The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Peter and Wendy

Chapter 7

Once all the plants that Mary had ordered had eventually arrives, she started extracting the chemical compositions out of each plant to prepare the constituents of the three active compounds. When she had all the chemical building blocks she mixed up the three compounds in the mixing chamber. Each substance was placed in a sealed flask before the chamber was opened and the flasks removed.

Peter watched as the last flask emerged and said, “We need to test these substances on victims that have had no previous association with earlier versions of our drugs and then victims who have been associated”. Mary said, “Seeing as I am finished here, I would like to volunteer as part of the second group. Make me a 5 year old full time”.

Peter said, “Before we test it on Family and friends we need to know what it can do. I will find a new victim first and if she works out OK I will take you up on your offer”. Peter went off in search of someone new.

Shortly before, Peter had walked out of the lab, a young female sales person had just arrived at the guard room. She was representing one of June’s suppliers and was tasked with finding out the rolling schedule of potential orders for the next year. June had been called to collect her at the guard room to escort her to her place of work. As Peter exited the picket post he met June and her visitor coming the other way. The young woman was very attractive with long shinny brown hair and a face like a young Michelle Marie Pfeiffer and body that would find a good home in a porn movie.

Peter greeted them and asked June who her new friend was. June introduced her companion as Joanne Richmond from on of her suppliers in Kidderminster. In his mind Peter connected Kidderminster with the Cocoon shop. June introduced Peter as Professor Pandragon head of research and main decision maker for all purchases. Joanne, smiles at Peter and asked if he could spare some time after she had finished with June. Peter said he would love to and would be back in his lab in a bout half an hour. Peter went in search of Wendy who was now six months pregnant and having a hard time of it. She had been suffering from severe back ache so Peter had instructed her to stay in bed and Sam was to stay and look after her.

Peter found Sam in the kitchen making a drink and asked how it was going. Sam said, “I’m glad you are here, Wendy has been in a lot of pain this morning so I called for the Doctor and she is upstairs now. I was just making her a cup of coffee and then I was going to look for you”.

Peter ran upstairs and entered to bedroom as the doctor was on the bedroom phone calling for an ambulance. Peter waited until she had finished on the phone and then asked “What is wrong”. The Doctor explained that there was something wrong with the baby and she needed to find out what, so she had arranged for Wendy to be taken into hospital so she can be x-rayed. The doctor asked if there were any normal night clothes she could change into, and Peter told her that Wendy had only ever worn Latex since before they were married.

Peter waited until the Ambulance arrived and asked Sam to go with her and he would see them both that evening. After the ambulance and doctor had departed Peter walked back to lab to wait for Joanne Richmond.

When she didn’t come Peter charged a syringe with the new compound four and then walked through the maze of passages to June’s little office. As he walked in, they were looking at a number of catalogues showing latex fashion wear. Peter said, “Hello, I though I would come and find you my time, is at a premium today. June said, “She showed an interest in out latex clothing and we became engrossed in these catalogues”. Peter said, “When you said she was from Kidderminster, I assumed she was from Cocoon”. June said, “No, she didn’t know Cocoon existed, she is from Castle Electronics.

Peter said, “Are you going to try on some of our clothes you are a similar size to Samantha”. Joanne said, “I don’t think so, but thank you for the kind offer”. Peter was holding the syringe behind his back and as Joanne turned back to June, he injected her in the back of her neck. Joanne screeched and then slumped down into her chair. “June said, “Are you going to make her love latex, if so can I have her”.

Peter said, “I am testing out the new compound and we need to establish how strong it is. I do not want any issues kidnapping an outsider”. June said, “Please she is beautiful and will make a lovely addition to your harem”.

Peter said “Joanne, from now on you have no will power you will do what ever anyone tells you and believe everything you are told. You love latex clothing and you also love June. These instructions are at the deepest part of your subconscious and can never be removed by anyone”. He was going to continue to add a password but was interrupted by Mary who said, “The hospital called they need you there now”. Peter told Mary that he had injected Joanne with compound four and she was still under and that Mary was to record how long it took for Joanne to recover. Peter then ran out to the guardroom and persuaded one of the military policemen to drive him to the hospital.

Back in June’s office Mary said, “What has Peter told her”, June told her what peter said and Mary replied, “He can’t have finished this is his harem. Joanne, you will always do what Peter tells you, he is your master and you must never do anything that would harm him or any of his other slaves. When you wake you will not remember him injecting you or that anything untoward took place in this office. You have been looking at latex clothing with June and you will decide to try some on. Once you are wearing latex you will never want to wear anything else. Joanne still showed no sign of coming around so Mary continued, “Each evening from seven o’clock until bed time you will become a child of five year old and I will become your favourite playmate”. There was still no sign of her changing so June said, “At all other times when you are not a five year old child you will be my subservient lover”.

June and Mary both waited and after a further hour, Joanne started to awaken. Mary left the office so she could make notes. June waited for Joanne to fully recover and when she seemed a wake, June said would you like to try some of these clothes, stay her and I’ll get some.

At the Hospital Wendy had developed complications and was in a critical state. The surgeon told Peter that her chances to survive were slim. Peter sat quietly in the waiting room with Sam holding his hand.

