The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Peter and Wendy

Chapter 4

Pauline left him in search of her lover, and Peter started writing up his notes. Where had the morning gone? He finished recording the morning’s events and went in search of the others. Nancy, Samantha and June were in the bus sorting out all the supplies and Mary, Christine and Pauline were chatting at June’s desk. Peter went over to them first and asked “What are you doing for lunch”, he could see that Mary was not happy and taking her aside he said, “Pauline wanted to experience mind control so she is currently carrying out my orders. She still loves you and will have you in her bed soon, just go with the flow, and try not to let her actions upset you. Mary shouted, “How dare you, it was me who desperately wants to be controlled, I’ve always had a fetish of being someone’s slave. If you can do her can you please do me”. Peter said, “OK come to my lab after lunch and we will see what can be done”. He then went over to the bus and asked them what they were doing for lunch. Nancy said, “These two have not stopped all morning and need a rest, we should all go to the canteen. While they were waiting to leave, the Director came in saying, “This is where you are Peter, and I need to speak to you”. Peter told his troops to go and he would catch them up, and then said, “Ok what is the big emergency”.

The Director said, “I have just had a call from the Joint Chiefs office and they are concerned that knowledge of your achievements has reached the criminal fraternity. They want security here stepped up and when you team goes to Porton. I assume they will be carrying your preparation”. Peter said, “Yes that was the plan, how do they want us to proceed. They have approved your request to arm your army personnel and to provide you with additional armed guards. The question they asked is, do you want men or women”. Peter said, “If we have to have soldiers I think both, men to guard the labs and women to guard the personnel on route and at Porton. Peter also said, “If I could talk to building services, I have some ideas for tightening security associated with the access to the labs”. The Director said, he would pass on his thoughts to the Military and have building Services meet him that afternoon.

Peter walked to the canteen and sat with his team, they all had a satisfactory lunch and Peter reminded them all that dinner would be hosted by Wendy.

After lunch, Peter retuned to his lab to conclude his deliberations on tranche three. He wanted to see if, there were any other compounds, which could give similar results. He was trawling through his research notes when there was a knock on the outer door, grabbing his aerosol, he opened the door and there were two men in overalls. They showed their passes and said they were from building services. Peter had never met them before so he invited them in to check.

One of them went to grab him but Peter was prepared and sprayed them both whilst holding his own breath. When they were both in their enforced trance, Peter asked them, who they were, where they were from and who sent them. He learned that they were two mercenaries, who had been hired by London criminals, to kidnap Peter and steal his research. He phoned June, and told her to get Samantha to come to his lab ASAP and that there was an emergency. He then searched his two victims and took away four automatics two knives and a very ugly looking stiletto with blood on it and some obscure communication devices.

Making sure these devices were turned off, he then told the two men that they would answer all questions with full, frank and truthful answers. He started to tell them about being taken down outside his lab by a single woman. This woman out thought them, out manoeuvred them and out fought them, she was a captain in the army and a member of the close protection unit trained by the SAS in Hereford. While she battled them, she used a jujitsu manoeuvre, which paralysed the nerves to their arms. Their arms were now useless and would remain that way forever. He was just finishing off when Samantha and Nancy raced in. Sam said, “All hell has broken out, out there, two bodies have been found”. Peter said, “These are the two killers and that looks like the murder weapon”. He then told the woman what he had told the men about Sam and asked Sam to take them to the guardroom.

Sam picked up one of the automatics and checked it was loaded then escorted the man out of the lab. As they walked, there was no swing in their arms and they came too, just before they reached the guardroom.

Ensuring they were locked up, she called the General’s office and left a message detailing what had happened”.

The local Police were called and Sam gave Peter’s story of the capture. Peter stayed in his lab and the investigators never bothered him or asked what was being done there. When Wendy returned and heard about the excitement, she ran to Peter to check he was all right. Peter was with the Director and the head of building services when she arrived and she soon fell in on Peter’s side of the discussion. It was eventually agreed that all three labs would be connected internally with doors and corridors and access to any part would be controlled by a card access system. There would also be a picket post constructed outside the main entrance where two armed guards would be posted 24/7. The director told Peter that the armed support unit would be arriving on Sunday evening and until then all the labs should be secured. He also said that room 106, which had not been used for years, was in fact the entrance to a bomb shelter, he suggested that Peter arrange for the entire compound inventory manufactured in the labs to be stored in the bomb shelter and the bomb doors locked until the army arrived.

Peter sent Wendy to arrange it and then asked the Director if he knew from which unit the support was coming. The Director said he thought they were from the special services unit. The head of building services asked where are there soldiers going to sleep. The Director asked how many empty rooms we have in the accommodation blocks. The answer given was 23 empty rooms but they were spread all over the complex. Peter said, I have a three-bed house, I could free up some rooms. Are there any other empty married quarters where we could group a few more together. The head of BS said, “There are two houses next to you that could be utilised”. Peter said, “Ok allocate them to me and I’ll fee up some more room then you can move people around to leave one building empty, then give that one to the army when they arrive”. After the two men had left, Peter went to find Pauline.

When he did, he told her to take Mary and empty their little house then move everything into the house next door to him. He told Nancy to move her things there also and then told Samantha to move her things in with him and Wendy. Lastly he asked June and Christine where they stayed and when he was told they were also in rooms, instructed them to move out into one of the houses. Christine asked, “Do we get a room each”. Peter said, “That depends on June, if you need separate rooms they will be in different houses”. June said, “Ok we will both move in with you and Christine can be my bed warmer”. Peter said, “OK done, now Wendy has got room 106 open, I need all the chemicals manufactured here to be moved into room 106. June said I am expecting some deliveries today and tomorrow”. Peter said, “The guard house has been instructed to let no one in until after the army arrives.

All the compounds except the aerosol were moved into the bomb shelter and the bomb doors were locked likewise the door to 106.

When all that was done, the woman with rooms allocated to them, in the accommodation block went, to pack and relocate.

Peter and Wendy were left by themselves. Wendy said, “It would have been nice to have Pauline and Mary in our house”. Peter replied, “They are only next door”. When they walked, back to their house together, Peter was carrying the aerosol.

After dinner, that night all eight were lounging with coffee and Mary said to Peter, “We missed our appointment, this afternoon”. Pauline said, “And what appointment was this, you have not mentioned it before. Peter said, “Pauline slave, you are now a dog, you walk on all fours and can only speak in barks, no words can pass your lips and if you need the toilet you will do it outside like a good house trained dog. You will remain a dog until Mary licks and kisses your pussy”. Pauline fell onto all fours and barked.

Peter told Mary to follow him. He took her up stairs and into his bedroom. There he sprayed the aerosol in her face and then said, “Mary, you have no free will when it comes to Pauline or me, you will carry out all instructions, given by either of us, without hesitation or complaint. If we give you a new truth or reality, it will become your truth or reality and only the person who gave you that truth can take it away.

In a moment, I will take you down stairs. When you get there, you will not see Pauline, she is not there. You will believe that she had gone away to visit her parents. While she is away, you have agreed to look after a friend’s dog. You are to exercise it, feed it and groom it. At night, you will allow it to sleep at the bottom of your bed. Tomorrow morning you will go to the shops and buy a collar and lead. You will find adequate bowls in the house that will allow you to feed and water it. If any one questions you about your dog you will not hear what they say if they mention Pauline. The dogs name is “Pounce”, and you will call it that whenever you give it a command, or train it to do something”. " Mary began to come around so Peter said, “What do you remember”. Mary said “Nothing”. Peter continued, “Ok, let’s go back down stairs, your slavery starts when Pauline gets back”

As they walked into the lounge, Mary patted the dog and said, “Good dog Pounce”. While they had been upstairs, Wendy had removed Pauline’s knickers and shoes. Her latex miniskirt should not get in the way when she did her business outside”.

