The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Peter and Wendy

Chapter 6

He was still sitting there when Wendy came in and when she saw him there, she rushed over and turned the TV off. When Peter recovered, Wendy said, “What have you done. You have to help me with Mary. Every time I start to tell her to become her normal self she stops me before I can complete the instruction. My submissiveness makes me want to follow her instructions and her submissiveness wants her to stay as she is. We need you to break this catch 22 situation. Peter said “I don’t think I can anymore but I will try. When he was fully awake she took him by the hand and said, “Come on I need you to sort Mary out”. They walked back to the house and found Mary on the floor drawing pictures while June watched her. Peter said “Mary you are no longer a five year old child you are your adult self”. Mary stood up and hit him saying “Being a loved five year old, was fantastic I want to do it again”.

Wendy said, “If you are good at work today, we will see about this later this evening”. Mary was wearing a latex fetish school uniform and she walked to work without changing.

Peter went to the electronics lab with June to await the arrival of the engineers and Wendy and Mary worked in Peter’s lab. Mary kept on calling Wendy Mummy and started writing up her notes using coloured crayons. When Wendy asked why she was using crayons, Mary replied, “While I was your little girl, I was loved more then I have ever been before, you are a wonderful Mother and I want to go back”. Wendy said, “You don’t have to be a little girl to have my love”. Mary continued, “I need to be a little girl to monopolise your time like I did this weekend”. Wendy sighed saying, “Yes I loved looking after you all weekend, perhaps we can do it again next weekend”. Mary kissed Wendy saying “Thank you Mummy, I’ll try and wait until then”.

In the electronics lab Peter was explaining his plan to the newly started engineers.

Our primary task is to develop a listening device that can identify subliminal messages in the transmitted television signals and alert the authorities. However to enable us to this, we first need to establish a transmitted signal that contains subliminal messages. Peter then went on to explain his three close shaves with paedophiles and said that he wanted to protect the country’s vulnerable minors.

He showed them the message he had formulated and asked them to consider this as they develop the first transmitter, because he would not send it out unless they all agreed.

He then went on to describe how his subliminal message generator worked. When he had finished his introduction, he put them in the hands of June and walked back through the maze of passages to his lab. When he emerged, Mary ran up to him saying “Daddy, Mummy asked me to tell you that she has gone to see a doctor, I may be getting a new sister or brother”. Peter replied, “Mary why are you still addressing us as Mummy and Daddy, are you not waiting for Pauline to come back”. Mary continued, “Pauline prefers being a dog than being with me and Wendy is such a good mother, I just want to be five again”.

Peter said “I would love you to be five again, you looked so happy, but I need you as a scientist to finish this research”. Peter charged his syringe and said “Ok come here and I will fix you”. Mary walked over to him holding out her arm. Peter injected the serum and waited until she was in the trance before speaking, “Mary, on every week day between the hours of eight in the morning to six at night you will be Mary Wilson Botanist extraordinaire , all other hours you will be an obedient five year old Mary Pandragon. However, while you are five, you will only have access to your memories from before your fifth birthday. You will wear little girl clothes and call Wendy, Mummy at all times. When you become your adult self, you will have no memory of your earlier persona other than a feeling of bliss”.

Peter cleared away his syringe and waited for Mary to awake. Before she awoke his telephone rang and when he answered it, he found it was Samantha on the other end.

Samantha gave him an update on developments at Porton and told him they would need at least another week. Peter told her that would be ok and to keep him informed of all progress. She said she would ring again tomorrow and then hung up. Mary had woken up while Peter was speaking on the phone so had returned to her work station to continue with her assigned tasks. She could remember some of Peter’s instructions and new she would be a child again at six o’clock.

Later that morning Wendy returned with good news, Mary would have a sibling soon.

Peter spent the afternoon with the engineers and they were becoming a close team, the design for the transmitter was well on the way.

They finished at a quarter past five and started to leave. June and Peter were left and as they walked through the adjoining passageway, Peter asked, “Did anyone ask about your outfit”. June replied, “One of them asked after you left this morning and I told them, I was your mind controlled slave and wasn’t allowed to wear anything else, they never asked again”.

When they reached Peter’s Lab, they found it empty so they locked up and said goodnight to the three soldiers, on guard in the picket post.

They walked back to the house at three minutes past six and found Mary on the floor playing with two dolls. Wendy was in the kitchen, making dinner and said, “It’s a good job I bought some toys when I was in town seeing the Doctor, It came as a shock when Mary changed, what have you done”? Peter told her what Mary had wanted and what he had done. Wendy said, “What about Pauline, how will she take this when she comes back”. Peter said, “Samantha called today and told me that Pauline is only answering to Pounce and wears a dog collar all the time. She is apparently still helping Nancy throughout the day but becomes a dog before dinner each evening. Sam has been teaching her some new tricks and even Nancy has been getting into it.

Wendy asked when they would be coming back and Peter replied after another week or so”. Wendy asked, “Do you think Pauline’s dog thing is down to your control before you went”. Peter said, “No I think it has more to do with Nancy. I got the feeling from Sam, that Nancy is clearly in charge and loves her work”.

