The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Phase Zero Clinical Trial: Response To Hypnozamine In The Human Female

by B Pascal

Chapter 10

In my dream, I felt like someone was watching me, waiting to pounce, and I couldn’t see them. When I woke, Sara was lying next to me, wide awake, looking at me. It took me a moment to remember where I was, and who was here, but it came back.

“Was I snoring?”

“No. I was just looking at you.”

“I think it woke me up. You were looking too loudly.”

She smiled.

“What time is...” I looked at the clock on the dresser. “Two in the morning? Why is anyone up at two in the morning? Why are you up at this hour?”

“I dunno. I slept enough, then I woke up. I slept really well, in fact.”

“And you woke me from my coma to tell me that? You are an evil woman.”

“No, Sam, I woke you because I’ve been lying here playing with myself. I was thinking about what you did to her and it made me really horny. And playing with myself is not enough. I need you to make love to me.”

“Sara, that’s really sweet, but there’s a basic problem with that.” I pointed down to where my dick was flopping around looking like a piece of wet rope. Completely limp.

“Oh, that. I think I can fix that. If I can, will you fuck me till I cum? I want to cum like Carol did, and then collapse.”

I admired her confidence, as well as her faith in me to bring her to climax. It was quite touching, in a way. But feeling as I did now I doubted whether she’d be able to bring my dick to life.

“Let’s try this, Sara. Let’s set a time limit, say ten minutes. If you can’t get me hard in ten minutes, let’s call a time-out and wait till morning. By that I mean ’real’ morning, when actual living people are moving about, then we’ll try again. Okay?”

“Deal. Lie back. On your back.”

I’ve give her credit. She went at it with full commitment. She got a hand under my balls, fondling them, while stroking the base of my poor, limp dick with her thumb and two fingers and sucking the head into her mouth. She got her tongue moving, making sure that there was always something tantalizing, titillating, teasing, stimulating going on.

When she had gotten it semi-hard, she started stroking the length with her fist, jacking it, then she leaned down and sucked one ball into her mouth, tonguing it, then the other one, and back and forth. I was beginning to move around in response, because even if I wasn’t hard, this still felt pretty goddamn good.

She pulled off my left testicle with a smack and looked up at me with an ’are you ready’ smile. She opened her mouth and slid the dick in almost all the way, wrapping her lips tightly around the shaft, then bobbed up and down, the tongue attacking it inside her mouth.

“Oh, crap, Sara, that’s really nice.”

She pulled her lips off the head with a wet pop, then opened her mouth and dropped down the shaft again, sliding up and down, while jerking the base of it with her fingers. I was detecting decided rigidity already, and she wasn’t done.

She had watched Carol go down on me and I think she had picked up a couple of pointers without realizing it. Now when she dropped down onto my dick, she started moving her head in different directions so as to change the angle of attack and stimulate different parts of the dick. It felt really good.

I was going to tell her, when she pulled off one more time, took the shaft in her hand and spit on the head, then dropped all the way down. When she reached the point where my dick pushed into her throat, she didn’t stop as she usually did. This time she pushed a little, and my dick slid into her throat and her lips reached the bottom. I could hear her fighting the urge to gag.

She pulled out quickly, coughing. She looked at me again, then spit on it once more and dropped all the way down again. She got her tongue moving this time and it felt fucking wonderful. She pulled out again quickly and coughed.

“Jesus, Sara. That’s just amazing. You’ve never done that before, not to me, anyway. Unbelievable.”

“It was an experiment. I did better than I thought I would. So, what’s the decision? Is this thing functional now?”

I looked down at it, and it seemed to be pretty much standing erect on its own. “We’ll call that a success. Let’s not waste it.”

She gave me a brilliant smile, and I said, “Can you reach the bag at the bottom of the bed?”

She looked and found it and hooked it on a hand and passed it to me. I found a condom and unwrapped it, but she said, “Let me.” She took it and rolled it on like an expert.

I pulled her on top of me and asked, “What would you like? Do you have a favorite position?”

“Nope, they all feel great. Let’s start with you on top.”

