleased that Peter had thought to provide the bath. She finished the weeding one side of the garden at half past two and realised she was tight for time. She quickly washed her boots in the bath and towelled them dry before pulling the over trouser on over the boiler suite and then pulled on her coat. She almost had to run to the school to be there at a quarter to three, and arrived two or three minutes late but no one needed to cross. Once again she came across at a happy smiling crossing professional and all the adults greeted her and chatted as they waited to cross. At a quarter past four the Headmaster came out and thanked her for doing such a good job and hopes she would keep it up. Wendy told him that she thoroughly enjoyed it and was very happy to continue. As she started walking back to the house, she became aware that Peter had changed her completely, this morning she had a need to replace her latex cat suite after being with out it was only a few minutes and every time she helped people to cross the road she was charged with a feeling of bliss. He has turned me into a latex loving nice person junky and I can’t even feel angry towards him. He has every reason in the world to be angry at me and all his little torments have made me happier. Even looking at all those little boys at the school, I felt no malice toward them. I am not the same person I was, but do I want to go back to feeling angry all the time. I mustn’t let Peter see that I am enjoying living here and I don’t want Amanda coming around spoiling it. I have three more weeks to turn her off.

Back at the cottage she removed the coat and over trousers and returned them to the closet. She took off the boiler suit and returned that to the shed and used the latex polish she found with the talc to polish and shine her boots and outer suit, then she started preparing the evening meal humming a happy tune.

Peter’s day had started with a breakfast prepared by Latex and shared with Latex, Sam and Joanna. Peter looked at the three women and thought, can life get any better. He walked to his office at seven forty-five and finished reading the Sinclair file as he had named it. He listed all the people he considered necessary if he were to take over and there were four he could not find homes for, Sinclair himself and three male operatives who had been responsible for victim retrieval and transport.

The two heavies arrived at nine o’clock and Peter described how he considered the department would operate under his direction and they discussed how the two ex-soldiers would fit in. After an hour, Peter had a much clearer understanding of how Sinclair had operated and the soldiers were much happier with the organisation Peter proposed. As the soldiers were leaving to go back to London, Janet still wearing her rubberised coat said, June phoned and asked could you contact her as soon as you have finished. Peter asked Janet to go to the guard room and collect Sinclair while he spoke to June. When he telephoned June she told him that the additional coats he had ordered had come in and she wanted to know what to do with them. Peter told her to hang on to them and he would pop down to see her that afternoon. Peter had recognised a nuance in June’s speech that was not normal and was determined to find out what was wrong.

Janet and one the MOD guards returned with a hand cuffed Sinclair and asked them to sit him in his office. As the Guard and Janet exited and closed the door, Peter asked Sinclair if he was ready to apologise. Sinclair retorted loudly that he was not the one that needed to apologise and he insisted that he be released immediately. Peter reminded him of the things he had done to Peter’s team and asked, “What was your true justification for this”. Sinclair refused to co-operate so Peter said, “You are aware that I have a trigger that will cause you much pain and the only remedy is a kiss from Pauline, well I have to tell you that Pauline has gone away for a few days, so if you continue to be uncooperative your life may end in a very painful and pointless manner”. Sinclair said, “You would not dare, I am a member of MI6 and as such….”. Peter interrupted, “You are no longer a member of MI6 your position there has been terminated and your department suspended. If you do not tell me what I what to know, I will be forced to deal with you in another way”. Sinclair replied, “You will get nothing out of me until you tell me what has happened to my wife”. Peter said, “4290388” and Sinclair dropped into a deep trance. Peter then charged a syringe with the last of his Agent 1C and injected Sinclair. A soon as Sinclair was ready Peter started his mental reprogramming, he made Sinclair into a submissive man who would do what ever Nancy told him to do and could not attempt to hypnotise or control anyone. He removed all his knowledge of MI6 and Latex and inserted his infatuation for Nancy. Peter also inserted commands that Sinclair would, after obeying Nancy for the first time, fall madly in love with her and ask her to marry him. When Peter was finished he phoned Sam and asked her to collect Nancy and bring her to his office.