He waited for the rest of the afternoon and finally the registrar came to him baring the bad news. Wendy had not regained consciousness and had passed away peacefully. Peter thanked them for all their efforts, even though he thought they could have done more, and walked out, Sam was very distraught and Peter ended up consoling her.

They engaged a taxi to take them back to the Complex and they both went into the house to cry.

Peter was completely devastated and did not think he wanted to continue. When Mary came back at six o’clock she was unable to stimulate either of them, so she went to find Pauline. June arrived with Joanne shortly before seven and when she heard the news, she too broke down in tears.

When Pauline and Nancy heard they called in to provide support but they too were affected.

At seven Mary got her new play mate so they played together keeping themselves occupied. Peter recovered enough to stand up and he said, “I am going for a walk, if I don’t come back you are all free to do what you want”. He was out of the door before Pauline thought it through and realised that she was not free and neither was Mary or Sam and June. She pulled Sam up and said “We need to find him before he does something stupid, we still need him”

Running out of the door they both looked and saw him walking towards the gate. They ran as fast as they could and caught him up 100 yards down the road. Pauline said “You can not relinquish your responsibilities to us that easy, our programming goes much deeper than a simple comment that we are free”. Sam loves you almost as much as Wendy did and you have had my heart since you first made me a dog. Please come back you have more support than anyone else in the world. Peter thought about what Pauline had said and realised that his responsibilities to his harem would have to be released with time and proper planning. He turned to Pauline and said “Pauline Sit, Pauline Stay and Pauline Speak”. As Pauline knelt down and assumed her doggy sitting position she barked at him and Peter said to Sam, “Samantha you are no longer under any compulsion to obey me or anyone else, you are free to go. Go and pack your things and go home”. Sam turned and started walking back to the gate. Peter turned to Pauline and Said “Pauline listen carefully Tinkerbelle’s Tartan mackintosh, I remove all the programme and commands below this password, you no longer have any compulsion to became a dog and you have no dog commands that spill over into your normal persona all commands that I have given you since we met are now revoked and no longer operate. You are free to do what you want now leave me alone”. Pauline stood up and said “If I am free to do what I want, I want to be with you. You have been my world since I left University and I can not imagine a life without you”. Peter sighed and said, “I have made you free so you would leave me alone. Please let me go and die somewhere quietly”. Pauline said, “I will not let you go, you have responsibilities to Mary, Nancy and June, if you want to do something stupid, release them first”.

Peter said, “You are right, Ok let’s do it”. He walked in the direction of the gate without waiting for Pauline but she soon caught up.” They walked in silence into the house and found Nancy first. Peter said, “Nancy you are no longer required to do as I say, you are free to be your own woman”. As he was turning to find the others, Nancy hit him across the face as hard as she could and knocked him to the floor. While he was lying there Sam came into the room and kicked him and then jumped on his chest pushing all the wind out of him. Then using the hand cuffs she had just taken from Wendy’s closet, he handcuffed his hands behind his back. And as he got his breath back but before he spoke, she pushed a ball gag into his mouth.

Nancy and Sam picked him up and threw him on the settee. Sam said, “You think that you can worm your way into a persons heart and then throw them away, then think again buddy. You have been able to control each and every one of us and could have made us do the most horrendous things but you have always cherished each and every one of us. Nancy said, “Since you took control, I have not had to concern myself as to how others perceive me, I have been able to concentrate on doing my job. This has made me happier than I have ever been before and you are not taking that away”. Pauline was standing in the door and said, “Likewise, you caused me a little embarrassment when you first introduced Pounce but it was nothing compared with what that evil Soldier did to me. You are not an evil man; you have shown us all love and compassion. What will happen to Mary if you just discard her child persona”? Peter tried to speak but only a mumble came out.

Peter made to get up and Nancy pushed him down again saying to Sam get something to tie his legs, we need to keep him her until Mary is once again herself, she is the only one with access to the mind control drugs. Sam tied Peter’s legs together with two large tie wraps that the police use for such purposes from her bag. Using a third one she rolled him over and looped the ties around his ankles to the chain on the hand cuffs to hogtie him. There he won’t be going anywhere now. Nancy said, “What about food, we have two children now”. Sam said, “I’ll borrow Wendy’s car and bring back fish and chips”. Nancy reached into Peter’s hip pocket in his latex trousers and removed his keys. While you are away, I will get his notes, he always kept meticulous notes which he hid in his desk of everything he had ever done to any of us, and while you are gone, I will go and get them”.

Sam and Nancy left the room leaving Pauline beside him. She brought a damp cloth from the kitchen and tenderly mopped his face saying I am sorry that your loss has caused you to abuse the trust you have in your workforce but I know think Nancy is right.