When the night came to an end Nancy said “I’m off to bed are you coming Mary”. Mary said, “Yes, I will just get my dog. “Pounce when we get outside you will walk by my side you will not run off, chase cats or cause me any embarrassment. Now come along”.

June took Christine up to bed and Wendy said to Samantha, “You are in our bed tonight”.

When Peter, Wendy and Samantha were all in bed Samantha said, “That business with Pauline and Mary, does Mary know the dog is Pauline”. Peter replied, “No she thinks the dog is a dog and she is looking after it while Pauline is away”. Sam continued, “So you have set up a Catch 22 scenario. Pauline will stay a dog, because Mary doesn’t know to kiss her pussy”. Peter replied, “Pauline wanted to be mind controlled to see how it felt and Mary wanted to be a salve.

In next door Mary had just brought her dog into the house through the back door they had been playing with a ball Mary found and she had taught Pauline to fetch it and drop it in front of Mary so she could throw it again. They had done this twenty or so times and Pauline was very tired. Mary cleaned her paws with an old towel and had given her some water in a bowl. Pauline was thirsty so drank from the bowl. She was trying hard to signal to Mary that is was her. But Mary did not recognise any of her signals. She was getting frustrated, but every time Mary call her name she felt more dog like and less like Pauline. Mary was very affectionate to Pauline and Pauline was beginning to respond to the petting. After Mary had cleaned her teeth and changed into her latex night dress, she got into bed. Pauline crawled up to the side of her and nuzzled up to her in the hope she would allow the dog in the bed. Mary shouted and said “Pounce, you sleep at the end of the bed on the floor”. Pauline was devastated and slunk back to the bottom of the bed. When Nancy went up to bed, she looked in on Mary and seeing Mary asleep in Bed and Pauline curled up on the floor, took pity and fetched one of the spare blankets from the hall cupboard and laid it over Pauline.

Being Saturday there were no alarm clocks Peter was awoken by Samantha sucking his cock and Wendy kissing him”. June was awakened by Christine licking her pussy and Mary was woken by the licks from a dog. Mary said, “Do you need a wee, Come on then you can go in the Garden. Pauline was very stiff from sleeping on the floor and Mary said, “Where did you get that blanket from”. When they got down stairs Mary found Nancy in the kitchen and she asked her to watch out for Pounce while she had a shower. She pushed Pauline out into the garden and closed the door, then went back up stairs. Nancy watched her for several minutes and then went back to her book.

Pauline was once again mortified that she was in the garden on her hands a knees, Her knees were all green form the grass and her bum was cold. She was in the bushed sniffing around when she felt breath on her pussy. She closed her eyes in joy thinking it was Mary there to unlock her humanity. The breath soon turned into a lick but was not like Mary’s lick the tongue was long and it pushed right up into her urethra, she was being turned on and her lubrication flowed. Keeping her eyes closed she went along with building arousal. Who ever owned this tongue was a master and then is stuck her. He “WAS” her master and she would stay there with her eyes closed until he decided it was over. She was so close when the tongue slipped out, her sign indicated her displeasure but soon there were two hands on her back and ohhh! a long penis sliding up her pussy.

She rode this new feeling, never having had a penis in her she had no reference but she was enjoying the sensation and getting closer to her orgasm. Moments later, she came, she barked a thank you, but the intrusion stayed for quite a while longer. Then is finally slipped out and the hand disappeared she opened her eyes to see who her mystery lover was and saw a white Alsatian disappear through a hole in the garden fence. Something in her mind accepted that he was her master and she looked forward to the next meeting.

Pauline the person was now much further from the surface and Pauline the dog was happy. Mary called from the door and she ran to her Mistress. Mary brought her into the kitchen and there was food and water in her bowels. She soon finished the food and drank a lot of water. She now felt tired and lay down in the corner to sleep. Mary decided her dog needed a collar and lead so she walked passed the guardroom and down the road to the garage. They had a shop there, which sold pet food and toys. When she got there, she purchased a red collar and a matching lead; she also picked up a rubber bone and a hard ball.

The shop keeper put all the items in a bag and after paying, she ran all the way home. She found her dog still asleep so put the collar on her and left the two toys beside her. Missing Pauline, she decided to go and talk to Sam and June. She knocked on next door and June opened it. Once inside they asked how she was managing with the dog. Mary said, “All right it is asleep in the kitchen, I bought it some toys and a collar down at the Garage, How are you all in this house. June said, “Everything is fine Christine and I slept together and she woke me up with a kiss”.

An hour later Peter said he would like to see the dog and Mary said they could take it for a walk.

They both walked into next door and found Pauline standing by the back door. She looked very pretty with the collar on. Peter picked up the lead and said you stay here and I will take it out. Mary decided to clean the bed room so went up stairs. Peter took Pauline outside and said “Pauline-slave, you can not stand up but for the next five minutes you can talk like a human. How do you like, being a dog”? Pauline replied, “What have you done to Mary, she seems to think I am a dog, I do not like this at all, me knees are filthy, my teeth need cleaning, I have eaten dog food and I have been fucked by next door’s Alsatian”. Peter said, “Now you know what a cock feels like then, did you like it”? Pauline replied, “Yes dam you, I did like it and I can’t wait for him to do it again”.

Peter then said, “Mary thinks that you are away visiting your parents and that you are a real dog, if you want next door’s Alsatian to fuck you, I’ll leave you as a dog. I’ll change your key though, and you won’t know what it is”. Then he continued, “Pauline-slave, you will remain a dog no matter what Mary does to you and as long as you are wearing this red collar. When ever your collar is off you will be Pauline Smith psychiatrist and when you have that collar on you will be a dog. Now you will forget these instructions and in the future you will not be able to stop anyone putting this collar on you”. Peter was not aware that Mary was standing by an upstairs open window and had heard everything. Pauline was asking him what he had done to Mary, but the five minutes were up and the she was barking again.

Mary rushed out of the door and before Peter could say anything she whipped off the collar. Pauline stood up and said, “Thank you Mary”. Peter tuned to Mary and said, “Mary when ever you have that collar in your hands you have to put it around Pauline’s neck, you can not drop it or leave go until it is in place”. Mary placed the collar around Pauline’s neck and she dropped to the floor and whimpered. Mary said, “That was sneaky, I can not take it off because I will have to put it straight back on again”. Peter said, “While Pauline is wearing that collar you will see her as a dog, think of her as a dog and treat her as a dog. With that Peter walked out of the garden and back into the house. Nancy was standing there and said, “You can really be evil when you put your mind to it. Last night Mary left her at the end of her bed with just a single layer of latex on, she was freezing”. Peter said, “Nancy, like Mary, when Pauline is wearing that collar you will see her as a dog, think of her as a dog and treat her as a dog. You will not protect her from the elements or attempt to remove her collar and you will forget ever thinking that the dog is really Pauline. If you ever find the collar not on Pauline you will hand it to Mary”.

Peter left them and returned home, as he went through the front door, Wendy shouted, “Is that you dearest husband”. Peter replied in the affirmative and Wendy continued, “Good, come upstairs and get ready, I want to go out shopping”.

As he walked up the stairs, he met June coming out of one of the spare bedrooms, he told her he need a chat and asked her to wait in the bedroom, and he went to pick up the aerosol and followed her into the bedroom. On entering, he sprayed the aerosol in her face, when she was ready, he instructed her that she would do and believe everything he told her. He then gave her the same instructions regarding Pauline and the red collar as he had given Mary. He laid her down on the bed saying; you are Christine’s Mistress at all times and must ensure she only wears clothing of your choice.

