The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Phase Zero Clinical Trial: Response To Hypnozamine In The Human Female

by B Pascal

Chapter 16

I slept really well that night, and would have liked to continue in the morning, but the alarm clock was insistent.

So slightly bleary-eyed I got to work pretty much on time. Again, Ted and Art had beaten me in and were huddling, working on their common problem.

Coffee in hand, I checked my experiment and took readings. So far, everything was progressing, without the failures that had marked my first attempt. I’d let it run for another week, then collate the results.

I went over to where Art and Ted were sitting and listened to their conversation. They were discussing a tweak to the molecular structure that might further improve the adhesion. When they paused to take a breath I said I’d given some thought to their problem and I might have the beginnings of an idea.

“I think the biological aspects of withdrawal are far too complex and interconnected to deal with from a chemical approach. Not enough is known about how the brain processes withdrawal and its physical agonies, so I don’t think there’s anything we can do about that.

“Cravings may be a different issue. If a treatment also suppressed cravings, then the addict has a fighting chance of beating the addiction. So if I remember correctly, opiate cravings trigger a response in the ventral tegmental area of the brain that results in the release of dopamine elsewhere in the brain, which is where the drug rush comes from, the high.

“If there were a way to suppress the specific response from the opioid in the VTA, the rush wouldn’t happen. No high, no desire to use the drug. We know that opioids activate the µ receptors which triggers the body’s reward systems, so maybe we look for something which temporarily blocks the µ receptors. Obviously, it’s more complicated than that, for example we know the brain develops a learned behavior that causes the desire for the drug and the high that follows, but one step at a time.

“So I’m thinking it might be fruitful to look into what’s been done with chemicals that interact with the VTA and µ receptors. Maybe there’s something there that can be modified, or which suggests an approach.”

They looked at each other, and Art nodded. “Yeah, that’s interesting, Sam, and worth following up on. I’ll look at the literature, see what’s been published. Let’s talk again.”

We continued on our individual projects for the rest of the morning, then the others proposed lunch in the cafeteria for a change. So we went as a group and found a table big enough for the seven of us. I got a sandwich and lemonade, and we talked about ideas for pushing Art and Ted’s project forward.

Halfway through the meal, Liz came in with that woman from Accounting whose name I still hadn’t remembered, saw me and waved with a bright smile. That got me looks from almost everyone at the table, and I could just see the unasked questions. I put on my best innocent face. Because, after all, I had nothing to feel guilty about.

On the way back to the lab from lunch, Ted Markey caught up with me. “Sam, I wanted to thank you for your comments. I think they’ll prove really useful.”

“Thanks, Ted. I think you guys are onto something really important here.”

“I hope it pans out. Did I ever mention that we were putting in a new patio behind the house? I know I talked about it with Frank.”

“No, I don’t think it ever came up.”

“Well, we just finished it and we’re having our first patio party this weekend, on Saturday. We’re having a few neighbors over, some people from the lab, some of my wife’s co-workers. Nothing fancy, burgers, hot dogs, beer, like that. If you’re not doing anything, why don’t you come? No need to bring anything, we’ll take care of all the food and beer.”

“Thanks, Ted. I should bring something. What kind of gift do you bring to a patio warming party? A new lawn chair? A tiki torch?”

“Just bring yourself, Sam. Anytime after seven’s good.”

I thanked him and said I’d try to be there. I usually wasn’t much for these kinds of parties, but truth was that I didn’t get out enough in social situations and I was trying to turn over a new leaf. As good a place to start as any, I thought.

I wrote a couple of brief reports and put in a request for a new supply of reagents that were running low. My internal alarm went off around two and I started thinking “snack”, which looked oddly like Liz Conway in my mind. That must be the sugar deprivation playing tricks on me.

I had written up my comments on her most recent submission after I’d thought about them for a couple of days, and had the package in my desk drawer.

In the cafeteria I got the old standby, coffee and a piece of apple pie and a scoop of ice cream. It would be worth the disapproving look. And sure enough, after a few minutes, she wandered in, got tea and a cookie, and sat down.

I think I had seen this particular business suit before, perhaps with a different blouse, but it still made me catch my breath. Just short enough to flash gorgeous legs and tight enough in back to let us know that we’d never see what was under there.

I saw one eye assess my snack and dismiss it, but she didn’t say anything. I sipped my coffee and asked, “Did Schwartz make the run for fun in the sun with his hon?”

She snickered. I’d never heard her do it before. She was always too professional and businesslike to snicker.

“You know, you can be a bit cruel when you set your mind to it. He isn’t a bad guy, just a little set in his ways.”