Peter started dishing out and Wendy went to get Mary to the table. When Peter emerged from the kitchen, Mary was sitting at the table wearing a yellow plastic bib. While they were eating, Wendy said, “If Mary is going to be a little girl whenever we are at home we are going to need some more little girly clothes. Peter replied, “Yes, she is only allowed to wear her girly cloths at all times, June could you order some outfits from the Cocoon shop in Kidderminster and charge it to my personnel account, twelve outfits should do for the time being.

After dinner Wendy took off the plastic bib and replaced it with a pink ribbon holding a penis gag telling Mary if she wanted something to suck she could suck that. Mary tried to tell Mummy that she was too old for a dummy but Wendy said “Mary, you will always be Mummy’s little princes and you mustn’t try to grow up to fast so always keep your dummy with you so you can suck on it if you feel lonely or frightened, it will make you feel better. While Daddy cleans the kitchen, what would you like to do”. Mary asked, “could we go to the swings in the park”? Mummy replied, “It is too late tonight perhaps Daddy will buy a swing for the garden this next week end”.

Mary played with her dolls until bedtime sucking her new dummy all the time.

After her bath Wendy dressed her in a baby doll nightdress and mittens. She gave her back the new dummy and tucked her into bed before reading the story of the three bears. After Mary was asleep, Wendy went back to Peter and said, “She is not so demanding this time, what did you do different”. Peter replied, “Last time she was acting five year old with a scheming adult brain, this time she only has access to her five year old brain”. Wendy wrapper her arms around him saying, “thank you, I really do love looking after her like this”. Peter said, “I can see it in your face, you are an exceptional mother, and I love you all the more for it”. Wendy kissed him saying, “Thank you but I don’t know if I will cope once we have a real baby in the house”. Peter continued, “If you can’t cope with a baby and Mary at the same time, we could always make Mary into a dog or something else”.

Life in the Pandragon household continued for the rest of the week with little change. Peter hired a car for the weekend and all four went to the beach on Saturday and again on Sunday.

On Monday one of the Engineers approached Peter and asked if he could have a word. Peter took him outside for a walk and the engineer asked Peter how he had acquired his harem. Peter told him that when he started this research he had to try out a number of methods and slowly acquired his mind controlled work force. He also admitted that it had gone to his head and he was forced to use the subliminal generator on himself to control it.

The Engineer, who was called Fredrick, told Peter that his wife was having an affair and he was wondering if it would be possible to borrow some of your mind control product. Peter asked, “Do you want revenge or are you going to do something more subtle”. Fredrick said, I haven’t given it that much thought, I suppose revenge was in my mind”.

Peter said, “Think about what you really want to do, write it down and when you have thought it through bring it to me. We cannot let any of our products leave the complex but if you bring her here on some pretext or other.

Fredrick agreed and they went back inside. Mary had been working on analysing the product of the third tranche to see if the chemical combination was detived from plants. She had traced each component of the mixture through its manufacture and processing to see from what source the component was synthesised. What he discovered was all the components of the compound had derived from plants all indigenous to a small area in the Brazilian rain forest. Peter thought it would be a good idea to get hold of all the original plans and to make up a batch from them.

Mary spent the next week sourcing the plants, most came from Kew but two had been ordered from South America. On Friday Fredrick handed an envelope to Peter without saying anything.

Peter took is home and while Wendy was entertaining Mary, read it. Fredrick had written a detailed proposal at what he wants, starting with a description of his wife and her many infringements. He went on to say he would like to turn her into a slut for him, but slowly and without her knowing what, why or how.

Peter phoned him and invited him and his wife over for dinner on Saturday. Fredrick said that they would be there at seven.

Peter took Wendy and Mary to the beach again on Saturday afternoon and they all had a wonderful time. As they were driving back through the village, Peter saw Judith and Margaret talking to four men outside the pub and thought you were just unlucky girls. He had not mind-controlled anyone or commanded Wendy since the previous Monday and was feeling much better about himself.

Back at the house June had prepared a meal so they all sat down together and discussed their various days’ activities. After the meal Peter tidied up while June and Wendy played with Mary. As seven o’clock approached Peter asked June to take Mary upstairs. Wendy put on a flannelette house coat over her latex dress and Peter changed into a pair a denim jeans and a cotton tee-shirt. Peter was ready at ten to seven with a charges syringe and a full atomiser. Fredrick arrived with his wife at eight minutes past and apologised for being late and ‘introduced his wife Jaclyn. Peter thanked them both for coming explaining that he believed it was important to meet the family of key members of the team. Jaclyn said, “Fredrick has been very secretive about this assignment, I have no idea what your team is doing. Peter asked if they would like a drink and intimated to Jaclyn that he would explain what went on here.