Returning to his own bedroom, he changed into his going out clothing over latex underwear then went down stairs. Wendy was in the kitchen talking to Samantha so Peter instructed Christine on the Pauline issue as he had Mary and June. With only Samantha to instruct, he went into the Kitchen and found both Wendy and Samantha talking about food. He said, Sorry to interrupt but I would like to adjust Samantha a little, he than proceeded to give Samantha the same instructions as Nancy. Wendy became wide eyed and said “So all the girls now believe…..". Peter put his finger on her lips so keep her quiet and then left them alone. Wendy completed her shopping list with Sam’s help and then joined Peter. When they were sitting in the car Wendy asked, “Who knows Pauline is next door wearing a collar”. Peter replied, “Just you and me, and if you every take Pauline’s collar off without my approval, you will put it on your own neck and become a dog”. Wendy said “And how long are you going to keep her as a dog”? Peter said, “Until tomorrow after breakfast is the current plan”.

They drove into Nottingham and spent a pleasant day walking around the shops.

Peter and Wendy returned from their shopping trip at ten to five in the afternoon. Peter said he would unload the car and asked Wendy to check on next door. Wendy knocked and then finding the door unlocked walked in Nancy and Mary were in the lounge reading and Wendy asked where the dog was. Mary said, “In the garden, she’s been outside since just after two o’clock”. Wendy said, “Ok I’ll just go and check”, walking into the kitchen and looking out of the window she could not see Pauline so she opened the door and called, “Here doggy, come here girl”. She was surprised to see Pauline and an Alsatian running toward her. When she saw the muddy paw prints on Pauline’s back, and said, “Is this your boyfriend then” and patted the German shepherd dog.

Wendy clipped the lead onto Pauline’s collar and led her inside the Alsatian followed behind licking her pussy. Wendy shouted for Mary and when she came, Wendy said, “You may need to get a morning after pill from the vet”. Mary replied, “I didn’t realise she was in season, but he is such a hansom dog, the puppies will be gorgeous, Oh look he is at it again, he certainly wants to make sure doesn’t he”. Wendy said, Dinner at seven, I will expect you all, but I don’t thing there will be room for the boy friend”. With that said, Wendy left them too it.

Returning to Peter, she told him of the things taking place next door. Peter said, “Mary might be disappointed, Pauline can not have puppies”. Wendy replied, “Are you not concerned about what this is doing to her mind”. Peter said, “She told me she enjoyed it this morning”. Wendy exclaimed, “You are awful, I thought she would be devastated”. Wendy and Samantha started preparing for dinner. Wendy had bought a large joint of beef and was making up the Yorkshire pudding mix. Samantha was preparing all the vegetables.

Peter asked Samantha, where are June and Christine were and was told they had gone in to work to sort out something. Peter said, “I’ll pop along and make sure they are all right”.

Outside his lab, he found a man on a digger, digging the footings for the new picket post and there were people working on the access control system. He walked past them towards his other accommodation and there were more people bricking up doors and running cables. He knocked on the goods-in door and June came to open it. Peter said, “Is everything all right, and are you getting on alright with Christine”. June replied, “We came in to sort out the stores receipts for tomorrow. There is still a huge list of equipment that was due to arrive on Friday and today, that has been delayed and with the changes being made to our access, I am trying to plan where it should go”. “Where is Christine now”, asked Peter. June replied, “She had gone to round up some hand carts and trolleys”. Peter said, “You make me glad, I took you on. Keep it up but don’t stay to long, dinner will be at seven prompt and it’s nearly six now”. June promised they would be there”.

Peter wondered back across the open green in the direction of the married quarters and saw some Army vehicles parked by the guardroom and one of the local civilian guards running toward him. When they met, the guard told him that the Officer in charge of the security contingent would like to talk to Peter.

They walked off together in the direction of the Guardroom. Peter asked what the guard knew about the arrivals, but the man knew very little. Upon arriving at the guardroom he was introduces to three offices, two men and a woman. They were all dressed in battle fatigues and carrying side arms. The Major introduced them and informed Peter that due to the loss of life, their deployment had been brought forward they were the advance party and the bulk of the troops would be arriving though out the night. What they would like to know was the lay of the land and the specific areas to be protected. Peter agreed to show them the accommodation and introduce them to the team.

He took them across to the labs and showed them the three locations that were in the process of being made more secure. The major was not convinced it would be enough and Peter explained the difficulty in getting these small changes approved.

In his lab, he phoned Wendy and asked if she could accommodate another three. When she said, “The new table seats twelve and there should be enough food”. He told Wendy to remove Pauline’s collar and get her cleaned up. He would bring their three protectors along in half an hour.

He then invited them to join his team for dinner so they could meet them all. After showing the Officers, all his accommodation and they were walking towards the married quarters. The female officer one, Captain Jo Knight, asked him “what is the subject of your research and why is it so important. Peter answered. “I am not sure I am a liberty to give the whole picture if your, leaders have not already done so, I can say that the ramification of this research or the products of this research falling into the wrong hand could mean the and of civilisation as we know it”.

The Major said, “What we have been told is you have developed the ability to control mind”. Peter replied, “That is it in a nutshell, what would happen if the criminals of the bigger cities were to get these abilities or for that matter the terrorists form another country”. The major continued, “You will have to bear with us, explain what extent of mind control you are talking about”. Peter replied, “If I were to instruct you to shoot your two colleagues and then commit suicide, how would you assess that”. The major replied, “Are you saying that you could overwrite all morals, training and affections with a person and get them to act out of character”. Peter replied, “This process can rewrite any and all knowledge within a person and give them a completely different agenda, I am talking about absolute control”. The Major said, “I have seen a hypnotist show and I have seen people who were believed to be brainwashed during captivity but I can not get my mind around this”.

Peter said, “I am not prepared to give any demonstrations other than use some of my earlier guinea pigs”.

They had almost reached Peter’s front door when Captain Jo said, “Will we meet any of your guinea pigs tonight. As he open the door to invite them in he said, “They all are”.

Peter led them into the lounge and found everyone but Wendy and Samantha who were obviously still in the kitchen. Peter introduced everyone and when he came to Nancy he used her full rank and name,

When they were all sitting at the table and Peter was carving the joint. The Major asked Samantha if she was under Peter’s Control and she replied “Absolutely”. The major asked Peter to demonstrate and Peter said, “Could I borrow Captain Jo for a minute or two when I finish carving this lovely joint”. Jo shouted, I do not want to be a guinea pig. Peter said, “It does not hurt and it can be quite liberating”. During the first course, the Major was intent on getting Jo to comply. When the meal came to an end Peter said, “Ok Jo are you ready, it will be a simple demonstration of control for your colleagues”. See finally agreed, and stood up”. Peter asked Wendy if she could be the wardrobe mistress and the three of them walked up stairs.

As they walked into the Master bedroom, Peter picked up the aerosol and sprayed Jo. As soon as she was under the influence seconds after the spray, Peter said, “Remove. All your clothes and dress in the clothes Wendy provides, From the moment you wake up until I say the work Whiskey, You will believe that you are no longer in the Army, you are in fact employed as a strip-o-gram girl and you are called “fuckbunny”, you can not remember any other name or signature only “fuckbunny”.

You have been commissioned to give two soldiers a strip-o-gram. You have been hiding upstairs for the meal to finish. Being a fuckbunny you will give your victims a dance while you strip and then you will give them both blowjobs. You love giving blowjobs the taste of male come is the best taste you have ever tasted and you can not get enough”.

When you have finished your assignment, you will redress in your strip-o-gram clothes and await your final payment. When you here the word Whiskey you will return to your normal self except you cannot remove, your clothes and your fellatio addiction will remain. Lastly, you will always do or be whatever I tell you to or be. Wendy had produced some very skimpy latex clothing and Jo put it on. Peter put his aerosol away and then sat her down on the bed to wait, then pushed a CD into her hands and telling her where the CD player was then returned down stairs with Wendy.

