The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Peter and Wendy

Chapter 5

Peter and Pauline met the rest of his team in the canteen and Pauline sat next to Mary. Peter sat next to Wendy and across from Samantha. As he sat down with his tray, Samantha said, “When all the girls came for their briefing this morning did you zap them at all”. Peter replied, “Zap them, nice term, why do you ask”. Sam replied, “I don’t know, but apparently the topic of Mind control is rife among the juniors. You seem to have ignited a fire under a lot of fetishes”. Peter said, “Do you know how Jo is managing today”. Samantha said, “She is back in the grove I believe, But no one has seen the Major today”.

Peter asked June for a status update on the supplies situation. June replied, “Most of the supplies have arrived there is only one supplier that had not delivered and they had promised delivery for the afternoon. She also told him that the Medical Lab was complete and the bus loaded.

After lunch they all went back the there assigned tasks and as Peter was walking back to his lab with Wendy and Mary they were approached by one of the female NCOs. She introduced herself as Sergeant Major Ruth Wilson and asked if she could speak to Professor Pandragon alone. Peter sent the other two on a head, and then said, “How can I help you Sergeant”.

The Sergeant Major said, “There has been some dissent in the lower ranks since this mornings presentation and I think I can understand why, my crutch had been wet thinking about the possible uses of Mind Control. I was wondering how you control yourself”. Peter asked, “What do you mean control myself”. The Sergeant Major continued, “You could make anyone do anything, have you not thought of making sex-slaves”. Peter replied, “I am surrounded by handsome woman dressed in latex, what makes you think I haven’t”. Ruth said, “I was just confirming my assumptions, could you do that to me”. Peter said, “Describe exactly what you think you want”. Ruth replied, “I would like to be a sex-slave to Captain Knight”. Peter said, “Why Captain Knight, would it not be better to have one of your colleagues as your Mistress”. Ruth continued, “I have had erotic fantasies about being under Jo Knight since I first met her”.

Peter said, “Your individualism is the theory of delineation and you must first ask Jo if she wants you in this role. If she takes on the roll of your mistress, you will do what she tells you without exception from that moment onwards. If she declines, you will offer yourself to one of the lower ranks and become her slave. You cannot however remember this instruction or tell anyone else of your new status”.

Ruth blinked and said, “What did you just do”. Peter said, “I have just given you what you desire”, Ruth exclaimed, “NO that was a ruse, we were expecting you to produce some device or other and my friends were going to relieve you of it”. Well you should he considered all the options, before embarking on such a foolish deception. Where are your accomplices”? She replied, “They are hiding behind that partially built wall”. Peter said, “Tell them to come out the subterfuge has ended”.

Ruth called out and three female soldiers appeared from behind the wall. There were two hard looking soldiers and a younger smaller and shy looking girl. Peter asked, “You make an unusual looking ambush group. What were you hoping to achieve”.

The First hard looking woman said, “We were hopping to turn Sandy here into our pussy slave”. Peter said, “Your individualism is the theory of delineation and what does Sandy think of this intend”? Sandy said, “They are always getting me to do embarrassing things”. Peter said, “Your individualism is the theory of delineation and Sandy you are now a confident young woman and the remainder of you are Sandy’s slaves you will all do whatever she tells you to do and believe everything she tell you to believe. None of you can talk about this to anyone or anything and you must conduct yourselves as if you were in total control of yourselves. You will forget these instructions and continue your day as if nothing has happened here”.

Sandy’s shyness evaporated and she confidently said, “Ok girls lets get back to what we should be doing”. Peter bid them a good day and walked on to his lab.

He sat down at his desk and made notes in his logbook detailing what he had done about the attempted ambush. He did not writing down the password and then he cleared the messages out of the subliminal message generator.

Having finished tranche 3, Wendy was assisting Mary with her tranche 4 assignment.

Peter started looking at the compositions of the compounds that made up tranchés 2 and 3 in an attempt to find an inoculation. He was engrossed in this new endeavour when Pauline and Samantha came in. Pauline said, “Sorry to interrupt but Jo Knight has gone missing and we need to brief the female soldiers about tomorrow”. Peter said, “Samantha should get into her uniform and round them up so you can brief them”. As Samantha rushed home to change, Peter asked Pauline if she thought she was being nice to him. Pauline replied, “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the sex we had this morning, I would do anything to try it again, but if you would like me to so do something else, just tell me”.

Peter said, “Ok follow me”, and he walked out of the lab and across the green towards his house. Pauline walked beside him across the green and she received a lot of whistles and hoots from the male soldiers. He went into his house and met Samantha coming down the stairs in her uniform. She looked absolutely, stunning and both Peter and Pauline commented. Sam said, “Where are we going to brief them”. Peter said, “The chairs are still laid out in my lab, so you can use that”. Sam said “Ok although, I will need Pauline as well”. Peter said, “She will be there shortly, I am just going to show her something”. After Sam left, Peter said, “You have had it, as a dog, would you like it as a human”.