Nancy returned after ten minutes and said, you should read this about you, He started out trying to be evil but he couldn’t do it. I wonder if this password still works, oh wait a minute you have a trance key. Nancy spoke Pauline’s trance key and then reinstated all the controls Peter had placed in her mind only this time Nancy was in control and she then re-invoked the password. Bringing her up out of the trance, Nancy said, “How do you feel and what would happen if I put this around your neck”, pulling the dog collar from her bag. Pauline said, “He removed all the commands so I have no idea”. Nancy continued,” We had better try it then”. Nancy walked over to where Pauline was sitting and fastened the collar”. Pauline stood up stripped out of her clothes and then became Pounce. Nancy said “I always found it such a turn on when you were forced into this, seeing such a beautiful woman act like a dog makes my pussy squirm”. I now know from Peter’s notes that you are only pretending to be a dog, but don’t worry, now that you are my dog no one else needs to know and that trick that Sam taught you when she got Pounce to lick her pussy, you will relearn that with me”. Nancy took Peters note book and went up stairs to find Mary. Using her trance key and password she changed her programming so she was forced to obey Nancy and changed the control parameters around her two personas to be whenever Nancy commanded them to change”.

Nancy then re-awakened adult Mary and told her to go back to the lab and bring back a syringe full of the strongest mind control drug. Mary returned after ten minutes with a flask containing the new compound 3. Nancy charged a syringe and injected Peter. After Peter was under the influence of the drug, Nancy programmed him to have no knowledge of releasing Pauline and Sam and that he would continue to believe he was in charge however he would always follow Nancy’s direction in everything while not realising that he was doing that. He would never try to control Nancy or Pauline ever again believing that it was Pauline’s wish to be Pounce again and giving her control to Nancy.

Nancy instructed Peter to take control of Sam and Joanne as his fucktoys and not allow them any say in anything to do with his treatment of them or any thing else to do with the team or the Institute.

Peter came around and instantly new something was wrong. He played it cool not alerting anyone to his perceptive mind. He told Nancy that he was just going over to the lab to get the 116 so he could takeover Sam again when she came back. Nancy told him not to be too long. Once out of the house Peter almost sprinted across to the Lab. The Soldier on Picket post let him in and he instructed them to not allow anyone else in while he was conducting an experiment.

He raced up to his secret location and pulled out the Sony Walkman with his special tape in it. He charged a syringe with the new compound four and after fitting the headphones and starting the tape he injected himself.

After twenty minutes he started to awaken and could still feel the affects of the new drug, it was much stronger than previous versions and he hopped it would have the same effect. After some deep breathing exercises to get oxygenated blood to his brain, he started to write down the commands that Nancy had placed on him.

When he got to the last one without not being too long, he realised that they were all cancelled, however he thought it would be nice to relinquish control for a little while especially now Wendy was no longer with him. So he picked up some of the new compound 116 and a box of syringes and after putting his walkman and the flask with compound four in it back into his secret hideaway and then tidied everything away.

He walked leisurely back to the house and was pleased to see that Sam had returned, he was feeling very hungry. He walked in and Nancy said “Where have you been I though you were coming straight back”. Peter said, “I needed to check that this new compound that Mary made was finished properly and it wasn’t so I had to mix make another batch. Sam asked “What is this mix for”. Peter replied, “I’m going to make you my slave again”. “Goody when can we start” replied Sam.

“Now if you want, role up your sleeve” instructed Peter. Sam rolled up her sleeve and Peter injected her with 100 milligrams of compound 116. As soon as she started to show signs of being in a trance, Peter started his induction. He talked her down and when satisfied that she was at a very deep level he instructed her as Nancy had instructed him. She would do what ever he told her to do and have no interest in what the other members of the team got up to. Her only interest was Peter’s pleasure and she was forbidden to wear anything but latex. Nancy had stayed to see him do her bidding and when she saw that he was doing as she had commanded, she said, I am going to bed, come Mary and bring Pounce”. When all three had left and Peter made sure that it was not a subterfuge to keep him under observation, he gave Sam a trigger that when said by anyone would remove all his commands and then gave her a password and trance key that could only be used by him”.

After bringing Sam out of the deep trance, he instructed her to go and get Joanne. Sam looked at him with sadness and did as he commanded.

Sam returned a minute or two later little Joanne. Peter said, “Do you remember me Joanne”. Joanne replied in a vey childlike tone saying, “You are my daddy”. Peter charged the syringe with 116 and injected Joanne. Peter waited a minute and then started his induction, he talked her down for an hour and when he was satisfied she was deep enough he asked her to describe all the commands that were inserted into her brain while she was in June’ office. She provided everything that he, June and Mary had said.

He then unpicked Mary’s commands, unpicked June’s commands and before he started to unpick his. he asked her if she had been in touch with home and her office”. She replied, “I told them I quit because I had met someone I wanted to be with always”. Peter said “Who did you want to be with”. Joanne replied, “You”. Peter replied, “Why did you pick me and not two beautiful girls”.

Joanne continued, “I have always had a dream about a gentle man who made me his slave, when I saw you outside your laboratory you were the exact image of my fantasy man and when you took me in June’s office I thought my dream had come true but when you rushed out, those girls gave me commands I didn’t want, I was just waiting for you to rescue me again. Which, I am glad to see that you have”. Peter said, “You will do exactly as I command you, your task in life is to be responsible for my pleasure along with Sam. You are only ever permitted to wear latex and you will not be concerned about the actions of others in my team”. He then developed an image password that she would not remember and even if someone hypnotised her again she would not reveal any programming or any passwords or trance keys. He gave her a trance key and then told her to forget everything they had discussed that evening and brought her out of the trance.