Sinclair was still under the influence of the drug when Nancy entered and Peter told Nancy that this was the man she loved pointing to Sinclair. Nancy said, “Oh goody have you been making him my slave”. Peter said. “Yes when he wakes up take him a way from here, he has a house in Essex somewhere, take him back and dominate him there”. Nancy shook Sinclair shouting “Get up you lazy man and take me home”. Sinclair opened his eyes and when he saw Nancy he said, “Of course my love would you like to remove my restraints. Nancy said, “You look lovely as you are, come my love and we will away”. Sinclair and Nancy left the office arm in arm and Sam said, “They look pretty good together I hope they have a good future”.

Peter said, “While you are here, accompany me to see Janet; I sensed a problem when I spoke to her this morning”. Peter and Sam walked to Janet’s office when they arrived she was on the phone speaking angrily. She put the phone done and said, “It’s off”. Peter asked “Why what has happened”.

Janet said, “Mainly you, latex, bondage and female pussy. Jeffery and I agree to a trial separate and I moved back into a single room in the accommodation block last week. He has now decided he still likes boys more than girls and I have decided that I only like being yours”. Peter said, “Why this sudden change”, June replied, “I was looking through the clothes you ordered to check them off the delivery note and a realised that I was incredibly jealous of your women who you instruct to wear them. Although you freed me from your control and the need to wear latex, I have been missing it. When the rubberised mackintoshes arrived last week it was the final straw that broke my resistance and I just longed to wear one. Now these have come all I want to do is curl up with them”.

Peter said, “Go and pick out one that you would like to have”. Janet rushed out and came back a little later carrying a box and handed it to Peter. Peter looked at the description and noticed it was a bondage coat with built in knickers and dildos although it looked as thought the fastening were on the front, these were dummies and there was a lockable zip up the back. Peter said, “You can not put this one over clothes so you had better undress. Janet’s clothing flew off and she was soon naked standing in front of Peter and Sam. Sam opened the box and handed the coat to June, it was made of rubberised pink satin and it rustled as she started to put her legs into the briefs. Afters she pulled the skirt of the mac up she guided to two protrusions into their respective cavities and smoothed the skirt around her hips, she pushed her arms into the sleeves and Sam started to close the zip. At the top of the zip hidden under the collar there was a mechanism to lock and hide the zip tag the two half’s of the collar was fastened together using Velcro and the whole zip was hidden behind a Velcro seam that looked to be a permanent join. Sam handed a key to Peter who said, “Weill we have addressed Latex, Bandage and me, Come to dinner tonight and we will satisfy your other hunger”. Sam said she needs some shoes to match”. Peter said, “Go to her store room and select a pair for Janet and a Mac and a pair of shoes for you”.

Sam returned with three boxes and handed one box to June and gave the other two to Peter while she removed her current attire. Peter looked at the box and saw that it was a maroon latex double breasted military style floor length coat with a lockable fastening. Peter said “No built in knickers”. Sam said, “I have to stay open for your”. Peter helped her on with the coat while Janet fitted her pink bondage boots. Sam’s coat had a full length zip behind the double breasted front and which locked when closed and was hidden behind the buttoned flap. When Sam was locked in her coat she pulled a pair of boots similar to Janet’s only in a deep red colour. The boots were ankle boots with a four inch heel and a zip up the side finished off by a strap around the top which locked with a small brass padlock. Peter locked Janet’s boot on and kept the keys and did the same for Sam. Peter than said to Sam, “Pick up your clothes and come back to my office with me, seeing you in that has made me rock hard and I need relief”. As he walked out of June’s, office he said, “Be at the house at half past six and bring over the remainder of the mackintoshes or as many as you can carry, if you are late I will throw away the key to your coat”.

