The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Phase Zero Clinical Trial: Response To Hypnozamine In The Human Female

by B Pascal

Chapter 18

The room was almost dark when I awoke, just a small lamp on the dresser. I slowly remembered where I was. I turned my head to the left and thought that was Sara’s back turned toward me. There was an arm draped across her waist, not mine, probably Nance’s. Or, for all I knew, they’d invited in one of the neighbors to liven things up. There was no telling where these two were involved.

I admired Sara’s ass for a few minutes, then realized that I had to pee. I got up and found the bathroom, took care of business and washed my face and hands. I belatedly remembered that I had my watch on, and found that it was not quite one in the morning. That had been an energetic few hours. I found my way back to the bedroom and reclaimed my place.

The movement must have awakened Sara because she turned toward me with a slightly bleary eye. “Oh. You’re alive after all. We’d given up hope.”

“No thanks to the two of you who did your best to kill me.”

“Oh, please. You had the time of your life.”

She wasn’t far wrong. That was pretty intense.

She turned over to face me, and got up close so our talking wouldn’t wake Nance.

“That was a lot different than the first time, Sam. I hadn’t realized how important it was to have the right mix of people. It was fun watching you and her together, because I know her and how she responds—and of course I know you, too—so I kept trying to see if I could figure out what would happen next, how you’d react, how she’d react, and so on.

“Turned out I really underestimated how hard she’d cum when you did things to her, Sam. I guess I shouldn’t have, ’cause I remembered how hard you got me off and that should have given me a clue.”

I said, “There’s always a bit of an unknown when you’re making love to someone for the first time, and you never know what buttons to push to get them going. But it’s fun to look for them. And the other thing that was an unexpected turn on, Sara, was the way that you were watching everything, so intent. Sometimes you’d step in to plant a kiss or pinch a nipple, like you knew just what she needed.

“And what was that thing with the fingers and the lube? Is that something you used to do to each other? She sounded just a little upset by it.”

“Oh, it’s nothing, Sam, it’s just a way of teasing each other. So we don’t fall into ruts. And apropos of fucking, I believe I’m next at bat.”

“You are relentless, insatiable. You will wear me down to a nub and discard me, having outlived my usefulness.”

“Oh, don’t be so melodramatic, Sam. You’ve demonstrated more than once that you can recover fairly quickly, given the right stimulus. Shall we find a stimulus?”

“Where do you get this energy? Were you popping vitamins while I was in a state of collapse?”

“Lie down. Shut up. Do nothing. I’ll let you know when you’re supposed to do something.”

She rolled me onto my back, then snaked her way down the bed till she was over my hips. She poked at my limp dick, looking for signs of life. She sighed, then lowered her head and started flicking her tongue up and down the shaft, pausing each time she got to the tip for a little extra attention.

After a few minutes she called up to me, “Pull your knees back to your chest, Halloran.”

After I did that, she got her head underneath and sucked one of my balls into her mouth, which made me jump a bit but felt really good. Then she did the same to the other one then alternated back and forth. She got one thumb to brushing my perineum and I definitely felt some response in my dick now.

So did she, apparently, because she moved up higher and sucked my now semi-limp cock into her mouth and ran her tongue around it. She took it out of her mouth long enough to say, “You can put your knees down now, Sam.”

With some rigidity in it she was now able to move her head up and down on my dick. She had me jumping now, when she’d hit a particularly sensitive spot which just made my prick harder. At some point she found enough stiffness in it that she was able to push all the way down, my dick slipping into her throat, which made me moan.

She was not one to do things halfway, so she kept it up until she was able to push her lips against my pubis and stick out her tongue to lick the top of my scrotum. I think that’s when I said, “Oh, fuck, yeah!”

She popped off and took a breath, then said, “I think you’re ready, Sam. And you were all ’Oh, I’m so worn out, I can’t’ on me. Where’d you put those condoms? Oh, right.”

She crawled over me and reached down on the floor for the bag and rummaged till she found one. She ripped it open and had it on my dick in seconds.

“Okay, you just lie there. I want to go slow for a while.”

She swung a leg over me, then settled slowly onto my dick. Her pussy felt wonderful and, as I’d cum fairly recently, I didn’t have that sense that orgasm was imminent. She put her hands on my chest, closed her eyes, and started sliding up and down, with just a bit of circular motion. Just watching her enjoy herself made me happy.

Every so often I’d reach up and cup her tits in my hands because they looked so glorious swaying above me. Then I’d take her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and roll them slowly back and forth, and she’d smile, eyes still closed.