“His ways were set in 1957 and probably haven’t changed since. You’ve got to admit that was clever.”

“It wasn’t bad, for off the top of your head.”

“I feel faint from this excess of praise. Stop, or I shall have to summon the headwaiter and ask for smelling salts.”

She smirked at me.

“I’ll bet he comes back without a tan. Before I forget,” I said, reaching for the envelope, “here’s your latest stuff back, and if I could, let me go over a couple of things with you.

“I think the second chapter is much improved. It reads easier and you get deeper into the characters, setting them up for whatever’s going to happen later. And I liked what you started doing in the third chapter you gave me. I can almost see where you’re going with that, but I’m guessing you have a twist or two in mind.

“But here’s a couple of questions that came up while I was thinking about those things.”

I asked her why she had included a particular descriptive passage in the third chapter. It didn’t seem to fit with anything that had happened to her characters, and I wondered if she was setting something up for later. And I had a question about one character’s background, which seemed somehow out of place.

She made notes on the back of one of the pages, then set her pen down. “I’m going to have to think about that,” she said. “Those things flowed out of me, and I didn’t give much thought as to why I put them there. Sometimes they work themselves out as I develop the story, other times they wind up being superfluous, unnecessary, and I just forget to remove them. That’s why God created editors, to save authors from themselves.”

“I’ve gotten this far into it—actually even further, ’cause I’ve written more that you haven’t seen yet—and I can see the story working itself out in my mind. Sometimes it gets a little... turned around when I try to set it on paper, and I don’t always see that while it’s happening. That’s why I like having you look at it, because you often see the things I don’t. And you work cheaper than editors. So, thanks again, Sam.”

“Happy to do it, if I get the chance to see how the story turns out. It’s getting interesting and involved, Liz. I like what I’ve seen.”

And I thought I detected just the faintest blush on her cheek, but it could have been a reflection from the window.

“I’m really grateful, so the thanks are sincere. Any plans for the weekend?”

“Nothing special. Ted Markey invited me to inspect his new patio on Saturday, so that’s the highlight so far.”

“I secretly knew you scientists led fascinating lives, but my friends wouldn’t believe me. They’ll be so envious.“

This is the first time she’s sparred verbally with me. It showed a new side of her personality. I tossed a barb back at her.

“Envy is such an unbecoming trait, Liz. I had thought better of you.”

“You can’t blame us. None of us have patios, and we’re consumed with jealousy. You can tell me about it on Monday. Bring pictures so you can prove to me that you’ve actually been on one. Gotta go. Enjoy your pie and ice cream soup.”

She walked off with her cup and I looked down and saw that my ice cream had melted completely. I had been looking forward to that.

The remainder of the day was unremarkable, as was dinner—microwave lasagna. I was cleaning up when the phone rang.

“Sara! This is a surprise. How was your trip to see your family?”

She told me a little about that, and that she’d even taken an extra day because she was having such a good time. But eventually she had to get back to work, and had had to spend some extra time catching up, which was why she’d been incommunicado.

“So I came home late from work a day or two back and I ran into Carol in the hall, and she immediately started in on repeating the threesome, and if you weren’t available, then maybe just me and her, since we were neighbors and all and it was so convenient.”

“I think you nailed it the first time you told me about her, Sara, she has no boundaries, it’s all about immediate gratification.”

“Yeah, exactly. Anyway, it took a little dancing to get her to understand that I was still trying to come to terms with what I felt and I didn’t want to leap into anything too soon. She looked like she was going to try to talk me out of it, but eventually she bit her tongue and just said that we’ll stay in touch.

“I’m not sure if that was enough for her to get the message, but at least it solved my immediate problem. But, Sam? Here’s the thing I didn’t say to her. I did in fact think about it. Extensively. There were some strange moments during that encounter that I had a little difficulty processing, but what I finally decided was, I liked it. In fact, I liked it a lot.”

She was quiet then, allowing me a chance to add my thoughts.

“You weren’t sure, the last time we spoke. You said you were a little uncomfortable with it, if I remember correctly.”

“What I think I said was that there were aspects of my interaction with Carol that made me uncomfortable, and also the way that she interacted with you. So my discomfort was more to do with her than with threesomes. I also said that I’d probably enjoy it a lot more if the other person was someone I cared more about.

“So here’s why I called. No, that’s not right, I called because I like you and wanted to stay in touch, but I also had to tell you how my thinking had evolved. See, I have this friend, we were actually classmates in college, and I’ve always liked her, and... damn, why is this so difficult? We’re adults.

