The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Phase Zero Clinical Trial: Response To Hypnozamine In The Human Female

by B Pascal

Chapter 17

Friday at work seemed to be endless, and it seemed I got nothing accomplished. My mind must have been elsewhere. Nevertheless, I didn’t forget to go to the cafeteria after two for a snack. I got coffee plus fruit salad and a banana. I figured I probably needed the potassium so my muscles didn’t cramp up in the midst of vigorous exercise.

Liz did show up and looked approvingly at my snack, but without comment. We chatted about nothing, and she gave me the most recent chapters of her novel. I confess I was looking forward to them because, by now, I’d gotten kind of wrapped up in the plot. It was like reading a serialized book in a magazine, you wait for the next issue with much anticipation.

When the workday finally ended, I packed up. Ted waved and shouted, “See you tomorrow” at me as he left. Okay, 5:15, gotta be there at eight, food, shower, change, times a-wasting.

I stopped at a diner, a bit crowded after work, but got a seat at the counter and ordered one of the specials, chicken parm. How bad could it be? It was filling, if bland. I went home and showered and changed clothes. What did I forget? Oh, yeah, the bag with the condoms and the lube. I wondered if I should start carrying around a supply of sex toys for every occasion, like a gigolo. Next time, perhaps.

And then it was time to leave. I checked to see that I had everything, and set out. I had overestimated the length of time it would take me to get there, so arrived about ten minutes early. Best not to appear too eager, so I sat in my car and examined my teeth, my hair, that my shirt was buttoned correctly, and my pants fully zipped. Only eight minutes to go.

Eventually I calmed down and just thought about what had happened last time and what bits I might wish to have changed. Since there was a new person in the mix I’m not sure what good that did, but it killed some time. I got out and locked the car, then went to her building and rang her buzzer.

“Sam? Is that you?”

It sounded like Sara’s voice, but I couldn’t be sure through the tinny speaker, so I just said yes and got the buzz to allow me in. Nance was on the third floor, so I took the elevator to conserve energy. Mine, I mean.

The apartment door was open when the elevator deposited me on the third floor, and Sara’s head was peeking out. Still clothed, I saw. Good, at least they hadn’t started without me.

She gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek as I stepped in. “Nice to see you again. All rested and fed? Good.”

She led me in to a small living room with a few chairs and a small couch. Nance was already there on the couch, drink in hand. She raised it to me, and said, “Welcome. Sara and I were just having a drink.”

Sara said, “What do you mean, a drink? That’s got to be at least your second.“

“It calms the nerves, leave me be. Sam, something to drink?”

“I’ll wait a while, but thank you.”

“Sit, Sam. Oops, sounds like I’m talking to the dog. ’Sit, Sam, roll over, fetch, good boy.’”

Okay, maybe it was her third drink. I hoped she wouldn’t be too drunk to participate. I sat anyway and was thankful she didn’t pat my haunches and say, ’good dog’.”

Sara smiled at me. “I’m a little nervous, Sam, and I don’t know why.”

“Me, too, but I know exactly why. I’m about to be naked with two beautiful women and hope I’ll meet everyone’s expectations. No pressure. No pressure at all.”

Nance at least had the grace to giggle. Sara said, “Based on last time, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Why don’t you come over here and sit between us so we’re not calling across the room.”

That actually sounded like good advice, so I went over and sat in the middle. I swallowed, and asked them, “Have you two talked about what’s going to happen, or what you’d like to happen? Have you worked out any of the details yet?”

They looked at each other, and shook their heads.

“Have you talked to each other about what you like, with each other, I mean? Either today, or some earlier time?”

Sara eventually said, “Not really, not since college, ’cause that was the last time we were together. But I think we each knows what the other likes.” Nance nodded in agreement.

“O-kay, then, so it’s up to me to figure out who likes what and when and with whom.“

“I’m sure you’ll do fine,” said Sara. Nancy nodded.

I was beginning to regret declining the drink offer. The nerves were kicking in and I was feeling a little out of place. “I wish I had a more sophisticated way of getting us all at ease with each other, so can I suggest a little kissing and nibbling to break the ice?”