Peter explained that Jo would wake up from her trance state in about 5 minutes and then resume life in the character Peter had given her. Peter opened a bottle of Port and started passing around small tumblers. He walked around the table putting three fingers of port in each glass. He emptied the bottle before he had filled every ones glass and was just opening another bottle when the hi-fi came on in the other room. Jo appeared in her latex playsuit and started dancing in front of her two colleagues. She had obviously been to a number of strip clubs because her strip was very professional. When she was completely naked she spun the first colleague around and dropped between his legs, the effect her dance had on his penis was obvious and it was soon in her mouth. She expertly rode him until he came and after she had licked up and cleaned his cock, she moved to her other colleague the Major. He was trying to get her to stop be repeatedly calling her name. As Jo got his penis out and just before she pushed into her mouth, she said, “Who the fuck is Jo, my name is fuckbunny and this is what I do”. Then she started on the Major’s cock. When the Major was getting close he stopped trying to talk her out of it and went with the flow. After Jo had cleaned up all his cum with her mouth, she backed off and started to put her latex clothes back on.

When she was redressed as she was when she came down stairs, she said, “Ok who is going to pay me before I go”. The major put down his empty port glass and Peter asked if you would like a Whisky. The Major never got a chance to answer because Jo screamed. My name is Jo Knight and I am a Captain in the British Army. Peter said, “Your uniform is upstairs Captain”. Jo ran out of the room and up the stairs. When she got to the bed room She found all her clothes but could not remove the latex she was wearing. She tried .for five minutes with no success. Down stairs, Peter said, “She is taking a long time I will go and see what is wrong”. He walked up to the bedroom and found her staring at her clothes. “Is there something wrong” he asked. Jo looked at him and said, “You did this, you made me act like a stripper and now I can’t take this rubber shit off”. Peter said, “Calm down if you can not take it off put your uniform over the top. In the morning when you wake up you will be able to take it all off and you will forget that I had anything to do with your play acting earlier. In future if any one calls you ‘fuckbunny’ your desire for a man’s cum will grow until you perform fellatio on some lucky man, this desire will grow until you get your addiction satisfied. Now get down stairs before someone else comes to find you”.

As Captain Jo reached the bottom of the stairs once again in her uniform, The Major thanked for the meal and an interesting demonstration. Then all three officers left.

Mary and Samantha were in the Kitchen cleaning up and Pauline said, “Peter can I have a word, that dog thing was horrible please don’t let that happen again. I couldn’t shout for help when that Alsatian raped me. Peter replied, “I don’t know what Wendy has done with your collar so I can not help if it happens again but I could make it better. Pauline next time you are a dog, you will love it and everything that happens while you are in that persona. You must not talk about your dog experiences to anyone but I and you must always make sure Mary is no where near. She loves you and will be very hurt if she knew”. Before Pauline could say any more, Mary walked up to her and said, “Come on lover, I have missed you while you were away, I need some of your loving”. When Nancy, Pauline and Mary had left, Peter asked Wendy, “What did you do with Pauline’s collar”? Wendy replied, “I hid it under Mary’s pillow with her night dress”.

As Pauline and Mary got to their room they lay on the bed and caressed, Mary started moving between Pauline’s legs and started licking her Mistresses lovely pussy. When she had finally brought Pauline to her second orgasm, she moved up beside her and kissed her. Pauline returned the kiss and then stood up to undress. She pulled her short latex nightdress and put it on, she picked up her matching leggings when Mary reached for her Night things from under her pillow. As her hand settles on the collar, she squealed and pulled it out then rushed over to Pauline and placed it around her neck. Instantly Pauline dropped to her knees and Mary suffered an almost overwhelming sense of loss, she had been looking forward so much to sleeping with her mistress. She looked at the dog and said, “Here girl come up here and lie down. Pauline jumped up on to the bed and lay down. Mary lay beside her and pulled the cover over them both. Pauline was in heaven, lying in her mistress’s bed and feeling her lying up against her back.

Back in the Pandoagon household, June and Christine were in bed together and Samantha was talking to Wendy as Peter emerged from the bathroom. Wendy said, “Sam would like to know were she is sleeping”. Peter replied. “Next to you, it’s your turn in the middle”.

Next morning being Sunday, Peter was slow to rise, Samantha and Wendy had gone down stairs and Peter had dosed off again. When he eventually got dressed it was after 10 o’clock and every one else had finished their breakfast. Wendy asked him what he would like and he said, “Just some coffee please, has any one seen anyone from next door”. June said, “I saw Nancy earlier walking Mary’s dog across the green”. Peter said did you see where they were going. June said, “Not really but they were heading towards the labs.

Peter said, “I’m going out for a walk”. He walked over to the labs and walked to Nancy’s room. There he found Nancy and Pauline. He asked “Is everything alright Nancy”. She replied, “Yes I was gust going to check on my programme and to see if Pauline was around”. Peter said, “Why are you looking for Pauline”. Nancy said “Mary was beside herself this morning she seems very depressed”. Peter thought, “He had not considered Mary’s feelings” and said, “Nancy, You are no longer required to hand Pauline’s collar to Mary, When you take the dog home, take it up into Mary’s bedroom and remove her collar they hide the collar where Mary will not easily find it”. I’ll be along later, to talk to both you and Pauline”.

Nancy walked the dog back to the house. By that time, there were a number of people about, they all look notice of the girl in her hand and knees. Peter was walking behind them and was stopped by two women from another team and they asked him what was going on. Peter replied, “Our psychiatrist is trying to get into the mind set of a submissive so she can deal with some of our research parameters”. They walked off seeming much happier.

Peter was about five minutes behind Nancy when he reached the house. The front door was unlocked and Nancy was in the kitchen, Peter asked where Mary was and was told that she was upstairs with Pauline.

Peter called out. “Pauline are you there, I would like a word”.

Pauline and Mary came down stairs a few minutes later and Pauline said, “I don’t know if I should talk to you, Mrrri has been crying all morning”. Peter asked Mary, “Why where you so upset”. Mary replied, “Last night I was looking forward so much to having Pauline back in my bed and when it came to bedtime she wasn’t there and this morning when I woke up next to a dog I freaked”. Peter said, “Have you got anything to say Pauline”? Pauline replied, “No I have nothing to add, although I did like sleeping against my lover last night”. Mary shouted, “But you were not sleeping next to me”. Peter said, “Mary, whenever you see Pauline wearing a red collar you will see her as a dog, which you will love as much as Pauline. You will never feel lonely whenever either of them is with you. Whichever one is in your sight, dog or person you will not think about the persona that is not there. Now Pauline, what did you think of the experience this time”. Pauline said, “I can not be objective because you made me love the whole experience and now I want to do it again. There is no grey area to your mind control, it is absolute, I am tainted by it and what more”. Peter said, “If you want more, how is your dominant side doing”. Pauline said, “I am no longer dominant, I am your submissive slave”. Peter said, “Ok slave, I command you to take Mary upstairs and using your tongue, give her six orgasms, then you will for the remainder of today, do what ever Mary tells you to do”.

With that, Peter left the house and met with the Major and Captain Jo. Major Frank Robinson said, “Professor, can we have a word that demonstration last night seams to have caused a number of side affects”. Peter replied, “Really what are they”. Frank replied, “Well for one thing, Jo does not remember being mind controlled she thinks she was play acting; however she does, out of character, actions when she is called by the name she used last night. If the enlisted man were to find out about this, her position as an officer would be compromised”. Peter replied, “All the mind control products, apart for a small amount, I used last night, have been locked away in the bomb shelter. Our Director has the only key and he will not be back until tomorrow. Frank turned to Jo and Said “Well Captain Knight you will just have to keep your little fetish a secret until tomorrow”.