“So Nancy and I, we’re not, like, lesbians or anything, but we had a few hookups in college that were really nice, intense, really, but she had a boyfriend and so did I. I’m still pretty close to her but we haven’t hooked up since.

“When I got back from my trip, we met for drinks to catch up, and maybe there was one too many drinks because I started telling her about the... threesome, and she kept wanting the details, till I had to tell her almost everything.

“And when I was done, and I was suddenly feeling this rush of guilt, like, how could I have been so stupid to tell her all that? And she looks at me and I thought she was going to start in on me for being the town slut, and instead she says, ’How come you didn’t ask me?’

“I’ll skip some stuff here, but the bottom line is that she still thinks about our hookups, even though she’s into guys, too, and she said she wished she could have been the third side in that triangle.”

I hadn’t seen that one coming. I had a suspicion where it was headed, but I couldn’t bring it up.

“And she hadn’t given you any reason to believe she was into that kind of thing, Sara?”

“No! Even in college it was always one-on-one, even if it was girl-girl or girl-guy. For both of us. She never said anything, then or since, that would have led me to believe she was into that. I mean, until the other night.”

“So? What then?”

“Well, it took another drink, for both of us, but what came up was that she’d been thinking about ways to ’get out of her rut’, as she put it. I don’t think she was aware of the pun.”

I had to smile at that.

“When she’d gotten enough alcohol, she finally looked at me and said, I want to try that, with you and some guy. I told her that it was still weird enough for me that I didn’t think I could just try it with any guy, but maybe this guy I like, who was in the first threesome, might want to try again.”

And then silence. She was out of words, having gone past the point of no return. She wasn’t sure how I was going to react. I might tell her I couldn’t be with a woman who was so easy. Or any number of other scenarios. She had put forth the proposition and was waiting for my response.

“I think I might need to check my health insurance, make sure I’m covered for exhaustion and extreme debilitation. I think about that night, too, Sara, and how intense it was. I don’t think I could do this regularly, just from a stamina point of view, but I’ll admit the thought of doing a threesome again with you gets me breathing fast.

“But I think you have the right approach. This works only if the parties involved actually like each other, are attracted to one another. So the unknown here is what I think of Nancy, am I attracted to her as well. And the only way to know that is to meet her, like I did Carol.

“If we meet and like each other, want to pursue it further, then, yeah, I might want to try again.”

“So, like the last time, maybe meet in a public place, have coffee and talk, like that?”

“Exactly. Ask her if she’s got a public place she’s comfortable in, like a Starbucks or something, we can meet there.”

“Great. And assuming you two hit it off maybe we can get together Saturday evening.”

“Actually, Saturday’s not good, I’ve got a party-type thing I promised Ted Markey I’d show up for on Saturday. Maybe Friday or Sunday?”

“Sunday would leave us pretty bleary-eyed for work on Monday, but... Okay, one step at a time. I’ll talk to her, see what she thinks. Shall I email you?”

“Yeah, that’s good. A time and a place to meet, if she’s okay with that.”

We said goodbye, and she added she was really looking forward to it as she hung up. I sat there and thought, you really can’t see what’s in a person’s head, what turns them on, gets them excited. Like I didn’t see the “real” Amy, whose public persona was really quite sedate and proper.

Less than a half hour later my email client pinged, and there was a note from Sara. Nancy had proposed a little bakery/coffee place, one I’d never heard of but I knew the street, and asked if I was available in an hour.

I emailed back, yes, I was, and asked Sara for a brief description so I’d recognize her. She responded almost immediately with the description and told me she’d call Nancy to let her know I would be there.

I checked my watch and figured I had a few minutes, so I changed my shirt and ran an electric razor over my face. The drive was fairly short and at that time of the evening there was no problem finding a parking space near the address.

I’d never been in here, but it seemed like a nice place. I ordered a coffee and a brioche and found a seat facing the door. Sara’s description said fairly tall brunette, nice legs, usually wore her hair in a pony tail when not at work to keep it out of her face.

The door opened and she homed in on me immediately. Not that difficult, there was only one other patron, a woman in her fifties.

“Are you Sam?” she asked with a smile.

“Guilty. I would have recognized you immediately from Sara’s description. Nice to meet you, Nancy.”

“My friends call me Nance, but whatever you prefer.”

“Okay, Nance, can I get you something?”

“Thanks. See if they have Earl Gray tea, if not then regular tea bag tea’s fine.”

I went up and ordered the tea—of course, Earl Gray’s, do you think we’re uncivilized?—and watched her while they made it. She was taller than Sara, intelligent eyes, a nice smile. She had a good butt, what little I’d been able to see of it, and a nice chest underneath a pullover top. She seemed confident, at ease with herself and her surroundings.