I would normally spend a fair amount of time licking and kissing, sticking fingers inside her and so on, but I suspected the ’suggestions’ from last week were still in place and I wanted to find out if that was true, so no foreplay. Well, a little.

So I lay beside her, on our sides, almost face to face, and gave her a long, slow kiss while I squeezed her butt and stroked her pussy, letting a finger occasionally brush lightly over her clit. I could feel her respiration increase, but I wasn’t sure if that was her anticipating being fucked, or the ’suggestions’ I had given her about how she was to respond when I did this or that.

I thought perhaps she wasn’t as wet as she should be before we started fucking, and I was tired enough that I didn’t want to spend a lot more time on foreplay, so I found the bottle of lube by touch and applied a drop to the tip of my dick and rubbed it on.

I rolled Sara onto her back and she spread her legs as widely as she could with Carol lying asleep next to us. On my knees, I rubbed my dick up and down her slit, teasing her, watching her all the time to see it written on her face. I moved a little higher and pressed it against her clit, and she moaned.

It was time. We both needed more sleep, whether she knew it or not. I brought the dick lower and pointed it at the entrance to her pussy and slid in. We both let out our breath. That felt great. I began a rhythm, not too fast, about halfway in, then out again. She was talking quietly to herself, eyes closed.

Having cum not too long ago, I thought I’d be able to keep this up for awhile. She was building up to something, as I’d told her, that it would keep feeling better and better, bringing her closer to the edge, so she could likely get off a couple of times before I did. And I so loved watching her cum, it was such a joy to see.

I picked up the speed a little, and pushed in a little further, not quite bottoming out but close. I could see her lips moving with silent words, and sometimes her mouth would open in a kind of unexpected gasp as a pulse hit her.

I leaned forward, pushing her thighs back, her knees almost at her shoulders and started hammering my dick into her. It was no longer a gentle rise in the pleasure level, now it was release pounding on the door, and she was calling out, “Oh, Sam, like that, oh, hard, do it hard, I’m so close, baby.” Yeah, she was, and she didn’t know how close.

I did another ten seconds or so of hard fucking. Normally this would bring me right to the edge of orgasm, but I was still recovering from the last one, so not yet. I pounded my dick into her and leaned in close to her, watching her eyes, and whispered, “Cum for me, Sara.”

She gasped and pounded my back with her fists as she stared at me wild-eyed, and shouted, “Oh, fuck, I’m cumming, oh, don’t stop, so good like that!” I kept fucking hard as she kept crying out, her voice getting softer and softer, until she lay back, almost limp, and her eyes closed.

I slowed down to almost nothing, just the smallest movement of my cock in her pussy, and even that may have been a little too much. I moved back sitting on my heels, the tip of my cock still inside her, but not really moving. I gently stroked her labia, careful not to overstimulate her.

When she opened her eyes, I smiled at her and told her, “You always look so beautiful when you cum, it’s angelic.”

“I didn’t feel like an angel, I felt like a devil. Angels aren’t supposed to feel dirty and be lustful and be able to cum like that.”

“I’m sure that’s just bad PR, if anyone should be allowed orgasms, it’s angels.”

She talked a little as she tried to recover, and I started moving my dick in and out because I was enjoying the feel of it inside her. Especially when it was sliding in and out.

I noticed she was stumbling over the occasional word as she tried to talk, her breathing getting a bit irregular. “Sam, I just came. Why am I feeling like it’s getting close again?”

“Maybe you’re not, maybe it just feels good. Just enjoy what you’re feeling and whatever happens happens, okay?”

I moved her onto her side, facing the center of the bed, and lifted her left leg. I got my arm under it to support it and slid up her right leg until my dick was again pointing at her pussy like a hunting dog. I pushed a little and it slipped right in. I had my left leg on the bed and my right on the floor and was able to get a good thrust going, slapping my dick into her.

That left my right hand free to play with that fucking beautiful ass, giving it the occasional light slap because I loved the sound of it. She’d catch her breath every time I did it.

Sara was sounding a little desperate now, and I could feel something happening to me, far away. Under me, she was talking herself close to cumming again, trying to convince herself she could make it happen. “Oh, Sam, I’m so close, how can that be? It feels so good. Don’t stop, please.”