Over drinks the conversation was light and Jaclyn asked why the Military was present. Peter started to explain but before he reached any pertinent information, Wendy said, “Would it not be better to do a demonstration”. Peter feigned reaching behind Fredrick and released the atomiser in front of them both and held it on for ten seconds while holding his own breadth. When they were both comatose, he asked Jaclyn if she loved her husband. Jaclyn replied, “Not as much as I once did, Fredrick has been giving his time to his job for just too long. Peter asked Fredrick the same question and he replied, “Yes but since she had been giving her love to someone else, my love has been turning to loathing” Peter asked Jaclyn to confirm that she was having an affair and she answered yes.

Peter instructed them both that they would do what he told them to do and believe what he told them to believe. He then went on to instruct Jaclyn that from Wednesday she would develop an urge that would will build-up inside, to give Fredrick her husband a blow job and she would love the taste of the sperm direct from his cock and become addicted to it. From then on she would start to feel ill if she did not do it again within 12 hours. Her pain would increase and could only be eased by drinking his semen. As you begin to realise your need you will be willing do whatever Fredrick wants to get it. After a few days of doing what he wants you will realise that you get a buzz from being obedient to him. By the weekend after next you will do what he tells you without thinking always believing it is the right thing to do. In addition anyone who uses your name within the first four words in a sentence will be able to control you as well. You will comply with even a gentle suggestion as if it were a direct command. If someone gives you an instruction to get lost you will interpret this as go away and if someone says drop dead you will interpret that as they do not what to see you or speak to again ever.

Peter looked at Fredrick and said “Fredrick you must not mention any changes in your wife to anyone, you cannot even discuss it with her and you will never seek about mind control of another person close to you ever again.

Turning back to Jaclyn, he said, “Have you ever worn Latex”.. Jaclyn replied, “No”. Peter said, “Next weekend you will give it a try and will find that you really like it against your skin. The more you wear it the more you will like it until you cannot bare to wear anything else”.

Peter refilled the glasses and waited for then both to reawaken. Fredrick stirred first and Peter handed him his glass. Fredrick took the glass and looking at Jaclyn saw her awake as Peter handed over her glass. As she took to Fredrick asked “Are you alright”. Jaclyn replied, “Of course. So Peter are you going to show me where Fredrick Works”?

After the glasses were empty, Peter took them all on a guided tour of the labs but did not mention mind control at all.

As they were walking back Wendy was walking with Jaclyn and Peter with Fredrick, Peter whispered, “It should all start on Wednesday”. Fredrick nodded but didn’t say anything.

After Fredrick and Jaclyn left for home, Peter changed into his latex and Wendy took off the house coat. June came down with little Mary and they all got back to normal.

On Tuesday the team from Porton Down returned and Nancy gave Peter a lengthy debriefing as to how they got on. Of the four substances that Peter had prepared two gave 100% positive result the other two only gave between 15 to 25% positive results, only one of the other compounds gave any results which were quite alarming. When the test subjects were given that compound they became open to suggestion but these suggestions didn’t stick soon after they woke up. Nancy also told him that they had masses of blood samples to analyse. Peter asked what had happened to Pauline and Nancy told him that while she was administering compound 116 which was the funny one, she was talking to the soldier and somehow the subject got around to Pauline sometimes wishing she was a dog. The soldier apparently told her to become a dog and she must have been contaminated with 116 because that is exactly what she became. It took 48 hours and more 116 to get her human enough to get her to do her job. We probably need you to sort her out properly.

Peter asked where she is now and Nancy said “She is still in her kennel in the bus”. Peter asked how Sam got on and Nancy said, “Sam, Jo and Christine were all fantastic we would not have coped without them”. Peter said, “I will thank them latter after I’ve seen what I can do for Pauline”.

Peter walked to the bus and found Pauline in a kennel, she was naked except for a dog collar and a tail attached to a butt plug. Peter said “Pounce have you come home”, there was very little change in her position. Peter sprayed the contents of his atomiser in her face and when she became comatose, he said, “Pauline, when I take off your dog collar, you will become Pauline Smith Psychologist extraordinaire and you will not want to become a dog again. You will however become the dog you are now if the collar goes back on”.

Peter opened the Kennel and reached in and removed the collar. He waited and slowly Pauline emerged from the kennel and stood up. There was a rubber mackintosh hanging by the kennel so Peter handed it to her and told her to put it on. After Pauline had donned the raincoat, she started to reawaken and she said, “Peter thank you, I did not think I would ever be me again that Soldier was evil, He made it so I was became a dog whenever I saw food. I never want to be or see a dog bowl every again. Can you please remove my tail, Sam made it so I couldn’t take it out myself even when I was at work”. Peter said, “Keep it in for now, I want to speak to Sam and Jo first”.

Pauline ran off in search of Mary and Peter went in search of Sam. He found her talking to June and Christine in the engineer’s lab. After welcoming them both back he asked Sam how she had fixed Pauline.

Sam told him that at first, whenever they tried to get Pauline back to herself there was always food about and it was two days before we accidently did it when there was no food. However by that time she had absorbed a lot of 116 and it seems to stay in the blood for a very long time. All the things we had said during our failed attempts became a part of her. Eventually we were able to get her acting human after breakfast and if we kept food away from her she would remain that way until dinner time. That compound 116 has some amazing properties which we still not totally understand.