Nance shrugged and said, “Works for me.” She set her drink down on the table and asked Sara, “You mind if I start with him? I think he’s feeling a bit uncomfortable. Then you can take a turn, okay?”

She got agreement and put an arm around my neck and pulled me in for a kiss. It was actually rather gentle, more lips than tongue, quite nice. I put a hand on the back of her neck so I could stroke it while we kissed, which seemed to be an erotic locus for her, because the tongue started soon after.

The breathing got a little heavier, mostly mine, before she broke off and said, “I think I’ve softened him up, Sara. Your turn.”

This was like a tag team match, and Sara jumped in as soon as Nance tapped out. I remembered Sara’s kisses and they were seriously stimulating. Two minutes of that, and I was almost out of breath. I came up for air.

Nance said to Sara, “I think he’s in a weakened state now, and quite defenseless. We can leave him for a couple of minutes. It’s you and me, babe. Slide over, Sam, gimme some room to work here.”

She stood up, I slid over, and she took my place next to Sara. The two of them wrapped their arms around each other and commenced some serious tonsil hockey. At some point I noticed that Nance’s free hand had dropped to Sara’s boob to fondle and squeeze it.

The suggestions I had given Nance should make her responsive to almost any stimulation, so I leaned over and got my lips on her neck just above where it joined her shoulder and started nibbling, which got a moan, so I thought I might be on the right track.

I worked my way around slowly to the nape of her neck, just nibbling, no tongue, and slid my hand up her side and around. I cupped her right breast and squeezed it, then pinched a nipple. I heard her catch her breath.

Now that I was close to Nance, I could appreciate how toned she was. There was no loose skin, no real bulges, even where she was twisted around. She took care of herself. I continued nipping at her neck and ran my hand gently down her side and over her hip, onto her thigh, and gave it a little squeeze. I dropped my hand a bit so it was brushing the back of her thigh and moved up onto the cheek of her ass and just let it rest there.

She pulled her face off Sara, knocking me away in the process, and said, “God damn. I think maybe we should move somewhere where there’s less chance of breaking things.” She looked at me, saying, “She wasn’t kidding about you, was she?”

She stood up and said, “This way, boys and girls.” She took Sara’s hand, and I followed like an afterthought. I almost forgot the bag, but grabbed it in passing.

Hers was just the next room, not that large, but with a queen size bed. Lots of room for us. We all looked at each other, not quite sure where to start. I took the lead, asking Sara, “Do you mind if I start with Nancy? It’s her place so it’s common courtesy to get her naked first.”

“You’re such a gentleman, Sam,” she replied with mock sarcasm. “I’ll watch for now.”

Having arrived at the put-up-or-shut-up stage, Nance was looking a little nervous. I took her face in two hands and kissed her, with a little tongue. I reached down and cupped her boobs while I did that and she sucked in her breath. Hers weren’t as large as Sara’s, but were really firm. I was looking forward to seeing them.

I planted slow kisses on her forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck, while I fumbled blindly with the buttons on her blouse. With only a couple of misses, I got it undone and pulled it out of her pants. It slipped off her shoulders and she let it fall to the floor.

She was wearing a white bra, fully covered cups, and I reached around back while I looked her in the eye and unhooked it. It fell loose and I pulled it forward and it dropped to the floor to join the blouse.

I wasn’t wrong. Her tits were medium size, not as prominent as Sara’s, but very firm. I rolled the nipples between the thumb and index fingers, and told her “These are beautiful. Humor me for a minute, I’ve got to do this.”

I leaned down and sucked on one nipple, then the other, and back again. She placed one hand on the back of my head and helped. I looked around one boob, and said, “Sara? Would you mind giving me a hand here? I think there’s more than I can handle.”

She chuckled, but jumped up and got her lips onto one boob while I worked on the other. Between the two of us we had Nance moaning in short order.

I moved my hands down to her pants which had a button and a zipper on the side. With the button freed, the zipper was quick to follow and it was only friction holding up her slacks. So I gave them a little nudge over her hips and watched them fall and gather around her ankles.