I found that, in this position, it took the barest effort to slap my dick all the way into her cunt with a wet sound, making her go “Uh” each time it happened. There was almost no strain on my back. I made a mental note to try this one again.

But I wanted to watch her face because I loved watching her get off. I told her, “Sara, let’s switch positions. You get on top so I can see you.”

I pulled out and she rolled off the bed a little drunkenly. I lay down and she climbed on top, her knees on either side of my legs, and lowered herself down slowly onto my dick. I could see her release her breath as it filled her up again.

I looked over to my right and saw that Carol was now awake, and had turned on her side so she could watch Sara get fucked. Maybe it was just everyday voyeurism, but I thought there was a touch of something else there. Sara had her arms extended and was leaning on my chest as she rode me.

Sara had established a rhythm and depth that suited her, riding me with such beautiful concentration that I felt privileged to see it. Sometimes she’d get a burst of pleasure that would flash so briefly over her face that it was gone almost before I’d seen it fully. I reached up and played with her tits because they were beautiful and why not.

Whatever it was that was happening in my balls was starting to get more insistent, so I began to push a little harder into her to hurry it along. She opened her eyes to look at me, almost pleadingly. “Sam, I know I’m gonna cum again, I just know it. Help me get there, I need this.” I knew I wasn’t far off, either, so win-win.

Sara had closed her eyes tight, like too much visual stimulation would interfere with her pending orgasm, and was talking to herself again like she was the only person here.

I looked to the right again, and Carol was now watching me. She leaned close to me and whispered in my ear, “I wish you had two dicks so you could do me and her at the same time.”

“Carol,” I whispered back, “that’s very kinky, I almost like it. Would you like to participate? There’s a bottle of lube here somewhere. I wonder what would happen if someone lubed up two fingers and pushed them in her ass. I’m not sure she likes it, but maybe she could be convinced.”

And I could see the wheels turning as she played that out in her mind, and having made the decision, she sat up to find the bottle.

Above me, Sara was almost desperate. She could feel she was close, almost there, she just needed a little nudge to get over the edge. I hammered my dick into her a little harder, trying to get my own orgasm on the track, and it wasn’t far off.

Over Sara’s shoulder, as she moved up and down, I could see Carol’s head as she prepared what was in her hand. She lowered her head so I couldn’t see her anymore, but I didn’t need to, I knew exactly when Carol made her move. Sara’s eyes flew open and she shouted. “Omigod, no, what are you...” and she fell forward onto me, trying to get away from it.

And here was my orgasm, right on schedule, moving up from my balls. I moved my head closer to Sara and said quietly, “I’m cumming, baby, cum for me now.”

She froze, just for the briefest moment, then howled, “Oh, GOD, yes! I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh, yes, don’t stop!”

I think she was talking to me, but Carol took it as an instruction to keep pumping her lubed fingers into Sara’s ass, which was shaking under me, milking me with spasms that made me cry out.

It felt spectacular, and it seemed like it went on for a long time, but was probably only seconds. Sara still had her eyes closed tight, her mouth in an “O”, gasping and moaning, until she eventually collapsed onto me. I couldn’t see, but it looked like Carol was still fucking her ass with her fingers. I had to tell her to stop, and she looked aggrieved.

I put my arms around Sara to keep her from falling off me, my dick still in her pussy. She may have been asleep, but I kissed her shoulder and her cheek gently and told her how beautiful she was when she came. After a couple of minutes I rolled her off me into the middle of the bed between me and Carol.

I would have liked nothing better than to close my eyes and fall asleep, but my shrinking dick told me I’d better do something about the condom. I struggled to my feet and made it to the bathroom where I got rid of the condom and peed. I washed my hands and stumbled back to the bed.

Carol had wrapped an arm around Sara and was looking, I thought, a bit possessive. Sometime this week I’d have to have a talk with Sara about Carol. I wasn’t sure about her radar and if she could recognize that Carol had designs on her. That would be an awkward conversation.

As soon as I lay down I could feel unconsciousness dropping over me. I took one of Sara’s hands in mine before I drifted off.