Peter said, “We must get Mary to analyse it, she has done wonders with the other compounds. Have you got enough to do to keep you busy”. Sam replied, “More than enough, I have agreed to assist Nancy complete her analysis of the blood we collected and Christine is keeping the records up to date”.

Peter said “Ok you are all invited to dinner at our house tonight, if I don’t see you before, I’ll see you at seven”.

Sam and Christine went back to Nancy and Peter walked back to his lab so he could speak to Mary. When he reached the lab he saw Pauline on her hand and knees again and Mary was working at her work station. Peter asked Mary what happened and Mary replied, “I told you she no longer wanted me, she came in and said she missed me and still loved me but before she reached me she dropped to her knees and barked”. Peter asked “What were you doing when she came in”. Mary said, “Nothing, I had almost finished a Mars bar I bought in the canteen”.

Peter explained what the soldier had done to Pauline and that it wasn’t her wish. Mary said, “I don’t really care anymore, you and Wendy make me blissfully happy”. Peter explained all about compound 116 and asked Mary to analyse it as she had done the others but to make sure it didn’t contaminate her skin.

He put the collar back on Pauline and clipped on a lead. After charging his syringe he walked Pauline into the conference room.

He injected Pauline with the whole syringe and waited until she was comatose before beginning. When she was ready he asked her to tell him all the commands she had been given from the moment she had become contaminated with 116 and she provided a monologue of commands which were compounded by repeated doses.

Peter noted each one in his note book and found that the command by the Soldier had never been countered and Sam had inadvertently made it much stronger due to her failed attempts. Peter started unpicking the commands in reverse chronological order. When he eventually got back to the command that the Soldier had given her he found it very difficult to remove it so he changed it from being triggered by food to being triggered by the clock. She would become a dog from 21:00 hrs to 07:30 hrs every day. The other command he could not remove was the one Sam had given her about the tail. It would appear that she had taken this in while on a high dose of 116 and it was very deep in her subconscious.

All the other instruction had been neutralised and just in time as Pauline was beginning to awaken. She had been under the influence of the compound for nearly an hour. When Pauline was fully awake she asked, “What have you done this time, have you been able to remove this stupid command”. Peter told her that he had as yet been unsuccessful but had managed to remove the link to food. Pauline asked “What is it linked to now, I am fed up being a dog at every meal time. All I have eaten for two weeks is dog food”. Peter said, “Come over to our house at seven tonight and I will try and give you some real food”.

Peter left the conference room and phoned the restaurant that fed all the team before and ordered a three coarse meal for eight with wine and if possible the same waiter they had last time. The restaurant said they could do it for seven so he thanked them and but the phone down and went to fine Wendy. Pauline came out of the conference room and went back to hug Mary.

When Peter found Wendy she had just returned from the shop having bought enough food to feed the five thousand. Peter told her what he had done and said he would help her to prepare dinner for everyone tomorrow. He then went to find Jo so he could invite her as well. After putting all the food away, Wendy went back to the lab and found Mary and Pauline having a heated argument.

Wendy separated them and asked what was wrong. Pauline said, “I have missed Mary so much while I have been away and she says she doesn’t want me anymore. She said I prefer being a dog and she now loves you and Peter.

Wendy said, “What we heard was that you spent most of your time, while you were away, as a dog. You cannot blame Mary for seeking something else; she didn’t think you would want her when you came back. Pauline said, “My being a dog was non-consensual I hated every minute of it and I am still under the influence of that evil soldier. Peter has helped some and says he will try again but now that I am me I would like to spend some quality time with the one I love. Mary said, “Tough, you spent most of your time as a dog before you went away and most of your time while you were away. I’m surprised you haven’t wanted to stay a dog, you are standing there with a tail hanging down between your legs”.

Pauline said, “I am forbidden to take it out by myself, I have to get Sam to remove it for me. Peter said you were going to analyse compound 116 in the hope of finding a way to counter these commands”. Mary said, “I am in no rush to do that, I have to finish what I am doing first and as it is nearly 6 o’clock even this will have to wait until tomorrow”. Pauline replied, “Why what is so important about six o’clock”? Mary said, “You had better ask Mummy”.

Pauline looked at Wendy and said “What is she talking about”. Wendy replied, “While you were away, Mary became quite lonely and Peter made into a five year old to give her some relief. She liked it so much we had difficulty getting her back to work so Peter agreed that if she worked in the daytime she could be our five year old at weekday nights and all weekend”.

Pauline said “That means we have both been changed because of our loneliness” and started walking away. Mary turned back to her work and Wendy feeling sorry for Pauline said “Pauline wait, I would like a word”. The word wait made Pauline almost freeze”. Wendy said “Come over here by my workstation”. Pauline complied and stood by Wendy’s workstation unblinking”. Wendy said “Sit down and Pauline sat without thinking”.

Wendy asked “Are there any specific things you remember when you were with that Soldier. Pauline answered, “No it is all a blank, whatever he did he made me forget it afterward”.