Pauline said, “Yes please, I would like it the same way you give it to Wendy”. “You want love as well sex then”. Pauline continued, “Yes please”. Peter said, “Ok but this will cost you”. He laid her gently onto Sam’s bed and then caressed and kissed her before mounting her. His caresses had made her ready and lubricated so he slid into her tight snatch. He rode her for 10 to 15 minutes before his rhythm became frantic as he approached his climax. She had cum three times already and her fourth was much stronger and it came as he did”. She tried to hold onto his cock as at became softer and when he finally came free she sighed and relaxed into the bed. Peter got up and retrieved the large vibrator from Wendy’s top drawer. He fitted new batteries and then returned to Pauline. She still had her eyes closed so Peter positioned the vibrator up against her pussy, pushed it home saying then turned it on saying, “This will feel like my cock going in and out, from now until I give you permission to take it out.

Every time you orgasm, you will become more like a giggly little girl. Your vocabulary and comprehension will remain as it is now, until you have your twelfth orgasm when it will change to that of a ten year old. You will forget I given you this instruction and not feel it until you get outside. Put your knickers back on it’s time to go. Pauline stood up and said, “You are the worlds best lover, I wish you were mine”. Peter said, “Well perhaps Wendy will share me, with you as well as Sam”. They walked down stairs and out of the front door. As Pauline walked outside, she screeched as she became aware of the feeling in her crutch. She opened her mouth to speak, and Peter said, “Your mission that you will accept, is to keep the knowledge of your vibrator to your self”. Pauline stuttered for a few seconds and then became quiet. They walked back to the lab as the female soldiers were marching in. Peter saw Sandy and Sergeant Major Ruth and he asked her if they had seen Captain Knight. Sandy replied that she had not been seen since just after breakfast”. Ruth looked very subdued so Peter left them to it.

Sam, called every one to order and got them settled down and then introduced Pauline as second in command of the mission to Porton and would be detailing our responsibilities.

Pauline took centre stage and described the objectives of the mission and the security implications. She advised that half the core which in the absence of Captain Knight would be under the command of Sergeant Major Wilson and will be the forward guard. This group would embark at 16:00 to be the advanced guard and prepare the ground defences. The remainder would travel in convoy with the research bus to provide protection while on route. The chemicals on the bus must be protected at all times and under no circumstances are to be at risk off falling into the wrong hand. In the case of any attack on the convoy, the soldiers guarding it should consider their weapons free.

Pauline handed the meeting back to Sam and Sam asked if there were any questions. There were only two minor ones and then Sam asked for Sergeant Major Wilson to stay and the remainder to go, those going today should prepare for departure. Before leaving, Sandy gave some instructions to Sergeant Major Wilson who then walked over to where Samantha was standing. After all the remaining soldiers had cleared the lab, Sam asked Sergeant Major Wilson if she was Ok with the arrangements and Ruth replied, that everything was in order, she had all the contract names at Porton and had already confirmed that accommodation for the staff and a secure compound for the bus has been arranged. She finished by saying, “The advance party will have everything ready for you when you arrive”. Samantha then said, “That’s Good, if you have any further questions before you go, and Captain Knight has not retuned, come and find me, otherwise I will see you tomorrow afternoon”.

Ruth walked off to find Sandy and Sam went back to update Nancy. Pauline was talking to Wendy and Mary when she closed her eyes and shuddered. Wendy asked her if anything was wrong and Pauline said, “No everything is fine”. When Pauline had left, Mary said “I’ve seen her do that when she orgasms”. Wendy said, “It’s probably got something to so with Peter so we should just leave it be”.

Peter left his lab and pasted the two, armed soldiers guarding the door; he walked to the guardroom and asked where he could find Captain Knight or Major Robinson. He was told that the Major was in London and Captain Knight was in her quarters. He knocked on Jo’s door and when she opened it she was wearing Wendy’s rubber outfit. Peter said, “Is there anything wrong, you have not been on parade”. Jo said, “I can not take these clothes off and I can not hide them under my uniform. Peter replied, “You are in a pickle, you should have given them back to Wendy yesterday”.

Jo continued, “I think Frank must have hypnotised me, he has had a fantasy about mind control since he was in high school. “Where is he now”, asked Peter. Jo replied, “I don’t know, I got so angry with him and told him to get lost”. Peter then said, “Well you had better remove all your rubber cloths and get dressed in your uniform, I think Sergeant Major Wilson will need your help, By the way, there is a young soldier in your command called Sandy Reece, you are to support her in every way. If she makes any requests to you, no matter how trivial or dramatic, you will give her exactly what she wants”. While Jo was changing her dress, Peter returned to the compound to find six Military Land Rover defenders being loaded with all the supplies for the advanced party. He walked on and was pleased to see that security around all the labs was now in place. As he reached the lab, he met Sergeant Major Wilson and Sandy walking towards him. Ruth stopped him and asked in a very quiet whisper, “Please Professor you have to help me”. Peter turned to Sandy and asked, “Does she really need my help or have you got everything under control Sandy”.