After about ten minutes, her motion got a little faster, slightly more urgent. She had opened her mouth slightly, as if to get more oxygen.

Beside us, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, Nance had stretched and turned over to look at Sara riding me, watching her face. A few minutes later, she got up off the bed and went to her dresser, opening one of the drawers and rummaging inside. She came over and knelt on the foot of the bed and picked up the bottle of lube.

I could see her from where I was, but Sara couldn’t. She was still riding me intently, eyes closed, mouth open. Nance flicked the lid of the lube, raised her hand and poured some lube on the tip of the vibrator. Closing the bottle, she rubbed the lube all over the toy, pushed the switch, and leaned down.

And just like Sara had done with her, unannounced, Nancy inserted the vibrator slowly into Sara’s ass. Her head shot up and she shouted, “Fuuuuuck! Nancy, you slut, stop!” She squirmed, trying to get away from it, but there was nowhere to go unless she threw herself off me, and she had too much effort invested in that already to interrupt it.

Sara continued hurling invective at Nance, who appeared quite innocent and unconcerned. The stream of curses slowed to a trickle, then Sara closed her eyes tight again, taken over by the feelings that appeared to be washing over her.

I started pounding my dick into her hard, and she opened her eyes, looking at me, as if trying to communicate without words. I whispered to her, telling her how good it felt and how beautiful she looked, just a flow of words, and in the middle of it I inserted the phrase, “Cum for me” as part of a longer sentence.

Her breath caught, and she almost choked, then cried out, “Oh, baby, here it comes, that’s it, I’m cumming! Oh, yes! Fuck me, fuck it hard!”

I was already fucking her pretty hard, but I did what I could to make it faster. Then it just became inarticulate shouts and gasps, and her release probably lasted a good thirty seconds. Then she slowed to a stop and fell forward onto my chest, my erect dick sliding out of her.

I kissed her hair and rubbed her back, telling her how wonderful she had looked while she was cumming. Nance was still bent over behind Sara, and I knew what she was doing. “Nancy, let her recover. Take that out.”

She gave me a look like “You’re not the boss of me!", but she did remove it eventually, with a pout directed at me that said, “You never let me have any fun.” It kind of looked like a flashback to when she was eleven and her mother was asking herself why she had ever thought she wanted to have kids.

I rolled onto my side so that Sara slid off me and onto her side on the bed. I put an arm around her while she wound down. I closed my eyes for a minute.

When I opened them she was looking up at me, a little lower on the bed. She smiled. “See? I knew you could do it. And a nice one, too. No thanks to the Wicked Bitch of the West.”

“You loved it,” said Nance from the other side.

“I always knew you had a mean streak. I thought it would mellow after college.”

“You need to loosen up, Sara. I’m just trying to help.”

They sniped at each other. I know they had said it was just teasing, but I wasn’t sure. Well, that was their problem to work out.

“Listen,” I interrupted, “could I ask you two to take the debate to Twitter? I have a problem that I need to deal with. You started this, Sara, you’d better finish it.”

“I’m not sure what I’ve got left in me, Sam.”

“And after you berated me for claiming exhaustion! Talk about hypocrisy.”

She had to chuckle at that, she knew I was right. “Okay,” she said, “what would you like?”

“I think I’d like you on your hands and knees so I can fuck you from behind and play with your ass. That’s what I want.”

“All right. At least that won’t require much movement from me.”

She maneuvered onto her hands and knees and spread her legs slightly. Nance had moved back up to the other side of the bed, lying on her side, her elbow on the bed, with her head resting on her hand, watching us.

I knee-walked behind Sara, having to move the bottle of lube aside, and got into position. It really was a spectacular ass. I wondered if I could figure a way to talk her into letting me take pictures of it without administering a dose of hypnozamine first. A problem for another time.

Another two inches closer and it slipped right in to her pussy, which was dripping wet. It felt so good that I made an involuntary moan. In and out slowly, pushing into her hard each time I reached bottom. I was definitely feeling some response now in my balls.

With one hand I was just able to reach around her leg and get my fingers onto her clit, rubbing it while I fucked her. “Yeah, baby,” she said, “that feels really good, do that.” So I did that until I was starting to get a backache from bending over.

I straightened up again and watched Nance taking in every detail of what was happening. I remembered what she had said during our first meeting in the bakery.

“Nancy?” She jumped a bit, pulled out of her reverie. “Nancy, why don’t you move over with your back against the headboard and spread your legs so Sara can eat your pussy?”

She was really quite striking when she smiled. With that idea planted in her head she wasted no time moving into position. I’m not sure that Sara had registered what was said, but as soon as Nance’s twat was in front of her she pushed her head in and started licking.