Mean while Peter had found Jo and had asked her what was the back ground to Pauline’s problem. Jo replied, “It was more than twenty-four hours before we realised something was wrong and much later when we realised one of the compounds was missing. Peter was astonished, missing how did that happen. Jo continued, “We think he discovered it’s consequence and after programming Pauline he emptied one of the other previously used compounds into 116 and refilled that one with Water. For quite a few days we were trying to undo his programme with an inactive compound”. Peter asked, “Were you able to verify which compound was used to programme Pauline and which one was missing”. Jo replied “According to Christine, we knew what compound Pauline should have uses and the name of the Subject. Unfortunately the subject was injured trying to escape and is now in a coma, we were able to recover what he had taken but there was very little left. The SIB officer did say that when they searched his bunk, they found a lot of books on the subject of Hypnosis”. Peter said “Good that may be the missing peace of the jigsaw”. Peter invited Jo to join everyone for dinner and told her to be there before seven o’clock”, he then when to speak to Nancy and Sam and found them in Nancy’s Lab.

When he got there he asked Sam if she could remember exactly what she did to Pauline and in what order. Sam replied “I don’t have to remember Christine kept a written record of what we did. I’ll go and get it”. While Sam was out of the room, Nancy asked, “Do you think you can help Pauline, whatever that soldier did he outsmarted us”. Peter replied “I have some ideas that need to be tried when she is Pauline not Pounce sometime tomorrow”.

Sam returned with Christine’s notes, Peter said, “Thanks, I will read this tonight after dinner, I’ll see you both at seven.

Later that evening they were all sitting down to dinner, Pauline was very happy to be eating real food and Mary sat on the end of the table wearing her bib. The cheese and biscuits and port were brought out at ten to nine and everyone was deep in one conversation or another. At exactly nine o’clock Pauline dropped from the table on to the floor and shed her mackintosh.

Sam said, “Dam I thought you had managed to fix her, I was looking forward to returning to my own bed”. Peter said, “Mary is using that at the moment, can you bunk down in Pauline’s bed for the time being”. Looking at Wendy, Sam continued, “I was really looking forward to some time in your bed”. Wendy replied, “After you do what ever you need to do with Pounce, come back and join us”.

Next morning found Pauline in her old room alone and she stood up at half past seven and went in search for her breakfast.

Peter had risen before seven leaving Wendy and Sam fast asleep. He had read some of Christine’s notes before he went to bed so as soon as her reached his desk, he continued to read them.

While he read he realised that compound 116 must cause a person to be but in a light trance but could not deliver mind control. The Soldier had used his hypnosis skill to take the trance to a deep enough level to programme some rules. Peter had read many books on Hypnosis when he started his research and thought he could remember most of it.

He decided he needed to experiment so he went to the chemical store and withdrew the original batch of 116 and filled a syringe. By then, Wendy and Mary had arrived at work and Peter asked Wendy to find him a guinea pig for his 116 test.

Half an hour later she returned with a woman Peter has seen around the complex. Wendy introduced her as Rosemary Griffiths wife of the head of Aerospace research, who was the owner of the while Alsatian behind Pauline’s house. Peter welcomed Rosemary and asked if Wendy had explained what was needed. Rosemary said, “Wendy said you need someone who was not involved with your team for an experiment to do with hypnosis. I agreed because I have never been hypnotised and have often fantasised about it”.

Peter took her into the conference room and asked her to remove her jacket and roll up her sleeve. As she did he explained that the content of the syringe was an inert compound that had been believed to be none affective. However it may have produced a very light trance and this is what was needed to be established.

He injected to whole syringe into her arm and was surprised to see an almost instant reaction. Rosemary’s eye glazed and her face relaxed. Peter started a long induction taking her down to a very deep trance. He then applied four rules.

1. She would obey all the males in her household including the dog. 2. She would develop an interest in latex. 3. She would not mention this experiment to anyone or anything. 4. She would have no memory of these instructions and believe that the experiment failed and she was not hypnotised.

He then brought her out of the trance making sure there was no memory of what had taken place. As Rosemary came around, she said “So that didn’t work then”. Peter replied, “No it appears not, still thank you, it is better to know these things”.

After he showed her out, he refilled the syringe and asked Wendy to find Pauline. When Pauline arrived, she said, “I want to thank you for a lovely meal last night and for allowing me to enjoy it. What have you planned for today”? Peter explained that he thought he knew how the soldier had been able to programme her.

Pauline was still only wearing her mackintosh so he pulled up the loose sleeve and injected her with the complete syringe.

Pauline instantly showed signs of being in a trance so Peter started his introduction. He relaxed her and talked her down as deep as he could get her and when he was satisfied that she was very deep, he asked her is she remembered the soldier.

Pauline said yes so Peter took her back to the moments before he arrived and asked her to describe what happened.

Pauline described the scene in the test facility there were three offices and Christine had a desk outside all three. Nancy had one, Sam had one and She had the other. There had not been any positive reactions form the drugs being tested for four days so we were getting a bit complacent and longing for the testing to finish. We each had the next six compounds we were to test, on a trolley with syringes, cotton wool, alcohol swabs and plasters.