Peter said, “How many men do you have in your command Captain”. Jo replied, “On this assignment I am in charge of a company of Female soldiers, I don’t have any men. Captain Curtis is in charge of the man”, Peter replied, “I don’t see what the problem is then”. Jo replied, “Captain Curtis is a small boy when it come to embarrassing women, he just loves it when he can cause minor humiliations to his female comrades. Peter said, “And you think he is aware of your side affect”. Jo continued, “Yes, at breakfast this morning, with some of the NCOs he joked about my performance and called me by my stage name. Then I lost it and sucked him off. One of the NCOs caught me out side the barracks and said that name again, he also go his reward”. Peter said, “I see this could be bad, or good for moral”. Frank said, “I can not let this kind of thing go on, you must do something Professor”. Peter said “There may be something I can do, bring her along to my Lab, in a bout fifteen minutes, and I will see what I can do”.

Leaving them there, he walked to his lab and programmed his subliminal message generator. He then started mixing some more of the compound for the aerosol. He had found some smaller containers in the stores June had ordered and had put one in his pocket. It would hold three or four doses but that should be enough if he kept some refills in the lab.

He was just priming the applicator when Frank and Jo walked in. He asked Frank if he would wait in the meeting room, giving the excuse that he did not want anyone to see the process. Frank sat in the meeting room and Peter said, “While you wait see what you think of our video”.

Out side Peter went up to Jo and said “Jo, your Fuckbunny label will only induce your need to satisfy your addiction when it is said by Frank or I, no one else can make it work unless you are wearing any clothing made out of rubber, even rubber gloves. If you get dressed only in latex and nothing else you will become Fuckbunny Strip-o-gram girl for as long as you are wearing those clothes. Now you will forget what I have just said and believe that I tranced you with a complex machine, which I have now put away. OK Wake up.

The subliminal message he had programmed into Frank was that he would always do as Peter instructed and that he fancied Jo very much. Peter turned the TV off and invited Frank out saying, “All done Jo will not be bothered by anyone with a rank of less than a Major”. Frank asked Jo what the Professor had done. Jo told him that she remembered him taking out a very complex machine and everything went blank Peter asked, “When do your company and female soldiers arrive captain”. Jo replied, “At about four this afternoon. The men should be here at three”. Peter asked, “Has all the accommodation been sorted”. Frank answered, “There are enough room for the women and all The Officers and NCOs the Men will have to sleep in tents on the green. Peter asked, “Are all the female soldiers as hansom as their Captain, Major”. Frank replied, “No I don’t think so at all”.

Peter escorted his guests out of the lab and then said. “Ok Major, Captain. I will leave you to your own recreations, I am going back home”. With that he walked across the grass to the house he shared would his wife and slaves. Then he thought, no it’s just a house of slaves, He then realised in his own mind that the power over others he had developed had corrupted him completely.

Back inside the home he shares with Wendy and the others he was sitting in an armchair reading the Sunday newspaper. Samantha was on the floor on one side of him and Wendy was on the other side. Wendy asked, “Have I done something wrong dearest. Peter Replied, “You have done nothing wrong my sweet, I just don’t know whether you have been demoted or Samantha had been promoted”.

There was a lengthy delay before anyone spoke again, when Samantha asked if anyone was thirsty. Wendy just mumbled and Peter said, “Samantha, you go and make three mugs of coffee and Wendy, you can milk my cock”. Wendy put her all into the fellatio trying to make it the best ever; she still loved the taste from the first time she had done it to Peter. When she was finished and had swallowed all his come , Peter said, “You are still the best at that perhaps you can have your old position back, come and sit beside me”.

When Samantha came back with the mugs of coffee she hands Peter and Wendy their mugs then got down by Peter’s feet again with her mug. When they had all three finished their coffee. Peter said, “Wendy would you please clean up the mugs and any mess in the kitchen and Samantha, I would like to talk to Pauline, could you go and find her and bring her here. If you can not fine Pauline but you do find a dog wearing a red collar, bring that instead”.

While Samantha was out of the room, Peter explained to Wendy his thoughts and told her to remind him if he was beginning to become insensitive and careless.

Samantha came back several minutes later with, what she thought was a dog in tow.

Peter said thank you can you both please go up stairs and leave me with this dog. When Samantha and Wendy had left the room, Peter said to Pauline, “Pauline-slave, I think I may have been very unkind to make you love being a dog. So I would like to put that right. From now on you are your old dominating self and hate being a dog, it is very embarrassing and humiliating for a grown woman to parade about on her hands and knees. The thought of people seeing like this is the most humiliating thing you can think of. Whenever you get embarrassed or humiliated as a dog or as a human your arousal will increase the more embarrassed or humiliated you are the higher you’re arousal will become. As a dog, you will only get relief from your Alsatian boyfriend. As a human, you can only get relief from me.

As a dog you look a little silly wearing that dress, do you not think that dogs should be naked? Yes, I am sure you do, please take all your clothes off and any time someone puts on your collar, the first thing you will do is undress before you drop to all fours.

The soldiers will be making camp on the green from this evening so when Nancy or Mary takes you for a walk they will be taking you through lots of randy soldiers.

Now Pauline for the next three minutes you can talk like a human. Is there anything you would like to say? Pauline said, “Peter please, you have made this much worse, even just thinking about what could happen is making me as randy as hell. I preferred it when I did not mind. This, being forced to act like a dog in front of people who do not know that it is not my choice, is the most painfully embarrassing thing I have ever done. I said I wanted to know what it was like to be controlled, but it this not going too far”.

Peter replied, “Control is something that once taken is like power and you know what they say about power. In future I want you to forget that this a control issue. You thrive on being humiliated; this is your chosen way to deliver the buzz you get from embarrassment and humiliation. This self imposed bondage is nothing to do with me. To make your self-imposed oppression worse, you will become a dog whenever you wear the collar or whenever someone says ‘good doggy’ within your hearing. When this happened if you in your human persons, you will remove all your clothes, drop into your dog persona completely, if you are already in you dog persona you will remain as such and can only return to humanity when someone calls you by your full title ‘Miss Pauline Smith’. Now I think you should go home now, you probably would like to go in the garden”. Pauline barked franticly but Peter clipped on the lead and said, “Come on doggy”.

He led her outside and on to the green before tuning and heading to the back gate to the garden. Taking her through the gate, he closed it behind him and unclipped the lead. Pauline’s arousal was very high and she reeked of sex, it was not long before the Alsatian came threw the whole in the fence and started sniffing around Pauline’s behind.

Peter went back out of the garden gate and walked around to the front door. Finding it unlocked he walked in quietly and saw Nancy in the lounge and Mary in the kitchen. Peter stood behind Nancy and said “Nancy don’t turn around just listen, I want you to forget all about Pauline and the dog being the same person. Like Mary you will not think about Pauline when she is a dog and not think about the dog when Pauline is herself. If you ever see the red collar lying around you will put it in plain sight in the kitchen. Further more when you are ready to leave for work in the morning and the dog is around, you will remove its collar. Lastly I want you to forget what I have just said and you can not see or hear me until I leave this house.”

Peter then walked through to the Kitchen and said, “Mary you are to take to bed either the dog or Pauline and if it’s the dog you are to teach it how to satisfy your sex. If it’s Pauline you are once again be her slave and will do whatever she commands. Now if the collar is ever removed and Pauline does not emerge, you will forget this expectancy and continue to be responsible for a dog. If you ever find clothes on the floor when Pauline turns into a dog, you will pick these up and put them away with out thinking about them. Now your dog is in the garden and I want you to forget that I have been talking to you or that I was here at all”.

Peter stepped away form Mary as she moved to the back door and opened it calling out, “Pounce, come here it’s dinner time”. Pauline trotted towards the back door and Mary said, “Good dog”. Peter smiled and walked out of the front door.

Back in his own house, Peter met Christine in the hall, he asked, “Where is June”. Christine said, “She is asleep up stairs, I was just about to go out for a walk”. Peter said, “Do you think it’s wise to go out on your own now that the soldiers are arriving”? Christine replied, “That is why I am going out”. Peter then said, “Be careful then if any soldier gives any sign of come-on, a wolf whistle or a sexual remark, you will offer them sex”.