The tea came, and I brought it back to her. We started chatting, with her asking how I’d met Sara, and was surprised to find that Sara and I were both researchers. She was a web developer and graphic designer with a small company, and enjoyed her work.

She got the conversation around to relationships, had I ever been married or in a long-term relationship, was I seeing anyone other than Sara. She was a little less forthcoming when I asked about hers, and I got she’d been in a long-term relationship which had ended, and she was playing the field for the moment.

As she talked I assessed her. She was certainly attractive and sexy, but I preferred Sara’s looks to hers. I could see how the two of them might like each other, they had similar minds even with different looks. I had no trouble at all imagining myself in bed with her. So if this was something Sara wanted, there were no alarm bells warning me off.

Now I was faced with the same problem as with Carol. I would never live up to the hype unless I had predisposed her to respond positively. She had already signed on, so consent was not an issue. So how to get her under so I could lay the groundwork?

We were talking about our jobs now, she telling me about her latest difficult prima donna client. It was actually a bit warm in the shop, and they had a standing fan going behind me trying to move the air around. It was blowing air from me towards her and the entrance door. She had her chair pulled back a bit from the table so she could cross one leg over the other.

I suppose it was worth a shot. I took the aerosol out of my pocket and transferred it to the palm of my left hand. As she talked I carelessly brushed my hand across the table and knocked my fork onto the floor. I gave her a “clumsy me” smile and got out of my chair and bent down on one knee to pick it up. With my left hand I sprayed a lengthy spritz under the table toward where she was sitting. I had no idea if this would work, whether it would be enough.

I sat back in my chair and picked up my coffee again and watched her as she talked. The fan was moving the air away from me so I was reasonably confident I wouldn’t inhale much, if any. The question was whether it would blow enough toward her and up, so she’d breathe it in. I was trying to recall my college physics and the Bernoulli equation to remember how laminar flows worked.

It turned out to be a moot point. She had been talking quite animatedly about her difficult clients, when she trailed off and started looking over my shoulder at a very interesting spot on the blank wall. “Nance, are you okay? Did I lose you there?”

“No, I’m fine, just very relaxed. I like this place, it’s very relaxing.”

“I like it, too. I may come back. You talked with Sara the other night about our threesome, Nance. What did that make you think?”

She paused, just a moment. “I was jealous and a little annoyed with her that she’d done it without me.”

“Had you suggested it to her before that?”

“No, but we’re friends, she should have known I’d like it.”

“I think she might have been a little afraid of offending you. She really likes you.”

“I like her, too.”

“And I think you’re really sexy, too. You’re actually getting me kind of hot right now, like my skin is tingling, getting very sensitive. Do you find your skin is feeling like that?”

“I don’t know. Maybe.”

“I feel the air brush across my arms and it’s like it sends an erotic pulse through me. If I were to touch your arm, I know you’d feel it, too.”

I reached out and placed my hand lightly on her bare arm. She sucked in her breath and her mouth opened a little wider.

“Oh, my. That’s really... sensitive.”

“That’s how I feel. And I know it would be even more intense if the three of us were together. Thinking about it now, you’re finding your nipples are getting really hard, and you’re starting to breathe a little faster, and your pussy is getting really wet, too, can you feel it?”

And looking at her top, I saw her nipples poking straight out.

“Oh, my God, did that just happen to me? Why am I suddenly so horny?”

“I think it’s because we have a chemistry, Nance, just like you and Sara have a chemistry, and the thought of the three of us in bed together is getting you really hot.”

“Damn. You’re right.”

“When we do finally get together, Nance, you’re going to find that the touch of our bodies will be extremely arousing, it’ll bring you close to cumming, the same as if I were to suck your nipples or lick your asshole or rub your pussy. You feel this, don’t you?”

She nodded. Her right hand had gone into her lap, but I couldn’t see what she was doing.

“Nancy, when I lick your clit or stick my fingers in your pussy, you’re going to cum, a series of delightful, small orgasms that will leave you feeling relaxed and happy. When I stick something into your ass, it will give you a wonderful, warm orgasm that spreads from your ass all through your body, leaving you feeling like a little slut but really satisfied.

“When we do fuck, Nance, my dick in your cunt or in your ass will make you crazy with anticipation, feeling better and better, bringing you right to the edge of cumming, but you won’t cum, Nance, no matter how aroused you are, not until you hear me say the words, ’cum for me’. What are the words you’re going to listen for, Nancy?”

“You’ll say ’cum for me’.”