I was in my room when Christine brought the next victim in. He sat in the chair and when I produced the syringe he became very agitated saying he did not like needles. I tried to calm him down by telling him we were now test inactive compounds so he would have no affects other then a slight prick. He was very insistent and he had a commanding speech inflection and when he said as it was inactive I could inject it in me so he could see. I thought there would be no harm in this so I injected 100 milligrams into my arm. Before I could pull it out he pushed the plunger so I got it all and I blanked out. He continued talking and took me into a deep hypnotic trance and then asked me about my experiences with mind control.

I told him about you and Wendy and what you did to me by turning me into Pounce. He asked a lot of questions about what it was like to be a dog and I told him it was much better when you removed the human side while I was a dog.

He then said I was to be Pounce for ten hours in every twenty four and while I was a dog I would have full knowledge of who I was but would not be able to communicate that to anyone, I would just behave like a dog. When I became human again I was forbidden to tell anyone that I was only pretending to be a dog.

He also instructed me that any rule I was taught as a dog would apply in both personas and that I could never tell anyone about this or appeal to someone not to give me new commands when I was a dog.

He then said that this new programme would not commence until midday tomorrow and that these instruction could only be changed if the person tying to change me gave the correct password, then he told me the password.

He then told me that I would become pounce whenever I saw human food, whether it was a plate of roast beef and vegetables or a simple bar of chocolate.

Next, he told my that I was not to wear any clothes when I was Pounce and only allowed to wear the mackintosh that was hanging on the back of the door when ever I was human.

Lastly, he said I was to remember him getting his injection and that nothing happened and to forget ever being injected or hypnotised.

Peter asked “Can you tell me the password”. Pauline said, “No, every time I try to think of it all I see is a blurred image that I can’t quite interpret.

Peter then tried to deepen her trance and after a further forty-five minutes he tried again asking if she could remember the soldiers words, word for word from the point where he mentioned the programme starting at midday tomorrow don’t think about what the words mean just relay what was said..

Pauline replied. “These rules that are now part of you, will become affected at midday tomorrow. No one can change these commands unless you are given the correct password. You are not allowed to remember this password as words you can only remember it as an image which will remain out of focus until it is used. Think of the fairy in the story of Peter Pan and imagine her in a blue green raincoat. I will say these words once and you will create the image and then forget the words, “Tinkerbelle’s turquoise mackintosh”.

Now the commands I have given already are protected behind that password which you have forgotten however there are more command which you will follow the first one of these is that you will become pounce the dog when ever you see human food.

Peter stopped her there and told her to just relax, He was impressed at to the skills of the soldier and thought this is very powerful, do I want to remove these commands or make them less painful.

He decided to give him back the control of when she became Pounce but leave all the other commands as they were, so he said, “Pauline I give you the password, Tinkerbelle’s turquoise mackintosh, and amend the command making you Pounce for 10 hours in every twenty-four in a command that make you Pounce whenever you wear your collar. All the other commands remain unchanged however I would like you to change your password image remove the fairy’s turquoise raincoat and dress her in a tartan one. Your password is now Tinkerbelle’s tartan mackintosh and you will forget these words as you did before.

Peter then started to bring her our of the trance slowly making sure all the programming was intact and protected before instructing her to forget everything he had done before waking her up.

As she became animated she said, “How did you get on, can I take this butt plug out and wear something other than this mackintosh”.

Peter said, “Unfortunately I was concentrating on the Dog control issues and I forgot about those issues. Let’s see if I have managed to make a change and if so, I will work on the others tomorrow”. Pauline kissed him saying, “I’m sure you have done your best, the only problem about having to wear this coat whenever I am human is that I only get a wash as a dog”. Peter said, “Did you get a wash this morning”. Pauline replied, “No, Sam usually takes care of that but she wasn’t there when I woke up this morning and was forced to put the Mac back on”.

They walked out into the open area and they walked towards Mary. Peter asked Mary to make up another batch of 116 some time today so he could have another session with Pauline. Pauline hugged and kissed Mary saying, “I love you Mary and if you want to keep your current life style, I will understand”. Mary returned the kiss and said, “Thank you, I love you too, but I love my new life a lot more”.

They all went back to work and at bed time that evening Pauline was still wearing the mackintosh, she was sitting on her old bed when Sam walked in. Sam said “Although it is a double bed, how do you want to sleep”. Pauline said “You are very beautiful woman and I would love to share your bed. Sam said “Would you like a wash before you go to bed”. Pauline replied,” I would love a wash but how do we do it”. Sam said, “Peter told me that all I need to do is put your collar on and you will be able to take the mackintosh off”. Pauline said, “Ok as long as you don’t leave it on too long”. Sam picked up the dog collar and wrapped it around Pauline’s neck. As soon as it was fastened Pauline shed the Mackintosh and dropped to the floor. Sam picked up the coat and hanging it on the hook behind the bedroom door, said, “That sorts out the sleeping arrangement, you sleep on your bed and I will wash you in the morning”.

A very unhappy dog lay on the dog bed in the corner of the room and Sam climbed into bed.

Next morning Sam got up and had a shower then she ran the bath for Pauline while Nancy had taken Pounce into the garden for her morning ablutions.