In a few minutes I had both of them moaning under me, which was quite erotic. Nance was talking quietly, intimately, to Sara, encouraging her, telling her how good it felt, and how good at it she was.

I thought it wouldn’t be much longer before I got off. Sara’s pussy was gripping me now, so wet that I could feel it running down my thighs. I reached awkwardly under me and got my thumb on her pussy to feel it, and I was right, my thumb was wet.

I pulled it back up and looked at it, and just beyond it I could see her asshole. Light bulb flashes on over head, and I apply the thumb to her asshole. I could hear her grunt in surprise, then I pushed it slowly in. “Oh, no, don’t.”

But it was already in, so I slid it in and out a few times while I hammered her cunt. Sara had stopped telling me to stop and was back to moaning, her face buried in Nance’s cunt.

I was now actively fighting off my orgasm which threatened to overtake me soon. I looked around for anything to distract me from Sara’s ass working beneath me, and my eye fell on the bottle of lube that Nance had dropped on the bed.

She was already indoctrinated, I thought, from Nance’s fingers and the vibrator and my thumb. I picked up the bottle of lube and flicked the hinged cap with my thumb, pouring a little around her asshole. My thumb worked it in and Sara whimpered under me. I pulled out my thumb and poured some lube on my fingers and pushed two into her ass.

Under me, muffled by Nance’s pussy, Sara said, “Oh, no, no.” She squirmed, but there really wasn’t anywhere she could go.

“Baby, you know this feels good, you know it. You got off on it when Nance did it. How can I ignore this gorgeous butt? It’s begging to have something in it. Tell me you don’t like it.”

I had challenged her, and she couldn’t bring herself to say that she didn’t like it, she just said, “No, no” as if it weren’t proper rather than it doesn’t feel good. So I kept sliding my fingers in while I fucked her, and eventually added a third finger.

Nance was getting loud now, apparently Sara had found the spot which set off the afterburners, and Nance was encouraging her. I watched my fingers sliding in and out of Sara’s butt and at some point I said, why should they have all the fun?

I slid my dick out of her pussy and poured a healthy squirt of lube on my dick and distributed it with my hand, then placed the tip of my dick at her ass. Sara’s head rose slightly, aware that something was different, just as I pushed the head of my dick into her ass with my thumb.

“NO! Nononono, don’t, Sam, don’t.”

“Sara, it’s no bigger than the fingers that were just in your ass. It’s not much different than the vibrator Nance used there. This is just your fear speaking, it doesn’t hurt. It maybe feels uncomfortable, but that’s because you’re tense and fighting it.”

“I don’t like it.”

Under her, Nance said, “Is he fucking your ass, baby? You lucky girl, I’ll bet that feels really good, I’m jealous. Please, baby, eat my pussy some more.”

Sara whimpered and said no a few more times, but with nowhere to go she dropped her head onto Nance’s cunt again and worked her tongue, while Nance told her how good it felt.

And as my orgasm slowly got closer I felt something change under me. Sara’s ass wasn’t pulling away, it was pushing into me, grabbing me. I had been going slowly because I didn’t want to hurt her, but this was her ass saying, okay, not as bad as I thought, let’s do this a little harder, see what happens. The reality was, I think, that the suggestions I had planted about things in her ass and how they’d feel were kicking in.

So instead of two inches in and out, I went deeper. Jesus, unbelievable, her ass was gripping me like a vise, so I went a little faster. And under me, Sara was now grunting, saying, “Oh, fuck, so tight, yes.” It was all I could do to keep from exploding in her ass, but I wanted to draw this out for as long as I could.

When I got to the point where I knew I couldn’t hold off anymore, I pulled her up so she was upright on her knees, my dick still pumping her ass. I got both arms around her under her boobs, and choked out, “Oh, fuck, baby, here it comes, right in your ass, oh, yes, I’m cumming!” And I added, in a whisper, “Cum for me, Sara.”

As the first spurt shot out I rammed my dick into her. It was involuntary, just my body looking to intensify the moment, I didn’t want to hurt her, but I had no control. She shouted, “GOD! Fuck, yes.” I was pumping my dick into her until it wouldn’t go any further, telling everyone who could hear, “Yesyesyes!”

Nance had reached down and had a hand on Sara’s pussy, rubbing her clit hard and fast. Sara couldn’t even form words anymore, just grunts and choked coughs, her whole upper body shaking under me. We both slowed down until we were barely moving. I felt her weight shift forward as she lowered herself down to her hands and knees again, eyes closed.