I woke slowly. I could smell coffee, I thought, and I think I heard the sound of glasses and bottles clinking. Through my half-opened eyes I could see Sara... no, it was Carol, lying on her side, back to me, just beginning to move. I turned my head and found the clock on the dresser. Eight-thirty. Eight-thirty? That was just uncivilized and cruel.

I heard the sound of bare feet padding into the room and Sara came into my field of view. She looked at me and smiled. “Are you up finally?”

I asked, “Why do you hate me? What did I do to you? Eight-thirty?”

“Fine. Take as much time as you need. I just came in to say there’s coffee made.” She patted my foot and left.

I closed my eyes again, but whatever dream I’d been having was long gone, and I didn’t seem to be able to get back to sleep. So I lay there with my eyes closed, determined to rest a while longer.

But that was not to be, either. I felt rather than heard Carol shifting around in the bed, and after a few minutes a hand reached out and grabbed my cock. I jumped.

“And good morning to you, too,” she said. “I see you’re awake, sort of. This guy was awake before you were, poking straight up. Morning wood, God’s gift to the faithful, or whoever’s around, anyway.”

“Carol, your dedication is commendable, but there are physical limits to what we’re capable of. I’m only human.”

“You sell yourself short, Sam. If fact, you don’t even need to do much if you don’t want to. I can do the work.”

I looked doubtful, so she said, “Okay, you just lie there and I’ll prove you’ve got it in you, just watch.”

She scuttled over and knelt by me, taking my dick in one hand. She brought her head in close and wrapped her lips around the head of my dick, moving her lips around the rim. That was interesting, no one had done that to me before. It was seriously arousing.

Now she slid her lips lightly up and down over the rim. I hadn’t intended to make a sound, but one came out nevertheless.

After the first three minutes she was bobbing up and down on my dick and I was gasping. Every so often she’d look over at me with a smug look on her face that said, “Just leave this to the experts.”

She had one hand fondling my balls when she opened her mouth and dropped all the way down to the bottom, the head of my dick pushing back into her throat, and I said, “Oh, shit. Ohmigod.”

Her lips and tongue were all over the place and I was really surprised how long she was able to hold it in her throat. She finally pulled off with a wet ’shlock’ sound. I was chanting, “Oh, fuck, oh, fuck.”

She did it again and it felt just as good. Interestingly, I was still far enough away from an orgasm that I felt no sense of urgency.

I looked over at the door and Sara was leaning against it, watching, a half-smile on her face. Carol swallowed my dick again and rubbed her tongue all along the shaft.

“You win, Carol. I need to stick this somewhere, like right now.”

“See? Ye of little faith. Where are those... Ah, there they are.” She reached down into the bag on the floor and pulled out a condom, and with as little thought to technique as you’d give to tying your shoes she had it unwrapped and on my dick.

She swung her leg over me and squirmed upward until she was above me, then with one hand holding it steady she lowered herself onto my dick with a little smile. She got herself settled, then began a circular motion which felt great.

She was watching me, I think to judge how she’d have to modify her technique based on my visual and verbal responses. She had this down to a science because when I responded well to something she was doing, she’d double down on it.

I was amazed to find how much control she had over her pussy, apparently able to use specific groups of muscles at will. After five minutes she had me moaning and begging. I could feel something happening, there was definitely an orgasm in there somewhere determined to make an appearance, so I started pounding my dick into her with more deliberation.

I had given her instructions about what she’d feel, and one of them was that my dick inside her would make her crazy with anticipation, feeling better and better, leaving her right at the edge of cumming. And that’s where she appeared to be now. She started this thinking she’d be in control, with the benefit of greater experience, but now she was on the edge of begging.

She needed to cum, was desperate for it, but I wasn’t close enough yet. Another few minutes of fucking and she’d get her release. For now I got a certain perverse pleasure at watching her trying to get herself over the edge. She’d be able to do it with another guy, but she couldn’t do it with me and she wasn’t sure why.

Now my orgasm was close enough that I could see what it looked like and how long it would take to arrive. I’d get her off first, then fuck her till I was ready.