Christine got to the door and then decided to go back up stairs. Peter went to find Wendy and found her in the kitchen about to prepare a meal. Peter stopped her and said, “Let someone else do it, you and I are going out”. Wendy kissed him and then said, “I will go and get ready then”.

Wendy returned, in a latex trouser suite and had done her hair. She looked stunning. Peter took her arm and led her out to the car. As Wendy drove out passed the guardhouse there was a convoy of Army trucks coming the other way.

They escaped from the congestion and hit the main road to Nottingham.

Peter had a second agenda in going out; he had adjusted the composition of the mind control agent in the small dispenser. He wanted something that would give him access to the mind for a short time. He had adjusted the strength and had estimated he would have approximately sixty seconds with this mix.

The ended up in a café near the University and stopped for a cup of coffee. They sat at a table near the back of the café so Peter could watch. On a nearby table there was a group of students four boys and three girls. Peter listened to their conversation but found it boring. He then saw a young couple have a slight argument at table three over. The boy was complaining about an incident were the girl had obviously done something he didn’t like. As Peter listened the girl replied telling the boy that she was a free agent and she could do as she liked. The boy stood up and said “if that is how you feel, I’ll see you around”. The girl sat there by her self for quire a while and Wendy and Peter had finished their coffee. Wendy, asked do you want to go”? Peter said “in a minute I am waiting to see if that girl over there moves”.

A few minutes later, the girl Peter was watching started collecting her things. Peter said to Wendy, “Ok we can go now”. They walked outside and Peter said just wait her a minute to see if she comes out. Wendy asked what he intended to do and he said, “I need another test of a modified compound”. The girl walked out and started walking down the road, Peter nudged Wendy and they walked in the same direction.

The girl slowed along side a fashion boutique and Peter sprayed the modified compound from the small perfume spray in her face as he passed. The girl turned towards Peter and was about to ask what he had done, when she froze. Peter said, “Your comment about being a free agent is incorrect, you will do what ever you are instructed to do by any male member of the human race. You will not complain or alert anyone to the fact that there is something wrong or that you are not in full control of all your actions”. Looking at his watch he waited and at 52 seconds she became mobile. Peter said, “Did you say something”. The girl said, “Did you spray something in my face”. Peter said, “You will forget being sprayed or meeting me, now go and find somewhere quiet and take off your underwear, from the moment you have removed it you will never be able to wear underwear every again”. With that he turned and walked away. Wendy followed him saying, “What was the experiment”. Peter tuned to Wendy and said, “For the remainder of today you will forget that I am a research professor or what we do during the week, you will also not be aware if I conduct little experiments. You are my loving wife and are blissfully happy to be in my presence”.

They walked down the road a little and then Peter stopped and turned. he watched the girl look around furtively and then disappear into an alleyway between two buildings. She reappeared a few minutes later looking a little embarrassed. Peter thought to himself, “That worked, lets find another one”. They walked in the direction of a large park; they walked through a gate and down a path leading to a lake. The were a number of people about and as the got near to the water there were a row of benches and on one was a young woman and a young boy, the boy was about fourteen or fifteen and he was not very happy, His sister or Mother was keeping him from his friends. As Peter and Wendy drew nearer, the boy said, “come on Sis, he isn’t going to show, lets go home”. Then the boy saw Wendy and looking at her latex trouser suit he became mesmerised.

Peter told Wendy to talk to the young boy and sat next to his sister. Peter said, “Hello, do you mind if I sit here for a few minutes”? The girl said, “No that’s fine”. Peter said, “Is that your brother, how old it he and how old are you”. She replied, “Yes he is my brother, he is fifteen and I am twenty two”. Peter said, “Twenty two are you still at collage or are you working”. She replied, “I am working as a trainee Hygienist in a dentist practice”.

Peter started the stopwatch on his wrist watch and sprayed in front of her face”. The previous time he sprayed for five seconds and got 52 seconds of control. This time he sprayed for ten seconds”. When she was under the influence, he said, “Your little brother is now your Master, you will do what ever her says, you can not complain to him or anyone else, you must absorb what he tells you to do into your normal life. He is to make all your important decisions, like what you wear, how you dress and where to go, he chooses your form of transport and whether you can have sex with others. If he allows you to wear knickers, only he can give you permission to take them off. If you need the toilet and you are wearing knickers, you must contact him and obtain his authorization to remove them.

When you are at work and for each new patient you need to wear a new pair of those thin latex gloves, you will not take the last on off and will put the next one on top of those already on. You can only remove them at the end of the day and at home when your brother gives his permission.

Last thing you will grow to love being his slut, the more embarrassing or humiliating thing he makes you do the more you will like it”.

Peter waited half watching the stopwatch, and she became mobile after ninety-four seconds. He then got up and walked over to Wendy and the boy. The boy was gently caressing Wendy’s jacket sleeve with his hand”. Peter said, “If you like looking at women in latex, get you sister to model it for you”. The boy replied, “She hates my guts, and would never do anything I wanted”. Peter said, “I bet she would, you just have to ask her. You go and talk to her we have to get going”.

As Peter and Wendy walked on, the boy went back to his sister and said, “Did you see what that woman was wearing, I bet you would look lovely in something similar, would you like to try it”. He sister said, “If you want me to, of cause I’ll try it, but I don’t know were to buy it”. Her bother said, “Come home I know plenty of WEB sites where you can buy it on-line”. They walked off together and boy was thinking, “what had changed she was never this accommodating before, I should test this”. She was beginning to panic, why had she agreed to go home, Mum was at work and would not be home until late, and Dad was out of the Country on business. She hated being in the house alone with her lecherous little perverted brother. As they passed some shrubbery he said “Don’t say anything just do it”. She asked, “Do what”. He continued, “Just nip behind these bushes and take you knickers off, and then forget, I asked you and that you took them off”. She came out of the bushed with a confused look on her face and joined him walking towards her car without saying a word.

Peter and Wendy walked through the park and did not meet anyone else who pricked Peter’s interest this was just as well because the atomiser was nearly empty. They decided to find a pub serving food; it was after six and a number of pubs served food all day.

They could not find an eating establishment that they fancied in the City so they drove out into the country to find a village pub. After parking the car they, waking in a found a table, they were both pleasantly surprised to find the Major and Captain Jo sitting at the next table. Wendy said, “I didn’t know you two were an item, I’m sure Peter would not have embarrassed you like that last night if he’d known”. Frank said, “Not a problem, it was seeing Jo like that last night that attracted me to her”. They pushed their tables together and conversed throughout the meal.

When Wendy paid a visit to the toilet between the main course and the sweet, Frank asked Peter if he had total control over Wendy. Peter replied, “She is my wife, what do you expect”. Frank took hold of Peter’s wrists and told Jo to remove the perfume spray from his pocket. When Jo had removed the spray, Frank then said, “Spray it in his face”. Peter had taken a deep breath while to spray was being removed and he breathed out slowly while Jo was spraying. There was only 2 or 3 seconds of spray left in the bottle. When Peter finished his out going breath and started to count up to fifty. When Peter was at twenty-five, Frank said, “When Wendy comes back to the table you must tell her that she must always obey me, she must do what ever I say and believe everything I tell her to believe and then you will forget you said it or that we have used your spray. Lastly believe everything I tell Wendy to be the absolute truth”. Jo put the empty bottle back in his pocket.

They all remained silent until Wendy returned and as she sat down, Peter said, “Wendy you are to obey Frank, you are to do everything I tell you to do and believe everything I tell you to believe. Wendy said, “Why did you say that”. Peter replied, “Say what”. Jo said, “He didn’t say it right”. Frank replied, “No perhaps that was my fault for not getting my instruction right”. Peter realised that the only forced instruction he had to follow was telling Wendy to obey the Major, so he though he would pretend to have forgotten, to see how it plays out.