Back in Peter’s office Janet said to Sam, “You look lovely in that”. Peter replied, “Yes and she is doing things to my libido, make sure we are not disturbed”, and he thought to himself, “Yes life can get better; I can’t wait to get Joanna and Latex into something similar”.

After Peter had satisfied the sexual urges he shared with Samantha, he opened the door and asked Janet to call the joint chiefs. Janet also told him he had received five other calls while he was engaged. Peter said put the joint chiefs through first and then all the others.

Peter told the General that he would accept the challenge and he would discus his preferred organisation on Friday. Samantha than left him as he started dealing with the other calls and walked back to the house. Joanna and Latex were dinking coffee and when they saw Sam, Joanna said, “I see Peter’s next order has arrived, you look fantastic. Latex said, “Are there any more for us”. Sam said, Make me a coffee and then we will go and choose one each for you and Latex can practise her hypnosis skills on someone”.

After the coffee cups had been cleared away three latex clad beauties walked to Peter’s old Lab and in past the security guards. Pauline was at Peter’s desk and greeted them warmly. After a short discussion four latex clad beauties walked on to find June. They found her in her office and when June saw Latex she swooned and said, “Who is this gorgeous young thing”. Sam said, “This gorgeous young thing is one of Peter’s slaves and is in need of some female ardour, and I thought of what you said this morning. June dropped immediately to her knees and crawled unto Latex’s skirt. Sam took Pauline and Joanna into the stock room. Joanne selected a latex coat similar to Samantha’s only in silver and Pauline chose a blue rubberised satin one similar to Jane’s. While Sam helped Joanna on with her coat, Pauline said, “I need to use the loo before I put this on and disappeared down the corridor. Sam locked Joanna’s coat on and then gave her a pair of silver boots, which were shinny rubber calf length boots with a five inch heel and a lockable mechanism at the top of the zip. Sam was locking Joanna’s boots on as Pauline returned saying, “Joanna looks absolutely superb, what are you going to do with her keys”. Sam said “The same as yours give them to Peter”. Pauline put her feet through the legs of the built in briefs and pulled up the skirt guiding the dildos into their respective cavities. While Sam was helping Pauline to close and lock her coat, Joanna was looking in the box Pauline’s Mac came in, and said, “What is all this plumbing for”. Joanne lifted up Pauline’s skirt and said, “I see this fastens to there and these clips on to here. When Joanne dropped the shirt and stood up Pauline said, “What did you do”. Joanna said, “You are now fitted with a catheter so you don’t need to worry about going for a pee”. Pauline asked, “What about the other end”. Joanna said, “There is an enema kit for that end”. Sam handed Pauline a pair of ballet boots which had four locks on each boot. When these we on and locked Pauline stood up and screamed, “Take them off, I can’t possibly wear these”. Sit there and I’ll get Latex, she will help you come to terms with them”. Moments later June and Latex came back with Sam and Sam explained what need to happen. Latex talked to both Pauline and Jane and in no time at all they were both in a trance. Sam asked Latex to help Pauline to deal with her clothing and boots and to help Janet join Pete’s band of Slaves. Latex said, “Jane has such an expert tongue she should be our slave”. Sam said “Yes you can give her to all of us, but don’t exclude Peter”.

Latex took them both as deep as she could and told Pauline that she loved her Mac and found her boots to be the most comfortable footwear she had ever worn. She then addressed June and made her subservient to Samantha, Joanna and Peter and herself, assigned a trance key and made June responsible for emptying Pauline’s bag and administering Pauline’s daily enemas”. Joanna pointed to the box that Janet’s mackintosh came in and Latex then gave Pauline the responsibility for emptying June’s bag and giving Janet her daily enemas. Joanne fitted the catheter to June while she was still in her trance then Latex took away their bladder control from both entranced girls.