Now the only thing covering her was a pair of flimsy panties. I fell to my knees and got my mouth on her pubis, kissing it through the fabric. Sara, I noticed, had moved around to the back and was doing the same thing on her ass cheeks. Above us, Nance was quietly saying, “Oh, damn, oh, damn,” in an urgent fashion.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I hooked my fingers in the elastic of her panties and pulled them down, exposing her pussy. She had a full triangle of hair, but trimmed neatly, and her labia were almost hairless. I leaned in for a kiss, extending my tongue as far as I could, which made her say, “Oh, shit, yes.” I spent a few moments kissing her pussy and rubbing one finger between her legs which, interestingly, caused her thighs to tremble and vibrate.

She grabbed my head, and said breathlessly, “Oh, stop, any more and I’m going to fall down. Wait.”

She caught her breath, then said, “I can’t do that standing up, it takes too much out of me. Anyway, it’s not fair that I’m the only one naked.” She said this looking at Sara. Why is it that all these women are hot for Sara?

Nance had pulled Sara into an embrace and a liplock. Sara’s hands had wandered downward to Nance’s ass, and she was grabbing one cheek in each hand and kneading it. It was apparent that I was superfluous for the moment, so I sat down on the edge of the bed, took off my shoes, and leaned back on my elbows to watch. Perhaps I could pick up some pointers.

Nance now had her hands on Sara’s tits and was... fondling is not the right word as it implies some gentleness and appreciation. She was molesting them, and she wasn’t at all tentative about it. And Sara seemed to be comfortable with this, as if this was normal for them. Perhaps it was. I didn’t think I could treat her that roughly, it was too much like abuse to my mind.

Nance had Sara’s top unbuttoned now and was pulling it out of her skirt. She tugged it off her arms, and maybe tore off a button on the cuff. With much more practice than I, she had Sara’s bra unhooked and loose in a second and yanked it off, tossing it on the floor.

Nance had a kind of feral look to her now, her lips pulled back to show her teeth, not a smile, something else. She sized Sara up, then grabbed one of her boobs in both hands and sucked on it hard. Sara gasped, but pushed her chest forward to allow Nance better access.

Nancy moved to the other tit, and grabbed the nipple in her teeth, biting it. Sara threw her head back with her mouth open, and closed her eyes. This was really odd, almost like theatrical rape, even if it was two women, and they both seemed to be playing a familiar role. I didn’t know enough about their past relationship to know if this was their normal interaction.

Nance had Sara’s skirt unzipped now and was pulling it down, leaving Sara naked but for her panties. She placed her hand between Sara’s boobs and stepped forward, forcing Sara back until her knees hit the edge of the bed and she fell backwards, landing beside me.

Nance, with the same feral look on her face, reached down under Sara’s knees and pulled her forward till her hips were at the edge of the bed, leaned in and pulled the panties down her legs, then dropped to her knees and buried her face in Sara’s pussy. Sara made her first sound now since Nance had started in on her: She moaned and said, “Oh, Jesus, Nance.”

I couldn’t see what she was doing because Sara’s thighs were pressed against Nance’s head to keep her from escaping. I was still dressed and felt a little redundant, so I worked my way lower and squeezed Sara’s left tit while trying to suck the nipple off. She put one hand on the back of my head, so I think she liked it.

I felt Sara’s body change, stiffen, then she gave a long groan and relaxed into the bed. Down below, the thighs loosened and Nance appeared again, chin wet and a look of satisfaction on her face. Nance looked at me and asked, “What’d ya think, Sam? Entertaining?”

“Definitely. I gave it four out of a five possible erect dicks, and I dinged you only because the viewer couldn’t see what was going on down there. But a round of applause to all involved.”

“How come you’re still dressed?”

“I didn’t want to miss anything.”

“Well, this won’t work. You kinda have to be naked to do anything interesting. Sara, can you give me a hand here? Sam doesn’t know how to take off his clothes.”

So between the two of them they got me undressed in record time, and when they got to my shorts, they each grabbed a leg and pulled them down, laughing. No hiding my stiffy now. Nance was first in, and she took hold of it to inspect it, stroking it while she did so. She got one hand underneath to cup my balls and see what they felt like.