Sandy replied, “The Sergeant Major seems to think, she has to shout orders all the time and I disagree, so I think everything is under control”. Peter replied, “Ok, don’t take your revenge too far. There is still a job to do and if you allow that to be compromised, you will loose everything I have given you and a lot more”.

Sandy said, “Ok Ruth, you can talk or shout when the mission needs you to”. Peter smiled and walked on and when he was out of sight. Sandy said, “Ruth, revoke that last instruction, you can only speak in whispers, with the voice and vocabulary of a shy little girl, you will assume these personal characteristics when ever you are called by your Christian name Ruth”. Whenever you are called by your rank, you can act as your old self for 10 minutes before reverting back to your new self”.

Peter returned to his lab and found Wendy and Mary in a very happy mood. Mary said, “Your research was spot on, we have distilled and refined the compound that we started with and it now is almost indestructible which means it can be cooked with at temperatures up the 220c”.

Peter asked, “How are you going to test it, and have you given any thought to the immunization compound. Mary replied, “We have determined four different immunization additives, each give a slightly different characteristic. Therefore, we need four test subjects. Give all four the first additive and then test for mind control, and then give one of the immunization additives to each subject at re test for mind control.

Peter said, “Ok, give personnel a ring, and see if they can rustle up four test subjects”.

Outside Captain Jo was checking the arrangements for the advanced party and had met up with Sergeant Major Wilson and Sandy Reece. Jo asked the Sergeant Major if everything was in order and Ruth gave her a status report in her old voice. When Jo asked Sandy what she was doing, Sandy replied, “Sergeant Major Wilson is teaching me how to be assertive, where were you this morning Ma-am”. Jo found herself telling Sandy, all about the Major and her rubber clothing. Sandy feeling very confident said, “How do you like wearing latex clothing Ma-am”. Jo replied,” Dressed like this I can not stand it, but when I have it on, that changes to love and I can not take it off”. Sandy said, “Don’t forget to bring it with you then Ma-am, we could have some fun while we are there. I fact, why don’t you put it on now and pack your uniform, you can travel with me and Ruth can follow in another vehicle”.

Jo went off to change, wondering what could have happened. Sandy put Ruth in the first vehicle, Her other two slaves in the next two and left the last vehicle for Sandy her two best mates and Captain Jo.

All the vehicles were load and waiting to go, Captain Jo wearing a faun trench coat over her latex clothing and carrying her bag, walked up the last vehicle. As she approached it, Sandy got out of the rear door and said “Captain, please stow your bag and then remove your coat, we would like to see what you are wearing underneath”.

Jo put her bag in the back and then removed the trench coat before sliding into the back seat. Sandy slid in beside her and said, “So, has your liking for this material changed since you put it on”? Jo replied, “Yes As I said earlier, when it is on, I love it so much I am unable to take it off”. Sandy continued, “While you are wearing these fetish clothes, do you still feel like an army officer”. Jo answered, “No, since we had dinner with the Professor, when ever I wear these clothes, I feel more like a sex worker. Sandy replied, “I was hoping you would say that, I have left my knickers off to make it easier for you”. Jo said, “Look Private, what you are suggesting is not army procedure between commissioned ranks and the enlisted personnel”. Sandy shouted, “While you are dressed like a prostitute, you must act like a prostitute, and you must always refer to me as Mistress. Should we try that again”? Jo said, “Of cause mistress, I am sorry, I would be delighted to eat your pussy”. As the vehicles pulled out onto the road, Jo dropped to the floor and disappeared underneath Sandy’s skirt. Sandy’s two colleagues were astonished at how Sandy had changed and what she was now doing to their Commanding Officer.

Meanwhile Wendy had taken the five food additives back to the house and was baking some little cakes. She had made up five batched of cake mix and added one potion of the additive to each batch. She them made six fairy cakes out of each batch and baked them in the oven.

After icing the cakes, she stored them in five boxes marked 1 to 5. She was carrying the cake boxes back to the lab as the vehicles were getting ready for departure and she saw Captain Jo remove her coat and get in beside Sandy”. When she delivered the boxes back to the lab, she mentioned this to Peter and he replied, “That little Sandy has over stepped the mark”. He called Samantha and asked her, if Jo was contactable on the move. Sam said, “She has a army communications handset, like this, I’ll connect you.

In the Land Rover Jo was still lapping Sandy’s snatch when the device in Jo coat pocket started ringing. Sandy did not want Jo to stop so she reached for it and answered saying, “Captain Knight is indisposed at the moment could I take a message”. Peter said, “Is that you Sandy don’t hang up and listen carefully. You must remove all commands from Captain Jo and Sergeant Major Wilson as soon as practicable, I would like Captain Knight in her uniform and in charge within the next three minutes and then you will ask her to contact me back. From now on, you will do whatever anyone instructs you to do without exception. Now hang up and carry out your instructions”.