Above me, eyes closed tightly, she was pleading to me. “C’mon, Sam, I’m so close, get me off, I need this, fuck me harder, you bastard!”

Just over her shoulder, I saw that Sara had stepped into the room with a look of determination on her face. She looked me in the eye, and from behind Carol she raised her left hand, holding the bottle of lube. She raised an eyebrow.

I could only smile at her wanting to turn the tables, and I nodded.

Again, I couldn’t see what she was doing, but I knew exactly when it happened. Carol’s eyes flew open and she shouted, “You bitch, give me some warning. Oh, fuck, oh, fuck.”

My orgasm was getting close. I looked up at Carol, and mouthed the words, ’Cum for me’. She couldn’t hear me, because I hadn’t said them out loud, but she knew exactly what I was saying, and she went off like someone had lit the fuse.

She wailed, a long, keening cry. “Shit! Shit! I’m cumming, fuck me, fuck me, do it, don’t stop!” Behind her, Sara, I could see, was still pumping her fingers into Carol’s butt, which was now shaking as Carol gasped and started to come down.

But I still needed to get there, so when Carol fell forward, ready to curl up and recover, I said, “No! I’m not done with you. You started this, you’re going to get me off!”

I rolled her off me, then grabbed her legs and pulled them to the edge of the bed, on her back. I lifted her legs in the air and held them with one arm, thighs together, her butt over the edge of the mattress, and standing on the floor at the edge of the bed I pushed my dick into her pussy. It was tight now, because her thighs were pressed together. She said, “No, too much, wait.” But I wasn’t going to. Carol was a bit of a control freak, and she needed to have the tables turned.

I started pounding my cock into her wet cunt, hearing it slap, and trying my hardest to pull my orgasm into reach. I was fucking her hard now, my hips pushing our bodies together emphatically, while under me she was saying, “Please, wait, too sensitive, oh, please.” Sara was kneeling on the bed now, watching Carol curiously, and reached out and twisted Carol’s nipple. Hard. Good for you, Sara.

And there it was, just working its way up from my balls, getting closer as I pumped her pussy. This wasn’t making love, this was fucking at its most indifferent.

When I thought I couldn’t hold off anymore, I pulled out and said, “Carol, up, get on the floor on your knees, you’re going to suck me off. I swatted her ass, hard, and left a red mark. She was relieved that I wasn’t pounding into her any more, but she wasn’t sure about this, either.

I was stroking my dick, trying to control my orgasm, and Carol was lying there looking at me. “C’mon, get up here, now.” I grabbed an arm, a little roughly because I was so close now, and pulled her off the bed.

“On your knees, Carol, head back, suck my dick. I’m gonna cum in your throat. Do it!” She opened her mouth, a little reluctantly, and I slid my cock in. “Oh, fuck, yeah, suck it, you know how.”

She was being hesitant, and I couldn’t understand why. She’d been happy to show off earlier, but it was like she wasn’t in control now, so she was holding back. Sara was still on the bed, watching.

“Sara, come down here and get behind her, help her move her head, she’s forgotten how.” Sara lit up with the most wonderful malicious smile, and she hopped off the bed in her robe and stood behind Carol with her hands behind her head and pushed her on and off my dick. I was really close now.

“A little faster, Carol, that’s really nice. When I tell you, you’re going to drop all the way down on my dick and suck it while I unload all my cum down your throat. And I want you to use your tongue, too. If you don’t do a good job, I’m going to have Sara push your head onto my dick. So work with me here. You started this, you’re going to finish it.”

Sara was still bobbing Carol’s head on my dick, and seemed to be getting off on it a little. In a matter of moments, I could feel it coming, and I said so. “Carol, I’m cumming, swallow my dick, all the way down, do it now!”

Sara gave a harder push and it went all the way in. And my load started pulsing up, filling her throat. “Fuck, YES! Use your tongue, baby, do it now!”

I had my hands on Carol’s head, too, it felt so amazing, it was like her mouth was electric. To her credit, she kept the tongue moving. I realized that she probably couldn’t breathe, so I pulled out and let her take a couple of breaths, then looked her in the eye and said, “More.”