I presume they passed inspection, as she leaned down and took the top of my dick in her mouth and bobbed up and down on it, swirling her tongue around the top as she did. I couldn’t help myself, and said, “Oh, fuck. Omigod.” Sara had worked her way northward, placed her lips over mine and sucked my tongue. This was too much stimulation, and I was going to cum if this went on much longer.

I finally couldn’t take any more. I reached down and found Nance’s pony tail and pulled it. “Stop, Nance. You have to stop, or I’m gonna cum and then I won’t be any use to anyone. Please.”

She looked like a child being told she couldn’t have any more lollipop till after dinner. I still had her hair in my hand. “Fuck. That was some serious head. It felt great, but I’d like this to go on for a little longer.”

“So, no dick for now. What do you have in mind?”

I didn’t actually have a plan. Two hot women. An embarrassment of riches.

“I never really got to look you over in detail, Nance. And that’s an oversight bordering on the criminal. So why don’t you lie down here and let me look you over, see what you might like. Sara, perhaps you could suck Nance’s face to keep her entertained while I do the inspection tour, okay?”

Sara thought that was just fine and they happily traded tongues, while I kissed and licked my way from her shoulders downward. I spent a few enjoyable minutes at her tits, where I found that biting the nipples with my teeth got her gasping. And she liked the tits squeezed hard.

Further south, I found she had a couple of erogenous zones on her sides just above her hips. I also found that rubbing my open hand on her labia got her wet, and she was trying to force my hand into it. I know what she wants, but I want to make her wait for it.

So I spread her labia open with my thumbs and kissed and licked my way up toward her clit, but never quite reached the destination. I tongue-fucked her a bit, which got her hips moving, but she wanted tongue + clit = feelgood. Not yet.

Not all women react the same way, but as a rule this kind of delayed gratification was a serious turn-on for them, so when I did get to her clit, it was lips only, pulling at it, kissing it. She was getting a little frustrated now, I could almost hear her saying in her mind, “C’mon, so close, do it, stop teasing.”

I let it hover for a couple more minutes, then attacked her clit with my tongue and stuck two fingers into her cunt. Yeah, that was what she wanted. “Oh, God, YESSSS! Oh, yes, right there!” I kept it up until she was slapping at my head, trying to push me off.

I got onto the other side of her body and squirmed up till I was beside her, and leaned in and kissed her while Sara was also. She and I traded some tongue, too, while underneath, Nance was still breathing hard. I noticed Sara was grinding and pulling Nance’s right tit, so I did the same to the left one, until she was moaning quietly, “Oh, yeah, oh, yeah.”

I thought she was about ready for another, so I went back to my previous position on Nance’s other side. I’m right-handed, and doing certain things with my left is still a bit awkward, losing some of the finesse I thought I had. Maybe women didn’t care, but that’s an experiment for another time.

I rubbed my open hand over her pussy, which was now quite moist. I brushed the clit and she gasped, so probably still pretty sensitive. Instead, I slapped her pussy, which made a wet sound. Her head jumped up, almost hitting Sara. “What are you...” But by then I was rubbing it again, pressing my fingers in, brushing them against the opening to her cunt. Her head dropped down, and I slapped her pussy again, then I slapped her clit.

“Fuck, Sam. It’s too tender.”

“No, it’s not, Nance. It’s fine, you’ll see. Sara, you liked that when I did it to you, didn’t you?”

“It felt really good, Sam, after you’d done it a few times.”

I slapped her pussy again, and deliberately brushed her clit with my thumb, and Nance moaned, “Oh, God, no.”

I slapped again and this time slipped two fingers a little way inside her cunt, just briefly, and she choked out, “Shit.”

I kept it up until she was almost begging, “Why are you holding back? Sam, please, do it. C’mon, don’t make me wait.”

My elbow was actually getting a little tired, so that was as good an excuse as any. I slapped it twice more, then stuck three fingers inside and curved them up towards her G-spot and attacked it. Then, just to be perverse, I leaned down and licked her clit. That actually required a bit of an acrobat’s contortion to accomplish, but it was worth it.