My dick was still buried in her ass, and I thought that was the most erotic sight I’d ever seen. While I still could I slid my half-erect dick in and out a few times, just enjoying the image and the feelings, which were about to become much too sensitive.

Finally, reluctantly, I grasped the condom with my fingers and pulled my dick slowly out of her ass. I immediately wanted to push it in again, but by now it was limp. Her ass was gaping open and I thought I’d never seen anything more sexy.

I didn’t know where to go, because if I moved an inch either way I knew I would fall down. After some thought, I sat on my haunches, extended an arm to support myself, and was able to work my way horizontal, almost gracefully.

I lay on my side, looking up at Sara, still on her hands and knees. Nance was on her side, too, reaching up and stroking Sara’s hair and face. Sara eventually extended her legs and was able to fall forward, prone on the bed, face turned toward me, eyes still closed. She looked utterly at peace.

I leaned in and put an arm around her, kissing her eye, her cheek, her ear, the edge of her lip. I told her, not quite sure if she could hear me, “I’ve never cum that hard in my life.”

I lay there watching her for some time. I think Nance had fallen asleep, since she wasn’t moving, her arm still around Sara. I realized that my dick still had a full condom on it, and was about to fall off. I got shakily to my feet, holding it in place, and stumbled to the bathroom.

Back in the bedroom I reclaimed my former position and fell asleep feeling the warmth of Sara’s body beside me.

It was light out when I woke again, morning. It had probably been close to two when I climaxed into exhaustion, so I probably had had four to six hours of sleep, depending on what time it was. Sara was still out, now turned on her side, facing away from me. I raised my head slightly so I could look over Sara, and Nance’s place was empty.

Just then I heard the toilet flush and footsteps padding down the hall, and Nance came into the room and noticed my eyes open. “Well, good morning to you, sunshine,” she said.

I looked at her for a moment, and mumbled, “Sorry, I don’t do morning cheer. Too early.”

She gave a ’no-accounting-for-some-people’ shrug and lay down beside Sara.

So I was awake, but without energy. I contemplated Sara’s ass, admiring it again, and remembering last night and my dick sliding in and out of it. And the gape when I finally pulled out after cumming. And I realized that the thought of it was getting me hard again. I moved in closer to her back so I could feel my skin against hers, and my stiffy was poking tentatively between her legs.

I’m not sure if that’s what woke her, it could have been her internal alarm clock going off for all I knew, but she started stirring and stretching, trying to remember where she was. I guess that worked, because she flipped over so she was facing me.

She looked at me for a few minutes, inspecting me in some way. “I’m happy to see you survived the night,” she told me. “Me, too,” I answered.

She took one of my hands and gripped it hard. “I’m going to have to think about the last few hours to understand it—and me—better. There’s a lot of... new stuff there to process. I was really surprised how hard I got off, and I don’t know if it was you or Nance or the both of you that made that happen.

“And that stuff with my butt, Sam? I’m not sure what to think about it yet. I was scared of it, what you said was true, I was really tense and fighting it, but once it was in I think it felt good. Well, I went off like an A-bomb, so of course it felt good, but the process leading up to it is something I’m going to have to work on. And I’m not just talking about your dick, but fingers and dildos and anything else. So I just wanted to let you know.”

“Everything’s a process, Sara, we get used to things slowly. I think back to the first time I had sex, and how awkward and even uncomfortable it was. It must have been like that for you, too. But we get better at it and we grow and learn. So I won’t until you’ve decided what you want to do. But just so you know? Fucking your ass was amazing. I’ll never forget it. But don’t let that influence you in any way. Just sayin’.”

From the other side, Nance’s voice said, “Are you two lovebirds done? How’s a girl to get her beauty sleep with all this chatter?”

“You don’t need to be any more beautiful, Nance. It’s already depressing the women in the neighborhood.”

Sara laughed at that, and Nance answered, “You smooth talker, you. I might just keep you around for my general morale.”

She flipped over to face us. “So what d’ya want to do? It’s early, well, early-ish, so I could make breakfast. Or we could fuck till noon. Decisions, decisions.”

I groaned. “Aren’t there, like, rules about this stuff, like you have to get a rest break after a certain number of hours of work?”

“Well, that might be true if you were actually an employee whose job was to fuck the women who hired you, but we don’t really pay you, do we? So not an employee, and therefore no rest. Back to work, peon.”

Sara said, “She’s right. She was thinking about law school, so she knows what she’s talking about.”

“Never argue with an expert. Still, I feel like I’m being railroaded. Fortunately, it’s a moot point, since I have no working dick. No dick, no fuck. It’s kind of a law of nature.”