Frank said to Wendy, “Wendy you are not married to Peter, you are a hooker who came here with Jo where and you met up with us two men and we invited you to join us. You have chosen me and Jo has chosen Peter. Go into the rest room with Jo and swap clothes”. Peter still had control over Frank from his exposure to the subliminal message generator so while the girls were away he said, “Major I am confused, what did you mean when you said your instruction weren’t right”. Frank replied, “Nothing, don’t worry about it; just wait until the girls return”. Peter said, “But I do worry about it, you see I have been contemplating mind control for years and my brain is highly tuned to comments like the one you made. If I were to believe that you had caused me to say something to Wendy and then forget it, I would be very angry”. Well professor what would your anger do you, I am a soldier trained in unarmed combat and you are a desk bound professor.

Peter said, “I have no doubt that you could seriously damage my body if it came to a fight, but are you here to protect me”. Frank replied, “You have had lots of fun with your mind control techniques, just give me a little”. Peter said, “There are lots of mind controlled slaves in my house, however you have chosen my wife, and that is unacceptable. You will sit quietly and listen to what I have to say. When the women return you will give no further instructions to Wendy and you will undo the one already given. Further, more you cannot touch Wendy or I ever. Frank replied, “You bastard when did you take control of me”. Peter said; “Tell me how you knew about my little bottle”. Frank replied, “We followed you when you left the Institute”. Peter continued, “You will now forget completely seeing any use of my little bottle or anything about the bottle, your covert shadow of Wendy and I, revelled nothing”.

Before Peter could say anymore, the women returned and Wendy sat next to Frank? Jo sat down next to Peter and said “Hi there lover”. Peter replied, “’Frank has done you a disservice, dressing you all in latex has turned you into a cock hungry slut, you should go back to the institute; there are plenty of cocks there for you to suck”. Frank said, “Stop, you can not send her back like this, it will destroy her”. Peter said, “What were you going to do to Wendy, you tried to turn her into a hooker”. Wendy said, “It is alright lover, I am a hooker”. Frank said, “Wendy you are not a hooker, you are Peter’s wife and you love him”. Wendy looked at Frank and then at Peter and said, “What is going on here”. Peter said, “The Major tried to take you away from me and make me forget. Unfortunately, he was not entirely successful, so I am going to take my revenge out, on his paramour. Fuckbunny, from this moment onwards you are a professional strip-o-gram girl. You will do what ever Frank desires to make him happy. Frank you will forget that Fuckbunny here, is one of your officers, she is here as your hooker. At midnight tonight, you will both become your selves remembering all you have done to each other. From that moment, Jo will be in charge and Frank will do everything that Jo or fuckbunny tells him to”.

Come Wendy we are going”. Wendy said, “That woman has my clothes, I can not stand these I am wearing”. Peter replied, “I know dearest let’s get home quickly so you can change”

Leaving the Major and his fuckbunny, Peter and Wendy returned to the MG and drove back to the institute.

As the drove up to the house, they saw rows of tents on the green, and lots of men in uniform milling around. Wendy ran into the house and straight upstairs so she could change. The subliminal controls she had been given which were intended for Peter’s sister, caused her to hate all non-latex clothing. While Wendy was upstairs, Peter found Samantha and June in the lounge. Peter asked, “Have you both eaten”. Sam replied, “Yes we had dinner next door, Nancy and Mary prepared a meal for us all”.

Peter said, “June, where is your slave”? June replied, “She is next door helping Mary to clean up”. Peter continued, “Sam have you got your army uniform here”. Sam replied, “Yes I have it, what did you want”. The women contingent should have arrived and their Captain is somewhat indisposed, I was hoping you could keep them in order for this evening”. Samantha, kissed Peter and said, “Thank you after what happened in the London I did not think I would ever be a soldier again”. Peter said, “It is my opinion that you are here because of your affair with the General’s wife not because of any security leak, so you will be a soldier when I need you to be and when we are finished here”. Sam said, “Thank you very much, I’ll go and get changed”.

Wendy came down stairs wearing a latex catsuit, and she was followed shortly by Samantha wearing her army uniform. Sam said, “I’ll go and check on the female contingent and I’ll see you later”. Wendy asked, “How did you overcome the Major’s attempt to take over”. Peter replied, “More luck than anything else, other then a little knowledge. Tomorrow we will have to start working on the antidote or preventative inoculation. We have three working chemical compounds, and we need to produce a vaccine that will give a single protection to all three”. Wendy said “Three, what is the third”? Peter continued, “I have completed the research on the food additive I just haven’t tested it. I was thinking, it would be better to make the antidote in the form of a food additive”. Wendy said, “It sounds as thought there is a lot of work still to do”.

Peter said, “I have been thinking about reallocating Mary to the research team to deal with the food additive issue and you and I can work on the vaccination compound. Christine will have to go with Nancy, Pauline and Sam to Porton”. Wendy said, “What about Pauline is she, still a dog”. Peter said, “I’ll have a word with her in the morning”.

Peter made them both a drink and they sat down to watch the news on the Television. Next-door Mary and Christine had finished cleaning the kitchen and dinning room and Nancy was playing with Pauline on the floor.

Pauline was in total turmoil; Peter had first made her love being a dog and then hated it while tying her arousal to embarrassment and humiliation. She had forgotten it had anything to do with peter and was beginning to seek our humiliation to get her buzz. There was something else, Nancy had been playing with her for a while and she loved the attention, but Nancy had said “Good doggy” a number of times and each time it was said, Pauline received a jolt of stimulation. She had no idea what this meant however each time it was said, she moved further away from wanting to be human again any time soon.

Christine came into the sitting room and said, “Ok I am going, Thank you very much for the lovely meal, June and I will cook tomorrow. Bye”

Mary came through and joined Nancy playing with her dog. They played for another hour then put Pauline in the Garden before bed.

Monday morning found the Pandragon household up early. They had all breakfasted before 07:00 and Peter was about to leave, Wendy reminded him he was going to speak to Pauline so he went next door before walking to the lab. When he knocked on the door, Nancy, opened it and said, “I’m glad you came, I have taken off the dogs collar but nothing happened”. Peter said, “Ok you run along to work and I’ll see you in a minute or two”. On entering the house, he found Mary filling Pauline’s bowels; Pauline was asleep on the kitchen floor. Peter said, “Mary I would like you to work in my lab this morning, if you run along and open it up I will see you in a minute”. As soon as Mary had left the house, Peter said “Miss Pauline Smith, please get up off the floor”. Pauline opened her eyes, but stayed on the floor. Peter continued, “I expect you are content in your self imposed bondage but you have responsibilities to the project, are you going to get up and fulfil them.

Pauline got up on her hand and knees and backed in to Peter rubbing her crotch on his leg. Peter realising what was needed dropped his flies, took out his cock, and rammed into her waiting lubricated pussy. He fucked her hard and she came for the first time just as he started and again when he came. As he withdrew his softened cock, she stood up saying, “That is what I have been waiting for all night, what took you so long”. Peter said, “Go upstairs and have a shower then get dressed ready for work and then go straight to Nancy’s room, we have lots to do”.

Leaving her to follow his instructions, he walked through the lines of tents to his lab. Mary was talking to Wendy about the previous day as Peter came in and Wendy said, “How much of last night do you wish to make public”. Peter replied, “I hope you mean public within the team, not for wider transmission”. Wendy said, “You know I do”. Peter said, “As soon as we get, you two, Nancy, Pauline and Samantha together. Perhaps Mary would like to go and round everyone up. Mary agreed and went to find everyone. She first went to Nancy’s room and told her of the meeting. She then went to find Samantha and Pauline. She found Pauline talking to the soldiers in the middle of the green. She was wearing the shortest latex mini skirt she could find and the thinnest top, she had on no underwear and very high-heeled shoes. Mary asked her what she was doing and Pauline said “Nothing, just coming to work”. Mary sent her to Peter’s lab then went in search of Samantha.