Sandy closed the call and put the device back in Jo’s coat pocket. She then instructed Jo to stop what she was doing and sit up. She removed all the programming that she knew about and asked her to get dressed in her uniform. Jo struggled in the back of a moving Land Rover but managed to get changed into her uniform. When she was sitting back in the seat feeling once again in control, Sandy asked her to contact Peter.

Jo contacted Peter and when he answered, she said, “Sandy asked me to contact you”. Peter replied, “Are you back in uniform and once again in charge”. Jo replied, “Yes I am in my uniform and I think I am in control”. Peter said, “You have no desire or need to wear latex, you will not do or change anything at anytime when given any name or label. You may want to give the latex to Sandy. My suggestion would be to get her to wear it until she has brought your entire security contingent to at lease one orgasm. I apologise for anything I have done, which has caused you any embarrassment”. Jo replied, “Thank you, I will make it up to you when I return”.

As Peter closed the communication down, The Personnel Manager came into the lab with three of her staff. She said, “I could not find any guinea pigs so I brought my staff and to tell you that you’re Engineers will be starting on Monday”. Peter said thank you and then called Wendy over saying, “Wendy here are your four helpers, please continue”. Wendy said, “Greetings ladies, we are starting a new piece of research and would like you a sample one of our cakes. Could you please each take a cake from the box marked number one”?

Each Personnel operative took a cake and ate it. Wendy said, “Now if you would just wait for ten minutes then we will ask you to try another one. In the mean time, I would like you to forget your name, age and occupation”. Peter then said, “Please fill in this form for our research purposes. The woman took the forms and a pen. The Personnel Director was the first one to sit down, and she said, “I can not answer the first four questions”. All the other women claimed the same. The Personnel Director become very anxious and Wendy said, “You can now remember who you are, how old you are and what you do. You will all also do as Professor Pandragon or I instruct you to do and will believe as true anything we tell you to believe.

At the designated point in time, Wendy offers each a cake out of the four remaining boxes. Each person was given a cake from a different box.

After a delay of two or three minutes, Wendy then asked Mary to give an instruction. Mary said, “Whenever you hear anyone say, ‘would you like to dance, you will dance whenever you hear music for one hour, you will also forget that I just said that’". Peter asked, “Who can remember what Mary said and which box was your second cake from”. The young nineteen-year-old girl said, “I can remember what she said, something about dancing and my cake was from box three”. Another girl also said she could remember about the music and dancing for an hour and her cake was from box four. The Director could not remember at all and her cake was from box three. The last girl could remember Mary talking but not what she said and her cake was from box one. Peter asked, the woman to take another cake out of box four.

Peter asked Mary to give another instruction and Mary said, “You all believe that you are potty trained little girls who need to go to the toilet”.

Peter said, “If any one wishes to use the toilet I can show you where it is”. No one wanted to go.

Peter thanked them all for their help and then asked, “Why did you want to be guinea pigs”, The Personnel Director said, “Since you started achieving successes in your Research endeavours, we have all been having wet dreams thinking what it would be like to submit to someone”. Peter asked, “Is there anyone in particular you would like to submit. The Personnel director said, “My brother-in-law Jack”. One of the other women said “My husband, Jason”. The pretty, young nineteen-year-old girl said, “You”.

Peter said, “You are all slaves to the men of your dreams”. As they all trouped out, Peter turned to Wendy and said, “That was a success, but we need another test, we need to give cake number four and then cake no one and see what happens”. Peter then picked up cake number four and stated eating it”. After three minutes, he ate cake number one and then Wendy said, “You are not allowed to collect any more slaves and I, will always be your number one slave and you must kiss me now”.

Peter looked at Wendy and said, “I think that was successful, you always were my number one slave and I will kiss you anytime you want, but I do not feel compelled to kiss you, right this minute”.

Wendy asked, “What would you like me to do now”. Peter said, “Make up a big batch of the additive that was used in the number four cakes and give it to the canteen”.

The canteen was issued with a large amount of food additive number four and Peter and his team spent the remainder of the week getting the electronics lab ready for the engineers.

On Friday evening Peter and Wendy were walking back to their house when Mary and June approached them, asking if they would like to join them for dinner at the local pub.

When they were all seated in the pub and the waitress had taken the order, Peter said “We have been so busy this week; I have forgotten to test a theory concerning the food additive”. Wendy replied “What theory is this”. Peter continued “Every one has been eating the food additive with the antidote characteristics and I would like to know if this provides protection against the Tranche 2 and 3 components. June said “If you need a guinea pig, you can use me”. Mary also indicated that she could be used. After the meal they all walked back to the lab and Peter injected June with the outcome from Tranche 2 and he sprayed the output from Tranche 3 towards Mary.

Mary zoned out so Peter instructed her that for the next twenty-four hours, she would believe she was a five year old girl and Peter and Wendy were her parents.

When June zoned out, Peter instructed June to orgasm every time anyone called her by name although she would never consciously associate her orgasms with a spoken word.