She shrieked. “FUCK! Ohgod,ohgod,ohgod,ohgod, YESYES. Don’t stop!” Her body was thrashing and Sara was trying to keep her from falling off the bed. She wound down pretty quickly, I think because she had used up so much energy in that orgasm. When she collapsed, Sara put her arms around her and talked her down.

I sat on my haunches and thought about that. That was a pretty intense reaction, and what I had “suggested” was that fingers in pussy or tongue on clit would give her, if I remembered rightly, a ’delightful, small orgasm’. This was not small, by any measure. So what had happened?

Maybe this was a superposition of states, several small orgasms on top of one another. I’d licked her clit and stuck my fingers inside her, but I’d also pummeled her G-spot, which almost always gets women crazy. So maybe the three of those things together... I’d have to be more careful, or perhaps rephrase my stock suggestions.

Sara looked up at me and told me, “You did a number on her. I think she’s gonna be out awhile.”

“Yeah, that may have been too much.”

“We’ll have to start calling you Superman or something, you can’t always judge your own superpowers.”

“I never got to say hello to you properly, Sara. Can we take care of that now?”

She nodded and we got comfortable laying next to each other, arms around one another. We traded some long kisses, while I rubbed my hands on her body, which I was coming to appreciate more and more. I admired her flawless skin. I really liked her boobs. I was in love with her ass.

So I happily played with her ass while I examined her tongue with mine. After awhile, I said, “Damn it, Sara, I can’t let Nance have all the fun. I’ve got to taste your pussy.”

I wasn’t sure if she’d object to that, but I wasn’t taking chances and I wormed my way down to her hips before she could think of one. And there it was, just as beautiful as last time. and already wet from what Nance had done to her.

I started with kisses, pulling the pussy lips apart with my fingers and giving little licks to the interior. I had the advantage, because she already “knew” from my suggestions that this would get her engine revving pretty hard. I worked my way up toward her clit, but was careful not to let the tongue get too close. Just lips.

When I did get there, I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked it in, moving my lips around it. Sara wrapped her fingers in my hair and said, tightly, “Yes, like that, Sam.” I pulled the clit out until it snapped back into place, then did it again, and again.

And while I did this, I rubbed my fingers on her damp pussy until they were slick. She was hitting my head with her hand now, lightly, just sending an urgent message, that she was really close. All good things are worth waiting for, so I made her wait, and the hand got harder and more insistent.

I loved hearing her get off, so win-win. I changed the lips to a tongue flicking her clit in every direction, then dropped my hand and pushed one slick finger into her ass. It had been a couple of weeks now since I planted those suggestions, and I was more than a little surprised to find that they still worked as if I’d implanted them yesterday.

She grabbed my head with both hands, holding me in position, and wailed, “Sam, oh GOD, yes! Oh, fuck, I’m cumming so hard, baby!” Her hips were thrashing up and down, and I was having trouble keeping the finger sliding in and out of her butt. As I was doing it, I thought, oops, that was another superposition of states again, wasn’t it, clit licking and finger in ass. I mean, she certainly liked it, but I’d need to be careful not to overdo it.

I pulled my finger out slowly, and changed the licks to soft kisses, and she became very calm and still. I lay off to her side and put an arm around her hips, and waited.

On Sara’s opposite side I could hear Nance stirring, stretching. I heard her turn on her side facing Sara and put an arm around her. The two of them seemed pretty close, emotionally, and I wondered just what that relationship really was. Sara said they hadn’t really been together since college, but it seemed somehow more intimate than that.

I may have dozed off, because when I opened my eyes again, I heard the two of them whispering head to head, with an occasional giggle. I worked some of the kinks out of my muscles from my cramped position, and Nance said, “Oh, look who’s back from his nap. I guess I can’t blame you, you worked me pretty hard. And Sara, too.”

“It’s nice to occasionally get recognition for your work. But in the spirit of honesty, that was more fun than work.”

“Whatever, job well done. Christ, Sam, I went off like fireworks. Really nice.”

Sara said something to her that I didn’t catch, but Nance said, “Damn, you’re right, look at that.”

She jumped up to her knees and squirmed down to the bottom of the bed. “You’ve got a hard-on? Didn’t you fuck Sara while I was out?”