As soon as Pounce has been to the toilet, Nancy pushed the butt plug tail back in and told her to find Sam. Pounce ran up the stairs and into the bathroom Sam was waiting so Pounce jumped into the bath. Sam used the big plastic jug to wash Pounce who was still on her hands and knees in the bath. As soon as everything including her hair and tail were clean, Sam let the water out of the bath and held out a towel, Pounce jumped out of the bath and Sam dried her off. When she was dry Sam led her into the bedroom and made her sit behind the door next to her mackintosh and then removed the collar.

Pounce stood up and dressed in the mackintosh and as soon as the last button was fastened, Pauline said, “Thank you for washing me, I missed that yesterday morning and I was looking forward to some female company in bed what happened. Sam said, “As you hadn’t washed for two day, you were a bit smelly and I was too tired to wash you last night”. They walked down to breakfast and Nancy had prepared breakfast for herself and Sam and had put dog food in a bowl for Pounce.

Pauline said, “I would prefer proper food today please”. Sam pulled the collar from her pocket and fastened it around Pauline’s neck, then as the Mackintosh hit the floor all three started eating their breakfast.

When breakfast was finished, Sam picked up the Macintosh and returned it to the bedroom and put it on the hook. She them prepared to leave the house for work. As she walked to the door Pounce, watched her go, and whimpered. Nancy said, “You stay here and be good” and then left with Sam.

Later than morning after Mary had made another batch of 116, Peter went to find Pauline and when he asked Nancy where she was, Nancy said, Sam has left Pounce in the house this morning. Peter asked “Why did she do that”. Nancy said “I have no idea it must have been something that was said before she came down stairs, after the bath”. Peter asked, “Where is Sam now”. Nancy replied, “She said she needed to speak to Wendy”.

Peter had not seen Wendy since Breakfast so decided to find them both. He walked through the labs to check they weren’t around and then walked back to the house.

As he walked through the door he could here a heated exchange between Wendy and Sam somewhere upstairs. He climbed the stairs and told them both to be quiet. He then asked Wendy what was wrong. Wendy replied, “Sam is not happy living next door, she wants her old bedroom back. She is not at all happy, being away from you and she is fed up looking after Pauline”.

Peter turned to Sam and asked “Is this right”. Sam replied, “I was happy looking after Pounce while we were away, but it was the thought of coming back to you two that kept me going. The night we came back and you allowed me to sleep in your bed was absolute heaven but last night Pauline intimated that I could sleep with her. I just found to it too big a step and made her sleep on her dog bed.

Peter said, “There are too many unhappy people we could resolve these issues by making Pauline Mary’s mother. That would mean Mary would move back next door and Sam could have her old room back”. Wendy said, “Having Mary here is not just for her, I have loved looking after her and so have you. If we move the big wardrobe in our bedroom we could fit in a small bed or cot, then we could have Mary in with us and Sam could have her room”. Sam said, “If there is room for another bed in your room, I would rather have that”.

Peter said, “I will leave you two to sort that out, while I go and deal with Pounce”.

Going next door, he found Pounce curled up on the settee. Without waking her, he injected the syringe full of 116 into her arm and then started to talk her down into her deep trance. As he was doing this he thought, “I should have given her a trance key”. He spend an hour deepening her trance and when he was certain that she was deep enough he instructed her to step behind the password saying his new password and then instructed her that she was no longer mandated to only wear the Mackintosh or wear the butt plug while she was human. He also had her repeat all new commands she had learnt as a dog and removed most of them from affecting Pauline. The ones he left that both, Pounce and Pauline would correspond to provided they were prefixed by which ever name she was known and were describes as following:

Sit, when anyone says Pounce or Pauline then sit, you will kneel down then sit with your arse on your ankles with your arms straight and your hand on the floor in front of your knees. You will remain in this position until given further instruction or a period of not less than ten minutes expires

Stay, when anyone says Pounce or Pauline then stay, you will remain in that position until you are given further instruction or a period of not less than one hour expires.

Come, when anyone says Pounce or Pauline then come, you will approach the speaker in a straight line and stand beside them you will then remain in this position until you are given further instruction or a period of not less than five minutes expires.

Speak, when anyone says Pounce or Pauline then speak you will bark and keep barking for three minutes and if you are in your Pauline persona you will continue to bark when ever you try to speak for a further ten minutes.

He lastly gave her a trance key of “Sleepy Pounce time”.

He brought her out of the trance reminding her to forget that he had hypnotised her and telling her to sleep naturally for ten more minutes before waking as Pauline. He then removed the collar and took it with him as he left the house.

He walked back to the lab and hid the collar in the bottom drawer of his desk. Next he charged the syringe again and asked Mary to join him in the conference room.