Mary recovered first and took on the characteristics of a five year old child so Wendy took her home. Peter waited for June to awake and when she did he asked, “How do you feel now June”. June was still re-establishing her awareness when she climaxed loudly.

Peter said, “We still need protection from these compounds then”. They stared to walk back to the house and one of June’s friends shouted, “Hi June how do you like working with Professor Pandragon”. June climaxed again and then replied “I love working for him and wouldn’t swap it for anything”. They walked on together and June asked “I assume these orgasms are down to you so thank you, I am now swishing around in my latex knickers”.

When they reached to house they found Mary on the floor with paper and crayons drawing child like pictures.

Wendy put Mary to bed around nine in Sam’s bed, telling her not to get up until at least nine o’clock in the morning.

While Peter, Wendy and June were relaxing in the lounge, Wendy asked, “How are you dealing with being an evil mind controller, is it getting any easier”? Peter replied, “Yes it is getting much easier, although I keep wanting to seek out new female victims to humiliate”. June said, “You can humiliate me anytime, I am getting off on your control of me”. Taking the small atomiser out of his pocket he sprayed June and then said, “In the morning, you will forget how to dress, you will not be able to get any items of clothing on or off your body and so you will decide to keep on your night clothes. When ever you try to tell anyone of your plight, your voice will disappear. You will also only see Mary as a little girl until I tell you otherwise. Lastly you must forget that I have ever controlled you, all your actions are yours”.

Wendy said, “You are getting good at this”. Peter looked at Wendy and said, “Wendy, you will forget these last instructions to June and you will also forget how to say ‘no’ while you are looking after Mary as a little girl. Now forget I gave you this instruction and go and get ready for bed”. Wendy blinked and then stood up saying “I am going to start getting ready for bed, I’ll see you in a minute or two” then she left the room. When she was gone Peter check that June was awake and then said, “June is everything alright, you have been very quiet”. June climaxed and said, “I am feeling fine, I think I’ll go to bed as well, I’ll see you in the morning” Leaving Peter by himself, she left the room and climbed the stairs.

Peter contemplated what he had done and decided he should try to tone it down. He checked that everything was locked and all lights were off before making his way up to his bedroom. June was still in the only bathroom so he joined Wendy who was sitting up in bed reading. Peter said, “Is it a good book” and Wendy replied, “It’s about child birth and bringing up children, I was trying to get ideas for entertaining Mary”. Peter asked, “Would you like children of your own”. Wendy replied, “Of course I would, but it is a question we may have to consider soon, my period is late and I have not had time to see a doctor, I was going to wait until Nancy returned”. Peter kissed her a said, “That is wonderful news, and you will make a wonderful Mother, I urge you to make an appointment to see a doctor on Monday”.

Peter went towards the bathroom as June emerged wearing a while floor length latex nightdress with blue ribbons. They each said good night and Peter took over the bathroom.

Next morning Peter awoke at eight-fifteen and dressed in a latex shirt and slacks before going down stairs. Wendy got up next and after getting dressed in a latex smock dress before going into Sam’s bedroom to wake Mary. Wendy asked Mary what she would like to do and Mary said, “Can we go to the seaside Mummy, so I can build sand castles”. Wendy had other plans but said “Of course dear, we can go after breakfast, Get up and I’ll run a bath for you then find you something to wear”.

They eventually joined Peter down stairs forty-five minutes later; Mary was wearing a very tight top and a micro skirt both in pink latex. Wendy asked Peter if he would like to join them at the beach but Peter declined. Wendy made breakfast and asked Peter to see if June would join them. Peter knocked on June’s bedroom door and told her that Breakfast was ready. June shouted, “Is it alright if I come down in my nightdress, I can’t decide what to wear”. Peter said, “Of course come as you are”.

Returning down stairs he was soon joined by June in her long nightdress and bare feet. Peter said, “You look very fetching in that June, come a sit beside me”. June shudders as another orgasm erupted and sat beside him. She wanted to tell him about her dressing difficulties but every time she tried, it would not come out”.

After breakfast, Wendy made a picnic for Mary and her and then loaded the MG. They left for the coast at five to eleven. Peter shouted to June that he was going for a walk and would be an hour or so”. June was back in her bedroom and she didn’t reply.

Peter walked back to the lab and recharged his small atomiser and filled another one as spare. He placed them one in each of his jacket pockets and started his walk by going out through the gates and turning in the direction of the village.