“Didn’t we encounter this very problem last night,” asked Sara. “I seem to recall performing some emergency maintenance that got you ready and able.”

“I’m not sure if that will work a second time, Sara.”

“We’ll have to test it and find out. That’s the scientific method.”

“Yay, science,” said Nance. “I’ll go first since you did it the last time.”

I had been argued expertly into a corner, outmaneuvered, so I lay back and awaited my fate.

Nance jumped off the bed, came around to the bottom and crawled up between my legs. My dick was as limp as it’s possible to be. But she was an optimist and cupped my balls with one hand, took my dick in the other, and began licking the rim of my cock. It felt... pleasant, not urgent, just nice.

Sara, with nothing to do, leaned in and licked my nipples, occasionally grabbing it gently between her teeth and pulling it. After a few minutes she moved up and started kissing me, very nice long kisses.

Nance was now sucking my limp dick into her mouth, drawing her cheeks in and moving her tongue all around the shaft. I was detecting some response there.

Suddenly, I felt a lubed finger at my asshole, pushing, then popping in. I jumped. “Christ, Nance, a little warning.”

Sara looked puzzled, then realized what was happening and laughed. I thought that was just mean, but I couldn’t actually say anything because I had done exactly the same thing to her earlier. Nance extended her finger until she found my prostate and started massaging it with her fingertip. It was uncomfortable, but it definitely got a physical response and my almost-limp cock got almost-hard.

“Nance, I’m lying here thinking about all the malicious things I’m going to do to you. I’m making a list, just so you know.”

She looked up at me, her finger still in my ass, and smiled, or as much as she could with my dick in her mouth. She took one hand off my dick and waved in a friendly way. Clearly, the threat had failed. I’ll have to think of something else.

But now, with an almost-hard cock, she was able to get it to slide into her throat, where she held it while her tongue danced around it. Two minutes of that, and it was definitely hard.

She pulled off with a loud smack of her lips. “Okay, cap’n, looks like the sails have been raised. What shall we do with this?”

“I’m not sure what reserves of energy I have left, so why don’t you get on top? There should be a condom down there in that bag.”

She pulled her finger out of my ass, stuck her hand in the bag on the floor and found a condom. It was open and on my dick in short order. She gave it a couple of strokes for good luck, then swung a leg over and slid it inside her. She found a motion she liked and started in. I’d cum twice in twelve hours, so I wasn’t feeling any particular urgency. I lay back and watched.

Beside me, Sara was sitting on her heels, watching Nance and playing with her nipples. I somehow felt like we’d left her out. I idly wished I had two dicks, one for each of them, then started thinking about how they would need to be situated in order to fuck two women at once. A mental exercise for another time, perhaps.

“Sara?” I said. “Sara, I think I’d like it if you were to sit on my face so I could lick your pussy and your clit. Have you got enough room to do that?”

She really did have a lovely smile, in addition to the great ass. She swung a leg over me, poised over my face, and looking at Nance, who was now riding me a little harder.

Sara settled slowly down and sighed as she felt my tongue attacking her. I thought I would need to start doing tongue exercises, because I was already feeling like I couldn’t maintain a proper pace, but I’ll have to put it on my to-do list.

I managed to shift myself low enough on the bed that I could get my tongue onto her clit, which got a response out of her in short order. “Oh, yeah, baby, right there, not too fast, that’s nice.”

So slow and easy, I ran my tongue around her clit, flicked it, sucked on it, each variation making her sound more desperate. After a few minutes, the two of them leaned forward and put their arms around each other, seeing how far they could get their tongues down the other’s throat.

I could feel them wrestling above me, and, truth told, I was having a little trouble breathing because her thighs were pressed against my face, and she was grinding her ass into me, trying to get more contact with my tongue.

So, as a self-preservation mechanism, I rolled her clit under my tongue as fast as I could while reached up and grabbed her tits hard, squeezing and twisting them, pinching the nipples. It took about thirty seconds more, then I heard her gasp and cry out, “Oh, fuck, yeah, here I cum, yes, don’t stop!”

I didn’t. I could hear her calling out above me, until it wound down to almost nothing. She slid off me and fell slowly to the side onto the bed, dragging her leg across my face. She lay there, her eyes closed, breathing deeply.

Above me, Nance was still grinding, but had a look of concentration to her, her mouth hanging open and her eyes darting about. In between breaths, she said, “That was fun to watch, especially at the end. I admire someone who’s good at their job.”

“I’m hoping for a good review on Yelp.”

“Count on it, and if you wouldn’t mind, if you could pick up the pace just a bit, I think it would be just what I need.”