“No, I went down on her. She likes that.”

“Well, we can’t have that. That’s an injustice, it’s inequitable. We got off, you should get off. You want me to give you a blowjob, cum in my mouth? Or we could both do it.”

“That sounds really hot, but I think what I’d like most is to fuck you. Sara, I’ll get you next, but I think I’d like to do Nance first, okay?”

Sara said it was fine, that she could watch and maybe do some things to Nance while she was helpless. She said this while looking at Nance, and I could see that this was a mind game that they played, teasing and toying with each other.

I reached down beside the bed and patted around till I found my bag, reached in and pulled out a condom. I opened it and put it on while the two of them watched, Nance idly playing with her pussy.

“Okay, big guy, what would you like? You have any preferences, something that turns you on?”

“I’m good with almost anything, they all feel good. Why don’t you get on top to start, we’ll see where it goes from there?”

She nodded and pushed me back onto the bed, then swung a leg over me and grabbed my dick. She shifted in place a bit, then lowered herself down with her eyes closed, my dick sliding into her pussy.

That definitely felt good, especially when she started a front-to-back motion with her hips that massaged my dick with the inside of her pussy. Oh, boy, I don’t know how long I can hold out like this, that is some serious stimulation.

I forced myself to fight down the orgasm, thinking about my brief foray into fantasy baseball last year and what mistakes I would correct now with hindsight.

That lasted for all of about a minute, then I noticed her tits swaying above me, and I had to reach up and play with them, squeezing them and pinching her nipples, which got a bit of a moan out of her.

With the onset of my orgasm under control for the moment, I got my hips moving under her, pushing my dick into her hard. Each time I bottomed she’d give a little grunt, and after a short while of hammering her cunt, a word would follow the grunt, like “Yeah” or “Unh” or “Yes”.

Sara, who had been watching intently, stepped off her side of the bed and walked around to my side. She reached down and I saw she was searching through the bag. When her hand came out, it contained a bottle of lube. She went back to the bottom of the bed.

“Fuck, that feels good, Nance. I love how your pussy grabs my dick when I push it in, that’s hot. How’s that dick feel?”

“Really good, baby, I’m close, not much longer now.”

She put her hands on my chest and leaned forward so she could support herself, and closed her eyes, breathing heavily. I couldn’t see Sara anymore because Nance was blocking my view.

I was having a little trouble pushing my orgasm down because her pussy was gripping me now. Suddenly, Nance’s eyes flew open and she shouted, “You miserable bitch. You’re finger fucking my ass? I will slap you silly. Oh, stop, don’t.”

Timing is everything. I reached up and put a hand beside Nance’s face to get her attention, and whispered, so only she could hear me, “Cum for me.”

Her breathing stopped and her eyes went wide. She was motionless for a second, then shouted, “Oh, fuck, yes, I’m cumming, God, YES! Yes!” I could just see Sara’s elbow moving as she pumped her fingers into Nance’s ass.

Nance was shaking, her body vibrating, looking desperate. I had told her to cum, and one of her triggers was things in her ass while she was being fucked. So that may have been one orgasm on top of another. Whatever had brought it on, she had cum really hard. She was winding down now. Sara might still have been finger fucking her butt, I couldn’t see, but Nance looked like she was right on the verge of collapse.

And right on signal, she fell forward onto my chest, completely limp. I still couldn’t see Sara. I called to her, “Sara? Are you still doing her ass?”

I heard what I thought was an “Uh, huh,” so I said, “You’d better stop. She’s passed out.”

There was a significant delay, while she thought about it, then poked her head up wearing what I thought was a devilish smile. “I hadn’t noticed that about you before, Sara. You can be quite diabolical when you set your mind to it. Is this a thing you two do with each other, spring the unexpected when it’s least expected?”

“Not really. I just thought she might like it.”

“We’ll have to ask her, if she recovers.”

Under me, I heard a muffled, “I’m fine, just resting my eyes. And just you wait, you little cunt, you’ll get yours.”

Sara laughed, so I assumed this was a familiar game. She came up and lay beside me, reaching a hand up to touch Nance’s back. My dick was still hard, and I was glad she wasn’t moving right now, because I thought it wouldn’t take much to get me off.