Not much traffic overtook him in either direction and he arrived at the village in just under fifteen minutes. He stopped off at the pub and ordered a pint of Guinness. There were only three other patrons in the bar and they were all men. He was half way through his drink when two of the men left leaving one male customer and one female bar person. Peter decided there were no good opportunities here so he finished his drink and got up to leave. As he waked out of the door, he saw two young ladies emerge from the village shop opposite and walk towards the village green. Peter decided to follow at a safe distance. The two girls walked across the green and onto a bridle path leading away from the village. Peter followed at a leisurely pace and decided that if he didn’t meet the girls it would be interesting to see where this path led. After walking for several minutes, Peter heard lowered voices ahead and he drew out the atomiser. Walking around the corner he almost bumped into the girls as they were looking at something on the ground. Peter apologised for the near collision and started walking around them. One of them said, “What do you make of this”? Peter asked, “Are you asking my opinion on something”. The girl who spoke said, “Yes we were wondering what this is”. Peter looked at were they were pointing and saw a piece of metal sticking in the ground. He said, “That looks like something that could have dropped form an aeroplane. Peter stood back up and the two girls were still leaning over it. Peter aimed the atomiser and gave them both a good squirt. He then told them both to stand at attention and listen carefully. “He told them that they would do whatever he told them and believe anything he said as their truth. They would also love being obedient to anyone and would always dress in a very slutty way.

Peter stepped back and waited for them to awake. As soon as they showed signs of animation, he asked how old are you and where do you live. The both answered, “Sixteen years old and we live in the village at no 26”. Peter asked do you live with your Mum and Dad and what are your names”. The first girl said “My name is Margaret and we live with our Mum, Dad ran off with another woman last year”. The second girl said “My name is Judith and even though we are not alike we are twins”.

Peter said, “Which one of you is the dominant twin”? Judith replied, “She is, she is always telling me what to do”. Peter continued, “Do you always follow Margaret’s lead”. Judith replied, “Most of the time, I can’t be bothered to decide things, so I let her do it”. Peter said, “That make you either lazy or very submissive and as such you will do what ever you are told to do by anyone”. Judith retorted, “You can not make that happen, that would be totally humiliating”. Margaret said, “Undo that this instance”. Peter said, “Ok Judith you are no longer subject to anyone’s will just members of the male sex and Margaret, you are submissive and subject to the will of all members of the female sex”. Margaret replied, “That makes it much worse, it’s a good job, you can not change us just by saying it”. Peter said “Judith please take off you knickers and tell your sister to do the same”. Judith reached under her dress and as she pulled down her knickers, she instructed Margaret to do the same”. Margaret pulled her knickers off and said, “Judith, you must not give me anymore instructions”. Peter said, “Judith you are not to follow any demands, instructions or suggestions from Margaret. Instruct her never to give you any and tell her that she is never to wear any underwear”. Judith said, “Margaret, you must never tell me what to do or even suggest it through another medium in addition you are no longer permitted to wear underwear of any description”. Margaret opened her mouth to speak but no sound came out as she removed her dress and then the bra before putting the dress back on. The bra was dropped to the floor by her knickers.

Peter said, “Well done Judith, that was very good, you must never feel sorry for Margaret or be lenient on her. Also it is not strictly fair to make Margaret an underwear barren slut without giving you a similar restriction. So if you will now remove your bra, you are no longer permitted to wear any underwear of any description. This is for both of you, if you wear a coat, you are not permitted to have anything on underneath. You are only ever allowed one layer of clothing at any time. Judith removed her bra and Margaret pleaded with Peter to stop what he was doing”. Peter then asked if their Mother was at home. Judith replied, “She should be back now, she works the early shift at Nottingham General”. Peter said “Ok let’s go see her and I can clear her regarding your new personas so you don’t get into trouble”

While they were walking, Margaret said, “If you turn us back as we were before you won’t need to”. Peter replied, “Margaret, You will forget any other way of life other than your new you, you have always been this way and I have had nothing to do with it”.

Judith “You must never try to persuade Margaret that her truth is not the correct one. You may remember what it was like before you met me, but you are not permitted to discuss your changes with anyone or anything”.

Judith replied, “Please Mister or should I address you as Master, don’t make it any worse”. Peter replied, “You can address me as Master if you wish but you should refrain from using I, me or us, you will always talk in the third person and you will always speak write and sign your name with a small case letter”.

They walked a further few minutes without speaking and as they reach sight of the village, Peter asked Judith to describe how she was feeling”. Judith replied, “judith is feeling very aroused and a little frighten, she does not like being this submissive”. Peter replied, “Tough, Margaret, you have the same restrictions regarding speech and in addition you will forget all large words with four or more syllables. Further more, you are not permitted to learn any new words other that slutty sex related words”.

Margaret absorbed these new instructions as if she had always been so and Judith, saying nothing gave her a big hug. As they walked through the village towards number 26, Peter said “I would like to speak to you mum alone so you two wait outside”.

He knocked on the front door and when it was opened be a tall slim woman in her middle thirties, Peter said, “I would like to talk to you about your two daughters could I come in. The woman stepped back saying had something happened are they alright. Peter said, “There is nothing to worry about they are fine, I just need a quite word about their current standing in the community”. The woman moved into the living room and said “Would you like a drink or something”. Peter said, “No thank you I would like you to smell this”, spaying the contents of the atomiser in her face. Within 15seconds she was totally comatose. Peter said, “Before your husband left he made a rule that you and your girls are not permitted to buy or wear underwear. He also had a friend who hypnotised all three of you making your two girls very submissive and making you willing to go along with it and unable to change it”. As you notice any new characteristics in either of the girls you will attribute it to this hypnosis. Now before you awake, forgetting you ever saw me and go upstairs and remove all the underwear from each of your rooms including any in the laundry and throw it all in the waste bin.