The customer is always right, so I increased the speed a little, pounding into her pussy with a bit more energy. She placed her hands on my chest and put her weight on them as she leaned forward, closing her eyes. “Oh, yeah, that’s it, like that. Getting close now.”

I thought I needed a breather, but this probably wasn’t the time to ask. She wouldn’t stop till she finally got off. Oh, wait, I control that, don’t I?

So I hammered my dick into her cunt, slapping our pubes together, and saw her breathe faster. “That’s it, Nance, you look like you’re almost there, just another few seconds and you’ll cum, I know it.” She looked at me desperately, she so wanted to believe me.

I looked directly in her eyes, and whispered, so softly I don’t think she could have heard me over her own grunts, “Cum for me, Nance.” But she saw my lips moving, and processed what information that carried and realized unconsciously that it was a trigger.

“Oh, shit, here I go! Oh, fuck, yes, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, don’t stop!”

So I continued pounding into her cunt, while she sat upright and grabbed her tits, mauling them, pulling them, twisting them, as she cried out.

It took a minute for her to slow to a stop. At the end she was moving her hips in a very small circle, hardly any motion at all, then carefully let herself down onto my chest and found a comfortable position. My dick was still buried in her pussy.

She was on my chest, breathing heavily but slowly as she recovered. My mind was wandering and I idly wondered how gigolos managed to maintain the pace to satisfy women, every day, sometimes several times a day. There must be some kind of training regimen they employed that kept them in tip-top shape, with superhuman stamina.

I was more than a little jealous. Right now I was ready for some quiet time on an island somewhere, rest, relaxation, perhaps a little fishing if it wasn’t too strenuous.

I closed my eyes for a while, I don’t know how long, and woke when I felt her moving on top of me. My dick, I realized, was still in her pussy and still mostly hard.

She sat up and dropped one hand to feel what was below her. She smiled at me. “Oh, definitely a keeper, Sam. You’ve still got something left. Problem is, I think I wore myself out with that last one. Don’t know how much more I’ve got in me.”

“I could probably find some energy that I might put to use productively, but first if you could just do a little up-and-down on my dick so it gets hard again, that would help a lot.”

So she rotated her pelvis and did something really interesting where she gripped my dick with her pussy and the muscles in her vagina contracted around my dick from bottom to top. I was going to ask her about it, but it felt so good I didn’t want to interrupt her.

And before I knew it, she had me stiff as iron. I took her face in my hands and said, “How ’bout if you get on your hands and knees and I do you from behind? That way I get to play with your ass and you hardly have to do anything. It’s a win for everybody.”

Sara was still semi-conscious beside us, so there wasn’t much room to maneuver. In the end, she just slipped off me and stood up beside the bed, while I got off the bed, and she got back on, on her hands and knees.

She got herself into position, then dropped her arms and her head onto the bed with her butt sticking up. Nice tight little ass, not as beautiful as Sara’s, but still sexy. I thought about doing her ass, but maybe pussy is the way to go here, based on her preferences.

She was still wet, so there was no resistance at all when sliding my dick inside her. She gave an appreciative sigh under me, and I started an in-out that took almost no effort, just enjoying the feeling of my prick in her twat.

Sara had opened her eyes and was watching the show. At one point she reached one hand up and played slowly with Nance’s clit. Nance was focused now, pushing against my dick when it slid in, with little grunts. Sara dropped her hand and just watched again.

I was squeezing Nance’s butt cheeks when Sara turned over away from us and dropped onto the floor and stood up. She was looking for something, but I was preoccupied with what I was doing, because I could feel something happening deep down in my balls.

Sara found what she was looking for, then loped off into the bathroom. I was fucking Nance a little harder now, making grunts of my own each time I hit bottom.

In a few minutes Sara returned. I didn’t hear her come in, just noticed her off to the side, as she picked up the bottle of lube on the floor and poured some onto the vibrator. She rubbed it up and down to apply it evenly, then came over to the bed to kneel beside me.

She looked at me as she poised the vibrator over Nance’s butthole and gave me a secret smile that was both angelic and malicious, then pushed the vibrator slowly into Nance’s ass.

“God DAMN you, you fucking cunt, I’m going to whip your ass till it’s raw!” Sara ignored her, sliding the device slowly in and out, deep enough that it almost disappeared in her butt. Nance kept yelling, but now it had more of an urgent edge to it. I thought now was the time to increase the pace.

Sara said, “Sam, would you mind pushing the vibrator in again if her butt squeezes it out? I’m going to go up there.”