When Joanne, recovered he told both Sam and Joanne to go and get ready for bed. As he was walking up the stairs, several minutes later, he met June waiting on the top step. She said, “What happened tonight and what had you done to Sam and Joanne”. Peter replied, “Be very careful June, I have made both Sam and Joanne my personal slaves. If you have an issue with this, speak to Nancy tomorrow”. He then pushed passed her and disappeared into his bedroom.

Both Sam and Joanne were in his bed and so he decided to make love to them both as gently and loving as he could. After Sam had received his attention, she sighed and said, “You’ve come back, what was going on down stairs”. Peter moved over to Joanne and replied, “Hopefully, we can get to the bottom of what happened over the next few days”.

When Joanne was completely satisfied Peter held them both tenderly and settled down to sleep.

In the morning he was awoken by a pair of lips riding his cock and another pair nibbling his ear. Sam said “What would you like for breakfast Master”, Peter replied, “When Joanne is finished I’ll show you”. As soon as he had cum in Joanne’s mouth and she had cleaned him off, he moved down the bed in between Sam’s legs and started eating her out. After he brought Sam to two orgasms he moved over and gave Joanne two. After both girls were satisfied, Peter said, “I’ll use the bathroom first and when I’m finished its Sam turn then you Joanne”.

After Peter had finished his shower he dressed and moved to the Kitchen to make a pot of coffee and put two slices of bread in the toaster. He was eating his toast when Sam walked in. She was wearing a pale blue floor length latex dress.

Peter pored her, a cup of coffee and she sat down beside him and asked “What would you like me to do today Master”. Peter said “You and Joanne should stay here today, I don’t want you coming to work today there are some issues to be resolved, perhaps you and Joanne could try on all of Wendy’s clothes today and share them out between you. There is a funeral to arrange and I need to speak to Wendy’s Mother”

When Joanne came down he told her what he had told Sam and after kissing them both, he left the house in the direction if the lab. He talked to the soldiers in the picket post for several minutes and learned that the Engineers, June, Mary and Nancy were in already. There was no one in his lab so he walked through the maze to Nancy’s lab and found all three women talking.

When Nancy saw him enter she said, “How are you this Morning Peter”? Peter replied, “I am fine, a little confused but nothing to worry about, I came to check that you had enough to do and to tell you that I’m going to see an undertaker”. Peter noticed that there was a syringe on the table and June looked comatose so he bid them all goodbye and walked out. Peter was disappointed that Nancy had not given him an instruction and he thought “There is plenty of time to deal with Nancy I need to see what she commands me to do first”, before going in to his house he popped next door to find how Pauline was doing. The front door was locked so he went in through the garden and around the back. He found the back door unlocked so he entered and Pauline rushed at him barking viciously. He told her to sit and that it was only him but she continued to bark pushing him out of the door. Peter said, “Pauline, I don’t know if you can hear me but I will get you out of this soon”. There was no indicating that she had understood him so he left the house by the way he came in closing the door behind him”

He walked back to his old house and asked who would like to be his driver. Sam said “I will drive you anywhere you want to go. Joanne said, “I am not staying here by myself, if one goes we all go”.

Peter said, “Ok change into something suitable for going out and we will all go”.

Sam drove and Peter sat beside her and Joanne was in the back. They drove into Nottingham and to the address of the Undertakers that Peter had phoned to make the appointment. The girls stayed in the car and Peter went in to see the undertaker on his own. He spent an hour discussing the options and agreed a small church service and then Wendy would be cremated. The date had been set for the following Friday.

Peter went back to the car and Sam said “Were to now Master”, Peter said, “Back to the institute, I have some phone calls to make, and if you keep calling me Master some slaves will need to be fucked”. Sam said “Master, Master, Master take me”. Peter said, “Ok take me home”.

When they got home Peter contacted Wendy’s Mother and told her the bad news. He explained that they were both trying for a child and were overjoyed when she became pregnant; he also told her he was devastated losing Wendy and the baby. After telling her when the funeral was he was surprised when she said she would not be unable to attend. When Peter asked why, she replied “did you ever visit me, was I invited to the wedding.

When Peter put the phone down he was devastated. He new Wendy did not have much time for her mother now he understood why. He instructed Sam to go to the bed room and remove her knickers. “Sam said, “I am ready now, I didn’t put any on this morning”.

The afternoon was spent horizontal and both girls were well and truly fucked. At 16:30 Peter decided to visit the lab. He dressed and walked over the green to the picket post. His lab was empty so he moved to Nancy’s lab and Nancy was sitting at her desk writing up her notes there was no sign of anyone else except a pair of heels sticking out from under her desk. Peter informed Nancy that the Funeral was the following Friday and he would like all members of the team present. Nancy said, “We will see”. Peter left Nancy and who ever was eating out and went to find the Engineers.

He found that the final design for the subliminal detector was complete and there were going into final production on Monday. June came out of her little office and said, “The last of the components should be here on Friday”. Peter said, “You realise gentleman, you now have jobs for life, once these things are in service they will never allow anyone else to service and repair them”.