Joanne collected all the clothing that had been discarded and put it all in one of the empty boxes. Latex awakened Janet and sent her back to work and then reinforced Pauline’s love for all her clothing and then woke her up. As Pauline absorbed all the programming, she turned to Sam and said, “That was not what I wanted”, Sam replied, “Well it is now, you go back to work and we will see you at home tonight”. Pauline walked out of the stock room and back to her desk as if she was wearing slippers.

Joanna carried the box of clothes and all three walked back to the house. As the walked inside Sam said, “I am hungry and I missed lunch”. Latex winked and Joanne and they both sat down on the settee with their legs wide open. Sam took the hint and got down in between Joanna’s knees. While Sam was easting out Joanna, Latex was getting board and started talking in her velvety voice, within the time it took Sam to bring Joanne close to her first Orgasm both Sam and Joanna were in a shallow trance. Latex began her induction to deepen both trances. She concentrated on Sam and when she was very deep, instructed her that she would seek out pussy juice when ever she could concentrating on Latex and Joanne, but is neither of these were available any pussy would do”. Moving over to Joanne, she instructed her to become addicted to Sam’s and her pussy and would do anything to get a fix”. She then gave them both a trance key and then told them to forget being hypnotised and that Joanna would orgasm as soon as she became awake and Sam after cleaning Joanne up would move across to Latex”. She counted down from five and Joanna screamed as he came very hard”. As soon as Sam had moved across to Latex, Joanne forced her head between Sam’s knees and started lapping at her pussy.

Sam came at the same instant as Latex and they both glided to the floor. On the floor Sam kissed Joanna and then they both got up and kissed Latex. The three of them were relaxing in their afterglow when Peter walked in. He looked at them and said, “I’m glad you three have found something to do while I pine away in my office”. Then he noticed the new rainwear and said, “Some one has paid a visit to Janet, what has been going on. Sam gave him all the keys and told him about the mackintosh selection and the hypnotism associated with Pauline and Janet. Peter saw the glint in Latex’s eyes as Sam was describing her hypnotism of Pauline. Peter was angry, he thought he had protected Pauline and Sam from being hypnotised and if was clear this was not working so he said, “Latex Robot, tell me who else have you hypnotised today”. Latex sat up straight and described what she had done to Sam and Joanna”.

Peter spoke the Trance key that Latex had assigned and asked her why she had succumbed to the hypnotism. Sam told him that the technique to lull her into a shallow trance first had circumvented his control. Peter told her she was no longer addicted to female cum although you still liked it a lot and reinstated his protection then removed the Trance Key”. Joanna said, “What about me, are you going to remove my addiction to Sam and Latex”. Maybe later; let’s see, if knowing what is happening will help you fight it”. Peter remembered already giving her a similar instruction under a much deeper trance so removing this latest mind control would make no difference and the trance key could come in handy. He then tuned to Latex and said “Latex Slave followed by her trance key, When Latex was in the deep trance Peter forbade her from hypnotising any member of his group without his explicit permission. He then instructed her that she could never remove the mackintosh she was wearing except to wash and after washing she could only ever wear that mackintosh”. He then woke her up and said, “Everyone get ready and we will go down and play with Wendy again just before seven”. Moments later June arrived carrying four more latex raincoats, there of them were similar to the ones Samantha and Joanne were wearing and one was a large very heavy weight coat in thick rubber. The sleeves had straps and the buckles locked when closed, the zip inside the front fly was a heavy weight zipper with a locking clasp at the top. And the belt was also fitted with a locking buckle. Peter said, “This one will do lovely for Wendy, we are going to have some fun tonight”.