When she joined him, he explained that he wanted to help Pauline overcome her loneliness and asked Mary if she would like two mummies. Mary said, “Wendy is my real mummy but I still love Pauline. Peter injected her with 116 and began to talk her down into a deep trance, when he was sure it was deep enough, he reprogrammed her so that she would be a five year old between 18:00 hours and 07:30 hours except when she was sharing a bed with Pauline. She would still only wear little girl outfits and would never be unhappy if she was in the company of either Wendy or Pauline. When five she would always carry the penis gag and suck on it whenever she was not doing something else. He instructed her that over the next seven months she would migrate from Wendy being her favourite to Pauline being her only Mother. He then gave her a trance key and locked everything behind a password with similar properties to Pauline’s.

He made her forget everything below the password and gave her a trance key, then he woke her up asking her if she had finished the analysis of 116. Mary shook the cobwebs from her mind and replied, “I have nearly finished and there is a surprising result from the comparisons with compounds 3 and 4. There is one component that is in all three and it is derived from one of the plants we have ordered from South America which have not yet arrived”.

They had just walked out of the Conference room, when Pauline walked in wearing a latex dress. She hugged and kissed Peter saying, “Thank you, I have no idea what you did but I am now free of that butt plug and the mackintosh, I even had a shower by myself”. Peter said “You should go and find Nancy I think she needs your help”. Moments after Pauline had gone to find Nancy, Wendy walked in and said, “I see you have found a way around Pauline’s problems, was it anything to do with 116”. Peter replied, “Yes it was, but 116 does not give mind control properties parse, it just puts the victim into a light hypnotic trance. That soldier that compromised Pauline was an accomplished Hypnotist and he obviously recognised it and used his skills to take her much deeper where he could hide his evil programme. His method and use of a password was a stroke of genius which almost beat me”. Wendy said, “But it didn’t, you are my clever husband and I have every faith is your capabilities, I knew you would find a way. Sam and I are going to cook this evening for everyone again, have you seen Jo today”. Peter replied, “No I haven’t perhaps her female soldiers have been recalled we don’t really need them anymore”. Wendy said, “I’ll try and find her and find out what their plans are”. Peter watched her go and then went to see the engineers to see how they were doing. As he waked in Fredrick stood up and said “Thank you, I have no idea what for but thank you again”. Peter said “No Problem, I hope your marriage improves now. How are you all getting on and have you decided if you what to do this“. Fredrick replied, “We have discussed your proposal and we all agree that it would be a good test of the technology and we have designed the transmitter and what we believe to be the detection receiver. June has ordered all the components so will start to build the first prototype as soon everything arrives. Peter thanked them and told them he would see them later. He then returned to his lab, on the way he met Christine who asked is if he had a moment she needed to talk to him. Peter said “Is now good enough come through and we can talk in the conference room”.

In the conference room Christine told Peter that her Farther had accepted a transfer to the Edinburg office and was taking the whole family with him. Peter asked, “Does that include you”. Christine said “Yes he is very insistent”. Peter said, “Christine all your programmed commands are now revoked you are no longer mandated to do as I or June instruct you to do and you are also free to wear or not wear latex clothing”. Christine said, “Thank you but that was not necessary, I like wearing Latex and June had been nothing but nice since I returned”. Peter said “If you want to stay here, you will always be welcome; you are old enough to make up your mind”. “

“Thank you but I will go when they go. It’s not for another five weeks”.

After Christine had gone Peter updated his notes on his dealings with Pauline and Mary. He realised then since his subliminal programming he had not wanted to programme any strangers and was much happier removing programming that was in place. He had only programmed Mrs Griffiths with some very mild commands but even these were trying.

At dinner that night Wendy told every one that Jo and her Soldiers were being recalled to other duties and would be leaving the day after tomorrow. After dinner when Wendy and Peter were alone, Wendy told him that Jo had asked if he could remove the programming he gave young Sandy. Peter said “I had completely forgotten about her, of course I will remove the control, please ask Jo to send her around tomorrow”

Over the next few months’ life, in Peter’s team went on without any major issues. Christine had left with her family and Mary was helping Pauline and Nancy by continuing Christine’s recording of everything that was done.

Nancy and Pauline had developed antidotes to compounds three and four which when used correctly could wipe out any previously embedded commands.

Mary had moved into Pauline full time and Wendy’s baby was beginning to show.

The Prototype Transmitter worked and the country’s children were made safer. The prototype detection receiver also worked and building the final production versions that would be deployed around the country, was underway.

Peter didn’t learn to drive but he bought Wendy a five door Station wagon.

Peter was becoming complacent and started thinking what he was going to do next. I talked to the director who told him that there would always be a place for him and not to worry.

A greenhouse had been build next to his Lab and Mary was growing cuttings taken from all the plants acquired from Key but there were still three plants missing, these were the ones from South America.

Peter had presented his results the Chiefs of Staff and delivered all the results they had been able to produce. He had also indicated that there was one further piece of research that need to be completed and then it was finished.

His backers thanked him for his sterling efforts, of both him and his team, and asked that he keep the team together until this final piece of the jigsaw was complete.

When Peter returned to the team, he told them all what the Joint Chiefs had said and that they needed to finish the research. After he saw that they were all pleased but not overjoyed, Peter could see that almost all his team were ready to move on. He could make them all stay but he didn’t want to use any non-consensual control.

End of Chapter 6