He invited them all to the Funeral and said they were to bring their partners. After they all chatted during which Peter could see no new characteristics in June, he said cheerio and walked back to his lab. As he walked past Nancy’s open door, She called for him to come in. Peter stopped and entered and when he was there, Nancy said, “Peter you remember that Pauline has left us she has a new job and will be unable to come to the funeral. If you see Pounce you will see her as a dog”. Mary stopped her attack on Nancy’s pussy and stuck her head above the desk saying, “Peter help” Peter said “What did you say”. Nancy said “Mary said nothing and if she isn’t careful she will not be going either”. Peter said, “Nancy, no never mind, I am going home”. Nancy said, “Peter tell me what you were going to say”. Peter replied, “Nancy I was going to say something about Mary but I can’t remember what it was”. Nancy said, “Come off it I have never seen you unsure or confused since we met”. Peter replied, “I have been a little off since last night”, as he walked out.

On his way back to the house Peter decided that Nancy was not going to give him what he needed so he decided that enough was enough he stopped by his lab and charged a syringe with the new compound 116. Then turning around he walked back to Nancy’s lab. He walked through the door saying, “If remembered what it was I was going to say”, he continued walking right up to Nancy and when she looked at him from her seat behind the desk he towered over her and then injected her in the back of her neck.

Peter waited until the trance was showing and then started talking her down, he repeated his induction for two hours and when he was positive she was not going any deeper. He took away all her will power where any of the team was concerned. Peter then asked Mary to stand up. Mary didn’t move so Peter used her trance key and repeated the request for her to stand up. Mary stood up and extracted herself from beneath the desk. Peter instructed Mary to divulge all the commands Nancy had given and any she had taken away.

He reinstated all of his commands and removed all Nancy’s, he then woke her up and told her to fetch pounce to Nancy’s lab. After Mary had left Peter tried again to deepen the trance and continued until Pounce arrived with Mary carrying the Macintosh. Peter commanded Nancy to restore Pauline and Nancy gave her a complicated trigger and Pauline stood up. Pauline said, “Peter what took you so long”. Peter replied, “You barked at me and wouldn’t let me talk to you”. Pauline continued “That was Nancy, she made it impossible to bond with anyone but her”.

Peter said, “Well Nancy is in a deep trance would you like to programme her”. Pauline nodded so Peter instructed Nancy to listen to Pauline and only Pauline until she had relinquished control”. He then stood up saying “I will leave you to it; I’ll be back in at five o’clock”. Pauline said “It won’t take that long, On the other hand it might”.

After Peter had left, Pauline said, “Nancy when you wear your dog collar, you will pretend to be a dog. Your pretence will be total. You are forbidden to communicate with humans in anything other than a bark. You are forbidden to use your eyes to attract attention or any other part of your anatomy. Dog food will taste delicious and human scraps fowl. The tail must be in your bum at all times except seconds either side of the emptying of your bowel. If next door’s Alsatian wished to mount you, you will allow it when ever he wants it. If he wants to play you will play and if he manages to signify his intent you will accommodate him. When in the house you are not permitted to go upstairs or to sit on the down stairs furniture. You will sleep in the kitchen and when you are left alone in the house you will act as guard dog at all the downs stairs doors. When ever there is one of us in the house we do not want to hear you make any noise, unless it is because you want to go out into the garden, so at all other times you will chew on your rubber bone. If you are ever given the chance to become a human again you are not permitted to wear anything other that this Mackintosh. In either persona you will do whatever any member of Peter’s team commands you to do. If you are ever allowed to speak the first words of every sentence must be, I am sorry.

All these commands are to be protected by a password; and no one can delete or change these instructions without going through this password. I will say this password once and you will immediately forget it so completely that even if some one says it, it will have no effect. The password is “What is this life if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare”. Now that you have heard the password you are to protect all your instructions and then forget completely what the password was.

You are so deep in a hypnosis trance that you are now able to protect your mind from letting this ever happen again. Any future attempt to hypnotise you, by anyone including Peter, any member of his team or anyone else, will not succeed”.

Pauline attempted to raise Nancy out of the trance but was unable so they all waited for Peter to return and in the mean time she had Nancy remove all her clothes. As soon as Mary had sight of Nancy’s pussy he dropped to her knees and resumed eating her out. Pauline shouted for to stop but she had no affect. She was about to instruct Nancy to remove Mary’s programme but she had an overwhelming need to take off the mackintosh and drop to all fours. The last thing Pauline said before her dog persona took over was “No”

When Peter arrived he was shocked at what he saw. He instructed Nancy to call off Mary and to remove all her programme. Nancy gave a trance trigger to Mary and Mary relaxed into a trance. The key was not one Peter had heard before but Nancy continued to remove all her hurtful and spiteful commands. When she had finished, Peter changed the trance key back to his and brought Mary out of the trance. Mary hugged and kissed Peter and said “What about Pauline”. Peter instructed Nancy to reinstate Pauline and remove all her Programming.