She didn’t wait for an answer, but climbed up to the top of the bed by the headboard, spread her legs, and squirmed down till her pussy was just in front of Nance’s face. I knew what to do without being told.

I slapped Nance’s ass, hard, then the other cheek. “Nancy, why are you lying there doing nothing? You’ve got a pussy in front of you. You know what to do with it. Make her cum, Nance. Do it and maybe I’ll get you off before I shoot my load.”

Underneath me, Nance said, “You manipulative little bitch. I’ll get you off, but you’re gonna pay for this. Oh, yeah, you’re gonna pay.” I couldn’t see what she was doing, but I could see Sara writhing, and her breath catch and the pangs of pleasure flash across her face.

I could just see enough over Nance’s torso to know that Nance had inserted several fingers into Sara’s pussy, finger-fucking her while she licked her clit. There was nothing subtle about it, it was almost brutal, but that seemed to be the way these two interacted. And it worked. I could hear Sara’s breath get ragged, then she gasped, and finally shouted to the world, “Oh, YES, yesyesyes, do it, I’m cumming, oh, fuck!”

She took a minute to come down, then dropped a hand to grip Nance’s wrist which was still moving. But I think Nance was still nibbling on Sara’s cunt because I would see little spasms of intense feeling wash over her.

The vibrator was almost out of her butt again, so I pushed it in again. Her pussy had started grabbing me with that progressive muscular contraction again, which felt amazing, so I pumped a little harder. My release wasn’t far off.

Her butt was squirming now, grabbing and twisting my dick, an assault of sensations that had me gasping as I felt my orgasm rise. “Oh, shit, Nance, that’s amazing, don’t stop that, I’m so close now. Keep squeezing my dick like that.” She did another ten seconds of those amazing vaginal contortions and I was on my way.

“Fuck, baby, here it comes, I’m gonna cum so hard, cum for me, baby, cum with me now.” And with the trigger the explosion went off inside her and she was shouting, “Yes, yes, baby, I’m cumming, don’t stop, keep going!”

I couldn’t stop if I wanted to, my dick was pounding into her looking to go just a half inch deeper, anything to intensify the feeling, to make it last a little longer. But like all of them, they ended too soon, my dick got too sensitive and I had to slow down and eventually stop.

I was literally holding on to her to keep from falling down, choking down air as if we were about to run out of it. The vibrator had almost worked its way out of her butt, so I thumbed off the switch and pulled it out. Her asshole was gaping beneath me, and I looked at it and thought, I may never have another chance.

With my fingers on the condom, I slid my mostly hard dick out of her pussy and raised it to her ass and pushed. It resisted for a moment, then slipped in. She raised her head and half turned toward me, too worn out to protest. I couldn’t do much, since my cock was too sensitive, but I pushed it in almost all the way, then out and in, until I couldn’t do it anymore.

Grabbing the condom, I pulled slowly out of her ass with a little pop and fell back onto my haunches. I was unable to move, so I just sat there and admired Nance’s ass, still twitching in front of me.

It took four or five minutes before I felt that I had enough control to stand up. I found the bathroom and flushed the condom, and washed my face and hands.

In the bedroom I found Sara leaning against the headboard, eyes closed, and Nance on her side on the bed playing with Sara’s leg.

I lay down beside Sara’s other leg and could just see Nance’s eye over the top. “That’s a pleasant way to start the morning, I must say,” she observed. “And whatever reserves of energy you had hidden worked really well. That orgasm is gonna last me a day or two.”

She stretched and yawned. “And what’s with the dick in my butt? I thought you were done.”

“I thought I was, too, but when I pulled the vibrator out it was like it was calling to me. I wanted to see what it felt like. And if you’re taking notes, it felt wonderful, like it was grabbing me and wouldn’t let go. I wish I could have done a little more, but I was almost limp by then.”

“Well, it felt pretty good here, too, but I was wasted and couldn’t really appreciate it. Perhaps another time. I think I’m gonna go pee, then I’ll make some coffee. You want?”

I nodded, and added, “If you don’t mind I think I’d like to shower, wash off some of this sweat. Hard-earned sweat, I hasten to point out.”

She smiled at that. “Go ahead, you deserve it. There’s towels in the linen closet next to the sink.”

So I grabbed yesterday’s clothes off the floor and padded naked down the hall to the bathroom.

The closer I got, the better the idea of a shower seemed, so I ran the water and hung up my clothes on the door hook. I found a clean towel in the linen closet and placed it on the edge of the sink and put one foot into the shower.

“Is there room enough for two in there? It seems pretty small, but in the spirit of saving water...”