Pauline and Mary walked in ten minutes later and Peter said, Now that we are all hear, we should go. Pauline walked with June and Mary and Peter carrying the heavy coat walked with Samantha, Joanna, and Latex. When that all arrived at the cottage, Peter unlocked the door with his key and they all walked inside. Wendy came out of the Kitchen and said, “Dinner will be ready in about ten minutes. I’ve laid some glasses and a bowl of punch in the dining room to get you all going”. The ladies walked through into the dining room and Wendy looked at Peter and said, “What is that you are carrying, I hope it is not for me”. Peter followed Wendy back into the kitchen and said, “Last night I decided that you need a different look for serving dinner, here try this on”. Wendy held out her arm and Peter slid the coat up to her shoulder and then Wendy pushed her other arm in the opposite sleeve. Peter preceded the close and locked all the fastenings and then said, “Do a twirl and let me see how you look”. Wendy said, “This is very heavy, how do you expect me to serve food in this”. Peter said, “You will get used to it, from now on whenever you are not wearing your Lollipop outfit, you will be wearing this”. With that he left her and joined the others in the dining room. All seven dinner guests found there placed and sat down and Wendy brought out the starter. The heavy coat made a lot of noise as it moved and limited Wendy’s arm mobility in laying the plates before each guest. As she laid the last starter before Peter she apologised to everyone blaming her unsuitable clothing for a maid. Samantha said, “We were going to buy you a French maids outfit, but it would look silly over five cat suits so we bought you this instead. Any more complaints and we will find you something else to wear on top of it”. Wendy replied, “I am sorry mistress I will not complain again”. As Wendy went back into the kitchen, she caught the strap around her left wrist on the door handle and the door closed and trapped her arm between the door and the frame. If it hadn’t been for the six layers of rubber surrounding her arm it would have caused major pain and injury. She opened the door and undid her arm from the handle. She thought to herself, “I will have to be more careful if I am to wear this all the time”. She continued to finish the main course and it was all ready before the starter was ready for collection.

She walked out into the dining room and seeing that everyone had finished eating, she started to collect the dirty dishes. While she picked up Peter’s dish she said, “If I am to wear this whenever I am not wearing my high visibility coat. How do I take off my cat suits and go to the loo”. Peter said, “I am sitting here at the dinner table and you want to talk about the loo. Last night you wanted to go to the loo in her clothes, I thought this was your new nightly practice”. Wendy replied, “I am sorry I mentioned it but I would prefer not to pee in my clothes”. Peter said, “Continue to serve the meal and we will discuss this when we are finished”.

Wendy removed all the dirty dishes and then brought out the main course. When everyone one was sitting in front of a plate full of food, Wendy returned to the kitchen to eat hers. Eating with the cumbersome coat was not an easy undertaking and she became very frustrated. When she finished her meal, she returned to the dining room and started to clean up. Peter and his woman moved to the sitting room and when Wendy had cleared the dining table and then the kitchen, she joined them in the sitting room and said, “Can we talk about this heavy coat now Peter, it is not really suitable for cooking and house work”. Peter replied, “Wendy you are here in this house to serve out your atonement for the things you did to me, if wearing that coat makes you uncomfortable, then it is doing its duty. You are not here to feel cheerful or comfy, you are here to be humiliated and ridiculed”, Wendy replied, “We you are failing, I enjoy the job, cleaning this lovely cottage, and preparing your meals, I am also remembering how I used to like wearing latex”.

Peter said, “Well that is your biggest mistake, you should have pretended to be miserable and I would have left you like that, we will now have to make changes, we can’t have you enjoying yourself”. Wendy pleaded, “I know I was horrible to you when you were little but that made you strong and who you are. If I hadn’t done, what I did. You would never have so many beautiful ladies around you wearing the clothes of your choice”. Peter replied, “Yes I now have all eight of you wearing mackintoshes and only one of you has anything on underneath”. Wendy returned a few minutes later with coffee and as she was handing them out, Peter asked, “Is the kitchen clean and is all the house work complete for today”. Wendy replied, “With the exception of the coffee cups yes everything is clean and tidy”.