She was completely controlled now, doing what she was told. From a psychological standpoint, it was fascinating. She’d gone from dominant to submissive in a matter of minutes. I let her suck my cock until it got so sensitive that I had to stop. I made a sign to Sara, and she released Carol’s head, with a parting pat.

Sara said, “There’s coffee in the kitchen. Who wants some breakfast?” I said I thought I ought to take a shower first, and she said it’d be ready whenever I was done. Carol still looked a little shell-shocked, wondering what had just happened.

I wasn’t sure if I would make it through the shower, but the warm water helped and I felt a little better. Exhausted, but mobile. I found the clean underwear and shirt I had brought with me and put them on, with yesterdays slacks, and walked into the kitchen in my stocking feet.

It was a small kitchen, and a bit cramped, but we all fit if we sat closely. Sara put coffee in front of me and I thanked her. Carol had pulled on yesterday’s clothes, the yellow jumper and blouse, and was nibbling at scrambled eggs and toast, looking like her mind was far away. Given how gregarious and ’in-charge’ she had been yesterday, this was a big change.

I thought I had maybe been a little rough with her this morning, and ought to check in to make sure she was okay with this. I put my hand on hers, and asked her straight out, “Carol, how do you feel? That was a pretty intense session, last night and especially this morning. Was that too much? I probably should have checked in with you.”

She looked at me, her fork suspended halfway to her mouth. She finally nodded, slowly. “It was not... the way I thought it was going to happen. It was very nice because I got off more times than I normally do. Sam, that was... unexpected.” She put the forkful of eggs in her mouth and chewed thoughtfully.

I went on, “I kind of wished we’d gotten off together when we fucked this morning, but the timing was off. I’m glad you got to cum again. And that thing with putting you on your knees and fucking your throat? That was kind of a fantasy of mine, not something I usually do, but when you showed me what you could do with your mouth? Well, I couldn’t pass that chance up. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t check in with you first to make sure it was okay.”

She took a sip of coffee, and looked at me. “I think it was fine. Part of the... the rush I got was from being controlled, I think. That’s what’s been a little puzzling about this, usually I’m in control, and I get off on that. This time I was blindsided when I couldn’t do that anymore. Things were happening that were out of my control.”

She looked over at Sara. “Like you finger-fucking my ass. I normally would have gone off on you, because I don’t like being surprised, but you timed it perfectly so it happened as I was cumming and absolutely helpless. And somehow it made the orgasm more intense. So I don’t whether to hug you or hit you.”

Sara smirked. I could almost see her saying to herself, “Like to see you try to hit me, bitch. I’ll let you know about the hug.”

Carol turned back to me. “So, since you asked, it was okay. Better than that. Not what I expected, but really hot.”

Sara put a plate of eggs and toast in front of me, and poured me some more coffee, then pulled up a kitchen stool so she could sit, too.

“And you, Sara? Anything like you expected?”

“Well, it wasn’t as scary as it might have been, and I think I have you to thank for that, Sam. It took some getting used to, having sex in front of another person, and this switching partners thing. And having Carol do me, that was a bit... out of my usual experience. But it was fun doing it in front of you, Sam, and I think I got turned on by it, like I was performing for you, that was kinda hot.

“There were some things I have to think about, like the fingers in my ass, that was unexpected and a little frightening at first. It wasn’t entirely unpleasant, but I have to think about it.

“I’m still thinking about how it made me feel to see you fucking somebody else, Sam, and doing it in front of me, too. I thought I knew how I was going to process that, that it would be okay, and now I’m not sure. Give me a few days to think it over.”

Carol had pretty much finished her breakfast, and I was almost done so I concentrated on that while the other two were lost in their thoughts. I swallowed the last bite of toast, and Sara said, “And what about you, Sam? What did you think?”

I’d known this question was coming, and I didn’t have a complete answer yet.

“I said last night, before we started, that I was nervous and part of me was probably terrified. Performance anxiety, probably. But the high-school kid who still lives somewhere inside me was pumping his fist, shouting, “Yeah, baby, two hot women. In bed. With me! A fantasy come true. But when we got into it, I think I got wrapped up in making sure whoever I was with at the moment was feeling okay about everything, and that I was making them feel good. I was kind of focused on that.