“It is a little small, Sara. We’d have to be very close friends to shower this close together.“

“I’d say we’re very close friends based on how many times you made me cum, so move over.”

The shower was a bit on the small side, so we had to maneuver around one another carefully to keep from knocking someone out of the stall, but by putting our bodies close together and helping one another to soap the inaccessible areas, we made do.

There was no way I could get even a partial stiffy, but the sight and feel of her made me wish I could. I made sure that her pussy was squeaky clean by using a lot of soap and a lot of fingers which left her gasping. Then I went down to my knees so I could scrutinize her ass and the crack between her cheeks, lest it fail inspection. To be safe I washed it thoroughly with soap and stuck a couple of soapy fingers into her ass to make sure it was clean.

She was breathing heavily through her teeth by the time she was clean. “Halloran, if I thought there was a half a chance of you getting even a partial hard-on, I would do it and have you fuck me right here against the wall. But you blew your load with Nance and left me hanging. It’s not fair.”

“Sara, you’re right, it’s not fair. All I can say is, another time soon for you and me.”

“Okay. Nothing to be done about it now. Let me make sure you’re all clean and shiny, then we can have some breakfast.”

And true to her word, she took the soap and without taking her eyes away from mine dropped to her knees and thoroughly soaped my cock and my balls, making sure that she got her fingers everywhere. She rinsed me off, then put more soap on her hands and ran her fists up my shaft squeezing it as she stroked it. I thought I might be feeling a little response there, but it would take too long.

She made me turn around and put my hands on the shower stall wall and soaped my ass cheeks, working her hands down the crack, and just to be even-handed, stuck two soapy fingers in my ass, too.

“How’s that feel, Sam?”

“Anything you do to me feels wonderful and really erotic. Almost as erotic as coffee. I can smell coffee.”

She sighed dramatically, but I knew she was just playing, so we rinsed and shut off the water and dried ourselves off. She’d only brought a robe in, so she was out before I was. Dressed, I followed my nose to where the coffee beckoned.

The two of them were sitting at the table in the small dining area, since there was no place to sit in the tiny kitchen. Both of them were dressed in robes, Sara’s hair still a bit damp. They looked at me, like they were assessing me, trying to determine what score I was going to get.

Nance poured coffee for me and indicated the location of the sugar and milk.

“Feel better after the shower?” asked Nance.

“Much,” I said. “I wasn’t sure I was going to have the energy for it, but it turned out okay.”

“Yes, that’s what Sara said.”

No secrets in this house.

“So, Sam. We were just talking, kind of a post-game wrapup to summarize the high points, what we could have done different. And we kinda agreed that we wouldn’t have done much different. This was sort of a first for me, first threesome, and I was a bit nervous, but I gotta say, that was a lot of fun. I’m kind of slapping myself for not having tried it before, but I think Sara’s right, it can go bad fast if you don’t have the right mix of people. I’m happy.“

“I’m happy, too,” I said. “And on the verge of exhaustion but, Jesus, what a way to go! I didn’t have enough dicks for all the things I wanted to do with you two. That was... intense.”

Sara piped up. “That first time, with Carol—we talked about this—I almost gave up on the idea, but like I told you I think it was mostly her controlling the flow that made it awkward, like it was all about her. This one was much better. It was fun doing it with people I was comfortable with, and we got to try some new things...“

Nance interrupted. “If you think I’m going to forget those fingers and the vibrator in my ass, you got a big surprise coming.”

“As I was saying,” Sara went on, “before I was interrupted, some new things that might take a little getting used to, like the dick in my butt, but they weren’t awful and I might even like them—I have to think about it some. Others might want to do the same.” She was looking at Nance as she said that, and Nance stuck out her tongue like a petulant child.

“So,” Sara continued, “shall we have some breakfast? What do you have, Nance? Eggs? Pancakes?”

In the end they decided scrambled eggs and bacon and toast were easiest and that sounded like gourmet food to me. I was suddenly famished, faint with hunger. But it didn’t take long and soon I was stuffing my face.

The conversation lightened over the meal as they recounted some memorable college parties and laughed at details they had forgotten. I enjoyed watching the two of them interact. I thought there was more here than just two old college friends, but maybe not.

It was pushing eleven now, and I thought I ought to give them some time together, which was another way of saying that I needed a nap. So I made my thanks, telling them, truthfully, that this was a night I wouldn’t be likely to forget any time soon. I found my bag, and got a kiss from each of them as I left, and Sara said she’d be in touch.

I found my car, blessedly free from parking tickets, and drove home, wondering if more bike riding would improve my stamina.