And that wasn’t a bad idea, so I looked at Sara and said, “Give me some room, Sara. I’m going to roll her over on her back now. Come around this side.”

I thought I could do it, but rolling her onto her back pulled my dick out. I think that’s one of the tests on the gigolo final exam, and I just flunked it. I pushed Nance’s legs apart and knee-walked forward so my cock was pointing at her pussy. I wanted to see if I could do this. I leaned forward looking for the optimum angle, and... Yes! My dick slipped into her wet pussy.

She moaned, still pretty sensitive from the last time she got off, but once it was buried deep in her cunt, she grunted and hooked her feet around my butt. I took that as a hint, so I started sliding in and out of her pussy in a medium rhythm.

“Ooooh, that’s so nice, just like that, go deep, Sam.”

“Jesus, Nance, your pussy’s got me right at the edge. It won’t take long. I’m gonna cum so hard the neighbors will hear me shouting.”

“Fuck the neighbors. I mean, screw the neighbors, fuck me.”

“You want me to cum inside you, on your tits, where do you want it?”

“You want to cum on my face?”

“Yes, I’d like that, cumming on your face.”

I increased my pace, and I knew it couldn’t be long now. I looked at Sara, sitting on her knees at the top of the bed, watching the two of us, waiting for the finish. And just then I remembered what Nance had said while she was tranced. She said one of her fantasies was eating Sara’s pussy while someone fucked her.

Okay, always good to help someone fulfill a fantasy. I looked up. “Sara?” She looked at me.

“Sara, why don’t you sit on Nance’s face and let her eat your pussy while I fuck her?”

She looked at me with one of those ’Why-didn’t-I-think-of-that? expressions on her face. She moved over and swung her left leg over Nance’s head, facing me, and settled into a comfortable position.

Part of the fun of this was that I couldn’t see what Nance was doing directly, but I knew exactly what was happening because I could see it written on Sara’s face. Her eyes fluttered, her mouth fell open, her breathing got ragged, and she started moaning. Whatever was happening, it seemed she liked it. A lot.

I watched Sara and that took my mind off my imminent release, so I was able to hold off a bit longer. But I couldn’t do that for long, because I was right at the edge. “Here it comes, Nance, just a second. Sara, you’d better get off her, give me some room.”

Sara pulled off reluctantly, then got her head down close to Nance’s so she could see everything. I was pounding her pussy like a piston now, and there it was, coming up from below. “Ah, Christ, here it comes.”

I pulled out of her cunt and scrambled up to the top of the bed, trying to pull the condom off. I threw it onto the floor and took my dick in my hand and started jacking off.

It took another few seconds, as my dick got used to the change in feeling, and then it boiled up. “Yes, baby, here it is, open your mouth, I’m cumming.”

I’ve gotta say, I was proud of myself, this was a heavier load than usual, long ropes that snaked across her face, her forehead, in her mouth, even some on her hair, while I was moaning helplessly, “Oh, shit, oh, shit.”

Finally there was nothing left, and I fell back onto my haunches, exhausted, and just looked at her. Damn, that was sexy, her face dripping with cum, which was dribbling down her chin onto her neck. Sara was fascinated, taking it in.

I wondered how invested they each were in this threesome. Was Sara an observer here, or a participant?

“Sara? I think Nance needs a little help. Why don’t you help her clean herself up? Use your tongue.”

The expression on her face said, “Wait, what?” but then she thought about it and realized it could be really erotic. I saw her make the decision.

She leaned in and licked the cum on Nance’s chin before it could fall down her neck. She slowly worked her way around Nance’s face, scooping up the ropes of cum with her lips and tongue. Underneath, Nance moaned and brought one hand up and rested it on the back of Sara’s head.

At some point, Sara had cleaned as much as she could, and she moved down to Nance’s mouth, where she sucked tongue and swapped cum with her. Again, I felt superfluous. Well, I had contributed the cum, but other than that I was again an afterthought.

I was too tired to feel sorry for myself, so I lay down beside them and closed my eyes. A little later I felt Nance get up and go into the bathroom. Then I dropped off.