Nancy gave Pauline another new trance key and performed the same actions as she had done to Mary. Peter was astonished at the evil way Nancy had ensured that Pauline would never overcome her dog persona. There were five different triggers that would have cause Pauline to become Pounce. One was seeing any human sexual act. After all Pauline’s programme had been deleted and all her triggers removed. Peter ensured all his programme was still in place and instructed her to only wear the Macintosh until he gave her permission to do otherwise then he restored his trance key and brought Pauline out of her trance.

Pauline hugged and kissed Peter and then dressed in the Mac again. Peter then attempted to bring Nancy out of her trance. He tried for half an hour before he was able to make any progress and another hour before she was fully awake. As soon as she woke Pauline placed the collar around her neck and the only word Nancy was able to make before she shed her clothes and dropped on to all fours, was “How…..”. The time was now 19:40 and every one was hungry. Peter told Pauline to take Pounce home and then to come around to his house. Pauline connected the lead and walked off with Pounce and Peter together with Mary walked arm in arm back to Sam and Joanne. When they arrived Sam said, “Where have you been we have been worried stiff neither of us could leave the house because you told us to stay here. Up until today I never realised just what being your slave really meant”.

Mary said, “Being Peter’s slave is a piece of heaven compared with being Nancy’s”. Sam said, “Some one will have to explain what has been happening”. Mary said, “While we wait for Pauline, I’ll explain”, Peter went to take a shower and Mary sat between Sam and Joanne and described everything that had happened to each and every one of them. When Peter returned Sam asked, “How did you overcome Nancy’s dominance”. Peter replied, “When Wendy and I were out in Nottingham many months ago, Major Frank and Captain Jo tried to take over my brain and Frank tried to take Wendy away from me. Although I defeated their attempt, there were still some embedded instructions that could have caused problems. When I got back to the lab I made a recording of a general command sequence that would clear out any programming that had been covertly applied and give me knowledge of what was said and by whom. I have used that tape with the old compound four, weekly ever since. When I woke up this morning I knew there was something different, so when I got a chance I used the tape together with the new compound three and found what Nancy had done and then I found what she had done to Pauline and Mary so this evening I got to work on them.

Sam said, “You are wonderful, when are you going to restore Joanne and I”. Peter said, “I am not sure I want to, Wendy was my lovely slave and she loved it, I believe Joanne could be the same so you will just have to fall in line”. Sam replied “I didn’t mean remove that, I was not aware that Mary and Pauline were having difficulties and that is not like me”. Peter said “Yes you were instructed not to be concerned as to any other members of the team, do you want to be concerned”. Sam said, “Yes this is a team and a very good one, we should all look out for each other”. Peter replied, “Ok I will reprogram you as soon as we get some more of the new compound 116. Mary said, “Have you used all the new Compound 116, I made, I’m not sure we have enough materials for another batch”.

Peter asked Mary to have a look at the material situation in the morning and if there was enough to make a batch of 116.

They were still discussing there various options when Pauline walked in wearing her rubber mackintosh. Sam asked if she was ok and Pauline replied “I am millions times better than I was two hours ago and hopefully with Peter’s help I will stay this way”. Sam sad “What’s with the Mac are you sure everything is Ok”. Pauline replied, “Yes I kept this on because it has become to signify my human persona and I just felt it was appropriate. What is everyone doing for dinner I am starving”. Peter said “There is five of us and the station wagon seats five so we could all go to the pub”. Sam said, “OK lets all go”. Pauline interjected, “Where is June has anyone seen her this evening”. Sam looked at Peter and said, “You have to do something soon”. Peter asked Mary to go and find June and bring her back. Sam and Joanne were instructed to get changed into something more appropriate for going out and Mary returned fifteen minutes latter saying she could not find June and all the labs were closed and locked. Peter phoned the Guardroom and asked if they had seen June and was told she had left the site in the company of Jeffery one of the Engineers.

Peter rang Jeffery at home and when he answered Peter asked if June was with him if she was alright. Jeffery informed him that Nancy had said that at six o’clock June would become a pet and would need someone to look after her. We drew lots and I won. Peter asked what is she doing know. Jeffery said, “She is lying on the rug in front of the fire asleep”. Peter said “Ok you look after her and I will restore her mind tomorrow, Nancy has stepped over the line and is being punished, remember that June will remember what you do to her so be careful and remember she was a lesbian before today”. Jeffery said, “Don’t worry I have no intention of interfering with her, she will be back tomorrow as good as new”. Peter said, “Ok I’ll see you both, tomorrow morning”.

The five team members in resplendent latex got in the station wagon and Sam drove everyone to the village pub.

Next morning Peter was the first in work and waited for Jeffery and June to arrive. However Mary arrived before him and was trying to mix another batch of 116 from her plant extracts and Sam and Pauline had also arrived and were finishing Nancy’s work when Jeffery arrived with June her head down four paces behind him. Peter asked Jeffery to explain exactly what Nancy had said, Jeffery replied, “After lunch Nancy came in and said June had been a naughty girl and was being punished, she had been hypnotised and at six o’clock would become mindless doll and as such would need someone to take her home and play with her. After she left we all discussed it and as everyone else was married they all agreed I should be the one to look after her. On the phone last night you said that she was a lesbian, well until now I had always preferred boys”. Peter said, “And had that now changed”. Jeffery said, “Quite probably”. Peter replied, ”Ok leave June with me and I’ll see if I can remove Nancy’s hurtful programme”.