The girl’s mother went upstairs and Peter let himself out. The girls were waiting where he had told them to wait and as he passed them he said, “Stay there for a further ten minutes and then go in and see your Mother.

Peter walked down the road in the direction away from the research complex to see if there were anymore victims. As he was walking past the last house in the village a police pander car drew up along side and the two female police in side asked if he knew a Robert Waugh who lived in the house he was standing outside.

Peter explained that he work at the research complex and was just going for a walk. He asked what this man had done and they declined to elaborate. Peter thought what the hell so he sprayed the whole of his reserve atomiser into their car through the slightly open window. It was only a few seconds before the two police ladies were completely comatose but Peter opened the door standing well back to let the vapour dissipate. He called for the two girls to exit the car and asked again “What has this man supposed to have done”. The older of the two who was about thirty said, “We have a missing little boy and Mr Waugh is on our paedophile list in this area”.

Peter said “Before you go, you are now my complete slaves, you have no free will were I am concerned, you will do exactly as a tell you and believe anything a tell you to believe. As I instruct you or give you new believes, you will not consciously attribute them to me and you will never divulge not being in total control to anyone or anything. Tell me are you lovers or do you have boyfriends”. They both replied, saying they had boyfriends and Peter said, “Tell your boyfriends you have found someone else and then move in together and as soon as you are living under the same roof you will fall deeply in love with each other”. Peter then waited for them to become animated and when they did he instructed them to search the house while he searched the out buildings.

The two police ladies rushed up to the front door and Peter went around the back. He started in what looked like a stable building and in one of the stalls he found a small bed and a camera on a tripod. He continued searching and eventually found a locked door. He searched for a key and found one on a nail which fitted. In the small room he found a frightened little boy. Peter told him not to be afraid and to come out but the boy was too traumatised”. Peter waited a little wile leaving the door open but the boy did not emerge. Then Peter heard someone coming so he hid behind the door with his charged atomiser at the ready. The suspect the police were chasing came into the room and when he saw the door open he swore loudly as the spray hit his face. He had almost reached the door before he succumbed to the effects of the drug. Peter told him that he was addicted to juniors and when ever he was within five metres of a junior his skin would start to burn and the closer he got after that the stronger to burning sensation would get. If he ever got to within a metre of a junior he would feet his skin falling off”. Peter also told him that he would have to answer all future questions fully and truthfully no matter who asked them. Lastly Peter told him that he would have no free will what so ever and be unable to relay this fact to anyone or anything.

Peter had just finished his dialogue when he heard the Police ladies approaching so he pick up a shovel and hit the suspect over the head. He then pulled out the little boy and handed him to the Police as they entered. The Police were about to handcuff both him and the suspect when he instructed them that he had not been there and walked out.

He turned in the direction of the lab and thought, “How do we protect our little children from these paedophiles”. He considered the options all the way and by the time he opened the front door, he had a plan.

Wendy did not arrive back with Mary until after four o’clock and when Peter asked where they had been Wendy said Mary didn’t want to leave the beach.

June was till in her white nightdress but no one commented. Peter prepared the meal while Wendy and June played with Mary. When it was ready they all sat at the table and Wendy placed a tea towel around Mary to act as a bib. Peter served up and everyone ate. Peter described where he had been and who he met but he didn’t mention his mind control endeavours. Wendy described what Mary had done on the beach and said she really enjoyed looking after a young person.

Peter and June washed up and Wendy was getting Mary ready for bed when the 24hour period expired. Mary hugged Wendy and thanked her for a lovely time. As they went down stairs Peter could see Wendy’s sad face and he asked what was wrong. Wendy said “I was so looking forward to reading little Mary a story and putting her to bed and now she has gone”. Peter asked Mary if she enjoyed her day and she replied that she had had a wonderful day in fact she couldn’t remember a better one even when she really was five”. Looking at Wendy he asked Mary if she would like to do it again. Mary said, “Yes she would love to and would do it at the drop of a hat”. Peter said, “Mary, go back up stairs and when you get to the top step you will once again be five and you will remain that way until Mommy Wendy tells you otherwise”. Mary ran out of the room quickly followed by a smiling Wendy. Upstairs Wendy put Mary to bed and read her a story until Mary fell asleep. When Wendy was sure Mary was in the land of nod, she went down stairs and asked Peter if he had done anything before they went our, she described how she couldn’t say no to Mary. Peter said, “Maybe, then he asked June why she was still in her nightdress and June said, “She hadn’t felt like changing”. Peter said, “I am feeling quite tired after my long walk I am going to have an early night”. With that said he went to bed tomorrow being Sunday he could work on his plan.