“Exactly right. And when I finally say them, then you’ll cum with a powerful release that will shake you and leave you breathless, feeling wonderful, joyful and happy and complete. You won’t remember me saying the words to you, Nance, but you’ll know just what is supposed to happen then.”

“And, Nancy? When I say the phrase ’Earl Gray’ to you, you will block out all the sensations and stimuli around you, and will hear my voice alone, nothing else. And you will want to do what I tell you because it makes you feel good when you do that. And when I clap my hands, you will awake again and remember nothing of what we said, but you will still do the things I asked, because you want to, as if you thought of them yourself. Can you do that, Nancy? What’s the phrase you’ll be listening for?”

“You’ll say ’Earl Gray’.”

“That’s right, Nancy. Tell me, have you ever done a threesome before?”

“Not really, not so I agreed to it. I got drunk at a party in college once, and two guys got me into a room and convinced me that I’d really like having two guys at once. But I was too drunk and I passed out before I could figure out if I liked it. I assumed they finished, ’cause I woke up later half naked and sticky. I like two women and one guy better.”

“Me, too. What are the things that make you hot, Nancy? What turns you on? What are your fantasies?”

“I like being tied up and having Sara eat my pussy. I fantasize about having someone fuck me while I eat hers. I sometimes like having my ass slapped. I like having a vibrator in my pussy while I walk around in public and no one knows it’s there and I can’t let anyone see me cumming.”

“That’s hot, Nancy, we’ll have to try some of those. What do you like guys to do to you? What do you like to do to guys?“

“I like getting fucked, usually with me on top. Sometimes I fantasize about being tied up and having someone fuck me and I can’t do anything to stop them. I like guys to stick things in my ass while they’re fucking me.”

“Do you like getting fucked in the ass, Nancy?”

“I can take it or leave it, it doesn’t really get me off. I usually only like it when guys are fucking my pussy and they stick fingers in my ass. That usually gets me going.”

Her eyes were starting to move around now, beginning to remember where she was. Better end this.

“Nance, you’re going to be thinking about you and Sara and me together, and it’s going to get you hotter and hotter, and when we do get together it’s going to be amazing, better than you’d hoped.”

And then I started talking about work, just droning on about projects and co-workers and my stupid boss. Her gaze drifted from the wall back to me, as she tried to recall where she was and why she was here. I thought I saw the moment when it all came back.

“Sorry, I have a tendency to bitch about work when stupid stuff happens. Didn’t mean to bore you.”

“Oh, no... not boring. I sympathize, I’ve got those kind of work problems, too.”

“It looks like they’re starting to close up and they’ll throw us out soon. I’ve enjoyed meeting you and I can see what Sara likes about you. If you’re signed on, I’d be really excited to get together with you and Sara. What do you think?”

“I think I like you. You’re smart and fit and good looking. I think this might be fun, and maybe just a bit scary.”

“I hear you. My first time was anxiety city, but it worked out okay. Maybe Sara mentioned it.”

She nodded, then held out her hand. “I’m in. Sara said Saturday’s not good for you, is that right?”

“Yeah, ’fraid so, something I’d committed to before I talked to Sara.”

“Perhaps Friday evening?” she asked with an arched eyebrow.

“I think that works for me, if it’s okay with Sara.”

She stood and we shook hands, not yet having progressed to the kiss farewell. “Till later, then,” she said as she left. I was right, nice butt. Not as nice as Sara’s, but is anyone’s?

At home, I kicked off my shoes and lay on the couch, thinking about Victoria’s Secret models in a closed dressing room and hypnozamine in the ventilating system. Relax, just a fantasy. I was pulled out of it by the phone.

“Sam? You’re a hit. She’s in. Second thoughts?”

“Only about my stamina and my heart. Other than that, good to go.”

“I’m a bit nervous about this, but only because I want it to go well. I like Nancy and I don’t want to do anything that may cause her to question our friendship. But I’m less nervous about this than I was the first one with Carol.”

“Yeah, me, too.”

“So she said she’s open for tomorrow if you can do that, since you’re not available on Saturday. I don’t think Sunday would be a good day because it would mess us up for work on Monday, but I’m okay with Friday, too. Oh, and we decided it’s better to do it at her place because I don’t know if Carol’s going to be home and I don’t want a scene if she suddenly hears three of us going at it in my apartment and she wasn’t invited.”

“Excellent point. What time’s good?”

She suggested each of us getting something to eat after work and meeting at Nancy’s around eight. She gave me the address, and ended with, “Sam, I think this is the way we should have started this, and just skip the part with Carol completely.”

I laughed at that as she hung up.