Jeffery walked towards the Electronics lab and Peter asked June how she felt. June did not speak but her eyes were full of pleading. Mary said, “There is enough 116 for two applications”, handing Peter a loaded syringe. Peter injected June and started his induction. He talked her down into a very deep trance and when he was satisfied he could go no deeper, he asked her to describe what Nancy had done. June said in a relaxed monotone voice that when she had asked Nancy what was happening to everyone yesterday morning Nancy miss directed her and injected her with one of the mind control drugs. She then remembered Nancy telling her that at 6 o’clock each evening she would become a sex doll with no mind of her own, only able to carry out any sexual act as directed by anyone. She also told me that I was to learn any new sexual act however deviant and add it to my sexual repertoire. In the morning at nine o’clock I was to become my old self with no memory of the time as a doll and during this time I was to do everything Nancy commanded.

Peter removed these commands and then put his own control back and reinstated her love of latex then he protected his commands with a password based on an image of Tinkerbelle wearing an item of clothing and then set up a trance key that only he could use. He then brought her out of the trance.

When she awoke she thanked him and asked how he had overcome Nancy. Peter gave the same explanation he had given the others and she hugged and kissed him saying, “If Major Frank was here now I would kiss him also”.

Peter then asked if she was alright about last night, did anything happen that she needed any counselling for. “She said, “No, but I might try that again, I think it was a new experience for both of us”.

After June had gone to her little office, Peter went to find Pauline to ask her if she could finish Nancy’s workload. When he got to Nancy’s lab, he found both Pauline and Sam working on the final analysis from the chemical trial. Peter asked how they were doing and Pauline said, “There are nineteen samples to analyse and write up and then we are finished. The antidote to the initial compounds is finished and tested so once all this is written up this work package will be complete”. Peter said, “Nancy would normally be applying for a posting by now do you know if she has started any balls rolling”. Pauline said, “Sam and I discussed it this morning and we think Nancy should apply to retire her commission, Sam thinks she should do the same”. Peter said, “Ok you take care of that then. I’ll go and check on the Engineers. When he entered the engineers room Jeffery was missing and then Peter spotted him in June’s office.

Fredrick asked what the hell happened yesterday and Peter explained that Nancy had suffered from a breakdown and had used the Mind control compounds on many of the team, even him, and he assured them that everything was back as it should be. Fredrick said they had planned to make 42 detectors in total and start sending them out in batches of 7. Jeffery and Roland had agreed to install them but would need transport. Peter said, “They will also need protection I will get the army to provide transport and security”

As Peter walked back through the maze of passages to his lab Sam called out to him as he passed Nancy’s lab. When he stopped she said, “Is there enough compound 116 to make me a team member again”. Peter said, “Give Mary a bit longer to make some more, you are part of my team and I have no complaints”. Sam said, “You know what I mean something has been taken away and I want it”. Peter said, “As soon as there is enough I will come and find you until then concentrate on finishing Nancy’s work”.

While all this was going on a man had arrived at the guardroom and asked where he could find Joanne Richmond. The soldier in the guardroom told him to try Professor Pandagon’s house and pointed him in the right direction. He knocked on the door and Joanne had answered. Seeing him she invited him in and the man said his trance key. She did not respond so he talked to her in his particular way and hypnotised her. He tried to take her down to a deep level but something blocked his progress. So he asked her what had happened. She told him that she had found the Master she had been searching for and she loved him dearly. The man thought, “Dam I have been building up this desire in her for months and just before I get a chance to take her, she finds someone else. He tries again to take her down but is again blocked. He asked her where she had got her sexy clothes. Joanne told him about Wendy and that she had died on the day she arrived. He asked if her new Master had taken her to replace his wife. Joanne told him she didn’t think so, she thought Sam had that roll and that she was to take over Sam’s position.

He asked her who Sam was and Joanne said, “I think she was his body guard, she is a soldier from a Special Forces brigade in the Regular Army. He asked why she thought he needed a body guard. Peter had crept in after the Guardroom had called him and had been listening for the past three or four minutes. He had filled his small atomiser just in case and it was in his hand at the ready. Joanne told him she didn’t know what he did but it was very top secret. The man said, “If I instructed you to come with me now what would you do. Joanne said, “My master has made it so no one else can give me commands even under hypnosis so I could not go with you, I am forbidden to leave the house unless it is in the company of my master”.

The man issued an expletive and said, “He is taking the benefit of my preparation, perhaps I should take control of him”. Joanne replied, “I think you should go”. Peter thought, “This has gone far enough”, he entered the sitting room and was surprised, the man was not good looking and was not someone Joanne would normally associate, Peter walked up to the man and sprayed the atomiser in his face. Peter waited the few seconds until the man was deep in trance and then said, “When you leave here, you will forget all about what you have done to Joanne and you will realise she was not for you. You will go home and set your sights on some girl who matches your appearance. When you wake up seven days from now you will have forgotten the last twenty years of your life. You will find it very difficult to learn anything new, every seven days you will forget the previous week. Now go and when you wake up you will forget you have ever been here”.