Next morning Wendy was up first to see to Mary and Peter had a lazy bath before going down to breakfast. June appeared later, still in her nightdress and Mary who was playing on the floor, asked if she would get dressed today”. June said “I don’t know but I will try”. Peter soon left them alone and sought solitude in his lab. He worked on his plan documenting all the stages in great detail. After he had recorded all his thoughts, he decided to charge his atomisers and go for a walk. This time he ordered a taxi to take him into Nottingham where the pickings were greater.

The taxi dropped him close to the University and after paying he walked towards the halls of residence. He had not travelled for before the scenery started to improve. There were a number of young people walking about and he saw two gorgeous looking females exit one of the blocks fifty yards ahead. “He followed at a distance and decided that he would only approach them if they stopped before entering another building. It looked as though they were aiming for the Physics laboratory but they turned off before it and walked towards the recreation ground. Peter walked on a parallel course and found them sitting on a sloped bank above the cricket pitch. He pretended not to look where he was going and one of the girls called out to grab his attention before he stood on them. He apologised before spraying them. “Please accept my sincere apologies I was not looking were I was going. What are your names”? The blond answered “Helen” and the brunette answered “Jessica”. Peter said no that can’t ne right, Blondie, your name is Cumbucket with a small ‘c’ and your name is “Slut with a small ‘s’, Cumbucket, you have no free will where men are concerned, you will do whatever you are told to do and you will always seek out someone to fill your bucket with cum. Slut you are also very submissive, you will follow all instructions and obey even the must gentlest suggestion, from anyone except Cumbucket here, as if your life depended on it. You will always wear the most revealing slutty outfits and you are never permitted to wear underwear. Your new personas will commence as soon as I am out of sight”. Peter then walked off the recreation ground and around the back of the pavilion. He then walked towards the students union to see who was about and came across a mature student talking in a phone booth to someone who from the sound of the conversation was a youngster. Peter walked on and another attractive student in a jogging outfit with a cassette player attached to her bent and ear phones on her ears. She was heading towards the track and Peter said “Excuse me could you direct me towards the Chemistry Department. The girl removed her ear plugs and asked, “What was that again”. Peter repeated the question and while she was explaining he sprayed her with his atomiser.

Peter waited until she was in a trance before asking what she was called and what she was studying. She told him her name was Suzanne and she was studying physics and advanced electronics”. Peter said “From now on you will only answer to Suzy and you have an addiction to having vibrating plugs in your pussy and arse. The only time you can bare to be without them is when you are actually on the toilet. You will increase the thickness and length of these until you can not take any more and then always use the biggest one you have been able to wear. You are not allowed to tell anyone of your addiction and you will never seek help for a psychoanalyst or doctor. When you are wearing your two plugs you will always hold them in with a tight pair of latex cycle shorts. As she was still comatose, Peter put her ear plugs back in her ears and walked away. He decided he had done enough so he made his way back to the taxi rank. On his way, he concluded that he was become addicted to humiliating young girls. I need to find another outlet before he got found out.

As he was approaching the taxi rank, cumbucket and slut approached him. They stopped him and asked him for his help. Ever since his little accident something had changed and they wanted to know what and why. Peter said “I have no idea what you are talking about, I apologised for nearly standing on you but we didn’t have a conversation”. Slut said, “Since we sat on that bank we seem to be very different”. Peter said “I can not help you, why don’t you go back to your rooms and rest; you might feel better after that”. Both girls interpreted his suggestion as an order so they walked back to their respective rooms to chill out.

Peter engaged a taxi to return him to the Research Complex. When he entered the house, Wendy was still playing with Mary and June was back in her room. Peter decided to deal with June first, he knocked on her door and when she answered he asked if he could come in. June was still in the white nightdress and she was sitting on the bed reading. Peter said “Do you have a problem with your clothes; you have been wearing that since Friday Night. June replied, “I do not seem to be able to take this off or put anything else on”. Peter said “You still have a lot of non latex clothes, could this be the reason”. June said “I don’t know if there is a logical reason”. Peter used the last of the contents of his atomiser and when June was in a trance he restored her memory and made her addicted to latex making it almost impossible for her to wear normal clothes. Before leaving her he made her forget he had been there”. Down stairs he asked Wendy if she was tied of looking after Mary. Wendy said “No, five year old Mary can be a little demanding but I love doing for her and finding things for her to do. I can’t wait until we have one of our own. Peter said “Ok you can keep her for now but we need grown up Mary at work tomorrow”. There was nothing more Peter wanted to do that evening so he retired to bed early.

He awoke early and left for work before Wendy or the rest of the household were awake. He programmed the subliminal message buffer with a command that would stop him from seeking out innocent victims to mind control and restrict him to get his fix from adjusting his work force. He also gave an instruction to ignore all future commands from this and any other technology. Then he turned on the TV and sat in front of it”.

End of Chapter 5