Peter then said, “Ok when you have finished tidying away the coffee cups we will go upstairs and get you ready for bed”. Peter finished his coffee and put his empty cup back on the tray, when all the dirty cups were back on the tray; Wendy carried them out into the kitchen and washed them up. When she was finished she found Peter standing behind her with the girl she had not seen before. Peter said, “Everyone else has gone home and I didn’t introduce you to Jane. Jane this is my sister Wendy and you are going to be an important person in her life. Wendy this is June and you will do whatever she tells you to do, and each evening June will assist you to change into your nightwear and each morning she will lock you in your daywear. Come up stair both of you and I will explain”

In the master bedroom, Peter handed the keys to Wendy’s coat and said, “June you are now responsible for these keys. Wendy has to wear another coat and she must be in it before 8 o’clock each workday morning. Underneath this coat there are five cat suits and she had to wear these under her workday coat. From today whenever she removes her uniform coat she has to put this one on. At each bedtime she removed all her cat suits and uses the bathroom and has a wash. After she has done this she must be locked inside this coat again. Unfasten the coat and we will run through what is supposed to happen”.

June unfastened the zip lock and the arm wrist locks and helped Wendy out of the coat. Wendy then reached for the key to open the fifth cat suit. When she had unlocked the neck fastening and pulled down the zip, she put the key down and continued to pull the suite off. She moved on immediately to the other cat suits in turn until she came to the last one. Peter picked up the key and handed it to June and then said, “Wendy, hold it there for a minute, this cat suite June is the one with built in dildos and she has had these in since this morning”. Then turning to Wendy he said, “Do you like your little friends Wendy”. Wendy replied, “I did not at first but they are definitely my friends now”.

Peter moved in close and said, “These two little inserts are more that your friends they are you lovers and when they come out, you will feel a deep loss, and the longer you are without them this feeling of loss will grow. After being without them for six hours the feeling of loss will become a pain and a longing to be filled a gain, but you will not be allowed to put anything in either hole while you are wearing your nightwear. Now take off your last cat suit”. Wendy removed the suit and then moaned saying I need them back”. Peter said, “Go and do your bathroom actions”. Wendy ran into the bathroom and closed the door. June and Peter heard the cistern and then the shower. Peter instructed June on the timing of Wendy’s activities and her clothing constraints. He also told her that if she wanted to move out of the single accommodation she could move into the cottage to be closer to her charge.

June looked into the spare rooms and when she found one with a television and said, “I will have this one”. Peter said, “You can stay here tonight if you want”. June waited for Wendy to emerge from the bathroom and then got her to put on the heavy coat and after looking it on Peter said, “I am going now and June will be staying here so she can unlock your nightdress in the morning”.

Peter returned home and joined Samantha and Joanna in bed, getting close to two warm bodies wrapped in latex was his form of heaven.

Next morning Wendy awoke at five o’clock in acute pain and cried out. She crawled out of bed and staggered into June’s room. June was still fast asleep and Wendy knew she should not wake her but the pain for unbearable and she knew what she needed”. Wendy gently shook June and when she did not stir, she shook her harder and then she remembered that she had gone to bed without cleaning her under cat suit. She turned to leave June’s bedroom and as she got to the door. June shouted, “What do you want”. Wendy turned and apologised saying, “Mistress I am very sorry I woke you the pain was too much to bear but then I remembered I hadn’t washed my cat suit. T thought I had got away without waking you so I could get it clean before disturbing you”.

June said, “What time is it”, Wendy replied, “About a quarter past five, I am very sorry for waking you, I’ll go and clean my clothes”. June said, “Before you start doing any cleaning, make me a drink, coffee will do nicely”. Wendy moaned loudly and moved to the kitchen as she started to cry”. June followed her and asked, “Why are you crying”. Wendy replied, “Peter has given me real pain while I wait for mu holes to be filled”. Wendy said, “In future you will have to bear your pain in silence and not wake me before a quarter to seven, you are feeling this because you told peter that you enjoyed your life here. Put some toast on for me as well and bring the coffee and the toast into the dining room”.

End of Chapter 11.