“Sara, you and I have been together a couple of times, so I had a sense of what you liked, what turns you on, but I had none of that with Carol, so I was afraid I was going to do something she hated. Or worse, that I’d cum too soon and leave her hanging.”

“Well, that turned out to be a worry over nothing,” said Carol.

“Still, I was worried about it. And the thing about two women is, you gotta keep a hard-on going so you don’t leave somebody in the lurch when they’re ready to get off. Ladies, you flat wore me out. I may have enough energy to get to my car, but I’m not sure about getting upstairs to my apartment. If I ever do this again, I’m going to have to bring multivitamins and blood plasma.“

“I think you handled yourself admirably, Sam. I’m impressed,” said Sara. Carol nodded.

Carol sat up in her chair and said, “Listen, Sara, I’d better get back. I have to fly out tonight again, and I’ll need a nap before I leave. This has been educational and fun. I’d like the two of you to think about trying it again another time.”

She stood up and gave Sara a kiss on the cheek, and me a kiss on the mouth with just a bit of tongue. The woman was insatiable. She really hadn’t brought anything with her, so she just said goodbye to us and went next door to her place.

I looked at Sara, who still had the mysterious half-smile on her face. I finally had to ask her what she was so amused about. She held up a finger and stepped into the foyer to make sure Carol had left and the door was closed.

When she came back she said, “I think I misread Carol, when she first started suggesting this threesome idea. I thought maybe she was making a play for you, that maybe she’d seen you in the hall or something, and was trying to ingratiate herself with me to meet you. But now, this morning, I think maybe she was making a play for me.”

“I was actually going to call you this week and have that conversation with you. I was pretty sure that was what was going on. I was just a means to an end. Your end; she really likes your ass.”

She smiled at that.

“I do, too,” I said, “so I can’t fault her for her good taste. But I think she’s driven by her need for male approval and this sex stuff is her way of getting it. It’s really a little manic. I know you can make your own decisions, but I wouldn’t trust whatever circles she’s used to traveling in.”

“You’re right, Sam, and I don’t think I’ll follow up on any more of her invitations. But here’s the important question, the one on everybody’s mind: Was she a good lay?”

I had to laugh. She had a humorous and ironic way of looking at things, didn’t take them too seriously. I liked that.

“Yeah, she was, but absolutely no spontaneity, it was like a series of steps she went through to get a guy turned on. That said, she has some real skills. Like that throating, that was amazing. And when I was fucking her ass, I don’t know how she had such control over her muscles, but I was completely helpless at what she was doing to me. That was impressive.”

She was looking serious now. She said, “I kind of picked up on the oral stuff, I could see what she was doing and I learned some things watching her. But that anal stuff? Sam, I’d never seen that done before, not for real, just in porn films. I was surprised how... into it she was, like she was really getting off on it. And it was kind of a turn-on watching you do it to her.”

“Some women love anal. Other women hate it, and some are indifferent; they’ll do it because their guy asks, but it gives them no rush. I think Carol’s in the first group. You noticed how she got off on having her ass licked and slapped? When she snapped at you this morning for putting your fingers in her butt, I think it was more her frustration at the loss of control rather than it being uncomfortable or painful.”

She was quiet for a moment. “When I was on top of you, and so close to cumming, she stuck her fingers in my ass and it felt so weird. I would have gotten really angry, but I came just then and I couldn’t think of anything else but my orgasm. But the thing is, Sam? I think in some way I liked it. It felt really different with the lube, it was so slippery and the stretching was kind of erotic in a way. I’m going to have to think about that.”

“Something to occupy the rest of your Sunday. Sara, if I had a bit of energy left, I’d try to ease you into bed again. That’s my fantasy talking. The reality is I couldn’t get it up if the fate of the seeing those emotions on your face. But it’ll have to wait for another day. I’ve got to go home and collapse. Thank you for breakfast. And thank you for a night I will never forget.”

She gave me a smile and a kiss. I went and found my bag and my dirty clothes and the lube, and went to find my car.