She found Samantha in uniform with a group of female NCOs and passed on Peter’s message. Samantha said she would be along in a minute when she had finished her briefing. Mary returned to Peter’s lab and got there at the same time as Pauline. Mary asked her what she was doing and Pauline said, “I am addicted to being embarrassed and humiliated, so I dressed like this and went to talk to the boys”. Mary said, “I didn’t think you were into boys”. Pauline replied, “Neither did I until this morning”. They were walking up to Peter when Mary said, “What happened this morning”. Pauline replied, “I may tell you one day, but first I need to see where I go from here”. Mary explained to Peter where she had found Pauline and what she had told her. Peter said, “I will talk to Pauline when we have finished our project conference”.

They waited another five minutes for Samantha to arrive still wearing her uniform. Peter said, “I see you are still in uniform, is there no sign of Captain Knight”. Samantha said, “Apparently she didn’t get back here until after five this morning and has not risen yet. I have assigned tasks to all the NCOs and told them to get the whole troop here for a briefing at 11:00.

Peter said, “Ok I will need to prepare for that so we will have to finish our meeting before 10:00 hours”.

Peter briefed his team on the occurrences the previous day and the consequential changes to the team structure. He told everyone that the testing at Porton was programmed to commence on Wednesday and that the visiting team will be, Nancy in-charge of Medical, Pauline in-charge Psychology. Samantha in-charge security and logistics, and Christine will be responsible for the record keeping.

June will remain here and look after all local supplies and support Samantha as a when necessary. Wendy was to stay and work on the inoculation for research tranchés 2 and 3. Mary to test research tranche 4 and when output confirmed work on the antidote and inoculation with my help. Lastly, Peter said, “Are there any questions”.

Nancy asked many questions relating to the security forces and the bus.

Mary asked for more information as to what tranche 4 was. Peter told her he would brief her fully later. Samantha asked about Pauline’s fitness for the job. Peter assured her that Pauline would be fit.

Pauline asked when she could have a private one-to-one with Peter. Peter told her after lunch.

Nancy, Pauline and Samantha went to find June and Christine and Peter took Mary to one side. He showed her the research records and his initial findings of a food additive compound. Peter said, “I want you to make up a batch of this and then cook something with it. Then devise a test for it. If the test is successful, we need to establish a neutralising agent .that could protect someone from the use of the first output. Mary asked some questions and Peter was happy she understood her assignment.

While Wendy and Mary were getting on with their respective tasks, Peter changed the subliminal message on the full strength TV to one that would turn any viewer into a slave to the person who said the control password, “Individualism is the theory of delineation “.

All subsequent actions would be owned by the slave and no knowledge of any loss of control could be imparted to anything or anyone.

He moved the TV into the open area and rearranged the furniture so all the chairs were in rows set out in front of it. When he had finished his preparation, he went to check on Mary and Wendy to answer any questions and spent the remaining time before 11:00 hours assisting their progress. At 11:00, there was a buzz of noise outside the lab and Jo Knight came in. She walked up to Peter and said “For last night I don’t know whether to kiss you or thump you, however that will have to wait all my girls are out side. Peter said bring them in and sit them down in front of the TV there is a brief video and then I will talk to them all. Jo went out and the whole company trooped in with all their NCOs and Jo at the rear. Peter stood by the TV and got them all settled he introduced himself and told them there was a short video than he would talk through what was expected of them.

He turned on the TV and pressed play on the big VCR. He then returned to talk to Wendy while the video played. It was only a five minutes in length and introduced the project. When it was finished he told them all, what was being done and what the final objectives where. He also described what had led to them being there and went on to describe what was going to happen in Porton.

He finished by detailing their responsibilities in respect of his team on route and while in residence at Porton Down. Jo stood up, thanked him, and then opened the floor for questions. Most of the questions from the lower ranks were about mind control and Peter tried to answer each one fully without giving too much away. The persistent questioners were obviously ones who had either dominant or submissive fantasies.

When there were no more questions, Peter said, “If anyone thinks of something that they feel needs an answer he could always be found in this lab. Then bid them all good day”. They all trooped out as directed by their NCOs and Jo stayed behind. When the large room was free of her troops she asked Peter, what had gone down the previous night and why had she done what she had done”. Peter said, “The Major stepped over the line and what happened last night was his payment. You were caught in the crossfire”. Jo replied, “Well he is still paying and will go on paying for a long time”. Peter said, “That is between you and him, keep me out of it. Although you might want to see if Wendy wants her trouser suit back and you need to give Samantha your thanks I believe she covered for you this morning”.

Jo said, “I will go and find Samantha now and talk to Wendy this afternoon”. With that said, she left Peter’s lab. Mary had some queries so Peter work with her until lunchtime when Pauline came in. She asked Peter, “Could I see you alone please I need to a quite word”. Peter checked to see if Wendy or Mary were going to lunch and when they both said, “not yet”. He decided to walk Pauline home. They walked through the tent lines and Pauline was posing in front of all the available men. When they got into the house she nearly jumped on him. He stopped her and said, “Explain what you are doing in this shameful outfit and why you need to see me in private.

Pauline said, “I am addicted to being embarrassed or humiliated, I thrive on it. The more I do it the more a get aroused and this morning I learnt what it was like to get fucked by a man and I need that again now. That walk across the green past all those soldiers has got me very hot and only you can cool me down. Peter said, “So you really like being humiliated or embarrassed. Is this dog related or person related”. Pauline continued, “It started off being dog related, at first I thought it was your doing but then I realised it was all me. Once this fact was in my head, I realised why I needed it. It is like an addiction, I seek out opportunities that make me look sluttish”. Peter said, “When do I get my Psychologist back then”. Pauline replied, “I don’t think you ever will this desire to show myself in embarrassing situations is becoming stronger than I am able to fight”.

While saying this she had knelt down in front of him and was pulling down his zip. She took out his cock and suckled it to make it grow. When it was full size she turned around on all fours and presented her backside towards him. Peter said, “If you want this doggy style you had been bark your request”. In a very pleasant pleading tone she woofed and barked her response. Peter smiled and continued “There is a good dog”. The he started to fuck her doggy style”. Like this morning she climaxed almost at once and then again a few minutes in and then a gain as Peter came. As his cock became flaccid he said, “Pauline I need you to be your old dominant self, whenever I say “latex psychiatrist” you will become your old persona, you will forget about your addiction towards embarrassment and you will away wear clothing that suites your station. The only caveat is, for the next hour, while you are in the persona your fist and last word of any sentence will come out as a bark. You will however not notice this you will believe that the sounds you are making are those you intend to make. When I say “My latex slut” you will become the persona you are now with your addiction to embarrassment and humiliation in tack. When I say the words “Good latex dog” then it will be as if you are wearing your red collar. You will now forget I have given you these commands and awake. Will my latex psychiatrist please stand up and go and get changed”.

Pauline stood up and said “Woof sex was exceptional, when can we do it woof”, then she went next door to get changed. When she came back she was wearing a pale blue latex blouse and a charcoal knee length latex skirt. As she came in Peter said, “That is much better, let’s go to lunch”. They walked out of the door and across the green she barked expressively at the beginning and end of each sentence all the way across the green, but being lunch time, there were few men about. As they got to the canteen, Peter said, “You can stop barking and remember your Proper nouns for the time being”, Pauline replied, “Thank you but what do you mean, time being”. Peter said, “If you are nice to me I will let you stay as you are, If not I will think of ways to increase your embarrassment”. Pauline reached across and kissed him.

End of Chapter 4