After the man had left, Peter brought Joanne out of her trance and asked her if she knew that man. Joanne said she thought he worked at Castle Electronics as a buyer, but had only spoken to him once, a long time ago. Peter kissed her and then told her to clean the house before going back to work. On his way he thought about the man and wished things had been different, he really wanted to hand over control to someone else but he didn’t want to loose Sam and Joanne.

Life in the institute continued in the same vain for another month, Pauline was still wearing the mackintosh every day and was convinced it was her decision. Sam had written to the Army Records and Pay Office, informing them of Nancy’s and her decision to retire their commissions which has been accepted. June had moved in with Jeffery and was looking after his apartment while he was away with the installation team. Mary was growing more plants and was spending most of her working hours in the new bigger green house.

Wendy’s funeral had gone off without a hitch even though Peter and his female entourage where dressed in latex and the undertaker had taken quite an exception to it.

Peter was falling for Joanne and still hadn’t given her and Sam their interest in others back. Sam had stopped asking and Joanne had never noticed anything missing. Pauline was getting into managing the completion of Nancy’s workload. Peter was beginning to see Pauline as a possible controller and started making notes on what he would like out of it.

A week after he started generating his notes, he was called to meeting with the Institute Director and walked out leaving them on his desk. While he was out Pauline need to speak to him and while looking for him, found the notes on his desk. She sat in his chair and read through them, finding them very surprising; she had no ides he was looking to become someone’s slave without losing his own two slaves. She was pleased to see that he was considering her as his controller. When she finished reading through them she put them back on his desk in roughly the same place and went to find Sam. She discussed her findings with Sam to see what she though and Sam said “If you become controller you would have to take control of all of us so there would be no conflict between what you commanded and what Peter wanted”. Pauline said “Another alternative would be for you to become controller, if he wants to keep you and Joanne, would it not be better for one of you to be controller.

Sam said, “Lets wait a day or to and see if he writes any more and in the meantime we can give it some thought”.

While all this was going on Peter was in the Institute Directors office and they were discussing the Directors imminent retirement and the appointment of a new director. Peter asked, “Has the new director been determined and if so who”. The Director said, “As you know we are 100% funded by the MOD and as such they are responsible for proposing the short list of Directors from which we can choose our new leader, this time they have only proposed one and normally I would have complained but the one they have chosen is one I would have picked from any list he was on”. Peter said, “Are you going to tell me who it is on not”. The Director said “I suppose I could, I am not sure how to play this, normally the MOD speak to those they propose to check their availability and interest. This time they seem to have left it all to me. You see and only name on the list is yours”. Peter was silent for some time and then said, “I am interested and am available”. The Director said, “Good, you can take over on the 1st of next month. I have a lot of leave to take so I’ll stay around for one week and after that I will then disappear”.

After the meeting finished Peter walked slowly back to his Lab, when he returned to his desk he realised that he had left his notes out and also noted that they had been disturbed. He sat silently for several minutes and then tore up all the notes and shredded them into the classified waste bin.

He was still sitting there when Pauline appeared and sat down beside him. He turned to her and said, “How would you feel if you were to take over this project in total”. Pauline replied, “I would like that very much, but before I accept where are you going. I must tell you that I read your notes and would be concerned if you were not able to support me”. Peter replied, “There is no fear there, I have been offered the Institute Director’s position”. Pauline said, “If you take that position, I would be happy to take over here”. Peter said, “Good we ought to celebrate, where is Sam”? Pauline replied, “She is in the Medical lab tiding up, we have finished in there”. Peter said, “We should publish before the end of this month”. Pauline said, “We could publish in a day or two. But what do we say about the plants”. Peter said, “Until there is an antidote or some form of protection for the latest compounds we must keep the knowledge of these secret. Let’s go and find Sam, we can talk about what we publish when we are all together”. They found Sam and Peter said, “Sam we need to celebrate Pauline’s promotion, can you book a table for all of us including June for tonight and after you have done that, I would like a team meeting between, Pauline, Mary, you and I in the conference room say in half an hour”. Pauline said to Sam, “While you make the reservation, I’ll go and find Mary”. After Pauline had left the room Sam said, “If she is being promoted, what will happen to me”. Peter said, “The new Institute Director needs a wife so I think I’ll give you and Joanne to him”. Sam said, “You cannot just give me away, I am not only your slave, I love you as well. Wait a minute, you didn’t say what Pauline‘s promotion was”. Peter said, “You needed worry I love you two, you must know even when Wendy was around, you were both in my heart”. Sam continued, “So why are you thinking of giving us away”. Peter said, “This is getting too complicated. Pauline is taking over my position here and I am taking over the Institute”.

Sam looked at him with her mouth open for several seconds and then said, “Of cause, I will marry you and if you want you can marry Joanne too”. Peter replied, “I don’t think that is allowed, but I’m sure we will all get along”. Sam said, “Do you still want to try slavery”? Peter said, “I had thought the best Mistress would be Pauline but I now think I’ll let you be Mistress at weekends once we are married”.

Sam jumped into his arms and smothered him with kisses.

To be continurd